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  • rosemow
    I am glad that watching the replay of the livecast helped you after your very tiring day of chemo :) I send big hugs to you <3 You have many simmers here who are keeping you in our thoughts <3
    ( I posted this also on the livecast thread, but forgot to tag you :( )
    October 12
    • Writin_Reg
      Thank you Rosemow. I did enjoy the replay for sure. It looks fabulous and even helped me forget about the grueling day today. Been a long week - but I finally got my olestra implant which hopefully will rise up my white cell count to a safer level. Next Friday my team is doing some Catscans of the areas and see how things are looking. Before they were not speaking of radiation but this week doctor also mentions if the aggressive ones in my lymph glands show improvement they may be able to do some radiation on the slower growing non-aggressive 9 mm tumor I have in my right lung and shrink it. That is promising if I can also get my white cell count to a safer level. I sure hope so . It'd be nice to get rid of that big devil. They said it was too dangerous though with such a low white cell count.

      So weird is with Leukemia my white cells were too high and now they are dangerously low. Crazy the way cancer works. But on a great note this time I have a huge team of 16 Oncologists with a real full fledged cancer center. The place is the size of a City itself Big difference this time. So the travel and days and days of daily trips I hope pay off. THings have changed so much in the last 9 years and no nay sayers here.

      I too make sure I am there every schedule no matter what - my doctors say they are amazed I never balk at anything - if only they could look inside they'd see I do - I just keep it to myself. You are too afraid if you say no - well you will lose and I don't want to lose. So if i do, well I am not as brave as they think inside anyway - but I also will not lose and be the cause of it happening so I won't say no - no matter how like jelly I feel inside. This one is a no brainer - and you just have to do it. The only way to go is up and by golly be afraid but try is all I can think.

      So it was especially nice to get out of that mind thought today - every day this week I had chemo and today all this added info - and again Sims managed to somehow draw me away from it all with the new tool. I am not the builder many people are but I can dare to dream and it is a tool even I may be able to do something with. I can dream... So yes - Sims and Maxis again made my day and regardless what some people think of the Sims 4 - well I have very good reason I think of being happy it is what it is and it is still able to take me away from real life that is beyond scary and I sure wish wasn't my realism - but somehow Maxis made me think away from this and made my day better.
    • Writin_Reg
      Need finger crossed October 19th for the new Catscans and whitecell counts. Can sure use some wishful thinking from every one that day. Thanks in advance I feel strong in the power of many good thoughts ( I have to be careful what I call them here apparently but I hope you all get what I mean) L hopefully getting heard and that I am responding as my family and I hope. Can not even think what it means if I'm not. My kids are beside themselves in worry and there is nothing I can say to make it better. I need to make it better somehow - and Lord knows I want that too. I love life no matter what...
    • rosemow
      Thankyou for posting about how you are feeling with how your health is, and details about your heath condition. May you have the strength that you need for each new day <3
    • Writin_Reg
      Yes - I am sorry I could not post it in the post you made but I can't say much on the forum I guess. So the least I could do is put it on my wall - I am fighting as hard as I can. I do hope it is working. It's scary at times - not always bad but it will help make me less fearful if I am really responding - I cannot imagine how I will feel if I am not though. One day at a time - and hope it is working.
    • Simburian
      I hope your treatment goes well and fingers crossed for 19th October. @Writin_Reg
    • Writin_Reg
      Thank you so much. Hugs Reggie.
    • luthienrising
      *hugs* Thinking of you, Reg!
    • Writin_Reg
      Thank you Luthienrising - always appreciated. Hugs.
    • despina53
      I've marked the 19th on my calendar and will be sending you loads of positive energy and prayers. Hugs - Dee
    • Writin_Reg
      Bless you Dee - thank you.
    • Nikkei_Simmer
      Stay strong, Writin_Reg, Pulling for you... prayers, energy and hope...sent.
    • Writin_Reg
      Thank you Nikkei.
    • rosemow
      I am especially thinking of you today as you have the cat scans and white cell counts. Sending hugs and hearts to you <3
    • Writin_Reg
      Thank you Rosemow - just leaving for the Cancer Center. Fingers crossed and tummy full of butterflies.
    • SAEldarin
      Thinking of you!
    • meerkattime
      Wishing you all the best today... I hope your appointment goes well <3.
    • MidnightAura
      I wish you all the best for your scan today! Thoughts are with you.
  • Mentioning someone in a discussion (like this: @Name) is a great way to encourage dialog and let them know who you’re talking to.
  • I hope Simscamp goes well for the game changers. Unfortunately, I may not be able to join the twitch lives though due to moving irl
    • rosemow
      Hello :)
      I hope that your moving goes well. Moving homes can be a bit stressful. I hope that you settle into your new place smoothly :)
  • rosemow
    Hello :) Welcome to the forums!
    You are invited to visit this thread and introduce yourself.
    Happy simming! :)
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    October 18
  • Welcome Aboard!
    • lisasc360
      Hello and welcome to the forums... :)

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      And this link is a tutorial on how to use the site.. :)
      A link for a thread for New Members to introduce themselves to the community.
      I would suggest for all new members to go and read the rules of the site before posting... :)
      A link to Forums Etiquette, Warning/Banning Process and the Forum Rules... :)
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      Sims 3 issues
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      And for name changes, you can request them on either @EA_Lanna or @EA_Cian page... :)
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    October 18
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    October 18
  • lisasc360
    I hope all goes well with you today at your appointment and that you get the news that you want to hear... :)
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    October 18
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  • CeleSeraphym
    Reg, I don't know if you got my last comment or not, but I wanted to again wish you well. I'm thinking of and praying for you today. Hold strong and lean on faith. Take care, all the best, most heartfelt wishes for you and your family. <3
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 8 years.
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 9 years.
  • "Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric." --Bertrand Russell
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    • HillyBeth
      This is what happens when you're a family-player:
      Brooklyn's aunt and uncle- her father's older brother and his wife- passed away today. These two are adults and Channing ages up in 19 days while Brooklyn ages up in 21 days.
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  • The Unparalleled room is built for #oneroomoneweekonetheme challenge no. 183. The theme of the room is a bedroom for twin sisters who are opposites.
    Download here,The Unparalleled Room
  • OhMyHemsworth
    Thank you so much! Yes he is. :)
    • citysimmer
      Is your ID the same here as it is on the gallery? :)
  • The Prequel is over. The Sequel begins!
  • I just caught up with the first episode of Doctor Who 13. Lame. Lame. Lame. I give it a two thumbs down. Way down. No Regenearation, No TARDIS, No Sonic Screw Driver, and Jody tried way too hard to be goofy, funny and or whacky. Over acting as a woman playing a man as a woman. The writer has no idea how to write a good story for Dr. Who. He was great on Broadchurch, but omg, where is Moffit? There wasn't even Dr. Who themed music during any suspenceful events...which btw, any human could have saved that guy on the why did we need a doctor to do that? It was uneventul, lame, boring, and I won't be tuning in again. Dr. Who is over for me. They didn't even show how she regenerated from Peter to Jody, or what had happened to the TARDIS, how shallow can we go? Reminds me of something else.
    October 16
    • Simburian
      It picked up a bit in the second instalment but I'm also having a bit of difficulty accepting Jody. I'll keep watching though.
    • Goodywood
      I'm sorry for the disappointment Cinebar. :( Maybe it'll improve overtime?

      I wanted to start watching Doctor Who. I watch one episode with Matt Smith starring as the Doctor. I liked it but when I saw that they changed the Doctors regularly I stopped watching because I didn't want to get attached to one Doctor and then they changed the Doctor to someone else.
    • Simburian
      BTW The sonic screwdriver's back. She made a new one!
    • MidnightAura
      Didn't the regeneration happen in the Christmas episode? I'm not a huge fan (my Husband is) . The only positive thing I can say about Dr Who is Peter Capaldi was the sweetest when I met him and he gave me a hug and my Husband was jealous ha ha
    • paradiseplanet
      The Doctor did indeed regenerate in the last Christmas ep that featured the First and 12th in an adventure; the TARDIS disappeared after the 13th fell to Earth and reappeared again in the 2nd ep of the new series. I think the 13th has been brilliant so far; though I do think the first ep was a slow burn and a bit mellow for a starting story, but so far I'm liking what I see. It's great that you've shared your opinion on the new Doctor Who and it's perfectly fine not to like her. :)
  • I've now made a Simblr! There's nothing on it yet though, so I won't share it just yet, but there will be soon! :smiley:
    • rosemow
      Hello :) It is exciting that you have made a simblr! I hope that you will enjoy posting on it.Simmers will enjoy visiting it :)
    • paradiseplanet
      We'll see where it goes! :D
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  • jimmysnan
    I will send you a code for spooky stuff in your messages. Please look there and happy simming.

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