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WildIrishBanshee's Update Thread



  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,130 Member
    So, it's been forever, but I think I'm back. Lots has happened in the time since I last updated, including having to reinstall Windows. However, I do believe my old saves are still safe on Google Drive, but I've had to start over a few times due to bugs and glitches lately. But I think most of them are squashed for now. Maybe. Right now I have two just for fun games, that I play when I don't feel like really updating - the Underwoods and the Prestons. Now I get to introduce you to the latest of the updated saves!

    Rhoades Main House: Kerry Rhoades

    First I had to get her world settled...all those restaurants to place, you know! Plus she needed her house, and other odds and ends. Like all my Ultimate Sims, she is starting her life as a teen, ready to take on the world and found her legacy! She wants to be a Friend of the World, and she's an Outgoing Insider. Almost made her a musician due to her last name, but she can definitely take that up as a hobby instead. There will be guitar playing in her future though!

    Then we finished filling in her house with her available funds, and we did the best we could. She wanted to make a sack lunch and join a club, so we took care of the first with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Can't really mess that up, can she? Apparently, they chop their own peanuts? Either way, she is now walking down the Cooking skill path. She put the sack lunch in her inventory, as it may come in handy at some point. Then it was time to head out into the neighborhood, and see who was hanging around that Kerry could introduce herself to. She collected a few things while she was out as well. She got a Turquoise, a treasure map, introduced herself to Zoe Patel, a Leaf frog, a Hypnofrog, introduced herself to Tomax Collette, a Shinolite, a Surfer Leaf frog, some Snapdragons, introduced herself to Clara Bjergsen, introduced herself to Akira Kibo, introduced herself to L. Faba, then she headed home.

    Kerry changed out of her wet clothes, then added to her Simstagram story. That gained her 12 followers. She headed upstairs to the greenhouse to plant her snapdragon. Unfortunately, she can't eat snapdragons, so she bought a seed packet of vegetables and got carrots, green peas, and mushrooms, which she planted.

    That's all for right now, as I'm falling asleep. Happy Simming! :)

  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,130 Member

    Rhoades Main House: Kerry Rhoades

    Kerry still wanted to get into a club, so naturally, she entered into the Garden Gnomes club. She decided to head off to that initial meeting as well, so she could get to know the other club members. They all decided to go fishing, and Kerry caught a Cowplant Berry first thing! Kerry got her second Fishing skill point. She also caught a Kitchen Upgrade Part. Apparently, Bjorn and Lilith Pleasant have some history already, as Bjorn stopped fishing to get into a fight with Lilith. Not sure who started it, but Bjorn ended it. While that was going on, Kerry reached Fishing level 3 and caught herself her first fish, a Tetra. For her last cast, she caught a Tulip. Then it was time to head home.

    When Kerry got home, we purchased the bee box that she wanted, some fishing traps for a test visit to Sulani, and a pot to plant her tulip in. She added to her Simstagram story, which netted her another 12 followers for a total of 24. She got a job as a Babysitter, then headed upstairs to plant her tulip. Then she started tackling her homework before school on Monday. When she finished, she used the bathroom and we purchased a fishbowl for her tetra. Her inventory got cleaned out, and Kerry headed to the kitchen to make herself a garden salad for dinner. She ate her salad, then headed to bed so she'd be refreshed for her first day of school.

    She woke up the next morning around 6:30 and jumped into the shower. After, she came downstairs to start writing her first children's book. She really needs to start getting money rolling in, she's down to her last 1k or so. Then it was time for Kerry to head to school. Kerry came home with a school project, Air Pressure Rocketry. She also came home with low fun, so straight to the video games for her - Sims Forever - since there isn't a whole lot of fun things in her house yet. Once her fun was up, it was time for homework. We also realized that she had no dishwasher or coffee maker, both much-needed appliances, so now she REALLY needs money.

    That's all for now, as I have an errand to do before it maybe starts storming. Happy Simming!
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,130 Member
    edited December 2019
    All of my currently playing families can be found at the link in my signature - the Underwoods, the Prestons, the Rhoades, and the Stones. You'll get to meet the Stones now, as they are my genetacy family. Or will be, once I get their world set up. The downside of new games! Not sure how much actual playtime I'll have, but hey, it will be a start at least.


    Stone Main House: Adam Stone, Eve Stone

    After the dust settled and they were moved into their new home (updated big boxy classic, of course), we purchased the necessary items. Now it's time to play! Adam and Eve came in off the street and got freelance jobs. Eve went with writing and Adam went with programming for now. Eve also had finished an aspiration milestone before coming inside! Eve went to the music room to play guitar for a little bit. Adam wanted to learn Mixology, so he headed to the bar to practice mixing drinks for a bit. I do try to give my sims what they want, most of the time. But they are going to need money, and soon! Eve reminded me that there were no dishwashers in the house, so that had to be remedied.

    Eve took her first gig for $145 and got to work on her clickbait article right away. Adam took his first gig for $190 while he practiced making drinks. Both of them will probably work on their own projects in between gigs, for passive income as well. Adam reached Mixology level 2 and headed to his computer to chat with his client. Eve sent her client the finished article, and it was approved! Eve received $174 for it. Eve wanted to search for information on vampires, so she did while waiting for Adam to finish chatting with his client. There's a baby to make, after all! Adam finished just ahead of Eve, so he got up to chat with her about his dreams, since chatting with his client had made him inspired. Then it was time for the babymaking! They tried in the shower since I hadn't seen that yet. Lily Feng showed up at their door, and Eve went out to introduce herself while Adam went to the bar to make himself a Tang and Zing. Silly inspired moodlet!

    Now I'm off to attempt to get some rest. Going to be an early morning tomorrow, first one after the holiday. Wish me luck!
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,130 Member
    Just realized that I haven't shown you what anyone looks like! So let's take care of that, shall we?

    Alayna Underwood

    Adam Preston

    Eve Preston

    Their son, Asher Preston He's the Gen 1/A heir.

    Kerry Rhoades

    Adam Stone

    Eve Stone

    That's all of them so far! And I think I need to get a better picture of Kerry lol.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,130 Member

    Stone Main House: Adam Stone, Eve Stone

    When we left off last time, Eve was heading to introduce herself to Lily Feng, who randomly showed up at their door, and Adam was heading off to make himself a Tang and Zing. Eve and Lily chatted on the porch for a bit, and Adam didn't seem inclined to actually drink the Tang and Zing, so it was sold and he was sent off to encrypt files for his client. Apparently, Eve tried to romance Lily when she went for a hug?! Not sure if she actually tried or if it's a bug. Either way, Eve has other things to do, like collect what she can!

    Eve found a Prehistoric Rock, introduced herself to Marcus Flex, Akira Kibo and Baako Jang all at once, introduced herself to Tomax Collette and introduced herself to Catarina Lynx. Something went wrong while Adam encrypted the first file, so he had to start all over again, but he did reach Programming level 2 while he was at it. And Eve is showing signs of being pregnant! Still running around the neighborhood, Eve found a capsule that contained Lyndsay, introduced herself to Supriya Delgato, stopped by the bathroom, and introduced herself to L. Faba. Travis Scott showed up at the house. Naturally, Adam greeted him as soon as he finished encrypting the first file. It was also a good time for him to take care of a few other needs before hitting the files again. Eve found an Eggplant Whirl frog, a Spotted Leaf frog, tried breeding them and just got a duplicate, Snapdragons, a capsule that contained Chaz McFreely, introduced herself to Bob Pancakes, a Surfer Eggplant frog and Snapdragons. Then it was time to head home.

    Adam reached Programming level 3 while encrypting his second file. A bee box and flower arranging table were purchased, leaving them very broke. Adam bred the Surfer Eggplant frog and the Spotted Leaf frog and got a Surfer Leaf frog. Yes, I know there are guides out there, but I like playing around and seeing what I get. When Eve got home, she made vegetable dumplings for dinner. She also took a gig for $240. Adam finished encrypting his second file and started in on his third. Travis took off and Eve sat down to eat her vegetable dumplings. After eating, Eve cleaned up her plate and headed into the office to chat with her client. I really need to remember that I don't need to focus on character values with these guys, cause they're YA already! lol Adam finished up that third file and started in on his fourth - second to last one!

    Eve reached Writing level 2 while working on the children's book for her gig. Adam got himself brain fried, so he's out of programming commission. So he went into the kitchen to grab some vegetable dumplings. Eve finished the children's book for the client, and sent it off...and it needed to be edited. After eating, Adam read Crisis Barn for his aspiration. Eve's children's book got rejected again, so she decided to try writing another one. And that one got rejected too, so Eve set about editing it. Adam went to take a lavender foam bath to soothe his tension after he finished reading Crisis Barn.

    And then I had to go back to Main Menu due to my buttmunch cats. I love them, but they sure know how to mess things up lol. So starting back at my last save point, which fortunately wasn't that far.

    Eve continued writing the second book for her gig, and Adam headed to the shower to release some tension. Poor guy is happy but tense, so he flip flops a lot between the two. Stupid brain fried moodlet. After his shower, Adam headed to the living room to read Love In The Time of Sandwiches. Eve finished book two, which also got rejected. A round of editing and still rejected, so time to write another one! Maybe another chat with the client wouldn't go amiss either. Adam finished Love in the Time of Sandwiches and called Travis Scott to chat before heading upstairs to take a nap. Eve chatted with the client and came away inspired so she started her third attempt right away. Maybe third time's the charm? She reached Writing level 3 as well, which should help. Submitted and approved! She received $288 for the gig, and she's up two children's books.

    Eve took care of her needs and headed into the kitchen to make fruit salad for brunch. Adam woke up from his nap and immediately headed for the computer to hack Llamacorp Listserv, which only increases the time on him being brain fried. But I let him anyway, and he reached Programming level 4. Eve finished eating, then she headed upstairs to take a nap. Adam got $168 from hacking, and we got confirmation that Eve is indeed expecting! She went back down for a nap, after giving Adam the news, and Adam went to the living room to read Lucas Dark.

    And that is where I'm going to pause for now, as I really need to lay down. Happy Simming!
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,130 Member
    So yeah, in a moment of panic, I deleted all my families because I thought I had to. Not sure if I have backups, either on the computer or on Google Drive, or if deleting them overwrote that or whatever, but I started a couple of others with the patch and all that. I will probably go on a hunt for some of my old saves when I know things are more stable - I'm still constantly opening and closing the game, and sometimes, you just want to explore the new stuff, you know?

    Currently, I am just playing the Lawrences, because I don't want to mess up my other save while I'm shifting mods in and out and updating and all that. They are an Ultimate Sim Genetacy, played with aging off, because I have officially lost my mind.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,130 Member
    My Families VIA PlumTree App

    Ultimate Sim Genetacies

    The Lawrences - Currently Playing
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