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    August 17
  • Welcome Aboard!
    • lisasc360
      Hello and welcome to the forums... :)

      In order to be able to posts pictures and have an avatar, you first need to become a full member because as of right now you are considered a new member. New members are restricted from starting new threads, posting pictures and links, having an avatar or changing one, sending private messages to other members. In order to become a full member, you will need to have 25 points, 15 posts and an account older than 24 hours.
      A link with a list of badges that gives out points. There is a page that explains what each badge is but it's broken for the time being.
      And this link is a tutorial on how to use the site.. :)
      A link for a thread for New Members to introduce themselves to the community.
      I would suggest for all new members to go and read the rules of the site before posting... :)
      A link to Forums Etiquette, Warning/Banning Process and the Forum Rules... :)
      For any New members who want to get their post/point count up, the best thing that I would advise you to do is to find threads that may interest you and join in on them or go to the Off Topic section and join in on some of the word/story games over there. The posts made over in the forum section will go towards your post count whereas the posts made on your wall and the Activity Feed doesn't go towards the total post count. The only thing that you will get if you should make any post over on your wall or Activity Feed will be any Insightfuls, Likes or Awesomes as they will go towards your total points count. Hopefully creating your posts on other threads will also increase your points... :)
      And for anyone who may have any issues with either TS3 or TS4, these are links for New Members to post their issues in.
      Sims 3 issues
      Sims 4 issues
      And for name changes, you can request them on either @EA_Lanna or @EA_Mage page... :)
    • Jblackwell20
      how can I put my picture on there
  • My sims left their homework at someone’s house when they were visiting and no one was home. I went back to get it and it wasn’t there, so I just bought new homework. It says “6 owner” but when u buy the homework where does it go? It’s not in my sims inventory and it doesn’t reappear when they get home from high school, and yes I bought the right homework. Please help
    • rosemow
      The homework is usually in the inventory of the sim. There is then an option there to do the homework when you click on it.
      Sometimes though kids come home with no homework. You then need to buy homework for them to do.
  • Sims 4/Sims 3 Tornado Survival Challenge
    *Seasons Recommended But Not Required*
    So, I made this challenge a long time ago but never posted it. Here it is in all its glory.

    When creating the household you can make as many sims as you want, even pets. They can have any traits and can look however you want them to. Seasons is recommended because it will make the challenge more interesting and realistic during the tornadoes.
    Once you've finished with your household, you can live anywhere you want. Preferably in a starter house or a house built by yourself, however, it can be whatever you want. The only requirement is that the lot must have a bunker/storm shelter.

    The storm shelter must only start with...
    -A cheap couch
    -A cheap fridge/cooler
    -A cheap TV or a cheap dance station/radio thing
    -A garbage can
    -A toilet
    -*Optional* A cheap bed
    And if you have pets you can have...
    -One food bowl
    -One pet toy
    You can add more things and better quality items as time progresses. next post has more
  • Shinzen
    Aaah, you commented on my page and I replied thank you but I also just wanted to say that I love your current profile picture as well; nonbinary representation is always something I really love seeing, so it made me happy!
    • Magdaleena
      oh my gosh, thank you!! makes me really happy to hear aaaaaa :D
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 6 years.
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 5 years.
  • Ok, so gonna clean this whole activity page and start a thread for my legacy over in the "Challenges, Stories, and Legacies" thread. Go there for updates!
    • rosemow
      Hello :) I hope that you will enjoy posting on your new Legacy thread :)
  • :'( :'( my sims upset because I got him a tshirt when will he stop crying and let my other sim talk to him again
    • rosemow
      Try having him travel to another lot, then see if that helps.
    • Loulou2406
      Another lot? I’ve had him do 6 things on his own so far his worked 2 four hour shifts, his been out with his friend twice and then his done stuff with my sim that he’s started but this next quest only my other sim can start it but since his upset with her she can’t talk to him it just says coles upset
    • rosemow
      I did know that you were playing Sims Mobile.
      Sometimes the moodlet that comes with the “ surprise choices” feature lasts for 8 hours. Try coming completely out of the game. Shut down the device that you are playing the game on. Then turn it on again, open the game and see if the issue is still there.
    • rosemow
      I meant to type that I did “ not” know that you were playing Sims Mobile.
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    You received 500 Likes. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
  • Trumpets? will wind instruments ever get added? maybe not the tuba, but trumpets, ocarina, clarinet, flute, and saxophone. Recorders for the kids and toddlers.
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  • Please help!! Everytime I try to play my sims 4 game, it says that is already running, when it's not! And I press play, and it doesn't do anything!! Someone please help!!
    • rosemow
      Try doing what is suggested in the second post of this AHQ EA thread
    • CassiSims
      Thanks! I will check it out. (:
    • CassiSims
      Sadly, it didn't work
    • rosemow
      Repairing the game may help. To do that, go to games library in Origin, right click on the sims 4 picture and click repair

      Try uninstalling and reinstalling origin and see if that helps.
  • Mentioning someone in a discussion (like this: @Name) is a great way to encourage dialog and let them know who you’re talking to.
  • Evie0602
    It would be a good idea to make a thread for your legacy updates because posts on the activity page get deleted after 60 days. So if you don't make a separate thread for your posts, then they will disappear eventually. You can make a thread in this section of the forums:
    Lots of other people post about their legacies there.
    • Smoochs
      Omg, I didn't know that! D: Thank you for the heads up!
  • You received 5 Awesomes. We like that.
    August 17
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  • Little things like uploading a profile picture make the community a better place. Thanks!
    August 17
  • Someone please make a Homeless children mod

    There can be Homeless Toddlers, Children, and Teens.
    The homeless children will be sleeping on Benches And begging for money/food and if you gain a high friendship with a homeless child then you will have the option to Adopt them. You can also give money/food to the children. The children will not go to school because they can not afford it. The children can die from hunger. The homeless Toddlers will be sleeping on benches And crying for food. You do not need to gain a friendship with Homeless toddlers to adopt them because they don't know any better. The toddlers can not die from hunger, The child services will come and get them. You can also give food to the Toddlers. The homeless Teens will be sleeping on Benches And begging for money/food. You have to max the friendship with homeless teens to adopt them. You can also give money/food to the Teens. I would do this myself But I do not know how to make mods.If this is already a mod tell me
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    August 17
  • Thanks for sticking with us for a full year.
    August 17
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 2 years.
    August 17
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 3 years.
    August 17

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