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Would you like a modeling career added?

catmando830catmando830 Posts: 9,089 Member
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I wish we had a modeling career, it would complement the photographer career very well.
What do you think?
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Would you like a modeling career added? 38 votes

Excellent Idea
crocobauraCK213LeGardePourprealanmichael1LatinaBunnycatmando830nessatay1920ZiafarBehappy1stInuMiroLoverWildIrishBansheeduriankindRenée09BlueBananaSimskcanan27 15 votes
Great Idea
joleacoLuckySimmer10tatselkMak27 4 votes
Good Idea
EnkiSchmidtFanPhoria 2 votes
Mariefoxprice83simgirl1010mueller_liteCalico45Gamer_34567544LIL_Lilly 6 votes
Not Sure
lisamwittSERVERFRA 2 votes
No thank you
PlayerSinger2010friendlysimmersMilutinMujovicFinvolaannaliese39SeashoreLiviaKimmerVeeDubPhilSims 9 votes


  • Renée09Renée09 Posts: 523 Member
    Excellent Idea
    I think that's a great idea and I would love to see it in the game :) I agree it would be great for the photographer career and also the skill.

    I'd love for there to be photoshoots as well. Would be so cool.
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  • CK213CK213 Posts: 20,081 Member
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    Excellent Idea

    I am playing out the scenario now and Style Influencers, Photographers, and Models make for great integrated game-play.
    Style Influencer/Photographer is already baked into the game when you play a photographer. A style influencer will actually come over to look at photos.

    This Fashion Trinity could be an easy Slam-dunk for EA.

    The weak link is models.
    I had my photographer go out and recruit his own.
    I just wish I could rotate over to my models and play them in their own career.
    Game play has been fun from the Photographer's point of view.


    I do have a work-around to make sure my models get paid.
    I simply gift them cash. I also gift them copies of the photos so they can hang them up in their homes.
    The more I use them in fashion shoots, the more they get paid.

    Just writing this right now inspired me to rotate over to my Style Influencer's fashion boutique to see what a meeting between these three would be like. This is what happened.
    She has an office on the second level.

    Hey! Who are you?

    I can run through all her style influencer socials and just role play this.

    I had Olivia call up one of the models Orlando has used.
    More Paparazzi. Fine, I will work them in the scenario.

    This is Kara. She is actually an actress, but I have been using her as a fashion model too.
    I would rather have called up the blond sim in the first shot, but Olivia doesn't know her yet.

    Why am I just now thinking of doing this?
    This is great!


    Olivia has her model her current outfit, sizing up in her mind which of her designs she could possibly wear.

    Let's get her outfitted.

    The photographer decides to take a nap.
    Thank god the Murphy bed didn't kill him.

    Ya know...
    Candid pictures of a sleeping mid-tier celebrity might get you even more simoleons.

    So in the future, I think I will have Olivia meet all of Orlando's models and invite them over to give them outfits that I know will fit the Photography job categories Orlando often takes.


    I took control of Kara at this point, to think about what I can have the models do.

    They can select from outfits Olivia has already put together.

    They have to spend their own money, but I can have Orlando compensate them later.

    Orlando has his studio at his home.
    He has done very well as a photographer.
    Since Olivia is integrated into his game play, she is here often.

    I enjoy filling his home with his work.
    It feels like he is involved in fashion and film. I actually had him play a paparazzo early in his career.


    Let's not forget male models.

    What I need to do is have Orlando through a party.
    This way all the participants in this scenario can network.

    Yep, I will be doing this in future game play.

    All I need is a modeling career to make this truly immersive.
    It would be cool if the end-game of modeling is a big event like Fashion Week or something.
    I would love to see a fashion show and have Olivia and Orlando there in VIP seats.

    I remember doing this in The Sims 2.
    Ancient history.

    Other Stuff.
    -Really nice, fashionable outfits, including males.
    -More fashion poses.
    -A fashion show, of course.
    -Save our own fashion styles
    -Pack integration with Photographer and Style Influencer careers.
    -Career branches, maybe to a fashion magazine path. You would see the sims at the top of this path as Fashion Week VIPs too.

    Off the top of my head, my knowledge of the fashion world is limited.
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  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 5,494 Member
    Excellent Idea
    Would be nice to have more poses for photography studio, especially for fashion shoots, also, not just whole body, but maybe also hand modelling for gloves, jewelry and perfumes, feet modelling for shoes and stockings. Also, different poses suitable for different clothes category and for weddings and family group photographs and portraits.
  • duriankindduriankind Posts: 62 Member
    Excellent Idea
    Absolutely! But, I always love new careers being added, no matter what they are. It allows me even more possibilities for different types of sims to create and different stories to play out. Every time I have a new sim that I'm playing I try to challenge myself to use different traits/aspirations/careers/skills/etc. that I haven't played around with yet because it refreshes the game for me and keeps it fun. :) Also, a modeling career in particular would make me so nostalgic for the Sims Superstar, the type of pack it would be included in would surely come with some really cool CAS items, and I'd love to see if it would do anything different with implementing the photography skill. Ohhh I think it would be awesome if they added more poses and did more with posing, like others in this thread already mentioned.
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  • catmando830catmando830 Posts: 9,089 Member
    Excellent Idea
    @CK213 - Wow, you took that and ran with it. I hope EA sees your post and the potential in having a modeling career. I love your story line - Great Work!
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 20,081 Member
    Excellent Idea
    @CK213 - Wow, you took that and ran with it. I hope EA sees your post and the potential in having a modeling career. I love your story line - Great Work!

    This has me excited about this scenario again. :)
    It would be so cool to get working Models.

    What I have played so far was just a test run to see how I was going to play them.
    My actual sims are just starting Uni or have just graduated.

    Orlando was just a test sim and will be replaced by my sim, Monique. He might make a good boyfriend for her though.
    Now that I've seen these sims at the top of their game, I think I will wan to have Olivia move her business to San Myshuno, in a penthouse level building.

    For now, I am just playing my sims to create a master save.
    If we ever get a Modeling career, I can just play a copy of this save.
  • Calico45Calico45 Posts: 2,038 Member
    Nothing I really want, but I wouldn't be completely against it either. Seems like something that should be tied deeply with fame and photography, so with packs like Get Famous and Moschino.

    I'd be more neutral if we didn't have more stylist type careers now. They aren't the same thing, but we have a lot of ways to make people dress the way you want.
  • Mak27Mak27 Posts: 803 Member
    Great Idea
    Yes, but the modeling career complete, since the Sim must design their clothes to the sewing and then, modeling.

    For that, at least two new items must be included: a drawing board and a sewing machine
  • LuckySimmer10LuckySimmer10 Posts: 99 Member
    Great Idea
    I think it's a great idea, and it would especially be enjoyable with the Get Famous EP features. Modeling is such a big part of Hollywood, and I'm surprised that it wasn't included in Get Famous. I think having a sim with a modeling career would be a lot of fun!
  • LatinaBunnyLatinaBunny Posts: 4,652 Member
    Excellent Idea
    I was a tiiiiny bit disappointed this wasn’t in Get Famous, and I am up for getting new careers, so why not? :smile:
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  • tatselktatselk Posts: 411 Member
    Great Idea

    I think a modelling career would be great but only if it came with a fashion designer career too, in some sort of fashion-centric pack. A modelling career in and of itself doesn't seem to offer enough content.

    I know there's the Style Influencer career in the base game. But it doesn't actually involve designing and making clothes.

  • InuMiroLoverInuMiroLover Posts: 1,108 Member
    Excellent Idea
    I'd love it! I was hoping we could have gotten an actual modeling career with Moschino instead of just having to roleplay a sim that "models".
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 13,251 Member
    Excellent Idea
    After Photographer and Stylist careers, this would be the icing on the cake.

  • Gamer_34567544Gamer_34567544 Posts: 1,198 Member
    I would never use it, but I wouldn't care if they made it.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 20,081 Member
    Excellent Idea
    I would love to see my sims on buildings and billboards around town.
    Why should Penny Pizzazz have all the glory?
  • catmando830catmando830 Posts: 9,089 Member
    Excellent Idea
    That would be cool to see that!
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 13,251 Member
    edited August 1
    Excellent Idea
    But I can't imagine it as a full-time career. It could be part-time or freelance.
    In fact, it could be nice if an actor/actress, student, musician or comedian could also work as a model at the same time.

    In term of career, it could begin as a model for Fine Arts students at the university or for artists (Painter career).
    Then work for Fashion Photographers and do fashion runway for Style Influencers (new walk styles could be added).

    The final stage of the career could unlock the abilities to start our own model agency as a playable business.

    Because the model may have to pose with animals sometimes, an albino snake could be added for example.

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  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,640 Member
    Excellent Idea
    I would love it, and a fashion designer career. Might as well have a makeup artist one too - there's a lot missing!
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