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Metior_Ice’s Merfolk Story Thread

Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
After trying to play through a legacy, I wanted to do something different, something that isn’t related to a specific challenge.

I’m hoping to share my stories here for fun. It’ll be a way to continue writing when I’m unable to work on my personal works.

I will be sharing households and my builds in the gallery. If anyone wants to use a build or a household, feel free to let me know if it isn’t already in the gallery.

While there aren’t plans for a rigid plot, I do plan on building off of whatever happens in a previous update.

I’m creating a new thread because I’m telling a new story with a new save!
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  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    Right now,

    There isn’t much to share. I’m mostly rebuilding the world I was creating before. I learned of a few things from the High School Years pack, and I want to do a few things differently.

    I’ve done more to clean up my gallery, so there shouldn’t be any duplicate builds. Moving forward, I’m hoping to maintain one build. I’ll share a new version of a build after I’ve made some significant changes to it, or if someone asks me to share it.

    I’ve uploaded most of the base households. When a new household is created, there’s usually an “original” copy of that household saved to the gallery. A lot of my households are the “originals” that I hope can be protected in the Gallery. I plan on creating a duplicate household that will get updated at the end of every rotation.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 3,409 Member
    I've bookmarked this so I can follow it.
    I look forward to being able to follow one of your stories from the beginning.

    Tales of San Myshuno
    See What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

    Aliens Stole My Alien Parents
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    edited November 1
    @mightysprite I hope you enjoy the story! I’m almost done with the set up for Sulani.

    Things are almost working out better too! I’m taking a little extra time to fully convert all the venues and lots in Sulani! Last time I set up the save, I feel like I got a bit tired of all the building. Lol.

    I’m still trying to turn things toward the industrial eco-footprint. Most of my builds have a neutral or green eco footprint. It just takes so long to change up the venues!

    It can easily take a few sim weeks before the desired effect kicks in.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    @CtrlAltDel I hope you enjoy the story as soon as I’m able to share my first update!
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    Gameplay and updates will be coming later. I think it took what little energy I had to finish the set up for my new save.

    I haven’t been feeling too well the past few days. I’m still hoping to have an update relatively soon after I recharge.

    My first household will naturally be my Zalrian Household, and the story will be starting with my twin mermen, Dylan and Zeph. Well, Dylan and Zeph aren’t quite mermen, they will be merboys.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    edited November 4

    Sulani used to be a beautiful paradise. The three islands of St. Taz, Ohan’Ali, and Mua Pel’Am we’re surrounded by pristine water and oceanic splendor.

    Over the years, an ambitious women began looking for ways to profit from paradise. The tourism she brought to the islands brought temporary prosperity, and the Chieften was easy to manipulate in her old age. The Chieftan’s daughter tried to salvage the Island Traditions, but the people grew more and more disconnected from the three great Islands.

    In their greed, they took the bounty of the Islands and the Sea until some fish became endangered and the skies grew too polluted. As the seas and shores became littered with trash, humans stopped returning to the islands as often.

    Eventually, most humans abandoned the Islands entirely. The absence of humans gave the islands a moment of reprieve that cleared the skies for a time. But, the possibility of pollution returning was almost guaranteed.

    The one who claimed to represent the islands ended up moving onto her next venture. But, for those who remained in Sulani, the person that ruined the islands wasn’t as important as the state of the islands.

    Sulani was home to a race of mythical beings known as merfolk, collectively the mermen and mermaids that dwelled around the reefs and the deeper seas. Merfolk were immortal Ocean Spirits born from Sea Foam and Song. Future generations of merfolk were born from their parent’s songs.

    When Sulani became too polluted for humans, most of the merfolk retreated to deeper water. A few merfolk families remained closer to the shore but stayed close to the sea. As the island’s grew more hostile to life, the merfolk that remained close to the shore started looking for ways to live among humans. Their children would start learning how humans lived by going to a human high school.

    Naturally it was a shock to learn that human school was different from a school of fish.

    I edited in a teaser picture for my next update. It's a little unrelated to the prologue, but it should help do what the Prologue is meant to do. I also wanted the story update to match the intended format moving forward.
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  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    I was hoping to share more, but I hope the prologue is a good start. I caught a cold, so I’ve had to spend most of my time fighting it. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to share another update soon.
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 4,472 Member
    I always love your mermaid stories! Looking forward to the rest of it! I hope you feel better soon 🙏
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
  • luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 639 Member
    @Metior_Ice, good prologue. The stage is set, the orchestra is ready... I'm looking forward to the show. :)
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    To help create a distinction from reader replies and story updates, I'm going to have a chapter title in bold, a screenshot for the chapter, and the chapter update in a spoiler.

    I'm just now, finally getting over a nasty cold, and I'm finally getting the energy to play the game again! My next story update will probably be coming later, but I think it will be worth the wait!
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    A hurricane will be making land fall this Thursday. This will likely delay my next update.

    Hurricanes usually disrupt things for around a week.
  • luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 639 Member
    @Metior_Ice, your excuses for not updating are so much better than mine. :)

    Stay dry.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    @Metior_Ice, your excuses for not updating are so much better than mine. :)

    Stay dry.

    Honestly, I’m more worried about flooding than anything else.

    But, I’m hoping to get a little more gameplay in for a comfortable update. I currently have over 100 screenshots, but I don’t feel like I’m ready to start my update. I feel like something is still missing for a good chapter.
  • luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 639 Member
    Metior_Ice wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice, your excuses for not updating are so much better than mine. :)

    Stay dry.

    Honestly, I’m more worried about flooding than anything else.

    But, I’m hoping to get a little more gameplay in for a comfortable update. I currently have over 100 screenshots, but I don’t feel like I’m ready to start my update. I feel like something is still missing for a good chapter.

    I hear that. I think somewhere between 80-120 raw screenshots per chapter is about my usual. Filtering that down to the 16-20 I actually use is... fun. :)
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    edited November 13
    I had Rahul Chopra take a more serious interest in Dylan… First, Rahul wanted to be best friends… But, Dylan’s best friend was his twin brother, and the only thing Dylan ever said to Rahul was a cheerful introduction.

    Almost immediately after, while I had my twins playing music together, Dylan singing and Zeph playing the Guitar… Rahul wanted to go to prom with Dylan…

    So, Dylan is creeped out by Rahul and Rahul is hurt because Dylan said no to prom.

    Honestly, Dylan is incredibly friendly, upon introduction, he’s normally good friends with everyone…

    It’s just… that happened way too fast. Dylan is Bi, so he could be in a relationship with Rahul if he didn’t make it so awkward moving too fast.

    I’m hoping that Dylan gets a chance to meet Cecelia soon. I was hoping to pick up with the relationships my twins had before I started a new save.

    Speaking of Promposals... This happened. It's not exactly how I expected to go about it, but...

    Sefina isn't there to attend class. She just showed up in the middle of class...


    Edit: Extras are random, but often fun, things that happened in my game. They may or may not be story related. Sometimes, these things can lead to a different direction from the planned story.

    I'll generally title the Extras as Extra and put all of it in a spoiler.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    I almost have all the screenshots I need for my first story update! I’m not sure if I’m going to call them chapters or episodes. Leaning towards calling them Chapters.

    I’m thinking the update will be tonight or tomorrow depending on how quickly I can sort through my screenshots.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    edited November 21
    Sorry about things taking a little longer than expected. I had twice as many screenshots to look through and life started to take over.

    Chapter 1: The Ruins Humans Left Behind

    Without any humans around, Dylan and Zephyr snuck off to an abandoned Karaoke Bar to sing. The old machine was broken, but the twin merboys used their natural mermadic voices to make up for any dysfunctional hardware. As the sun set, the merboys wanted to get home before their dad found them missing.

    "I'm not sure about sneaking off anymore." Zephyr said. "You know how dad feels about us going anywhere near the human ruins."

    "Just relax." Dylan reassured. "There aren't any humans around and dad was diving in the deep when we left."

    Zephyr raised his hands and took a deep breath.


    "That's it Zeph." Dylan said. "We got this. There's no need to get..."

    Dylan saw their father swim up from behind his brother and froze up.


    "Zephyr?" Calum said. "Why are you so close to this place?"

    "Well," Zephyr stopped to think. "We just really wanted to get a closer look, you know."


    "If Dylan wanted to sneak off again, you should have told your mother or uncle." Calum advised. "Last time you two snuck off, we had to spend the day getting your tails free from the human debris."

    Zephyr shivered at the thought. 'I remember the rope and metal wire...' He wouldn't admit it to his father though.


    Zephyr was feeling cornered. "Why can't we go to the ruins?! Humans left the Islands a long time ago!"

    "Humans left the Islands, but their pollution still remains. You two could get hurt."

    "We explored the human ruins! We had a lot of fun and nothing happened this time!"

    "Zeph!" Dylan whispered.

    Zephyr realized what he said too late.


    Zeph wanted to take back what he said, but he couldn't find the words. Calum was lost for words, but for only a moment.


    "This isn't a game. You both know that you aren't allowed to go anywhere near human ruins. If Kemps knew..."

    "You won't tell him, right?" Zeph begged.


    Calum pulled back. "Your uncle is the Patriarch. I can't keep it a secret if he asks. He's the one that made the rule too."

    "But... He'll beach us if he knew." Zeph didn't want to get his brother in trouble. Zeph was the one that wanted to do something fun when he saw that his brother was bored.


    "There's not much I can do. Kemps makes the rules to keep the pod safe."

    "Dad, we won't go near the ruins again. We promise!"

    "We promise!" Dylan added.


    "Why do we have to follow his rules anyways? He makes the sea a prison! We can't do this. We can't do that!"

    "Zeph, he cares about all of us. The sea can be dangerous, but the human ruins can be even more dangerous."


    "Dad, he didn't mean it." Dylan said.

    "I did. I meant every word!" Zeph insisted.

    "Zeph, I expected better from you." Calum said.


    "Zeph, go home. I need to talk to your brother."

    "Dad, Dylan is innocent. He didn't..."

    "I said go home."


    Zeph swam home and Calum turned to face his other son.


    Dylan couldn't hold it in anymore.

    "Why are you like this?! Why do you have to be so mean?!"


    "We had fun! There's nothing to do at home. All we do is swim!"


    "I'm sorry you feel so bored, but human ruins are not the place to have fun!"

    "So many rules! Me and Zeph feel trapped! Can't you see that."

    "Enough! We are going home."


    As Dylan swam home, Calum wasn't far behind him.


    When Calum and Dylan returned to Zalia Shores, Zeph swam up to his dad.

    "Dad, I'm so sorry. I'm the one that suggested that we go to the human ruins."


    "Zeph, you know better."

    "I know. I know. Dylan was looking particularly bored. He loves music, and I thought..."

    "It's okay. Just... Don't do it again. I think I owe your brother an apology."


    "It's hard sometimes. You two do everything together."

    "We're best friends. I can't imagine doing anything without Dylan!"

    "I know. Believe me, I know. I'd be surprised to find either of you without the other."


    "So, how was it?"

    "How was what?"

    "You know, being in the human ruins." Calum asked.


    "Well, humans have a device called a "Karaoke Machine." It doesn't make any sound, but the "microphones" were fun to sing into."

    "I remember when that place had seen better days. I think those machines did make sound in the past."


    "I remember humans wearing so many funny outfits and visiting that place often."

    "I can't imagine what that looks like. I've never seen a human." Zeph replied.

    "Well, human outifts are completely unsuitable for swimming. I can tell you that much."


    After their father left, the twins crawled onto shore. One of their Uncle's rules was that they could go on land as long as they didn't shapeshift. It made things more challenging, but the twins would curl their tails to their side and chat by the waves. It was something different from swimming and playing with dolphins.

    "So, what did dad say?" Dylan asked.

    "He accepted my apology." Zeph answered. "He definitely knows more about humans than I thought."

    "Give me all the details!"


    "Apparently, that machine we sang with used to make sound!"

    "No way!"


    "What else?!" Dylan asked.

    "Well, humans have "outfits" that they wore to that place. Those things didn't help them swim."


    "I wonder what kind of music those machines made. Do you think the machines could make our singing better if it worked?" Dylan asked.

    "Our voices are naturally pitch perfect. How can you make that better?"

    "I don't know, but it sounds like it would be fun."


    "One day, I want to play an instrument or something. I want to do more than sing!"

    "I want to invent new gadjets! One day, we'll be able to take a human form with Kemps's permission!"


    "We'll get our chance. I know it." Dylan reassured.


    The twins slipped back into the water to continue their conversation.

    "I've got a genius idea." Zeph said. "Let's swim to another Island and do a little exploring."

    "I don't get it. We can do most exploring around St. Taz."

    "But, we've explored every reef, seafloor, and seagrass meadow around here."


    "We'll just have to be careful and avoid swimming too close to human ruins." Dylan said.

    "It shouldn't be too hard to do that."


    "Let's do it!" Dylan cheered!

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  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    So, Zeph was extremely dramatic when Sefina took his seat at school.


    Even though she wasn't a student that was supposed to be there, she was doing her best to look like she was supposed to be there.

  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 23,709 Member
    I loved it @Metior_Ice Nice to have you back and posting stories again. :)
    You can download (free) all three volumes of my Night Whispers Star Trek Fanfiction here: You'll need to have a pdf reader. New websites:
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    I loved it @Metior_Ice Nice to have you back and posting stories again. :)

    This is only the beginning of Dylan and Zeph’s story!

    One day, I hope to publish my own book about merfolk, but for now, I’m going to keep sharing stories here. Life is a little too chaotic for writing a book right now.

    I’ve actually written 5 to 10 chapters of my own book and dabbled in what it takes to write a book. I know I have a little ways to go before I can finish it.

    Still, I love sharing stories about my sims. I don’t plan on stopping.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    I’m going to share another update later tonight, maybe. I still have a lot to work with. I’ve played an entire sim week, and I’m just starting to weave together my story. I had to play another sim day to start working on my next update. So, I’ll be editing screenshots again.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
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    Chapter 2: The Spirit of the Sea

    "Mua Pel'Am is the perfect place to explore!" Dylan said.

    "Only one human ruin close to the sea, and there's a lot to do without going on land!" Zeph added.


    "So, what are we going to do first?!" Dylan asked.

    "I thought you had a few creative ideas." Zeph replied.


    "Historically, this was the island that our people called home long before humans arrived." Zeph explained.


    "Maybe we could find a lost sunken wreck or something left behind by the merfolk that abandoned the islands?"


    "I don't know. Do you think we can really find anything left behind by other merfolk?" Dylan asked.

    "There's only one way to find out."


    "We just have to remember Kemps's rules." Zeph advised.

    "Can you remind me? He has so many." Dylan replied.

    "They aren't that many." Zeph said. "We aren't allowed to take a human form, and we need to stay far away from human ruins and humans."


    "You understand, right?" Zeph asked.

    "I still feel like we are forgetting a rule." Dylan said.

    "I'm sure we aren't forgetting anything." Zeph insisted.


    "Well, if you are sure about that..." Dylan lept out of the water. Zeph looked up in suprise.


    As Dylan dove into the water, he flicked his fluke and splashed Zeph.


    Zeph pulled back and the twins laughed.


    "I thought we had a truce." Zeph splashed back.


    "But, you said we weren't forgetting any rules." Dylan chuckled.

    "I meant we weren't forgetting any of Uncle Kemps's rules." Zeph chuckled.


    "I was getting uptight again, wasn't I?" Zeph asked.


    "I could read you like a book." Dylan answered. "You need to relax and learn to have fun."


    "I'm supposed to be the level headed one," Zeph said. "It's my one job."

    "You can be level headed but don't think for a minute that I'll let you stress yourself out over it," Dylan replied. "That's my job."


    "Let's go find a sunken ship or something," Dylan said.

    "I'm right behind you." Zeph replied.


    Dylan led the way to the nearest place to dive. Zeph followed close behind until he felt something slime him.


    It was worrisome that he could feel the effects of human pollution so far away from a shore humans had access to.


    'I need to make sure we don't get sick exploring this island. The water here... It's so uncomfortable to swim in.'


    Dylan was swimming too far ahead, so Zeph resolved to swim a little faster to catch up. He used the full strength of his tail to propel himself forward.


    Dylan knew his brother would catch up with him, but he felt a pull toward an atoll. Despite Dylan and Zeph's identical appearance, Dylan had a much stronger connection to the sea and water. He could feel that something was wrong around Mua Pel'Am. He knew that his brother could feel it. All merfolk could feel it. But, Dylan felt it much stronger.


    Dylan knew he was swimming too close to the human ruins at this point, but he found himself near the thing that pulled him there. The thing that made swimming around Mua Pel'Am feel so, wrong.


    It was the pollution his dad warned them about. The pollution that would get tangled around their tails and hurt the sea life. Dylan couldn't leave it there. He went to work, doing his best to clean it up. Unfortunately, he just couldn't carry all the trash in his arms. He had no where to put it. Before long, the trash would float out of his arms and back to the surface.


    Eventually, Dylan decided to break his Uncle's rules. He grabbed bits of the pollution, went on land, threw the trash into a container that had more of it already in it, and he repeated the clean up until he got everything out of the water. It was gross. He could tell that humans had a place to put that stuff, and he didn't understand how so much of it could end up where it didn't belong.


    Dylan felt slime all over his skin and scales. 'I'll have to swim an entire day to wash this off.'


    'There's just too much to clean up. I can't do this alone.'


    Dylan decided to swim back to his brother. They needed to leave. He couldn't enjoy swimming around this island.

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  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 5,541 Member
    @Metior_Ice It's so good to see you and the twins back here. I've bookmarked this thread and forward to more of this wonderful storyline. This time I'm in it from the start so that will be fun. I have so many stories to get caught up on it feels overwhelming. It's encouraging to be caught up on one at least.🙂
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  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 2,171 Member
    @DaniRose2143 I have a feeling that some people will have a feel for who and what Dylan and Zeph are. But, I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone.

    But, for me, I’m very detail oriented. Even some of the smallest details can be broken down for greater meaning. Most of the time, I even go so far as to look up the meaning of a name before choosing it for my characters.
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