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    Flex Main House - Benjamin Flex, Alyssa Flex, Bradley Flex, Bailey Flex

    After producing and releasing his track, Benjamin played with Ratchet for a bit before heading to bed. After taking care of Bailey's needs, Alyssa aged her up into a toddler. Bailey is a Charmer. After aging Bailey up, Alyssa headed for bed before she crashed where she was. Bradley has his birthday party later today.

    Here's little Miss Bailey:

    Bailey got started learning her Movement skill on the blocks so that she could climb stairs. A required skill in this house. She also spent some time cheering up Cole. Bradley grabbed himself some food from the kitchen and sat down in the living room with it. Ahoy matey, it's Talk Like A Pirate Day! Such a silly little holiday. Bradley headed to the nursery to talk to Bailey. Bradley then went to play dolls while Bailey sat down with the blocks again. Then Bradley randomly decided to wake up Benjamin, alllrighty then. After taking care of his needs, Benjamin headed downstairs to make breakfast. Bradley spent some time with Cole after waking up his father. Making breakfast pushed Benjamin to level 10 in Gourmet Cooking. Benjamin then decided he wanted to write a book. Then he decided Mixology was more his thing. Crazy emotions! Aeric texted Alyssa an invite to Swift Main House, but with Bradley's birthday party coming up there wasn't time. Before Bradley's birthday, Alyssa produced and released a track, then she started on Bradley's cake. She threw some candles on the cake and went to get Bradley. Bradley blew out his candles and grew up into a child. Benjamin tried to potty train Bailey, but Nathalie wouldn't leave the room. Bradley looks kind of interesting as a child, wonder how he's going to turn out.

    Here's Bradley as a child:

    And that's all I have time for right now! Happy simming!
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    Seriously got to break away from all the hype of the new GP to be released soonish. The suspense is killing me, and I know literally nothing about it besides what the Gurus have teased - which isn't much frankly. So on with the show!


    Flex Main House - Benjamin Flex, Alyssa Flex, Bradley Flex, Bailey Flex

    Today is the last day at the Flex house. Nathalie finally left the room so that Bailey could be potty trained. Alyssa got to know Andre, and Bradley got to know his cousin Bianca. Alyssa is having zero luck finding someone in a bad mood so that she can calm their emotions. New Tastemakers texted Benjamin AGAIN, so off to the music station he went after potty training Bailey. Benjamin took PTO instead of heading into work. Isla joined in Alyssa and Andre's chat, so Alyssa got to know her too. Alyssa also finished her Talk Like A Pirate Day goal, and Bradley reached Social level 3. Bradley also finished his Talk Like A Pirate Day goal while chatting with Bianca.

    Realized that I hadn't furnished Bradley's bedroom yet, so got on that lickety-split. Poor kid is exhausted and has no bed! Since he is the heir, he gets the other master bedroom.

    Bradley headed for bed, while Benjamin produced and released a track. Benjamin then chatted with Nathalie and completed his Talk Like A Pirate Day goal. Bailey played with the dollhouse. Despite the food left out, the guests kept grabbing leftovers from the fridge. The birthday party ended, and someone left Charisma Vol 1. Benjamin put the book away, then repaired the stove that the caterer broke. Alyssa cleaned up the dishes from the party, then headed off to work. Benjamin was going to head in for the rest of his shift, but he's only at Average work performance, so he stayed on PTO. Bailey got sad that Alyssa left, then went to grab some food for herself. Benjamin made a drink for himself, his favorite, a Flaming Zesty Salt. He took his drink and sat down in the living room with Bailey, who scooted over closer to talk to Benjamin. After she finished eating, Bailey watched some toddler videos on the tablet til she got tired enough to sleep. Then she headed to bed. Benjamin cleaned up some more from the party, there always seemed to be some new mess that was missed. He also put away the two cakes that weren't eaten...the one Alyssa made and the one the caterer (who showed up way late) made.

    Bradley woke up and automatically started his homework. Benjamin went upstairs to help Bradley with his homework, even though Bradley was almost finished with it. After homework, Bradley played some Arithmetic Attack and got his Mental to level 3. Benjamin gave Ratchet some love. Bradley came down to the kitchen to get something to eat.

    Now I'm off to attempt to sleep, have a great night and Happy Simming!
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    Flex Main House - Benjamin Flex, Alyssa Flex, Bradley Flex, Bailey Flex

    Only have a little bit of time left in this household, so time to finish it up! Talk Like A Pirate Day was successful for all parties involved, and Alyssa came home with a promotion to Chief Drink Operator - which finishes up her Master Chef aspiration as well! She got Master Mixologist since she's already in the right career and all that. She settled in to make some drinks, a nice variety as she needed a Mixology point as well as needed to mix 10 drinks for her aspiration. Benjamin started some laundry, as nearly all the baskets in the house are full. But first, he searched pockets and found $22 then he put the clothes in the washer and started it. Then he wandered back upstairs to start a video game. Alyssa took a break from mixing drinks to clean the bar and watch a bit of TV to get her fun up and to spend some time with Bradley. Then it was back to mixing drinks. She completed a couple of tiers of her aspiration, then moved on to practice drinks as she still hadn't gotten her skill point. Bradley seems to be on top of mopping all the puddles - he's constantly doing so. And he's not even Neat! Bradley played in the rain, then headed inside to chat with Benjamin.

    And that's it for now! Time to switch households, or even to a new family. Happy Simming!
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    Gotta get out of the nonstop loop that is reading about the new GP, at least until more information happens. So excited already! I actually haven't been excited for anything Sims since S2 finished. I've enjoyed everything S4 has offered, but nothing actually got me excited, til now!

    Going to continue setting up my General Save, as I wait to see what happens on the poll - could end up winning, as it is ahead right now. The poll is here Who Should I Play Next?

    General Save


    Helena Vaspire - Doctor
    Victoria Sutton - Writer
    Travis Scott - Tech Guru
    Summer Holiday - Culinary
    Liberty Lee - Astronaut
    Tricia Williams - Writer
    John Newman - Social Media
    Vanessa Newman - Critic
    Andrea Newman - Drama Club
    Katrina Caliente - Entertainment
    Dina Caliente - Culinary
    Nina Caliente - Criminal
    Don Lothario - Athlete
    Remy St. Feu - Culinary
    Aliya St. Feu - Style Influencer
    Desiree St. Feu - Secret Agent
    Luarant Dupre - Criminal
    Livie Mounier - Athlete
    Arthur Climate - Business
    Janine Climate - Gardener
    Summer Climate - Barista
    Geoffrey Landgraab - Detective
    Nancy Landgraab - Criminal
    Malcolm Landgraab - Fast Food Employee
    Johnny Zest - Entertainment
    Vera Valkrye - Writer
    Andrea Gray - Entertainment
    Micaela Perez - Athlete

    Think I'm going to take a break for a bit, all this entering and exiting houses is giving me a headache! But we're getting there, Willow Creek is finished, and we're almost done with Oasis Springs.
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    Since Strangerville is taking over the forums, and the Cravens seemed to be winning the poll, with General Save right behind it, I figured I'd get started on some Craven love before bed.


    Craven Main Household - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    In case you forgot, or didn't know, Astro and Andromeda are abduction "twins" - Adam and Eve got abducted at the same time, and both got pregnant. Astro is Eve's, and Andromeda is Adam's, but both share Pollinator #3 as the other parent. Andrew, the last baby born, is the heir - Astro is disqualified due to not being both Adam and Eve's kid. Hopefully, this is it, the house is pretty full! I switch aspirations around a lot in this save. They are also pretty broke compared to the Swifts, with only 23k in the bank.

    And we open this save to Adam sleeping, Eve playing piano, Adelaide doing her homework, Arlene practicing typing, Astro and Andromeda playing pirate on the pirate ship out back (off the lot), and Andrew sleeping. Astro completed the first milestone of Rambunctious Scamp, as did Andromeda. Astro wanted to play some music, so he took the child's violin for a spin. Andromeda wanted to record a new video, so off to the video station she went to do a toys product review. Andromeda reached Social level 4. Eve completed a milestone in Musical Genius, then took care of some needs.

    I added holidays and a birthday party or two - going to add events only weekly, as the kids age up and eventually out. But I've been missing Halloween and Easter in my game, so I made them. Might make more in the future, but that's enough to keep me busy for now. Lol, also totally forgot the Cravens had a butler.

    Arlene completed a Rambunctious Scamp milestone, then she went to view her Scouting Badge progress. She has completed Civic Responsibility, Scholarly Aptitude, and Sociability so far. Adelaide finished her homework then went to practice lines in the mirror, which gained her the acting skill. Andromeda finished her video and started to edit it. Eve worked on making a friend with a phone call, then danced to the stereo for a bit. Arlene got Inspired and drew on the activity table. Andromeda uploaded her video and headed for bed. Astro got up to Creativity level 5 while playing the violin. After starting her task to practice new lines, Adelaide decided it was time to journal for a bit. Adam woke up and headed to the kitchen to grab some pancakes. Eve decided to do a beauty tips vlog - after all, women aliens struggle with beauty too! Once she was finished journaling, Adelaide went back to learning her lines in the mirror. Astro checked his badge progress too - he's only earned the Scholarly Aptitude one so far. Astro went over to chat with Adam since the two aren't even friends yet. Adam then headed off to watch Civic Public Access on the TV. (I seriously need to start finishing/upgrading their house!) Astro headed upstairs to practice typing for his aspiration.

    And on that note, it's time to sleep! Dreamland here I come. I hope. If not, I'll be back lol. Happy simming!
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    I'm almost never up this early, but I've been tossing and turning since 2am - got tired of it and decided to get up for a while.


    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    First things first, I built them a laundry room and finished the basement - which took most of their money, so now they are down to about 4k.

    After watching TV, Adam went down into the basement to work on his handiness at the workbench. Arlene completed a tier of Artistic Protegy and went looking for some toys to play with. Adelaide reached Acting level 2. Eve finished her Beauty Tips video and started editing it, reaching Media Production level 4. After Eve finished editing it, she then uploaded it, replying to comments afterward. Then it was back to the easel with Eve, as she hasn't maxed Painting yet - and they needed money. Astro reached Motor level 9. Adelaide felt tired after learning her lines, so headed to bed for a nap. Got a notification that Adam's fame was fading - but it already had? Neither of them has much in the way of fame right now. Andrew woke up in desperate need of a bath, so Eve stopped painting to give him one. Andrew reached Communication level 3. Arlene broke the toilet, so Adam or the butler need to repair it. Adam introduced himself to the butler, Tetsu Sasaki, and they chatted for a bit. After Andrew's bath, Eve went back to painting and Andrew went to look at a book, Driving To Mars. Andromeda woke up and headed downstairs for some breakfast. Adam repaired the toilet, then headed back to do some woodworking. Adelaide woke up from her nap and headed outside to the basketball court. Astro completed a Rambunctious Scamp milestone and switched to playing Keyboard Commander.

    Andrew reached Imagination level 3 while looking at Driving To Mars. Adelaide acquired the Fitness skill by playing basketball. Andromeda went to go practice her typing, and Andrew talked to himself in the mirror after he finished Driving To Mars. Astro reached Motor level 10. Adam went to go practice speech in the mirror and Adelaide went to dance to the stereo. Astro also acquired the Video Game skill. Arlene was tired, so went upstairs to take a nap. Astro got the high score in Keyboard Commander, then went to take a nap. Andrew went to go play with his blocks. Eve finished her painting, sold it, then started on a Confident one. Adelaide chatted with Alexander Goth for a bit, then invited him over. She also sent a happy text to Liberty Flex (nee Lee) and started cooking some lunch as she was hungry. Arlene and Astro headed out for their Scouts meeting. Eve finished the Confident painting, sold it and went to take a nap. She got back up to a Notable Newcomer by selling the painting. Naturally, she went with Corporate Partnership, as it makes the most sense for her. Adelaide reached Cooking level 2. Alexander apparently left before Adelaide could interact with him, maybe he had a Scout meeting or a job to go to. Andrew chatted up Adelaide, causing Adelaide to get the Comedy skill. Arlene and Astro came home from Scouts and they chatted a bit. Arlene headed for the toybox while Astro headed for the monkey bars. Adelaide chatted and flirted with Alexander, and Astro met some kids at the little park near their house. Andrew asked Eve to take him to the potty, and Adam felt rather headachey.

    And on that note, it's time to try for some more rest. Happy simming!
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    And now to give you a glimpse of the Craven house! It's literally the same exact house the Swifts (and Drakes and McCaigs) live in, but the stuff is all different, and a few things change - I really need to learn how to build. But that takes TIME and I want to play!

    Exterior and lot


    First Floor

    Second Floor

    Third Floor

    Plus I really like large houses that can fit nearly everything - and one never knows when you'll need an extra master bedroom/bathroom, or a kid's room, or a room for something that came in a pack...but I would like more lot space lol.
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    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    Adelaide found out Alexander was single, so she moved in for the kill. She's determined that he will be her boyfriend/future spouse. Moira invited Eve out to the Talent Show, so off she went to make a fool out of herself. Somehow Adam came with them, but he's sick so back home he goes. Eve signed up at the bar, while Moira freaked out about Thorne Bailey. Eve decided to play a concerto on the piano, a fairly safe option since she is fairly skilled at it. People actually watched, and Moira tipped her $8. Then Eve heard one of her tracks on the radio. She also had another brief chat with Octavia, the first one being before Eve's set. Eve also asked Octavia for an autograph, just because. Octavia seemed to like Eve a bit too much, even walking in on her in the bathroom! The talent showcase was then finished, so Eve headed home.

    When Eve got home, everyone needed new tasks. Adelaide went to her computer to start writing a children's book. Arlene went to bed, as did Astro. Andromeda went back to practicing typing. Andrew went to play with the blocks. Adam and Eve chatted for a bit, then Adam went to workout and Eve went to cook. Andromeda reached Motor level 10. Eve wanted to play the violin a bit before bed, so she headed over to the music room after eating. Adam very much needed a shower after his workout. Eve headed to bed after harvesting their money tree. Adelaide reached Writing level 2. Adam took care of his very stinky laundry, tossing his dirty clothes into the washer. Andromeda switched over to playing Keyboard Commander after reaching another milestone of Rambunctious Scamp. Andrew and Adelaide chatted for a bit, then Adelaide went to work out after finishing the children's book. Adam went to authenticate an artifact that he still had in inventory. Need to send them back to Salvadorada at some point for more goodies. Maybe in the fall. Andrew decided that Andromeda was nicer, so went to talk to her for a bit. After authenticating the artifact, Adam used it to practice archeological analysis. Andrew headed off to bed, reaching Movement level 4 in the process, and Andromeda reached the high score on Keyboard Commander. Adelaide finished her workout, then went to play some chess. Since the washing was done, Adam moved it over to the dryer. He then went to his computer and entered a Novice Tournament of Incredible Sports. Andromeda wasn't much in the mood for people, so since it was really early she went over to the monkey bars in the little park by her house.

    And now it's nap time! Happy simming!
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    Not going to get much of a chance to play tonight. Went through all my mods and nothing seemed to need to be updated - but we'll see. Having one issue where all the information for gallery/library lots are replaced by 9's, and I'm not sure what is causing it. But since I have to be up real early tomorrow, I need to head to bed instead of playing with it some more.

    On a side note, I did add more lots to the Craven save so that they can take advantage of the packs I've bought since I last played them.
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    And the issue above is caused by UI Cheats Extension. It hadn't yet been updated when I last checked, so remove it if you have it.

    Being unable to sleep means my brain is going nutty - and this time about the Sims! I want to learn to mod, create CC and eventually programs. The last mostly because I desperately need a Sims Tracker for S4! Spreadsheets just don't cut the mustard. I also plan on creating another save, this time with no houses or sims so I can start learning how to bloody build! Box houses only get you so far. That led to what I want to do with some of the houses I already have, like the Cravens, and wondering what was possible build-wise. Lots of ideas, that's for sure. And of course, if I knew how to build, I'd probably already have the answers I need lol.

    Lots of stuff to play with in the coming days, that's for sure!
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    Added some restaurants and things to the Cravens save - which reset all their locked wants. So things might get weird...lol


    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    So, since everyone has brand new wants and aren't doing a thing, time to get them busy! Adam wanted to produce a track, so off he went to the music station. He selected Ree Bines as his genre of choice. Eve went to go get Andrew to watch some TV with him. Adelaide played some chess while she waited for the music station to open back up. Arlene went to play with a toy, Astro hit the shower and Andromeda went out to the nearby park to play on the monkey bars. Adam released his track for a little bit of fame, then went in search of some food. As soon as the music station was free, Adelaide headed over, choosing Gom Gabrow as her genre. She produced and released a track. Astro wanted to do a video with the video station, so headed over to do a toy review.

    And that is unfortunately where I have to stop for the night. Long day of life getting in the way of my simming!
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    Time to play! Had to fix something in manage worlds, so all new wants again.


    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    This time, Adam wanted to record a video, so off he went to do a gadget review. Eve wanted to produce a new track, so off she went, choosing Calculator Rock. Adelaide sent a happy text to Alexander Goth, while Arlene ate some food. Astro sent a happy text to Dakota Yamaguchi while Andromeda ate something in the park and went back to playing on the monkey bars. Andrew headed off to sleep. Adelaide headed to the kitchen to make a fruit salad. Astro went to the bathroom then headed for the park to play on the monkey bars. After producing her track, Eve released it to the world. Then it was time for Eve to hit the garden. Arlene sat down to practice piano. Andrew had a nightmare and went to hug his stuffed animal. Andromeda completed Rambunctious Scamp, so she started on Social Butterfly for a bit. The butler, Tetsu, played with Andrew for a bit to take his mind off of his nightmare. Since no other kids showed up at the park, Andromeda came home to take a nap. Andrew decided to nap on his bed as he was very tired. Astro also completed Rambunctious Scamp, and he started on Whiz Kid. Adam finished his video and sat down to edit the two Tech Review videos he had. Arlene reached Piano level 2. Eve headed into the kitchen to cook a gourmet meal and got a call from her Ad Agency for a video. Just any video this time. Adam uploaded the first Tech Review video after he finished editing it, then started in on the second. And the Flea Market is in town! Adam got signed with Dinky Beats, and he also reached Media Production level 2. Eve reached Gourmet Cooking skill level 4. Astro recorded a video of him dancing to the stereo. Adam finished editing his video and uploaded it, then proceeded to respond to comments.

    And on that note, it's naptime!
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    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    Liberty Flex texted Adelaide about the Flea Market, so she, Adam and Eve headed out. Adelaide also brought along Alexander Goth. The event goal was to simply buy something. When they arrived, Eve got a call from Dinky Beats and signed with them. The vendor had crystals this time, so off Eve went to see what she could buy, while Adelaide worked on getting Alexander to be her boyfriend. Eve picked up three crystals that they didn't have yet, and Adelaide bought the rest. That will give her a head start on her own collection. None of that triggered the event to complete, so Adelaide bought some food. That didn't work either. So she tried some candles, and that worked. Alexander decided to forgo the Flea Market entirely and sang karaoke instead. Adam decided to do the Rumbasim by the food vendors. Adelaide learned how to make Samosas. Alexander finally made his way over to the Flea Market, so that he could tip Sofia. Adelaide also reached Comedy level 2, then acquired Charisma and Photography. Finally, the timer ticked down, and they all headed home.

    They got back just in time for Eve to head to the Accolades. Adam was too tired to join her. Eve and Dirk Dreamer chatted while they watched the ceremony. Eve won an Accolade for best book. Then she won another, again for best book, after chatting with yet another celebrity. After that the event was over, so she headed home. Adelaide must have been working out when Eve left, as she got up to Fitness level 3.

    And on that note, I'm heading off to bed I think. Night and happy simming!
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    Got a little bit of time before my nap, so time to play! Kind of trying to avoid the Strangerville discussions at this point - don't want the story to be spoiled!


    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    When Eve got home, everyone was scattered to the four winds, so some wrangling had to be done. Adam needed to eat, so off to the kitchen he went. Eve headed to the video station to get her video edited for the Ad Agency. Adelaide continued to work out, and Arlene hit the violin. Astro went to film himself dancing again, Andromeda hit up the chess table, and Andrew had to use the potty, So Adelaide stopped working out to potty train him. And somehow the butler set himself on fire - probably didn't clean the lint trap. That gave them a nice change of pace. Adam and the sprinklers put Tetsu out. Now everyone but Adam is tense, so out come the journals! Adam turned on the dryer then went to potty train poor Andrew.

    And on that note, it's nap time!
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    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    Tetsu took a nice soak in his bathroom after nearly being burned alive. And Andrew decided to use his diaper in all the chaos. Eve went back to editing her video. Adelaide finished journaling and went running on the treadmill. Astro finished up journaling and called Dakota to chat. Eve uploaded her video and got $100 for it. She then headed over to the music station to produce another track. Arlene wanted to stream with the drone, so she streamed herself playing the violin. Andromeda apparently decided 2 am was a good time for a swim. Adam spent some time teaching Andrew to talk, as he still doesn't have his skills yet. Eve released her track and headed to bed. Astro got inspired and wanted to play some music, so he hopped onto the piano for a bit. Andromeda hit the journal again, as she was tense. Arlene reached Violin level 2. Adam headed over to the chess table to play a round with Astro. Adam also sent our still fried looking butler to bed. Andromeda went to get some food and Adelaide danced for a bit to the stereo. Then Adelaide went to potty train Andrew. After their game, Adam went to practice pick up lines in the mirror, and Astro talked to Andromeda for a bit. All the kiddos went for naps, as school was starting soon. Adam reached Charisma level 6. Andrew reached Potty level 2 finally! Arlene got up to Violin level 3. Adam also headed for a nap, since he had work in just a couple of hours.

    Andrew reached Communication level 4 from hugging the stuffed animal, then he sat down with his tablet to finish learning his skills. Cleaned out Adam and Eve's inventories the best I could - Adam didn't have much, but Eve has quite a bit. Arlene couldn't sleep, so she checked her progress on some Scout badges. Then she went to take a bath before school, as she was pretty tense. All the kids headed off to school, besides Andrew of course, and Adam headed to work. Oh, the joys of a Monday! Eve woke up, took a shower then headed out to the garden. She harvested all her plants, weeded them, then came back in to clean up the kitchen and cook some lunch. And the kids came home in a flurry of notifications. Everyone was still tense from the fire yesterday, so out come the journals. Eve hit level 5 in Gourmet Cooking.

    Need a break, plus it's nearly bed time. Happy Simming!
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    Currently exploring Strangerville with a sim in my Test save, so going to be quiet here for a bit. I shall return to my regular updates shortly...might even get some time to continue setting up my General Save. I'm also updating my S2 game - I cleared all my downloads, since I didn't use 90% of them, and am building them back up. I still have all my old downloads though, just in case!
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    General Save


    Eve Forest - Painter
    Adam Forest - Entertainer
    Zoe Patel - Social Media
    Mitchell Kalani - Entertainer
    J Huntington III - Athlete
    Gavin Richards - Writer
    Angel Barker - Critic
    Sidney Barker - Gardener
    Eve Miller - Writer
    Adam Miller - Secret Agent
    Serena Sinclair - Doctor
    William Bard - Entertainer
    Soren Hansen - Entertainer
    David Boyd - Entertainer
    Louis Vecchio - Tech Guru
    Mina Jeung - Culinary
    Daisy Jardin - Gardener
    Dino Fiore - Painter
    Polliana DeMure - Politician
    Giovanni Prego - Military
    Edith Prego - Culinary
    Lily Thorn - Barista
    Clover Thorn - Manual Laborer
    Matteo Hamilton - No Career
    Ernesto Veleta - Painter
    Boone Jour - Business
    Jean Barnes - Detective
    Meaghan Ford - Painter
    Carina Piper - Scout
    Parker Rockwell - Scout

    There, I finished Oasis Springs and Newcrest, as well as added the new Strangerville premades. Got a tiny bit of room now! Not sure where all the kids are going to go lol.
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    My apologies for not posting for a long time - was focused on Strangerville (almost finished!) and avoiding the forums. Also didn't play for a couple of months, so there was that - life just got too busy.


    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    Adelaide and Andromeda headed off to Drama Club. Eve produced and released another track, then started making a video. Adam came home promoted to Planet Patrol - he had decided to become a space ranger! Adam bought a rocket and started working on it. Astro finished his homework, then started his school project. Adelaide needed a nap after Drama Club, so she headed to bed. Andromeda did some journaling, then did some homework. Arlene also did homework and then started on her school project.

    Astro decided to enter the Picky Eater phase, and reached Mental level 7 while doing so. Arlene acquired the Logic skill and reached level 2 while working on her school project. Eve finished filming her video and started editing it. Adam took a break from building his rocket ship to produce a new track. Adam released his track and went back to continue building his rocket. Kind of needs that for his daily task. Eve uploaded her video and replied to some comments. Then she created a social media profile since she didn't have one yet. Oops. Adam reached Rocket Science level 3, Andromeda reached Mental level 6 - and Eve received Pristine Reputation while talking to her friend Judith (Ward) Roman.

    My first ever Pristine Reputation! Yay!

    Eve made some Fungal Infusion Fertilizer, or whatever it's called, and Arlene gained a Logic skill point - level 4. Eve reached level 7 in Herbalism, and Astro hit Mental level 8. Eve made a Clear Mind Distillation next. Eve then decided to play the piano for a while. Adelaide got something to eat after finishing her homework, and Arlene finished her school project. Then it was off to bed for Arlene. Andromeda reached Mental level 7. Adam stopped building his rocket to take a shower. Astro finished his school project, then headed off to bed as well. Adelaide started working on her school project. Eve reached Piano level 5, and Andromeda reached Mental level 8. Andromeda then finished her school project and headed off to bed. Adelaide acquired the Painting skill working on her school project, and also reached Painting level 2.

    Adam went back to building his rocket ship, and Eve concocted an Insect Repellent Liniment. Adam reached Rocket Science level 4. Adelaide finished her school project and headed off to bed. Eve made another Insect Repellent, then she made a Fireleaf Extract. In the process, she reached Herbalism level 8. She then made an Energizer Infusion. After that, she had to get outside for a bit, so she tended to her beehives. Adam reached Rocket Science level 5. All the kiddos headed off to school, except for toddler Andrew. Andrew was working on his skills on the Wabbit Tablet and reached Communication level 5.

    Adam started overheating, so he jumped into the pool for a bit before work. Eve collected her first swarm and sent the bees out to fetch a gift. They brought back a fossil, completing the fossil collection AND Eve finished the Curator aspiration. Adam headed into work for the day. After working on the garden, Eve ran around collecting whatever she could find. Adam decided while he was at work would be a good time for the warning about his spotlight fading. Eve came back home and made another Energizer Infusion. The kids all came back home from school. Adelaide and Astro became A students. Adelaide needed some fun before Drama Club, so off she went to play Sims Forever. Arlene grabbed some food, Astro went to journal, and Andromeda went to play Sims Forever as well.

    Andrew asked Tetsu for a bath. Eve grabbed some food and made a generous donation to a charity. Andromeda reached Video Gaming level 2. Adelaide and Andromeda headed off for Drama Club, and Eve made a tiramisu. Astro reached Creativity level 6. After eating, Arlene went to journal as she was feeling sad from school. After making the tiramisu, Eve headed upstairs to take a nap. Astro finished journaling and started on his homework. Astro finished his homework and got the Responsibility in range for the Responsible trait.

    Adelaide and Andromeda came back from Drama club. Adelaide was still really low on fun, so off to the TV she went. Adam came home exhausted, so went right to bed. Arlene finished journaling and started her homework. Andromeda joined Adelaide at the TV. Astro sat down at the chess table to play. Arlene finished her homework and sat down at the drawing table. Andrew reached Thinking level 2. Eve woke up, produced a track, released it, then headed to practice pickup lines in the mirror. Astro got hungry, so he went and got some food in the kitchen. Adam made a generous donation to a charity in his sleep.

    Then I remembered that Adam hasn't done his daily release for Dinky Beats, so I woke him up.

    Adam headed downstairs to produce a new track. Eve reached level 4 of Charisma. Andromeda did her homework. Astro and Andromeda headed for the chess table since there was no one around for Andromeda's aspiration. Adam released his track, then called Liberty (Lee) Flex. Arlene has finished 2/5 drawings on the table. Adam headed over to the stereo to dance to Summer Strut after his conversation with Liberty. Eve finished her pickup lines and sent a happy text to a friend, then decided to go dance. Adam heard one of his songs on the radio, as did Eve. Then it was time for Adam to start a social networking profile.

    Astro reached Mental level 9 and Adam updated his social networking profile. Andromeda won the chess game against Astro. Adelaide reached Cooking level 3. Adelaide started learning her lines for Drama Club, then went and got something to eat. Adam went back to bed to recharge for work tomorrow. Astro recorded himself learning the piano. Eve went back to dancing, and then heard one of her tracks on the radio. Eve then went to play the violin for a bit before bed. Arlene completed the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and picked Social Butterfly as her next one. Arlene reached Social level 7 from chatting on the computer. Astro finished his video and started transferring it from the drone to the video station.

    Andromeda went back to practicing her lines for Drama Club and Adelaide did her homework. Eve reached Violin level 2 and then headed for bed. Astro started editing his video. Adelaide started painting for a bit before bed. Astro finished editing his video and uploaded it, then headed off to bed. Arlene stopped chatting and headed off to bed as well. Andromeda chatted online for a bit. Adelaide reached Painting level 3. Adelaide finished her painting, sold it for some simoleons then went to bed. Andromeda also went to bed.

    And that's when I decided it was time to go to bed! Definitely way past my bedtime! Happy Simming!
  • OptionalDialogueOptionalDialogue Posts: 15 Member
    What a fun way to keep track of your families.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,543 Member
    A little bit of playtime before my nap.


    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    Andrew woke up with a nightmare, so played on his tablet while waiting for everyone else to get up. Adam woke up, took care of some needs and headed out to work on building his rocket ship before work. Today is Adam's Adult birthday! The teen and children headed off to school. Adam got a promotion celebration text from Baako Jang for breakfast, but Adam didn't have enough time before work.

    Andrew was low on attention, so he chatted with Eve about dinosaurs. Eve got a breakfast invite from Liberty Flex, which she also declined. Too much to do around the house! Eve also got a video offer while chatting with Andrew. 24 hours to upload any video. Andrew went to play with toys and reached Imagination level 4. Eve put away the clean laundry and headed outside to get the mail. Adam headed off to work.

    The mail contained Eve's plaque for finishing the fossil collection - even though she is technically missing one of the Jungle Adventures ones. Got to catch them all! It went on the back wall with the family portrait. Then it was time for Eve to deal with her bees and the garden. Eve collected her first swarm and sent them to fetch a gift while she worked on harvesting the garden. Adam got a chance card, made an arrest and quit his job as an Astronaut. When Adam got home, he updated his social media and sent a happy text to Liberty Flex. He's also back to being a one-star celebrity due to making the arrest.

    Andrew was tired, so he took a nap. Adam went to produce a track, and Eve got stung by her bees when she collected the honey. She collected her second swarm and sent them off to fetch gift while she finished up in the garden. Adam went ahead and released his track, got to keep Dinky Beats happy! He then went to play on the archaeologist table. He'll get a new job after his birthday party. Eve ran around the neighborhood collecting things.

    The kids came home from school. Adelaide got her Responsibility in range for the Responsible trait, and Andromeda got her grades up to an A. Adelaide headed right for the TV for some fun before Drama Club. Arlene was tense from school, so she went to journal. Astro started his homework, as did Andromeda. They both finished their homework, and Andromeda and Adelaide went off to Drama Club.

    That's a good place to stop. Need my nap! Have to clean out inventories, do some work on the house and I'm sure there is more. Happy Simming!
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,543 Member
    Didn't get much of a nap, due to people waking me up, so I may take another. But first, some play time!


    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    Andrew was low on attention again, so he went to chat up his father. Eve and Arlene got some food, and Astro wandered over to talk to Arlene. The birthday party reminder popped up, so Eve set about making a chocolate cake for Adam. Astro earned a Scout Badge and also reached Social level 5 while talking to Arlene. After talking to Adam for a bit, Andrew headed to his Wabbit Tablet to learn some skills and Adam headed for the observatory.

    I cleaned out some of their inventory - Eve has a LOT of herbs in her pocket! Then it was time for the birthday party, and while Eve baked the cake, everyone changed into their partywear.

    And now I'm going to try to rest. Happy Simming!
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,543 Member
    Time to knock out that birthday party!


    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    Adam reached Handiness level 8 from upgrading the sink in the master bathroom while Eve finished up the cake. Eve put the birthday candles on immediately so that no one ate the cake. When Adam was finished with the upgrade, he came downstairs to blow out his candles. No sense in waiting, right?! Adam became an Adult and looks virtually the same.

    It's already a Gold birthday party. During the beginning of the party, Andromeda edited and uploaded a video. Eve headed upstairs after Adam became an Adult to work on her Charisma. Adam called everyone to meal and as always there was a cake pileup, with some people giving up and grabbing food that was on the counters.

    Adam found himself a job as an Ace Engineer (Tech Guru). This caused him to gain a milestone in Computer Whiz and Renaissance Sim. Since the party was winding down, he headed off to his computer to program. He started a side job. Adelaide got to know Bjorn, who is an Elder. Then the party was over, with a Gold Medal! Needs were taken care of. Adelaide started her homework. Astro went upstairs to collect his Sociability Badge. Andromeda went and started learning her lines. Andrew headed to bed.

    Arlene finished her homework, and she and Astro became BFFs. Then it was off to bed for Astro and Arlene. Adelaide finished her homework, then headed upstairs to work on her lines for Drama Club. Eve reached level 5 Charisma. Andromeda finished her lines, then played some Sims Forever before bed. Adelaide reached Acting level 3.

    Then it was time to use the household funds to add some lights and windows. They may not have a huge amount of money yet, but they need this house fixed up some! I just need to remember to keep some for bills and Andrew's room. I also upgraded a few things and changed the wall size to medium on the first floor.

    Adam finished his side job, and Eve headed downstairs to show Adam her muscles. Andromeda headed to bed. Adam and Eve chatted for a bit, then Eve headed to the kitchen to make an Energizer Infusion, and Adam went down to the basement to upgrade the washer. Adelaide finished her lines. Eve made another Energizer Infusion and reached Herbalism level 9. Then it was time for a Rage Relieving Salve. Realizing what time it was, Adelaide headed to the kitchen for some coffee before school. Arlene and Astro woke up, so they chatted for a bit. Eve started a Sadness Alleviation Lotion. Adam finished the washer upgrade, cleaned the floor in front of the dryer from an earlier fire, then went and played Incredible Sports.

    Another Sadness Alleviation Lotion for Eve. Adelaide got another cup of coffee. Adam reached Video Gaming level 5. Astro got something to eat. Adelaide's Manners is in range to earn the Good Manners trait. Eve started a Tummy Therapy. The kids all started heading off to school. Eve started a Soothing Skin Balm. Then she felt cooped up, just in time to harvest her garden. She reached a milestone in Freelance Botanist. After collecting honey from one of the hives, Eve remembered that she had a video to do, and wondered if it were already too late, so she headed inside to record a beauty tips video. Adam produced a track, and got a video invite - he could do any video or a beauty review video for even more money. Adam released his track and went upstairs to do the last upgrade on the master bathroom sink.

    Finished with the sink, Adam started an upgrade to the shower in the master bathroom. Adam started another shower upgrade after finishing the first, while Eve edited her video. She uploaded it, but it was too late for the sponsorship offer. But it did net Eve an invite to the Accolades! Eve went back to taking care of her bees. Adam went to do his beauty review video. Eve collected her first swarm and sent them off to fetch a gift. Adam had to repair the media station before he could use it. He reached Handiness level 9 and then tried again to record his video. Eve spent some time bonding with the second hive, as they were enraged.

    The kids came home, and Adelaide brought home Max Villareal. Andromeda's Responsibility is in range for the Responsible trait. Andrew asked Tetsu for a bath. Adelaide went to watch TV, Arlene did her homework, Astro came home angry so journaled, and Andromeda came home sad so also journaled. Arlene went and chatted with Liberty Flex on the computer after finishing her homework. Adelaide headed out to Drama Club. Astro reached Creativity level 7. Adam finished recording his video and sat down to edit it.

    Eve stopped what she was doing to give Andrew a bath, as Tetsu was being useless. Astro did his homework, and Andromeda ran off to Drama Club. Arlene reached Social level 8. Adam finished editing his video. Astro streamed himself playing chess on the drone. Adam uploaded his video and got paid for the sponsorship. Then Adam was off to take a nap. Andromeda's Responsibility fell out of range of the Responsible trait, but she got promoted to Practical Performer. Adelaide received a Drama Club Accolade and was promoted to Junior Artiste.

    Adelaide started her homework, as did Andromeda. Andrew ran off to his Wabbit Tablet to learn more skills. Eve went back out to collect honey from the second hive, and to try to calm them down. Astro gained some followers. Eve got hungry, so went inside for some food. Arlene also grabbed a serving of food. Astro stopped the stream so that he could take care of his needs. Andromeda finished her homework and went to practice her lines. Adam got set up on a blind date while napping, which of course he declined. Eve received the Refined Palate quirk. Arlene finished eating and went back to chatting online.

    Eve cleaned up her plate and went to produce a track. Astro did his extra credit work. Dinky Beats started harassing Eve as she was heading to produce her track. Adelaide finished her homework and headed off to practice her lines. Adam woke up from his nap and got something to eat. Eve released her track. That should get Dinky Beats off her back. Then Eve went back out to her garden to collect her second swarm, finish harvesting and tending, and reviving a dead plant. Eve reached Gardening level 9. Arlene somehow got off the computer and snuck over to the drawing table. Adam did some push-ups and then continued the shower upgrading. Eve finished in the garden and headed off to bed. Astro finished his extra credit work then started recording a toy review video. Andromeda finished her lines and started playing Sims Forever. Adam finished the last shower upgrade and went to bed. Arlene went to play Keyboard Commander. Adam received a party text while he was sleeping, which was declined.

    And now I really have to go to bed. Up late cause I'm worried about my daughter. Got to love kids! Happy Simming!
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,543 Member
    Daughter still isn't doing so good, so she's resting. I'm going to be resting soon too, but first, some playtime!


    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    Adelaide finished her lines and headed to the kitchen for some food. Astro recorded himself playing chess on the drone. Astro reached Mental level 10. Arlene reached Video Gaming level 2, reached the high score on Keyboard Commander and went to play chess with Astro. Astro reached Logic level 2. Arlene won the chess game. Astro went to play Arithmetic Attack on a computer. Andromeda put her plate in the kitchen and headed off to bed. Arlene stargazed in the observatory and reached Logic level 5.

    And now I have to rest. Happy Simming!
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,543 Member
    More playtime!


    Craven Main House - Adam Craven, Eve Craven, Adelaide Craven, Arlene Craven, Astro Craven, Andromeda Craven, Andrew Craven

    Astro and Arlene headed off to bed, as it was getting late and it was going to be a busy day in the Craven household - it's Andrew's birthday! Eve woke up, cleaned up the kitchen some and made a Tummy Therapy. Adam woke up and wanted to try to hack something, so he settled in to hack Crumplebottom Servers. Eve started a classic painting, as she was inspired. Adelaide woke up and went downstairs to chat with Eve. Andromeda woke up and went to ask Adam for advice. Eve reached Painting level 7. Adam got 687 from hacking Crumplebottom Servers. Andromeda went to go play with the dollhouse for a bit before school.

    Adelaide went to watch the Comedy Channel for a bit before school, and Adam came over to talk to Eve. Then he went outside to play in the rain. The kids all headed off to school. Adam came back inside to produce a track before work. Eve finished her painting and got 719 for it. Then Eve headed outside to take care of her bees and garden. Adam released his track. Andrew and Tetsu became good friends. Adam headed off to work. Andrew reached Imagination level 5, then he went upstairs to take a nap.

    Andrew woke up and played with his blocks. He reached Movement level 5 and switched to playing on his Wabbit Tablet. Eve fertilized her trees with Growfruit. Then it was time for her to collect things. The kids came home from school, and Andromeda's Responsibility is back in range of the Responsible trait. Adelaide chatted with her boyfriend, Alexander Goth. Arlene chatted with her future boyfriend, Max Villareal. Astro and Andromeda started their homework.

    Adelaide headed off to Drama Club, and she has a performance today. Arlene started her homework. Andromeda finished her homework and headed out to Drama Club. Astro also finished his homework. Andromeda also had a performance today. Eve, Astro and Arlene all headed out to see the Drama Show. Arlene had to finish her homework first. Adam came home from work and completed the Computer Whiz aspiration. He was promoted to Project Manager. He decided that he wanted to go in another direction, so got a job as a Beat Reporter in Critic. He went inside to write his column.

    The rest of the family came home from the Drama Show. Adelaide started her homework. Arlene and Andromeda introduced themselves to Mikaela Fyres. Andromeda completed a milestone in Social Butterfly. Adam reached Writing level 3. Eve started baking a chocolate cake for Andrew. Then it was time for the birthday party! Adam finished writing his column and headed into the kitchen for something to eat. He changed into his party clothes first. Arlene and Andromeda both changed into their party clothes while talking with Mikaela. Astro found a collectible print while looking through the observatory.

    Eve finished baking the cake, put the candles on and went to get Andrew. Andrew blew out the candles, and aged up into a child! To CAS, stat!

    And this is where I'm going to end this update, as my mouse locked up and I lost everything from just after this point. And I'm not in the mood to replay it all right now.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,543 Member
    So I started a legacy - the Ultimate Sim Legacy. With aging off, each sim has to accomplish everything possible before they can age up, except babies, which are aged up immediately. All skills, traits (if possible), aspirations, collections (as a family) and whatever else I can think up. I'm starting with teen Danielle Steele in Oasis Springs. She has a lot to do!
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