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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,604 Member

    YAY update, You dons are hot as well, both of them
    haha. So many hot guys by the gym, joey is for sure busy.


    Great update


    I enjoyed the updates recently.
  • Kellogg_J_KelloggKellogg_J_Kellogg Posts: 395 Member
    Love is in the air for the Sixties Sims....first Jeremy, the square guy, now has a steady girlfriend then Suzy, the swinging sixties mod girl may have found a potential boyfriend and in today's game John Action, my tough cop who's NOT Shaft but looks, talks and acts like him has a girlfriend and things moved rapidly from meeting up for coffee to woohoo and an invitation to stay the night VERY quickly. But he is Action, after all. Story write up on Sim 66 later today or tomorrow.
  • rottmeisterrottmeister Posts: 192 Member
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    It's been a while since I posted on here. Frankly because the gameplay got a bit dull. It felt like university simulator and well I think I'm done with the Koster legacy until a new supernatural type pack comes out where Lilith (the robot/vampire/alien hybrid) will play the main role.

    But I did start a new family recently in a different savefile.

    Meet the Hendriks: the picture perfect family!


    We have:
    - Brenda De Graaf
    A hard working mother who gave up a dream job to become a stay at home mother. She's the ideal soccer mom as she puts her kids on the right path. She made sure to save up enough money for a perfect suburban house.
    - Jan Hendriks
    An aspiring writer and "widower". His wife "passed away" when Nicole was born.
    - Nicole Hendriks
    An artist at heart and a straight A student. The "pride and joy of the family". She dreams of making music in front of huge crowds and she is dead set on achieving that dream.
    - Lotte Hendriks
    A very "charming" and popular girl. She gets along with everyone. A dancemachine and a very independent character. She loves clubbing and she will beat all who oppose her into submission in a dance competition!

    This family certainly is perfect... Or are they?

    In the public image, sure. They are!

    But what if we look deeper into their situation...

    Brenda, oh sweet Brenda or Boss Momma as they call her on the street... She's notoriously well known among crooks as a mastermind when it comes to planning heists. Never been caught once and she intends to keep it that way whatever the cost. How does she do it? How hasn't she been arrested yet? Well with the lack of *proper* law inforcement she instills fear on all who oppose her. How long will it take before her family find her out and what will she do then?

    Jan, such an honest fellow ... well that's what he tells himself. Sure, he's a great writer and actor it seems ...
    Just look at the age difference (or lack there of) between Nicole and Lotte. Jan really is fond of his "widower" lie because it creates empathy from all those around him. He's a hopeless romantic and even though he loves Brenda, she can't possibly satisfy ALL of his needs. So he makes sure his needs are met so that poor Brenda doesn't need to work overtime. How considerate of him ...

    Nicole, poor, poor Nicole. You were born into the wrong family, my dear. Constant bullying from her (slightly) younger sister AND her mother. When will she get a break? Socially awkward and the kids at school mock her for it. Drowning her sorrows in music seems to lift up her mood, but it seems that her sister's actions may get her in trouble at school ...

    Lotte ... probably the absolute worst type of person you can come across (if you oppose her). Say anything she doesn't like? She'll mock you for your opinion and will have the entire school laugh at you. Accidentally knocked over her books? Expelled for touching her inappropriately. Looked at her for too long? Congrats, you're now sitting alone in the cafetaria for the rest of your school days. Apathy personified and she's all but independent. She barely ever shows up in school and when she does she'll steal stuff and then blame it on her "sister". Lotte doesn't understand how life works as her mother praised her for everything she did and will do...

    I hope this was somewhat entertaining :p

    And yes, I was feeling a bit nostalgic so I based them on the Pleasant family from TS2.

    Edit: I'm quite far in the gameplay already, but I don't want to spill everything just yet ... Just know this story will mostly be revolved around Nicole's life.

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  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 530 Member
    So, when I get to it and several updates won’t include this change, but, I decided to extend the life span of my legacy household to Long from normal.

    The standard legacy rule is to play with a normal life span, but I want to be able to enjoy playing the Kailani Family. I’m moving onto the third generation, and I feel like the legacy will be over too quickly.

    I’m following most of the legacy rules, but the only exceptions to the rules will be as follows:

    Spouses can be generated in CAS. (Sara, Ashley, and Aaron essentially have premade physical features. I may start to randomize their traits.) I did this because of how townies have been significantly older or younger than my heirs and founder.

    Aspirations for the heir are predetermined. The Heir’s Aspiration is essential to the quests to resurrect Dylan and Zephyr.

    The Long Life Span will allow me to invest more time in my sims, and it will come with its own challenges. I believe it will help align the life spans with the seasons. Right now, a sim in the household is only around for a couple seasons before aging out of the household. I’m not letting the generations die, instead, they are being turned into townies after retiring from the legacy. The biggest challenge would be how I have to spend more time living with the negative elements in the world. This could make the long life span less than advantageous because of the persistent negative lot traits and negative NAPs.

    Aside from the quests that remove a negative element from the world, most of the legacy rules apply.

    All character traits for the legacy children are completely random. The only traits I will reroll are Mean and Evil. There are already enough bad stuff to worry about.

    I will try to randomize aspirations of the spares and extended family moving forward. If anyone want to do their own Broken World Legacy, I hope this helps.
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,110 Member
    Okay looks like I haven't done a comment thread in two weeks, so we'll see if I get through the whole thread in this one or not.

    @AlwaysAsking Answers to questions: I do still have the npc vet clinic that comes with Brindleton Bay, I just tend to forget about them. I try to keep every household with pets well stocked in Wellness treats so I don't actually have to go. I doubt that deleting all the vet clinics would stop sickness from happening, unfortunately. As for family visits, Athena used to visit everyone, Lucas stops by his family and friends all the time, and Ivy does tend to hang out at Holly and Gillian's houses. With the grandkids club and the fact that three of the kids who recently aged up to teens had the social aspiration, I have a group of cousins who all got pretty close, so I do see Adam and Darius showing up to visit the other teens a lot lately.
    Responses to Comments: I can always count on you to get my sense of humor! So when you said a visit from Erick was just what the doctor ordered, did you remember that he's a doctor? Or was that a happy coincidence?
    Responses to your updates: Your sim self makes some great facial expressions. I love her movie reactions. It's interesting how different the Dons are! Poor Joey, but lucky Xavier! Don and the dolphin was hilarious.

    @sunblond Looks like fun at Geek Con! Even if Roxanne didn't approve. Congrats to Than and Eliana on their new baby! I hope uni goes well for Kaden. I enjoy the way he describes the dorm relationships.

    @BlueSeaWaves Thank you for your comments! If you are interested in EL, the NAPs have been improved since the last patch, but they are still hard to manage with rotational play so I'm just playing with NPC NAP voting turned off and enjoying the other content. I hope the children aren't going to be mad about the secret marriage. I mean they seem like they'd be happy to have their parents together, but might not like being kept in the dark. Guess Owen's more of a lover than a fighter. He does look cute even when sick though. I agree that sim raccoons are pretty adorable! I also love Ivy's fox, but she didn't make it into any screenshots this time around.

    @notthatbellagoth Oh, a university with Free Love active sounds like it could make for some interesting moments!

    @Daravi It was nice to see Charlotte again! I enjoy learning about German history and culture through your posts!

    @Dust_Bunny2010 Nice lighthouse shot on page 785!

    @ryttu3k Lilith and Luca together was super cute! And I love the supermarket. I really find the grocery store options in the game lacking, so I may have to check out your recommended mods/cc when I get ready to own one. Have you ever watched the show Versailles? Your Toreador reminds me of the prince from that show. I love that outfit he's wearing.

    @Lucy_Henley My condolences to Anne and Lucy on their losses. They certainly are juggling a lot with so many kids while going to college! Congrats to Anne on graduating and to Lucy on the new baby!

    @Metior_Ice I know you're well past this decision, but when I have a same-gender couple and at least one of them is an occult, I just hand-wave the baby thing as "magic." I like my mundane sims to stay more realistic in that area most of the time.
    On the wedding post, I love how he interupted his story with "Aren't you the caterer?"
    The pregnancy non-aging thing is annoying. I have a notebook where I keep a running calendar for my rotational save so I can see when different sims' birthdays are supposed to be so I know what to expect when I switch. So I keep my twins in line that way, by giving them a birthday party when they were supposed to age up regardless of what the system says.

    @CheesySimsLover Pretty island weddings!

    @RedDestiny92 Oh goodness, Don and Sean. That's hilarious. Cute shot of Bella and Alexander dancing. I love your dog dialogue.

    @sarabeth2984 I hope real life starts treating you better soon! It's nice to see your sims when you have time. Lol at Griffin's mansplaining.

    @catmando830 I do wish they could interact with the volcano in some way. There should be an adrenaline junkie trait or something that loves to do things like look into volcanoes and dive in ponds full of piranhas...

    @Lady_Earth I never saw a Friends/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover coming. I love the way your game makes combinations. Hugging Asumi looks a bit dangerous.

    @MelsieYT What a beautiful wedding! Great use of poses in your screenshots. Your pictures all look so nice.

    @Becka28 Glad you were able to get a new computer, and didn't lose your saves! I'm not sure I'd love the idea of hormonally motivated political careers in real life, but it's an ok tradition for sims. Adam has a lot of growing up to finish doing though. Hopefully he won't resemble Bjorn in... other ways.
    The Declan experiment was fun!
    Isiah is a good choice from the audience's perspective. Very nice to watch. Poor guy, I wish him luck!

    @Lyrie Oh, clingy plus gloomy seems like such a difficult combo for the little guy. Beautiful screenshot at the end of that post though. Hazel's love for her dessert was adorable! Very sweet proposal.

    @Beardedgeek Agathe and Lesley are pretty adorable together. Even in a dumpster.

    @Koteyka Awww. Cute Harry! With a face like that you can't stay mad about him telling all of your secrets!

    @shokorose I have never had triplets! Good luck!

    @Binibini I didn't know pet stores were an option. That was adorable!

    @Nate_Whiplash1 That's a lot of mischief for one evening at the restaurant!

    @Kellogg_J_Kellogg I haven't tried woohoo as a club activity yet... not sure it would fit anyone in my current save, but maybe in a future generation. Sounds like it adds a bit of chaos!

    @DoodlyDoofus Grim on the Aquazip cracked me up!

    @DarkAngel1994 Tristan and his roommates are nice looking sims! You set us all up for roommate drama and then that twist at the end...

    @rottmeister Sounds like an interesting set up for your story! I hope to read more!
  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 166 Member
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    @Metior_Ice My laptop was really old, so even with low graphics settings, it could no longer handle TS4 :/ Now, my concern is that the battery of my new laptop is non-removable. Playing TS4 drains its battery so fast. I wonder if it's okay if I keep it plugged when playing TS4. That's what I do to prevent frequent discharging and charging.

    Reality Kings Episode 2
    Meet the other protagonists of my story: three cousins Jordan (late teen), Jordi (early teen), and Markus (early teen) living in the apartment building next to Manuel's. Jordan's and Markus' mothers live with them, taking responsibility of Jordi after his mother passed away.


    One day, after the boys went to school, someone knocked on the door. It was Jacques Villareal, an old friend of Jordan's mother who was very much pleased to let him in. They talked for a while to catch up with each other.

    Back to Manuel, one of his schoolmates Phoenix (Jade Rosa's sister) hooked him up with Luna Villareal, and it was successful.

    The two started dating, and Manuel had his first kiss.

    Luna invited him to the Villareal mansion where he lost his virginity.

    Autumn paid him a visit in his family's apartment unit.

    She invited him to her home where he met Summer for the first time. They clicked from their very first meeting and became friends in no time by discussing common interests.

    A few days after that, Manuel met Summer by chance when he was looking for something to eat among the stalls in his neighborhood.

    They had a friendly hang out in the Ancient Ruins.
    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
  • valgaliumvalgalium Posts: 11 New Member
    In my game today, I wondered worked towards the 100 Generation Achievement ..... still on Generation 3 though. Gotta start somewhere right? :smile:

    I'm trying to figure out who the the 3rd generation heir of my legacy dynasty will be. It's my fav part of playing TS4 tbh :blush:
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 530 Member
    edited October 2020
    Daephene wrote: »
    Okay looks like I haven't done a comment thread in two weeks, so we'll see if I get through the whole thread in this one or not.

    @Metior_Ice I know you're well past this decision, but when I have a same-gender couple and at least one of them is an occult, I just hand-wave the baby thing as "magic." I like my mundane sims to stay more realistic in that area most of the time.
    On the wedding post, I love how he interupted his story with "Aren't you the caterer?"
    The pregnancy non-aging thing is annoying. I have a notebook where I keep a running calendar for my rotational save so I can see when different sims' birthdays are supposed to be so I know what to expect when I switch. So I keep my twins in line that way, by giving them a birthday party when they were supposed to age up regardless of what the system says.

    It isn’t too late to entertain ideas. Kylen might not be the only heir that autonomously prefers the same sex. I’ve got 8 more generations to complete.

    And, the game didn’t originally mess up their birthdays. Kylen’s birthday was the same day as Rylan, but his birthday was delayed equal to the number of days he was pregnant. In other words, if he was pregnant for 3 days, his birthday was pushed off three days after his twin brother. Basically, he had an extra few days added onto his lifespan. They took pregnant sims being immune to death literally.

    Calum always has the most entertaining cameos. Honestly, I still can’t figure out why a professional painter would show up at a lounge as an entertainer. That moment when Calum showed up filling the entertainer role, I was half worried that he autonomously quit his job as a painter and became an entertainer while I played another household.

    Edit: I just remembered that Calum has very high levels in the creative skills. I mean, he would just have to start singing to show off his vocal skills, and I’m fairly certain he’s got close to max levels with instruments.
    SwanSong93 wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice My laptop was really old, so even with low graphics settings, it could no longer handle TS4 :/ Now, my concern is that the battery of my new laptop is non-removable. Playing TS4 drains its battery so fast. I wonder if it's okay if I keep it plugged when playing TS4. That's what I do to prevent frequent discharging and charging.

    My laptop currently doesn’t even have a battery. It has to stay plugged in until I can replace it. Games do have a tendency to drain the battery of whatever they are played on unless they are hand held.
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,110 Member
    @valgalium Oh wow, I haven't made it past generation 8 in any save yet. Good luck on getting to 100! How do you choose your heirs?

    @Metior_Ice Yeah I have a set of male/female twins so I had that same problem when she had children. But since I know when his birthday is, I will just have her birthday on the same day of the week in the same rotation so they stay the same age. I understand the non-aging thing may be necessary for sims who are close to their Elder birthday, but it really messes with the age difference between spouses, and also twins. Also, all of your toddlers are adorable.

    I am back with my next update, of the Carrasco-Fyres family!
    So for a recap/background, Gerardo Carrasco is an alien who plays a human in real life, and also an actor who plays a lot of things on tv. He has been living his much younger girlfriend Siobhan Fyres for a long time. His son Finnian has married Siobhan's sister, Morgan. In my game there's about an 8-10 year difference between the sisters, and Siobhan is dating a much older man, so it works out, but it is weird. Siobhan and Gerardo had a baby right before Siobhan aged to Adult, who is both cousin and uncle to Finnian and Morgan's daughter Farrah.
    Unlike every other half alien in my game, little Forrest here got his father's natural skin tone.

    I'll put the rest of today's gameplay below the spoiler for faster loading.
    So... while I was playing other households, Morgan apparently had her memory wiped by an alien. This is only going to become more common now that Juno and Klaatu have grown up and started frequenting community lots. Anyway, she spent some time getting to know her daughter again over chess.
    Farrah seems unsure.

    And then Farrah aged up! The day before Gerardo unlocked this over the top jacket and pants combo, so I gave her a super flashy formal outfit.
    I think it will look great at the Starlight Accolades red carpet.

    Some more photos of Farrah as a teen, including an unfortunate mood swing.

    She is absolutely my best looking teen currently, by my aesthetic tastes. And she plans to follow her grandfather into the acting career, so she practices.

    Here's Gerardo mentoring her in acting while Siobhan mentors their son in... words.

    I'm not sure if Gerardo's old age is going to come to an end at the end of this rotation or the beginning of the next one, but either way it will be before Forrest's birthday, which is sad. Forrest loves listening to Dad's stories while playing with the dollhouse that was handed down from his cousin/niece.

    As the week progresses, all the adults and YAs are pursuing career success and fame.
    Finnian writes, practices, and refines his comedy routines.

    Morgan has added mixing tracks to her guitar, singing and piano activities.

    Siobhan continues to record and upload videos.
    Her royalties make as much in a day as Gerardo makes from a single gig.

    And Gerardo is still acting, with dyed hair and a lot of makeup.

    My big issue in the first half of their week was Morgan's memory. Here Gerardo gives Finnian some advice after work.
    He was making spaghetti because toddlers will always eat that.

    Finnian and Morgan talked a lot. She had a lot of autonomous talking to Finnian actions so I am pretty sure she wanted to rekindle the relationship. Still, in this photo, she looks like she's saying, "So I married the guy who just said that, huh?"

    But over dinner they got to know each other. We can pretend Farrah is sad about the situation in these photos, but in reality she just needed to pee and was tired.

    After she went to bed... rawr.

    Oh we're back at the kissing stage now? Um, ok!

    My goal was to get them sleeping in the same bed. Success!

    But also this happened first.

    I think they're fine. But it definitely added a challenge to gameplay for the week!

    I only played about half a week today, so there will be more to come...
    Happy simming to you all!
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    I've been focusing on Hadley Cole-Cordova lately as she's the oldest child in her generation and her two kids are now both teenagers. Spencer aged up six sim-days ago and his little sister Emerson just aged up today.

    Here's Ryan Spencer Cordova(instead of Cole being his middle name, I've decided to name him after his late great-grandfather, Ryan Cole. His youngest cousin is named Caitlin, which is the Irish form of Katherine, and Katherine was their great-grandmother's name)

    And here's his sister Emerson. She gets her red hair from her mother and grandmother, while Spencer looks like his father, with his grandfather's eyes.

    Here's their family tree so you can see everyone. Not everyone has updated photos because I actually forgot to take them. *facepalm*
    Origin ID
    Sims 3 Username
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything[/center]
  • haneulhaneul Posts: 567 Member
    I still have more comments to do.

    @Lyrie (p780) Max's relationship with his daughter is so sweet. Even though he seems unsure about how to parent, which is natural, he tries so hard to do the right thing. It's endearing.

    (p781) I like that Mckenna has a simple place she can go that isn't overly burdened with happy or sad memories.

    What a cute couple. They're interesting and I like them, but I also worry because Mckenna is so in love with him before they even have their first kiss.

    (p787) Is Rainbow close to becoming a teenager? I'm getting attached to her as she is and your comment about her never growing up made me realize that she could age.

    Also, thanks for your comments on my post!
    Wow you told that brilliantly what happened to Aster! Is K. Vatore? Are they a relative? If you mentioned before I must have forgotten! That is awful what happened but I am happy to know Aster lives a more pleasant life now.

    K. is not really a relative, but Caleb's ex-husband. K. kept the Vatore name after divorce. I hope I'm answering the right question. At first, I thought K. was a premade, but it seems like he was just a townie MCCC created for my game. I don't know what his original name was.

    @sunblond (p781) Congrats to Josie and Omar. The detail about Omar going to the cemetery to ask for his mother's and Becca's blessing was a beautiful touch.

    @Koteyka (p7??) Like Steve, I wonder how Ianto will cope without Thor's calming presence.

    The image of Ianto and Rhi on the blue rocking toy made me laugh because that'd be me and my slightly younger brother. I love Rhi's personality. It seems like as young children, the three of them should have done more taking turns with Ianto and letting him play what he wanted to play, but at least Rhi tried.

    You are a disgrace to the fandom, Ianto. You just crushed every single one of my childhood dreams…
    I laughed at this. I'm not a parent, but congratulations to Peter - now, he really knows what it's like to be a parent as his child has asserted independence and destroyed his dreams of parentage. Ianto is much better going as a dinosaur for Halloween, though.

    (p782) Does Ianto have a bed in Sulani? Also, does he use a pacifier or his thumb. Regardless, all four toddlers are adorable. Some seem cynical, but still adorable.

    (p784) Ianto's perspective on the move back to Brindleton Bay is interesting (but what isn't interesting about Ianto) - as nice as Sulani and living with family are, Peter was probably to progress in his own life, independently, and somewhere else.

    @Dust_Bunny2010 (p780)
    May was working on another article for Smogue magazine, when all of a sudden, the librarian came to talk, or rather flirt with her. She was way too busy and just didn't want to engage. 'Are you serious? There is no way I am going to give a frumpy man like you who can't dress in style the time of day. Don't waste my time! Call me when you wear something that's not in the Salvation Army.' (Don't you just hate her?)
    Salvation Army dig aside, I like her here. She's obviously busy and this man is supposed to be working - so A+ to her for telling him off for his inappropriate behavior on the job. Haha.

    I'm glad she has a home now.

    I also don't think she's that bad, generally, either. It's ironic how she takes fashion so seriously and trivially at the same time. It's her life/obsession and she supposedly studied the careers and works of the greats; yet, she thinks she can make an unforgettable piece when she's still a beginner in the field. Her "French" is likewise comical.

    @Daephene I like how you had each family pay their respects to Athena. She left quite the legacy.

    (p781) I think Adam is kind of cute when moody too. I cracked up at them finding Waldo.

    But he seems fairly clueless based on his conversation with Yuki. Good luck to him, but if she finds out about his ignorance, she might not like him so much.

    (p783) It's too bad Jacob only got a bronze rating for his date. The date seemed like it went quite well. I just worry about that the air quality in Evergreen Harbor.

    @Alwaysasking (p780) The rocking chair idea was clever. Maybe Thorne can sit and express some of his dark thoughts to Don and Don can help him move pass them…maybe. I should put a rocking chair in one of my sims' rooms.

    (p784) What a frustrating date your self-sim spent with Don. Did he actually ask for 3 or so massages in a row?

    (p786) I was excited when Don finally started flirting with your self-sim, but then to hear that she rejected him--haha, why?! I'm glad you tried again with the other Don. I suppose you can't take Joey's Don from Joey and must get your own. ;)
    Is that what actually happened in your game play? A chance card, and her career being ruined? And did this K person actually exist in your game? And why was his last name Vatore? Did he keep Caleb’s name after they divorced?

    The drama with Aster losing her job did happen in my game due to a Get Famous chance card. Aster gained a pristine reputation, but her career was over.

    K. also existed. I can't remember his actual first name, so I'm calling him K. He's better forgotten anyway. At the time, my MCCC settings were not quite right for me, so there was a lot of stuff going on. It seems like K. married Caleb, divorced him, kept his last name (which really confused me because I thought K. was a premade). He later started dating Aster and then he cheated on her and also showed up married one day.

    I don't know what happened to him. I worried Rashad (Dysis' boyfriend) was one of his descendants, but luckily, they're not related.
    I guess I’ve forgotten if Asher drinks that too? I always imagined him to be a human plasma kinda guy, but maybe not?
    You're right. Asher's not really a plasma fruit or pack kind of guy … but that's not to say that he's constantly attacking people either. I feel like he's someone who wants to look good in front of his kids, so there's a lot that they may not know about him, such as where and when he sleeps. However, him keeping things private, doesn't necessarily mean he's doing anything bad.
    I love your story so much! How is this girl ever going to have her “happily ever after?” And is that even part of your plan?
    Thank you so much. <3 I don't have anything planned for Deli, especially not something bad. Her story moves so slowly because she's a sweet, non-confrontational perfectionist who rarely, if ever, causes any drama.

    @Becka28 (p781) Happy late birthday! Hopefully, things will calm down some by Christmas so that people can do more traveling even though it's doubtful.

    In my save up, I set up a handful of occasions for an autonomous proposal and just never happened… so I gave up. I'm sorry you seem to have had the same luck. Quin and Rohan are adorable together, regardless.

    How did that blooper even happen? That's terrifying.

    Fier Legacy
    Intro & Past Posts in Spoiler

    The Fiers are a vampire family led by an arrogant and socially awkward megalomaniac named Asher who, among other things, hopes to have 100 children. As of now, he's had 16. The youngest five recently became young adults and are discovering the perks of university, so Asher's ready to move on from the life he's built with them in Sulani. Even though everyone is into pursuing an eco lifestyle and protecting the environment and even though Asher employed some draconian conservation policies while working as a top-level conservationist, he's done with that kind of tiny living stuff and is having a (gaudy flamboyant) palace built that may cost more than one million simoleons. When it's complete, he intends to move and raise the next generation of his children there. But there's no rush as he's immortal.

    1. Fier Legacy Introduction
    2. Teenage Lifeguard (Delmarya)
    3. Living Her Best Life (Adelise)
    4. Night on the Town
    5. Day of Fier P1
    6. Day of Fier P2
    7. Happy Birthday P1 (Dawn)
    8. Happy Birthday P2 (Dawn)
    9. A First Kiss (Dawn)
    10. Conservationism and a Death Flower for Deli
    11. Vampire Population Control (Asher)
    12. Happy Birthday (Delmarya)
    13. Merry Winterfest
    14. Ambitious Dysis
    15. Gen 4 Enrolls in University
    16. Relaxation? Before University
    17. New Year's Eve
    18. Sulani Bonfire
    19. Midnight Encounter (Delmarya)
    20. Deli Strikes Out (Delmarya)
    21. One Americano and Two Slices of Bread (Delmarya)
    22. Lovestruck Procrastination Queen (Dysis)
    23. Balancing Love and Academics (Dysis)
    24. Saying Goodbye P1
    25. Saying Goodbye P2
    26. Forcing Fun at Foxbury (Dysis)
    27. First Impression = Great, Second Impression = Trash (Deli)
    28. Asher's Incompetence (Asher)
    29. A Productive Day
    30. A Day for Love P1 (Dysis)
    31. A Day for Love P2 (Delmarya)
    32. Asher's Advice and Planning a Date
    33. Only the Ice Cream Was Pure Perfection? (Deli)
    34. Debating Firsts (Darius)
    35. Limited Romance at the Romance Festival (Deli)
    36. Happy Lunar New Year P1 (Delmarya)
    37. Happy Lunar New Year P2 (Asher)
    38. Aster's Past (Delmarya)

    During the earliest hours of the morning, before dawn, Delmarya Fier (Deli) traveled from Sulani's island of Lani St. Taz to Mua Pel'am. Before leaving home, she'd told her mother that she needed to survey the ocean and collect samples for her work as a marine biologist. While there was some truth to that, she left because she was upset and overwhelmed.

    On the surface, Deli was upset because those she had a crush on didn't like her back. Boy 1 went for her sister and Boy 2 often insulted her. The real issue, though, was that she felt that pretty much everything outside of her academic life was slowly spiraling out of control. There were so many little? (or were they big?) things that niggled at her that she hardly knew where to start or what to do.

    Since birth, she'd been a vampire, so she'd always been different but now those differences were becoming more apparent and starting to matter in ways they never had before. For instance, she'd recently stopped aging. Her closest siblings still aged.

    She also wondered if being a vampire made her unlikeable as besides family, she didn't really have friends. So—if eventually (because it was so hard for her to make friends she figured it'd take a long time) someone fell in love with her—would her closest siblings still be around for her to introduce her spouse to them or would they be gone...

    As they continued to grow and she didn't, would she still be able to relate to them or would she, ironically, only grow more isolated because she failed to age?

    Deli didn't know. She also didn't know what to do.

    Doing nothing and continuing to ignore that she was a vampire wasn't helping. Things around her changed even if she didn't. Doing something was a possibility, but what if she did the wrong thing? Deli hated making mistakes and making the wrong decision about her life would be disastrous. She wasn't even sure she knew what her options were.

    Deli decided to ask for advice from an outsider, a non-family member and a non-vampire. Being born and raised in Sulani, loving it more than anything, and having a deep spiritual connection to its islands, Deli sought out the island spirits for guidance while the beach was still quiet.

    The spirit offered no substantial advice. She only chastised Deli for denying her heritage.

    Deli didn't understand exactly what she'd done wrong, and she tried to explain that as a vampire, she couldn't always attend the island's cultural events as they often occurred during the day—too much exposure to the sun would kill her. Wasn't it enough that she worked hard as a conservationist to protect the islands, that she was studying at university to learn even more about marine biology? Or was this also about Deli neglecting her vampire heritage as there was some truth to that, but ...

    Confused and feeling worse, Deli wanted to ask more, but she couldn't as the sun was rising. She told the spirit, she had to go.

    The spirit didn't seem to understand. Deli stayed as long as she could, hoping to hear something more encouraging than their disappointment with her, but the sun quickly became too much.

    When she arrived home, her father asked her to travel with him to her eldest sister, Aster's, home. Deli went, but didn't feel like socializing, so she snuck off and did her homework, even though doing well academically didn't seem to be worth much to anyone but her.

    Regardless, there was only so much homework that she could use as a distraction. Later, her father found her crying. Asher didn't know what was wrong. He had ideas and he didn't like that she was upset, but he wasn't great (or good or maybe even decent) at consoling others.

    The rest, which is just a bit, is behind the cut.
    Still, he sat down with her and suggested that she relax about her work. She was a wonderful student; she shouldn't be so obsessed.

    Deli explained that wasn't the problem. The problem was that she had some reservations about being a vampire.

    Deli explained the basics of her issues. She hesitated to go into the gritty details because she wasn't sure how he'd react and she wasn't sure she wanted to know how he'd react. While Aster, her eldest sister, seemingly had no problem telling their father exactly how she felt and what she wanted, Deli didn't have the same confidence. She didn't want to risk another person rejecting or otherwise finding fault with her.

    So Asher listened, slightly confused, and didn't have much to say. She wanted to go out in the sun? That was easy to fix, so he offered her training. After training, she'd become a stronger vampire, and she'd be able to ramble about the beach during all hours like she had as a child.

    He didn't get it. What was the actual problem? What should he do?
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 679 Member
    I haven't really gone past the third generation of any Sims family I've had. I'm already on it with the Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, and not quite there with the others. I'm definitely intending to go far enough with the Mastersons to get the Ancient Bloodline trait, which will require generation 4 (if we count Peter and Caroline as gen 1 and the kids as gen 2, the kids all have Weak Bloodline).

    @HillyBeth Emerson is so pretty! I always like to see a redheaded Sim :)
    @Metior_Ice I also keep my laptop plugged in whilst I play. I might save up to get a desktop PC with a really good graphics card so I can play Sims 4 on Ultra settings. My current laptop does run Sims 4 fine as it is, though, it's just that I've had it seven years. I got it from a configure-it-yourself site which is maybe why it's better than some older laptops.


    Sunday morning, and all the children were busy. Joanna was getting ahead on her university work, Kirsten was completing her high school work, and Oscar was venting his feelings in his diary. He was in a Distant phase and felt tense about family members, yet for some reason decided to vent at the kitchen table where his sisters were, instead of being alone in his bedroom.


    It's always a great idea to be able to put theory into practice, and so Joanna decided to work on the rocket in the garden.


    Sue had just finished competing in a professional The R.E.F.U.G.E tournament on the computer, earning a respectable third place. She was happy with the result, but naturally wanted to do better. She's currently a Rising Star, thanks mainly to having developed two mobile apps. She's also currently working on a video game.


    Although Joanna can't select any romantic interactions with Martin, she can still (automatically) greet him with a kiss <3


    Where's the best place to knit? Why, on the toilet of course!!


    Joanna decided to visit the Foxbury Commons. It was empty, and she took advantage of the peace and quiet to tinker on the robotics station.


    She heard that there was a meeting of the Bot Savants going on in the quad, and she decided to check it out. She greeted member Rohan Elderberry.
    "Hello! I'm a new student, my name's Joanna. Can I join the Bot Savants?"
    "Yes, of course! Just out of interest, what degree are you doing?"
    "I'm doing Computer Science, but I haven't got any robotics classes this term."
    "Oh right. Yeah, you'll definitely get some robotics classes in the future. You can build up an advantage by joining us and working on the skill."
    "Thanks for the information. I'm looking forward to future events!"


    Joanna was intrigued to meet a Servo! The glow around her forearm is because she did a Polite Introduction.


    Joanna was invited over to the Hare and Hedgehog (I think) in Windenburg. The lovebirds chatted for a bit, before working on their respective homework.


    Congratulations, Sue!


    Once home, Joanna started working on a new robotics project. Unfortunately, she got electrocuted, leaving her feeling rather dazed. She decided to take a nap. If you look closely, you can even see what looks like smoke! :o


    Feeling much better, Joanna was able to repair the stereo with no ill-effects.


    Jog? Eat? Why not both??



    It's not apparent in this update, but Joanna actually has completed her first day of classes. Both went well!

    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes/O'Connors, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
  • hunniboo1hunniboo1 Posts: 1,466 Member
    Made two new sim sisters who actually turned out to be quite beautiful.


    The Best of Hunni's Builds
    Feel free to follow my builds!!!!!!:)
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,871 Member
    Sydney and her group finds a temple in Selvadorada, a few gangsters break into the Palace of Windenburg, and Kane defends Victoria.
    Chapter 13
    Chapter 14
    Chapter 15
    Chapter 16
  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,146 Member
    @DoodlyDoofus oh my. Rosa definitely has interesting taste! Welcome to the world, Anakin, and good luck. Aww, Skullcrusher is so supportive. Yeah, Octavia still can't be messed with!

    @DarkAngel1994 thank you! Luka is a bit of a disaster, honestly, but their aesthetic is great ;D

    Oh dang, sorry to hear about Ortinbras disappearing! Purged by the game, maybe? (It does that when there are too many Sims.) Tristan looks like he's in for an interesting time, though!

    @sunblond aww, Mai is a cutiepie! Yeah, sorry, Than, this is your life now XD Poor Samyr, teenage self-consciousness isn't fun! Oh wow, that's pretty life-changing for Kaden!

    Ooh, which VtM game? The only one I have is Night Road, but I've watched an LP of Coteries of New York and have others lined up to watch. I really want to play Bloodlines, too.

    XD Is Omar starting to have regrets about having a stepdaughter? Oh boy, I bet I know what's up with Josie XD And yup, there it is! Oh jeez, poor Zayn D:

    @Becka28 university sounds like a breeze after a hundred babies, honestly XD Wow, those absolute saps! I love Izzy's expression there! Whoops, probation. Better luck next semester!

    Ohh, poor Isiah :( And the Artbreeder results look rad!

    @Koteyka those poses were so perfect <3 Thank you again for them, seriously! And I'm looking forward to seeing how the Wolfstar family works into the story! And yeah, I mean - I first read Philosopher's Stone when it came out, the month I turned eleven. I grew up with Harry. I can't just stop liking it even if I want to fight Rowling in a pit. So yeah, our city now!

    Oh my, Rhi and Ianto are such handfuls in such different ways XD Gwen looks adorable! But yeah, toddlers are... very toddler. Oh wow Toffee does indeed have most excellent ears. Okay those rooms are fabulous, yeah. Oh my, Harry XD Grumpy li'l Ianto is a whole mood!

    @Daephene thank you! Yeah, these mods are really useful because the lots don't have to be specifically set as retail! So you could make, say, a set of shops, set one up as a grocery store, one as a spa, one as a cafe, et cetera, then just have the lot type set as a spa. The latest update for Ravasheen's stuff also made them autonomous for people to buy from them, too, so you get customers! And I'm not familiar with the show, sorry!
  • NetflixianHereNetflixianHere Posts: 17 Member
    Moved the family of four twice because I felt the houses they were living in was too big for me to keep up with them. Fixed the house up, set up the bedrooms and the living room. It's a little bit cramped, so they might be moving again soon. Scott started to draw shapes, but had to go to school. Donna and Arnold got to hang out a bit in the morning, and Arnold even made breakfast. Donna moved her progress bar in her skill of playing the violin and Adrien went to work as a "Hungry Artist". Scott thought he was being left out of a party to find the invitation under a bag of pretzels. Adrien had a small work performance gain by adjusting a layout. Donna went to work as an entertainer. Scott did not have a good time at school and came home tense, so he played with toys for a bit, and also finished his drawing. Adrien was promoted to "Watercolor Dabbler" before coming home.

    He made a salad and Scott had a sandwich before Arnold came home, feeling fine. Donna also arrived, but was feeling stressed before going to sleep. The rest of the family had snack before going to bed too. Donna got up and ate breakfast and tended to the garden, which was a little dry. They then talked before going their separate ways for the day.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 530 Member
    edited October 2020
    @Daephene I have to know. Did you mean the premade toddlers? For that, ghosts can’t be toddlers. I guess it’s because toddlers can’t die.

    I wanted to say insightful and awesome for your post.

    I didn’t know that half-aliens don’t always pass on their skin tone genetics.

    @Lucy_Henley I play the Sims 4 on the Console even if my laptop can handle more intense graphics. I find that the console helps to lighten the data load on my computer. Between college assignments, the book I’m writing, and pictures taken doing different things like the family cruise in the Caribbean and my visits to the Springs and Beach, I don’t have the storage for every game I want to play.

    The PlayStation Activities thread that shares player achievements and screenshots appears to be down even though I can still share things that way. I usually have it set to not share the screenshots with anyone but myself to avoid spamming others. I used to get all my screenshots from my PlayStation account and upload them to Flickr because Flickr has a BB code I can copy and paste. I put the story together here while on my computer. While I don’t play on my laptop, I do all my forum posts on there.

    Fortunately, I have an external hard five for the 20 something drafts of several chapters of my book, and that hard drive works like a USB. So, I can share screenshots, but they will include my play through that isn’t current. If I uploaded a story update before playing again, finishing the Kailani Legacy will take much longer. I do want to go back to play Dylan and Zephyr’s household as soon as possible. I still have all kinds of fun things I want to do with that household.

    For now, I’ll make an update of the Alternate Universe when I need a break from the legacy challenge. There is just so much to do in a legacy and so little time to get invested in a generation.

    Edit: A lot of my non-story posts are done on my phone. It helps me respond to others sooner and keep up with my threads. I can’t easily use bb codes on my phone like my computer, so I won’t share pictures with those updates. I simply can’t. I appreciate everyone using spoilers. It has made the loading time much faster.
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 584 Member
    Hey everyone!! OMG! I had such a fun gameplay this time! I am so sorry that I have been AWOL lately but life has been so stressful. Well lets admit, 2020 has been so stressful for EVERYBODY!! 2020 plus whatever major life drama that’s thrown at you just makes it worse lol.
    I checked up on Griffin and his kids last time. I wanted to head back into one of my main families I prefer to play, the Fontenots!! It seems like forever since I played them! Also, I have been a teeny bit distracted by Sims 3...but I will continue to play Sims 4:)
    The Fontenots had some major events coming up in their life! It has been such a long time since I hung out in Oasis Springs. It's well into spring in my game, I forget how cold some of the other cities are at that time. Anyway, life has been busy!!
    If your week has been rough please enjoy this post, its happy and lighthearted. Enjoy!

    First some comments:
    I am sorry I don’t have time to go back several pages! I am just starting from page 791. I am so sorry I have not been keeping track. But thank you for all warm comments and sharing your stories! They are awesome:)
    @alwaysasking I enjoyed watching Joey and Xavier and all their sparks flying! It was fun:) And your sim with Don 2 is just too dang cute! :) LOL Sultry and Confused! XD That sums up Don’s expressions
    @metior_ice Oh I I liked your aged down premades and the elemental children! That’s a cool gameplay! And poor Serene. She’s going to have her hands full with all the toddlers and children!
    @beardedgeek Yes! I think the men’s jackets look great on the women too! I enjoyed watching your sim couple’s adventures at University!
    @sunblond Oh my gosh Mai has got to be one of the cutest toddlers! I am sorry to hear about Robert Morin’s passing away
    @daravi I so enjoyed your family’s Christmas celebration, and also learning about traditional Christmas celebrations in Germany! I always love to learn new traditions about cultures around the world! What decade is your family set in currently? And congrats on your new pc!!
    @daephene OMG little Viktoria is so cute!! And I was chuckling at Bjorn gawking at the bush woohoo lol. Creepy much?
    I am really liking Victor and Ulrike together! Viktor is actually a great dad (I gave he and Lily a teenager-ironically Lily is a helicopter mom and dotes on the poor kid lol)
    @becka28 OMG congrats on raising the last 100 baby challenge!! That is quite a feat! And I am so happy that you gave Quin and Rohan some time to be happy together. So many people just let the poor worn out and exhausted parent just age up to an elder and die lol. And its exciting to see them attending university together too!
    Thank you for the comment too! And I just had to go and youtube that Ubereats commercial with Mark and Patrick. OMG I love it! XD Definitely fangirling myself too. You know everyone on the set must have had such blast filming those commercials XD. Yes I can totally see Simeon Silversweater behind the scenes running the advertising agencies XD !!
    I really like your Ngaire and her little Fetu. That house is so cute! And I am so happy that she found such a great guy. I agree, Ngaire made the right decision with Isiah (omg he is hot) And then he proposed!! (OMG Quin and Rohan, y’all better step up the game lol)
    I was laughing at the triplets! I would die!!
    Ooooh. Typed to soon (I’m typing as I’m reading)...Ngaire died!!
    Jeez, death by pufferfish. That poor woman. And poor Isiah! Now he has 4 kids to care for!
    @haneul Oh an update with Deli! She’s my girl. I am so sorry that she’s still having difficulty coming to to terms with the fact that she’s a vampire. Does no one know the cure and if they do will they tell her?
    @swansong93 I liked your teen Manuel! It seems like he is leading a pretty interesting life in San Myshuno:)
    @kotekya Poor Gwen has her hands so full with 2 toddlers and a cat!!
    @lucy_henley Conratulations on Joanna graduating and getting into university!!
    @reddestiny92 *Waves from the Sims 4 side XD!!! Addy is gorgeous! Is Sean Don’s brother?

    Ok here’s what happened in my game recently. Its kind of a screenshot dump but believe me I took like 300 screenshots. I have wheedled it down to the fewest possible lol

    Gage gets the Talk
    Gage had just finished bottle feeding his baby brother when I guess the question popped up in his brain hXSLfTi.png
    He sat down and autonomously asked his dad Clint who was watching the news
    Sooooo where do babies come from?
    Alien abduction of course
    How embarrasing. It made me laugh XD

    Couple’s Day Out
    Clint kept coming home all tense from stressful workdays so I decided that he and Rosie needed a day out together just the two of them. Besides they had both been working out and trying to get in shape. They traveled to the day spa in Newcrest for a work out
    Clint is normally a pretty reserved guy. He doesn’t talk much, except to Rosie. He was blah blah blah lAY28WW.png
    The whole time lol. 0qOrOjc.png
    I was chuckling at Rosie’s facial expression
    Some yoga
    Rosie is getting really good at yoga
    Sauna followed by a shower 8zMkhrH.png
    And couple’s massage
    Dinner Fail!!
    It was still early enough that I thought they might spend the rest of the evening in San Myshuno. Besides, Clint was starving. They went to the Old Salt Warehouse owned by the Rasoyas. MWHH4yP.png
    The food is good but the service is usually terrible. They talked while they waited YkxquAU.png
    Everything was filthy. Rachel Silversweater was horrified DkCM3gd.png
    There was a 3 hour wait. You know it's bad when all you have left to talk about is the decor around the room. KG48rwc.png
    Finally!! hlrUkiN.png
    She dropped it!!! Ugh!!!
    So they left in huff. Clint was even more starving jRmTwKF.png
    Clint was Hangry at this point, so Rosie thought it would be a good idea to try the food carts instead. They got some curry RDTD2mR.png
    They heard the karaoke music drifting from the bar
    And decided to sing a country song together. KUUybxX.png
    It was cute! :)
    Ok now you guys are really hamming it up.
    Rosie has a great singing voice (she maxed that skill in her teens) but Clint….he has a good repertoire of songs but his voice is not the best lol. Clint has the brash voice. They went home after that.
    The girls go shopping
    Rosie, Vivienne, and Grace had a big day ahead of them! They were going shopping!
    They were needing some nice formal dresses for a big event. Rosie was never much for shopping or fashion so she felt out of place NW3F9Hc.png
    Vivienne helped her. They tried a few out. H2otygS.png
    Viv looks fantastic in everything tC56g5m.png
    And of course, stopped by the toy store for Grace. r9cDW0y.png
    Vivienne’s and Trey’s Big Day
    So now the best and most exciting part of this post!
    The family had a lot of meal prep to do QzNlj3y.png
    They had a huge day planned ahead! Vivienne and Trey were getting married!!
    I had the wedding at Willow Creek Park. I had made a wedding venue designed as a room for the OneRoomOneWeekOneTheme thread ages ago. This was going to give me a chance to try it out! I saved it as a room. All you have to do is plunk it down wherever you want and slap a roof of your choice on it. Not going to lie, I also cheated a warm sunny weather via MCC. I did not want this wedding ruined by rain.
    Finally, they were ready to start the party!
    Vivienne’s son Vincent and daughter-in-law Joanna showed up as well as some family friends and coworkers! gSGMJO6.png
    Everyone gathered to watch 3E7MI6n.png
    Not gonna lie, I got some amazing screenshots
    I had Rosie stand there as the bride’s matron of honor. I had Clint set up as the Best Man but he kept walking to the back of the line. T8zrepM.png
    But she stood there and blabbed the whole time 9eX7teJ.png
    Finally they exchanged vows! And Rosie was quiet for 5 minutes KxprPqU.png
    They started their reception with the first bites of cake 4O9xJFi.png
    Everyone started eating t9A2e4O.png
    Vivienne’s son Vincent sat with his wife Joanna and their two wishing well kids. They are both in their 20s and too young to have children this age (I’d say their about 10) but they got them both by wishing for a child via the wishing well. uZBGe7Y.png
    Meanwhile Clint gave the Best Man’s Speech and I adored Vivienne’s expression. I guess he had a funny story to tell about his sister. qIeQXuK.png
    Vincent was so happy for his mom. 9zUZCCI.png
    He got a chance to congratulate his new stepfather. kXc4PMr.png
    It was awesome

    Renewal of Vows
    The wedding stuff isn’t done yet! It was Clint and Rosie’s turn! Well technically they have been married for several years, but I wanted some photos around the house for future generations. They had their wedding in my last save that was corrupted. I had to delete it and start over again. So they are renewing their vows instead!
    This time, they would be able to invite Rosie’s gigantic family over! The day after Vivienne's and Trey's wedding, they gathered at the same venue
    Ohh boy was it a big shindig. Clint and Rosie decided to get the renewal vows over first because food is important. Especially with a huge family.
    The whole clan gathered to watch them exchange vows
    It was touching I8tEF64.png
    I love Rosie in that dress. It fits her personality so well. Its from the Ecoliving pack f3vxo4L.png
    The family gathered for refreshments iGYizQb.png
    Cake is important O3Msjsv.png
    Rosie’s parents Cody and Melusine were there kjQ6Sh4.png
    As well as her grandparents Roseanne and the General (Frank) j6gbqqg.png
    Her triplet sister Rachel with her Simeon Silversweater hcBO2UZ.png
    Her identical twin/triplet sister Rebecca with her Thorne Bailey. O4rGWhh.png
    Rocky her kid brother, who was grossed out by all the gratuitous PDA by his older sister Rachel with Simeon lol mxwoPRM.png
    And her first cousin Joanna with Vincent of course PzT347G.png
    Joanna looks cute as ever 6kvueeo.png
    Clint and Rosie are very outdoorsy and like the country/rustic look so they and their guests went with a more casual look. Rosie’s trendsetting sister Rebecca was horrified lol (Actually according to MCC she was angry because she had discovered the existance of aliens) mEV70eo.png
    Thorne Bailey made quite the impression! He seemed to be enjoying his wife’s relatives
    Rocky was fanboying over him as usual dZcKREA.png
    Jo was too but she was trying to be classy about it lol n0cc5Cy.png
    And of course, Granny Roseanne was constantly hugging him IGrsuy3.png
    She’s a bit of a flirt even at her age.
    All in all it was a fun playthrough :)
    Till next time!!

  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 530 Member
    @sarabeth2984 loved the update.

    The idea for the toddlers sorta came from Simsav’s Mystical Motherhood and comments about The Island Elemental Story.

    Eventually this alternate universe will have a family of every single magical being toddlerized and it will follow them growing up.

    I just haven’t decided if I should include their original traits or discern new traits as they grow up based on their behaviors.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,366 Member
    Ok, I haven’t gotten far yet. But I started these on the 15th, so they are going up now. So most likely your newest updates won't be addressed here - waaa :disappointed:

    Quick thanks to everyone on your comments about the last “Two Dons” chapter. Lord, was it fun to write! :D Anyway, I’ll keep trudging along and try to get to people!

    You know I love your Joey. He is such a big flirt!. Im hapoy the other Don worked out better for you. I have not played s 4 for a while I should try with automaticalky Joey lol.
    Lol! He can be a lot of fun, but I also really like him as the non played character too. It’s funny to see what he does, and how many people want to interact with him. Of course, I play a vanilla game, with no mods whatsoever, so I don’t know how much mods influence non-played Sims in other people’s games.


    Oh my God! Lol, I love your test save! Things like that make me want to have mods that show attraction. Although I hear that they don’t always work the best.

    But the fact that Morgyn still preferred Quin to Declan is crazy!

    Although, did you cheat in the skills and traits that Quin has, because that could be part of it.

    So funny that Rohan is the same here too. Did he dislike Morgyn from the moment he saw him? Or was it after Morgyn was looking at Quin like that?

    And yeah, poor Declan, he’s second best. But he seems happy anyway.


    Awww thanks. Yeah, the kids are very cute in that picture :blush:

    Your church and little home are really cute! Is that the parsonage?
    The welcome wagon arrived to Gottfrieds and Marias new home. Since it was his family members he couldn't ignore them

    I thought you’d grabbed some CC a while ago for your legacy. Were you getting more? Or am I remembering wrong?


    Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the updates! I take a million pictures, so I can almost always find one for what I want to say. :smiley:

    My Sim rejecting his flirt was the icing on the cake! Lol! I’m like, “Ok, I get it. You two guys go have fun.”

    Don 2 is way better for me :sweat_smile: despite the fact that he wants constant massages. At least he wants other things too! :D

    Lol!! Owen isn’t smart enough to be a secret agent. Poor guy. I hope you can think of something he is suitable for. Fisherman seems pretty easy :D

    And ok good. I’m glad it was just a phase with the kids!

    Lmao, Owen’s little white lie about where he was going was a mess. No way to win that one, a job interview he probably won’t get. Lol, well ok.

    He’s so cute
    "You guys are supposed to be supportive of me" Owen told them
    I’m glad he finally showed up for the party! What a mess.Something I do in those situation, when they are “close by” but you can’t find them, is click on another sim, and use the action interaction to form a group. Sometimes the missing person will be there, and you can then click “go here together,” somewhere out in the yard, and lots of times mine will show up. Lol at bandit! Naughty raccoon, that’s not your cake! ha! Oh… Archie does look like Tim, crazy!

    Holy cow at your experiences in Sulani!!!! I swear, I’ve never seen that before. I mean, Nalani will be flirty sometimes, because she’s romantic, but Idk what was going on. I’ll see if anyone else had some insight. Kinda rotten to have all that anger on your honeymoon. – well, marriage too, lmao

    They had the most luck on the private island and snorkeling; away from everyone else! Although, Owen fighting with that guy and losing is pretty funny. Ha, one time my mega super sim Jasper (MVP of the team - level 10 fitness – every fitness perk) lost against Malcolm! Level nothing fitness! Lmao. I think it might be who is angrier or something. :D Sylvia’s face is great when they fight again. And yes, Owen is still very cute when he’s sick.


    Lol, I’m glad you are enjoying the 2 Don saga. Lmao. I am too. Don’s face when I told him I was going to bed becomes a very common face – you know – confused. Lol. And yes, watching my background Sims is sometimes the best part of my gameplay.

    The introduction to Harry is great! I love his names for them, lol But I did sigh/laugh at this part:
    "I just hope you realise what you're getting us into. This... this is a responsibility, Sirius. An actual one."
    "Oh come on, how hard could it be to look after a two year old..."
    Poor naive Sirius. He won’t be 2 for long. :wink:

    But wow. What’s up with the scars on Remus? He doesn’t have them in the movies, does he? Do you have your own twist going> Well, besides the whole “They took him at all, and they’re actually a couple” thing, lol

    Rhi is so cute about meeting them. Well, she’s always cute. And Harry was so funny! “I moved here from Dudley” I’m sure that’s how it felt to him.

    I feel bad for Remus
    "Oh come on. We both know exactly why he remembered me... I mean, this isn't a face you can easily forget, right?.. They're just too polite to say anything..." Remus sighed. "And that kid was clearly terrified..."
    "What kid? That kid? No he wasn't."
    "He was..."
    I’m just dying to know what happened? Interesting that Ianto knew he wasn’t human right away, but didn’t seem to notice anything was off with Sirius.

    And there we go again with Ianto’s cryptic thoughts. It’s sad that he just wanted to go back to Sulani, but then Grandpa is there again, and it’s a little better. And that’s sweet.


    How is it going with the triplets/ Have you lost your mind yet/ Or have your Sims lost theirs1 Lol

    Doesn’t it figure, a tiny house …. Triplets. There’s a sense of humor for you! Lmao


    I’ve been meaning to ask you, are you actually able to put puppies up fpr sale/ Is it a mod or something? The puppies are adorable!!


    Lol, your “Elderly man in black sitting on the couch” looked very innocent there, Ha! I guess not! The poor hostess, turned to a rabbit, and her hosts deck is on fire. Not a great night to be the hostess.


    Did you ever find an appropriate Sim to create your little Rose colored Sim? Ariana Grande seemed like a win to me! And why didn’t your sim just use the de-stresser potions? Or does that not fix fun?


    Yeah, that really stunk for Joey. Don is a nasty piece of work sometimes.

    And yeah, I was giving you a hard time, I know your favorite color is orange. Strangely, my favorite is Coral. So put that little hint of pink in there and I’m all good. Lmao. Your chair looks quite comfy and bright!

    And wow! Your first toddler play, very cool. How is he doing? Man, when they get movement to 5 they whip around the house! The whole block! They are adorable.


    Lol! laughing! Turbo fast, yes, Don and Joey together – sounds right.

    And Omg, I thought I changed so much of Ian to make Xavier, but ….. I guess not! Lol!


    And yes, I did age him down from adult, which, I believe, is the reason he and Lawrence don’t work in the new sets I make. Xavier gets bored around Lawrence. I mean, Ian is Active, loves the outdoors, dog lover. Lawrence is Genius, perfectionist bookworm. I guess as an adult Ian is fine with his husband being so quiet. But as a young adult? Well, you saw how he went after Joey, Lol!

    Lawrence is Benjamin, of course. Again, I thought I changed him a lot. I didn’t. :D I mean, he even still has the little baby peach fuzz on his face! Lol! Although, I do think his face is longer.


    I was furious at Don that night (in case you couldn’t tell :D) I had actually “reset” him 3 times to try to get him to stay there with Joey! And I know his work schedule he didn’t have to work, I cheated his needs (I wasn’t playing as him, but I think the cheat still works) There was absolutely No reason for him to leave. Other than being a dumb **** and purposely hurting Joey. Lord! I was fumin’ lol!

    I’m glad you fell in love with Thorne’s Do though. I don’t think he’d act like that. (actually I pretty much have proof he won’t, but anyway lol)

    And ok good. I’m glad I wasn’t judging time spans incorrectly with Max vs Mekenna, lol1

    Those cheats to clear a place out sound good. I find that if you make a place generic, almost no one comes there. It’s super rare, except in Sulani.

    Lol, Juli probably should visit a dr, but I’m so far behind here the kid could be a child by now! Lol

    Did you put Amelia up? Or get Joey? What is your gallery ID?

    Anyway …. Your update! Yes!! So much better than the first proposal! Lol!!!

    The dinner party was so cute! And yes! Nice outfits! Hazel and her dessert! So adorable! Declan, boy, you got problems.

    Anyway, all the sweet thoughts in her mind, and your description of the things they did, and where they were. It’s all so beautiful, Wow. I’ll bet it’s fun to finally be able to write all these wonderful things, right? So cute when she said “I do” lol. And she didn’t let him get up before she kissed him, wow. I guess they went fast, but it’s obvious they are perfect for each other.,

    And lol
    Nick chuckled, "And how are you going to hide a rock like that? Besides you can't keep it to yourself, I know you Ame."


    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
  • LyrieLyrie Posts: 590 Member
    Hello everyone, a quick tag post for all your lovely comments on my gameplay/story.

    @RedDestiny92 @Daephene @Becka28 @Metior_Ice(I have never seen that anime but will have to check it out) @BlueSeaWaves @DeafSimmer @Koteyka @sunblond @haneul @Silverofdreams30

    Thank you for all your comments on my post! I love these two and hope the best for them as time goes on! I’ve read updates if provided and loved them!

    Here is a small update I would like to make.

    Not feeling the greatest,nothing to huge (allergies) but wanted to make this post.

    This is about another one of my inbetween families before I return back to my mains the Stones and Alders.

    It is officially winter so time for a winter selfie!

    Nayeli invited Pinky over to have a small party for her being both their best woman of groom and bride, so basically their best Pinky at their weeding.

    LOL this was another event mod, it was fun, there was a lot of goals to take a selfie and tell jokes, watch a movie, bake sweet, dance together, drink together etc!
    50372562698_dd49b74f1f_h.jpg40. TXN by Lyrie Creesen, on Flickr

    More On Event!
    Here they go! 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 drink! xD

    I swear how are they not swasted 24hours a day?! 50373427952_fc10781236_h.jpg

    Then they get down to some alternative and hip-hop on the stereo!

    Nayeli invited out the girls she could at the moment and told them about going dress shopping for her wedding that was fastly approaching, well just one more season away.

    They all had a drink of root beer to celebrate the date to go dress shopping more with a shot of "juice" in there hahaha sike or is it?

    Also Vanessa is a hoot double ❤️❤️❤️❤️ a plain root beer and sparkling water.

    Aww, well there is always another day Nayeli maybe after the wedding during the honeymoon?

    Dress Shopping!
    All the woman gathered a snowy Sunday in the early winter, it was not supposed to stick around for long, but it was nice and warm in the dress bouquet.

    They were all told to wear some type of dress or skirt to help measure things more but Vanessa and Rachel did not listen! *huff* Oh well, off to the fitting!

    First the bride to be tried on a few different dresses~ None of them seemed right though.

    It took a little while but soon!

    She found the prefect dress! <3

    And all her girls found the dresses they would wear in compliment to her wedding everyone looks very pretty~

    The next morning lovely husbando to be cooked her some pancakes while she slept in a little, all that dress shopping had worn her out!

    Then Declan called to come over and hang out.

    Which was cool, he did before.

    He seemed fine, had some pancakes.

    But then started drinking right after the pancakes at 11am! :O

    Is that why he wants to come over? For drinks or is this a friendship? Sometimes I question things but maybe I should not?


    He got to more drinks but did not try to drink them yet.

    Nayeli is wondering what is up with this guy since Dec is more Terrence friend then hers.

    I had her clean up the drinks before he could drink them and right after she did, Dec left.

    So yeah, very telling, guess the good stretch is over, sigh bye....

    That is all for now :)
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,110 Member
    edited October 2020
    @Metior_Ice I think I made that unclear because I was talking about the game in general in the same paragraph, but I meant your toddlers specifically, as in Lir and Loch and Cole are adorable. I hear they had ghost babies in Sims 3 but I never played that one.

    @SwanSong93 I somehow missed some posts when I was commenting earlier. I enjoyed meeting your sims, and also seeing some of the clothes from the new update out in the wild, so to speak. Hope to see more!

    Ok, on to the rest of the Carrasco-Fyres update. Warning: sadness ahead.
    But let's start with the open mic night, where Morgan was the only one allowed to perform because she took so long.

    Finnian tried afterwards but the crowd had gone. Forrest was listening. (Also note that Siobhan now has paparazzi).

    Oh, and Siobhan got her 3rd fame star and got to take a selfie with Thorne Bailey with him as the fan of her...

    Later they had Parent's Day, on which Moira and Dominic came over and Finnian danced with his baby half-brother.

    And as for Gerardo... under the spoiler.
    Some shots of him being cute with his son, just to add to the pain later.

    And then his last performance, as Captain Sigma.

    And then...

    This is my first alien urn and actually it's pretty cool.

    But cooler as a tombstone.

    Poor Siobhan.

    So... Gerardo. My first actor, a great father, I am going to miss him. But not as much as his youngest child.

    Siobhan just had to wake up and comfort the baby.

    She is gradually coming to the realization that she will have to put effort into being a mother now. So far Gerardo had done all of the work, even when so tired he looked sad.

    Everyone was sad for some time, including Farrah, who snuck in to use her mother's guitar to play out her feelings.

    But Farrah is also very sweet and comforted her Aunt Siobhan.
    She has now gotten both the empathy and emotional control values into the range to get the permanent trait already, in under a week. Death has its in-game benefits.

    Morgan also consoled the man she didn't remember marrying.

    And that led him to propose again.

    Look at these eyes, y'all. This man is in love.

    I'm... not entirely excited to visit my retirement village now. More visits from the reaper are incoming. Pity my poor heart.
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,871 Member
    Kane stops a wicked man in the middle of the courtyard, the group mentions the relic, he bids farewell to Victoria, and has to deal with the gang's attitude toward the kind of women who would never be in a gang.
    Chapter 17
    Chapter 18
    Chapter 19
    Chapter 20
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    It's all good. I made a small update with the premade merfolk, island elementals in my game, and Dylan and Zephyr turned into toddlers (children for ghosts). So that update included a bunch of toddlers too.

    For those that want to follow the story from its earliest beginnings:

    I created an Index here:

    Eventually, I will create an updated index with a link to the existing Index. I'll probably do that when the next heir is born.

    The Island Elemental Twins: Dylan and Zephyr: The Broken World Saga

    **Long Explanation Warning**
    Before the story, I noticed that the game included the children and toddler's merforms in the save portrait. I'm hopeful that this means they will include a merform for the kids. I think merfolk are a unique occult circumstance where all life stages really need a merform. If you think about it, the merform appearing during the teenage years doesn't make much sense, at least not for a pure blooded merperson that lives in the sea. I started a thread linked in my signature about the topic, but merfolk are a mythical creature that does not originate from the land. So, having a merperson without the option to live underwater and have every family member at every life stage supported with a merform doesn't make sense. Merfolk can wait until their teenage years to conjure thunderstorms, even if island elemental children can summon volcanic bombs. The merform, itself, would just be a natural part of being a merperson that lives in the sea and underwater. I feel strongly about the underwater elements, or at least the forms, because most of the work is already done. I would imagine that kids would have a similar swim style to the parents just as they do to adult human sims. Merchildren would be immune to drowning. If my experience as a varsity swimmer is anything to go off of, new swimmers have a very common mistake doing the dolphin kick (The athletic name for the kick merfolk use to swim in the ocean and the butterfly stroke (Yeah, sim merfolk are beasts because they swim the butterfly instead of freestyle in the game (my personal record with 100 yards freestyle is 55 or 58 seconds, let's go with 58 seconds.), anyways, it's basically an inch worm motion where they kick with their knees instead of their stomach. It would be really cute to see toddler merfolk start out their swim skill moving like inchworms and gradually get the hang of kicking their fins.

    Breathe. Here are the pictures.

    50503008793_03874f8d66_k.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201015232923 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50503727556_2eb74daa04_k.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201015232927 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Young Adults

    50503008338_98da55c834_k.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201015232938 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50503008773_c82bf29849_k.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201015232933 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    (I think these are the genetics in the merform if I didn't make changes when they were toddlers. They literally just need a child size tail of the existing tails to be complete. Having something incomplete but so close to completion is why I'm protesting with my sims design. They also autonomously change into their swimwear to swim all the time. So, I could design the outfits in greater detail and have them go unused by my sims.)

    50503727106_303b1f559c_k.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201015232836 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50503883812_613671c3a4_k.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201015232843 by Metior Ice, on Flickr


    A similar situation to children explained in the corresponding spoiler.

    50503727596_4f5b028721_k.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201015232903 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    As for babies. I really don't expect them to be swimming around, but if they were underwater, a merfolk bassinette and merform would be an obvious for logical reasons.[/spoiler]

    The Heir and Spare as Children

    Merboy Lir

    Merboy Loch

    The Kailani Legacy: Lir and Loch 2

    Aaron helped with making sure the kids were fed.

    Aaron: "Here Lir, eat this garden salad."

    Lir: "Give me, Give Me!"

    Aaron gave Lir the salad: "We need to work on your manners."

    With a full stomach and very happy, Lir gave Blarrfy a big hug.
    After reading the boys to sleep, Kylen got a phone call from dad.

    Reef: "Did you know that Cole isn't potty trained. We had you and your brother potty trained before you learned to talk."

    Kylen: "I know dad, I'm the one that has to live with the smell."

    Reef: "Cole might end up as a child before he learns how to use the bathroom right. You should talk to your brother."

    Kylen: "I've my own two children to worry about. Honestly, It's a struggle to keep up with Loch. He's pretty wild."

    Kylen pauses: "Actually, Lir is pretty much happy to raise himself with minimal parental involvement. But still, Loch is enough to keep up with."

    Reef: "Well, anyways, I thought I'd let you know. Everyone is talking about it, but it's just gossip I guess."
    Ashley: "The astronaut lived his whole life believing that the stars were balls of fire, but what he found surprised him. Stars weren't balls of fire like volcanic fire bombs, but giant fireflies. Never in his life did he wish he had a giant jar more. What he didn't know was that the fireflies were tiny balls of fire floating around. That's why there are so many fires in this house."

    Aaron decided to cook on the stove. I should have left the burnt stove burnt. Dang, the cursed lot trait easily costs me 1000s of Simoleans replacing stuff.

    Kylen: "Aaron, I'm going to grab the child that can climb the stairs. Get the Heir to safety!"

    Lir, just awoken for breakfast, cried. "B...b...But that was my Foooood!"

    Rylan called to his brother: "Your Husband and my Wife haven't been living here long enough they don't understand how things work here. Cole is frozen and staring into space, he's safe and far away from the fire. I'm getting the heir to safety."

    Kylen raced down and put the fire out while Aaron stood their staring.

    While Kylen made breakfast, Lir mocked Cole.

    Lir: "I didn't see you outside during the fire."

    Cole: "Babba Babble. (I woke up out of bed in a dark room and stared into the window between me and water. I wondered if I could get fins if I swam."

    Lir: "I learned to speak and therefore no longer toddler speak. Have you learned to use the potty? I started the rumor."

    Cole: "Babble. (He forgot his cultural heritage. How could he forget Simoddlish? It is the way of sim toddlers that comes with our profound language that says so much with so little."

    As Lir grew in sim sophistication, Kylen taught him his basic needs and the words for them.

    Before the boys aged up, Kylen worked on baking the cake. Honestly, Rylan has been a life saver with most of the handiness, but when it comes to parenting and making sure food is made for everyone to eat, Kylen is awesome, but I feel like he was born for it. Ashley and Aaron have been helpful keeping up with the growing garden. So, in a sense, they help people fed by keeping the harvestable alive.

    Kylen is a competent entertainer.
    Rylan has bounced around jobs, but he dabbled in painting before taking on the family business in Conservation.
    Ashley has been staying home so the kids don't have to go to daycare.
    Aaron is becoming a successful painter.

    When Kylen started on the second cake, it started a fire, but he immediately extinguished it.

    After this fire, Kylen took it upon himself to install a smoke alarm in the kitchen as well as a fire extinguishing system. Reef could barely afford to build a small hut, and it took the combined income of four sims to build the house up this much.

    I didn't get the screenshot, but Loch received the Art Lover trait and I gave him the Art Prodigy Aspiration. Aspirations can be changed, so even with a normal lifespan, I still get parts of the other aspirations finished. Loch was very close to the bonus trait. Unfortunately, he auto-aged up moments before his thinking skill could be leveled up.

    Lir received a bonus trait, received the creative trait, and I gave him the Art Prodigy Aspiration.

    At the moment, the pools around Alania look were thermally heated. Alania Look used to be an Active Volcano on the main island before going silent. When Reef moved in, the volcano showed signs of becoming active again, and that would be disastrous for most of Sulani's Residents. For now, the pools were relaxing hot springs the merfolk family enjoyed. Kylen, Aaron, Lir, and Loch took this moment to enjoy a little family relaxation.


    Apparently, Loch autonomously back floated in the hot spring similar to how the merchildren (merlings) would autonomously run to the ocean to swim. Merchildren have it rough. They clearly have a drive to swim in the ocean and be apart of that world, but they lack the form that would actually make that possible.

    Rylan spreading conservation awareness. Unfortunately, I don't think Ashley is as motivated to help the Islands as Sara was. While Reef loved the ocean, and Sara started out loving nature on land. They came together in support of the islands a lot easier than Ashley and Aaron are. If I had to guess, Ashley is the type of half-mer that is more concerned with the ocean. It doesn't actually cross her mind that the things humans do impacts the islands. While Kylen and Rylan were born half-merfolk (Reef was a Half-merperson and Sara wasn't turned when they were conceived), Aaron and Ashley are humans turned into merfolk. For them, it's easier for them to see the ocean as the thing that matter most now since that's the place they swim in (and ,hopefully, one day can live in). I imagine Aaron is more open to new ideas, I think it comes with his creative nature and thinking outside the box.

    Because of the NAPs in place, Reef has been visiting from time to time to help maintain the garden. I've also had him go through the entire house and fix EVERYTHING that was broken.

    For the next update: Damion Returns and it seems he does have a preference for Kylen's Plasma. Damion's Gluttony might be the thing keeping the Kailani Family alive, and it might end up being Damion's downfall.
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    @ AlwaysAsking Not sure, I thought the de-stresser potions where for removing a tense moodlet but, there is 96 of them in Soras fridge right now. that'l be good to know if they are ☺ coulda used them

    Yes, but, I have to wait for next year for their wedding it was cancled because of Soras affair with the flower bunny.. the baby rose gen will most likely be born tomorrow. I have a huge album of photos on my fb lol




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