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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • SvineprutterSvineprutter Posts: 1,895 Member
    I love to read your pictures here, great gaming :)

    Maybe this will help me remember teens can help children dominate their Homework.

  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 529 Member
    edited October 2020
    So, as a break from the Legacy Challenge, I created this household. This is a small update to introduce everyone.

    The general background is that Serene Zalia, A Sim I had saved inside my gallery, was walking along the shore when she spotted five toddlers and two ghost children. Nothing about what she saw looked normal. She didn't know that the Island Elementals were growing with the children and watching over them until they grow into their fins. (Sorta a story work around for merfolk children not actually having a merform until their teenage years despite half their second form existing for both Toddlers and Children...)

    Anyways, this what they looked like when she found them, but I won't use these outfits.

    Dylan, Ukupanipo, and, Zephyr

    Nalani and Iona

    I will be using Nalani's Outfit

    Reef and Arihi

    These are the outfits Serene gave the toddlers. Reef and Arihi are ghosts, so at this point, she didn't know how to give them new ghostly clothes. Serene wanted the odd children to blend in.

    (Island Elementals are essentially any Ghost Sim with the Sulani Mana Trait. Sulani Mana comes with three distinct abilities: Summon Lava Bomb, Gift of Sulani, and Passing Judgement on Children of the Islands. These abilities can be used by sims at the Child Life Stage, teenagers will pass judgement on their parent if you used a Child of the Island to turn a Ghostly Island Elemental Mortal.)

    Arihi Tilo (Island Elemental)

    Reef Kailani (Island Elemental)

    (Essentially both an Island Elemental and Merman. They have all the abilities of both Merfolk and Island Elementals. These sims can destroy lots with a barrage of lighting and lava bombs. Get two of these sims together and the destruction can be maintained perpetually. This may be the one scenario outside of Sharing is Caring with the potential to break lots depending on what gets burnt to a crisp. Keep all important lot items inside a building and hope fires don't spread to avoid this. Townies have an uncanny ability to escape near death. As far as game mechanics are concerned, these sims are the ones with real power over nature in the game. On the other side of things, their powers can be used for good. Requires turning an Island Elemental into a merperson with Mermadic Kelp or having a merchild born with the Sulani Mana Trait. A kind of hybrid that works without mods or cheats.)

    Dylan Zalrian (Elemental Merman)

    Zephyr Zalrian (Elemental Merman)

    For the game's premades, I really didn't do much to change their appearance aside from tiny changes to an outfits color.

    Nalani Mahi’ai (Mermaid)

    Kalamainu'u Iona (Mermaid)

    Ukupanipo Hekekia (Merman)

    For those following the Island Elemental Twins' Story, Dylan and Zephyr are like the left and right side of the brain, opposites that help make up for the other's weaknesses.

    Dylan has the Silly Trait

    Zephyr has the Inquisitive Trait

    Reef has the Social Butterfly Aspiration to compliment his Self-Assured trait.

    Arihi has the Whiz Kid Aspiration to compliment her Genius Trait.

    Iona got the Fussy Trait Randomly Generated.

    I gave Nalani the Charmer Trait because I felt it complimented her nature in game.

    Ukupanipo got the Wild Child Trait Randomly Generated.

    Now, Serene Zalia, the one who decided to take these supernatural children into her home.

    Poor Nalani, she's going to have a hard time. I'm hoping this doesn't result her developing into Anti-Nalani

    It doesn't matter when or where. Dylan and Zephyr are brothers that gravitate to each other. Because of their brotherly bond, I think they will always support each other no matter what.

    Dylan is telling Zephyr a Joke about wet socks (Face palm).

    When Iona threw a fit and made all the other sims tense, Dylan and Zephyr weren't affected. I looked at their traits, and yep, all their aspiration reward traits and satisfaction rewards still exist. Dylan and Zephyr are toddlers with steel bladders and laid-back. Even as toddlers, they are very hardy.
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 4,553 Member
    Starting to collect screenshots for Agathe's turn at Uni.
    Btw, I just today realized most men's jackets looks REALLY GOOD on female Sims.


    Agathe being daring, taking a skinny dip in the river outside campus... It IS a blazing hot summer's day, after all.
    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 930 Member

    Excerpts from the Journal of Omar Benali

    -I went over to Than’s, he was off work, so was home taking care of Mai for the day. She’s such a little doll, I just want to hug her to pieces all the time, and she’s a hugger, she’s the most affectionate little child, not like my boys at all, maybe it’s a girl thing, Izzy kind of likes hugs and kisses too. He had called me and asked if I could come over, the thing is, well, he wanted to talk. He was kind of bummed about his and Elliana’s lack of woohoo lately. Ha, welcome to parenthood little brother! That’s basically what I told him too, that being a parent means you have to really make an effort for alone time and it’s often stolen moments and you’re tired or not in the mood or both. Well, that’s just all part of parenting. Kids are not woohoo friendly things, just saying. I basically just flat out told him that he would just have to suck it up and be a man, he’s a dad now and Mai will always come first. That’s just his number one job from here on out, it trumps his career and his woohoo life. Yeah, not what he wanted to hear, he was hoping for some wise or sage advice, some kind of work around, but there isn’t any. Parenting is hard work a lot of the time. And he’s already pretty aware of that, he and Elliana are potty training, boy I do not miss that one bit.-

    Mai is a toddler now.

    Nanny Ulrich helps Potty train Mai.

    Teaching Mai to talk.

    Mommy plays airplane with Mai.

    Reading Mai to sleep.

    Daddy bathes Mai.

    Ugh, more potty training.

    Than is not happy with Omar’s “advice”.

    Mai is quite the chatterbox.

    Than scolds Mai for playing in the toilet.

    And Roxie joins the Complementary Colors Club.

    -When I got home from work today Josie told me something happened at Chantel’s twin sister Ella’s wedding. Samyr had gone to it with Chantel and when he came home, he told Josie that he and Chantel were not a couple anymore. But she said he was not forthcoming with any details and had just eaten, two whole plates of food, by the way, that boy tends to eat his feelings, and gone up to his room. So I went right up there to talk to him. It took some persuading but Samyr finally came clean. What he told me was that he had ended it. That, well, he felt like Chantel was using him as a “safety net”. Meaning, apparently, that she’s dating him because he’s still in high school instead of dating guys her own age. Samyr felt that it was not like it was when she was in high school, that she was changing, and he felt that he was holding her back, keeping her from really growing up, ultimately. So I asked him why he felt that way. Samyr said, that he had been training the new girls in the bowling club at the last practice and he realized that he had way more in common with them than he did with Chantel now. That, like Kaden, Chantel was living in a different world than the world he still inhabits. He said, that he had come to realized Chantel was holding on to their relationship for the wrong reason, not because she and him were in love or anything but because he was “safe” and he didn’t mean it in a good way. Like, he said, I’m this little high school boyfriend she can have so she doesn’t have to deal with being all grown up like her sister and Kaden, I guess.
    I didn’t have an answer, I had felt all along that there was just too big an age difference for them, at least right now. Later on, say if both were in their 20’s it wouldn’t be a factor, but now, I did feel it was kind of a huge difference, if I’m being honest.
    The thing is dad, it was really hard, like, I’m not the kind of guy that can get a girlfriend. I’m not as good looking as Kaden or Zayn, I know that, and, well, they’re not nearly as handsome or whatever, as say, Austin or Victor. I got weird hair, and wear glasses, and I got pimples and am kind of scrawny and a complete nerd. So, a guy like me doesn’t have much chance at landing a girl like Chantel usually. Like those girls at bowling practice, they were all really listening to me and interested in what I had to say and all, and girls like them, pretty ones, well, they usually just totally ignore me at school, he explained.
    Well son, I said, unfortunately, there will always be some guy that’s smarter or better looking than you. That’s just how it is. We don’t get to choose our genetics or our gifts. But, we can make the most of what we have been given. For example, you could spend less time in front of that PC or the console and hit the punching bag and go jogging, build up some muscle tone, that’s one thing that can make any guy more attractive to girls. Yeah, he replied, that’s easy for you to say dad, you’re good looking. None of us inherited your good looks though. Well, believe it or not, Samyr, I said, there were plenty of better looking guys around in high school and college, the thing is, I never let that stop me from going after a girl I was interested in. Confidence in yourself is one of the most attractive traits, it’s something a lot of girls respond to. And, son, it’s something you don’t have, I said. I bet those girls at bowling practice were responding to you because you’re a good bowler and know it and have a lot of confidence in yourself, I think that’s what they saw too. Well, Victor, I mean, he did start to work out after he broke up with Hugh, and I’ve noticed that he’s way more toned and stuff now, Samyr said. I saw my chance and jumped on it. I’ll make a deal with you Samyr, you start hitting the punching bag and go jogging with me for a while, and I’ll get you a membership at the gym. Then you can get the trainers to help you and get yourself in better shape, when you look better, you’ll start to feel better about yourself and that will ultimately help you a lot in building more confidence in yourself, OK? He agreed to the deal.-

    A heart-to-heart talk with Samyr.

    Mentoring the new members at bowling practice.

    Samyr hits the punching bag.

    And goes jogging with his dad.

    -I got together with some of the guys again. We went back to the ruins and built a bonfire and just shot the breeze a bit. Lucas brought his brother Wolfgang with him, it’s funny, Wolfgang was one of the very first people I met here, I talked to him at Uncle Kyle and Salim’s wedding. Wow, does that take me back. It’s was so long ago, but still somehow it doesn’t seem so far away from me, at least not in my mind.-

    Another guy’s night out.

    -Well, Robert Morin passed away, apparently he had been battling cancer for a few years. He had never mentioned a word of it to any of us though. So, there was a guest lecture we were supposed to do at FI anyway, so I got my boss to let me do it and then afterwards, I went over to UBrite to tell Kaden. He cried a bit, not much, my guess is he will do a lot more in private, that’s the way boys are, in my experience. I hated to leave him like that, but, well, there wasn’t much I could do, to be honest.
    A few weeks later Kaden called me, he had gotten a letter from an attorney about Robert’s will. He was upset about it and all, so I had him send me a scan of it and I took it to Tucker’s office to see what all I could find out. Not much apparently, Tucker said the reading of the will required Kaden to be there and then after that, it would be filed and all and be public. He told me to come back as soon as that was done and he would look into it for us.
    The thing is, Robert Morin left his house to Kaden. Lock, stock and barrel. He also left all three boys 5K each, the rest of his estate he donated to some charity for the families of firefighters who lose their lives in the line of duty. He owned the house outright and all too. Me and Kaden, I went with him to the lawyers office for the reading of the will, of course, we were both totally shocked. There was one more thing, Robert left a letter for Kaden too. Kaden didn’t open it right away and I didn’t ask about it, it seems like it’s a private thing between them and not something I should pry into, unless Kaden offers that is, and so far he hasn’t mentioned it to me.-

    @Kellogg_J_Kellogg Wow, a 60's game sounds fun to see, I hope you share some screenshots from it with us.

    @ryttu3k I actually have the Vampire: The Masquerade game, but it's one I have yet to play.

    @DarkAngel1994 That Tristan is very handsome!

    @Lyrie That was a very romantic proposal.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
  • Kellogg_J_KelloggKellogg_J_Kellogg Posts: 393 Member
    I can not only provide you with screen grabs, @sunblond, I've actually written the gameplay in that world as a story. I try to provide plenty of images of 1960s Sims...from my own creation and also the premades I've modded. And I add a musical soundtrack as well. I really should put a link in my end signature but the story's called Sim 66 and you can see it here: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/978195/sim-66/p1
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 471 Member
    edited October 2020
    The game decided that my simself (which felt weird enough) should be a victim of an outbreak. My simself has totally the same panic like I would get, but, erm, dear game I don't go into nightclubs, because of the danger for womens and the loud noise would make me wish to flee. But Doctor Wilhelm has rescued me <3 .
    I had installed recently a mod named wonderful whim,and I feel flattered, that he found my simself very attractive, but I would have no chance against Luise, he finds her extremely attractive. :D


    Last update: the Birthday and christmas fell on the same day, so technically Elfriede would be still a toddler, but I wanted her to be a child for this holiday.

    All the cc I'm using now, I've found in https://historychallengecc.tumblr.com/ or in modthesims. But sorry, I can't remember these name, I have a bad memory on names. Nothing is mine, it's all theirs.



    Lightening the christmas tree. Many prefere still candles, but electric lights were already available, but not so sparkling.


    In Germany we open the presents on Christmas Eve, in the afternoon or evening. One tradition, beloved and hated at the same time, is that children have to perfom something before they are allowed to open the presents. Something like reciting a poem, play a music instrument or singing christmas songs. The children practice in the advent time. You can guess that we children were always more or less nervous about the performance. :p

    Anna and Elfriede sang a christmas song.

    Then it's time for presents. I love that picture.


    Time for the fish feast.


    It was delicious and Wilhelm blews a kiss to Luise.


    I did allready mention no holiday without Viktoria. And so may it be.


    The next day the family still celebrate christmas.


    While Luise has cooked, Wilhelm read a story for his children.


  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 471 Member
    I maybe won't post anything during the next days or weeks. My new pc will arrive soon and I need to reduced the size my screenshot file for transfering. 16 gb is a little bit to much. o:)
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,104 Member
    OK, quick post. Sorry I haven't had time to comment lately but I have been reading and clicking likes and awesomes when I can.

    This week I played my vampire household and it was mostly focused on skilling up young Viktoria Faust before her birthday.

    She was a wild toddler and ran off a lot. I especially like this shot where it looks like her father (Victor Feng) is chasing after her.

    Spoiler to help with loading.
    Viktoria's mother Ulrike decided she should master all of the arts, since she was immortal and all. At the time of this picture she was nowhere near mastering the organ, so fortunately the picture has no sound.

    Ulrike also moves really fast. Even carrying a toddler.

    One more adorable toddler picture before we age up.

    And then we have a child.

    At the end of the week, we had the 4th of Memorial Holiday, which combines fireworks, grilling and drinking with remembrance. I sent Raj to his mother's grave, since she died earlier this rotation.
    I don't know why he stood outside the cemetery border to mourn. Anyway, he had to drink a sunlight reversal cocktail to go out during the day, which conveniently counted towards the drinking tradition.

    Afterwards Raj grilled hamburgers, but only Victor and Viktoria ate them (Victor is still human... we'll see if that lasts).

    Then, since they didn't have anyone to mourn, father and daughter went across the street to the haunted house and met a ghost. This satisfies the remembrance tradition.

    And then Viktoria played with a sparkler to finish off her holiday.

    After she went to bed, I took most of the adult vampires to the Humor and Hijinks festival, because it has fireworks and a bar. Plasma Janes satisfy thirst and drinking traditions.
    Usually I hate the situational outfits, but on the erratic Alexander Goth, this totally inconspicuous outfit was hilarious.
    Also, a rare shot of Ulrike out of her dark form! She always get stuck in it after she uses her powers unless I intervene.

    So, a few random moments from this week:
    Bjorn, I know Victor's new fame star inspired you to invite yourself over, but maybe step away from the woohoo bush while it's occupied.

    On the other hand, coffin woohoo is going great.

    And on a totally unrelated note, while on a club outing for the Sims Movie Classic club, of which Victor is a member, Gerardo decided to sing for random passersby.

    Speaking of Sims Movie Classics here's Victor enjoying some popcorn and not really enjoying a silent movie.

    So there you are. More random moments than a cohesive story, but raising Viktoria has been the focus for the week. Vampire infighting will resume at a future date.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 529 Member
    edited October 2020
    Just a small status update.

    Even though the Kailani household is improving in appearance substantially: the remaining NAPs, Home Invasions (One from Nyx Darkfin who screwed up my mersims trying to sleep by turning on all the stereos), the Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, and negative moodlets/ faster motive decay from the Cursed Lot trait have made this legacy a little more difficult than normal.

    I imagine that the Kailani’s would be much better off without Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions waking them up, and raising a toddler is even harder when the Eruptions and Earthquakes wake them up. Just getting my Toddlers to sleep so they have the energy to learn is a chore.

    The current NAPs discourage regular use of electronics. The power being turned off and the fines for using electronics seem to really limit what my sims can do to satisfy their fun need. I’m going to have to figure something out. So far: gardening, a fish tank, swimming, the comedians mic, musical instruments, and chess have been sources of fun that spare my sims from fines. I haven’t been able to track it, but the stereos in the house playing music have not been draining the funds enough to be noticed. I do know that the ear buds will result in a 25$ fine, and I know that fine happens with every use of tech that is subject to fines.

    Despite this, the neighborhoods have stabilized in a neutral Eco state, and Lir, the new heir, reached level 3 in all the toddler skills. Things are getting easier with each new generation. However, I have to admit that this legacy’s set up is not an easy one, and thanks to the information from the extreme start, I can think of an even more extreme start.
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 471 Member
    @Metior_Ice two things with no extra cost add fun too, singing and woohoo. The last one could get trouble with back to the old days, but I would wonder how they would find this out when this would be ad home? Staring through the window? Add bugs into the wall? ;)
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,382 Member
    I will do a comment post tomorrow - want to do an update tonight or I will get too far behind.

    @Daravi I know the pain of huge screenshot folders. I bought an external hardrive that is 5TB so now I don't have to worry how many I have. And didn't have much to transfer to my new laptop

    @AlwaysAsking aargh two updates behind. But I am enjoying so much Don. I will comment in more depth in my comment post but you nearly killed me with your sultry .... and confused montage. I laughed until I nearly choked. Its funny because its so true about him as a sim.

    @Beardedgeek I love mens cold weather clothing - gives women so many more options.

    @Svineprutter I was today years old when I realised teens could help with homework (and I just finished the 100 babies challenge - would have been good to know!!) Thanks for posting.

    BACK TO my Official Quin and Rohan save (no Declan in this one..)

    My two love bugs continued to be adorable while raising the last 2 or 3 children from the challenge. Here they are supposed to be maxing the fitness skill.

    Rohan is supposed to be increasing his logic skill but Quin won't let him work on it alone (Rohan's skill is 4 - Quin's is so far still zero - if you couldn't tell from how he is "playing" in this picture.) Quin has the goofball trait so he can't help being silly.

    They went to my Oasis Springs Park with the telescope so Rohan could raise his logic skill ..... it was not successful

    Quin and I were also not successful in getting an autonomous proposal from Rohan...

    Final 100 babies Young adult:
    Picton Ngata was the final child to become a young adult and move out. (son of Tane Ngata - so I got the full set of male premades from the packs I own). Picton aged up with the same necklace and wristbands that Quin wears with every outffit - except this one which doesn't let you wear any jewellery.) I thought that was sweet that he copied his Dad's style.
    Lets all sing for his birthday - no other child got this level of attention - not even Lucia. Probably because Quin was not exhausted and/ or pregnant and chasing a million toddlers around.
    So it was time for serious discussions about whats next - university of course. This is Rohan's whole backstory that EA gave him so we have to let him go. Rohan is surprised that Quin wants to go too. (Quin just wants to be with Rohan and I feel he needs something to occupy himself now he wont be getting pregnant and raising children all the time).
    I was too lazy to build some Britechester accommodation so I used James Turner's "Bigwallet Townhouses" from his university LP. They are the right blend of modern/ industrial that I think would appeal to the guys and his build is more masculine then I usually make which I think they would like too.
    So Rohan studied a Distinguished Psychology degree and Quin did a regular cooking degree. My goal was for Rohan to complete the aspiration that came with DU.
    Well, lets say Rohan tried to study and Quin sat near his homework a lot.
    Studying is just not Quin's thing.

    They both joined the soccer team...
    They became obsessed with this game...
    Though all it seemed to achieve is make them injured, uncomfortable and exhausted.
    They autonomously discovered that were benefits to both being low in hygiene but flirty at the same time. Thankfully, MCC had made sure there would be no babies throughout university!

    Which is just as well because I sent Quin to class one day and he cancelled the interaction and this was happening before I knew where they were...
    They both looked so happy I couldn't bring myself to cancel it and send Quin to class again.

    The togetherness obsession continued.
    No matter what one was doing - the other wanted to be in the same room...
    I left Rohan downstairs doing his homework and set Quin to work on his presentation and of course Rohan came up there within minutes.
    Quin went to the toilet and Rohan couldn't wait five minutes to see him again so he went in the bathroom to wait...
    like seriously....calm down!!!
    NO no noo - too much togetheress - you ARE seperate people.
    But they are so romantic...
    Even if Izzy is not impressed
    I worry they will get banned from this restaurant as they seem to forget it is actually for eating.
    At least they worked up an appetite..

    First semester final images
    Rohan discovered that he loved woodworking even more than he thought before...
    Quin gave up his social media career but moved into making youtube videos. This is apparently "fashion" advice. Iyt got many views and made a LOT of money.
    Morgyn continued to stalk them (here he is with one of their roommates)
    Poor Rohan gets terrible exam anxiety - and a report card full of A+ s
    Quin realised that you cant cram an entire semester a half an hour before the exam - and gets 2 cs and a D and is put on probation. He doesn't tell Rohan.
    University is exhausting

    End of semester final shot.

  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 529 Member
    Daravi wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice two things with no extra cost add fun too, singing and woohoo. The last one could get trouble with back to the old days, but I would wonder how they would find this out when this would be ad home? Staring through the window? Add bugs into the wall? ;)

    I forgot about singing.

    I didn’t share it because I didn’t want to keep sharing every instance of woohoo and romance, but I did find out that the “try for baby” option does not get fined. So, when Kylen and Aaron Woohooed in the hot tub while trying for baby, the Flower Bunny was in the background throwing flower petals and there was no fine.
  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 166 Member
    edited October 2020
    Hello to everyone :)

    I stopped playing because my laptop kept on overheating. It couldn't handle TS4 anymore, so I bought a new laptop (+more EP, GP, and SP).

    When I was posting here months ago, my only EP was Get Together, and I didn't have any GP and SP. Now I have Seasons, Get Famous, Island Living, and City Living. The GPs and SPs I now have are Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out, Luxury Party Stuff, Perfect Patio Stuff, Cool Kitchen Stuff, Romantic Garden Stuff, Kids Room Stuff, Toddler Stuff, and Nifty Knitting Stuff.

    My old save file is now gone, so I'm sharing updates with my new game file.

    Reality Kings Episode 1

    The new story begins with the main protagonist Manuel, a teenager who aspires to become a great actor someday.

    He lives in a cheap apartment in San Myshuno with his painter father and politician mother.

    One of his half-brothers Mick, who lives in a nearby apartment with his mother, often pays them a visit.

    One day, Manuel watched the protesters in his neighborhood (Spice Market). He met Autumn Holiday (Summer's mother) and Liberty Lee (Summer's cousin) and became friends with them.

    -To be continued-
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  • KoteykaKoteyka Posts: 520 Member
    edited October 2020
    Responses to stories:

    @Lucy_Henley Martin seems like such a sweet guy! I'm glad him and Joanna became a couple :)

    @Lyrie I loved your latest update so much> it was so sweet and romantical and amazingly written :blush: Congratulations to Nick and Amelia, I love how they both messed up a little bit during the proposal but it only made everything even more adorable :blush:

    One tradition, beloved and hated at the same time, is that children have to perfom something before they are allowed to open the presents. Something like reciting a poem, play a music instrument or singing christmas songs. The children practice in the advent time. You can guess that we children were always more or less nervous about the performance. :p
    Oh gosh, we have this in Russia too :sweat_smile: I remember having to memorise a poem just to get a candy bar from our Russian version of Santa Claus, it was so annoying... I'd just say I don't remember anything and start crying so the adults felt bad and gave me presents for free :joy:

    @Daephene I really enjoyed reading your update, made me want to play with vampires again :)

    @AlwaysAsking your Tale of Two Dons updates always make me smile but this one - especially :blush: Don just casually chatting with the dolphin was golden comedy material, I loved every single bit :joy:<3

    @Becka28 final young adult? FINAL? You mean you've actually completed the challenge? Woah, that's amazing, congratulations! I could've never had the patience :sweat_smile: Quin and Rohan are so cute and hilarious at the same time, I love how Rohan couldn't wait to see him so decided to practice his soccer skills in the bathroom. They really seem like they're made for each other <3

    Responses to mentions:

    woo, Harry Potter characters! I’ve definitely thought about giving some of the Masterson descendants Harry Potter names, but only the first names, rather than creating Sim versions of them from scratch. I’ve never been someone to recreate fictional characters in The Sims, or creating my Simself, so first names will do. I’d find it too hard to recreate them!
    Haha, well, since we don't have any actual visuals on the HP characters (considering that they all look totally wrong in the movie :D) I could easily let my imagination run wild :) Thank you!

    Thank you for putting the tag-line on you last post, I totally did not pick up on the Harry Potter thing going on when I read through the first time. Then I saw that and well I had to go back and re-read it to get the hidden context. You did that on purpose, didn't you? ;)
    Haha, I actually thought it very obvious but I did try to put a little bit of mystery in :D Thank you!

    yeees isn't Luca precious? His relationship with Lilith and Caleb is super cute, too.
    He's adorable! And I keep thinking how I made poses for him when he was a newborn and that makes me extra happy :joy:
    Yeah, understandable getting emotional :( I literally got teary-eyed writing parts of my Simsta pieces! You just really want the characters you've got invested in to be happy!
    Don't I know it... and then I never make them happy because happy gets boring quickly :wink:
    Harry!! I've been following your Simsta for them, of course, but lovely to see them in the main story!
    I have waited so long!! :smiley: Storywise I'm actually not sure what EXACTLY are they going to do for the main plot... other then just being a side plot... but there'll definitely be something going on. I'm highly convinced that Sirius was in love with Remus (but didn't tell him because uh England... the 80's... didn't really work well) because that's the best explanation I can find for Rowling not giving him a single girlfriend and yet claiming him to be literally the coolest kid of Hogwarts, so I had to give him a happy ending :blush:
    Oh yeah, Peter does work there! Well, that's a nice point of connection :)
    Yup, they're teacher buddies :blush: I can't wait for Ianto and Rhi to get a liiiittle bit older to actually show off the school!
    Sirius, honey, you're right in the street XD
    Nothing matters when Remus is sad :relieved:<3
    Hiiii Toffee and Victoria, I missed you!
    I missed them so much! And apparently they got pregnant while the fam way away... :sweat_smile::weary:
    (I have a lot of very mixed feelings about the Potterverse now, given... well, everything about Rowling, but honestly, I'm a big fan of reclaiming the stuff you love. Rowling can't be trusted to treat her characters right, so it's up to us to do so!)
    Yeah, I'm annoyed with quite a lot of things Rowling did and said but creating the Potterverse isn't one of them :) Honestly... it feels like it's this massive thing now that no one technically owns because there's just so much fan stuff to it, a lot of which is better then the original ;D
    (Also I cannot wait for Ianto to meet Luna oh my goodness.)
    Me too, they work so well together! :smiley:
    Thank you!

    So before we get into the actual story, I wanted to do a couple of simple gameplay updates... the reason to this being that I actually PLAY the game and I play A LOT and a huge amount of gameplay pictures doesn't fit in because I already get over 70 screenshots :sweat_smile: This update will be revolving around our main family and the second will be about Sirius and Remus ;) Sit back, relax, and enjoy! :D

    "Fruit SALAAAAD! Mommy look! I'm making a fruit SALAAAAAD mess!"

    "Fork... Mom, fork... where fork..."

    "Meow... meow... meow..."

    "What have I done to my life..."
    Life is hard when you're a young mother of two kids and two cats and your husband spends half a day with other kids and possibly other cats as a teacher in school. So hard Gwen even decided to change her hair completely.
    More under the cut:
    Yup. Life is hard. And you try to get a little bit of work done, but you always get interrupted.

    "Mom! Mom look!"

    "Mom! Mom look!"

    Eventually you just stop really caring. Made a mess? Fine, go clean it up.

    Or get out of the house and let mom deal with it.

    Rhi has no problem with getting out of the house and playing in the backyard.

    "I love you, Vicky!"

    Ianto does.
    "Cold. Go home. Cold."

    "But eebie, we just got here!"

    Ianto prefers to play inside. Play dollhouse, for example.

    "There once lived a magical princess..."


    And then there's always bath time. Which is a pain.

    Ianto is probably playing dinosaurs in space again.

    "Hey, stop it, you're getting me all wet!"

    Rhi looks lowkey jealous.

    Of course she's getting a bubble bath too! More fun for the kids, more work for mom.

    If things get exceptionally bad, Misty can always help babysit.

    I mean, took at him. Look at Toffee and his ears (I don't know what's going on here lol). That's an exceptional quality babysitter right there. He can even potty train the kids.

    No, really. He can.

    "See? If Magical Mr Mistoffelees can do it, we can too..."
    Apart from all of that madness, there's the money problem. When you just moved in a new house and you're kind of broke and you have kids, what do you do?

    That's right - spend all of the money on fabulous and amazing children bedrooms.

    I mean... look at it. You can tell Ianto is living the dream in his dinosaur kingdom.

    Got a train set and everything.

    As you can see by the paintings, he even stole a bit of his dad's old movie posters.

    And a bit of his action figures. Right next to the wonderful DINOSAUWS bag...

    So yeah, I- ahem. Peter and and Gwen spent their entire budget on pinterest-styled bedrooms.

    Leaving the entire first floor in unpacked boxes and temporary furniture.

    Why? Well... apparently it seemed like a good idea at the time :D

    Because they were both very busy with work, and because they weren't experts on parenting, they wanted to compensate that with lots of toys and pretty pictures. It worked for Rhi... not so much for Ianto...

    Aaanyway, they got themselves a cute room too :blush:


    Honestly these may be the cutest rooms I have ever created and I'm super proud of the way they look!



    Anyway, enough of my bragging :D Ianto caught a cold and mostly spent time in his room for the first few days.

    Yup, I bet he drew that somewhere between brooding and sulking. And then asked Rhi to write down his feelings there.

    Because Rhi was always there to make him feel better during his stuffy nose days.
    "Good morning Ianto!"

    He's always very happy to see her :relaxed:

    D'aww, look at those two!

    Eventually he did get better... but he still didn't like the cold Brindleton Bay weather to he preferred to stay indoors... Except for the times he was practically forced to go out to the park because "family outings" and "making friends" is important ;D

    Ianto, Rhi and Harry quickly became friends!

    "Aaaand then we moved to Sulani, aaaand then we moved here..."

    "Do you wanna know a secret? But you can't tell no one!"

    "Yes yes yes! I promise I won't tell!"

    "Padfoot is a big black dog and Moony is a wolf but you can't tell no one 'cause they told me to keep it a secret!"


    "Oh... who's Padfoot and Moony?"

    "That's what I call S-"

    "Alriiiight, that's enough social life for one day, don't you think, Harry? C'mon, let's go get you a nice cup of hot chocolate..."

    "How many times do I have to tell you, secrets are called secrets for a reason..."

    Well that was... rather interesting.

    Ianto thought so too.

    "Aww, look at the kids playing, hun..."
    "Nah, I'm too busy looking at you..."

    "Can we just go alreadyyyyy!"

    So yeah. Ianto throws a tantrum and then they all go home.

    "Night night, grumpy little bug..."

    Grumpy little bug. Grumpy little Ianto. And that was a day in a life of the Starks ;)
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    I think some comments were lost in the notifications, and I've tried to respond in some way to every mention. Here's a big reply to everyone who mentioned me as well as responses to their stories.

    @AlwaysAsking Don is an entire mood. Lol, Sultry and Confused, Sulfused

    That conversation with the Dolphin was epic! I don't understand why anti-conservationists don't like dolphins.

    She was a wild toddler and ran off a lot. I especially like this shot where it looks like her father (Victor Feng) is chasing after her.

    Once Toddlers can run, they are difficult to keep up with. Loch would be halfway across the house and force the parents to run in circles to help take care of him.

    @sunblond I've noticed that you have a very distinct tone to your writing that shows you have a lot of experience writing.
    I didn’t have an answer, I had felt all along that there was just too big an age difference for them, at least right now. Later on, say if both were in their 20’s it wouldn’t be a factor, but now, I did feel it was kind of a huge difference, if I’m being honest.

    The age difference can get a little weird. When Calum turned Arihi mortal, she was an Adult while he was a Young Adult. Having sims in different life stages while planning to do everything that comes with raising a family seemed weird, so I made Arihi a Young Adult. I think Island Elementals tend to get generated by the game at an older age.

    Once I finish the Broken World Saga, I'll finish the outdoors stuff with Dylan and Zephyr and head off to University in a fresh save. Kailani Legacy is making the current save feel like it's getting old. I don't know if you ever had that feeling like a save is aging with the families. It does feel like time is passing for me.

    In Germany we open the presents on Christmas Eve, in the afternoon or evening. One tradition, beloved and hated at the same time, is that children have to perfom something before they are allowed to open the presents. Something like reciting a poem, play a music instrument or singing christmas songs. The children practice in the advent time. You can guess that we children were always more or less nervous about the performance. :p

    Before I started sharing, in one of my playthroughs before sharing stuff (One of the Dylan Zalrians), Dylan ended up laughing to death. Apparently, the Christmas festivities sent him into a hysterical mood while decorating the tree. I searched the room for the cause of the playful mood, and I found a photograph of one of his toddlers (Can't remember if it was a save with Twins (There are so many twins in my game) or the oldest one with an older and younger brother) in a thunderstorm coat. The photograph had an emotional aura of +6 playful, and the Aura was always on and couldn't be turned off. The family had an excellent Winterfest, and that Dylan had so much fun it killed him.

    NO no noo - too much togetheress - you ARE seperate people.

    Dylan and Zephyr are close, but I haven't had them merge like that.

    Sue spent some time getting to know the puppies, and decided on a little black one, who she named Zoe...


    ... AND a little grey Cardigan Welsh Corgi, who she named Lola!


    The puppies and kittens are so cute. My merfolk households don't work for pets (too much water), but I've had cats and kittens in my old saves that no longer exist. They are so cute.

    I'm sorry Mocha didn't work out.
    @Metior_Ice interesting that the twins have different skin tones. That does happen in real life too sometimes, with one Black twin and one white one. I’ve also had similar happen in Sims 2, although that game only came with four basic skin tones (I’ve never been one to use custom skins or eyes).

    The thing I find most strange about those circumstances is how it's more than just a difference in skin tone. Upon aging up, the game has a tendency to randomize their physical features. Also, I was under the impression that the game can't do fraternal twins. For Lir and Loch, they didn't have as many different features as Dylan and Zephyr. Dylan and Zephyr were weird because the physical features like the eyes and other genetics were mixed and matched in a way that seemed like the game gave them half of their parents features but every physical feature was different. I'm talking about things like body shape, jaw shape, nose, eyes, and stuff like that. If it was just the skin tone, I wouldn't mind as much, but the game makes them look like they aren't twins by making more features different.

    On a side note, Reef's physical features have had a strong genetic influence that isn't completely lost with his grand kids. For whatever reason, Reef's descendants still retain many of his physical features, and I think that's why the game didn't make Loch and Lir look as different.

    @DarkAngel1994 I look forward to seeing your story in Strangerville. I've dabbled in that world, but I admit that I haven't been able to share much.

    I stopped playing because my laptop kept on overheating. It couldn't handle TS4 anymore, so I bought a new laptop (+more EP, GP, and SP).

    I play a lot of games on the console to help save my Laptop from those issues. The only problems I've experienced recently is how I have to use a USB device to transfer screenshots now. I used to be able to share my activities and pull images from there. I set it so no one could see the large number of images I shared to avoid spamming my friends on the console. But, that seems to have changed. I will say that the biggest downside to the console is the incompatibility with mods and custom content.

    @Metior_Ice Hey! Kylen and Aaron relationship is beautiful <3 I think it is fine that Kylen can carry, it makes sense to me especially if you bade it around mystical creatures. Heck. I have lore that it is natural in the sim world between homosexual couples, due to alien tech, I mean look at those silly birth contraptions at the hospital (if you have get to work) along with a lot of the scientist tech looks very sci-fi and way advanced, I just say alien tech and advancement have caused this from the aliens that lurk among our sims.

    I must have missed this comment. Yeah, Kylen ended up carrying, and he ended up with the Twins Lir and Loch. Because of his thought bubble about sea horses, I interpreted it as something he wanted. Kylen is the best parent in the entire household to be honest. So, being a parent, I think it was meant to be for Kylen. I mean, all three of the kids, even Rylan and Ashley's son, Cole, prefers Kylen's help.
    To add to why Gavin-Derick may be gloomy as well is struggling being different or feeling different and not understanding how or why yet aka maybe homosexual or transgender, I just get the vibes and it is not the pink, pink is in some places and use to be a very manly color, but to me, color has no gender.

    Have you seen The Disastrous Life of Saiki K? In the anime, Saiki is a powerful psychic that altered the genetics of the human population to make unnatural hair colors natural so his pink hair wouldn't stand out as much. Maybe he has supernatural abilities that haven't manifested. After all, none of the occult abilities manifest in sims until their teenage years.

    @ryttu3k In response to your page 785 post, I definitely plan on doing a serious play through with vampires at some point. The Zalrians will always be my main households, but a vampire household will be included eventually. It'll probably be a similar playthrough to Astara and Satara and have some kind of side theme to Dylan and Zephyr.

    I bid thee farewell for now with a favorite song that literally started playing when I finished writing the post.

  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 678 Member
    "Are you OK, Joanna? You seem a little stressed."
    "Oh, well, I applied for university, so I'm just waiting for the results letter."
    "Oh, right, that makes sense. What did you apply for?"
    "Computer science at Foxbury."
    "Ooh. Good luck!"


    Joanna is giving SERIOUS side-eye to this person wearing their Scout uniform when it's not the day of a meeting.


    Ellie's ghost appeared again and decided to possess the stereo.


    Zoe and Lola both grew up. I can't actually remember what breed Zoe is, I'll have to check. She was stinky and needed a bath (actually, both dogs were).


    Joanna gave Martin a key to her house, and he naturally paid a visit. Willow Creek was in the middle of a heatwave, and Jenny decided to cook some choripan on the barbecue.


    When it's super hot outside and your house isn't big enough for a pool nor are you anywhere near the beach, the best and most fun way to cool off is to play with a sprinkler!


    Mmm, steak bed.


    Kirsten's aspiration was to become a writer. She decided that it would be a good idea to develop her painting skill, so that she could illustrate her own books if she wanted.


    It was Summer Festival day, which meant a day off school and work. The family decided to visit Sand Simoleon Beach in Sulani, but unfortunately it was in the middle of monsoon season, so not such a great idea.


    Joanna paid her boyfriend a visit. I love Luke's face in this (Martin's little brother)... "So that's his girlfriend, huh? He's so sappy and in love..."


    Thank Plumbob Luke wasn't around to witness this, then... "EWW! KISSING!" :D:D


    Joanna earned all the scout badges!


    Just in time to age up, too! Happy birthday, Joanna!


    I changed her outfit a little bit. I gave her the Ambitious trait. As well as earning Scouting Aptitude, she also earned both the Responsible and Good Manners traits.
    Martin is a couple of days younger than her, so he's not aged up yet. They're still boyfriend and girlfriend, but can't do any romantic interactions. Joanna doesn't mind, though... she'll be pretty busy this week, having succesfully gained a place at Foxbury to study Computer Science! She'll be doing two programming classes and a mischief one, and she's also doing an elective in rocket science.

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    I went into Plan Outfits and it turns out Zoe is a Schnauzer.
    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes/O'Connors, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
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    In one of my games, Bob & Eliza Pancakes are elderly, near death, with no children. (That wouldn't have happened if *I* had been playing them, and in another universe where they are still young, it won't). Rather than adopt, at their age, they decided to latch on to a townie and make him or her their heir. They picked Deandre Ramirez, a mixologist at the Shrieking Llama. He agreed, quit his job, and moved in. Bob had aspired to be a master Chef, but even with his late life surge of interest, he's too old to climb the career ladder again, and hopes to pass on what he knows while he still can. Little do they know that that isn't Deandre's real ambition...
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    The eldest of fourth generation(or third if you don't count your starter sims as the first) is now a teenager! Here he is doing homework with his little sister(six days younger than her brother) and also getting an autonomous hug from Mom's sister, his auntie Emily <3

    His birthday! *blows party horn*
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    edited October 2020

    Excerpts from the Journal of Omar Benali

    -We threw Izzy a big birthday party, we had the boys help and rounded up a bunch of other teens around her age. Me and Josie figured that it would be a good way to get her ready for high school. Well, it backfired, Zayn has a friend, Harmony Bennett, they’ve been friends since they were little kids and all. I had, at one time, though something might develop between them, she’s nice and a very pretty girl, if a little older than Zayn, but they’ve just stayed friends all these years. I knew her mom growing up, Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis, and she was a very nice girl and all, plus her mom, Alice, is in Uncle Christian’s fishing club. Well, Harmony is in college now and somehow her youngest brother, Bo, got invited to Izzy’s birthday party. Yeah, now he’s around a lot. Izzy and him are on the road to being an “item”, just my worse nightmare realized is all. Izzy’s just barely old enough to be interested in boys, seriously. But, here it is, honestly, I don’t know how Josie can be so calm about it and all.
    The second time that boy showed up, I did my best to put the fear of the gods into him. It makes me wish I had a job like Uncle Cristian, so I could tell him that I make people disappear for a living, that’s one great line, just saying. Anyway, my efforts fell as flat as a pancake. After I said my piece, Bo said, I understand that you are concerned about Izzy and all, sir. And I don’t blame you one bit. My dad did the same thing to guys the whole time Harmony was growing up whenever they came around, just ask Zayn. But with all due respect, Mr. Benali, he also taught us boys to have the utmost respect in our treatment of girls, just so you know, sir. So you can say anything you like to me, because I fully understand how precious Izzy is to you and all. But, I think Izzy’s beautiful and smart and she makes me laugh and I can talk to her about anything without fear of judgement or embarrassment. So, with all due respect sir, I intend to spend as much time getting to know her as she will let me, in spite of whatever you may do or say to me, Mr. Benali. Yeah, I don’t trust that pretty boy with his linebacker shoulders as far as I can throw him.-

    The party gets started.

    Plenty of cake for everyone, later.

    Izzy blows out the candles.

    Izzy’s a teenager.

    Bo and Izzy share a moment during the clean up.

    -Izzy got on the girl’s soccer team, I swear I think she’s tougher and more athletic than Samyr and Zayn put together. She’s a real firecracker of a girl. Anyway, I finally ended up getting the gym membership, I got the family plan, Izzy will get my money’s worth out of it even if the boys don’t. Plus, well, I’m getting pretty soft around the middle myself and it’s time to step up my workout routine, it’s not as easy to keep in shape as it was when I was younger, no sir.
    So, when Josie got home from work today I was planning to take the whole family over to Oasis Springs to check that gym out, it’s bigger than the one here and I can use it with this membership too. But Josie said she thought she was coming down with something or had eaten something that was off, so it was just me and the kids that went.-

    Roughhousing with Zayn.

    The family worksout together.

    -Well, when it rains it pours, I guess. Samyr is in and out of being gloomy these days over his break up. Then my little Izzy’s suddenly a teenager and immediately starts up with this Bo Bennett. And now, Josie’s expecting, thank you so much Benali genes. My little leagues of seamen were at their peak performance I guess, because, believe you me, we were being careful, me and Josie, I mean, since day one. We confirmed it at the doctor, of course. And, we got a big lecture on this being a “high risk pregnancy”, what with Josie being, well not being in her 20’s or 30’s anymore and what else, some pamphlets. So, there’s that, something else for me to worry about, sigh. Josie doesn’t blame me, she said that one thing about Lenny, was that he was really super careful about that, that his mom had babies at the drop of a hat and he was really very conscientious about being careful the whole time they were married. Then Josie said, the minute they decided to have a baby, well, that Izzy came along practically on the fist try. So, Josie thinks she’s pretty fertile herself. I mean most women her age are past that usually, aren’t they? But then I remembered Aunt Dina having Austin when she was a little older than Josie is, and that it was high risk pregnancy too and that she had a really hard time of it. Then there’s Kaden, he graduates soon, and I was really looking forward to having him home again, but with a baby coming, our house will be overcrowded as it is. And he has that house now, the one he inherited from Robert Morin, so I have no doubt he will “choose” to live there instead of coming home, sigh. We had just redecorated Izzy’s room too, now we have to redo it, it’s totally not suitable for a baby apparently, according to Josie. So, I am not sure what thing I should worry about first these days. Plum, I can’t catch a break.
    Josie, however, is in 7th Heaven, seriously, she thinks it’s just the greatest thing, a gift from the gods and all. Honestly, I think it’s just the baby hormones talking, raising a baby, I mean, jeez, years of diapers and formula, potty training, school and homework. Oh, my head is spinning already. OK, I know that the minute I see that little baby and hold it in my arms, that everything changes and suddenly you are filled with so much love it spills out in tears and all, that’s just how it is with a baby. But, right now, I just can’t see it as all that wonderful, OK. I honestly never imagined that me and Josie would be parents again, I totally thought we would just combine our families. This thing has come completely out of the blue and just knocked me for a loop.
    Kaden was home for the weekend and so we invited Connie over to dinner and told everyone the news, boy was it hard to keep quiet about it all week. Probably a good thing though, it gave me a chance to practice smiling through the whole thing. And boy were Samyr and Zayn thrilled to be back to sharing a room again, you bet. But, honestly, I thought it would be way worse, Izzy was as happy as her mom and Connie, the boys less so, but I swear the three of them were grinning like Cheshire cats, like, they were secretly happy about it or something. And Kaden just had to high five me and say way to go dad, then he gave Josie a big hug and kissed her cheek and she got all teared up over it for some reason, baby hormones, I guess. After that everyone was all hugs and smiles, it kind of started the ball rolling.

    Sharing the “good news” with the family.

    I went to the city to give the news in person to my family, Josie wanted to come, but, well, she’s tired a lot lately after work and has morning sickness all day sometimes. I swear, she was fine till we got official confirmation of the pregnancy, then all of a sudden she has all these pregnancy symptoms pop up, sigh. Plus, one of us absolutely has to be home when the kids get home from school in case some girl or that Bennett boy comes over, no exceptions. If I ever catch that boy upstairs in a bedroom near Izzy, I will, I swear, take a baseball bat to him and chase him all the way home and believe me I’ve got one ready too. I don’t care one bit that his dad looks like he could wipe the floor with me, just saying.
    Anyway, I made the rounds of my family to tell them all about the baby and they were all absolutely ecstatic, by the way. Then I went over to see Lenny, I asked him what he remembered about Josie’s first pregnancy, like how it went and all. He said she was a champ, that she had a pretty easy time of it, but that the delivery, well, that took forever and it was very traumatic for him. He said he had never ever heard Josie say words like he heard in the delivery room before and he was pretty shook up by the whole thing. Yeah, well, I’ve been there.-

    -When I got home tonight, Josie said that there was another break-up, Zayn and Lacie had called it quits. This time though, it wasn’t nearly as amicable as Samyr’s had been, according to Josie. So, I went up to Zayn’s room to talk to him. He was in the bed under the covers crying his eyes out, so I knew right away it was going to be a long talk. When the boy finally stopped crying and was able to talk a bit, I asked him to tell me what all had happened. I know you are just going to think it was me, dad, that I was having a mood swing or something, but it was totally not that, OK, he blurted out. Me and.. Lacie..he stumbled over her name, not a good sign, then Zayn continued, well we fight..fought…all the time, lately that’s all we do..did.., and it’s always over politics and our values and stuff like that. What do you mean specifically by that son, I asked. Zayn explained, like politics and stuff, Lacie is completely, like, super conservative and hates immigrants and I’m descended from immigrants because your dad was from another country and grandma’s parents were too and all, so it’s like she’s a total hypocrite by being my girlfriend, right? And when I told her that, she was all up in my face and we both said a lot of mean, hurtful stuff and then we decided to just break up, like, there’s totally no going back from what she said to me ever. Plus, she totally looks down on people like me who descended from immigrants and all, so there’s that.
    Wow, that was a whole lot to take in, but for the life of me I just couldn’t imagine Thomas Bachelor having a daughter who was bigoted and all, he was my friend growing up and I never once heard him say anything like that. Still, kids can have very different views from their parents. Well son, I said, the thing is, that either woohoo or politics and religion are the reasons for couples to break up pretty much most of the time. Yeah, well, woohoo is totally not a factor, ‘cause that is…was..totally off the table, Lacie’s, like, “saving herself for marriage” or whatever, so I was never allowed to get anywhere near past first base the whole time we were dating anyway, he said somewhat exasperatedly, I felt. I may have breathed a sigh of relief at that point. Well, Zayn, that shows she has a lot of character and strong values, and those are good qualities in a young lady, the kind of young lady you should want to be involved with, son. Ack, yeah, I know, like, I’m not saying I want to date a skan* or anything like that, I know better, like, you’ve totally drilled it into all our heads and stuff about getting into trouble with a girl since we were little kids, dad, Zayn said. OK, well, first of all son, I replied, let’s not portray any girl using a term like that, it’s totally disrespectful, and secondly, that’s good to hear, sometimes I feel like my talks fall on deaf ears with you boys.
    Ha, maybe you should have another one with Kaden then, he said. Because I totally know he and Christine are doing it, Zayn said. OK, well Zayn, Kaden is a grown man now, he’s past me telling him how to act or behave at this point, you, son, however, are not. So please, keep your nose out of your older brothers business and avoid idle gossip and tend to your own problems, you have a full plate yourself right now, we all do now with the new baby coming, OK? I added. I’m sorry, he said sheepishly, I am totally not a narc, I’m just upset I guess, dad. I know that son, I said, and I know you’re hurting right now, but it will pass, it just takes time, unfortunately neither I nor anyone else can fix this for you. We talked some more and eventually we hugged and I let him get back to crying in his bed no doubt. And yeah, I know, but I wasn’t really that shocked to hear that my son in college was having woohoo with a girl he had been dating since high school, I’m not that naive.-

    The argument.

    The break up.

    Josie consoles Zayn.

    Samyr tells his brother that working out helps.

    Omar gets the full story on the break up.

    Omar and Zayn hug.

    (NOTE: If anyone else is keeping count, this is oopsie baby number 3 in this game. As in, it’s a mod I have that gives regular woohoo in the game a 3-5% chance of making a baby. So, I did not plan this one at all.)

    Thank you for saying my writing shows experience, it’s nice to think that my Liberal Arts education with a Major in English and no marketable skill is coming in handy for something, lol.

    I wanted to offer some info on how the genetics, or lack thereof in Sims 4 work. This knowledge is from sources who are experienced in modding and various wikki’s, so I feel it’s accurate. This is also info for a vanilla game, as in no mods or CC.

    Identical VS Fraternal Twins- There is a 33% chance that twins of the same sex will be identical. I think that seems high from my experience, but knowledgeable sources have confirmed this number, so I tend to believe it to be what’s coded in. Fraternal twins have no more genetics in common with each other that any other siblings, they are separately randomized as to genetics from the parents, just as any other sibling.

    Skin- When two sims produce offspring, the game gives the child a skin tone somewhere between those of the two parents. I’m pretty confident of this because I use the CAS genetics a lot to produce families and I have seen it to be the case myself. So if you note where each of the parents skin tones are located on the chart in CAS, then look at the children, you will mostly likely find that the children all lie somewhere between them.

    Eyes- This gets tricky, there were 5 eye colors added to the game early on in a patch: dark blue, 3 hazel shades and the purple one. These shades all have the same value, as in the game “sees” them as all the same. Therefore, if a parent has one of these, a child can inherit any of those shades, not just the shade the parent has. That plays havoc on identical twins, because they can have different colored eyes in those cases, because the game sees the eye shades as the same. If you are thinking sloppy coding, well join the club.

    Hair- The game will choose one of the parents hair color for offspring. Unfortunately, children have 9 shades available and adults have 18 shades. There is also texture, straight, wavy and curly. So, any shade that is not available for a child or toddler say green or salt and pepper brown will cause the game to randomize the hair for an offspring. Again, this can cause havoc with identical twins, as they might get different hair colors as a result. Not to mention totally producing hair for a child that is nowhere close to either parents natural shade. Texures can affect genetics too, curly hair will cause offspring to inherit that just as straight will. They won’t get say wavy hair if one parent has curly and one straight.

    If you mod and use CC, like me, with default eyes and custom hair, not to mention custom skins, well, that just throws more randomness into the mix and causes even more chances of children to be a bit “off” genetically.

    Anyway, I hope this is informative on how genetics work or don’t work in sims 4. It’s also explains why so many people report very few true identical twins in the game, if you ask me.

    @Koteyka I approve of Gwen's new "mom" hairdo.

    @HillyBeth Oh my, that new heir has a real boy band vibe, quite a cutie!

    @Kellogg_J_Kellogg I meant to tell you, I have been reading a bit of your 60's story, I'm on page 2 so far and am enjoying it, I love the makeovers of the premades especially.

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    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,980 Member
    @Lyrie yeah me too, ha I bet at least one of them is hoping, oh yeah sometimes I think about it in a technical sense like yeah he has two teenagers and a child a lot of time has passed then other times I'm like who cares it's my game. Whichever fits hehe, ah I can't wait to see more of them they are adorbs. Best video, yeah I don't like all the songs but some of the outfits suit them so well and they seem to be enjoying it...like more cute dudes dancing I demand it!

    They are such a precious group and I love GD, that makes me want to have a party too, I was just enjoying the happy couple they make me want to play more. Which I will ha, I like all the poses and how much they really love each other I hope nothing breaks them apart ever.

    @AlwaysAsking I don't know but something about Xavier just rubs me the wrong way lol, and I've decided he's not good enough for the Jomeister lol. That said I couldn't help but feel badly for Don even though sometimes he does things where it's like, well that's what you get Donny boy not sure which one is in more trouble so shame on all of them they can share the stick shake. Also my favorite had to be the dolphin even though I love your relationship with Donny 2.0. Been giving out awesomes and such as I fall more behind but I'll be around keep tagging me *waves the tag me flag too*

    Now look down for more on Don III and Sean before I get more behind.

    also @mercuryfoam @Silverofdreams30

    After playing in a puddle and shaking off Butterscotch finally notices Sean this after their meal.

    "Hey Pooch, wanna play?"

    'I do not know who this Pooch is either, do they not know who I am??....wait did he say play?'
    Addy rejoined him and gave him a hug, it was a little unnatural he had had hugs before but as Don was the golden child his usually came with something. -There's my sweet helpful boy go do this for Don- or -That's great honey now leave mommy alone she's busy with your brother.- it was strange she was just affectionate because she was. He didn't want to be the one to ruin if she was waiting till he had something to give back. He shook his head and immediately spooked her, clearly he could only mess with her with mind went there or he'd have to leave and never find out.
    Usually my sims don't like the spooking but she thought it was funny, Addy is always easy going.....unless you try to take her food then you got problems.

    "Thanks ah..for having me I guess."

    "Well aren't you polite....pain in the backside."

    "Hey...you're forgetting cute."

    She chuckled.

    "Yeah yeah you're a pain in the backside...that is cute."

    They went back and forth a little longer before he decided to go home and give himself a break from the what if she's this or that game his mind was making up.
    The next morning, she is very unnaturally happy with her blue milk...

    'No she isn't it matches her jacket!'

    ....Fine it matches her jacket so she's just happy about that, hush Butterscotch.


    Butterscotch listening to the same story for the umpteenth time.

    'It's okay I'll do anything for treats.'



    She was looking forward to eating pretty soon after we left but that's just her thing.
    She also bought a painting, she has bills and does not paint as much as she should to take care of them.
    She ended up at Don's place and Katrina was out there and he only whispered that was his mother..heh.

    "So is this the part where you tell me what I want to hear?" Don asked.

    "I don't know what did you want to hear?"

    "Maybe you missed me or something?" he snapped, he really wasn't used to a woman he liked not just coming his way like what did she have friends?....self esteem? He couldn't figure out women he thought they had a connection and he was bitter he wasn't as perfect as he thought. Not that he would ever say it aloud.

    "Pffft dream on." he sighed, if Nina had done that he'd leave her out here but he was at least less miffed...she had a way with people was that it?
    After that well...Addy accidentally lost the ball, to keep his ego in check? Hard to say.

    "I'm...a pretty birdy..."

    To her credit she didn't left and went to check on him mumbling apologies while he got himself together.
    Of course I pause and move the camera, Sean and his dirty looks he's also bitter, or maybe a little hurt I didn't let her greet him first he's too used and over competing with his twin. I let her give him a hug before she went home though.

    The rest in a spoiler.
    She asked him out for breakfast and he pouted a bit when she left, I feel bad for the cinnamon roll, she only had to go to the bathroom but I guess for the moment his heart is on his sleeve.
    He cheered up, and had some of that Sultry ready too when she came back though ha.
    I noticed the bartender kind of checking her out, Addy and I shared a knowing look the girl is irresistible I guess.

    'Darn skippy!'

    ,,,,Don't talk to the camera.

    'Butterscotch does it.'

    She has a different contract than you do now hush I"m talking.
    Since Mr. lookie-smirkie was so obsessed after they finished I had her order drinks while waiting for Sean to come back.
    Afterwards he thanked her for the food, it's a pretty common thing now, though Addy could say she likes hugging him too.
    A proper Lothario doesn't just leave a girl without a smooch in some way so I guess Sean wins this round, immediately after saying goodbye Makoa called and asked her to come hang out so she went...cause why not.
    He had hoped that seeing her next to his family would make him chill out a bit but he found himself just waiting to see how they would interact.
    'I want a treat...you smell like fish...you must have a treat.'

    There was a festival going on I think for fishing or whatever things seemed pretty active but he was just so thrilled about mentoring her in fishing that he walked on water to get to her. Nice way to prove you aren't interested in her Makimoo. :s
    Then after they watched the clouds, she stinks, he has to use the bathroom so he'll stink if he doesn't hurry up...yeah they are besties he just seems to be a bit stuck...lol.
    I never noticed this whale shaped rock.
    Again just waiting to see how she interacts.
    I guess he eventually felt a little shame, probably cause he was guarding the door for a while, during her bath.....dude, he took D's bed to avoid getting in bed with his wife...yeppppppppppppppp.
    After giving Butterscotch a bath so she could just run around like she got the sugar again she was ready for dinner then her bladder decided against that and she was bitter.
    The next morning she was preparing breakfast...not a whole pie just half of one and some coffee but Don wanted to hang out so they went out to eat.
    He was frustrated, he heard Sean telling Dina where he had been and he wanted to eat out with Addy too, the waiter dropped their food and she was a touch fuming and kept trying to just go to the kitchen and make her own food.
    She had them bring out a cheesecake then their order was ready again so she still had her pumpkin pie and coffee....yeah all she does is eat, work out, and attract people.

    SO yeah that was fun nonsense.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 529 Member
    edited October 2020
    @sunblond thanks for your explanation.

    And yeah, Dylan and Zephyr as well as Lir and Loch definitely weren’t born as true identical twins. I made them identical. Dylan and Zephyr definitely ended up with more randomization. Lir and Loch weren’t true identical twins, but they were very close to it. Kylen and Rylan were definitely true identical twins.

    Dylan and Zephyr, in particular were the ones I cared about being identical twins more than the others.

    When I mentioned Reefs strong genetics, I meant the tendency for all the different little details to be the same as Reefs but a little different. For the face, there are three different features that make up the cheeks and jaw with their own customizable detail edits. But, there is a general feature for all of them that is the default. Most of the genetics tend to be a variation of that default.

    Still, I didn’t know it was coded into the game to make identical twins less frequent.

    Just did a google search, apparently twins don’t normally look alike. Kinda reminds me of my family genetic tendency for doppelgängers, a family member that looks like an older family member. I know I have a very similar, if not almost identical appearance, to my passed grandfather at my age. I remember looking at his old pictures. And then, there’s the similarities between my own siblings.

    Anyways, I was still expecting the twins to be identical in appearance more often. From what I read, true identical twins might be less common, but the fraternal twins can still look very close to the same. At least, if my own family is any indication, being born at different times doesn’t stop people from getting confused by similar appearances. Twins conceived with two separate ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and eggs shouldn’t result in different appearances that often, especially nothing dramatic. I don’t doubt the potential for twins born with two very different skin tones. I just don’t expect it two out of three times, a majority of twins.

    Edit to avoid spam:

    I think the simplest way to put it is: “I was expecting identical or near identical appearances to be more common. I was not expecting the game to use random little details. I expected the game to use, at least, the same base default with possibly minor detail variations. The game seems to pick from a range of features from the parents that is more than hair color and texture. I’ve seen variations in body type and other little details.

    One last edit,

    When it comes to your writing style, I tried to mean it as a compliment. I’m working on my own English degree, and I can’t say that I found my own distinct voice. I’m still experimenting with different ideas with my updates. However, I’m just impressed, not that it should matter, but I think your writing is strong for something different from what I’ve learned in the classroom.
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    @AlwaysAsking Your simself makes some classic faces when with Don. I love her sceptical expressions but Don deserves them. Flirty Joey cracks me up. BUt its nice to see someone can make Don tired LOL Poor Joey - those hopeful, pleading faces he made when Don was awful. You have to have a heart of stone to reject that. No wonder Don looked guilty. Wait up - Xavier is Ian???? I would never have picked it. Original Ian is the best I am sorry. (followed closely by fake Ian) but I can see Xavier's appeal to Joey (he's just a little too cutesy young for me. Benjamin is lovely though. I had to laugh at Don crying because Joey found someone new. Marcus Flex pulls the same emotional manipulative rubbish. Joey certainly doesn't know how to take it slow or be subtle does he LOL. How do you get the dolphins to interact with your sims? They swim near my sims but I can never seem to get them to do what you do.
    When ryttu3k did her realistic sims I did Quin and Rohan but I also did Lawrence for you - the system is a bit funny and you can't do freckles so he loses his and the eyes are wrong - he lost his lawrence looks when I tried to get the right coloured eyes - but here is the end product - he seems like a person you would actually meet. I didn't have any more free uses or I would have done Ian too. By the way I still don't think this person looks old enough to be a professor LOL

    @Daravi Your church build is beautiful and really realistic. Its perfect for a wedding. I also love the sepia family photos on the wall of the home.

    @Beardedgeek I have simialar "flirty" troubles with San Myshuno that you seemed to have with your couple in Sulani. And the random fighting in the game seems to have gone up since EL was released (I don't own it but more fights happen in my games,) I do choose to ignore the random flirts when the game is in a mood but that's how my really happy save with Jessica and Bjorn got ruined because he never got over it.

    @Koteyka Firstly - although I am not trying to skip forward in your posts - I saw your toddler Harry and had to look and read a little - he is just so adorable. I don't know what it is you do with your toddlers but they are just sooo adorable. I also love how you represented Sirius and Remus. And I can really feel the relationship between them just from the few screenshots you put in. Iwill have to read faster to catch up. thanks for your comment about Declan - it made me realise its sort of a "little Women" storyline where Declan is Amy, Quin is Jo and Morgyn is Laurie. I didn't intend it that way - its what the game decided. (Jo not being with Lawrie nearly wrecked me when I was 12 and read it for the first time even though I can see it makes sense- its not romantic LOL). AT least its a build save so we don't have to worry how things turn out and can imagine Morgyn fell in love with the real person in front of him rather than the unattainable imagined relationship. And I find Morgyn intense in ALL my saves. Although they are particularly intense whenever Quin is around.

    @Smellincoffee I love that ben is sulani.shark86 and the sus references. If he ever runs into a RohRoh - he is VERY sus. LOL

    @shokorose had to laugh at your tiny house story - see my update below LOL - the game has a wicked sense of humour!

    @Binibini squeeeeee! a pet shop is an adorable idea. I didn't know you could do that in the game.

    @Nate_Whiplash1 your updates and characters always make me smile - in this thread and the last screenshot thread.

    @Kellogg_J_Kellogg I love the description of your save - it seems like you are being very original and having a great time.

    @Lyrie what a romantic proposal. I love the snowy backdrop to the screenshots.

    @sarabeth2984 I hope life is treatig you okay. This update will be about the Sulani sim you commented on. SO I hope you enjoy it. AT present one of our ubereats ads here in Oz has Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart - its too much I fangirl hard everytime it comes on. Is Simeon running our advertising agencies? I know you would appreciate them too.


    In my update about Declan he moved into this tiny home.

    It was actually built for the build n share thread and you could create sims to live there - the theme was a single mother and her child down on their luck who are given the opportunity to be caretakers in a tiny home community.

    I created Ngaire who had left Sulani as a teen to follow a man to San MySHuno. He abandoned her when she became pregnant. She struggles to raise her son Fetu and dreams of returning to SUlani one day.

    They enjoyed their tiny home life. This is also the master bedroom.

    So I decided the save would be the perfect place to experiment with Little Miss Sam's Simder mod (I went a bit mod crazy for a while which is what finally killed my old laptop I think)
    SOme dates were poor quality. Like the bald angry ginger who was rude from the get go.

    But other dates were better....
    Like Fetu Manu (a sim I created and I think is a real cutie) and happens to be from Sulani.

    And Isiah Eldridge by Origin ID: Sky5246star

    OOPs Fetu chose the wrong time to visit ...............
    Well this is awkward...
    But she picked the guy who had eyes for her not the computer - i like the friendly go home option.

    Isiah made himself at home and both Ngaire and I decided that we had made the right choice.

    Fetu wasn't giving up without a fight - he called and asked her on another date...
    It was such a sweet and romantic date that I was considering picking personality over abs when ....

    Isiah came over for the evening and we discovered that he had given Ngaire something more than good memories...

    here they are after having a great time at the romance festival.
    He was surprisingly happy to be a father -
    We did try to risk his life with the murphy bed and some very dodgy pufferfish - hey! its my build save I like to mess around like I wouldnt in a real save.
    But all it did was make her autonomously propose (insert angry screaming tantrum about why this sim and not Quin or Rohan)
    Her son kept on trying to eat the pufferfish so I deleted all the plates as Isiah had earned the right to live.

    And then - the curse of the tiny home struck!
    My second ever set of triplets were born. They dont even fit in the house.
    So Ngaire got her dream and the family moved to a family sized home in Sulani. And Declan got her home.

    BUt then Declan held his house warming party...
    To which Isiah and Ngaire were invited. Declan is a magic user so Declan and Morgyn know him well.

    SHe got on well with Quin and Rohan and enjoyed the potato that Declan had grilled.


    I was watching Morgyn watch Quin when, bang,
    Ngaire fell down dead.

    Declan's pleading fell on deaf ears.

    Poor Isiah - he met a woman, got her pregnant with triplets, married her and adopted her son and now he is a widower with 4 kids. The life of a sim!

    Next day Isiah challenged Declan to a magic duel.
    Poor Declan didn't have the heart to attack him and suffered for his restraint.
    It didn't make Isiah feel any better..
    Declan returned Ngaire's headstone to her family - this is where I discovered the cause of death - death by pufferfish. How she found it and ate it I dont know. I checked her inventory and the entire lot - I deleted the right number of plates - i thought! And she was eating a potato not pufferfish. Well serves me right for messing with it.
    Poor Isiah.... I am sorry.

    Finally @ryttu3k - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I had to try Artbreeder with Quin and Rohan and I was happy with the results:
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 4,553 Member
    The low-grade drama of University life

    Agathe is going for a distinguished degree in Communications, but find herself more and more steering towards the Artsy stuff.

    She even joins the school's Art club.

    Mid second Term Agathe makes the decision to change focus and re-apply for a Fine Art's degree. Especially now when she might be accepted into the Distinguished Degree...

    ...Also, relaxed Attire Rules are relaxed.

    Back in the same school but for a different degree she immediately starts to upgrade everything in her dorm to Eco Friendly options!

    Some Debate Club members are more suspect than others...

    Learning photography... what's a better subject than your fiancee?

    Apparently there are at least two ways to score at the gym.
    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
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