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Show off the Merfolk in Your Game!

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I think a similar thread was started and became outdated. I pretty much spend all my time playing as merfolk in my game, and I've created quite a few mersims while I was at it. I share their story in other threads, but I thought I would share them here. These are the current merfolk as they appear in my game right now, and I may not have them updated in the Gallery if it's down. I generally share the merfolk I share here in the gallery.

Also, I think it would be cool to share any merfolk themed builds here too. I've been experimenting with some things to find what is functional using pools. When I get things figured out, I'll share some of the builds I create for my merfolk.

I split my merfolk designs into two groups: Pure-Blood Merfolk and Half-Blood Merfolk.

Pure-Blood Merfolk have hair in unusual colors, sea green eyes, and pointed ears. Their design involve less clothing because the idea behind their design is that they don't prefer to spend time on land, and they are supposed to look out of place among human sims. If the game had an underwater world for them, that's where they would spend most of their time. It makes having all the human stuff pointless if it's not what you wear in your merform. All pure-blood merfolk use tattoos on their legs to help them take the appearance of a human form. The illusion is so realistic that they can walk on land and look like they have human legs. The illusion fades and reveals their tail when they enter water. The experience of having legs is uncomfortable to say the least.

Half-Blood merfolk retain normal human hair color, their original eye color, and they don't have pointed ears. They wear clothes that help them blend in more with human society. Half-bloods are either naturally born humans that eat mermadic kelp, or one of their parents is a human while the other is a merperson, either half-blood or pure-blood.

For both Pure-Blood and Half-Blood merfolk, the feeling of having a tail never leaves them. For the pure-bloods, this makes walking around with legs feel even more unnatural. All merfolk regardless of gender wear a skirt. The clothing type is the only one that would be functional if they had a tail all the time.

I'll start by sharing my two main sims. These two mermen are the Elemental Twin Mermen, and even if the game doesn't load them as twins they were born in game as twins. I've gone back and forth between giving them a complete outfit and an outfit that is shirtless. I decided to go with a very simple design, and now, all of their outfits are virtually the same as their swimwear. My idea for these two is that they are pure-blood mermen that are most at home in the water and the most out of place on land among humans. They are sims that should appear more often swimming in the ocean, and honestly, what's the point in wearing or owning a shirt if you spend most of your time in the water. They don't need a bunch of heavy clothing slowing them down while they swim.

On the other side of things, this should make it easier for people to include them in their game and pick the outfits they think will work in their worlds.

Dylan and Zephyr are Identical Twins, at least that's the intended design. Dylan is artistic and creative while his brother is a genius and very handy with tools. Both of these twins have in origin that strongly connects them to the islands. Their mother is a former Island Elemental, and their father is a naturally born merman. Their mother was a child of the sea, and their father turned her into a mermaid for a time. The twins were conceived in the waterfall on Mua Pel'Am and raised by mythical beings. They never had a ton of contact with humans and are children of the sea. They posses many abilities including mermadic and elemental powers. Their voices are capable of singing melodies perfectly. Dylan can capture any emotion in his art and aspires to be a musical genius. Zephyr can bring out the full potential of any technology and aspires to learn everything the worlds has to offer.

Their development is still in progress, and I would expect updates as I complete aspirations and acquire new traits.

Dylan and Zephyr

Dylan of the Sea (The Creative)

Zephyr of the Sky (The Genius)

Dylan and Zephyr's father is another Pure-blood merman. He's both a denizen of the sea and has an ancient lineage with a connection to the islands. Calum Zalrian summoned Island Elementals and received judgement from them. Arihi was an Island Elemental Calum grew closest too. They quickly fell in love, got married, and had the twins. Calum and Arihi placed all their power into the Twins in the hopes that they would always maintain the balance of the Islands and keep the peace between the land and sea. Calum had one skill he held onto and that was the ability to capture the essence of life in a book. He used that power to ensure that his sons would have a way back to life should their power attract the wrong attention.

Calum Zalrian (The Island Poet)

The Darkfins
I will likely update them with new traits in the future.

The Darkfin Siblings were punished by the Island Elementals and banished to the dry deserts of Oasis Springs. They are all evil and mean with their own unique negative trait. Despite their pure-blood, their curse from the elementals changed their eye color to grey and marked their faces with scars. Their scars also allow them to take a human form and hide the cursed mark. The Darkfins are deceptively friendly-looking, and they used their looks to deceive and manipulate their prey.

The Darkfins have clothes from their time as merfolk in the sea and their time during banishment when they were forced to blend in with humans. The only merfolk they fear enough to leave the islands for good are Dylan and Zephyr.

Volcana Darkfin (The Child-Hater)(The Eldest Sister)

Quote from Volcana: "I enjoy the tears of children when I break their doll house."

Flaira Darkfin (The Spoiled-Hot-Head)(The Middle Sister)

Quote from Flaira Darkfin: "I always get my way."

Sara Darkfin (The Klepto-Princess)(The Youngest Sister)

Sara Darkfin: "Look at your stuff, isn't it neat. Now my collection is complete."

Nyx Darkfin (The Snobish-Prince)(The Youngest Brother)

Quote from Nyx Darkfin: "My Pardon, I thought you were the staff."

Freddy Darkfin (The Slob)(The Middle Brother)

Quote from Freddy Darkfin: "Shopping carts are obviously not trash cans, but I use them like they are."

Archer Darkfin (Jealous Spy)(The Eldest Brother)

Quote from Archer Darkfin: "I swear. That bug wasn't mine."
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