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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 926 Member

    Excerpts from the Journal of Kaden Benali

    -Shortly after the term started, Beejay Carranza and Dereck Vu moved out, they got a double on another floor, they had tried to get a room together, so I guess something opened up. I had decided to room with Lonnie, Trevon has a girlfriend back home, he was hoping to get a single like I had, so he could have privacy. And, well, Christine’s roommate Van Dawson, who I knew as a kid, he was in League of Adventures when I was president and all, offered to let us use his room when I visit, he has his own room with a double bed. Yeah, that was really nice of him. I don’t spend the night usually though, but I try to go over on a weekend during the day. So me and Christine are having alone time on a regular basis at her apartment now. Anyway, I decided to get a double with Lonnie, so Trevon could have my single. The three of us have adjacent rooms, so it’s kind of like we have a corner of the hall to ourselves. Plus, they were in a triple and were roomies with Yannik Volkov, the Russian exchange student, and, well, he has a tendency to be passive-aggressive and leave little notes around in people’s rooms about something they do that bugs him, he leaves them in secret, we know it’s him though. It’s really irritating, because sometimes it’s totally off-base and not even a problem the person has, so they both wanted to get away from him.
    If I’m honest, the reason, or the main reason I decided to give up my single room, is that I’m not like my dad. I kind of had a tendency to keep to myself the first term by having a single room. I decided that I needed to force myself to be more social, I guess, so I agreed to be roomies with Lonnie.
    We go two new guys on the floor now, they moved into the empty beds Beejay and Dereck left. Ben Thomas and JT Kelp are their names and so far they seem like OK guys, no major issue like with Yannik. I do try to be kind of, I don’t know the word- sensitive, understanding? about Yannik, because he’s from a foreign country and all, so he struggles with the language and I know it must be a total culture shock for him going to school here, but still those notes.-

    Ben Thomas and JT Kelp

    The guy’s corner of the hall.

    -I went to one of those Spirit Corps keggers again, I took Lonnie and Rohan with me. That stupid lobster mascot from FI showed up and so a couple of fights broke out during it, so it was pretty lively. I did a keg stand again, Brody Matthews was there, so I asked him to lift me up, he’s pretty buff. That kind of started a trend and the party got even more lively after that, eventually I asked Rohan to play juice pong with me and I totally skunked him. I guess he’s kind of a lightweight, because he was pretty juiced afterwards. So, Lonnie, well, he suggested we take Rohan back to the dorm and hang out with him a bit, because Lonnie thought that he might get into trouble if he went straight home to his grandparents all juiced up. Which, I thought was a pretty good idea. So we did hang out with him a bit till he was a lot less dazed from the juice. The thing is, Rohan is kind of, well, he’s like Miranda Denney is, I guess, not very social and outgoing and all. So I decided to kind of take him under my wing and try to get him out of his shell a bit. I figured it was harder for him to make friends anyway, being that he lives off-campus with his grandparents. He did talk to me and Lonnie a lot more than usual and we got to know him a bit better, I guess the juice loosened up his tongue a bit.-

    FI’s Larry the Lobster stirs up a ruckus.

    Kaden does another keg stand.

    Juice Pong with Rohan.

    Hanging out with Rohan.

    -I entered the Debate Showdown on Saturday, so far I had pretty much wiped the floor with my debating partners, so I did want to challenge myself a bit. Well, I sure got my wish, Claudia Chatman totally wiped the floor with me, she’s an upperclassman and was really good. Afterwards I talked to her, she was really nice about our debate too, and she gave me some pointers on it and some useful tips and all too. So, I feel like it was worth spending the whole day there, because I really picked up some tips and experience, plus I got to see some really good debaters in action.-

    Kaden enters the Debate Showdown.

    Talking about debate strategy with Claudia.

    -I spent all day Sunday with Christine at her apartment, her roommates were kindly out all day. So, we kind of had the whole apartment all to ourselves and made the most of it, so to speak. Being “with her” does bring us closer together in spite of being apart most of the time, and that was kind of the reason we decided to be more intimate in the first place, yeah, right, like I hadn’t been fantasizing about it literally for years, but still. The thing is, well, it also makes it way harder for me when I am not with her now too, aargh.-

    More alone time with Christine.

    Making use of her roommates absence.

    -I’m kind of getting flabby, I mean, I eat absolute cr*p most of the time, so, yeah. The thing is, showering with other guys is a real eye opener, not that I look at other guys, mind you, but I do see that some of the guys on my hall are really fit and in shape, way more than me. Then when I was visiting Christine, well, she mentioned that I was nice and cushy, which I did not consider a complement, not at all. So, I decided to do something about it, I talked Lonnie into kicking the soccer ball around with me for a while to hone my soccer skills again. Then I looked around and found an intramural soccer team I could join, hopefully, it will help me get rid of the second term spread I’m working on and give me something fun to do too.-

    Getting back into shape.

    -I’ve had a lot of visitors this term, I mean, my family visited me last term and all, but, well, it seems like it’s increased a lot since then. It’s kind of nice, it makes me feel like they do miss me and all. And, to be honest, well, I did get kind of homesick, a bit, the first term. I hadn’t made many new friends and kind of kept to myself. I was still getting the hang of Uni and I felt a lot of pressure to succeed, so I spent a lot of time alone in my room on my schoolwork. The thing is, I’ve found that being more social actually helps with that, it makes me feel way less stressed out.
    Dad visits pretty often, no major revelations this term though, but he does tell me stories about his Uni days, stuff that he probably wouldn’t tell the twins.
    Both Zayn and Samyr visit more now too, they are older, so dad let’s them come to see me by themselves, sometimes they both visit together and sometimes it’s just one or the other.
    Also, Josie came once, boy did she create a stir on the hall, all the guys descended on us and were chatting her up, especially Lonnie and Trevon. Jeez, girls on the hall are a huge thing, these guys are just as hormonal as my brothers, if you ask me. Well, they sure liked Josie, let me tell you, the fact that she was my step-mom and an older woman did not deter them one bit, even Yannik, who is the most anti-social guy on the floor was in on it. Still, it was really nice of her to check up on me and she and I did get to catch up a bit in spite of the guys horning in on her visit.
    They have a thing here on one of the weekends, it’s an open house for incoming or prospective students. And this time I got a text from Gary Clark-Perales, who’s thinking about going here. I don’t really know him all that well, we did hang out one time in Windenburg at a teen night at one of the clubs there back in high school. It was kind of a thing where me, Austin and Gary took Victor out, to kind of help him get over his break up with Hugh Li-Don. He had been really bummed out over that, I do think it helped him too. Anyway, we met up and I gave Gary a tour of the dorm and introduced him around, then we talked about Uni and all. So, I tried to be a good host and talk up UBrite, I guess.-

    A visit from dad.

    Also from the twins.

    Josie creates quite a stir.

    Chatting about Uni with Gary.

    -I made the Dean’s List again all A+’s, maybe I should have been more confident of myself and took dad’s advice to go for a Distinguished Degree at FI. But, the thing is, I kind of liked the vibe here better. I can’t say why, it’s just when I visited colleges, UBrite stuck out in my mind, I could really picture myself going here. So, I guess, hindsight is 20-20, I made a decision based on my gut instincts and I feel like that was the way to go, so no regrets.-

    @AlwaysAsking I'm slightly older than you, and my college age nephew plays online MMO's with his friends wearing a headset like your son, at one point, he got Sims 3 on a Steam sale and when I asked him how he liked playing, he confessed that he had mostly just killed a bunch of sims so far. Obviously my excitement over talking sims stuff with him was completely dashed at that point, lol.

    @Becka28 Oh, I have some DL's from Bettybackwoods99 too, small world!

    @ryttu3k Wow, from 26K to 79K, that is a lot of decorating!

    @Lyrie thanks for your comment, the thing with Kaden and Christine, well, what your wrote about it was exactly what I was going for, I'm happy that it came across like that for you when you read it.
    I'm developing a little sim crush on Nick and Perry.

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    Princess Victoria awakened from her slumber, took a swift shower, and slathered on her makeup. She spritzed the perfume onto her neck and her wrists as an elegant lady would do. She gazed at herself in the mirror. All these years, and it felt as if she was more of a human girl than a spellcaster. Of course, she still had magic, but it had awakened on the triplets' thirteenth birthday. Now they were fifteen. Because they swore themselves to secrecy regarding their powers, they hadn't even started practicing magic. It could come in handy someday.


    For now, the triplets didn't feel the need to cast spells... or should they start learning some? Victoria heard footsteps approaching. Only her siblings and the maid were allowed in here. The same applied to her parents. Unless there had been an emergency and the guards had to escort her... the footsteps were heavier than that of a typical guard. It was the sound of a powerful warrior who never lost a battle. Then, she heard gruff voices in the hallway. Where were Merida and Edward? Were they hurt beforehand?


    "Pink, white, tons of lace... it seems to belong to a classic princess," Slasher remarked. "My brother's still at the apartment, perhaps meeting with other gangsters."

    "Classic princess?" Lyon repeated.

    "You heard him right," Cliff said.

    Slasher snickered. "If this princess is a damsel who isn't experienced in magic, then this will be a piece of cake."

    "You got a point."


    Kane held up a hand. "I thought there was more than one child of Twyla and Oberon. Aren't you overlooking that detail?"

    Mark shrugged. "Slasher, why don't you find the other two?"

    "Whoever she is, she has a sister and a brother."

    Slasher whirled around. "Lyon and Cliff, get the redhead. I'll find the other two."


    Cliff and Lyon stormed the bedroom. Victoria whirled around, trembling all over. She didn't know any spells, and she never had any experience in physical combat. She stared at the two men. What were they planning to do? She swore she heard five voices. Where were the rest? Lurking in the hallway? She was toast. Hopefully this "Slasher" guy wouldn't find Merida and Edward.

    "I've seen you on television, pretty girl," Cliff said as he shook his fist. "Call the guards, and I'll break your puny neck."

    "Go away," Victoria replied.

    Lyon scowled. "Unless you want to suffer, perhaps you should come with us. Slasher's father was defeated by your parents."

    "I said, go away!" Victoria attempted to leave the bedroom, only for Cliff to grab her. "Guards! Help! Anyone, save me!"


    Cliff squeezed Victoria's neck, and she struggled to break free. But he was too strong. He said, "Do as we say. We'll take you and your siblings out of here."

    "Or what?" Victoria squeaked out, and her legs gave out under her weight.

    "Or we'll destroy you," Lyon threatened. "We'll put you on the bed and make it look as if you died in your sleep!"

    "You're scaring me."

    Cliff's shoulders bounced with laughter. It was a bitter chortle, one of hatred and cruelty. "Good. If you want to live, you better submit. Both of us are bigger and stronger than you, so don't even think about defying us."

    "Okay..." Victoria gulped as she pressed her hand onto her thundering heart. "I surrender. Now spare me."
    I won't come back to the Sims Forums.
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    Freeman (The Boondocks): Alex's (the grandpa's new wife) pregnancy went without too many problems except that Blanche from Golden Girls came in and has been over-staying her welcome. Must be some game glitch because there's no option to have her leave. After the twins were born, I had them move to a bigger house in Strangerville.

    The first baby I named, Jasmine (named after Huey and Riley's cousin).

    The second one I named Tom after Huey and Riley's uncle.

    And here's a bear that's doing something weird.
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    Daephene wrote: »
    @PriestessBizarre I have heard that household cats will chase the mice, so I don't think the cats are the problem. Have they worked on community lots for you before? I have never used them and don't think I've read anything specifically about them on community lots.

    I haven't used them on a community lot before, no. I also haven't tried using multiple ones, perhaps I need to take it back to just one and try that too. :)
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    @Metior_Ice interesting that the twins have different skin tones. That does happen in real life too sometimes, with one Black twin and one white one. I’ve also had similar happen in Sims 2, although that game only came with four basic skin tones (I’ve never been one to use custom skins or eyes).

    I’m not really sure how genetics in Sims 4 works. If I was playing Sims 2, the Matsumoto triplets and Lars would all have black hair, but they look just like their mothers. Lars does seem to have some of his father’s facial features which I noticed when he became a child. It’ll be interesting to see him as a teen, as well as what his sibling will look like.
    Joanna Harper-Jones doesn’t have genetic parents in game, and I created Martin Bridge with parents in CAS, so when/if they have children it’ll be interesting to see what happens there.
    And I’m fairly sure that Erytheia and Alexander will have ginger kids, given that Peter and Caroline Masterson are both redheads, and Anastasia Paraskevas is as well. I created Anastasia and Nicholas in CAS, and used the “play with genetics” option to get Alexander and Helen. It was pure coincidence that they both ended up ginger. As for the other Mastersons, well, I haven’t created them potential romantic interests yet, although I have been mentally planning what I want their lives to be like. How well I’ll be able to implement those plans remains to be seen...

    @sunblond That’s cool how Kaden is really getting into university life, Lucy and Anne never really bothered. Anne joined the Creative Society but never did any of the tasks, and Lucy never joined any club at all.
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    A Tale of Two Dons: Part 4

    Part one is Here
    Part two is Here
    Part three is Here
    Part four is Here
    Part five is Here

    When we last saw Don 2 and I, he was being all gooey about a massage


    And I was happy that he was happy.


    Begin Part 4

    After the massage, he, unsurprisingly, went upstairs to his gym.


    While I, autonomously, queued up watching romance. I (me) was truly flabbergasted.


    I seemed rather skeptical of this "romance" gibberish.


    Spoiler: Don 2 and I
    Lmao! :D


    And upstairs, I (me) am chuckling at Don 2. Because he might look like the Don I like, but he is actually that greasy character that you normally find at the gym in Oasis Springs when you start a new save. And he has like level 3 fitness or something. Maybe not even that. :D


    Oh, ok, something is starting to happen


    Although I still look pretty skeptical. :D


    Ahhhh, ok. An actual effect. Nice


    And of course you can count on Mr. Lothario to feel that way.


    A first kiss; that makes us both very happy


    And I had a whim for a very specific activity, so off we went!


    As you can see, I got along better with this Don.


    So much better!


    Now – Joey’s Don

    We left off with Joey's whim for a first kiss. And there it is!


    Then Joey went inside to make them some lunch. And this time when he came back outside he whirled into clothes, instead of staying in his pajamas, weird … Anyway, this is still the exact same scene.


    And Joey gets another whim. Yikes. Slow down boy! (Oh wait, that’s right, he doesn’t slow down! Lol)


    Spoiler: How does this whim go?
    Don is definitely doing his part too. This is an autonomous “Impress with video game prowess”


    So, the suggestion was made…..


    And accepted


    And underway


    But, from within the closet, his completed whim for woohoo turned to this. Yikes Joey, lol


    I think you’ve had enough.


    Or perhaps not … lol


    Don is tired … so tired


    Joey … is not. :sweat_smile:


    The next morning Don got up and autonomously made them breakfast.


    After they ate he gave Joey a big hug


    And Joey left for work…


    Poor Joey :disappointed: Little does he know …


    He’s dealing with Don Lothario….


    Spoiler: What does Don do now?
    The man who ignores you completely, despite the fact that just that morning he woke up in your bed, made you breakfast, and embraced you before you left for work.


    The man that pretends he can’t feel you staring at him.


    Who gets mad if you try to catch his attention


    And promptly tells you he’s leaving if you ask him to hang out with you.


    Even if you ask him nicely


    Or ask him hopefully


    You get the same answer …


    Even when you’re sad.


    Poor Joey


    My heart was breaking for him


    But at least ...


    Don had the decency to look kind of guilty about it.


    Joey checks one last time…..


    And then says ***** him.


    He got a drink


    And he and Brent sat around bashing rotten men together. :D


    I didn't queue anything up for that stuff. There are no interactions you can click that say beg the guy you're sleeping with to spend some time with you. Joey just did that. And it didn't even work!!!! Oh my God! Don is the biggest creep in the game! I swear! That's why I started the whole Don and Thorne story in the first place! So someone could crush him! On the plus side, I think it worked in that story, lol :wink:

    One more spoiler!
    Up next …. Does Don deserve another chance?


    Or should Joey give Xavier a try?



    By the way, Xavier is Ian - with his looks changed.

    Continue to a happier part five Here

    Ok, I still have more people to get too! But here are a few more comments from my mentions! I'm getting there, slowly, but I'm getting there!


    Lol! thank you, I'm glad that my Don experiments are amusing you! They really amuse me too.
    It's fun to play with something that doesn't matter in the least, you know? I really don't like Don, as a person - well, except Thorne's Don, but, yeah, he wouldn't work for me either, the whole switching preferences thing, you know? Anyway, normal, non-abused Don, is arrogant and horrid, for the most part. So, I just did this for the lols :D He is extremely good looking, darn it, lol. And omg, when Joey showed up at that Romance Festival. I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. That Man! Lol! Instant mayhem.

    So yes, the altered Don experiment had a very obvious answer. 😅

    And yes, Joey and Don connect quickly and well. I didn't mention it in the story, but that's actually a brand new Joey too. Not the one he'd met at the Romance fest. I wanted to see how fast they would go when they first met.

    As you saw ... they go fast

    As for the cliffhanger, well, unfortunately, Don is Don, and you'll have seen what happened by now :disappointed:

    And Ok! That's amazing news that Mckenna actually did that stuff on her own! Actually, I was thinking that she did, because I knew you let Max go at his own pace, but because of the unflirty trait I didn't know if she'd need extra prodding, you know? And how did you manage to make sure they would be alone in that enormous park? Whatever you did, it worked great, I mean wow. She really moved way faster than Max for this first kiss, right? I'm not remembering something wrong am I?

    And this is so cute:
    If something tries to mess it up it is quting without saving because my heart would break no way is Mckenna losing Matty nuh-uh!
    I'm glad she had fun telling Lilith about her date. I wonder if there will ever be some romance for Lili?

    Lol at Rainbow forgetting to eat. I've been having trouble keeping Sims on task too. I keep having to turn autonamy off. And since a lot of my families have at least 6 members, that's a lot of Sims to direct 🤣

    Oh my God. I think there's a setting to only control the selected Sim isn't there?

    Lmao, I hope I'm right. That would solve so many problems

    Mckenna and Rainbow had a nice evening. How fun that friends showed up to play at the park. Did she know some of them already? I don't remember.

    And ohhhh, I didn't realize Mckenna was selling her woodworking products. How awesome that she sold it all 🥰

    And yes, you are allowed to be obsessed with a Sim 😆 At least you are obsessed with a sweet one. Try being obsessed with a **** like Thorne 😅

    Ohhhhh my. Juli isn't feeling well? She should call Max if he can do anything to help her.

    What's up with that? :heart::blush:

    Tee hee hee

    Amelia and Joey would be fun 😆 Joey is in my gallery, if you wanna try it. Is Amelia in yours? My ID is under my pic of the guys

    The Pinky update has so much going on! Wow. All the mods you use make things interesting.

    And Perry! Holy cow, what a catch! Grab him quick before some mod marries him off. Lol

    He's even good with Gavin-Derick! What a plus. And level 10 handiness? Gift from the Gods, lol.

    I feel so bad for little GD. So much sadness for such a little guy. I hope he gets help for that.

    And geez Nick. The hallway? Though you have to admit it's better than the bathroom 🤣

    I'm still glad you're doing it over . Lol

    And lmao, never go to him for advise on teen romance 😅 That's for sure.

    And oh yeah, I like your makeovers! New styles are always fun. Especially if you've gotten new CAS items since the last time.

    I generally have my Sims change their outfits for every scene if they are story Sims. But it's a real nightmare to do any retakes if you need some for a certain scene. Lol, sometimes I will have already changed that outfit out. Even though there are like 30 slots for clothes available. Lol.

    Anyway, it's a super sweet update. Nice to see Nick and Amelia still getting along 😆 To put it mildly. And maybe a romance for Pinky? And maybe some help for GD, in a few different forms 😊


    Ok.... I'm assuming that you are kidding about the fact that your Crick Cabana and Daisy Hovel being colorful is abnormal 😂
    Do you have any builds that are not colorful?

    Oh my God I hate the Maxis ones that are there, and I've been too lazy to redo them. Perhaps yours will work for me? And isn't the debug landscaping wonderful?

    You can make such nice flower gardens for free! The tour of Daisy Hovel is great. Does that house come with 2 bedrooms? And yeah, it would be fun to have a craft room!

    Colorful Cabana is so cool! Using black walls to set off colors is a great idea.

    Did you make the little craft nook? I don't remember that being there. And lol, what's my favorite color? Well, it's not orange, so I'm happy to see that the house isn't inundated with that 😆

    Oh! I like Colorful Cabana 2 a lot! The added expense obviously adds a lot. And omg when you mentioned the wind chimes all I could think about was Diego thinking "and what's up with those wind chimes?" in the big brother story 😂

    Lol at the broom part 😅

    And yeah, toddlers and sugar are not a good mix 😁 If I forget and end up giving mine some I either put them to bed or just leave so they go to daycare :wink:


    Oh good! Back to the Goths! And yay! Isabella aged up!
    Spellcasting, here we come! Too bad she had to do the mote thing. Oh well.

    I can't ever see the outfits in the realm very well because it's so dark there all the time. But Mark's sounds nice. My spellcaster Sims never show up in the realm in the clothes I dress them in. That's pretty annoying 🙄

    Idk what look I like on Isabella the most. But I agree, those are nice pictures of her.

    That's past adorable that Alexander sits with Ivy and talks to her while she cooks :heart:

    Any residual grief from Athena dying?

    Do other family members visit them very often. I see that Darius came over.

    Morgyn's expression while Alexander was streaking is quite entertaining. Lol


    Kaden seems to be fitting in at his University very well.

    Lol at him being so surprised about his dad being a bit promiscuous when he was in college 😂

    And lol! Yes! I can easily imagine that you wouldn't really want to talk Sims with your nephew if that's all he was doing! :D


    Yay! You got a new and better laptop! Such great news.
    Lol about Travis. I guess he should learn. He looks better with his makeover, for sure.

    Lmao at Summer's reason to grill hotdogs. I may have to try that. Does it work for men though? If they grill do women come running?

    Summer's new man ... Oh my. I see why she turned up the temperature in the room so quickly 😆

    I'm glad that you're enjoying the Don and I story. I'm just laughing my way through it.

    I had to get Bjorn in that shot. His expression was interesting 😅

    I could not believe that Don did that about the juice keg. He is Not that bad in Joey's save 😅

    The best thing was him shushing me though. Oh geez, I laughed so much.

    So funny about Quin and Morgyn 😂 Don is interesting with Joey, for sure. He's not like that with Thorne or Dash. Although, that one is specifically Joey's Don. Maybe Thorne's Don would act like that if they were freshly thrown in together without knowing each other.

    I had to be restart the save where I put myself with Thorne. That was Don's Thorne, so there was not a lot of chemistry between us. Lol

    Me rejecting Don's one and only flirt with me was amazing 😆 I'm sure that I'd already noticed the sparks flying between those two. 😁

    And yeah, landing a fresh, new, Don is beyond easy.

    I agree, poor Brent. I hear mccc regularly has Brant cheat on him, but Brent almost never divorces him. So you're right, he's not happy without him either.

    I think Brant and Eliza were parading around naked because that beach is set as a gym now, and I've noticed that a lot in gyms. The time between towels and clothes seems to glitch for a while. lol

    And yeah, I knew that Rohan was stepping up to protect the woman from Bjorn. I was just wondering if you'd seen that type of behavior before? I'm asking because one of the fathers in my game came charging down to the shore where his toddlers were sitting and playing in the water.

    One of the premade Sulani women had stopped and was talking to the tots, and the dad was there seconds later doing gestures I've never seen before, and basically placing himself between his kids and the woman. And it's a nice woman. The one who has her own toddler.

    But I've only noticed that between SO s before. Like Ian rescues Lawrence, and it sounds like Quin rescues Rohan.

    Anyway, it's just me with my never ending questions again, lol.


    Ha, yes, Don 1 did not work out at all, for me 😆

    Someone is happy he's there though :smiley:

    Don 2 is being much more Don-like 😂


    Ahhhhh, now I can read Don and Sean more leisurely! Yay :blush:
    Well ok, this is not a story you can comment on line by line. It’s too deep for that. It’s just so sweet, you know, like her
    also she's as I said a freakin' ray of sunshine and butterflies.
    I mean, she really is! It’s so fun to be with someone so positive! And, as usual, there is someone who really needs her positivity. It’s very easy to love Sean. What an insecure little cutie. He likes the museum because it’s nice, and usually quiet. And he had to leave because her piano playing was so beautiful. This is some very interesting Lothario vibe. Easter was adorable. I’m glad he opened up a little about his past and his feelings. She made him love the beach, but he’d never admit that! Lol, what a guy. I think she’ll get him in pink for sure.

    I can’t quite get a feel for Don though. He seems his same arrogant self, but there’s something under it. In any case, I think she’d pick Sean over Don. Why deal with his nonsense, when he has a sweet little brother. lol

    I am dying at you and Butterscotch. Lol!
    'I don't know who this Doodlebug is but if that means I get two treats then I'll take them, now about one for Butterscotch?'

    Anyway, Adeline is so friendly! I just love her :heart: Lol, Friends with Lilith right away, and Makoa, just from texting? Lol Btw, Bella and Alexander made my night! That’s sooo cute!

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    You know I love your Joey. He is such a big flirt!. Im hapoy the other Don worked out better for you. I have not played s 4 for a while I should try with automaticalky Joey lol.
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    writing about my build save today:

    I have a version of Rohan and Quin in there (saved from the main save so they have the same relationship.)

    Morgyn in that save is just as obsessed and as stalkerish as they are in the main save.

    So I made a twin for Quin as an experiment - he was identical but I changed his hair and eye colours (plus his general style). His name is Declan.

    And I let him go and learn about magic

    Morgyn couldn't resist coming up and talking to Declan although they were generally wary of who this Quin-like person was.

    How things progressed...........
    Declan wasn't the quickest magic learner and set their house on fire.

    Rohan was not impressed

    Thankfully, Quin was there with the knowledge of how to make Rohan calm again. (autonomously of course)

    Morgyn made Declan do the chasing ....

    which Declan was happy to do

    and Morgyn was soon responding to flirts

    Not wanting to mess up either couple's relationship, I decided to move Declan to my tiny home community (which had just become vacant as the test sim had moved on to help elsewhere.

    I decided to throw a house warming party to test how Morgyn would respond to being confronted by both Declan and Quin together. Rohan was typically unimpressed to see Morgyn (and the feeling was mutual).

    At first Morgyn only had eyes for Declan........

    But it didn't take long for Morgyn to start staring dreamily at Quin and ignoring Declan

    A guest unexpectedly passed away and caused the party to end suddenly as everyone went home in tears (the death was not Quin or Rohan).

    Morgyn stayed behind to help clean and to comfort Declan and hurray - first kiss happened.

    However, in the next week it was Salim Benali who called and asked Declan out on a date

    Salim is not the easiest person to date, but Declan (who has the same charming personality as Quin) really, really tried - even after Salim had been rude outside the restaurant.

    But he shouldn't have bothered.....

    It didn't help that the game decided to choose these two to be diners in the background and they were having a grand old romantic time. Poor Declan.

    But word must have got out that Declan was dating other people because for the first time ever - Morgyn called Declan and asked him to hangout several times; which is why I let Declan date Salim in the first place.
    This is one of my favourite shots of them together

    After several dates, Declan decided to bring Morgyn to dinner with the whole family. At first things were great....

    But after seeing Quin, Morgyn very rudely rejected Declan's flirts (Morgyn never seems to have emotional volume control - all their reactions tend to be extreme).

    Poor baby Declan - it is so strange seeing what it would like if people had rejected Quin during 100 babies - they never did though. Declan seems to pick the real winners. But also If I was Morgyn, I wouldn't trust Declan especially if I had some sort of sense or feelings about how my heart was broken in the alternate reality of Quin's save.

    Longing looks at Quin....

    Made worse by what Rohan, Quin and Lucia were talking about.......

    Rohan, as usual was extremely unsubtle about showing where things stand with Quin's heart. Thankfully Chez LLama has no wardrobes or showers or I am sure those two would have ran off in the middle of the meal.

    Thankfully, Morgyn had a deep think and decided that Declan was at least as good as Quin - better because he was available and in love with Morgyn.

    Morgyn agreed to come home with Declan.

    and things soon got steamy...

    Judging by the look on Morgyn's face the next morning, I think these two are a pretty successful couple.

    Not sure what this experiment proved except that Morgyn really, really likes Quin but Quin and Rohan only have eyes for each other. And possibly, if Rohan hadn't been in the picture - Quin and Morgyn could have been a great couple. (Though MAx, Wolfgang, Lucas and Tane Ngata would have been fighting for Quin too.)

  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 436 Member
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    @AlwaysAsking I was so much in the translationmodus that I forgot to write how beautiful this picture was. I love how these little children took care about the eggs.

    In the last couple of days I was building a church and a new home for Gottfried.

    I'm really proud of this oven, he is not functioning, but I always wanted such fireplace.



    On the Volkstrauertag, the family went to the cemtry and remember the fallen victims of the war. Some friends of Wilhelm

    Gottfried found his soulmate Maria Fischer and married her in the local church, who could need some renovations. She convinced him to leave the Freikorps. Her Father, a local criminal who own a bar, gave Gottfried a job as Entertainer.


    The welcome wagon arrived to Gottfrieds and Marias new home. Since it was his family members he couldn't ignore them.

    Wilhelm and Luise came too, but Luise felt suddenly obviously uncomfortable.


    She was in labor and soon Hans, her first son arrived.


    All three sisters were angry, especially Anna. But Wilhelm calmed her down.


    Wilhelm has heared the news about the Kapp-Putsch and the general strike. He decided to help in the hospital for the wounded people and told Luisa about it. She was shocked.


    Storytime with Mama.


    Anna is preparing for christmas.


    Luise started to decorate the Christmas tree and Anna finished it after the school.


    Happy birthday Elfriede.
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    I won't come back to the Sims Forums.
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    Random cute update:

    Deligracy does not appreciate Prank Day

    When you're done with your study session in the library and your Energy is not fully depleted. Also, skating his hard!

    Deciding to go steady!!

    Last. Homework. Ever!

    When you just HAVE to Simstagram your graduation!

    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
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    @Sunblond p.786 Thanks, glad your enjoying their antics. Happy birthday to Kaden. Lol at Samyr and Chantel celebrating too :D p.787 Kaden got on the deans list on his first term! Nice! p.789 Lol Never was lucky to have the shower just for my sim and their partner. Gotta take advantage when you do xD
    @sarabeth2984 p.786 TS3 gameplay is awesome! I agree with the pudding faces. Lol Hilary can make mac n cheese..from a box. Thats the only way I can make it too. Once tried to make it from scratch and it was not good. :D LOL Griffin so busy with everything and cooking. Hopefully Hillary gets better. LOL Skyler really left after that awkward convo :#
    @Lyrie p.787 Now that they're engaged it'll come out eventually :) Nice Mckenna sold all her woodwork. Woodworking sure takes time! Glad its paying off. Rainbow was tired she had a long day! Made a new friend and showed her, her voilin skills. p.788 I like Gavin-Derick, his clingy phase is adorable. "Nick is a good enough male role model just never come to him as a teen looking for romantic advice GD." had me laughing :D Nice sunset shot!
    @Daephene p.787 Lol Ivy's reaction to the prank and Morgyn definitely has an opinion to Alexander nude streak :D LOL Ivy gets in on it too :D Least for her there was noone around. I like Isabella's style! I agree Mark does look very cool. Love the shot of Alexanders Raccoon on the table! Raccoons are just so adorable in TS4. Not IRL though, I have a pack of them outside my home menacing my neighbors and me :#
    p.786 Cool gym! that's such a cool idea! A gym next to a beach. Don did look like he glared at Brant. Lol Eliza and Brant were nude. And the other sims swim wear :# Don's reaction the keg stand. He is more refined :D Wow you're both flirty and Uncle Joey arrives :D That is a weird piercing bug, I haven't had it, or at least I haven't noticed it. I'll have to keep an eye open. Lol I like your sims pose while asking "what's going on here fellas" :) it's too cute. Lmao I was happy he finally flirted with you but then your sim rejects him! :D That's perfect And her face looking all sad at Uncle Joey and Don. She just looks so defeated! OOOo the other Don appears!
    p.788 LOL Uncle Joeys Don is the same as the Don 2(btw love the name) but it feels like a whole different Don :D My favorite part is "this Don did not look at Joey as if he is the most perfect creation in the universe!--He looked at me like that instead" :D Oh no he dropped your simself. Your conversation with Uncle Joey was hilarious. His pose when he said he can handle Don was just perfect. Don still had you doing massages. I hope Uncle Joey has no problems with Don.
    p.789 Wow Uncle Joey just went to a drink right after. him and Brant bashing rotten men and taking a selfie right after it funny :D Uncle Joey should try with Xavier next! And that's Ian, he looks cute like this.
    I thought of making Owen a secret agent and doing that, but Sylvia wouldn't like that...and I don't believe Owen for that. No offense Owen, I love him, but he hasn't made the best choices. It is just a phase with Archie and Claudio :) Yeah, the restaurant almost messed things up! Now Sylvia might think twice about taking the family out. :D They'll think of something to tell the kids :D Yes the rocking chair was fun! Claudio's face was to cute on it! I might try it out again soon with someone else ;)

    Owen stopped by for a visit, and Bandit came to greet him. Bandit's so adorable when he does this! Xw7ZDIU.png
    Archie and Claudio had returned from their scouts meeting and asked Owen if he'd be able to stay over while their mom was away. Owen told them he'd love too, but had a job interview and since it was far away he'd be gone for a while too.IV1IcI4.png Archie teased him, "You're getting a job far away from us? You're not going to be around then?" Owen didn't know what to say. "No, it's not official if I got the job yet, I probably won't even get it" he said. y9hZUCp.png" So if you're not going to get the job, why are you going?" Archie quickly asked. Owen realizing his plan clearly wasn't working. 3HkzhrN.png "You guys are supposed to be supportive of me" Owen told them :D5cAGS5d.png After they left, Sylvia laughed, asking if that was the best he could do :D6u5K0Vg.png

    It was finally Archie's birthday. Sylvia was happy the day arrived. hxzVRe9.png
    Claudio was excited too. U1L7Sl0.png They had the cake ready but were waiting for Owen. He was invited but wasn't appearing! Abigail was worried he wasn't going to show up, but Sylvia vouched for him. YQhoMis.png When hours past they decided to blow the candles. I didn't want to, but Owen wasn't appearing for some reason :( I tried to call him to invite him over but it said he was already nearby. fAztvTI.png After he aged up, Archie checked himself in the mirror and after exiting CAS mode, Owen appeared. He congratulated Archie. Since it wasn't his fault, Sylvia wasn't mad at Owen. uYgTwz8.png He joked with Archie saying the traffic was crazy :DLQqOh9i.png Bandit liked the cake kXPMv3C.png I was very curious as to how Archie looked like his father Tim, so I loaded Tim into the game for them to meet. They look very alike, though I'll pretend this encounter didn't happen. XYaR20l.png
  • BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 3,429 Member
    The next day, Sylvia and Owen went on their respective "work related" trip. They went on a small getaway in Sulani. Hvmlh92.png
    It was great. wW6DSHV.png They decided the following day would be a small ceremony. r0Kiotu.png Right after this a sim came swimming nearby them and I'm not sure what happened but I suddenly saw Owen was angry and Sylvia was flirty! Needless to say they went back in to sleep and Owen was visibly angry! I'm letting this slide with Sylvia though because I'm not sure what is going on. pEI2HbC.png The next morning, they had an extremely small ceremony :D they exchanged vows and rings on a small secluded island. c70Jfzf.png They spent that day snorkeling and taking pictures underwater. GGMxDgQ.png Owen swam back to the top and found a dolphin dWJCYGF.png
    The next day was the funniest. They went to the beach and the guy who flirted with Sylvia was there. So as she swung on the swings, Owen confronted this guy jLaibu9.png
    He started telling him not to bother him or his wife bNzfcJb.png During the meantime another sim flirted with Sylvia! What is up with Sulani, does this happen often?! TAd9ep5.png Owen's argument with the sim turned physical m61kivC.png Sylvia was kind of disappointed a fitness trainer lost :DG1XDI1i.png The guy left and hours later, Sylvia was searching for shells in the sand when she heard a commotion. Bf7hnko.png Owen was fighting the guy again. Sylvia was just like, "ugh, those two again" Owen lost...againl5EhhOW.png The guy left for good and Owen laid down to relax...I was hoping he'd get a tan :D3R0ovaT.png Before he laid down he flirted with another sim! We'll just pretend all these instances didn't happen. Does Sulani have something that makes sims flirty?. q6139WH.png Sylvia in the meantime was enjoying the water sWsmw8e.png They had a small dinner and the two got sick :DPo9IHDF.png Owen still looks cute, even when's he's sick. UQWnlzj.png It was an eventful but fun day klpx7RJ.png
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    Now I have a story thread. You can click on "Story Thread" in my siggy. Or if you want to go straight to the blog, click the picture.
    I won't come back to the Sims Forums.
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    Back with the Harper-Joneses. Martin rang Joanna to ask her on a date, they chatted for a bit and then he just disappeared. RUDE.
    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes/O'Connors, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
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    Contrary (The Sims 2): Since the apartment had an extra bedroom, I decided to have them do the "Adopt a Mystic" program and take in Heath Burns from Monster High. Here he is wooing Tara DeBateau (TS2) who is famous in this version.

    Also check out Edward's tacky summer wear.

    Nathalie Sancoeur and Alister Wonderland: In my story, Nathalie (Miraculous Ladybug) is trying to go straight and took in Alister (Ever After High). She even managed to kinda seduce and befriend Nervous Subject though it isn't easy to do that with an erratic Sim.

    Eventually, Nervous agreed to live with them and unlike Dale Gribble who is also erratic and takes his clothes off a lot, Nervous likes to talk to himself.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 627 Member
    Joanna and Martin, *not* sitting in a tree...


    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes/O'Connors, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
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    No I haven't abandoned my game, I swear :sweat_smile: I just got so winded up with some real stuff that I didn't really have time to play the sims and decided to skip a week. But I'm back now! :)

    Responses to stories:

    @Lucy_Henley enjoyed all of your latest updates! Especially this line:
    "You know, I'm a Virtuoso Spellcaster now..." Peter whispered.
    "I know that," Caroline replied. "Unless you're implying you're a virtuoso elsewhere...?" she added, raising her eyebrows.
    That was great :D
    Helen aged up so cute! And aww, Erytheia and Alexander are so funny :blush: It's okay Erytheia, I only ever hanged with boys as a kid and no one ever dared to tease me about it ;)
    Awwh, little Sakura is the sweetest. Poor little thing and her nightmares :disappointed: The triplets all together, my heart <3 All grown up now! I love that they have matchy outfits :relaxed:

    @AlwaysAsking the Two Don's updates are so hilarious! I kept cracking up with laughter all the time :D Especially over Geoffrey Landgraab and Clara flirting and then Nancy and Bjorn - guys, you're not even from the same expansion pack!! Did you decide to swap to know how base game/get together feels like? :joy: And that "moment of closeness" - lol! My sims do that all the time, that's how I pose them :D Oh nooo, Brant! And then Eliza too! I love how quirky the sims in your game are, I barely pay any attention to townies in mine :sweat_smile: Oh and Don's face when your simself told him she's going to bed is just priceless! He's just like "...oh" :D Also I'm kind of obsessed with Joey now and I can't really explain why...

    @BlueSeaWaves oh my, Archie is such a prankster! :D I really enjoyed reading the update with him, kids in the sims 4 are so expressive.
    Edit: just saw the update where he aged up and wow! He looks so handsome!

    @ryttu3k EEEEEE BABY LUCAAAA! I love him, I'm sorry :D I love that him and Lillith have matching hoodies and I love his yellow star socks and I love his unicorn sweater and that hat-- I need nifty knitting right now XD

    @Daravi I love the family pics in your decades challenge, they're all so sweet and cozy <3 aww, baby Anna all grown up! Poor Ludwig :( And wow, the oven you made looks just like a real one, even if it's not functional. Awh, new baby! Looks like the girls are jealous :sweat_smile:

    @Lyrie I can't get over how cute Rainbow is, I'm obsessed with your updates. I Please never grow up, little Rainbow! :cry:<3

    @Daephene witchy update! <3 I don't have Realm Of Magic so I love seeing magical duels in other simmers updates, they look so fun :) Streaking in the Magic Realm, lol! That's one brave guy :joy: Also I love the last pic where the sims are eating breakfast and the raccoon is literally just staring at the screen :D

    @MelsieYT what a lovely wedding, I especially loved all of the group poses! <3

    @Becka28 what a fun experiment! I actually kind of feel bad for both Morgyn and Declan, I have a feeling that Declan is just "second best" for Morgyn and he'll always be comparing him to Quin. But oh well, I hope they have a wonderful relationship nonetheless :relaxed:

    Responses to mentions:

    Love to see you doing comments. I see everyone writing long excited comments to you and get jealous of what I am missing in your updates - but I absolutely hate reading things out of order as they lose their magic and tension etc. I was hoping to read it this holiday - then my computer had words to say on that issue. It is so hard to try and not look at what's happening and give myself spoilers.
    Oh dear, I can imagine... But I just want to say, when you do get to them, don't obligated to comment. It's fine, really :) I love your comments but I can imagine what a pain that would be, seeing as I'm already like 20+ updates away! :sweat_smile:

    @Daephene thank you! :relaxed:

    Your pictures look so expressive! Your story is so interesting and sweet. <3
    Awh. thanks! I'm so glad you like it! :)

    I'm legit curious to see what L's story could be? The physical side, sure, that's easy enough, but the mental side would be really tricky to handle in a sensitive way.
    Haha well... me + sensitive... when did that ever work out :D I'll do my best though!
    I mean, I can see where Ianto is coming from with the bunny - Myfanwy!! <3 (How are her serotonin levels? ;D
    He's still not into the whole chocolate thing but wait till he meets Remus ;)
    Really interesting about how Ianto draws parallels between himself and Tony, and the imaginary friend bit hits pretty hard. Oof, yeah, leaving Sulani would be hard. Poor kiddo ;_;
    It was really hard capturing all of that as well, I got a little emotional at one moment :( But I really wanted to incorporate Tony in the story!
    Thank you :relaxed:

    I understand how you would think that of him, but after this update and the heart stopping adorableness of how precious all the toddlers are and hearing Ianto again. I guess my reason for loving him so much is seeing relatability in his words and feelings. Also even if he bashes his family, I can’t say any of it is an exact lie, plus he is intriguing and mysterious, you get 🌺🌺🌺🌺 in and want to know more of all his little subtle cryptic meanings.
    Well I'm really glad everyone seem to like him because he's my baby and I love him too :relaxed:<3
    Hehehee, I finally got to add him to the bunch ;D
    Thank you! <3

    This Halloween update is fun! “You just crushed every single one of my childhood dreams..." Yes, I would say that Peter is a bit dramatic there, lmao. I’m glad Ianto got to go as a dinosaur though, because that’s what he really wanted. It’s interesting watching him as such a sweet looking little boy, but hearing his adult thoughts, which are usually pretty cryptic … if I do say so myself.
    Yup, Peter is a little bit of a drama queen when it comes to Star Wars, remember him and Morgan arguing over it :D Yup, Ianto was so sweet... wonder what happened, hmm :smirk:
    Thor’s stories about life before um, life, are kind of bittersweet. It sounds like he was crazy about Loki. But, Loki already had issues, I can see. And he hated the angels, but made cardboard wings so he could play with them.
    I love how you caught all of those little bits :relaxed:
    This was great: "Oh no no. Grandpa Steve is a nuisance. You all know I am way cooler them him, eh?"
    Steve, stop being such a nuisance :D
    He's not, they just like to pretend to dislike each other :D Deep down they care for each other and always help out when it truly matters :blush:
    Thank you! <3

    "Hey, it's okay... just please come out."
    "Yeah kid, cupboards are for stuff only. You're not stuff, right? You've got a room set up for you on the second floor..."

    "Does he even remember us? I mean, when we last saw him he could barely stand up and now he's running around and talking..."
    "Of course he remembers us! You remember us right? Right?.. You remember us, don't you Harry?.."



    "That's it, kid..." Sirius smiled a bit, looking at the little boy.

    "Oh Harry, Harry, Harry," Remus sighed. "We're so sorry we didn't get you earlier..."

    "But we'll try to make things better now, we promise. I'm Sirius, your godfather. We were actually very good friends a year ago... you know. Before you got sent to the Dursleys. And this is Remus - you loved playing peek-a-boo with him, remember?.. Moony and Padfoot, remember?"
    More under the cut:
    "Moomy... Dadfoot!" The little boy suddenly giggled.

    "No no, you're saying it wrong. I'm Moony and he's-"

    "Moomy-Dadfoot Moomy-Dadfoot!" the little boy squealed and laughed.

    "Alright..." Remus said, puzzled. "Well, at least he seems to remember us..."
    "Eh, it's been only like what, a bit over a year since we last saw each other? Welcome to the pack, kiddo," Sirius winked.

    "What were we thinking, Sirius," Remus sighed, smiling slightly. "How are we going to raise him? I mean... look at us... We're not parents..."

    "No, we really aren't..." Sirius smiled. "We're way cooler then that. We're friends, right Harry? Who needs parents when you can have friends!"

    "I just hope you realise what you're getting us into. This... this is a responsibility, Sirius. An actual one."
    "Oh come on, how hard could it be to look after a two year old..."

    "Besides, we're all he's got," Sirius quietly added. "We're his only family, Rem."
    Remus nodded. He knew Sirius was right.

    "Oh hey, look at that, Harry!" Sirius suddenly scooped the little boy up and took him to the door, smiling.

    Through the window panes they could clearly see a moving truck arriving right across the street.
    "We've got some neighbors! And it looks like they've got kids right about your age..."

    "Maybe they could become your new best friends, huh kid?"
    Harry grinned and nodded shyly.
    "C'mon, Remus, lets go say hi!"

    "You go, I'm staying."
    "No way, come on!"
    "Sirius..." Remus rolled his eyes. "Stop it. Really."

    "What, do you think two guys raising a kid are going to scare them off? What are we, in the dark ages?"
    Remus scoffed.
    "You know what I mean. They've got kids..."

    "I don't want to freak them out with the way I look... At least not on day one..."
    Sirius looked away and sighed.


    "You. Are. Beautiful," he gently said, bringing him closer. "And if anything, your scars only make you look even more attractive then you already are. And if anyone has a problem with that, they're gonna get haunted by a very angry dog."

    Remus chuckled.
    "That ought to stop working on me someday, you know..."

    "Yeah yeah. But not today. Today it's making you smile and cheer up!"

    "Now come on."

    "Lets go help out Harry with his social life."

    "Hey kiddos, look at that!"

    "Our new home! Isn't it awesome?"

    "Who wants to go check out how it looks on the inside, huh?"

    "Me me me!" Rhi squealed.
    "Great, we've got one kid on board... What about you, Yan?"

    Ianto didn't reply. His face was all red and cold and he hated that the tip of his nose went numb.

    "Alright, there they are..."

    "Okay but if they give me as much as one weird stare then I'm never doing this ever again..."
    "Calm down, it'll go fine..."

    "Hey!" Sirius yelled across the street. "You must be our new neighbors, huh?"

    "Mommy, Daddy, lets go meet neighbors!" Rhi squealed excitedly.

    And they were off.

    "Look, they have a little boy! We can be friends!"
    "Careful Rhi, not so fast..."

    "Hey there!" Sirius smiled friendly. "So, just moved in, huh? I'm Sirius, this is my boyfriend, Remus and that's my godson, Harry."

    "Hi! Yeah, we used to live closer to the docks but then we kind of grew out of it... I'm Gwen, this is Peter and those are our kids - Rhiannon and Ianto..."

    "Hey, don't I know you?" Peter suddenly smiled. Remus looked up pensively. *I think we work at the same school!.. Unless that wasn't you... uh... You do biology, right?*

    "Hi, I'm Rhi," Rhiannon smiled, she loved making new friends. "We just moved here from Sulani. What's your name?"

    "Harry! I just moved here from Dudley!"
    "Dudley? Where's that?"
    "I don't know..."

    "Well that's Ianto. My eebie brother. Ianto say hi, say hi!"
    Ianto didn't reply.

    He was staring right at Remus.

    "Well, it was nice meeting you!"

    "C'mon, Ianto, up you go... Stop staring, that's not nice," Peter lowered his voice.
    "No..." Ianto mumbled, not taking his eyes off Remus.

    Remus caught the little boy's puzzled stare and sighed, watching them leave.

    "See?" Sirius smiled. "That went well, didn't it?"

    "Oh come on. We both know exactly why he remembered me... I mean, this isn't a face you can easily forget, right?.. They're just too polite to say anything..." Remus sighed. "And that kid was clearly terrified..."
    "What kid? That kid? No he wasn't."
    "He was..."

    "Oh Remus. You realise you are practically forcing me to do this now, do you?"
    "Wait, Sirius no-"

    "You're being reckless!" Remus quietly giggled as Sirius transformed into a big dog. "What if they saw us?"
    Sirius barked something that slightly resembled "oh who cares" and licked his face, making him laugh.

    "Okay, okay, fine... Look, I'm happy Remus now. Is that what you want? Happy Remus?"

    "I know you love me and I know you want me to love myself... It's just a little hard sometimes. But I'm glad you're always here for me..."

    "And you really ought to stop using your dog form to cheer me up because that's... that's just cheating," Remus chuckled.

    "Doggy Dadfoot!" Harry giggled.

    Sirius licked him as well.

    Now for the record, I could care less about Remus's scars. I was more interested in why did he feel so not-human. But enough about him - he's not the slightest bit important at this moment of the story. Anyway, we moved to a new house. And some houses make you feel at home instantly.

    Some take some getting used to.

    Some never truly become your home.

    "Rawr! I'm gonna eat youuu!"

    "I gonna eat you fi'st, grrr!"

    At first the house my parents got didn't feel like home either.

    "Look, Toffee is playing dinosauws too!"

    "Aaand Victoria..."

    "Do you like our new house, eebie?"

    "I don't know..."

    I missed Sulani. And I wanted to go back.

    I felt like the only home I could have was there.

    The new house we had was nice, big, tall walls, high ceilings. But it didn't feel like home.

    "Night-night, kiddos!"

    "First night in our new home, isn't that exciting?.."

    It wasn't home. Until the middle of the first night there.

    Unable to sleep, I got up and went searching through our unpacked toys.

    Took me a while but I found what I was looking for.

    "Shouldn't you be in bed by now?"
    And that's when it began to feel like home.

    Because what is home other then the sense of comfort and safety we made up for ourselves? What is home... other then something we, humans, have imagined.

    Living with that thought... I was able to make anything my home. A skill that really helped me along the way.

    Welcome the Harry Potter universe! :blush:
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    In my Sulani household, Ani and the girls are mystified as to why Ben has dropped his name and is insisting on being called "sulani.shark86". He now spends all of his time on the computer and mumbling about this or that being "sus". The girls are about to age out of the house: Sadie is on her last day of teendom, and will presumably pursue a carer as an athlete given her healthy body & charisma stats. Reba is further away from graduation but also has her baby to worry about, since someone has been overly rowdy with the fellas.

    Sadie & Reba. Funnily enough, when they were younger, Sadie was the tomboy and Reba was the more glamorous one.
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    Sims 4 never ceases to catch me off guard and I’ve been playing for 20 years since TS1. I have a new couple just starting out in a cute tiny house. Well I decided it was baby time. I wanted a boy so my sim dutifully ate carrots and listened to alternative music. Hospital time came and she gave birth to a baby boy as expected. Then BAM she popped out 2 more baby girls. TRIPLETS!!! I don’t use mods and neither Sim nor the lot had any type of fertility trait. In 20 years of simming I’ve never even had twins ...let alone triplets. I guess the tiny house has to go by the wayside unless I figure out a way to stack the babies. Lmao
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    The teenagers visited the bluffs, wearing their swimsuits. Victoria chose not to swim, as she would rather stay clean and prevent her hair from becoming tangled. It was a warm day, and there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. Something was off; her dreams of romance seemed to mock her. Or rather, Bridget stole her dreams and won Charles' heart. Let the Barbie clone have him, with such charms and a seemingly perfect face...


    "Your brother is obsessed with Asami. She doesn't know what is coming to her," Nicole muttered.

    "Leave them be," Victoria said.

    "I dreamed of marrying the prince. I can't let my dream be canceled. What did he like about her?"

    "She's sweet."

    "Of course. But I'm a lady who has expensive tastes. You know what I mean? You're not planning on diving, are you?"

    Victoria crossed her arms. "It's not even in my mind. I don't swim."

    Nicole made her way toward Edward. "Good. A true princess won't have anything to do with the pleasures of such lowly peasants."


    "Bridget, you're so beautiful," Charles said.

    "Swimming isn't my cup of tea. My swimsuit is for looks," Bridget said.

    "Makes sense."

    "It's an uncouth activity." Bridget flipped her hair over her shoulder. "The water gets your skin all wrinkled and germy. It's gross."


    Asami and Edward sat together, sharing their first kiss. She said, "You're handsome, no matter what you wear."

    "I guess it's the perks of being a magic user," Edward joked.

    "This isn't the Twilight novels, you know..."

    "My last name's Villareal, not Cullen."

    Nicole tapped Asami's shoulder. "Your parents are waiting by the bluffs. Go to them."

    Asami sighed. "Figured. My parents are still draconian. They want me to be a kissless virgin until marriage."


    Asami left the ruins, but she didn't see her parents. A large man blocked her path, then said, "Little lady, are the royal triplets here?"

    "Who are you?" Asami blurted out.

    "Jarek." The man cracked his knuckles. "Reveal the location, or else!"

    "Back off!"

    "There are consequences!"


    Jarek swung a fist at Asami's jaw. "I could take you in for questioning! You should fear me."

    "I already do!" Asami replied.

    Jarek delivered a powerful blow, knocking Asami out. The girl collapsed to the ground, and he swiftly dragged her into the bushes. Now to smuggle her out of here... He glanced around, searching the area for witnesses. No one was around. What if someone watched him from the shadows, though? Would they report him to the police for kidnapping Asami? Let alone the child of two important public figures?
    I won't come back to the Sims Forums.
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    My tester sim moved into EL, not much to do there so I sent her to another world to do some collecting.
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    @Koteyka woo, Harry Potter characters! I’ve definitely thought about giving some of the Masterson descendants Harry Potter names, but only the first names, rather than creating Sim versions of them from scratch. I’ve never been someone to recreate fictional characters in The Sims, or creating my Simself, so first names will do. I’d find it too hard to recreate them!
    Any other fictional witches/wizards/magical people would be suitable, too. Or of course I could use the names of Roman gods and goddesses...

    @shokorose ooh, surprise triplets! I’ve only had triplets twice now. The first time I used a cheat, and the second time I used MCCC to change the outcome. I’ve always liked playing with big families :D It’s somewhat easier to look after Sims 4 toddlers since they can put themselves to bed and help themselves to “adult” food rather than having to wait for a grown-up to serve them blended “adult” food in a high chair like with Sims 3. Plus they can teach themselves skills, too. Dealing with them as babies, though, is definitely hard.
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    How much is that doggy in the window?

    My sim runs her own pet store and had her first celebrity customer!

    Celeb, Kayla, picked the cutest pup out of seven puppies!



    And he's off to his 'furever' home! <3
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    The Island Elemental Twins: Dylan and Zephyr: The Broken World Saga

    The Kailani Legacy: Kylen and Rylan 8

    While on a Date after Sara's intervention:

    Kylen: "You're quite the catch!"

    Aaron: "No, your the catch of the day!"

    The two mermen stared into each others eyes gushing over each other.

    Close to the dates end, Aaron sang his Charmer's Lullaby to Kylen, forever giving his heart to him.

    I'm not going to share much from their wedding. Merfolk don't have wedding outfits, but I will share pictures of what they would look like if Kylen and Aaron had a wedding as mermen. I'm not super proud of their outfits because mermen are extremely limited in outfits to choose from anyways. I'd argue that the game is set up for mermen to be shirtless intentionally.
    Kylen's Wedding Attire (Experimental)

    50472014797_dc2f4f8e4e_c.jpg6A49B680-0211-47EE-AD1A-E1153F7F95EC by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Aaron's Wedding Attire (Experimental)

    50472014837_26a4025317_c.jpg0A7E0274-A7FE-40FF-87B1-1A42D523A6AC by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    More interestingly, Sara seems to be a terrible caterer even though she baked all the cakes in the legacy household.

    Talks to a Tree....

    50471154183_506ee7e8be_h.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201010085736 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Sara: "You wanted me to make food?"

    50472007047_b9e2df808e_h.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201010085944 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Calum: "And that was my wedding in another dimension that wasn't as bleak as this one. Oh, and apparently I'm a clone of the original Calum that died at this beach from hysterical laughter. Arihi told me that the poor guy went belly up in the ocean."

    Sara smiles and nods.

    Calum: "Aren't you the Caterer?"

    50472009672_7fdaac7433_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201010090038 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Looks like a good place to prepare food....

    50472009657_f51a2c7a43_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201010090249 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    So, similar to how male seahorses carry the young and Jurassic Park dinosaurs are able to change their gender when there is a shortage of the opposite sex... Kylen Temporarily was able to become pregnant. Regardless of what others think, he was the one with the Seahorse thought bubble.

    Kylen and Aaron napping after trying for a baby.

    I did not do the pregnancy test because nothing about this pregnancy was natural. Here's him at his first trimester.
    50471153948_f566c22e06_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201011154128 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Big News!

    50472009442_ed2cd24269_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201011160736 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    2nd Trimester

    50471151658_73cb81c04e_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201011163719 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    They don't actually have a place... But, it was nice of Reef to invite Kylen over.

    50471853481_9dd0551024_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201011163948 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    3rd Trimester

    50471853006_5eed796132_k.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201011183735 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50472008887_c5b51f7c62_k.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201011183822 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Pregnant Merman Sleeping in the Water

    50471852931_9741174163_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201011190107 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Rylan and Ashley have their First Kiss

    During their Date, Kylen went into Labor. Do to a quirk from the Date, being at work, and the In Labor event happening at the same time, the game started to seriously lag and struggle. Kylen was pregnant and in labor, but nothing could be done until the date ended.

    Rylan was extremely tired and uncomfortable, so it was no surprise seeing Freddy Darkfin show up. The Darkfins are happy while other sims are miserable, including their own siblings.

    When Rylan returned home, Ashley was added to the household. Kylen gave birth to Lir and Loch. Aaron was very supportive and stayed close through everything.

    Apparently, mixed children, Hispanic and Caucasian genes made another pair of fraternal twins similar to Asian and Caucasian.

    Aaron even helped to bottle feed them.

    Rylan proposed to Ashley while they were on their second date. Caleb and Alex were getting along nicely. And yes, I didn't expect Alex to still be alive...

    Ashley accepted the proposal.

    Kylen... Father of the Year!

    Big News for Rylan

    Kylen showing off Lir and Loch to Aaron.

    Kylen: "Look honey, he stares right into your soul."

    Kylen invited all their friends and family over to show off the new heir and spare, but he couldn't them off to anyone.

    And, the twins aged up.


    Santa and Vlad in the Dive Club

    Ghosts can be invited to Dance Parties

    Dylan or Zephyr scaring Nyx and Arihi. Nyx doesn't even look up from the book...

    The 3rd Santa
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