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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    Randell is enjoying his Sunday, day off school and officially prank day. The first one he decides to prank his his pops, Raditz.

    Randell thinks of a good one and smirks. "Hey dad! Did you know the neighbor's dog can turn super and stronger than you?" He says lowing his brows with a sad look on his face? "What?" Raditz asks covering his face leaning forward as if to weep. Honestly who would ever believe an earth dog could turn golden and fly? No one! You have to be a nut to believe that.

    "Nah, I'm only kidding, no earth dog could do that."
    Randell says with a great big smile. Raditz lifts his hands to cover his face. "What?" Raditz replies a bit cluelessly.

    Raditz turns his head still covering his face embarrassed at himself with his son still laughing at him. 'I can't believe I fell for such a pathetic joke.' Raditz says to himself and boy is his face red.

    It was time to give his son a little pay back. Besides Saiyans know how to deal some pay back even if it is only a joke. "Randell, your teacher called on Friday and said that you were failing badly in Language arts and said you had to make it up in Summer School." Randell looks at Raditz raising a brow. "You have to be joking Dad! I'm better at the English language than you are." Randell replies to his dad with a sarcastic remark.

    "I'm not Joking, Randell. Your teacher really did say that, ask your mom." Raditz replies with a somewhat believable look of remorse on his face. "You have to go to summer school and your math teacher said the same thing." Randell's sarcastic appearance turned into complete sadness leaning forward covering his face sobbing. "NO! It's not fair or right! I get all A's." He said sobbing still.

    "Naw. I'm only joking we got your report card last week from your school. Besides it's only fall." Raditz l states while laughing hilariously. Randell looks down still with a few tears upset at his dad for lying to him. "How does it feel with the super dog prank you got me with?" Raditz asks still laughing. "It hurts." Randell replies sobbing. "Next time don't prank someone from another planet who knows barely anything about this mud ball." Raditz states with a giant grin.

    Next time Randell should really pay attention to his father's origin before joking like that. He defiantly takes after his dad. xDDD
    (Also I do realize Randell's hair looks pretty bad. Had some weighting issues with the facial weights).
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    Didn't play for a while because for some reason Origin was trying to force me to play Sims 4 Legacy Edition when I am in fact playing on a 64bit computer. That took a few days to find a solution to fix, but hey at least I still have these screenshots from the last time I played.

    So after coming home from work, Sabrina was already in a flirty mood and wanted some of that good ol' Grim lovin.
    But she was also starved due to being pregnant at work and not eating anything all day. They completely forgot about the whole Ol' Grim lovin thing they were going to do.
    So young Anakin was crying. So instead of Mom coming over and taking care of him, everyone else came in and tried to find out what was wrong with him. All they did was just kind of wave at him and shush him when he starts crying. These people are hopeless.
    Casey: "Who just left this creepy picture of a little girl on the schedule board?"
    Since Grim still refuses to get a job (After all, Sith Lord is the only occupation he cares about now.) Sabrina has to keep putting bread on the table, gotta write a new song for those sexy royalty checks to keep coming in.
    Hunter: "So will you play chess with me like Uncle Vader did?"
    Grim: "Nah, I'm not much of a chess guy. I have something else we can do though!"
    Seconds later...
    Grim: "Alright girls, let's get those negative emotions out of our system here."
    Grim: "Now we moon the people living in the poor part of the city."
    Grim: "Haw haw, you guys have less money than us!"
    Oh thank Buttery Jesus, someone who actually knows how to take care of a baby!
    This kid would be dead if his dad and sisters were in charge.
    Anyways, gotta write more music for those Royalties.
    Grim: "Oh hey Gran-I mean.....Not Grandma."
    Luna: "Nah it's cool, I'm okay with being called Grandma now that Octavia looks like she's old enough to be MY mom."
    Oh and then Casey learned the wonders and joy of coffee.
    Grim Sr: "Hey, heard Darth Vader was stabbed by a Hobo. Just wanted to give my condolences."
    Grim Jr: "How did you hear that?"
    Grim Sr: "I saw it happen, I'm the Reaper of Souls."
    Then Grim Sr kicked the garbage can over.....Thanks dad.
    Well looks like Anakin has a dirty diaper.
    But we all know he's not getting changed unless Sabrina does it.
    This random woman just broke in.
    Grim: "Was going to kill you, but then I decided to spare you because you took the garbage out! You live....for now."
    Grim: "So what are we all doing in Anakin's room?"
    Sabrina: "Isn't it obvious? Anakin aged up!"
    Oh so he did.
    And the poor kid is surrounded by people taller than him.
    Grim: "Aww, who's my future Sith Lord? That's right, you are!"
    Sabrina: "Grim, can you not corrupt the kid for five minutes?"
    Casey: "He still stinks though."
    Oh wow, now that is a baby that's ready to come out.
    Oh and then Hunter finally showed up.
    Surprisingly she's actually pretty good at taking care of him now as a toddler.
    Grim: "Wow, we got the whole family together in one room for once.........IDEA!"
    Family Photo.
    Grim: "I think this picture makes me look fat."
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    Excerpts from the Journal of Kaden Benali

    -There’s a lot of new guys this term, plus Trevon disserted us. Well, he moved off-campus, one of the guys from his study group asked him to share a house in Gibbs Hill with him and he kind of wanted to see what it was like to be totally on his own, as in not living the dorm. Lonnie says Trevon hopes to, well, maybe have more luck in the romance department, apparently he’s kind of inexperienced, as in never had a girlfriend or anything. So me and Lonnie moved back to a double together. I have two term papers and a presentation and all my classes are on Tue. and Thur. again, that will be a stressful day, jeez.-

    From left to right: JT Kelp, Yannik Volkov, Kaden Banali, Lonnie Gary, Joel Crook, and Gordon Currie

    From left to right: Kangee Black, Reed Clifford, Kurtis Bernstein, and Jarod Bates

    Kaden and Lonnie share a double now.

    -I decided to do my presentation first, you know, get it over with, because I always save it till last and well, I just think doing it right away will cut way down on my stress this term. It’s kind of in my wheelhouse anyway, it’s a course on persuasion and all and with my debate club training, I feel like I already have a pretty good command of the topic and all. So I set the presentation board up in the room and worked on it for a whole week. Lonnie was not thrilled, there was the big board in the middle of the room and I kind of had papers scattered around, but ultimately, it paid off, because I got my presentation in first and I’m hoping I get some brownie points for that alone.-

    Kaden works on the presentation.

    -JT Kelp is on another intramural soccer team and he and I have been practicing soccer together a lot. He and I have gotten to be really good friends too. He told me he’s an army brat, his dad has been in the military since before JT was born and all. So, the thing about that, he told me, is that he moved around a lot and never got a chance to put down roots or make lifelong friends. He said he wants to be able to live in someplace for a long time like I did, like, raise his family like that, he really wants to get married and have kids and all. So, I guess he and I kind of bonded over that, because that’s kind of how I picture my life too.-

    Kicking around the soccer ball with JT.

    -Austin finally surfaced, I hadn’t really got to see him as much as I had hoped, what with him just being over at FI. But then, well, he is in pre-med, so I’m sure he’s swamped with schoolwork. I know that it must be way more intense than what I have to do, and I have a time managing everything, so, yeah, I guess he doesn’t get much free time at all. Anyway, he did call me up and come over today, so that gave us a chance to catch up and I took him around and introduced him to my roommates and some of the other guys on the hall. They were pretty good to him and didn’t get into a lot of ribbing about him attending FI, we, as in UBrite, have a big rivalry with FI, it’s a traditional thing that goes way back, so it can lead to some heated exchanges. So, I was glad the other guys were friendly to Austin when he was here. We did get a chance to catch up with each other and gossiped a bit about stuff back home. Plus, it was just really good to talk to him, he’s one of my oldest friends, and I guess he’s my best friend, we’ve been friends since we were both little kids and all and have been through a lot together. He was super nice and supportive to me after my mom died and I will always be really grateful to him for that.
    Then Austin kind of asked me if I had seen Victor since he started Uni, he’s going to FI too now, this is his first term. I hadn’t though, which made me feel bad, I should have looked him up. Austin said he went by Victor’s dorm recently and it looked to him like Victor had been crying, his eyes were red and all. Then he said he was ashamed to admit it, but confessed that the first term, well, he said he got really homesick and that he kind of had a hard time adjusting and all. Then I told him that I went through the same thing. That I cried myself to sleep on more than one occasion first term, and since I had a room all to myself, well, there was no one to see or hear me. That definitely made Austin feel better and, well, me to, I guess, if I’m honest. Then I said, the thing is Austin, both of us grew up in stable homes, like we had it really good as kids and growing up and all. Victor didn’t, he never knew his parents and then his grandmother got too sick to take care of him and he had to go live with the Monte**gros. I mean, sure they did eventually adopt him and all, but at first he was just their foster child. So, whatever stuff we felt, well, it may be a lot worse for someone like Victor, I mean he may have abandonment issues, for example. Oh plum, I never thought of that Kaden, Austin said, that Psychology stuff is really paying off for you. We talked some more and both agreed to look in on Victor this term and to never mention we talked about him to each other. No one likes to be the subject of gossip however well intentioned.-

    Catching up with Austin.

    -I waited a little over a week then I called and invited Victor out to the pub in Gibbs Hill. It took some convincing too. But I did spend some time with him and we talked, he told me he was seeing quite a bit of Austin lately too. I kind steered the conversation to my first term and let it “slip” that I had been pretty homesick at first. And, after a while, Victor confessed that he was homesick, that his roommates were not really bad or anything, but that he wasn’t all that friendly with them either. I told him about myself, how having a single room was not all it’s cracked up to be because it can be lonely. Then I told him that anytime he needed to, he could come over to my dorm and talk or whatever, or even just hang out. That sometimes, just being around a familiar face is a big help when you’re feeling lonely.-

    Kaden and Victor have a drink together.

    And they talk.

    -After I did my presentation, well, there was an E-Sports game against FI. They’re our biggest rivals, of course. And so a bunch of us went to the Spirit Celebration before the game. I called and invited Trevon and Rohan to go with us. Well, it was kind of a big deal and all, I guess. Anyway, me and JT played some juice pong, he was really bad, and then we had some juice from the keg too and, well, I guess I was pretty juiced up by then, because I sprayed that old FI Lobster Mascot with stink spray. It might have been a bad idea because he stuck around so we all had to smell him, but later on at the game, well, his team, they really did not like having him around either, lol. After the game, Austin stopped by, the guys did rib him a bit, him being from FI and all, but eventually they gave both of us some juice and we got a chance to talk, just the two of us. But, I was supposed to start my term paper the next day, well, that kind of didn’t go well, I felt really bad all day, and didn’t get much done. So much for getting ahead, I sure learned my lesson though. No more overindulging in juice, that’s for sure.-

    Playing juice pong with JT.

    Drinking more juice with JT.

    Stinking up Larry the Lobster.

    Talking with Austin.

    -So, I had been out of the dorm all day, first my 3 classes, then I went over to debate practice to, well, coach some of the newer members. Now that I’m more experienced, I’m kind of supposed to help the newer members. Anyway, after I got back to the dorm and started studying, dad called, he asked me if Samyr had left for home yet. It was almost 9PM. I had no idea Samyr was here, of course, and unfortunately, before I thought about it, I told dad that. Well, he went into full panic mode, of course. It took a while to calm him down, then I told him that Samyr could be in the TV room or somewhere, that I had just gotten back to the dorm after being out all day and that I would look around. So, once I promised to call dad right back with any news, I went and asked around, and Joel Crook told me that Samyr and Brody Matthews had been talking earlier. Brodie doesn’t live on my hall anymore, but I know where he moved to. So I went over there and, well, his roommate told me that he and some guy had been by on their way over to FI, the guy with him sounded like Samyr from the description he gave. OK, that was good, that sounded kind of normal, I guess. So, I called and updated dad, he was still kind of panicked, but, well, that’s my dad. I had called and texted both of them, but hadn’t gotten a reply, which was worrying.
    So, I went back to my dorm, and on the way, I got a text from Brody that they were on their way there too. Samyr showed up with Brody a little after I got there and he was juiced, plus Samyr was obviously wearing someone else’s clothes, he didn’t even look like himself. Both of them smelled of passion fruit juice, I mean it was pungent. Man, Oh Man! was Samyr going to catch it, unfortunately, I was sure I was going to get caught up in the blame for it too. No way was dad not going to hold me personally responsible for this fiasco.
    Then I sat Samyr down and started to lay into him and he just flat out told me, Kaden, I’m a man now, I just had woohoo. I was with a college girl, two whole times! It was like a fantasy come true! She was, like, totally into me, can you believe it?
    Holy plum, I mean, what a complete disaster. Me and Samyr were in so much trouble, jeez. I couldn’t even grasp the gravity of the whole situation. Then I said, Samyr, seriously, you absolutely cannot ever tell dad or that blabbermouth brother of ours, Zayn about the woohoo. I mean it, if either of them find out about this, you and I will be in so much more trouble than we already are. You get that, right? Samyr said, oh, yeah, like I know that Kaden, I just told you because you are totally cool and in college and all.
    I called dad and just said Samyr was juiced and that he would have to sleep here tonight. Dad made me promise to keep an eye on him, like the whole night, mind you, so he didn’t die by vomiting in his sleep and suffocating, seriously, holy plum. But I promised. I put Samyr in my bed to sleep it off and then I went to talk to Brody. I wanted to slug him, except for the simple fact that he could totally clean my clock, I knew it and so did he.
    When I found Brody calmly sitting on one of the couches, he said, I’m guessing I stepped on your toes tonight. Seriously, I replied, me and Samyr are in so much trouble, Brody, you have no idea, my dad is in full panic mode and the juice thing is a huge deal. I don’t even want to think about if my dad found out about him being with a girl. You just can’t even comprehend how big a deal it is in my family. In my defense, Brody said, I thought Samyr need something to boost his confidence, the guy has a huge inferiority complex, I guess he feels like you and his twin brother are way better looking or whatever and it’s something he’s really insecure about. So, I introduced him to Hildie, she’s a geek and likes nerdy guys like Samyr and she’s a lot of “fun”, she loves to woohoo. I simply introduced them, Samyr found out she had worked at a Medieval Fair one summer and started showing her pics of him wearing a knight in shining armor suit, and, well, then I left him alone with her. She was totally into him, I guess. I get that your family is not like mine, my family is plum, my brother is a total tool, I wouldn’t loan a dollar to him and my parents are self-involved, they didn’t have much time for a kid like me. So, I don’t really know how things are with a nice family like yours, but I do know that Samyr got a big shot of confidence tonight. And, I think it will really do him a lot of good. But, if you want to take a swing at me, go ahead, I’ll give you a freebie, in the stomach though, not the face, OK, he offered, then he stood up and offered his flat washboard abs to me.
    Boy, I did kind of want to slug him, but something he said had struck me, the part about Samyr not having confidence and feeling inferior to me and Zayn. That kind of hit a nerve. Finally, I said, I’m not going to hit you, Brody, it’s just, in my family, woohoo is a big deal. Yeah, Brody said, maybe, but it was a big deal for Samyr too. Maybe a big enough deal to make him a little more secure about himself now. I was hoping Brody was right.-

    Samyr and Hildie make out.

    Samyr shows Hildie one of his “moves”.

    Round 2 in the shower.

    More round 2 stuff.

    Samyr tells Kaden about his night.

    -So, Rohan asked me to come over to his house, and I think it’s kind of a big deal for him. I don’t think he has a lot of friends to start with and I doubt many of them have ever been to his house. I kind of got that impression from things he has said here and there. Plus, he was really nervous when he asked me over too. So, I was on my best behavior, luckily, since my grandmother lived with us growing up, I was able to talk about her helping raise us, which I think scored big brownie points with Rohan’s grandparents. I could tell right away that both of them are really proud of Rohan’s being in college, he must be the first in his family to get to go. His mother passed away too, I know his mom died when he was pretty young and his dad never really got over it, just from stuff he said, so eventually, he went to live with his grandparents. So I guess that must have been what drew me to him when we met, like, that we both had lost our moms. Sometimes when you meet people there’s some connection that you don't figure out till later, I think.
    After I visited a while, me and Rohan went over to that pub in Gibbs Hill and we talked a bit and had some juice, yeah, I know, but I only had one and I had food too so. We talked to a few people and Lonnie joined us there later, and we had a good time. I think it was a big thing for Rohan, not just me meeting his grandparents, but his just hanging out with us too.-

    Kaden meets Ekram.

    Kaden charms Rohan’s grandparents.

    At the pub.

    -I didn’t get to see much of Christine this term, we’ve both been pretty busy and when we did get to spend some time together, well, we did a lot of talking. We talked about our hopes and dreams and a lot about the future. The thing is, I’ve been planning to marry Christine since back in high school. I know, but it’s true, but I don’t want to rush it, I want to wait till we both have jobs and, well, the other thing is, I want to be able to get her a nice engagement ring for when I do propose. Dad always regretted that he never got mom a nice engagement ring and all and it’s something that I promised myself that I would do differently.-

    -Josie and dad are having a baby, honestly, I mean, not that I’d ever in a million years say it to either of them, but Josie, well, I figured she was too old and all, I guess. I was kind of planning to maybe move back home for a while, but no way now, I mean seriously, that place will be a total mad house. Especially with a baby and with Izzy being a teenager now too, jeez. That’s a lot of teen hormones all over the place, throw a baby into the mix and, well, just saying. Plus, I have a house now, thanks to Robert, so I have a place of my own to live. Like, I’m totally set for after I graduate. I mean, I have to find a job and all, but still.-

    -The week before finals, well, I was pretty much done, I finished my second term paper and once I edited it and turned it in, I just took some time for myself. I got up really early one morning and went to that spot behind Darby’s Den and did some fishing. Then I had breakfast all by myself in the cafeteria and just sat and thought. I was kind of imagining how it would be to finally finish college and be on my own and all, I guess. I saw Jonah Finn, he’s an alumni and was in Debate Club and is really good, he’s won a challenge before, and, well, I challenged him to debate me. It wasn’t official or anything, but he conceded that I had won the debate. I felt really good. It was like a really good end to my Uni experience, I guess.-

    A bit of fishing.

    A contemplative breakfast.

    Kaden wins the debate.

    -Than visited, I hadn’t seen much of him or Uncle Kyle and Salim since I started UBrite, I did visit them some when I was in the city to see Christine, but, if I’m honest, not as much as I should have. One thing, the gay guy on my hall, Kurtis Bernstein, he’s an art major and all and he’s really kind of a flashy dresser, he looks arty, I guess. Well, he recognized Than, like, he actually knew who he was and that he’s a famous artist and all. I had never realized that Than was kind of a big deal before, like, famous, you know? Dad showed up later on too and I got a chance to talk with both of them some before JT got to talking with us, like, he wasn’t just being polite, he seemed to enjoy meeting and talking to my family and all.-

    Chatting with JT and the family.

    -We threw a kegger, yeah. So, I invited Christine, Austin, Rohan, Bryson, Trevon, Mariam, and Victor to it and everyone showed up. It was a blast, even if I was a little worse for the wear the next day. Lonnie did an epic fail at a keg stand and I had JT lift me for one later, but no one saw my perfect dismount, sigh.-

    Lonnie hits the floor.

    A moment between Kaden and Christine.

    No one sees Kaden’s perfect keg stand.

    -I graduated with honors, I have a perfect GPA, and dad was really proud. I mean he was really obvious about it at graduation, like, telling the other parents and stuff, sigh. Well, if I’m honest, I kind of liked that my dad was so proud of me and all. Even Zayn and Samyr were nice and congratulated me. And Josie well, she kept hugging me and patting my head like I was a little kid, but, well, she has baby hormones dad says, so I kind of just let her do it, plus, well, I kind of like it when she mothers me sometimes, if I’m being honest. Izzy was thrilled to be walking around on a college campus, plus some guys talked to her and she pretended to be way older than a high school freshman, well, OK, I mean, I probably would have done the same thing if I could have gotten away with it at her age.
    Now to get on with the next stage of my life, I guess. That’s not scary, right.-

    Kaden graduates!

    @Dust_Bunny2010 The thing about May is her antics make me laugh, I get a real charge out of her.

    @SwanSong93 That "Seasons" is rife with death, I have seen so many posts about sims dying with that pack, makes me glad I hate weather. :D

    @Metior_Ice I wonder if that "delicious plasma" thing is like the "fruit cake" there's a hidden buff so some sims like it while others don't?

    @BMSO OMG, that hair!

    @DoodlyDoofus Origin was bugged for me last week, kept trying to download a base game version other than the one I had, I had to uninstall it and then reinstall.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    A Tale of Two Dons Part 6

    Part one is Here
    Part two is Here
    part three is Here
    Part four is Here
    Part five is Here
    Part six is Here

    Joey's Don and Joey

    When we last saw Joey’s Don he’d just been sent home crying, by Joey, because Joey didn’t want to be with him anymore.


    The next morning Joey was at his favorite gym, and got a rather unpleasant surprise.


    “Joey?” Don said. The “please” was unspoken, but it was there.


    In a Spoiler to help the page load faster
    Joey didn’t even try to pretend he wasn’t hurting.


    Don didn’t apologize, he just said, “Hey, let’s hang out today. We can do whatever you want to do.”


    Joey wasn’t playing that game


    “Ok, I’m sorry,” Don said. “I am, I’m sorry.”


    “I just freaked out,” Don said. “I didn’t know how to handle that. I wanted to be with you so much that it scared me.”


    “You’re too late Don.” Joey said. “I’m going out with Xavier tonight.”


    “Hey, we’ll worry about tonight when it gets here,” Don said. “Right now it’s today. I’ll take you anywhere you want to go. No strings attached.”


    “Ok,” Joey said, still pouty.


    And he told Don where he wanted to go.


    “So…. what do you want me to do?” Don asked


    “Just stand there and look pretty,” Joey answered.


    “For how long?” Don asked him. Joey’s shorts were kind of distracting Don. Yeah, that’s it. His shorts.


    “You can move now,” Joey told him. “I got your face done, and the trees aren’t leaving anytime soon.”


    Joey attracted a fan, Joey always attracted a fan…..

    or two. In the meantime, Don decided it was time to drop and do 20. Because it’s always time to drop and do 20.


    And then the painting was done!


    Which meant it was time to go out for a fancy dinner!


    With other happy fancy people!


    I’m sure that’s the non-alcoholic version of the white wine. I think that’s called grape juice.


    For some reason Simeon was very interested in talking to Don.


    Like “carry your food with you” type of interested.


    Like “pull out your interview pad” interested. (Does he have a job or something? What is going on here?)


    Like, Don finally had to say, “Sorry Dude, I’m trying to have dinner with my boyfriend here.” (Did you hear that? He called Joey his boyfriend. Rather presumptuous of him, don’t you think?)


    Which didn’t thrill Simeon.


    But finally they got to eat in peace. (And what’s up with Morty?)


    Don 2 and I

    Anyway, Don and I are at a party now! We are in this save, because of the house I was finishing for Uncle Joey's Nalani.


    That sounded confusing, even to me.


    In a Spoiler to help the page load faster
    Now bear with me, this will get more interesting very soon, I swear! lol I'll try to explain. I built her a house in Willow Creek, in my real Uncle Joey save. And I made it look as much like Sulani as I could, because he and his 7 girlfriends, 7 boyfriends, and 21 children have all been relocated to Willow Creek, so he can see his kids more easily.


    But I wanted to make it uploadable, and their actual house is full of pictures of him with Nalani and with their kids.


    (Yes, she's hugging Joey's Don here, not Joey. They are having an affair, lol)



    So I opened a new save, plopped the house down, and started redecorating


    It's full of paintings and photographs of Sulani now.



    But then I decided I wanted to play test it, so I grabbed that save's Nalani. Here she is in her new backyard.


    She needed a significant other to test things with. (She's testing the yoga mats on the back deck here).


    Hmmmm, the only grown up that walked by, all day, was Marcus Flex. I've never played as him, I hate his hair and clothes, lol.


    But he'd have to do, and he was alright with that.


    Apparently massages are mandatory here


    But hugs are Completely out of the question!


    He did reciprocate the massage, but .... she might have preferred that he didn’t


    They went skinny dipping.


    She didn't seem impressed! :D:sweat_smile:


    He, however, was shocked to see her in the water naked! The fact that she was a mermaid didn’t faze him, and when he was also naked, it didn’t faze him. But now? Heavens! This is scandalous!


    She was able to smooth that over pretty easily though.


    And convince him to move in!


    And then told him that he had to ditch the hair and ugly clothes!


    Of course they needed toddler testers too, so, let's make babies! He was so happy that he cried :blush:


    And that's when the Dons and I appeared, because I had to wait through Nalani being pregnant twice.


    And here they are, little toddler testers, Zane


    And Aaliyah.


    Which brings us back to Don 2 and I, and the party at Nalani and Marcus's house


    These two have too much in common.


    Brant continued his slight fascination with me ...... Idk what that's about. But no one knew Brent, so we couldn't invite him.


    See? They have too much in common.


    I continued to keep an eye out for Don's moments of confusion. They are not that hard to find.


    Maybe Marcus was trying to explain something to him, I'm not sure. I think he knows where babies come from....


    Don 2 and I continue to be sickeningly sweet to each other.


    I can still easily confuse him. I probably mentioned dependability or conscientiousness. :sweat_smile:


    But what confused Don most of all


    Was the existence of


    Darrel Charm


    Although, to be fair, Moira and I looked pretty confused too.


    And Finally .... what's a party without Uncle Joey??


    I don't know. The first thing he did was go clean the kid's room. And he doesn't have the neat trait.


    Then he tried to talk to Aaliyah.


    He stood around looking ... I don't know. Like he missed someone?


    But, he sure is pretty when he smiles


    Apparently my expertise is known throughout all Sim-dom, because yes, ok, let's massage Joey now.


    And then my bestie showed up! Yes, Joey's Don and I had the fullest green bar ever, because of all the time we spent together, and not one touch of pink, not one, lol


    Now, I've searched far and wide to try to find pictures of Joey's Don being confused. I have folders and folders of pictures of him, and it's hard to find confused looks. He looks wistful here, to me, but not confused.


    My Don (2) is managing to look confused and impressed at the same time, pretty cool.


    And he's looking at ... Don. But look, I think Joey's Don actually looks confused here. I managed to bring on confusion!


    These two are so sweet, it's crazy.


    And look! Don made me confused! Because he decided to be sneaky about putting his arm around me, and I'm like .... do you remember what we did last night? You don't have to be sneaky to put your arm around me. Sheesh.


    Hmmmmm .... Joey walked in and he saw “his” Don. I wonder what happened with this?


    Well, you may never know, because Joey walked out.


    And it was poor Brant's turn to massage Joey’s Don. Dear God Don, what's up with this?


    At least Brant is bad at it and just about crushed his toes, lol!


    In this spoiler is a Joey’s Don sneak peek!
    “You’re really going to stay her and wait for Xavier? Don asked Joey.

    “Yes,” Joey answered. “You said you’d take me anywhere I wanted to go today, no strings attached. I want to go on my date with Xavier. So thanks for the ride. You can go now.”


    In a Spoiler to help the page load faster
    These are just random pictures of the house, which is located here:




    Ground floor






    Hot tub room:


    Dining room:


    Kid’s room




    Their room




    One bedroom:


    The other bedroom


    The upstairs deck






    Upstairs bathroom


    The front of the house at night:


    I've been too tired to read or comment. Hopefully I can comment a bit tonight.

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    This is a bit of a late response, but when I read the words “Friends”/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover” in @Daephene’s response, I knew I’d have to have a look at your post! Your save looks really cool. I’ve actually been thinking of doing something similar, but right now, I’m more focused on my other saves.

    Is your Rachel Sim from the gallery or did you make her yourself? I still haven’t found one yet. (I do have Ross, Monica and Chandler, though.)

    I can imagine how her and Yugi’s wedding must have gone, with all their friends there. (“No, not you, the other Joey!”)
  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 3,072 Member
    @sunblond xDDD
    It's still in development ATM. The hair just engulfs everything! It's like an anime version of the blob.. xD
    Bmso85's emporium - mysims4studios

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    @sunblond It's really annoying how most Sims are so stupid that they do not change to cold weather outfit when the temperature is very low. I think that's the easiest way to kill off unwanted townies. Make them change into hot weather outfit when it's freezing cold, and then just keep them busy by chatting with them.
    Reality Kings Episode 5

    Manuel is now a Junior Artiste!

    Manuel and Summer continued to be friends.

    Romantic connection between them started when Summer did the "Reveal Crush" interaction to Manuel.

    At that point, they were still just friends as he mentioned to Summer's mother.

    Mick celebrated the Love Day by inviting his schoolmate Jessie to hang out in Newcrest. He gave her some flowers which she accepted. He liked her, but he's taking it slow.

    His half-brother Manuel was being rather aggressive. He asked Summer on date right after he returned home from Drama Club. They met at a fancy restaurant in Newcrest (credits to the player who shared it to the gallery). They gave each other flowers and flirted with each other while waiting for their order.


    Finally, Manuel asked Summer to be his girlfriend. Naturally, she accepted, and they had their first kiss together.


    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
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    Hello all. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy! Sorry I have been a bit AWOL.
    Its been a rough week for my family. Today, we lost my grandmother Lorraine to her battle against Covid 19 after contracting it at her nursing home. She was nearly 101 years old. She had 7 children, dozens of grandchildren, and a LOT of great and great-great grandchildren. I always remember her having smile on her face and was ready for a joke. She loved her funny printed socks and sweaters too. I made a sim to commemorate her memory.
    EA Gallery Link: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/3CF5CFF514C911EB8DBE1AE2A2C073C3
    She was proud of her family, cheerful and pretty outgoing so I added those as her personality traits.
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    I'm getting the impression that Raylan isn't impressed by much TV.


    Also, Vivi being the cutest third wheel. (Was just taking Halloween caps, hence her li'l costume!)


    And building continues for the squad! Here is a WIP of Lilith's room, featuring a bed made of debug vents and a shelf, and one of those little moments of Sims Logic. Why?!


    @Duvelina man, poor Hugo. Poor Nelson! They really do need to talk, but possibly have a neutral party there to keep things fairly calm?

    @DoodlyDoofus Origin is a hot mess sometimes, seriously. Godspeed, l'il Anakin, you're gonna need it. I mean Grim Sr is the general expert on all things death! The family photo is pretty cute!

    @sunblond always good when you get your work done early - more time to relax later! Poor Victor, if you have that disruption early on, it can be hard when you uproot again, even if it's for something like uni. Oh boy, Samyr XD;; Yeah, um, hm, better not to give Omar all the details, heh. Sounds like Kaden had a great uni experience, all up!

    @AlwaysAsking well, at least Don is trying to make it up to Joey! It's a start! Go get some rest <3

    @sarabeth2984 I'm very sorry for your loss. It sounds like she was pretty cool. <3
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    @sarabeth2984 I'm so sorry for your loss. :'( A cousin of mine got married in the courtyard of a nursing home so her grandmother could attend. She watched from the window.

    In sim-related news, the Cole-Cordova-Worthington family(Cole: founded the legacy, Cordova: Oldest Cole granddaughter's married name, Worthington: Youngest Cole granddaughter's married name) lost their grandmother, Alison Foster-Cole. She passed away from old age and leaves behind her husband Ben, children: Hadley, Emily and Oliver, and six grandchildren: Spencer Cordova, Emerson Cordova, Ryder Cole, Michael Worthington, Preston Cole, and Caitlin Worthington. She passed away the day after her oldest grandson became a young adult.

    ETA: Here are the pics

    Hadley on the phone with her dad

    Saying goodbye to Alison. The empty space between her and her mother-in-law Katherine is for Ben.

    Spencer's CAS pic. I can't remember who in the family has that dimple preset, but he's adorable!
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    Sims 3 Username
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything[/center]
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    Elore Elcone, (back story on the Show me your families thread), although the socially most accomplished of her family, has a distinct tendency to bite off more than she can chew. She planned a big house party with a dozen guests she barely knew and spread herself too thin to accomplish much. It was a party, which is about all that can be said for it. Later the same day, her mother Liberty had her birthday party, a smaller, family-centered affair, which went more successfully. Liberty, now an elder, hopes to see grandchildren before she dies. She intends to retire as a scientist, (after turning her various breakthroughs into actual inventions) and pursue a wide variety of lucrative hobbies. Elora's older brother Hibbert is now an Artist Extraordinaire while still a young adult, (due to being both creative and creatively gifted...he was an Artistic Prodigy as a child) although his career has lagged and he is still only considered an Imaginative Imaginist. He now aspires to be a Musical Genius as well.

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    SwanSong93 wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice But I think the Heatproof and Iceproof Traits are much better, so I will collect more satisfaction points without wasting 500 on the Acclimation traits which I think are overridden by those.

    That's fair. I do find that 2000 satisfaction points can be a lot to save up for, and with merfolk sims, the cold acclimation, at the very least, is worth it for taking advantage of their ability to sleep in water. I believe the Heatproof and Iceproof Traits are similar to the Storm Chaser trait in that they give sims a positive moodlet from the temperature and makes them immune to the temperature related deaths. It would make sense for them to override the others.

    I think the other traits just reduce the effects of the weather and make it harder for your sims to die in extreme weather. With so many aspirations, I usually end up with both with plenty of satisfaction points left. But, I think it depends on how people prefer to play. One set of traits allows sims to feel the negative effects of weather without dying. The other set gives sims a positive moodlet from extreme weather and immunity to death in those conditions.
    sunblond wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice I wonder if that "delicious plasma" thing is like the "fruit cake" there's a hidden buff so some sims like it while others don't?

    Maybe it is, but it isn't a moodlet that is consistent. After a quick google search, the same sim that gives the "Divine Drink" moodlet didn't give other players' vampire that moodlet.

    In my game, Dylan Zalrian and Kylen Kailani are both mermen with the Sulani Mana trait. They are both the creative types, and they both have positive reputations. Now, Damion murdered Dylan. So, I'm wondering if Dylan's Death is the reason he he has a new favorite. I can't say what the trigger is, but I think a vampire can only have one favorite, and when that favorite dies, they can find a new favorite.

    For those that are interested, my current build for a merperson's bedroom involves a pool and the Geothermal Lot Trait from Eco Living. This gives my sims a positive moodlet while in the water that overrides other negative moodlets. It also prevents pools from freezing over in the winter. This combination can be used with the Hot Spring water style from Jungle Adventure to create a hot spring using pools. The down side is that it requires the use of a lot trait for the water style to do more than affect the way things look.

    Eco Living added a lot of useful lot traits for pools. And as for decorating the room, I include wall art, a mirror, and ceiling decor. There is definitely a lot of opportunity to add more to the game for aquatic builds and pools. It's still weird that sims can't look at a poster while in a pool. Personally, I feel like they should create a pack that introduces underwater lots that can be residential lots. The pack could include things for building submersible, steam punk themed homes for human sims and items for merfolk underwater homes. They would need something more than this to justify another pack as Island Living should've had a lot of this.

    I can see a pack that adds a new world, something along the line of simlantis that would be a merperson's Forgotten Hollow. I'll never stop saying hoe strange it is that players can't follow merfolk underwater, and when trying to build a home for merfolk, the absence of merforms for merfolk younger than teenagers has forced a weird build that involves a lot of water with a land area completely dedicated to the life stages that aren't equipped to follow their patents into the water in spite of autonomous actions to go into the water for children.

    With Snowy Escape coming, I'm hoping we can add a hot spring to homes. Because of the Volcano in Sulani, I'm hoping that the content is usable in the tropical and snowy environments.
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    Warning: I'm not a writer nor am I a native English speaker. This is probably going to suck.

    Episode 1: The Prologue

    Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who met a handsome prince. They fell in love and lived happily ever after ... for a few months.

    After graduating college together Jan and Juliette moved in together in an affordable apartment in San Myshuno. They had been dating throughout college and wanted to bring their relationship to the next level. Juliette (and Jan) decided to give it a shot and raise a child. Luck was on Juliette's side and their attempt proved successful. She was overjoyed ... Jan however was scared of the responsibility a child would bring. He grew ever so distant of Juliette as her belly kept growing. He couldn't cope and looked for an escape.

    One night at a nightclub an intoxicated Jan flirted with anyone and everyone. Noone would bite apart from this cute brunette who looked very out of place...

    Meet brenda, a genious, but broken soul. She had an abusive relationship with her parents and strayed away from "the right path". She too looked for an escape.

    They immediately hit it off. They seemed so compatible. Later that night Jan passed out and Brenda not knowing what to do, put Jan in her car and drove to a motel. She didn't know where he lived nor could she bring him to her home... After renting a room, she'd put Jan on the bed, clean up the puke and look for any wounds that might've occured during the fall.

    Not wanting to leave her new made friend alone in a creepy motel, she installed herself on the couch and went to sleep.

    Upon waking up Jan thanked Brenda (after freaking out for 10 minutes) and they exchanged numbers.

    This is where the trouble began.

    It started innocently with friendly texts and conversations, but then they started dating.

    Weeks passed by and Brenda reached her breaking point.
    Desperately wanting to get away from her abusive family, Brenda ran away from home.
    She'd rob people on the streets, steal food from stalls in a hopeless attempt of survival.
    Jan found a beat up, malnourished Brenda passed out, on the brink of death.

    Returning the favor Jan drove Brenda to a hospital and he would not leave her side until she got better.
    Jan, in a serious dilemma, used his parent's "emergency money" and rented another apartment with Brenda. He'd go from Juliette to Brenda every day. Even though he didn't have to, he didn't want to leave Brenda alone. He'd spend most of his tim with Brenda, caring for her and making sure she has the basic necessities. He even went as far as ghosting Juliette for days to then show up out of nowhere for only a few hours.
    Juliette grew worried and hired a private detective to find out what Jan was doing.
    Unfortunately for Juliette the detective would catch Jan and Brenda doing something that would break her heart.

    Juliette was furious. She didn't want a child anymore. Dark thoughts started growing, but she couldn't execute her thoughts.
    Whenever Jan would come home, she'd try and act as if nothing happened.

    Then the big day happened: her water broke. Jan rushed her to the hospital.
    After giving birth, Juliette couldn't be happy. She looked at her child in utter disgust. It looked exactly like her former lover. She'd lash out at Jan and later tried to lunge at the child when the doctor was holding it.
    Juliette was restrained and Jan took off with the child.

    Jan, not wanting to give up the child or have it be killed by his "crazy" ex, called his parents and they dropped him off at his and Brenda's apartment. He told Brenda that he had a child with his "ex". He told her they stopped dating when they didn't even know they were expecting a child. He said his ex didn't want to get rid of the child and wanted to raise it. Unfortunately she "died" during the delivery and he was "forced" to take care of it.
    Brenda was hurt, but understood why Jan kept silent. She had secrets herself and was pregnant. She didn't want to have their relationship end the same way...

    The current whereabouts of Juliette are unknown ...

    To be continued ...

    Here are some pictures of the couple and Brenda.

    Jan and Juliette:

    (Juliette was not a part of the story when I started the game, so I only just made her. This is how I imagine Juliette looked. If you haven't noticed Jan and Brenda are the parents of the "Hendriks" family I shared recently in this thread.)

    Here's Brenda:

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    Hello all. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy! Sorry I have been a bit AWOL.
    Its been a rough week for my family. Today, we lost my grandmother Lorraine to her battle against Covid 19 after contracting it at her nursing home. She was nearly 101 years old. She had 7 children, dozens of grandchildren, and a LOT of great and great-great grandchildren. I always remember her having smile on her face and was ready for a joke. She loved her funny printed socks and sweaters too. I made a sim to commemorate her memory.
    EA Gallery Link: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/3CF5CFF514C911EB8DBE1AE2A2C073C3
    She was proud of her family, cheerful and pretty outgoing so I added those as her personality traits.

    So sorry for your loss. She is beautiful!
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 530 Member
    ryttu3k wrote: »
    [O]ne of those little moments of Sims Logic. Why?!


    This happens all the time with my sims too. It makes them upset, but it's also too high up for them to clean even if it isn't too high to put up there. **Facepalm**

    I finally have what I need for my next update. My game crashed, and I managed to turn off the system while the game was saving today. Thank goodness I traveled to a different lot and triggered an auto-save before my headset cord turned off the system. I managed to get the screenshots in spite of everything. I feel like screenshots from content that wasn't saved doesn't count because it doesn't actually happen if it isn't saved.

    I'm probably going to break up the screenshots across different threads. I'm pretty impressed with my legacy household, and I think I'll share it as an extra here. Despite the limited options for creating a water environment for merfolk, I still have a solid home in the works. Part of the design is impacted by the legacy quests. I believe I need to complete a quest that lets me turn an island green to really give the lot its ideal island look. There's also the forced land design because almost half the life stages don't have a merform that makes them compatible with a water-based household.

    If the new pack has a way to include hot springs in a residential lot and merfolk forms are usable while in the hot spring, I can think of a way to make some changes to the lot. I would even go so far as to sell the hot tub that doesn't use a merform even though merfolk use that form in the normal tubs. I'm really curious about the new expansion pack for multiple reasons, merfolk-related and non-merfolk-related.

    I don't have screenshots, but I've spotted my Alien Sim wandering around the main island almost nightly. His story is on hold while I complete 10 generations. He's still there though.
  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 596 Member

    We kept trying to take photos of our new cheerleading squad, but random guy just sat down like he was part of our group. None of the hints I gave him were working. Can you see how frustrated I am? Yet, my bestie is just smiling like it doesn't even bother her.



    Finally, random guy leaves.

    Origin ID: littlebonnieblue
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    I have already deleted 8 gb of picture including over 1000 of my Shepard/Singer gameplay. I have also delete some of broken cc's, which is a little bit sad, but it is as is it and I'm still waiting for the new pc. I've got a shock how much CPU the game needs for repairing.

    Answers to comments.


    edit: I'm so sorry for your loss, this year is so bad.

    I'm currently in the year 1921. Baby Herbert of I'm struggling a little bit to include the history in this game without acting like a elephant in the porcelain shop and with an eye of the trouble for the next ep.
    If you ever wanted to read different points of views in wikipedia, then grab your favourite translating machine and check for silesia uprising between the polish, german and english versions. Polish nationalists tried after ww1 to include most of Silesia into the new poland, which acted very aggressive at this time. German and Polish versions underline their own victims.

    The most fascinating fact is the desciption why poland had lost the referendum in most parts of Silesia, which was a melting pot between germans and Polish people. While in the polish version there is along list of blaming the german goverment, it says in the german version that the polish propanda didn't have enough newspapers to reach the german and failed with the type of propaganda. They had underestimated the wish for unity, after the land had already lost some of his areas to poland without any referendum (later fact that these people lost their citizenship automatically, without any consent) and the sheer sum of money for the reparation according to the peace treaty.

    It's a bit difficult to replay or include such things in the game. Basically my sims started to lose money in due of the rising inflation, our national trauma. Basically we lost four times almost everything in due of currency changes, 1923, 1929, 1949, (1990 german unity, not really, but suddenly a high rise of unemployment) and 2002 with the euro. With the last we maybe we didn't lost everything again, but the price increased rapidly without that the wages rose at the same level. Normal people getting poorer and poorer nowadays and more and more needs social welfare.

    @Koteyka Oh yeah, I had a meltdown when I was 15, I didn't practise enough and I'm a perfectionist. Not a good combination. After this I didn't need to play or sing anymore until the first christmas with my nephews where Santa Claus came, I was surprise and I only sung one verse and I refused to sing any more.

    @AlwaysAsking I have started recently with cc and another mod outside mccc, I go in small steps. After all some of them I deleted already again because unfortunately they are broken.
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    Okay, so...funny story. Well, two, actually, in the same house. I'm playing the fourth or fifth gen living a ranch house, and the current heir is an actress. She's a Silver Screen Legend, whatever the top-most rank is. For some reason, when she goes to her job, she doesn't get the tasks to get into Makeup & Costume, just to get notes from director.....and because of a mod I have that allows Sims to walk around like jaybirds at home, she filmed the entire movie wearing nothing but a smile. :D

    At home, there was a MASSIVE orchard & garden that ran alongside the house, but from Day 1 it had been causing performance issues at this house, four generations in I finally decided to sell it. Well, Gen 1 mama is still alive, just an eternal NPC who lives somewhere else, and she walks by and -- my hand to WilL Wright -- STARTS PLANTING STUFF WHERE THE GARDEN USED TO BE. The ground was littered with mushrooms, pears, and bell plants, and she wasn't going to take the sudden disappearance of her and her husband's old garden. :D
  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 166 Member
    @Metior_Ice I think the same is true for the Reward Traits Never Weary, Forever Fresh, and Forever Full which override Seldom Sleepy, Antiseptic, and Hardly Hungry, respectively. Well, it's not that difficult to collect lots of Satisfaction Points if you take advantage of the rich pre-made Sims like the Landgraabs and Villareals. Simply merge your Sim with those families, and then the Mansion Baron Aspiration would be very easy to fulfill.
    Reality Kings Episode 6

    Mick asked Jessie out during the Spice Festival, and they had a friendly date.

    Manuel and Summer were also there to enjoy the festival and have quality time with each other.

    Summer's mom asked her about Manuel, and this was her response.

    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 530 Member
    At home, there was a MASSIVE orchard & garden that ran alongside the house, but from Day 1 it had been causing performance issues at this house, four generations in I finally decided to sell it. Well, Gen 1 mama is still alive, just an eternal NPC who lives somewhere else, and she walks by and -- my hand to WilL Wright -- STARTS PLANTING STUFF WHERE THE GARDEN USED TO BE. The ground was littered with mushrooms, pears, and bell plants, and she wasn't going to take the sudden disappearance of her and her husband's old garden. :D

    Reef was the Founder and Sara is his wife. Instead of waiting an unusually long time for Reef to die of old age, I reversed time and made them immortal townies. They show up on a regular basis to help tend to their garden. I admit, this garden sustains the household with funds better than their jobs.

    Note: Merfolk seem to take much longer than normal to die from old age. Reef's age bar was maxed, but he stuck around for weeks after he was due to die. There was one moment when he slipped on mud during the rain. That moment almost gave me a heart attack. Anyways, I think I reached a point where I needed room in the household for the next generation and he and Sara were still alive.

    50503883717_f7c45e3159_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201015234855 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50525759507_8ac5156ccc_k.jpg9e51a9c0-0432-11eb-ac73-0a79512fe22e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

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    Hey everyone! This thread has been a little quieter than usual lately! I myself haven't played too much this week due to real life responsibilities.

    @sarabeth2984 Sorry for your loss. Your sim is a very sweet tribute! You may not enjoy this update of mine as much under the circumstances.

    @Metior_Ice I had another thought about your problem in case you have future same-sex pairs. If you have the spouse carry the child instead of the heir, the spouse's age will be messed up instead of one of the twins. You could always just claim they were always younger, rather than having it displace an existing family age range.

    Ok, so this week I rotated to the retirement village. This is located in Sulani and currently consists of: Moira and Dominic Fyres, Supriya and Justin Delgato, and Rinaldo, Ananya and Navya (former San Myshuno townies).

    They started this week with a trip to Granite Falls, which was less fun than with some other households. Mostly because they are all retired and live on a beach, so a lot of the relaxing aspects of vacation were a lot like their normal life. But they did get to fish in different types of water and catch new types of fish.

    Moira (left) and Ananya (right)

    Same two from behind, joined by Navya on the left, doing something erratic.

    Dominic, Moira (who has the angling ace aspiration, so she fishes a lot) and Supriya.

    More below the spoiler for loading purposes.
    They did get to enjoy some camping activities. Rinaldo liked hanging out by the fire.

    Navya enjoyed telling campfire stories.

    Supriya slouches too much when she hikes.

    Rinaldo and Dominic cloudgazing.

    More campfire hangouts, with Justin.

    And a refreshing dip in a natural pool on a really hot day.

    On a rainy day, the cabin they were in has a spacious kitchen for gathering.

    And the Granite Falls restaurant has a game room upstairs, with a fireplace.

    And then they also ate at the restaurant. Please ignore the fact that Moira was struck by lightning before dinner, she's fine.

    Bonus restaurant shots:
    Lucas wants me to remember that this is where his family likes to be, when I get to them in a couple weeks.
    (I assume Harper was unhappy about the thunderstorm)

    The Goths' evil nanny seems to show up on every community lot I visit since he was hired. I was amused that he had apparently been struck by lightning this time.

    And then one night at about 3 AM Navya and Ananya both woke up for their appointment with Grimmy. The others decided it was probably time to go home.

    I realized that I had forgotten to age Finnian up to adult. I maintain a custom lifespan by using a set amount of potions of youth from the aspiration stores, and I had given him his too late, so I meant to age him up manually using a birthday cake (another option for @Metior_Ice, btw). But his birthday was meant to be the same day Gerardo passed so I forgot. Anyway, so Moira and Dominic invited him out for a mini-birthday party, which I thought was nice of his in-laws since this would be his first birthday after both of his own parents passed.

    And since Morgan's memory had been wiped (see my previous update), her parents had to spend some time getting re-acquainted.

    I'll give Finnian his adult makeover via manage households a little later. This way he's less than 2 days younger than his twin sister, and I'll try to straighten it up the next time they're due for a potion of youth.

    And after that things got really interesting, but that will be my next update.

    Note to @AlwaysAsking I cheated and gave Rinaldo one more potion of youth than I intended to allow former townies, so he'll be around a little longer. Thought you'd want to know. :) You should like my next update.
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    SwanSong93 wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice I think the same is true for the Reward Traits Never Weary, Forever Fresh, and Forever Full which override Seldom Sleepy, Antiseptic, and Hardly Hungry, respectively. Well, it's not that difficult to collect lots of Satisfaction Points if you take advantage of the rich pre-made Sims like the Landgraabs and Villareals. Simply merge your Sim with those families, and then the Mansion Baron Aspiration would be very easy to fulfill.

    I usually don't lock any motives except the bathroom. For merfolk, the forever fresh trait grants them unlimited use of their abilities. That might be the only trait that locks motives I will get, and I would get that trait specifically with merfolk.

    I like to build houses that meet the Mansion Baron Aspiration Requirements. Basically, it makes completing the Aspiration extremely easier for all future generations.

    The house has come a long ways, and a lot of the career rewards have helped to add to the household.

    The Founder's Pavillion

    50525015448_34b34daf58_b.jpg627ba2a0-f6d8-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The Current Heir's House

    Outside Overview

    50524869308_3b012a1b63_k.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201023092932 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Outside Close Up

    The Separate Room on Land for the Toddler and Child Life-stages that don't have a merform, and consequently, don't have the same ability to sleep in the water among other physical abilities that come with having a merform.

    I feel like this separates the children from their parents within their own home. The parents are able to spend more time in the water, and the kids tend to be left alone on land because they don't have a form that allows them to follow their parents in the water. At least, the child life-stage allows children to swim. Toddlers are even more cut off from their parents.

    The Kitchen

    Even though I can't see eating harvestables as a problem for merfolk while in the water, it requires cheats for merfolk to eat while in their merform, and the only place that makes sense is sitting on the pool ledge. My merfolk are vegetarians, and their diet would consist primarily of harvestable crops and related dishes made using those crops. For the Darkfins, their merforms have razor sharp teeth, and I imagine them to be very carnivorous with a tendency to eat smaller fish and dishes made using the fish they catch.

    The Kitchen is just big enough to meet the hunger needs of the household, but I usually have them eat what they harvest most of the time.

    I have some land-based skill areas, but if you use the cheat Traits.equip_trait Trait_Occultmermaid_Mermaidform, you will see how many of these actions could easily use the same animations in an underwater environment. If the mersim is underwater, it wouldn't look as strange for the mersim in question to be upright performing an action. Furthermore, the sims have a lot of their own weirdness, but things like paint and other stuff can easily be explained away as a made up material that is functional underwater. This could even lead to the development of actual new ideas instead something simply repeated as they are. After a great deal of experimentation, the game looks like it already has most of what it needs at the minimum to support a merfolk household underwater. The only thing missing is an underwater lot and an underwater environment that could support other underwater themed lots. Believe me, if you google it, there are some interesting things everyday people do underwater. Anyways, with the game as it is, the land areas for skills is unavoidable. My merfolk get around faster swimming, so the spaces between the different rooms are pools. My sims spend most of their time in swimwear because they have to go through the water to get to different places. Despite the location of the house, merchildren and merfolk adults alike will travel down the long board walk to swim in the ocean even with the pool right next to them.

    I created these "bedrooms" that don't have any audio sources. Having one of my criminal sims (Also a Darkfin) brake into the house during the night and turn on stereos to disrupt their sleep, I made separate rooms to avoid the same thing happening twice. I have to manually lock and unlock the doors thanks to the "Extra Food" visits from Neighbors. They can't enter the house otherwise. If I forget to lock the doors, I have sims trespass. So far, Freddy and Nyx Darkfin have broken into the house during the night. I managed to send Freddy home before he caused problems. I created those sims, so I know they are in the Criminal Career because I gave them the career. These were also moments that I forgot to get screenshots because I either had to get a mischievous situation under control or I simply forgot.

    Here is the founder and their heirs. I'm sharing their merforms because that's their true form and what I consider their real appearance. Reef is the only one that wasn't born a merman, but given that he was a Child of the Ocean, it's still the form he was meant to have.

    The Founder: Reef Kailani: The Curator: Half-Merman: Human Turned Merman

    50525882011_b5ced0b672_c.jpga4e45a80-fea1-11ea-9b3b-024578d80d6a_Original by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The 1st Heir: Kylen Kailani: The Musical Genius: Born Half-Merman: Upon Conception one parent was a merperson and the other was human

    50526041062_d031420c43_c.jpg3b2bb7b0-ffd1-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The 2nd Heir: Lir Kailani: The Master Diver: Pure-Blood Merboy (Teen): Upon Conception: Both parents were merfolk

    50525881866_e04b304833_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201023184417 by Metior Ice, on Flickr
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 530 Member
    Daephene wrote: »
    Hey everyone! This thread has been a little quieter than usual lately! I myself haven't played too much this week due to real life responsibilities.

    @Metior_Ice I had another thought about your problem in case you have future same-sex pairs. If you have the spouse carry the child instead of the heir, the spouse's age will be messed up instead of one of the twins. You could always just claim they were always younger, rather than having it displace an existing family age range.

    That's not a bad idea. I chose Kylen because he's the one that had the thought.

    50444031321_4f11f18e7c_z.jpg1c0aa450-07fa-11eb-93b6-0227414a18a0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    To be honest, I think Kylen was born to be a father one way or another. So far, he's one of my sims that parenting just seemed to come naturally to. The only other one that comes close is Calum, and Calum had a lot more time to invest in Dylan and Zephyr.
  • ConfutusConfutus Posts: 96 Member
    Katelyn Schmitt with her son Lorenzo and her not-a-sister-in-the-game Alison Schmitt [I couldn't edit relationships of pre-existing Sims] live in Riverside Roost in the Courtyard Lane neighborhood of Willow Creek. Katelyn is a mostly stay-at-home mom who does most of the cooking, cleaning, and home repairs and works weekends as a lawnmower, but while her son is in school, is developing into a quite good amateur gardener and accomplished cook. Alison is a snob and a slob who is in the (what else?) Critic career recently promoted to Beat Reporter, and is still working on her first book in her spare time. Katelyn has insisted that if Alison wants to be a Mansion Baron, she needs to pay her own way to it. Lorenzo aspires to be an artistic prodigy and his doting mother has spared no expense in furthering his ambition. Katelyn has made friends with Blaze Fontaine's roommate Jordan Leone and with the elderly Pancakes and their selected heir Deandre Ramirez. Lorenzo is acquainted with Silas Elcone, about his same age, but is prone to ditching school, and hasn't made other friends his own age yet. He is a B student, since his mother and aunt-by-courtesy make sure he does his homework, although he would much rather play or draw.

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