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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,176 Member
    Well snap, got a glitch that's not allowing me to save my game. Well looks like I'm not playing until that's fixed, at least I have pictures saved from a few days ago.

    So Tex our favorite Cyborg Cowboy has decided to play some horseshoes. Since he's a Cowboy, certainly he'll be a pro at this.
    Don't think that's a viable throw in the great game of horseshoes, but you see that hat? That hat means he knows horseshoes like the back of his hand.
    Tex: "Ah Shoot."
    For some reason Anakin and Blanca decided to have a lightsaber duel in the Murder Cage.
    Anakin: "I'm at least 10% more into you now than I was five minutes ago."
    Alright folks, thanks to our latest venture into the wasteland we have been able to add to the entertainment center. For instance, this guitar.
    And this workout machine.
    Blanca: "Oh thank the heavens, I need to pump my guns."
    Meanwhile, Tex needs to practice his boxing because.....Wait he's a cyborg. Wouldn't this be ineffective? Ah who cares, he needs something to do since he sucks at horseshoes so much.
    Then of course turns out The Chief's Wife......Really need a nickname for her.....Is actually pretty good at the guitar. This will be great for their late night fire dances!
    After a hard day killing Mutants, Sonya needs a nice stiff drink.
    Anakin: "Hey check this out."
    Anakin: "Fitness."
    Turns out The Chief's Wife is actually really good at painting as well.
    So she's going to paint this moment for future generations to find in the ruins!
    Oh snap, it's Luna! She came to visit!
    Blanca: "Welcome to Camp Murder!"
    Luna: "That's exactly what I would've named this place!"
    So of course Luna and Blanca decided to do some sky gazing.
    Blanca: "At least I'm trying to, I can't see anything past this plumbob."
    Not much to see today Blanca, just radiation in the sky.
    Blanca: "Oh snap guys look! It's a helicopter flying overhead."
    Anakin: "Hey, there might be friendly people in that helicopter! And if they aren't friendly, we can kill them! I'll cast a spell to let them know we're down here and they can land!"
    Dragon Blade: "Hey Anakin, doesn't look like they're landing. Looks more like they're falling pretty fast."
    Dragon Blade: "OH SWEET GEEZUS NO!"
    And Dead.
    Anakin: "I blame Sonya."
    Chief Manslaughter: "A REAL Ninja would've dodged that. He was a fraud all along!"
    Luna: "Do people die here often?"
    Blanca: "Third person to die since we showed up."
    And so we lay Dragon Blade to rest with all the others we have lost.
    Alright, you know the drill. Time for Sonya to dance on his grave.
    Huh, serves her right this time.
    Sonya: "Forget this happened or you die."
    Speaking of their nightly fire dance, might as well have that now that the sun is going down. How nice, Tex gets to take part in this one.
    Of course the Reapers had to cuddle at the fire as well.
    Oh snap, Tex is doing the robot! Oh wait, he's just doing a random dance.
    Now it's Sonya's time to do the fire dance!
    That has properly distracted everyone.
    Distracted everyone enough to give The Reapers some proper alone time.
    Anakin: "Blanca, I love you. But I don't like how dangerously close that knife is to me."
    Yeah so they went to the nasty bush to do the nasty.
    Hopefully no one saw that.
    Well Sonya did.
    Blanca: "That was nice."
    Anakin: "You accidentally stabbed me three times."
    Well now it's time for bed.
    Oh look, old Vlad came to visit. Too bad, get back to your grave old man, your story ended long ago.
    The Chief REALLY needs to bathe and he can't put it off for another week.
    Manslaughter: "Ha ha, I'm missing a toe now."
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,868 Member
    @wahini2024 congrats - I found once I started modding I just couldn't go back!

    @Metior_Ice so nice too see Iona so happy. Love sharing the big news on the traed mill LOL Your fae neighbourhood made me sad - I so wish there were fairies in the game. I used to love Nix's fairy mod but it is not being maintained and caused my game to get too glitchy so I had to take it out. I also read about the toilet pranking - Quin is a goofball so he does it all the time too. I don't know why they made goofballs do that, in my opinion pranking suits mean sims better - I see goofballs as good natured and funny rather than horrible and annoying - who would think to cover someone else in toilet water but a mean sim.

    @mightysprite - who wouldn't blame a sim for being excited to find the dog sound on a keyboard! Its sad that the scouts are underwhelming. I find drama club in get famous the same way but at least they get trophies. I get annoyed at the things which could have been great which are just so underdone in this game. Getting half the idea is almost worse than not having it. I like seeing someone use the Jangs Anaya always seems nice but most of my sims end up enemies with Baako (I won't mention the time we accidently killed him by rage LOL). That shot of Diego having painters bolck was really funny. So which sim at the dinner party was Hinata - the scarf wearer? I can't believe he peed everywher. I did like the naked waiter though. I kind of imagine Diego the way you wrote him (after all why else live in the apartment with the flirty fireplace???)

    @DoodlyDoofus I am used to your shots being filled with NPC headstones but SOnya dancing on graves is the best screenshot by far.:)

    @Keidra congrats on a cc trait but I will not be wishing that on my sims LOL. Your build is amazing - its so intricate - I think you know what you're doing really well.

    @sarabeth2984 what a great screenshot of Joanna reading to her kids in their lovely room! I also adored your latest entry in Glovely's thread with your Sulani sims. Their names were great and I noticed that they commented on that in the stream as well. I hope Don enjoys being with Max - I find that despite his flaws Don is a surprisingly good father (so is J).The lag is terrible at the moment!

    @Christelle beautiful wintry vow renewal shot :)
  • blueyblueskyblueybluesky Posts: 1,349 Member
    @Keidra your build looks awesome, I love it :)
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,674 Member
    @Lady_Earth Your Quinn is adorable! I love her hair and the colors in her outfit.

    @Becka28 thanks! "Half the idea is worse than not having it"- yeah that's very true. That's too bad that your sims usually don't get along with Baako. He is such a goofy fun character. Sorry yes, Hinata is the scarf wearer, here is a better picture
    If his look doesn't just scream "married man enjoying a root beer float while hoping for some no-strings-attached exploration with the flamboyant neighbor later," I don't know what does
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,674 Member
    When you get what you want and then it gets complicated...

    Darling's rockin, fearsome gang the Revolting Pests turned on her. It seemed like everyone was looking at her funny these days.

    So she straight-up asked Rohan if he liked what she was doing as leader or not.

    Darling blew up. "I don't need this!"

    And the gang split up.

    "Yuki, I think you're the only one who understands me," said Darling as they practiced their shots the next day. She is the only Pest who still has a green relationship with Darling now!

    It was time to lean on friends outside the gang. Darling had more than she realized. Nothing like a good teen get-together to make you feel like you can get up again the next morning.

    Akira is collecting things and programming. I didn't bother with any pictures. Even if you could see pictures of the frogs breeding I don't think you would want to bother.

    Miko is KILLING IT at work. She's got the hang of a successful protest now. The trees, the trees, speak for the trees!

    She's held a few high-powered fund-raising lunches too. Hopefully no one minded that this one took place on Night on the Town o:)

    And she navigated the confusing waters of political rumor with grace and smoothness

    Akira sort of loses it every time she goes off to a work event. Her job is so... social. And she goes after her cause with such passion. And maybe she doesn't have the greatest boundaries in the world.
    Miko has to talk him down a lot.

    But it's true, there is a lot of extra joyful energy at these protests and it can spill over...

    It doesn't count as cheating if it's only at events and nothing much really happens, right? It's not as if she's dating or woohooing anyone else. She tells herself. She is starting not to tell Akira all the details all the time.

    She gets extra invitations from contacts sometimes. Sometimes one-on-one. It doesn't count as cheating if it's not really a date, right?

    Akira just happened to head over to the neighborhood bar around the same time Miko was arriving with a post-protest celebration. He didn't like the vibe between her and Shelby (the redhead with the ponytail). (Miko: It doesn't count as cheating if I'm only flirting with girls, right?)

    Akira strode up to Miko and slapped her. Without a word.

    Miko dragged him over to a bench. "You can not do that. I can't believe you would hit me!"
    Miko's pals whispered among themselves "What kind of a scary creep is she dating?"
    Akira listed all the things he hated about Miko's behavior, real and imagined.

    She talked him down. Again. But that look says she's starting to get tired of it.

    Miko took a long time to fall asleep that night, wondering if he would ever hit her again, wondering what it meant for their future. She'd pined after her cute roommate for so long, the time they spent together was like an ecstatic dream at first; she'd never imagined it turning out like this.
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,868 Member

    Does anyone know what this hat is or what pack its from - it just generated on one of my NPC toddlers - I can't find it in CAS so I assume its a special part of a particular pack.

    As I have said before MCC pulls sims from my library to be NPCS. If it pulls in main sims from my other saves eg. Alana and Brock or Quin and Rohan - I usually edit them to look like an entirely different sim and change their name (unless they a minor background character). At my green NSBs party I noticed all the women had disappeared - they were in the kitchen surrounding the young adult caterer...
    It was Anton (who can blame the women LOL) - as his save isn't technically a main save and he is an adult in his save, I just edited him to look his young adult age (I originally created him as a grey haired adult so I have never seen him this way...)

    I was very pleased with the result (no face details and blonde hair are the only changes). Blue NSB needs to have a one off secret affair - I think I may have found her affair !

    Quin and Rohan
    previous update

    Quin was getting late in his pregnancy so they went out for icecream. Plenty of fans wanted to ask Quin questions about his pregnancy.

    Being surrounded by that many people wasn't Rohan's ting but he sat close by in case he was needed.

    Day out
    Soon enough he was .... as his grandfather showed up and was shocked to find out that a second great grandchild was on the way.
    As usual Ekram had plenty to say and most of it unpleasant! Thankfully Rohan gets more assertive with him every day.
    They put him out of their minds and tried to enjoy a game of darts.
    Rohan is not pleasd that Quin nearly stabbed himself with his own dart.
    Here's how you do it Quin - watch the expert!
    Quin's "nice" paparazzo tries to be subtle
    They have known each other since they were teens so she is happy to celebrate Quin's happy news.
    That evening they went to a festival - one of my favourites of Quin's children was there - the daughter he had with the Night Wraith.
    Quin indulges in his favourite pregnancy hobby - eating while Rohan discusses his current favourite book with a vendor.
    Quin was ecstatic to find some "spare" icecream he had hidden in his inventory from his morning outing.
    They have a happy, hopeful talk in front of the Pride fountain.

    Will this baby ever come...
    Rohan goes for a swim every morning - he decided to do a swan dive today
    Quin makes breakfast but his third trimester is making him tired..as is the eating a least 2 plates of junkfood (Quin normally never even eats more than half a plate - I usually have to force him to eat LOL)
    He decides to sit and watch the sunrise
    Oh yeah - and eat a baked potato!
    Rohan knows Quin could go into labor at any moment but he can't bear the tension - so he goes on a very long jog.
    Quin just reads quietly (and takes a few moments respite from eating)
    The sun goes down and still no baby so Rohan nervously plays soccer
    Soon enough Quin calls out that action is about to start. Rohan acts like a typically anxious father although he has seen Quin go through this many many times. Its different when its your child.

    Welcome to the new Baby
    Quin is an expert at this and doesn't need the hospital
    And they have a new baby girl. (aww Quin's face - no other simseems half as happy as him about their babies)
    They have a talk and decide to name her Aoife (pronounced Eee Fa - sort of like Eva with an F instead of a V - its Irish). Aoife means joy.
    Rohan can't quite believe she is here
    But it is love at first sight

  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,131 Member
    During a break between the decade challenge I've started a new save with a new rags to riches char. All things had a good process, until I've found a money tree fruit in the trash after one hour of gameplay, well that challenge is over now. :D

    okay, back to the other challenge:


    It was a big year, I try to keep it short. The student turmoil has almost reached the peak. They've protested against the "Notstandsgesetze" by the great coalition between CDU and SPD, it was seen as like as the Ermächtigungsgesetz from1933, they demanded a real denazification (to bring the perpetators from 12 years regime (stupid filter) to the court) in the society and they've portest against the vietnam war and capitalism. At this time almost no oppoistion existed (beside a small third party), so the ruling parties could do what ever they wanted. The Außerpalarmentarische Opposition became radicalized and divided in several branches later.

    Also many student began to see the old family model as nucleus to fascism and breakup of the Springer-media, which made a smear campaign against the students. The death of Benno Ohnesorg, who was shot in the head from behind by a policeman during the visit of the persian shar. Although it was a clear that it wasn't self-defense, the policeman was not accused.

    Well, not all student protests, Erika rather did what every other german student did after the school ended. She's travelled around the world. She and her friend have got an invitation to the grandpa Wilhelm. Wilhelm was excited to spent some time with his granddaughter.


    She likes to make new friends


    And try new things

    She did not tolerate it well.

    She enjoyed the relaxing times.

    A few weeks later the university started.

    But there are too many new things to discover.

    She and her friends supported her brother during his performance.


    Meanwhile Wilhelm spent his time in memories of the past the good ones and the sad ones.

    Rest in peace Wilhelm Kaufmann (1890-1967).
    You were my little baby. I will miss you. :'(


    Hans came too late.

    After the funeral Hans visited his sisters, which he had not seen for a long time.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,093 Member
    @Becka28 so far, Newcrest is a world I'm using for the Fae, Merfolk and Spellcasters for now. I have a pool that is perfect for merfolk, a nightclub/ karaoke bar surrounded by plants, a cafe, and a museum. The neighborhood has lots of plants on all the lots. Despite being in the middle of Newcrest City, the neighborhood has a woodland feel now. It's a relief to have another neighborhood and multiple venues finished. My merfolk really do seem to frequent the Newcrest Neighborhood.

    There are mods I would use if it was possible. Aside from turning Juniper, The Earth Elemental of Plants, into a Fairy. I would have downloaded the mod that allows children to use a merform. Unfortunately, I can't use mods because I play on the console.

    Part of my plan for Dylan and Zeph is to make them famous celebrities. I remember one of my play throughs where I had a sim complete the Celebrity aspiration... The perks are nice, but it nearly brakes the venue when a popular celebrity enters the lot. Everyone stops everything to look and cheer.

    I'm glad to see Quin's pregnancy is going well. I guess he's an expert at this point.
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    That's from Snowy Escape. It's the paper kabuto hat the children can get at the Festival of Youth.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,093 Member
    edited July 2021
    I decided to go ahead and begin the Turei rotation. It's a bit strange playing a non-merwoke household. All the merfolk, 30 or 40 of the sims in my game, don't have tails in the water while I play this household. It's interesting because the Turei's are in the dark about how much magic surrounds them. I like to think it's because of how preoccupied they are with their likes, dislikes, and whims.

    Calum was in his merman attire when he walked up to Afu. I'm sure he must've thought:

    "Hey, this guy is dressed funny, but everyone is pretty much in their swimwear all the time here, so this isn't that strange. I guess fishing nets and seaweed is the new look?"
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,674 Member
    @Becka28 welcome Aoife ☺ and that was funny about the fans asking pregnancy questions.
    PS that hat is the Kabuto hat available from vending machines at the festival of youth in Mt Komorebi.
  • princess2109princess2109 Posts: 1,049 Member
    The cousins in my Not So Berry challenge are having a sleepover!
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    Okay, proper responses and stuff.

    They came out so cute! And they do look a lot like their real-life equivalents! Which is funny because Skye recognises that Skyesim looks like her and also that she's cute and is having trouble with this connection lol ( She doesn't think she's cute. ... honestly neither does Dustin but. )

    Huh I guess it does kind of look like a college library.
    THAT wasn't the idea though, I can say that much.

    Awww Imma miss your updates.

    I'm having slight issues getting the migraine management functions to work, so I ended up walking away from it. It's a for now that might be a forever in the end we'll see lol
    Funny you should say that, I've never built in this style before. xD So actually no I have no idea what I'm doing rofl

    And yay! Baby!! Grats to Quin and Rohan! Aoife is a very suitable name given the looks on their faces. >.<

    Thank youu! I did start it over and Im about a quarter of the way through the next one, hopefully I'll get it mostly done today. c:

    Aaaand yeah this is where I stopped at:
    These Minerva statues are 8k a pop but they make me happy.

    Funny enough this house is a fraction of the size of the one before it, and yet costs the same. But the inside isn't as gigantic as the one before it either. It's not as big as I expected it to end up. This one is also being built on Hound's Head because the lighting is better than up on Chateau Peak ( basically the sun always faces the back on that lot ).

    Few things I learnt building these last few days:
    1. I can find building fun. ( I'll do it, but I typically absolutely hate it. ) Which is strange to think about but, apparently I just need to build the right things.
    2. I seem to be naturally talented at building in gothic style. As I mentioned to Becka, this is my first time building in this style, and I think I really nailed it. ( Spent a lot of time looking at pictures of gothic styled churches and the Notre-Dame de Paris tbh. )
    3. I find it much easier to build in sections rather than lay down a bunch of blank rooms and try and make the orientation work. My best builds are ones I took a piece at a time.

    Aaaand my last post was my 400th post so yay me I guess lol

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,176 Member
    In this update, Blanca gets hurt.

    Blanca decided to feed these....mutated man eating Koi Fish.
    Blanca: "Wait, why don't we fill the pond with the fish we're feeding to the Koi and get rid of the Koi?"
    Koi Fish: "Because we're adorable."
    Blanca: "Wait, you guys talk too?"
    Koi Fish: "No we don't, shut up and feed us, nom nom nom."
    Anakin: "Blanca, I know you have to carry that knife with you everywhere but do you really have to hold it with the same hand you hold your fork with?"
    Blanca: "Now listen here, this is the Apocalypse. I can do what I want in the apocalypse!"
    Blanca: "Ah, I see the problem here. Someone get me a doctor."
    That day, Sonya chewed out Anakin and Blanca for defiling the community bush with their love making. People do their business in that bush.
    Anakin: "What kind of society is this where we can't pee and make love in the same bush?"
    Blanca: "Obviously there's some tension between us. Looks like we need to settle our differences with-."
    Sonya: "A Dance off!"
    Blanca: "I was going to say a duel to the death, but dance off, sure."
    And so they met at the graveyard and began their dance off, Sonya wasting no time hit Blanca with the good stuff.
    Sonya: "Oh snap, your eyes can't keep up with my lightning fast dance moves!"
    Sonya: "Looks like you got served."
    Blanca responds with this move.
    Sonya: "I'm not impressed. You just stretched your arms out."
    Sonya: "Whoa whoa whoa, you just put both your arms behind your back?!"
    Sonya: "Well played Blanca, well played. Maybe I have finally met my match."
    The Chief's Wife finally finished this painting and....did a good job.
    I'll just make "Jack" her nickname because she just seems to be a jack of all trades.
    Tex: "Now Partner, the Chief says we need to practice our sword fighting since we're the weakest fighters here."
    Jack: "Don't know why he says we need to practice, we're pretty darn good at this!"
    Tex: "Well shucks, we really do suck at this."
    Chief Manslaughter: "Attention folks, we have more cool stuff here for your entertainment!"
    Like a kiddie pool!
    Sonya: "Claimed."
    A Swingset!
    We have also renovated the dining hall to make more room for activities!
    And now we have a rec room!
    Darrell: "Oh boy, a Bonsai tree! Just what I needed to rid myself of all this stress!"
    Tex: "What kind of cowboy cyborg would I be if I couldn't carve wood?"
    Blanca: "Finally, a way for us to have the ultimate challenge of brains."
    Blanca: "But do you really need a gun to play chess?"
    Manslaughter: "I'll put the gun away if you put the knife away."
    Blanca: "Trust me, I'm the only one in danger with this knife right now."
    Jack: "Wow, you really have years worth of stress built up in you."
    Anakin: "Honey don't get me started, my Father was a Sith Lord that tried to kill me. I'd be here all day discussing everything that has stressed me out."
    Anakin and Darrell had a nice bonding session at the bonfire.
    Anakin: "So what's YOUR tragic backstory?"
    Darrell: "Not so much tragic, more like it's kind of funny in hindsight. Currently the latest heir in the Landgraab family. Was just about to bring The Landgraab family back to their former glory and then boom. All my hard work for nothing!"
    Anakin: "Yeah, I heard Malcolm Landgraab III REALLY screwed things up for you guys."
    Darrell: "Oh don't even get me started on him."
    Then they went for a swing, Sonya refusing to let Darrell swing himself.
    Manslaughter: "Well looks like I win this one."
    Blanca: "You might've beaten me in a match of brains, but I challenge you to a duel to the death!"
    Tex: "Hey Y'all, I'm making a wooden dragon."
    Manslaughter: "Shut up Tex, this isn't your subplot!"
    And so Blanca and The Chief met in the Murder Cage to determine once and for all who....Wait this is over a chess game.
    Blanca: "En Garde!"
    Manslaughter: "Man I hope you catch that."
    Blanca: "WHY?!"
    Manslaughter: "I'm going to be sick!"
    Manslaughter: "You need medical attention!"
    Blanca: "No, I said we're dueling to the death and we're going to duel to the death!"
    Blanca: "NOW EN GARDE!"
    Manslaughter: "Why would you try this again?!"
    Blanca: "RIGHT IN THE SAME FOOT, WHY?!?!?!"
    Four hours later.
    Manslaughter: "Well the Doctor said you're lucky to still have a foot."
    Blanca: "Let's just pretend this never happened."
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,868 Member
    Not so Berry: Orange generation Tiger's story

    previous update

    In any other family Tiger would be the golden child, he gets up early, makes breakfast for the family, does his homework (he is an A student - a future crimelord needs to be intelligent to rise to the top!), hets his siblings ready for school, potty trains and feeds his little brother Ginger and goes to school himself. In the afternoon he has drama club and then works out before preparing dinner, helping the twins with their homework and then putting the toddler to bed after seeing to their needs. Does Mirabelle see that Tiger is amazing - NO!

    So its not surprising that with all of this Tiger has built up a bit of anger and resentment towards life and combined with teenage mood swings he can have some really bad moods.

    Some days he just feels ready to crack......

    Humour and Hijinks Festival
    Tiger was sad that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves out there with family and friends
    One guy in particular had really got under his skin. His name was Kit (a nice sim I had downloaded from the gallery) and everyone seemed to be gathering around to talk and flirt with him. He had joined the wimpy jokesters as well (which further aggravated Tiger). Tiger couldn't bear the very thought of him.
    So Tiger introduced himself to Kit with a friendly handshake...
    and chatted him up at the bar
    I am not sure what would have happened for Kit but luckily for him Larry (Tiger's Dad) showed up a the festival and Tiger (who is just a lonely little boy at heart) forgot about his new favourite enemy and excitedly began talking with his Dad.
    When he got home the teen daughter of his neighbour was in the hallway. I was 9impressed at how pretty she was and began thinking maybe there could be a Romeo and Juliet scenatrio with Tiger loving the daughter of an enemy......... but Tiger said hello in his usual charming fashion and they were enemies extremely quickly (she probably knew him from school!)
    When Tiger got to his room - someone was crying to themselves in his bed
    It was a ghost - a vampire ghost! Tiger was so shocked he didn't even fight with him. The ghost intrduced himself as Broderick Chandran. He had only become a young adult yesterday and at his birthday party his girlfriend had turned him. Unfortunately she didn't warn him about sunrise and he had died on the streets of San Myshuno. Tiger was fascinated and thought Broderick could be a powerful ally. SO he searched for and brought home Broderick's urn.

    A normal teen
    Tiger tried to be a normal teen - he met up with his school friends at Dino's Burgers.
    Besides his nice friend with the hat Adrien, there was his friend Belle Rivas. Belle was slightly older than Tiger and was quite a rebel at school. She had already moved out of home and lived with some young adults. Tiger found her attitude exciting.(plus she is very good looking which helped).
    Tiger tried to hit her with those (ahem) "smooth moves"
    However, Tiger was not the master of romance his mother was so Belle just giggled at him while Adrien rolled his eyes.
    Belle made a point of texting her various other male friends.
    Uncle Pluot was at the restaurant and Tiger couldn't resist talking to him - he dreams of working for his Uncle when he leaves school.
    He tries his hardest to impress his Uncle with what an excellent gang memer he will make
    and shares his plans for making Pluot's gang even more powerful than any other gang around...
    His Uncle is not impressed and tells Tiger to calm down but promises to take him on once he finishes school.
    Tiger boasts to his friends that he is a criminal mastermind
    But they are not impressed and just shake their heads as the Tiger they know is a goody two shows A student in drama club who babysits all the time.
    The fourth friend is a random vampire (vampires had begun infesting my game at this stage - it s a problem with playing generationally) she kept on flaming up but it was sunset and that eventually saved her life.

    More Dino's Burgers fun
    They decided to have fun in the arcade
    Tiger broke the fourth wall when his game was over before he even touched the control. He began breaking the fourth wall quite regularly and I felt really close to Tiger across his lifespan because of this quirky little look he kept giving me.
    Belle and Tiger discovered that they both had alien ancestry.
    And finally Tiger managed to make some successful moves.
    and got a first kiss
    Belle's friend was not impressed - I guess she hangs around a lot waiting for Belle while she romances several guys like this.

    Parentified Tiger
    It was rare that Tiger went out with his friends - this is way more common for how his life is.................
    This was the twins birthday party (when they became children) Tiger invited the guests, cooked the cakes, held them while they blew out the candles and generally made the party happen. The younger children all see Tiger as their parent not Mirabelle. Tiger genuinely loves his siblings and they love him. Its Mirabelle that he resents.
    Aunt Damson is the only family member who doesn't love Tiger (and he hates her back.)
  • LoanetLoanet Posts: 4,079 Member
    Today I'm using all my most recent packs to do up some of my houses, especially Camp Blood Falls, my spooky version of Camp Granite Falls. It'll look so much better with an actual lake than a disguised pool!

    Jason will be so happy!
    Prepping a list of mods to add after Infants are placed into the game. Because real life isn't 'nice'.
  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 240 Member
    edited August 2021
    Reality Kings Season 5: Episode 11

    Manuel had a movie shoot with Deauxma and Sophie. A big fan of Manuel, Sophie has been wanting to co-star with him ever since she became an actress, and she finally had her wish granted.

    Show spoiler to see how the shoot went and what happened after that.
    They did the scenes well although Sophie failed some of her scenes. She got promoted from "Supporting Actress" to "Sitcom Star" after the shoot. She was still a 2-star celebrity.

    Sophie had a chance to talk to Manuel after the shoot. She tried convincing him to leave Summer, but she failed. She even tried to kiss Manuel, but he was very loyal and faithful to his wife. Manuel got a negative sentiment toward Sophie who, in contrast, got a positive sentiment toward him.

    Manuel quickly left the studio to meet up with his wife in Arts Quarter. The twins were left with their grandpa. The couple spent quality time together.

    On the day of the Winterfest, Manuel finished writing his first book. It was a skill book entitled "The Basics of Acting." He sent it to a publisher immediately.

    They were joined by Manuel's dad and Summer's mom during the Winterfest dinner. Of course, Father Winter came as well.

    Sophie's obsession escalated to the point that she went looking for the portal to the Magic Realm in Glimmerbrook which she had heard about a long time ago. She once believed it was just a myth, but she realized that the only way for her to successfully steal Manuel from Summer is through magic. There was a blizzard, but Sophie didn't care. After hours of searching, she finally found the portal. Without a second thought, she entered the portal.

    She was amazed by the Magic Realm.

    She wasted no time looking for someone who could help her become a spellcaster. She found L. Faba who asked her to look for seven motes. Sophie completed the task and was promptly turned into a spellcaster. L. Faba taught Sophie her first spell (Despairio).

    She first used it on Tomax Colette, and she was successful.

    Sophie started learning how to make magic potions hoping she would eventually learn the recipe of the one that she must use in order to make Manuel fall in love with her.

    Now that he's a 3-star celebrity, Bruce thought it would be a good idea for him to move out of his father's house and become more independent. His father accompanied him when he moved to the Landgraab Apartments in San Myshuno. He met his new neighbor, Victor, and invited him inside.

    Bruce had a TV shoot with Angela who became a 3-star celebrity after the shoot. She also got promoted to "Sitcom Star."

    -To be continued-

    Season 1 Episodes
    Season 2 Episodes
    Season 3 Episodes
    Season 4 Episodes
    Current Season's Episodes
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
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    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
    Episode 9
    Episode 10
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  • FurAndYarnFurAndYarn Posts: 455 Member
    edited July 2021
    My self-sim is VERY excited about this quickly and poorly made new pond on her property. In real life, I would be very concerned if a pond mysteriously appeared in my back yard. :D

    Explore the story of my over 50-generation legacy family!
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    Tired, no sense words make, done with exterior tho.

    more words and pics later. probably.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • liatanliatan Posts: 3 New Member
    After my game updated I opened it, made a new save, picked a lot and just made 'uwu' shaped pond. That's all, but it brought me an immeasurable amount of joy. :)
  • BlueR0seBlueR0se Posts: 1,578 Member
    For those of you who use imgur, do you have to post images publicly to get the link for your image to be able to show it on the forum? They give two options, post hidden or public (and something about just grabbing the link? idk) and I don't know the difference and it is confusing me.

    I just want the link I need where I can put it in the [img][/img] code for it to show up on the forums. I tried using a few I could find and they wouldn't work so I'm assuming those aren't it.
  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 1,015 Member
    edited July 2021
    I feel like I am becoming a grumpy old lady at the ripe age of 29. Today, I fenced in my shark pond and locked the door for everyone but household members, because random visitors kept disturbing my sharks. They are beloved pets, not toys to entertain you, go listen to music or whatever.
    On positive news, my money tree is finally ripe, so goodbye, poverty, and welcome, sweet, sweet money.
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  • bookish_sammybookish_sammy Posts: 223 Member
    This actually happened a few days ago, but my internet has been down. Bob Pancakes married my sim Brynn. It was so cute. I setup a wedding venue on the beach in Sulani, and they were married at sunset. Ugh. I just...I love them.

  • LoanetLoanet Posts: 4,079 Member
    I inherited some money, which is fortunate because currently my Sims are too broke to afford a toilet. Or a shower. We go to the gym whenever we need a shower.

    And then the dog got sick, which didn't help anybody's wallet.

    Prepping a list of mods to add after Infants are placed into the game. Because real life isn't 'nice'.
  • JyotaiJyotai Posts: 505 Member
    Today I failed to realize it was patch day until it had installed, so today, me and my 10gb of mods:


    I don't use Discord because it doesn't support multiple accounts and I don't need folks at work wondering what I'm doing even on my own time. Until Discord catches up with every single other voice / video conferencing system, I limit where I use it:

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