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  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 680 Member
    "Meow, meow, MEOW!"
    Heidi was certainly making her presence felt. She was super talkative, and liked to take the opportunity to "accompany" Peter's music practice.


    Not long after Artemis and Apollo had come home from a Scout meeting, Helen popped over for a visit.
    "Hey!" she said. "Is it alright if I come and play with you guys?"
    "Sure!" Artemis replied. "How are you?"
    "I'm good, thank you," Helen said. "How was your Scout meeting?"
    "It was good," Artemis said. "We learnt how to make a bivouac - a sort of shelter made from things you'd find in the woods."
    "Sounds awesome!"


    As often happened, Erytheia was invited over to Alexander's house.
    "Hello, Mrs Paraskevas," she said politely.
    "Please feel free to call me Anastasia," Anastasia said. "You're a family friend, I don't mind."
    "OK, thank you," Erytheia replied. "How have you been?"
    "I've been well, thanks," Anastasia said, thinking how polite her son's friend was. She even thought that Erytheia would make a great girlfriend for Alexander one day, but she didn't want to put pressure on them, or tease them about it. She remembered her parents teasing her about Nicholas and hating it.


    When you're exhausted, is the best thing to do grilling some Pollo a la Brasa...


    ... or is it GETTING YOUR BUTT TO BED??


    A little family breakfast. Looks like Apollo decided to go for some leftover ramen instead of the eggs and toast.


    Caroline had a job in the musical film 'Melodies of the City', and needed to practise some romance. She didn't care that Peter was a little smelly, nor that she had an audience in Anastasia...


    "Hello, Herman," Caroline said. "At least you're not in a ridiculous costume this time."
    "No, thankfully not. I feel quite smart in this outfit."
    "Have you been in a musical before?" she asked.
    "Nope," he replied. "My singing isn't great. My wife thinks it's hilarious that I'm doing a musical..."
    (Incidentally, his wife, Harmony, is the headmistress at the Llama Elementary School that I built).


    When it came to the singing segment of the day, Caroline gave it her all. Unfortunately, she began coughing at a crucial point!
    Oh no, I totally messed up! she panicked.
    "Don't worry," called the director, "we can edit around that. You're not the first one to do that."


    "So, how was your latest gig?" Peter asked.
    "Not great, I began coughing badly when I was singing," she replied.
    "Oh dear," Peter said. "Never mind, everyone messes up sometimes."
    "Yeah, that's what the director said. The rest of it went fine, though."


    Caroline figured that she needed another way of keeping up her fame as well as acting, and singing was one way of doing so. She entered another karaoke contest, earning her best score of 86/100. Unfortunately, someone else had earned full marks, so yet again Caroline didn't win! Oh well... she got to level 3 fame! That's the first time that's happened for one of my Sims!


    Caroline decided to visit the Magic Realm for the day. She bought a tome, and quickly learnt the Florialorial spell.


    Apollo and Artemis decided to join their mother, and Apollo decided to summon his familiar, which he'd named Jasper.
    How come you summoned me? You can't do magic yet!
    "I thought we could start to build our bond," Apollo said.
    Fair enough!


    "Hello," Apollo said, upon greeting Morgyn Ember.
    "Hello, young man," Morgyn replied. "What's your name?"
    "Apollo Masterson. This is my sister Artemis."
    "Ah, the Greek Olympian twins," Morgyn said. "Your father's Peter, isn't he?"
    "Yes," Apollo said.
    "He's a talented Spellcaster, even considering that he has no bloodline trait. I have high hopes for you and your sisters."
    "Thanks," Apollo replied. "I do want to become as talented as him."


    "So what's your job?" Artemis asked.
    "I'm the Sage of Untamed Magic," Morgyn replied. "Untamed magic covers things like setting things on fire and getting rid of curses."
    "Setting things on fire? Cool!" Artemis said, and Morgyn laughed.
    "It does sound fun, but you probably shouldn't do that kind of thing in public."
    "OK, fair enough," Apollo said.


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    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
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    For those who are new, here's a link to the Main Index that links to the story from the very beginning when the Merman from the Ocean, Calum Zalrian, started everything with the Island Elemental from the Land, Arihi Tilo.


    The Index Continued


    The Island Elemental Twins: Dylan and Zephyr: The Broken World Saga

    A short bit of background information to catch people up to this update.
    Reef Kailani was a young man that inherited a small pavilion in Sulani shortly after Damion hunted down and captured the Island Elemental Twins' Souls. Dylan's death caused the islands to be become unstable earthquakes and volcanic activity increased in frequency. The unstable islands destabalized the power grid and increased the need to conserve water. When Zephyr fell, the spirit of Sulani was completely broken and resulted in open brawls in public and a regression to old ways of doing things as technology failed people more. Zephyr cast a curse on the islands when Damion demanded to know the location of the books that could control their souls after death. Unfortunately, Damion ensured that the twins would both be separated from each other and unable to help themselves.

    When Reef Kailani moved to Sulani, the islands were at their worst, and during a late night at the Caldera Eco Center, he encountered Zephyr. Zephyr's prison grew a little bit larger thanks to Reef's presence. Zephyr explained the situation to Reef, and Reef discovered that his bloodline had the power to interact with Sulani's Spiritual Energy. He was only one left in his family with this power, and he used that power to free Zephyr's trapped spirit. Reef's son, Kylen, followed his father's instruction and freed Dylan's Spirit. With the Island Elemental Twins reunited, the condition of the islands started to improve. But, because they were reduced to ghosts of what they were, Dylan and Zephyr could not set everything right immediately.

    Reef became a merman to acquire the mermadic immunity to drowning and swimming speed. Kylen gained the mermadic power to control the weather and summon creatures from the deep. Now, Lir, the next heir, has a stronger connection to the ocean than his father and grandfather.

    Legacy Succession Laws
    Required Original Law

    The Sim must have the Sulani Mana Trait (Must be blood related to inherit the trait).

    1st Amendment Law

    The Sim must be a twin or triplet. The first born is the Heir and the ones that come after are the spares.

    2nd Amendment Law

    They must be male. A merman.

    Mermaids are too common.

    3rd Amendment Law

    If the heir is gay, the spare can produce the next heir. If the heir has a thought bubble indicating a potential interest in carrying, they can.

    The Kailani Legacy: Lir and Loch 3

    The Legacy Household's CAS pictures


    When Lir and Loch aged up, they had some fraternal features. They have very similar appearances, but a closer look will reveal how they look different. Because they are full-blooded, pure blood mermen, their hair color is different in their merform, they have pointed ears, and they have sea green eyes.

    The boys were hanging out in the bathroom before school. Cole was talking about the latest popular song. Who doesn't hang out in the bathroom talking about music before school?

    Cole was playing with his stuffed animal friend. Lir was heading straight for his bed to nap. Despite how much things have been improved, the weight of exhaustion continues to follow the Kailani Family in their own home. They feel it stronger as they go farther from the ocean.

    After a nap, Lir had some fun with his own stuffed animal friend.

    During Love day, Aaron gave Kylen a romantic gift autonomously. The two mermen truly gave each other their hearts.

    After school, the boys chatted in the kitchen.

    Cole: "What's that awful smell? Did one of you leave a dirty dish on one of those unreachable shelves again?"

    Kylen: "It smells like a fish was baking in the sun. This is why I hate sunshine."

    Reef stares into space thinking to himself: "I could be singing karaoke at Triton Beach, visiting the Caldera Eco Center Museum, swimming at Wayfarer's Atoll, relaxing at the Ohan'Ali Surf Bar Lounge, visiting that new gym, or socializing at the Sand Bar... Instead, I came over to garden and help my grandson with school projects. What is wrong with me? I'm retired for Sulani's sake. Oh, and something definitely smells like fish baking in the sun."

    Makoa, Liliana, and Bartending Guy came over to visit. Since Lir became Creatively Gifted, he started working on his social skills. He introduced himself to them. You never know when you might need a master bartender, so Bartending Guy was definitely worth saying hi too.

    For those who don't know, Bartending Guy was a random townie that made drinks at an untended bar at the beach. He's also a metal head. Also, I'm pretty sure he's gay. Anyways, I tracked him down and cheated everything related to tending a bar and mixology to the max. He is at the top of the Mixology Career and has maxed out skills. I think I even gave him the aspiration trait. He also evaded me while I tried to track him down.

    Kylen is giving Lir a lesson in manners while also wearing earbuds playing music.

    I honestly don't know why I keep replacing the stove...

    I went to long life span, but I changed my mind and turned it back. I wanted this legacy to be over faster. I kinda miss playing as Dylan and Zephyr. Anyways, Ashley got confused and aged from Young Adult to Elder when I couldn't bake a cake (The stove must've been replaced like five times before her birthday because of her).

    The boys were playing in their room. Again, the parents actually have merforms and the kids don't. The parents spend a lot more time in the water, and the kids, who don't have a merform, end up separated. Childhood isn't as bad, but it gets weird seeing the kids among a bunch of merfolk. It looks so out of place when merchildren are socializing with other merfolk in the ocean.
    Flash Back to Dylan and Zephyr as kids with other merfolk in the ocean.
    For me, this kinda brakes the illusion when the dad and another member of the pod have a tail next to two merboys, but you wouldn't know it if you looked at them.

    50224683423_0464025742_k.jpgf6477bd0-de19-11ea-9e99-06185eb08d42 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50525741882_9ced2e4f6f_h.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201023095043 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Building character and working on aspirations...
    Aaron working on a family Aspiration while Lir develops his mental skill.

    50524855213_1cd18e2840_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201023100728 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Loch Becoming Creatively Gifted

    50525582096_dc3a4d802c_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201023101803 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Lir and Loch developing their Empathy

    50524855638_2a64f7a493_h.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201023102308 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Extra Food again...

    50524855583_9c360db6d2_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201023103528 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef: "HOW WAS SCHOOL?"

    Cole: "Grandpa, where did you come from?!"


    Cole: "Why are you yelling?"

    Reef: "Oh sorry, I was pretending that I lost my hearing to old age. Instead of dying of old age, the Island Spirits made me immortal. I don't know what to do with my life anymore."

    Cole: "Can you, um, go back underwater? Maybe, Disappear?"

    Reef: "Why don't you disappear? I was here first!"

    Cole swam off: "Go home grandpa."

    Reef muttered: "I can't leave. The door is locked."

    Aaron was hungry and inexplicably angry. He was intercepted on his way to the fridge by Reef.

    Reef: "You guys are such a pest. Why are you still living at home."

    Aaron: "Didn't you move out and take 20,000 simoleons you pulled out of thin air with you? Just go have fun and enjoy your retirement.

    Reef: "When I ran this place, I kept things much cleaner."

    Aaron stares into space and a montage of fires, electrocutions, and thousands of broken dishes from a failure to wash them all roll through his mind.

    Bored, Reef stomps toward the exit.

    Lir asks Aaron: "Dad, was that grandpa?"

    Aaron: "Yes, son. He was having a bad day."

    Loch: "I knew he wasn't locked in."

    Makoa thinks: "I'm Makoa!"

    Firefighting must be a stealthy skill. Kylen ripped out that fire extinguisher faster than the fire suppression system could activate.

    Rylan: "Bro, why are you baking the cake like that?"

    Kylen: "Don't know, inspiration struck I guess."

    Happy Birthday Lir and Loch!

    Lir Kailani (Teen)

    Loch Kailani (Teen)


    CAS for Teen Merfolk Immediately after Aging Up
    The game didn't automatically give them a tail like it normally does.

    50525741567_1f91356104_k.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201023124526 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50525741407_1203cc19d4_k.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201023120833 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50525741597_761887b192.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201023124239 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50525581846_58c36463f0_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201023124218 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50525581821_bc33f3263c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201023124252 by Metior Ice, on Flickr
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 531 Member
    edited October 2020
    I finally finished an update. It was larger than normal thanks to a bit of struggle with the game crashing and gathering screenshots.

    Anyways, I've been experimenting with different outfits. I feel like Reef wasn't around long enough to fully embrace becoming a merman. However, as the generations continue, I want to dive deeper into the Kailani Identity as a family of merfolk and split from human norms. I want their transition into looking like merfolk to grow with each generation.

    That being said. Merfolk are mythical creatures, and the only reason they are progressively looking more out of place on land is because there isn't a land equivalent underwater. So, I'm thinking that something needs to happen to convince the family to hide who and what they are do they can blend in with humans.

    The Kailani Household is no longer human with this generation, and with an increase in merfolk around Sulani, their partners might not be human either.

    With Vampires and the forgotten hollow,

    Aliens and Sixam,

    Ghosts and Von Haunt,

    Spellcasters and the Magic Realm,

    It just feels sad that merfolk don't have a place of their own. I mean, a place for merfolk would be underwater, and while all the other occults have places on land that don't exactly affect how normal it is for them to be there without their powers, only merfolk with a merform can breathe underwater without looking out of place in their own environment. So, that does create a divide between merfolk life stages.

    As Beautiful as Sulani is, a home on an island is still a home on land. Sulani as a world simply isn't s true home for merfolk.
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    Excerpts from the Journals of
    Omar Benali
    Kaden Benali

    -My oldest son Kaden Benali graduated from college with a Distinguished Degree in Psychology with honors, yes he did, he had a 4.0 GPA, talk about proud, I literally told everyone I ran into at the graduation about it. Unfortunately, he’s moving into that house Robert left him right away, I was afraid he would. I begged him to come home first, but Kaden said, dad, I was never going to move back home, seriously, maybe temporarily, just till I got a job, but, I’m a grown man now. I want to be out on my own, and it has nothing to do with the baby coming, I promise. He’s just like me after Uni, sins of the father and all, sigh.-

    -Kaden got moved into Robert’s house, we had kept the furniture, so the basics are there already. I had found a doctor to rent it, he was doing his residency and was about finished and didn’t know yet where he would be going. Just like Austin, who’s doing his residency in Sim City now. Anyway the guy was having a hard time finding a furnished place on a month to month basis, so it worked out for him and us, he moved out a couple months before Kaden graduated. My boy is all grown up, sigh.-

    -My boys are quite popular these days, yes sir. Seems as soon as their step-sister started high school, every boy they know started following them home after school, there’s been a steady stream of teenage boys visiting my house now. And that Bennett boy is still sniffing around like a hound dog on the hunt too. Aaugh!-

    Bo chats with Izzy, outside, Omar’s in the living room.

    Philip Goth and Maxwell Pestana “visit the boys”.

    Et tu, Philip?

    -Oh boy, I had forgotten about this waiting part, where the baby is due and you just have to sit around wondering when it will get here. At least Josie didn’t have any serious issues, she’s been a real champ, all things considered. Well, the boys did find her baby hormone induced mood swings unsettling, a little of their own medicine, if you ask me. For example, Samyr was in a gloomy mood one day and Josie cornered Zayn, she backed him right into a corner, literally, with her baby belly and asked him what was up with Samyr. Her belly makes Zayn really nervous, he won’t even feel the baby kick or anything like the rest of us. Anyway, Zayn confessed that Samyr had bacne, like a bad breakout on his shoulders and back, because he couldn’t reach that part to do his treatments and some boys in gym class had teased Samyr about it that day. Samyr had tried to get Zayn to help, but Zayn said there was no way he was rubbing on his brother’s nekkid body. Well, Josie grabbed Zayn by the ear, yeah, seriously, and dragged him right up the steps to Samyr room. She ordered Samyr to take off his shirt and get in the bathroom and then she proceeded to apply the acne treatment to is shoulders and back and the whole time was telling Zayn how to do it properly. Lol.
    When I got home from work Samyr pleaded with me to help him with his treatments from now on. Zayn pleaded with me too, of course. Honestly, if Samyr had just asked me to start with. I really hate I missed all that though.-

    Ah, yes, waiting for the blessed event.

    -Iggy’s daughter, Keely, is pretty good friends with Izzy and she’s on the bowling team with her and the boys now too. Well, she was over here this week to see Izzy, and somehow, Samyr managed to insinuate himself into their conversation and get rid of Izzy just long enough. So, yeah, Samyr, he made a play for Keely, I guess, and she seems to like him back from what I gathered. I guess the working out thing has paid off for Samyr, honestly, I have a hard time not crowing about it. Not everything I do or say works out with my parenting, so it’s nice when something does, for a change.-

    Keely and Izzy talk.

    Samyr talks to Keely too, and romance blossoms.

    -We were all having some before bedtime dessert last night when Josie started having contractions. So, off we went to the hospital, seriously, I was a bit nervous, I’ve been through this before, of course, but not with Josie. Anyway, my daughter, Farrah Benali was born at around midnight. Yeah, a girl finally, good thing I’m getting some practice in now with Izzy, right. How I’m ever going to survive the teen dating years with this one though, well, let’s just say I’m already filled with dread about it.-

    Josie begins having contractions.

    Off to the hospital.

    Omar is a bit queasy.

    Then outright panics.

    Introducing Farrah Benali.

    -OK, so I know the house isn’t fancy or anything, but I’ve got way more space than I’m used to all to myself, so there’s that. After I was all settled in, I went into the city, I visited the guys. Lonnie, JT, and Rohan got an apartment in the city and are living the urban lifestyle. Yeah, it would have been nice to move with them and all, but I had other plans. Anyway, Rohan got me alone and he asked me if I would give him my cousin Mariam’s number, he had met her at the big graduation blow-out kegger we had and said he hasn’t stopped thinking about her since. Well, I wasn’t sure I should just give her number to a guy without her permission and all, so I told Rohan that I would give Mariam his number and if she was interested she could contact him. Well, he wasn’t pleased, he figured she would never call a guy like him, blah, blah. So I told Rohan, look if you want a girl like Mariam to be interested in you, well you’re going to have to be less of a wimp, dude. I mean no girl likes all that negative stuff you just said in a guy. Look Rohan, you’re a decent enough looking guy, you got a college degree now and already have a career type job as a Journalist, so, thing is, that’s the kind of stuff girls look for in a guy. So, have a bit of confidence in yourself and be less negative and all especially around girls, OK? He promised he would try.
    Later I called Mariam, I kind of talked Rohan up a bit. I do think he’s a decent sort of guy and all, and the thing is, Mariam remembered him, she had kind of liked him too, I guess, so was thrilled that he wanted to call her and all.-

    Be it ever so humble.

    Visiting the guys.

    Rohan asks Kaden for a favor.

    -I go over to the Goths for dinner sometimes, Christine wants me to spend time with her family, I guess. She’s back home, living there I mean, she just started a new job as a teacher and all and is saving up her money right now. She comes over, but, well, she just visits mostly during the day and all, she won’t spend the night or anything, her dad, well, he’s, like, way worse that mine even, I guess, us spending the whole night together would not go over well with him, sigh.-

    Visiting the Goths.

    -So, I had a plan, I had talked to a recruiter at Uni before graduation and I’ve decided to join the police force. I didn’t say anything to anyone except Christine, she wasn’t thrilled, to be honest, she thinks it’s kind of a dangerous job and all. But I explained how I wanted to help people, the way my friend Robert Morin had as a firefighter, and she understood, she’s kind of the same way, what with being an educator like her dad and all. So after I got accepted into the academy to train to be a police officer, well, I went over to tell my family. I was dreading it.
    Well, it did not go that well, dad didn’t say a lot, he was pretty silent about it, which, knowing my dad, is way worse than if he had raised a stink. It means he’s really not thrilled. Plus, it didn’t help one bit that Zayn was totally obsessed with me carrying a gun, he kept asking about it and stuff which was not helpful at all. I swear that boy just talks, he runs that mouth of his and doesn’t stop to think about what he’s saying to people sometimes, sigh. No wonder he fought with Lacie Bachelor all the time, I mean, you totally have to watch what you say around girls, everyone knows that.-

    Kaden tells the family he’s going to be a police officer.

    -That boy of mine has decided he’s going to be a policeman. Jeez, could he have chosen a more dangerous career, I ask you? Talk about worrying, I’ll dread the phone ringing from now on. I tell you, I’m not happy, I didn’t say much to him, because, well, he’s a grown man now and it’s not my place to tell him what to do with his life anymore, unless he asks, I mean, and he sure did not. But Josie sure got an earful later. She’s worried too, of course. But she said, after I vented a bit that is, Honey, I’m worried too, that boy in harms way just scares me to death. But, the thing is, we both need to support him, or at least not let him see how worried we are, because the job will be difficult enough without us adding to it. She’s right, I don’t want to cause him to have even more stress and loose focus on that job. Raising kids never ends, does it?-

    @AlwaysAsking Wow, bald Marcus Flex looks really good, I always forget to check the sims I make to see if bald is a good option.

    @SwanSong93 Your sim Manuel looks a lot like my Carlos, same hair and similar features a bit. All your boys are handsome sims.

    @rottmeister Oh my, that is a pretty dark backstory there, I've honestly never done one like that, I'll have to file that away and maybe someday I'll try to do something that's not quite as up beat as my normal gameplay.

    @Metior_Ice Your mermen are all so good looking! I may steal a couple for my game, unfortunately, they would not get to be mermen in my game though.

    @Daephene Oh, I always like seeing people post about elders, so many players totally ignore them.

    @Confutus I had a real issue with the Parikh-Denney family, CAS would not let me edit the relationship properly and I had to use cheats in live mode, I still can't take them in CAS, as it messes up the family's relationship again if I save them from there.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    Been wanting to post these, only got to pg794. Leaving some awesomes though!

    @Koteyka p789 glad you enjoyed his silly antics . He did age well, and I agree TS4 children are very expressive. Peter is super cute! Looks just like him too!🙂 p791 Gwen really has her hand tied with the kids. Cute bedrooms for the toddlers

    @Sunblond p.790 thank you, Enrique looks very cute. Good to see Lori gave birth. P791 Mai playing with the toilet cracked me up😂 why do toddlers do this. How’d you get a cake with a second layer? My sims always get 1. I like Izzys styles. Wow the break up is harsh, good luck to Zayn p793. Kaden is certainly good at debates, oof, his day with Christine wasn't as he expected . Least he got to see her again, and yet another A+ 🙂p795 Awh No-one saw Kadens perfect keg stand. Awesome! Kaden graduated with honors! The baby hormones like cracked me up 😅

    @Daephene p791 😂 that is a good shot of Victor and Viktoria. Wild toddlers are just soo energetic. Wow she looks great as a child. P792 I did get eco living and haven’t figured out NAPs yet but I turned off the neighborhood voting. I’ll figure it out eventually. No worries, the boys don’t mind . They just want to keep having fun . Hope to see Ivy’s fox soon😁. Farrah does look great! Aliens can wipe memories? Good luck to Morgan, lol Farrahs sad face fits the scene but the real reasons why’ she sad is funny 😭 p792 Morgan took too long so she was the only one allows to perform 😂😂 I love Morgan, she’s one of my favorite pre mades. Oh wow, Gerardo passed...the urn and tombstone look so cool though! Awh nice shot of Farrah comforting her aunt. p794 Nice time at Granite Falls, Wow Dominic and Moira both have the angling ace aspiration. That's one I never completed. LOL Moira was struck by lightning, Going out in a thunderstorm is always a risk!

    @Alwaysasking p.790 lol I really enjoy the adventures between your sim and Don 2 😂 things with Joey do move fast. Lol he didn’t care Don was right there. Lol Nalani is on team Joey. Don 2 is clearly the superiors Don. And he’s giving your sim massage 😂 LOL his conversation with the dolphin 😂 “chicks dog that” Dons so cool, he has a Dolphin who he’s going to me meet 😅 he really does look confused a lot . P792 I’ll remember that for next time a sim isn’t appearing! What! Jasper lost to Malcom!?😂😂😂 maybe it is who’s angrier😂😂Jade also beat up Owen, when they broke up, but I kept the whole fight out. I didn’t like that😅 Owen is gentlemen...sometimes p794 lol Don getting distracted by Joeys shorts 😂😂sure Don . Morgan posing with grape juice 😅 Simone must have had important matters with Don😅 cool house for Uncle Joey! Lmao Marcus flex face, he’s happy to be chosen. Lol have to have toddler testers too😂 Awh Zane and Aaliyah are too cute . Don continues his confusion, he’s so handsome when he does though. Lmao Marcus explaining where babies come from 😭😂 and now the 3 of you were confused . Lmao in low Joey heard of your massages, ah yes, your best friend Don. With no scotch of pink 😂 again very cool house!

    @Lyrie p.790 p790 i enjoyed the moment of The boys teasing their dad too 😂 Oooo so flirtations at Sulani do happen, good to know Awh Gavin-Derick looks so cute. lol Hazels face with the spoon is adorable😂 Declan reading his book during the comedy routine, sims always have to do something when it isn’t the right time for it😂 Nice proposal with Nick! P.792 lmao Vanessa had root beer and sparkling water 😂😂 my sim once had 2 cups from the bar on her wedding day 😂 nice dress shopping! Everyone looks great! Lol Declan drinking right after pancakes!
    @Sarabeth2984 p792 couples night out was fun! Karaoke always makes thing fun. Like that they went to the toy store for grace after shopping wow, everyone’s there! Very cool wedding!

    They spent about 4 days at Sulani, when Sylvia returned she was greeted by her mother. Sylvia shared the news. eFbVcZe.png
    Her mother was happy when she found out to whom. O6IuOKI.png Sylvia wanted to tell Archie and Claudio, those two were just so busy laughing and telling jokes to each other. 5QJPahd.pngDxeZfZg.png She told them she had gotten married but left out with whom. Claudio's reaction was funny :D ,I forgot what interaction I did though2awJp1s.png When he asked who is it, she said they'll find out the next day ex86V60.png After Sylvia left, Claudio convinced Archie to plot against him JZA2fC7.png Claudio was happy to see his father the next day, he was in the middle of explaining what his mother told them last night n4482Zr.png Just as he was about to finish, he remembered his mom said they'd find out the next day. AK1burW.png He saw Owen smiling and it all clicked together QJuvo5y.png

    Owen moved back in on Love day, nice coincidence. He had very few things in his apartment so it didn't take long for him to pack his things. Bandit ran away but he came back :)UHx9c8G.png
    Sylvia had news to share with him, and she found him in the treehouse. Not sure what he was doing in here 1dYBupV.png I sent them to sleep after and figured out why Owen was up there LTePYBY.png Though I let him sleep inside the bedroom. Bandit kept running through everyone's room. The lights kept turning on and off. V7lqfgH.png The next morning Owen noticed Abigail was sad. Bandit was finally sleeping :DgSSZMtn.png Not sure what was bothering her, but Owen cheered her up McGcRj3.png
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    Soon enough Sylvia went into labor. Owen tagged along and they arrived, the hospital was dark. There was only a receptionist. They sat down and waited. Owen realized Sylvia looked concerned so he told her, it wouldn't take long before the doctor arrived. xowoTIf.png
    They waited and waited. 12 in-game hours passed!! Sylvia was too tired and with the little energy she had, went up to speak with the receptionist. She only insisted the doctor would arrive soon. YBGmMmo.png The whole hospital was empty aside from the receptionist! No sims were spawning. There was no operations going on either QsZmQwf.png So they headed back home. Sylvia handled labor for about 13 hours at this point. Glad sims can do home deliveries, because shortly after they arrived, Penelope was born :D (She was originally named Valeria but I wasn't feeling it for her) DSHgjmK.png Claudio was hoping for a little brother(I was too, 3 little misfits in the house would've been so much fun) but he was still happy when he met Penelope. Archie moved into Claudio's room so Penelope could get his room. oY8OYdw.png Abigail prepared for the arrival of the little one, and knitted her a onesie. :DrpTJg4W.png After a few days, it was Owen's birthday, he became an adult. oLJAAwd.png Penelope became a toddler as well. tHq7lSx.png She enjoyed the rocking chair. uACoVd1.png

    Owen was great, since he still was out of work(he does do odd jobs) he spent most of the day with Penelope. She sure enjoyed having him around. IVYZrxU.png
    While Sylvia was at work, he made sure to feed her lQRxEmP.png and read her some books for her naps cPpX61a.png She was ready to play by the time Sylvia came back :)uwTWvol.png Though for some reason, Penelope is too hard to put to sleep at night! Sylvia finally got her to sleep but noticed Claudio coming close to take a look. Her face was like "You better not wake her up right now" :DAJVwsLT.png A basement was created to make a new room for Archie, he liked Claudio but he wanted to have his own space. Penelope would wake up from the second floor to go the basement just to talk to with him HiME7ZU.png "2 flights of staircases just to see you, can you believe it" :Dmwh7vzG.png Sylvia always brought her back up though :)r54rSn1.png This time Bandit tried to wake her up, but Sylvia caught him and carried him away. Not tonight Bandit :D Bandit's face :D like he saying "I won't wake her" mEvgLQN.png
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    Liberty Elcone has retired from her scientist career, but not before taking the time to turn her breakthroughs into actual inventions. Combined with her already formidable logic skills and her developing gardening hobby, she sees the potential to start making some real money in her retirement. She added a room to the house and moved the art and music studio into it so she could move Elora into her own bedroom. She has daydreams of adding a second story for a science laboratory and moving all her equipment upstairs. Hibbert is still struggling with his artistic career. He recently completed a masterpiece of playful painting for his mother, who is currently working on comedy to complete her Renaissance Sim aspiration. His musical attainments are strictly amateur, for now. Elora is already in the Music branch of her entertainer career and has begun a serious husband search. She has already rejected one suitor (a romantic but unambitious fellow who came calling at 1 a.m.) as not up to her standards.
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    sunblond wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice Your mermen are all so good looking! I may steal a couple for my game, unfortunately, they would not get to be mermen in my game though.

    When I get the chance, I wouldn't mind editing them to turn them more human. I noticed that turning merfolk human doesn't remove all the animations for merfolk. Arihi was turned into a mermaid and then turned human. She does flips in the water as if she was changing her form still.

    I'll create human copies so the animations aren't weird. Believe it or not, I did have a more human appearance for them


    Because I can't decide between a human appearance and merstyle appearance, I'm thinking of giving all of them two outfits for every category like I did with Dylan and Zephyr. 1 merfolk themed and 1 human themed.


    @sunblond Let me know which ones you want me to upload human copies of. I don't know if the console gallery will transfer, but I have 40-50 mermen AND mermaids and counting. They accumulated after a while.

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    The Cole-Cordova-Worthington family grew by two as both Ben Cole's oldest grandchildren found love. Well, one is married(!) and the other is living with his intended as a 'roommate' since he's still in college. Spencer is hoping that Christmas will be one to remember because he's planning on asking Natalie Parish to be his girlfriend. His sister Emerson got married via MCC and I'm waiting for the notification telling me she's pregnant. LOL! Also, the baby of the family, Katie-Marie Worthington, is officially a teenager!

    ETA: Spencer and Emerson's father Marcus is now an elder and their mother Hadley isn't far behind. I can't believe I've played a save this long!
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    Ugh, I wrote all of my responses down and then closed the tab without saving draft by accident so they got deleted :( That got me pretty down so they probably won't be as long as they should've been. I'm not gonna do responses to stories right now but I'll try to do them later <3

    I approve of Gwen's new "mom" hairdo.
    Haha, thanks! :D

    Firstly - although I am not trying to skip forward in your posts - I saw your toddler Harry and had to look and read a little - he is just so adorable. I don't know what it is you do with your toddlers but they are just sooo adorable. I also love how you represented Sirius and Remus. And I can really feel the relationship between them just from the few screenshots you put in
    Aww, thank you! The Harry Potter updates are probably going to have their own story going on so it's okay to read them out of context :) This update is focused only around their family.

    Awww. Cute Harry! With a face like that you can't stay mad about him telling all of your secrets!
    Impossible, I know :D

    The image of Ianto and Rhi on the blue rocking toy made me laugh because that'd be me and my slightly younger brother. I love Rhi's personality. It seems like as young children, the three of them should have done more taking turns with Ianto and letting him play what he wanted to play, but at least Rhi tried.
    Haha, I have a lot of younger brothers so I can relate too :D
    Does Ianto have a bed in Sulani? Also, does he use a pacifier or his thumb. Regardless, all four toddlers are adorable. Some seem cynical, but still adorable.
    He does! It just doesn't fit in the children's bedroom :)
    Thank you!

    those poses were so perfect <3 Thank you again for them, seriously!
    D'awww, stop it you :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:
    Oh wow Toffee does indeed have most excellent ears.
    I know, I know...
    Okay those rooms are fabulous, yeah.
    I went overboard again< I couldn't help it :D
    Oh my, Harry XD
    Oh Harry, Harry, Harry... :sweat_smile:
    Thank you!

    @sarabeth2984 thank you! :)

    The introduction to Harry is great! I love his names for them, lol But I did sigh/laugh at this part:
    "I just hope you realise what you're getting us into. This... this is a responsibility, Sirius. An actual one."
    "Oh come on, how hard could it be to look after a two year old..."
    Poor naive Sirius. He won’t be 2 for long. :wink:
    Ahh, I'm glad you liked it! Sirius is very naive indeed :D
    But wow. What’s up with the scars on Remus? He doesn’t have them in the movies, does he? Do you have your own twist going> Well, besides the whole “They took him at all, and they’re actually a couple” thing, lol
    Well, I don't reeeally consider the movies canon... and in the book I believe it did indicate that he had scars, so I added them in ;)
    I’m just dying to know what happened? Interesting that Ianto knew he wasn’t human right away, but didn’t seem to notice anything was off with Sirius.
    He didn't pick up on Sirius because it's less obvious... yet ;)
    Thank you! :blush:

    Oh yeah, I had a meltdown when I was 15, I didn't practise enough and I'm a perfectionist. Not a good combination. After this I didn't need to play or sing anymore until the first christmas with my nephews where Santa Claus came, I was surprise and I only sung one verse and I refused to sing any more.
    I was so annoyed when I found out that my USA and UK friends don't have to go through that kind of torture, really :sweat_smile:

    @BlueSeaWaves thank you! <3

    I have gained way too many hobbies these last few weeks...

    That's basically the explanation to I'm currently not posting as often as I used to. The sims used to be my center hobby - now it's shifting to a side hobby and my main focus is writing and also illustrating a very sweet novel about two Russian teenager boys in love :) I haven't stopped playing and I still love my family and I can't wait to tell the story... But uh yeah, I don't have enough time anymore! :sweat_smile: I'll still do any best to post at least once a week. Definitely not less.

    Anyway - Harry Potter update!

    Just another morning...

    "Wake up, wake up, Sirius!"
    "No more staying up late I suppose, this is parenthood..." Sirius sighed.

    "Oh come on", Remus smiled. "How can you be mad at this little guy?"
    "I'm not mad, I'm just sleepy..."
    More under the cut:
    So Remus autonomously decided to make breakfast in his underwear. Which is kind of out of character but I'm all for it and so is Sirius :D

    He is such a mood.

    Actually, Harry doesn't sleep with Sirius and Remus. He has his very own bedroom. He just likes his morning cuddles.

    Breakfast time!

    But first - magical acrobatics. Actually just changing Harry from his sleepwear.

    For whatever reason he seems to love it.

    Remus is not amused.
    "Sirius, what if you don't catch him..."

    This family loves to read.

    "Once.... upooooOOon... a timeeEE..."

    "Om nom nom"

    "Harry, books are meant for reading, not chewing!"

    Seriously, they just autonomously sit down and read. All. The. Time.

    "Can I be a dog too, Padfoot? Can I, can I, can I? We could be TWO DOGS!"

    Sirius is looking like "awwww" :relaxed:

    "I could make a super duper great dog!"

    Sirius doesn't even doubt it.


    "Okay really, you have to stop doing that, I know this is our backyard but still..."

    "But Padfoot was just showing me how to be a dog!"

    "Well yes I get that but still, you have to be very careful, Sirius..."

    "I mean, anyone could've just looked over the fence and seen you!"

    "You... You don't really care about anything I'm saying right now, do you..."
    "Woof!" of course Sirius could care less.

    "Alright, that's cheating," Remus chuckled as Sirius licked his face. "You know that makes me smile, you know that very well!"

    "Woof!" of course Sirius knew.

    It's nice to have a doggo in the family.

    Time for some afternoon hot chocolate!

    Actually it's tea, but I like to pretend it's hot chocolate because Remus and chocolate are inseparable.

    Serious Sirius.

    Cuddles from Remus!

    Not so serious Sirius.

    Those two always make such googly eyes at each other.


    More cuddles for Sirius.

    "I want to play with you too!"
    Harry's looking a little jealous.

    No worries - Sirius knows how to fix that!

    How does playing cars together sound?

    And then a little bit of chess. Those two love playing chess on the porch.

    Anyway, it's actually Thanksgiving. So Sirius and Remus are preparing a big meal.

    Harry keeps distracting them.
    "How high do birdies fly? Can we fly like birdies? Why can't people fly? Can we make wings and fly? I think I can fly! If I jump very high then I'll be able to fly, right?"

    "Okay, is he deliberately trying to make me look stupid because I can't answer a single question?"

    "You're seriously overthinking, Sirius..."

    Watching Remus cook is quite fascinating.

    Time to eat!

    Cute little Harry.

    "Up, up!"

    "Can't you get out on your own? I thought you said you can fly!"

    "I haven't figured out howwww!"
    Way to go making a toddler cry.

    "Great parenting, Sirius."
    "Ah come on, I was just teasing him..."

    Mischief managed.

    "Time for bed!"
    "No no no!"

    Alright, bedtime snack first.


    And maybe a little bit of chilling on the balcony.




    "Sirius? Am I going to live with you and Remus forever and ever?"

    "Of course you will! This is your home now, Harry. We're family."

    Harry likes the thought of that.

    Bedtime number one...


    Bedtime number two.


    But sometimes, very occasionally, once a month to be exact, bedtime number two never happens.

    Instead you may find a strange dog and a strange wolf playing on the beaches in Brindleton Bay.

    And when they get tired of playing and barking and rolling in the sand, the wolf usually lies down for a nap.

    But strangely enough, the dog never does. It just lays by and watches as the wolf sleeps.

    Almost as if it's guarding it. Ready to protect from any danger.

    And that was a day in the life of the Blacks :)
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    Lol, yeah it's new for me too.
    Usually my sims don't have such a dark backstory.

    I just wanted to try something different.
    Don't worry, the story won't be as tragic as the prologue.

    Just trying to build up some characters and give a bit of an insight as to why they're the way they are.

    My intro from about a week ago painted most of the characters in a bit of a bad light. Now I'm trying to explain why they're the way they are.
    I want them to be somewhat relatable or redeemable.

    Like who's going to care about a homewrecker that cheats on his wife or a criminal who lies to her family? Or a spoiled brat that bullies her half sister?
    So far, only Nicole seemed like a good person. But I want all of them to be somewhat redeemable.

    Edit: However I don't want everything to be sunshine and rainbows either.
    So I'll reserve Juliette to stir up some drama.

    Don't worry, I don't have the extreme violence mod, so noone's dying...
    Or are they? 😏😉
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    So... this week there was a sale. And since my granddaughter wants me to pick up JtB for us to play together when she comes over, I figured I had better get it while it was cheap. And then I thought I'd better check it out so I look like I know what I'm doing when she wants to play it, lol. And I was kinda bored at the retirement village, so without further ado I present to you:

    Old People in Space!

    Spoiler for loading purposes.
    Unfortunately they were all still in mourning when they got there (Ananya and Navya went with Grimmy last time), and then every single one of them got the "homesick" moodlet that you sometimes get on vacation. So there were a lot of gloomy faces while they tried out alien recipes.

    While drinking and learning to play sabacc, some of them cheered up, some didn't.
    You can almost tell they're dancing in that last one.

    So I decided to concentrate on a couple of sims rather than all five at once. Supriya decided to do some missions for the resistance.

    I love the lighting here. She was doing some kind of scan of the spaceship that as a very casual sort of SW fan I can't recall the name of (I can watch the movies with fans and appreciate their place in pop culture but I don't actually care about the lore, I'm more of a fantasy than sci-fi person).

    And do you see this thing on the right that kept appearing as she left the dwelling?

    Close up.
    Maybe there are SW fans out there who can explain that one to me. I was amused, anyway. It just appeared and disappeared at random.

    Rinaldo tried to get in with the scoundrels.
    He never could beat Honda Civic at sabacc, but he got rather fond of the girl. (Honda Civic is @sarabeth2984 's nickname for Hondo whatever his real name is, which has become his permanent name in my head now).

    Anyway, Rinaldo tried flirting with the girl, but like all townies she randomly walked off when the game said she had to.

    So he tried gazing at the alien stars. And moons.

    So then I sent them home a day early because I forgot I'd changed the day of the week for rotations (old habits and all). So then I sent Rinaldo back by himself with one thing on his mind.
    But again, she wandered off because game mechanics.

    Another spoiler for loading purposes. And if there were children reading maybe for other reasons.
    Well, after the alien woman wandered off Rinaldo rediscovered the woman from earlier.

    But... later he ran into the alien again.
    So... best shot of the passionate kiss animation I have ever taken... with an alien mask. Oh well, it's cute.

    Rinaldo and I then got a little carried away.

    And um, she said yes! I had no idea this was a thing. I had to try the wedding to see if it would work.

    It took two tries, because her "time to go home" timer went off and I had to wait several hours. But when she came back out...

    So the game informed me that she would lose her Batuu role, so she also took off her Batuu uniform and showed up at home like this.

    But when they went to bed she changed into her pajamas and...

    I don't... I can't... if you never hear from me again you can assume I died of laughter.
    So that was an adventure! Not sure where Rinaldo and his new bride Valad go from here. Do I adjust her everyday wear and pretend she really is an alien? Do I have her appear human except in pajamas for... shall we say roleplay purposes? I was going to keep Batuu as a real other planet and only send aliens and astronauts there but I got bored so here we are. Also I had them try for baby because I don't do things halfway... If it worked they'll have to move. I can put her alien mask on and say she can stay in the retirement village because no human can figure out how old she is, but the baby will obviously not be an elder.
    Also, SW fans, what kind of alien is she? I pretty much only know Wookie and Ewok by sight.
    Anyway... that was fun. I think I'll get my $10 worth out of this one.
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    @Koteyka Love that you're a WolfStar fan! And I love Harry Potter as well!
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    Forgot to take a pic of them don't know why I didn't but first time I saw my vamp couple whoohoo as bats. It was so weird >:):p It was just this black ball with hearts going around in circles in the air.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 680 Member
    Artemis had finished her Whiz Kid aspiration and was working on the Artistic Prodigy one. Since it was now autumn, she decided to make some seasonally-appropriate crafts.


    Peter and three of his children were having a breakfast of fruit salad, and were having a chat. As you can tell by the decorations, it was Spooky Day! Caroline had organised a party and they were discussing what they would dress up as.


    Artemis, however, was working on her school project. Logic and chess and cerebral pursuits would always be her main love, whatever other skills she would develop in life.


    The party was about to start, and Peter decided to carve a pumpkin.


    Erytheia and Xanthe, of course, dressed in matching fairy outfits. Fairies didn't exactly scream "spooky", but they figured that Halloween costumes didn't have to be.
    (The person behind them in the weird gold get-up is Anastasia Paraskevas. I've never seen that costume before and have no idea what it is!)


    "Hey Alexander! Awesome costume!" Erytheia said.
    "Thank you! You look really pretty in yours."
    Erytheia blushed. "Aww, thanks. I wish I really could fly about everywhere. Dad tells me that there's a spell that means you can teleport, which is close enough."
    "Yeah," Alexander replied. "Well, we've got two weeks until we grow up, so just two weeks more until we can practise magic!"
    "Oh, I'm so looking forward to it," Erytheia sighed wistfully.


    Artemis decided to dress up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She hoped that she wouldn't be asked to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"; for one thing, she didn't know all the lyrics, and for another, her singing voice wasn't that great. Not that she cared, of course, but the request would be unfortunate nonetheless.


    Helen showed up in the same outfit as her brother. Incidentally, I had planned for Apollo to wear this exact outfit (just with different shoes), but he automatically wore a pirate outfit, and then when Alexander and then Helen showed up in this green skeleton gear, I realised it was just as well that we didn't have three green skeletons :D


    The stereo proved very popular, as they so often do at parties.


    The following morning...
    "Hey mum! What are you brewing?" Artemis asked.
    "It's a Potion of Plentiful Needs," Caroline explained. "Just one apple, and all your needs are completely filled!"
    "That sounds very useful," Artemis said.


    Caroline was having a conversation with her husband here. Um, wouldn't you want to be facing your husband? Especially if you're brushing up on your flirting skills for your newest acting role??


    Why go for a simple peck when you can kiss your beloved husband passionately?


    One thing led to another...


    Erytheia came home from school feeling rather sad. (There was no explanation on the moodlet, it was just random). When you're feeling down, what better way of feeling better than a hug from your lovely father?


    I love how they get moodlets based on how good the WooHoo was :D:D

    I mean, it is said that redheads are good in bed, so with two of them... oh, and it fits in with Caroline's remark about Peter "being a virtuoso elsewhere" :D:D

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    Xzavier Elcone changed his name to Xavier. According to his mother, that is what it should have been all along. He is making fine progress on his house and is nearly finished building it. It will be a large 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house suitable for a big family. Decorating and furnishing it come next. His sister Elora finally came over to visit. He has begun seriously searching for a wife and is currently considering four prospects. He has been on two dates with Mila Munch, but she has been hard to get to know. Learning that she is apparently a divorcee or widow with three children already was a shocker. Both dates were moderately successful at first but ended poorly and early. He is just getting to the point of asking Payton Kurtz on a date. Their friendship is progressing more easily, but he has learned that she is noncommittal. Jade Rosa and Penny Pizzazz are a little young for him.
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    Calum, Arihi, Reef, and Sara have been updated, and updated them in the gallery. Kylen, Aaron, Rylan, and Ashley will be uploaded once Lir, Loch, and Cole become young adults. I believe the ghostly versions of Dylan and Zephyr were uploaded.

    I'm working on the outfits for Kylen, Aaron, Rylan, Ashley, Lir, Loch, and Cole. To be honest, I didn't want to spend too much time on their outfits because they spend so much time in the water, the only outfit that seems to matter is swimwear.

    Anyways, one of the rules for this legacy is that they can't leave Sulani. I admit that this has influenced their outfits because the only world I've worried about making them blend in at is Sulani.

    Even though they are merfolk and I don't think they should have to hide who they are, I do think it might not be a bad idea for them to be able to blend in with humans outside of their aquatic environment. I guess I've been struggling with a balance between being merfolk and living among humans. I definitely think something compareable to the Vampire's Forgotten Hollow for merfolk would help balance things out.
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    Excerpts from the
    Diary of Roxanne Denney Monte**gro
    Journal of Felipe Monte**gro

    Reena Parikh-Denney is a toddler.

    And Carolina Denney is a child.

    -I went over to Miranda’s, Roxie had a bunch of Paragons stuff that she wanted to give Miranda now that she’s in charge, and, to be honest, I was kind of looking for an excuse to see little Carolina anyway. That little girl is a living doll and I don’t really get to see her very much. Well, not as much as I’d like. I’ve been kind of trying to spend as much time with Carolina and Reena as I can, kind of to get my fix in, I guess. I love my boys, but, well, I sure do like spending time with those two little girls every chance I get. I even go to see Lana Koster whenever I get to the city too. The thing is, well, I guess, I kind of regret that me and Roxie didn’t try for a girl now. I know, I was so sure that my two boys were enough, that we were done, and I really believed that at the time, but, well, now that there are all these little girls in the family and I’ve spent time around them and all, well, I kind of feel like I was wrong. Anyway, I took the box of Paragons stuff over there and got to spend some time talking to Carolina and Miranda.
    Carlos got Carolina into the League of Adventurers finally, just as soon as one of the kids aged out of it, well, I kind of strong-armed Carlos into letting Carolina join. I couldn’t help myself, because now when I take Carlos and Enrique to those play dates at the park, I get to see Carolina too, sigh.-

    Carolina is in the League of Adventurers.

    Felipe chats with Miranda and Carolina.

    Miranda runs the Paragons Club now.

    -Austin’s doing his residency in Sim City now, he lives with a bunch of other doctors who are also doing their residencies. It’s like wall to wall people in that apartment apparently, but Austin says he barely ever gets to be there anyway, he even sleeps at the hospital most of the time, jeez, it sounds awful, but Austin seems to really like it. Being a doctor, I mean, he really applied himself and all at FI and graduated with a Distinguished Degree in Biology with Honors, so he really did excel at Uni. Honestly, as far as I can tell he only socialized with Kaden and Victor the whole time he was there. And I got that from them, not from Austin. Anyway, he doesn’t know where he will end up next, he has to apply and see where he gets offered a job once his residency is over. If you ask me, it’s really scary the way all that doctor stuff works and all. Not knowing were you are going to end up or anything, I sure wouldn’t like all that uncertainty.-

    -Tucker and Darsh are trying to adopt a little boy now. His name is Kane Farnsworth and, according to Tucker, his mother has a drug addition problem and his father was never in the picture, the mother didn’t even put the father’s name on his birth certificate apparently. She would clean up for a while and get custody of him back till she messed up again, then he got placed back in another foster home, that’s how his life has been since he was a baby. Now, the court has completely taken away her parental rights, she got into big trouble with the law, I guess, and it was the last straw. Tucker met the boy that way, like, he met him at the Courthouse and found out he was going to be put up for adoption, and for some reason, he decided that he and Darsh should apply to adopt him. Darsh is thrilled, I mean, he’s wanted to adopt a kid ever since Reena was born, even before that, if you ask me.
    I don’t know, they’re in the middle of potty training Reena right now, and if you ask me, they already have their hands full with a toddler and two full time jobs. Still, my heart goes out to that little boy, his life seems to have been so awful and he really does deserve a stable home with people who will love and take care of him. So it’s ultimately a good thing. Kane, apparently, is a sweet kid and all, Tucker really took to him right away, so maybe that’s how it was meant to be, who am I to say otherwise?
    Anyway, me and Felipe are planning to take our boys over there, once Kane gets all settled in that is, so our boys can become friends with him hopefully, since he’s going to be part of my family now and all.-

    Darsh reads Reena a story.

    Tucker potty training Reena.

    Darsh teaches Reena to stack blocks.

    Darsh and Tucker tell Reena she’s getting a big brother soon.

    Introducing Kane Farnsworth.

    Helping Kane with his lessons.

    Kane plays some Biblock before school.

    Tucker talks to Kane during breakfast.

    Darsh helps Kane with his homework again.

    Darsh and Kane kick the soccer ball around.

    Kane loves to color and draw on his very own Activity Table.

    -We had scheduled another guy’s night out up at the ruins in Windenburg, you know, build a bonfire, roast weenies, it’s mostly just for us guys to talk, away from our wives and kids and not just about sports. Going someplace remote and out of the way makes that a lot easier for us guys to open up, if you ask me. Well, it was not available, as in someone had rented it, I didn’t even know that was a thing, but apparently it’s just like a park and can be rented for private events. Well, we decided to just go to some coffeehouse, what else is there to do in Windenburg after 8PM? Then Tucker said that it was guys night at that discotheque, OK, I haven’t been to a place like that since I was a teen and snuck in, and yes, you heard me, I wasn’t the complete goodie, goodie everyone makes me out to be, OK? Anyway, we ended up going, I mean seriously, we of course spent a bit of time at the bar with the half price drinks and all and I ended up having a good time. It’s funny, all us guys hanging out in that dance club and kind of dancing with each other, yeah, it was a bit weird, except maybe for Tucker, but it was kind of fun. And I don’t know, it was just kind of like all of us cut loose a bit, I guess.
    When I got home, Roxie was wearing those tight jeans I like and the boys were already asleep. And, well, me and Roxie kind of acted like newlyweds, we actually did it in the downstairs shower. And yeah, maybe I was a bit juiced and all, but still, it felt good to really put it to my wife like a young buck again, just saying.-

    Please, don’t tell our wives.

    -Me and Roxie took our boys over to Tucker and Darsh’s this weekend, we wanted to meet the little boy they are planning to adopt. He seems like a good kid, he has this crooked half grin he does and, well, it’s just kind of endearing. Carlos asked him to join his Kid’s Club, and I was glad for that, it will be a great way for him to make friends in his new home. Darsh says he’s way behind in school though, I guess he moved around a lot and then his mom wasn’t the most diligent person about that sort of thing. Anyway, Darsh says he’s been helping him a lot and he and Tucker looked into getting someone at the school to tutor him too. Apparently, parents can volunteer to do stuff like that, tutor kids I mean, through the PTA, that’s just one of the reasons that a good school is so important. Darsh said Kane didn’t have any learning disabilities and was of higher that average intelligence, so they are hopeful that they can get him up to speed. Little Reena seemed pretty OK with having a brand new big brother, so far that is. Both Tucker and Darsh said they are really making the effort to spend time with her and all, so she doesn’t feel jealous or left out. Well good luck with that, every kid wants more attention than you can possibly manage, in my experience. There’s just never enough time in the day for them, no matter how much you want to or try, just saying. And real siblings get jealous of each other, so I just bet that green-eyed monster will rear it’s ugly head one of these days as soon as the “new” wears off.-

    -Carlos, well, he’s just growing up way too fast. I mean, he’s almost a man now, he just had a birthday and he’s going to be in high school now and, well, I can’t believe he’s a teenager already. Jeez, sure makes me feel old, that’s for sure. We threw him a birthday party, of course. But not a little kid party, oh no, there had to be other teenagers there, several girls I mean, sigh. And so it starts, already? Plum, I’m starting to sound just like Uncle Kyle, that man was always complaining about how time gets away from you, etc., when I was growing up. And I just listened to him and rolled my eyes behind his back, and here I am, saying the same things, no doubt my boys are rolling their eyes behind my back, and Felipe too probably, sigh.
    Anyway, that Victor can really play the piano, everyone’s been hiring him to play at their parties these days, he can use the money at Uni. I mean, Hector and Jade probably give him plenty, but you still kind of want to let him earn some for himself, you know. And yes, I’m avoiding talking about how my Carlos is in high school and all, I know that. Felipe, well, he maybe regrets not having another kid now, I can tell, that man has absolutely no poker face whatsoever. Whatever emotion he has is written all over that loveable face of his. The thing is, he came home from one of those guy’s nigh out things the other night, and well, usually he’s belching and you know what from eating burnt hot dog weenies and just goes to bed complaining about indigestion. But not this time, he was all sweaty and kind of juiced up too, and he was in a mood, I mean, he was like a newlywed, when I told him he was all sweaty, he said why didn’t I join him in the shower? Seriously, I can’t remember the last time we did something like that. And we were not careful, well, he wasn’t careful, and I think it wasn’t just the juice either. The thing is, well, I guess I thought we were done, with babies and all, but now that Carlos is a teenager, well, I just don’t know.-

    Victor isn’t interested in high school girls, apparently.

    Make a wish Carlos!

    Uncle Kyle’s cake was delicious.

    PapPap and Abuelito talk to Enrique at the party.

    Carlos is a teenager.

    Family time after the party.

    -Felipe got a promotion, I’m so happy, he’s some sort of Angel Investor now, he looks for start ups and businesses and loans them money. That’s so much better for him. Helping a company get off the ground or back on it’s feet is way more in his wheelhouse than selling off companies for a quick profit was. It will make his stress level so much less, I can already tell. He wanted to celebrate, so he took us all out to Chez Llama, I suggested we go to that seafood place, what with the boys kind of not being used to fancy food, but Felipe insisted, only the best. Well, all my men all dressed up in ties and vests, at least, we tried getting them to wear a suit, but no way. Little Ricky in his bow tie and all, so adorable. Still, they all looked so handsome, my boys. And they, well, we all had such a good time. It was a nice night out for our family.

    Looking at the fancy menu.

    Felipe orders for everyone.

    Trying experimental food.

    (NOTE: So, while I was waiting for Josie to have her baby, both Carolina and Reena aged up, on the same day the baby was to be born. Also Felipe became an adult the very next day too. So, as I had played a lot of story related stuff already that I wanted to post about, I just had to miss those birthdays. When it rains it pours. And, Kane is not adopted through the game adoption interaction like Than was. What happened was, I had marked Yousef and his wife to have a baby earlier in the game and MCCC decided to have them adopt. Well, I sort of wanted them to have a genetic child being a Benali and all, so I saved Kane to my library and then later on let Tucker and Darsh adopt him, so to speak. So, like all the kids and adopted children of my played sims, he is totally random.
    Sorry for the post spam, I know I just posted recently, but I’m a bit ahead now and I wanted to answer some comments, so decided if I was going to post anyway…)

    Roxie got too old for Paragon, so I had her join Complementary Colors a club for artists, and at her last meeting she ran into your sim, Neil Hardie. I took a peak using a mod “Show Sim Info” to see what he’d been up to in my game. He’s a Tech Guru level 6 and is married to Juliette, the daughter of Cassandra Goth, they live in Willow Creek with their two daughters, Jo a child and a toddler named Reese.

    @BlueSeaWaves The Gourmet Cooking skill has the tiered cakes, you get access to that at level 5 of the regular cooking skill, I believe.

    @Metior_Ice Humm, I would say, since I don’t have IL, that if you uploaded a set of your twins as human that had outdoor traits and/or aspirations, that those would be the best fit for my game since the IL ones would not transfer. I would guess that anyone who had IL would prefer your mermaid versions. Also, as you can see above, I had added Smellincoffee’s sim Neil Hardie to my game earlier, so I updated them when one of my sims randomly ran into him, as to what he had been up to in my game. I’d be happy to do the same for you later on as well.

    @ryttu3k An unreachable dirty dish! Obviously you can cheat, but I once had an offending dirty something in one of my games that I could not find, so I read on the forum that you could sometimes hire a maid and they would dispose of those. So, that’s what I did, and it worked, I wasn’t paying attention, so have no idea where it was, but the maid did get rid of it for me.

    @rottmeister Ah yes, the eternal struggle to make “bad” sims likeable. I struggled with this one a bit in my current game. One of my played sims is friends with Max Villareal since childhood, the premade who has the “evil” trait. I wanted to make him evil but not totally unlikable and tried throughout my game to have him “misbehave” but still have redeeming qualities as a friend too. As the saying goes, “Adolf Hi**er loved dogs”. I have a similar issue with “good” sims. Felipe has the good trait, but I have occasionally had him do things that are not really good, because, well, no one is perfect all the time, right? He also sometimes complains about being labeled as a “goodie goodie”, and he points out things he has done that he feels are wrong sometimes.

    @Koteyka I used to mess up posting a lot early on, the forum editing is very unforgiving I find. What I do now, is make my posts on a word or text document then just copy and paste to the forum, that way I just have to do a bit of format editing. I also do my comments to other posters like that on a separate text doc. That way I don’t accidentally mis-click and loose everything.
    And the other eternal question, what is canon? I find most movies made from books to be hit or miss. The Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings ones were both good IMHO. But one of my favorite books, it’s sci-fi, Dune by Frank Herbert, had dreadful movies and miniseries made from it.
    I’m a bit of a Trekkie, and I used to read the novelizations of the TV shows and movies that did add more details etc. I did enjoy those a lot back in the day.

    @Lucy_Henley I like to have my married sims Woohoo too. I know some players say they only ever let their couple sims woohoo if they want a baby, what? That is so sad to me. Even my elders like to “get busy” although obviously not as much as my younger couples, lol. Since I have Risky Woohoo, it also adds a bit of uncertainty to my game that I kind of like. Although lately, it has been a bit too “active” I admit.

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    sunblond wrote: »

    @Metior_Ice Humm, I would say, since I don’t have IL, that if you uploaded a set of your twins as human that had outdoor traits and/or aspirations, that those would be the best fit for my game since the IL ones would not transfer. I would guess that anyone who had IL would prefer your mermaid versions. Also, as you can see above, I had added Smellincoffee’s sim Neil Hardie to my game earlier, so I updated them when one of my sims randomly ran into him, as to what he had been up to in my game. I’d be happy to do the same for you later on as well.

    Okay, I'll upload human versions of:

    Dylan and Zephyr

    Kylen and Rylan

    Lir and Loch

    I'm sure people will use one set of twins or another.

    It might take me a while to update them. I'll probably have to update their outfits for the base game.

    If I use the genetics option to create a human version, it might reset all their hidden behaviors. I think the way some of them behave is because of things that happened in the game.

    Kylen being an adept firefighter for example might be reset.

    All of their traits would be reset.

    Dylan and Zephyr, in particular, would probably have to get reset. They have traits and abilities from Island Living that aren't traits you can include from CAS or Character Values.

    For example: Dylan and Zephyr have 4 different friendly introductions. One of them was a career reward from Island Living that makes them confident.

    So, I'll see what I can do, but for some, the exclusion of Island Living content will make a couple of them a little different.
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    edited October 2020
    @Metior_Ice I think the Energy motive is the one that really needs locking, so often prioritize the Seldom Sleepy RT especially when I work on skills, grades, or job promotion. The Energy bar depletes too fast without that RT.

    @sunblond Thank you! They are, in fact, based on real people with the same names :D I'll introduce a few more in this update. Isn't your Carlos a child? I checked your recent posts :)
    Reality Kings Episode 7

    Manuel and Summer had their first Romance Festival date.

    Don Lothario and Katrina Caliente were also there.

    Manuel and Summer were getting intimate although they haven't "messed around" with each other yet.

    Jordan's mother and Jacques Villareal had a romantic date at a library (credits to the one who shared the lot to the gallery), and they went steady at the end of the date.

    Meet Jessie's brother Bruce. Just like Manuel, he's teenager aspiring to be an actor while Jessie's aspiring to be a musician. They live with their parents in a small bungalow in Newcrest. (credits to the player who shared the house to the gallery) They get their family income mainly from their mother's knittings and the plants that their father harvests.

    During the New Skill Day, Bruce went for a jog and sent an energized text to his cousin Erik who invited him to a gym in Del Sol Valley.

    Bruce spent the day working out with his cousins Erik (the blond guy) and Dane (the guy wearing glasses).

    Octavia Moon was also there, and Bruce asked for a selfie.

    Venessa Jeong was also there, and Bruce succeeded in his attempt for introduction. He also succeeded in his attempt to flirt with her although it did not go that far because Venessa went home too soon.

    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
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    SwanSong93 wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice I think the Energy motive is the one that really needs locking, so often prioritize the Seldom Sleepy RT especially when I work on skills, grades, or job promotion. The Energy bar depletes too fast without that RT.

    Energy is important, but I usually don't have as much trouble with it, especially with the Dance Machine / Lazy Trait combo.


    I uploaded a human version of

    The Island Elemental Twins: Dylan and Zephyr


    The First Kailani Heir and Spare: Kylen and Rylan

    I managed to reduce the packs to Parenthood, Active, Backyard, and Cool Kitchen.

    I couldn't bring myself to undo Dylan and Zephyr's signature hair style from the Cool Kitchen stuff pack.

    They are reset in their human version, so they won't be able to do everything they can do with their original merman version.

    I'll upload Lir and Loch once they are young adults.
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    @Metior_Ice Ah, that's great I'll check it out next time I'm back in the game, later tonight most likely. I do have most of the stuff packs. I have about half of the expansions and game packs too. So, if you have some things that aren't base game, well I may have it already or have a CC hair edit that is close. That's what I did with Darsh, I gave him a CC edit of his original cats & dogs hair.

    But I do have parenthood and fitness, backyard and kitchen packs.
    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    @AlwaysAsking So, Rylan and Ashley's son aged up with Don-looking base features. Lol, The gallery froze when I was looking for a base to copy. I do make a few edits in CAS after aging up, especially if there is weirdness or a small change I wanted to make.

    The game tried to make Lir and Loch look like pears even if that body type is radically different from their fathers'. The most major update I made with them was giving them the same base body type as their fathers minus the same detail edits.
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    Xavier is nearly done with the house itself. The yard and interior decorations and furnishings still need work. His two dates with Payton Kurtz went much better than his two with Mila Munch; he's going to risk her noncommittal nature and try to win and keep her anyway. A little bit of PDA at the art museum here, since she is a painter, but neither of them was paying much attention to the art.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 531 Member
    So, I have finally updated most of the outfits and added a Merman Don to my game. I gave Cole similar features to Don, and I maxed out the Romance between Ashley and Don. So, the question is:

    Is Cole Kailani Rylan's biological son or not?

    Ashley has soooo much free time at home because she doesn't really do much. Did she sneak off and cheat? How far will things go? Will Rylan find out before he's retired from the legacy?

    Cole is neither a spare nor a heir. He's an extra, and I needed to figure out a story for him.

    Pictures of Merman Don and the new human-themed outfits will come with the next update.
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