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WildIrishBanshee's Update Thread



  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,334 Member

    McPherson Main House: Ivy McPherson

    Ivy continued working on her screenplay. She has almost a million simoleans at this point, so some more house changes were made. Morgan showed up, so she was let in, although Morgan has her own key. Since she had a guest, she made a party sized Caesar salad instead of just a single serving for herself. Doing so got her Gourmet Cooking level 5. She ate her salad, got her Fizzy Apple Juice and made another batch, since that is still the only ingredient she can use (other than trash fruit or growfruit, which are for fertilizing lol). She bought a sales table to hold some of the random items that none of the other storage items will hold so she could get them out of inventory. She then bought one of every broom in existence, finishing the Magical Artifact collection. That's 2 down, a whole lot more to go!

    Ivy wanted to read a vampire book, so off she went to the bookcase to read the Encyclopedia Vampirica Volume 1. She also decided to start a Loud phase right then. Ivy reached Vampire Lore level 3, and Butler Matthew is obsessed with Alfred's self-help book for butlers! Ivy went back to writing, gave Bess a grand, and Morgan took off. Ivy finished her fourth screenplay and started on her third fantasy novel. She then made a $1000 simolean donation to some random charity that texted her. Then Ivy cranked the Alternative station to 11. Ulrike stopped by, and Ivy hasn't met her yet, so she stopped everything to introduce herself. After chatting for a bit, Ivy headed inside to make the fruit cobbler she was craving.

    By this point, her juice was done and she was ready to get out of the house. She collected the juice, started another batch, and scrubaroo'd herself. She reached Juice Fizzing level 2. She headed out to the Granite Falls National Park first. She found some wild plants to harvest, some collectibles and fished for a bit. But the National Park wasn't public enough for her. So she tried the Waterside Warble. She met Anaya there, and tried to help her fix her relationship with her husband Baako. She also introduced herself to Don (yes, Lothario) and reached Charisma level 6. The introduction also included Siobhan and Catarina...but none of them seemed to have any bad relationships to try and fix. Ivy decided to try her hand at karaoke. She wasn't horrible.

    Ivy went out to introduce herself to Akira...but he left before she could. So she decided to sing another song and reached Singing level 2. As the song was ending, Akira came back, so she tried again. And nope. So she headed to the bar to introduce herself to some random young adult who was chatting with Don and Siobhan. After chatting with them for a bit, Ivy headed home. When she got there, she promoted old videos. She replied to some comments too, then it was back to book writing. Though she ended up having to restart the book due to a glitch...every so often, the book doesn't complete, so they have to scrap it and start again.

    Voting had opened, so Ivy went to vote for the Creative Arts again - it had lost to Performing Arts last week. Then she went to practice speaking in the mirror, since she had a whim for it. She got $701 from Wholesome today. She's working on the reward store from the top, so she needs a lot of satisfaction points to get Never Weary and those 10k rewards! She got hungry, so made herself a spinach frittata for breakfast. Alice showed up at her door, and had a bad relationship to fix, so Ivy invited her in. Ivy got the quirk Refined Palate. She also got tired, so she headed to bed for a nap.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,334 Member
    Been learning how to do/playing around with Second Life because it may be a good spot for business. It is, interesting, so far. No clue what I'm doing yet lol.


    McPherson Main House: Ivy McPherson

    Ivy took her nap, and collected her juice before starting another batch. This time though, she started a batch with bluebells. Then it was time to start her fourth fantasy novel - hopefully she unlocks literary digest soon, she's getting quite the backlog of books in her inventory! Forgot to quickly get the Fizzy Apple drinks out of her inventory, so her trying to drink one queue stomped everything. So annoying, but they are in the fridge now! When Ivy finished her fantasy novel, she started on her first science fiction novel. Can't wait until this Loud phase is over with, she's kind of killing me with the loud alternative.

    The science fiction book ended up being a bestseller, so she finished that task for her aspiration - now she just needs to level up twice in Writing skill to finish it. Ivy went around the neighborhood collecting things, but there wasn't much to collect, just a couple of dirt piles. Ivy was getting tired, but she was so close to another Writing skill point she sat down to write her second science fiction novel. Ivy reached Writing level 9 and unlocked Literary Digest - maybe now she can start going through her backlog! Ivy finished her book and shipped out a sold Plopsy item. Her first fantasy novel was submitted to Literary Digest! The rest of her fantasy series were sold to her publisher. She promoted old videos, replied to comments and headed off to bed. Bess called right as Ivy was climbing into bed, so Ivy gave her another 1k simoleans.

    When she woke up, she started a gathering of her Besties club, since she wanted to start a club gathering. They headed to Sulani and started out with some fishing. More elders died off, with Max being taken in by the Bjergsens. Ivy only had about an hour before work to hang out with her girls. When the time came, Ivy headed off to work. Ivy came home with a promotion to Backhoe Operator, which means she is finished with this job. Not sure if I'm going to make her take another, there really is zero point to teen jobs. Ivy checked the mail, and a plaque from her finishing the Magical Artifacts collection was in there, so she hung it on the wall near her storage chest. She made herself prosciutto wrapped asparagus for lunch. Bess called for a third time, and another thousand simoleans was given. If Ivy didn't have over a million simoleans, that conversation might have gone very differently. Ivy reached Gourmet Cooking level 6.

    It was raining in Newcrest, so back to Sulani Ivy went. She wanted to call someone, so she did, then headed back to fishing. Ivy reached Fishing level 7. Eventually though, it was time to head back home. Ivy sent off another sold Plopsy item, filled her fridge and fish tank, collected her juice, made a new batch and starting restocking her Plopsy store. Butler Elliana was back, and had a bad relationship with Lilith, so Ivy also tried to fix that.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,334 Member

    McPherson Main House: Ivy McPherson

    In between attempts to make things for Plopsy, Ivy also collected and made more juice. She reached Juice Fizzing level 3. She also reached Fabrication level 2 while making candles. It was the first day of fall - she's been in play since the first day of Spring, as a teen. That's a long time to be one age in the Sims! Ivy got a notification that the Flea Market was open, so when she finished making candles she headed out. Anaya and Baako still were having issues, so Ivy tried to fix things between them when she got to the Flea Market. Ivy bought all the metals on the table, naturally, and got a few new ones. She also got two new posters and two new snow globes. Then she ordered Ensaymada, since she hadn't learned it yet. She learned it and headed home. She is having zero luck with her Conflict Resolution, that's for sure!

    When Ivy got home, she shipped off a sold Plopsy item, collected her juice, started a new batch and headed upstairs to work on her garden. Ivy reached Gardening level 9. Her Cherry tree evolved to Excellent. Rohan stopped by, and Ivy let him in, even though he has his own key. Then it was time for the Starlight Accolades! She kept herself busy, chatting with her fellow celebrities, finding those with bad relationships she could help fix, and knitting in between awards. She won herself another Accolade, for best book once again. When she got home she donated a pair of socks to charity, shipped off a sold Plopsy item, listed some new items, reassigned the butler bed to Butler Matthew and headed off to bed herself.

    Now that it's fall, she's going to need a new wardrobe - but that will have to wait.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,334 Member
    Played my premade save a bit, and now I'm back with Ivy!


    McPherson Main House: Ivy McPherson

    The first thing Ivy did when she woke up in the morning is quit her job. She checked the NAP voting and since she had time before school, started writing her third science fiction novel. Then I remembered that it was time for a fall wardrobe! Many of her outfits stayed the same, but a few definitely changed! No sense running around in tank tops outside - unless it's hot.

    Ivy's Summer Everyday

    Ivy's New Fall Everyday

    Summer Formal

    Fall Formal







    I think that's all of them. Ivy did some chores around the house, posting updates and replying to comments, collecting her juice and starting a new batch, that sort of thing. She reached Juice Fizzing level 4. Then it was off to school for her! She earned $537 from Wholesome - probably time to change things up again. When she got home she sent off another Plopsy sale, invited Cassandra in - who has her own key - and grabbed her juice from the juicer. She started another batch. She then wanted to cook a gourmet meal, so she tried her hand at tiramisu.

    Ivy headed off to the Humor & Hijinks festival, and while she was there she finally got Conflict Resolution in range! Which means she can finally age up! She can marry Rohan, have babies, go to college - everything. She reached Comedy level 4 telling all those jokes. The Jokesters won, naturally, cause Ivy was one. After she headed home to make herself a birthday cake and invite her friends and Rohan around. I don't care what time it is! Yes, I could wait...but that was so hard to get, I want it DONE! lol

    When she got home she made a winter cake for the big event. Rohan, Morgan and Cassandra arrived, and the fun started! Okay, no fun, just aging up. Ivy went first, naturally. Then it was Cassandra's turn. Morgan went, then finally, it was Rohan's turn. I just went in the order they showed up in the selection window. Since it was getting late, and I'm ready to get this party started, Ivy proposed to Rohan. They've done everything up to this point already. So of course he said yes, and they kissed. They decided to elope immediately, because I'm not waiting for no party! They will both be keeping their last names to avoid any confusion should there be alien babies or anything like that - though both can have them in my game, I think.

    Quick jump to manage worlds to move him in...and voila! Now the college and baby making can begin!

    And on that note, I need sleep! lol Happy simming! <3
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,334 Member

    McPherson Main House: Ivy McPherson, Rohan Elderberry

    Ivy and Rohan continued where we left off...and they decided to try for baby in the shower.

    Pulled them both into my Random Save to create my new avatar photo for Simsmas!

    Ivy shipped off a Plopsy sale, collected her juice and started a new batch. Rohan applied for university and became a freelancer. He became a writer, since that was his highest related skill. Ivy also applied for university and became a freelancer. She became a maker. Rohan wanted to edit a video, so he recorded his first happy vlog. After editing and uploading it, Rohan produced and released his first track. His video was nominated for an Accolade. Ivy went back to writing - she just needs her last skill point to finish her aspiration. Rohan had to get his Research & Debate up for his, so off he went to a mirror. Ivy finished her book, and started on her fourth science fiction novel. Rohan reached Research & Debate level 2. He has a lot of work to do on his skills to catch up with his wife!

    After finishing her fourth science fiction book, Ivy took a break to do some other things. She was going to promote old videos, but she ended up breaking the video table. So she had to repair that first. Then she promoted old videos and replied to comments. She also got an agency request for neighborhood footage, so she sent out the drone when she was finished. She earned $491 from Wholesome cause we haven't updated it yet. After she collected her juice - seltzer this time - and started a new batch, she started looking for things she could upgrade, as she is getting quite the stockpile of parts in her inventory. She started upgrading the recycler, improving the gears to hardened grinder gears. Moira showed up at the door, and again didn't use her key, so Rohan let her in and they chatted for a bit. Then Rohan called up Tomax to chat.

    Rohan got a deal with Maxis Music Machine with his one lonely track. Now he has to mix more tracks! When the gears were done, Ivy started adding a mush filter. Ivy reached Handiness level 5. Rohan reached Research & Debate level 3, which is where he needed to be for his aspiration. Rohan took a gig to write a self-help book for self-employed sims, which required him to be confident for the option to write a Motivational book. But he chatted with his client first. Ivy broke the juicer getting her latest batch out, so she got started repairing it.

    Ivy headed upstairs to tend to her bees and her garden, which were feeling a bit neglected by her lately. And we found out that Patchy (and maybe others) are harvesting her garden! So we put a stop to that. Her lily evolved to nice, her green pea to excellent, and blackberry also to excellent. Her chrysanthemum also evolved to excellent as she was tending to the bees. She fertilized the trees she could, and her pear tree evolved to nice. At least now she has some new juicing ingredients! She started a batch of pear juice, then headed to the mailbox to ship off another Plopsy sale.

    And I still haven't had her do her celebrity tile yet. Oops. Off to Del Sol Valley we go! Ivy actually tried the placement ceremony...let's see how it goes. With that done, they both headed home. Since Ivy was showing zero signs of a nooboo, they tried again in the hot tub. In full view of the paparazzi, but they didn't care - and apparently, the paparazzi was more interested in his phone then what was going on on Ivy's porch. These two are so cute together - Rohan is already deeply in love. The heat of the hot tub seemed to be a bit much for Rohan, so I had him get out and start working on his spellcaster rank for a bit. He had already finished his gig. Ivy doesn't get to relax much, so I let her stay in a bit longer. She wanted to read a book, so I sent her inside to read Writing Vol 3. Doesn't seem like it will be much help though. So she tried Archaeology instead, Vol 1. If she can finish it - things interrupt all the time!

    Rohan is indeed sick, he has a scratchy moodlet, so time for some medicine! Rohan learned the spell ZipZap. He took his medicine and then went to get some leftovers from the fridge. Ivy reached Archaeology level 3 and went to the kitchen to make a group meal of butternut squash soup. This time the fridge broke, and Rohan was sent to repair it.

    That's it for now, Happy Simming! <3
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,334 Member

    McPherson Main House: Ivy McPherson, Rohan Elderberry

    Rohan successfully repaired the fridge. Ivy was tired, so she headed off to bed. Rohan was energized, so he upgraded one of the downstairs toilets to superior flush. When that was done, he upgraded the sink in the same bathroom to sturdy faucets. Rohan reached Handiness level 3. Finishing the sink upgrade, Rohan headed to the bookcase to work on his magic - he's a fair bit behind Ivy in that. A thunderstorm rolled in...maybe it will leave us some goodies. Ivy made $383 from Wholesome. Rohan learned Inferniate and headed outside to get the mail. Ivy woke up to puke, so potential sign that there is a nooboo! Rohan produced and released a track for his label. Then it was time to get both of them in college as the acceptance letters came today. Ivy is going for a Distinguished Fine Arts degree, while Rohan is going for a Distinguished Language & Literature degree.

    Ivy wanted to start a confident painting, so she did that while Rohan started on his homework. After finishing his homework, Rohan headed upstairs for a nap. As soon as Ivy finished her painting, she started in on her homework. After, Ivy collected her juice and reached Juice Fizzing level 5. She made one more batch of seltzer, then the ingredients she had left were tossed into the sales table. Butler Matthew was sick, so Ivy gave him a gift of medicine, then shipped out more Plopsy sales. Rohan woke up from his nap and headed back to the mirror to work on his Research & Debate skill. And Rohan seems to have the stair glitch, as he waves at me if I tell him to do anything on a different floor. So I teleport him around a lot right now. Ivy went diving for deals, as she has to craft so she can sell more items on Plopsy.

    Ivy reached Fabrication level 3 making dipped candles. She may also be sick. Rohan reached Research & Debate level 4, then headed to the kitchen for some leftovers. He wanted to paint a confident painting, so he headed to the easel after eating and reached Painting level 1. Ivy got hungry, so she listed what she had so far on Plopsy and came upstairs to make a rack of lamb.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Simming!
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,334 Member

    McPherson Main House: Ivy McPherson, Rohan Elderberry

    Ivy found out that she was eating for two, ironically, while she was eating. Naturally, she had to tell Rohan immediately, and they are both very excited for the pending nooboo. That naturally led to them chatting. Rohan reached Painting level 2. Ivy headed upstairs to tend to her garden and bees. Her napnip, begonia, and green bean evolved to nice. Rohan reached Charisma level 3 from practicing his speech in the mirror. Rohan then switched from the mirror to the piano. Rohan reached Piano level 2. Rohan headed off to bed as he got tired.

    Ivy harvested all her plants, then went back to tending her garden after her bees were taken care of. Rohan woke up and went to practice debate. Ivy earned $317 from Wholesome. Then I had to put Rohan back to bed because I forgot he had the stair bug. Ivy headed outside to collect the mail and ship off a Plopsy sale. Then she headed inside to start her first mystery novel. Which had to be scrapped because it got the unable to be finished glitch. Since she was on the computer already, she updated Wholesome and went back to beauty products. Then she restarted her mystery novel.

    Someone charged me $230 - no idea who, as their photo was of a llama. And I see no one on the lot that would send that message...invisible gardener? Weirdness. Anywho, Ivy headed off to class, and she automagically took notes. Rohan still can't use the stairs no matter what I do, but the nursery is done at any rate. Ivy came home, did her homework, took some photos and then went to sleep. Rohan worked on his Research & Debate skill. Then Rohan decided to go out with The Boys for a bit. They ended up at a bar in Evergreen Harbor. Rohan acquired the Dance skill. It was Knight Night, so the place was quite busy...and had little to do but eat and chat. Rohan did dive in the dumpster outside and sadly the soy plant outside wasn't in any mood to be harvested. So Rohan headed home.

    When Rohan got home, Ivy was fiddling with her plants. She went downstairs to work on her novel and Rohan went diving in their dumpster. They always need the bits and pieces! Rohan decided they needed a dog, and as there was nothing good in the adoption agency, they got a Siberian husky named Lettie through CAS. Rohan produced and released a track for his label. Rohan headed to class and Ivy earned $700 from Wholesome.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,334 Member

    McPherson Main House: Ivy McPherson, Rohan Elderberry, Unborn Nooboo McPherson

    Ivy is still working on her first mystery novel - she's had to scrap it a bunch of times. Might have to repair if errors keep persisting. Ivy did manage to finish her novel, and they headed into CAS because I had made Lettie a puppy, and their house is on a foundation - doh! So Lettie was aged up into an adult. Ivy headed upstairs for a nap. Rohan came home from class, got the mail, voted for Tech Support and started a confident painting. Then he did his homework. Ivy woke up and made a Caesar salad for lunch and Rohan reached Media Production level 2. Ivy reached Gourmet Cooking level 7. Rohan took Lettie for a walk.

    Ivy and Rohan both had class at the same time, so they left together. Rohan reached Writing level 4 in class. When they got home, Rohan took Lettie to the vet to get spayed. Since aging is off, no puppies for her! So poor Lettie got the cone of shame. While they were there, Tomax invited Rohan out to the Spice festival, so he called Ivy and she met them there. Ivy failed the Curry Challenge - but she did get in more than one bite, so progress! She ordered herself a Lotta Cocolata after that. Rohan got to know Supriya Delgato while he was there...he needed to discuss local cuisine for his outing. Which apparently gave him the Cooking skill! He also learned how to make taquitos. Ivy took the opportunity to pack sack lunches for her nooboo.

    Rohan was dragged across the street by the karaoke machines and reached Singing level 2. Ivy ran around collecting snow globes and posters for the last time before they went home. Ivy had already entered her 3rd and final trimester.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,334 Member

    McPherson Main House: Ivy McPherson, Rohan Elderberry, Unborn Nooboo McPherson

    Since I still don't know the gender or anything of Ivy & Rohan's unborn nooboo, I decided to load their house. I don't like unfinished pregnancies! They were both in bed when the house loaded. Ivy woke up and got started on some University homework. She also got another chance with record label Dinky Beats. Rohan woke up, went to the bathroom and then went to work on his Research & Debate skill some more. Ivy made eggs benedict for breakfast, and lectured Lettie about barking. After breakfast, Ivy sat down to work on her second mystery novel and we found out that Lettie is afraid of the computer. Rohan reached Research & Debate level 5 and headed to the kitchen for some breakfast.

    The two of them headed to the Britechester campus to see about getting into some organizations and some other odds and ends. Ivy reached Research & Debate level 1, and Rohan, after failing to get into the Debate team (the option wouldn't come up on anyone), sat in on a fitness skill class to wait for the next guest lecture. Ivy then decided Britechester was the perfect spot to pull out her guitar, then she went back to her research. Rohan had a good fitness class, and he took Law, Taxation & Corporations as his guest lecture. Ivy couldn't help herself but had to take some photos of the beautiful fall views around the Britechester Commons. She reached Photography level 4. Then Ivy headed back inside to study for her classes. Being ready to pop, she is skipping the guest lectures and skill classes right now. Then it was time for the two of them to head home.

    When they got home, Rohan streamed his study session, and Ivy went through her photos. Then she decided to tackle her term paper. Rohan produced another track and released it, then started on a new video. Ivy got tired, so headed to bed with about half of her term paper finished. Of course, no sooner did she hit the bed then the labor pains started. And the Secret Society scenario. Ivy is now a member of the Secret Society! Finally, it was off to the hospital. Chad Duckworth was the delivery doctor. Annnnnnd it's twins, a girl and a boy! :-o Ivy reached Parenting level 1. And apparently became very sad from the new baby?! What?! Does she have postpartum? Is that even in the game? Moving on...guess this one is going to require an heir poll as well.

    When everyone got home, it was time to age up the babies, because born in game sims spend exactly 0 time as babies in Ultimate Sim games. There is no purpose to the baby stage, so I skip it lol.

    Welcome to the world, Ellie and Edward!

    Ellie McPherson

    Edward McPherson
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,334 Member
    I was wondering last night if I used the same base sim for both Ivy and Kara Lewis - as both had twins first time go. Is there a base sim that has a twin token? Cause I've hardly ever had twins, and now they're everywhere!

    I'm also apparently way behind in updating this family's PlumTree - I'll get right on that.


    McPherson Main House: Ivy McPherson, Rohan Elderberry, Ellie McPherson, Edward McPherson

    After aging the babies up, Ivy headed downstairs to cook some lobster tortellini as she was hungry. Another set of blocks and two llama tablets were quickly purchased - one tablet in each toddler's inventory. Rohan went to study magical tomes. Ellie and Edward sat down at the blocks to learn Movement - they need at least level 2 so that they have free access to the house. Both toddlers soon switched to Blicblock Baby, as Ellie got angry at the blocks, and Edward just got sad. They acquired Communication level 1 while on the tablets as well. Rohan learned the potion of Magical Aura, then he headed outside to play basketball. Ivy wrote a sad book, cause she was still sad. Fortunately, writing seemed to clear that up. Rohan reached Fitness level 5 from playing basketball. Ellie reached Movement level 2, which meant she was free to roam around now, and Edward was right behind her.

    Ivy started a new mystery book, and finally finished Bestselling Author! She now has the Poetic trait and Writing is maxed. She switched to Painter Extraordinaire as she is going for a Fine Art degree. Rohan ran around collecting things from the neighborhood, and Ivy released some more books since she could release another bestseller to Literary Digest. Then she headed inside to do a confident painting, reaching Painting level 7. Then Alice invited Ivy and Rohan out to the flea market. Brytani was the table vendor, and she had a selection of metals - Ivy bought them all, naturally, and some were new to her. She then watched a living statue for a few moments. Then it was time to head home, as Ivy was about to fall asleep standing up.

    Rohan and Ivy got home, and Ivy headed upstairs for a nap. Rohan went to produce a track, which he then released for his music label. Then he headed to Britechester, but that was a bust as he couldn't get into a guest lecture until after 5pm. So he took a nap. Ivy went back to hers as she was still exhausted. Ellie reached Movement level 3, then Edward reached it too. When Ivy woke up, she wanted to edit a video, so headed downstairs to take care of that. Rohan went into the basement to start fabricating some eco parts, as he didn't have any yet. Ivy ended up maxing Media Production at level 5, and Rohan got his first level of Fabrication. Then they headed out for the Accolades.

    Only to find out there wasn't any? My calendar is now empty, so this is interesting - it's like they're a new move in. Huh. So they grabbed some autographs they didn't have and headed home. They changed clothes as soon as they arrived home, and Ivy sent off a Plopsy sale. Rohan worked on editing a video he had made. At least Ivy got to go to bed early - she headed to bed as soon as she did some voting. Edward reached Movement level 4. Cassandra stopped by, even though it was kind of late. Ellie reached Movement level 4.

    Lettie woke Ivy up, so Ivy calmed Lettie down, lectured her and gave her a bath. Then she went downstairs to read a magical tome to learn a new spell.
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