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  • EA_Cade
    EA_Cade earned the 2,500 Likes badge.
    You received 2,500 Likes. People really notice you, in case you haven't noticed.
    April 10
  • plantasim
    Hello, please change my username to plantasim so it can match my ea username ♥
    April 4
  • zoeh7
    Hii please can my user be change to zoeh7
    March 24
  • FraTac
    Hi, I would like to change my username to FraTac, please. :)
    March 18
  • ThaPhoenix1
    Hi @EA_Cade I've been having a spell of ill health and had no idea about the nominations thread. I'd like to be able to request to have my build thread migrated over to the new forum, if I may?
    March 13
    • EA_Cade

      Looks like your thread will move since it had comments made on it after Oct 2022.

      Hope you're feeling better!
    • ThaPhoenix1
      I am! Thanks so much for the reassurance.
  • gamer_grl16
    Can I change my username to gamer_grl16 please
    March 14
  • gamer_grl16
    Is there anyway to get back old accounts, I cant log into an account i made in 2009. User: spycoo16. Its only been one day please is there anything to salvage ?
    March 14
    • EA_Cade

      Please send me a DM so I can take a look into this.
  • mcrudd
    Hi there @EA_Cade. Could you please delete my accounts both here and at the future forums, it would be aporeciated.

    Thanks Melanie aka mcrudd
    March 3
  • catloverplayer
    This is in reference to the communication perks you was wanting me to join with the new forum.
    February 28
    • EA_Cade
      So sorry, I'm not getting emails for wall posts for some reason. :(

      Shoot me a DM please and we'll take a look!
  • catloverplayer
    Hello I'm having problems signing in. I clicked on the link you sent me.
    February 28
  • Me1620
    Hi EA_Cade,

    I am the host and creator of the[url="http://"][/url][url="http://"] Daily Deal thread[/url] that has been nominated for migration. I can no longer edit the first post of thread. I can have access to edit the other posts on page 1 of the thread. When I select the edit button for the thread, a window opens "Permission Problem. You don't have permission to do that." I used to be able to edit the first post. I noticed on the first post that "Post edited by EA_Solaire on February 13". After the migration, will I be able to edit the first post again?

    Thank you for taking care of us
    February 21

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