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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,093 Member
    edited July 2021
    The Island Elemental Twins Index:


    Go Time and The Nooboos

    Kalamainu'u Iona went into labor while getting the mail, and Nui Techron went into labor while taking a bath.


    When Nui and Gui went to the hospital, Gui had the new parent panic.


    But, Gui grabbed his husbands hand, and he was prepared to be as supportive as possible. The two young men mistook Angela Pleasant for being their doctor. She was more than supportive and expressed how she could relate to family struggles.


    Nui went into the lobby and checked in at the front desk. He was incredibly uncomfortable.


    Hours past, and the doctor just stood outside while Nui waited. Eventually, Nui got so tired of waiting that he went into a cleaning frenzy. He did some dirty dishes that were left in sitting around and took out the hospital's trash.


    While doing the dishes, he felt more kicks. His nooboo was ready to enter the world.


    But, he still took out the trash for the hospital. The doctor continued to stand around, ignoring the fact that his patient was cleaning the hospital while in labor.


    Eventually, Nui told his doctor that he needed to leave, and he expressed that he would have the nooboo on his own without his help.


    And so, Nui left the hospital with his husband chasing after him.


    When they got home, Gui had another new-parent panic attack.


    With very little help, Nui gave birth to his daughter.

    (In Gui's defense, he was panicking so much that it made him incapable of thinking about how to help his husband. I was upset to see the doctor just stand around and chat with random townies while Nui went through all of this.)


    Nui named his daughter Pixel.


    Shortly after Pixel was born, Eos Eon was born.


    Kalamainu'u and Nui showed off Pixel and Eos to their fathers once they moved them into their nursery.


    Gui, in particular, was glowing with happiness from the successful birth of their daughter.


    It wasn't long before Harvestfest. Nui was inspired and decided to make a Tofurky dinner. Ever since his little brother became half-fish, the Nui Techron and the Eons became vegetarians.


    While everyone was preoccupied with Harvestfest activities, Kalama checked on her nephew that was crying.

    (This kinda made me nervous because Kalama shooshed Eos, and I know that this can result in a Nooboo not getting cared for because it stops them from crying.)


    (I watched Kalama just in case I needed to intervene, but I let her interact with the Nooboo. I had her selected just in case. What she ended up doing caught me by surprise. She first picked up Eos and rocked him, or bounce.)


    (I quickly checked on the other sims to make sure one of Eos's parents were available to intervene. I kept the camera focused on Kalama, and to my surprise, she figured out what Eos needed on her own and changed his diaper.)


    (To avoid pushing my luck, I had Helios bottle feed Eos.)


    (And I had Gui bottle feed Pixel.)


    (But, and I don't know if it's an Alien Baby thing, but she refused to drink from the bottle. In fact, her needs truly weren't obvious. She didn't have a dirty diaper. She wasn't hungry. However, she was crying.)


    (It turned out that Pixel was crying because she wanted attention. That's right, as a Nooboo, pixel wanted to be the center of attention.)


    Nui, Kalama, and Helios gathered around the grand feast first.

    Helios: "I'm so grateful that you're in my life right now."

    Nui: "I'll always be here for my little bro."

    (It was nice to see the original trio of the Eon household together near the end of their rotation.)


    Eventually, Gui and Kalamainu'u joined them.

    (I woke Kalamainu'u up and Gui was taking care of the Nooboos.)


    Later that night, a couple of the new fathers' woke up in the middle of the night to tend to Pixel and Eos. Poor Nui was still recovering from critical exhaustion after his ordeal giving birth.


    Helios and Kalamainu'u worked together to efficiently meet their needs and their son's. To Kalamainu'u's confusion, Eos did not want his bottle when she tried to feed him. Nui was ecstatic when he finally got Pixel to sleep.

    (Poor Nui, he was passing out between every interaction with Pixel, and Pixel needed her diaper changed, bottle feeding, and attention before she would sleep.)


    Of course, Pixel didn't go to sleep. She just stopped crying.

    (You little night owl you.)


    As an entertainer, Kalama works nights, so she was awake while the parents slept. She decided that this was the perfect time to play in the trash left behind after repairing one of the toilets she, or Kalamainu'u, pranked.


    Kalama took a particular liking to Eos and was very quick to tend to his needs while completely ignoring Pixel.


    Pixel continued to cry from her dirty diaper as Kalama both changed Eos's Diaper and bottle fed him.


    Nui recovered some energy while he slept and tended to pixel.


    Gui was in a living nightmare while he worked on upgrading the kitchen sink.

    (Both Gui and Nui are neat sims that will autonomously clean around the house.)



    I had the new parents travel to some venues during Traveler's Day, a holiday I created to circumvent the holiday decoration bug. Anyways, Nui autonomously mistletoe kissed Gui. I'll probably have to watch these two lovebirds. @Becka28 Nui and Gui remind me of Quin and Rohan in the sense that they will do romantic interactions while I'm not looking, and I half expect that they might even woohoo autonomously with the way they engage in romance with each other.


    Also, part of why the Zalrian Household, Mua Pel'am Pod Household, and the Eon Household are, or will be, full-houses has a lot to do with Alien Pregnancy. Merfolk and Alien hybrids are glitchy if they are natural born, despite half-aliens having a stable merform. I did create Helios by making a Half-Alien and then having him eat Mermadic Kelp. I suspect that Helios having an Alien Pregnancy would result in a bugged sim, and despite his relationship with his siblings and his story being that he's an Alien Merman, the game still treats him like he's a merman.

    For the merfolk households that might encounter Aliens, I want to make Alien Pregnancies impossible. That means, Calden's household will probably end up a Full House too.
  • KyreRoenKyreRoen Posts: 677 Member
    edited September 2021
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    Check out my 'Simming Tips' for detailed tips and tricks (TS4).
  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 1,015 Member
    edited July 2021
    My little monsters (triplets +twins) aged up and immediately started to argue with each other. They've been children for a day, but there's already several hurt and angry sentiments going on. When they are not arguing, they are running around screaming because they are terrified of the haunted house they've lived in since birth. The father keeps running off to swim in the pool, I suspect he is trying to drown himself to escape this mess. Perhaps they should adopt a pet or two?
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  • ironknight35ironknight35 Posts: 3,751 Member
    Jesse finally had her baby and I aged him into a toddler. His name is Shane.

    First time hatching a chick!

    Shane hugging the chick :)
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    edited July 2021
    But I mean, what else would they do first?
    Finished building the monstrosity.

    I changed it like 300x

    This is the third floor, only partially furnished it bc I realised I don't need the rest of it.

    Second floor.
    Dark bedroom is Ezio's, red one is Morgyn's, then > over there we've got the sage dorms.

    Ground floor.
    That wood is not blue it's just the lighting.
    The kitchen is awfully pinkish isn't it lol
    I ended up just coating the greenhouse in floating candles, why not. The original rebuild of magic HQ I used for this save had floating candles in the entryway as a nod to HP.
    Here it's just because I got mad at the spandrels. xD

    Honestly I hate it so I may rebuild it again in Newcrest where you can actually see what colour everything is and move it over later.

    The vampires stayed out here and made friends with each other. Like they're all good friends now.
    Tbh sometimes idk if Caleb's attracted to Ezio, or actually Drake and he just figures he has to charm Ezio first. ( Wouldn't be an incorrect assumption. )

    Synchronised standing!

    Stupid proud of these bookshelves.
    I've got the clutter separated from the bigger mandrake bookshelves, I should toss glowy crystals in there xD

    So unfortunately NPCC broke beyond salvage with the latest patch ( unfortunate bc it was still mostly working for me and I didn't have overloads of generated Sims, it likes to make blue aliens and dark-skinned Sims with Japanese names, like I sorta wish the RNG had a concept of how weird that is ). Thus I've been just copy-pasting my tray Sims onto the ones that generate. So this is my Sim Athena, kicking Darrel's behind.
    He didn't land a single hit on her so it's sort of embarrassing. Lol.
    MCCC has an option to make the game pull from your tray/library instead of just randomly generating Sims, but it doesn't work as well as I hoped it would and I don't want it pulling an Ember.

    Currently working on their house. Like, I know they're supposed to be living in MR right now but it's honestly kind of a pain in practice. Esp if one or more of them needs to go somewhere else, and the more time I spend in MR the more time the game spends generating unnecessary Sims I'm just going to delete later BECAUSE THIS GAME CAN'T FREAKING FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE THE SIMS IT'S ALREADY GENERATED MORE THAN FREAKING ONCE-

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,093 Member
    So, I recreated the Pink Tail Heir in my game, and then, I started changing the outfits of all my Mua Pel'am Heirs.

    The Mua Pel'am Heirs are a product of my own twist on a Legacy that features immortal sims.

    Each merman has a unique tail color and is affiliated with a specific expansion pack.

    Dylan and Zeph already had the Sulani, Merman, and Elemental outfits, so I didn't change them much, but I did change the outfit order. After some experimentation, outfits in the first slot appear to be prioritized while outfits, like the merman and elemental outfits, can lead to random outfits.

    For my Pink Tail, I was going to have him live in Windenburg, but Calden is filling that gameplay role. So, Jack is going to live in Hensford-and-Bagsley.

    My Green Tail will be in Brindleton Bay.

    My Yellow Tail will be in Evergreen Harbor.

    My Red Tail will be in San Myshuno.

    My Purple Tail will be in Mt. Komorebi.

    The White Tail will live in Sulani and follow much of the same Legacy Rules, but because I don't let merfolk die from old age in my game, Lir will be trying to recruit the 7 other heirs within the time frame it takes to produce a new heir.

    His first challenge will be making it through his teens in a rags to riches style challenge, and then, the last rotation will be enjoying everything he accomplished after recruiting the heirs.
  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 1,035 Member
    edited August 2021
    Episode 1

    Conversation Overheard outside Garden Essence
    Jeannie and Travis have a talk.

    JEANNIE: I feel as if I’m totally in the friend zone with every single man I meet. You already have two women chasing you, so you’re definitely a lost cause. (laughs)
    TRAVIS: Wanna trade? I’ve had the “I like you as a friend” talk with nearly every woman I've ever been interested in for most of my life, so at least it’s familiar territory. (sighs)
    JEANNIE: Seriously Travis, you have to make a decision soon, it’s not fair stringing both Summer and Liberty along like this.
    TRAVIS: Hey, can’t I just enjoy it for a bit, I’ve never ever had anything like this happen to me before and I kind of want to bask in the glory for awhile, OK?
    JEANNIE: (sighs) The longer you wait, the more one or both of them will get hurt, and that’s not what you want, is it?
    TRAVIS: Noo, but seriously, I like both of them. Summer’s like the kind of girl who totally ignored me in school and never gave me the time of day. She’s beautiful, plus she’s actually sweet and nice, not a total plum. And Liberty and I have so much in common, we both like the same stuff and we started the Cosplay Club together. She’s sweet and cute and we can talk about anything. There are pros and cons for both of them, so it’s hard to come to any final decision.
    JEANNIE: Oh, for Watchers sake Travis, you cannot weight pros and cons to decide a thing like this, not when it comes to feelings. They’re messy and defy logic, Jeez.
    TRAVIS: Maybe you can’t, but I make all my decisions based on reason, not on romantic notions or the theory there’s some kind of soul mate out there. I’m not a girl, I’m a rational man, see.
    JEANNIE: Oh, I give up, how anyone can think love and relationships can be a rational sort of process is beyond me. That’s all I’m saying about it, you be you then, see where that gets you Travis Scott!
    Jeannie finds her talk with Travis frustrating.

    Conversation Overheard in Liberty Lee’s bedroom at Garden Essence
    Jeannie confesses an indiscretion.

    LIBERTY: OMG, like, you just totally used him? You don’t want to date him or anything? Oh, sorry, that sounded really judgy. I didn’t mean it like that. I’m not trying to s*** shame you or anything.
    JEANNIE: Trust me, I’m ashamed enough for both of us. I’ve never done anything like that before in my whole life. I mean, I was juiced up a bit, sure, and I was celebrating my promotion and all. But, the truth is, the minute I laid eyes on J. Huntington III in that bar, I decided I wanted him in my bed. Not that it was hard work. (laughs)
    LIBERTY: But, surely it was because he came on to you or something?
    JEANNIE: No, I took one look at him and I knew he was like all those boys I remembered from school, handsome, athletic, popular and privileged, the kind that seem to have it all. And just this once I wanted to know what it was like to do the pursuing, to be the one who decides, not to have to wait around till some guy makes his move. Plus, he was wicked hot! That man looked good in and out of his clothes. And he did not disappoint - that’s for sure.
    LIBERTY: Look at you being the modern woman and all and totally in charge of yourself and me setting here waiting on a guy to pick me over Summer Holiday, fat chance. Girls like her always get the guy. It would be so much easier if she was like a total b**** or mean, but she’s not. She’s a good person, even though she’s in that snobby Paragon club, plus, she’s my friend and I won’t do anything to spoil that, not even for the likes of Travis Scott. (sigh)
    JEANNIE: Yes, it would make it soooo much easier if she was a total B, wouldn’t it?
    (both laugh)
    “There’s got to be a morning after…”

    Conversation Overheard at South Square Coffee
    Girl talk outside the club meeting.

    LIBERTY: I swear Jeannie, I didn’t breathe a work, but Travis has been hinting around about you and J. Huntington, they work together it seems. And that place is lousy with single guys.
    JEANNIE: Well, I made my bed, I guess I have to lie in it, so to speak. (chuckles)
    LIBERTY: Still, for a guy who always accuses me and Summer of being gossips, he sure finds out a whole lot of stuff at work, a place, mind you chock full of guys, there’s only like 2 women who even work there.
    JEANNIE: Liberty, it was bound to happen, we don’t live in a big city. People talk and find out things. That’s the way it is in the ‘burbs. I’ll talk to Travis, I guess I didn’t really think about the long-term ramifications of my ‘escapade’, which is not like me at all, by the way. Honestly, apparently I wasn’t really thinking about much of anything that night.
    LIBERTY: Oh, yes you were, but you were only thinking about one thing in particular. Besides, it’s not like Travis wouldn’t do exactly the same thing with the female equivalent of J., if he got half a chance. Men!
    JEANNIE: Well… can’t live with them, can’t live without ‘em either, what you gonna do?
    LIBERTY: Ohh, sometimes I get so frustrated with Travis Scott. He can be the sweetest guy and we can literally talk for hours. Then suddenly something happens and I realize he’s a man, and has all the chauvinistic opinions and attitudes of one too.
    JEANNIE: Most men do, Liberty. Some keep it buried deep inside, but get to know one well enough and – there it is.

    Conversation Overheard in the Kitchen at Garden Essence.
    Jeannie finds Summer a bit intimidating.

    SUMMER: So, any tips for another working girl? I mean, you just got a big promotion at work, while I’m stuck at the same position at a job I’ve had way longer than you.
    JEANNIE: Well, I guess for a long time, work was all I had going on. It’s only lately that I really had any kind of social life here, to be honest.
    SUMMER: Yeah, being focused on my career is not my strong suit. I’ve never been good at stuff like that, I guess. Honestly, most of my life, things just came easily for me. It’s just here lately that I feel like I’m not getting anything I want out of my life.
    JEANNIE: Yoga helps, I mean, it is really good for centering yourself and focusing your mind. I could never go to the gym and work out like you do. I get so bored and feel like I’m just wasting time, you now?
    SUMMER: Seriously, yoga, huh? Maybe I could give it a try. I’ve been a workout junkie all my life. Maybe it’s time I tried something new. And by new I don’t mean a different gym machine or spin class. (laughs)
    JEANNIE: They have classes at the Spa that will help get you started on the right foot. And I could show you some of the beginning routines. There’s a really good one I've mastered for boosting your brain.
    SUMMER: Oh, that’s definitely what I need, I need all the help I can get. I wasn’t that good of a student in school. I was only good at after school activities, cheerleading, prom committee, and spirit squad, things that have no practical applications in life.
    JEANNIE: Well, I think that those kinds of things are useful. They require teamwork and motivating people, those are not bad skills to have in life, Summer.
    SUMMER: Seriously? Thanks Jeannie, I mean, I know you and Liberty are besties and all, but you really are a nice person, I don’t always get along with other women for some reason. But enough about me, what’s this I hear about you having 3 men on the hook, huh?

    @SwanSong93 Bruce and Jordan must have maxed out their fame by now and be the sims equivalents of Brad Pitt, Errol Flynn, and/or Clark Gable, all rolled into one.

    @Keidra Goodness, just looking at that huge mansion made me wonder how long it must have taken, it looks very complicated. I don't build, I don't even try anymore so, I can't even imagine making something as elaborate as that. Also, your sims look wonderful!

    @Becka28 Oh, I feel really bad for Tiger and Ginger. 😢 And, I'm glad you like Jeannie, she immediately struck my fancy too, as did Marcus. I like my sims to be attractive but not too much so.

    @Thrior I've never actually done that Public Enemy Aspiration, or even the Mischief one. I usually cheat away the mischief skill on my sims in fact.

    @DoodlyDoofus @BMSO I don't play but a handful of PC games, so I often have no idea what game your sims originated in. However, even I know Anakin, Mario, Dead Pool and Garrus. You must have a lot of very specialized CC!

    @VentusMatt Oh, I love your sims, great job, they look nice but not over the top, and with a bit of personality in their appearance.

    @mightysprite Yay! I love seeing premades who appear significantly in my current game in other peoples games.

    @ironknight35 This will probably betray my age to everyone, but that first screenshot of the woman feeding the chickens, brought to mind Ava Gabor from Green Acres, in the intro to that show she is feeding the chickens in a silk negligee and marabou feather mules. 🤣

    @Daravi I still have not patched, and today is another, I assume, bug fix one. I usually wait a whole week after a patch. sometimes it takes thaat long for all my mods to be updated or for me to find a replacement.

    @DeafSimmer Yay, Looks like I'm back just in time for a brand new story!

    @Metior_Ice That Nui reminds me of Samyr from my last game, albeit a lot better looking.

    Episode 2
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    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,093 Member
    @sunblond I swear it wasn't intentional, but now that you mention it, I can see a resemblance.
  • DarkAngel1994DarkAngel1994 Posts: 771 Member

    Planned to post this yesterday, but there was a family emergency. My grandpa got in an accident while working something in the garage that involved a saw. :fearful: Took him to the hospital to get his chin and bottom lip stitched up, and now he's alright and recovering well. :)

    Also, today's my birthday. That's pretty much it.

    Chapter Two: Happy Birthday
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    Uhhhh if I remember right, the first one was around 9 hours, second about 6-7, and the last one around 6-7 too. The first one I stopped halfway through it and went back to it the next morning bc I needed to sleep in the middle xD

    Hope your grandpa stays on the mend! And happy birthday c:

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,093 Member
    edited July 2021
    Well, I almost drowned Afu Turei, asking a potential girlfriend out on a date. I have never had to be careful around water with my sims because they are mostly merfolk.

    By the way, has other people encountered issues with Loner Sims requesting dates to places that normally result in the date ending poorly?

    @AlwaysAsking is it normal for Thorne to interject himself into a date between two sims? Asking for a friend.
  • pendragon1980pendragon1980 Posts: 436 Member
    Well unfortunately I am stuck because I ran out of space on my partition on my laptop for Sims 4 with the new update. I did backup my save file so hopefully that is enough and I had to uninstall, make some room and currently a long 2-hour reinstall.
  • pendragon1980pendragon1980 Posts: 436 Member
    Update: apparently the 2-hour download was just the base game not the expansion packs and since I have them all this is going to be a while. 😳
  • ironknight35ironknight35 Posts: 3,751 Member
    sunblond wrote: »
    @ironknight35 This will probably betray my age to everyone, but that first screenshot of the woman feeding the chickens, brought to mind Ava Gabor from Green Acres, in the intro to that show she is feeding the chickens in a silk negligee and marabou feather mules. 🤣

    lol! I'm pretty young, but I really like that show, haha. I might have Jesse move to Del Sol Valley and pursue a career in acting. Shane will probably stay with his dad in Henford. :)
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,403 Member
    Metior_Ice wrote: »
    Well, I almost drowned Afu Turei, asking a potential girlfriend out on a date. I have never had to be careful around water with my sims because they are mostly merfolk.

    By the way, has other people encountered issues with Loner Sims requesting dates to places that normally result in the date ending poorly?

    @AlwaysAsking is it normal for Thorne to interject himself into a date between two sims? Asking for a friend.

    Lol 😆

    Ok, I’m sorry that I can’t really help your “friend” very much because I don’t have a “real” Thorne Bailey. I don’t have Get Famous, so all the things that everyone finds so annoying about him don’t happen in my game. He’s not a paparazzi darling, quirks don’t exist. He’s not a celebrity, so he can’t act entitled.

    So no, I’ve never seen my Thornes (yes - multiple) do anything like that. Plus, I don’t use any mods at all, so I’m not sure if he could. 😆

    However, that said, I’ve watched him in Let’s Plays, and I can imagine that the Thorne that comes with Get Famous could do such a thing. I saw him walk the entire length, from the upstairs corner of the gym, all the way down to the sidewalk on the other side of the gym, to steal the paparazzi that were photographing someone else. And he was walking obnoxiously slow 🤣😂🤣 It was hilarious.

    My Thornes are delightful and sweet. Very devoted to their lovers, stays at their sides most of the time, and only occasionally does something that makes you shake your head at him until you remember that he was cursed with the dastardly trait 😅

    My advice to people who can’t stand him, is strip him of his fame and quirks. You’ll fall in love with him quite rapidly lol

    Btw, Afu will definitely need to be more careful around water, lol. And in what way are your Sims asking others on dates? The regular vanilla way? Or with a mod? Because that could have something to do with the choices for date spots. Idk if it does, but it’s a possibility… I’d think lol

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,091 Member
    Well, after I upgraded the Henford Townies & a couple of Henford Cottages, I put my Prairie Gables in Henford. I upgraded the farm & also gave my Prairie Gables households some new clothes.
    Then I went onto my Futuristic Game Save & really went wild with the new town. Let's just say it has some Giant animals running amuck. Anyone remember "Planet of the Apes". well I have Planet of the Giant Chickens, Bunnies & Fox. Meh, ha, ha, ha. >:)>:):D
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,093 Member
    edited July 2021
    @AlwaysAsking Thorne pretty much interjected himself into the date. No mods. As for the Date, it was his potential girlfriend that asked him out. So, Basically, Thorne interjected himself into the date, his fame attracted a crowd of people, and Afu's date has the loner trait, so basically, she was miserable being surrounded by a bunch of strangers.

    If I was playing Helios, I would have Freeze Rayed Thorne, and if I was playing Dylan or Zeph, I would have wrecked the lot with a torrential thunderstorm, lava bombs, and sing Thorne a Lovely Aegean's Question that would make him tense for hours.

    Sadly, Afu is a normal human that can't control the forces of nature or freeze ray people. It was raining outside, so Afu and his date, with a name I can't pronounce, were stuck inside with him.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,403 Member
    Hey all!

    Once again I’m going to try to pop in and be part of the group again. I see so many new people and that’s super exciting!

    I've decided that I’ll try to do one page of comments when I pop in. Much easier than paging back and forth. So these will be comments from page 884. So if you’ve written something since then, I haven’t seen it yet (except where I got a mention, lol)


    Holy cow! When I started reading your story I had no idea it would go where it went!

    What an imaginative story line! I love it! That’s such a twist, that the intimacy will cause him to lose Mariela so much faster! Wow I hope the relic can be found 😯

    SimDork23 wrote: »
    I started a legacy challenge with my simself & my boyfriend’s simself, lol. We’re currently living in a tent ...

    I really hope that I can keep up with it because I’ve always wanted to complete a legacy challenge!
    Ive never tried one, but I’m always impressed by people who can do it! Good luck! Especially since you’re starting out in a tent, lol


    Wow, Bruce was doing more than flirting! Lol! That was a first kiss. I can see why her boyfriend was mad! Lol but congrats to him for his promotion and nomination!

    @jennieeffin Lol! That’s pretty amazing that your game spawned at owning that good looking. Holy cow

    Soooo, is there going to be a new heir with the new wife? 😆
    For my most recent legacy (I'm on the third generation), I turned on auto aging for all the surrounding families for the first time which killed off a lot of the most well-known townies (your Zests, etc). A lot of funky looking townies have spawned, but there was one game generated townie that was so beautiful that I had my heir chuck his wife, Yuki Behr, and family to move in with her. Quite a swerve.

    Brd709 wrote: »
    Good News, i’ll be Simming again from Friday! I finally bought a replacement gaming laptop today which is due to be with me on Friday. I’m calling this ‘Plumbob’ day!
    Hey! Wonderful news! Are you buying Cottahe Living right away?


    Wow! That is an amazing mansion - palace - Idk what to call it lol. But really detailed and gorgeous. I’m having a hard time thinking of any world where it would fit in easily. But I don’t have Del Sol or Forgotten Hollow, so Idk if it’d work well in those places. Anyway, looks amazing!


    Oh my, your not so berry story has me laughing. Especially the world domination thing! 😅 Grim doesn’t believe it, but Parker Munch does 😅 What is Parker’s ancestry? Tiger sure is nice to Ginger! Good thing. Their mom is a hot mess. Geez 😆

    Grim is who’s father? Tiger himself? In any case it’s nice of him to help bring those grades up! Doesn’t that mean Tiger can leave school and be the controlled character soon?

    Oh man! I Cannot believe what those two did! Holy cow Quin and Rohen. Gluttons for punishment I see 😂 I don’t blame you for laughing at Quin’s discomfort. He deserves it. I just hope Rohen has to put up with something too. Hopefully Quin is whiny and demanding. 😅 I missed a bit of story I see, but perhaps not a ton, because last time I was reading about them they were pining for a baby, and for some odd reason were unable to have one 🤣 Is baby Aoife their first since getting married? And lol at it being all your fault for eating junk food. Lol


    Oh my! Another Sim who’s being romantic with Grim. I saw a Let’s play where someone was able to take him to CAS, and man…. He cleans up gorgeous, lol

    And if I remember correctly the only trait he had was romantic. Figures, right?

    And Lol, I’m glad your Sim was able to achieve a goal on his aspiration.
    Alena? She's doing well.
    The sad thing is she actually got into bed but then got out just to pass out on the floor
    Doesn’t it figure? Sims logic 😆 Pretty funny that she probably put out the fire to save the hamburgers 😅


    Awwww, your story is so sweet! I feel like I know the people in your story well. Especially “you” That’s too bad the cow was put down. But yes, hopefully selling the horses will help with money problems. I know it’s sad to lose the horses you’re attached to, but at least they are going to be ridden! Not as bad as a pig, who is most likely going to be eaten!

    Gui showed him picks of his earlier gig... I don't remember him working on a farm... Gui don't show him your handiwork with crop circles.
    I’m dyin’ 🤣😂😆
    I love the way you did that entire conversation! Such rational explanations. Dang, I should give you some of the lists I’ve gotten. See if you can make sense of them 🤣

    And yes, I do believe the family needs make overs too. Lmao

    Hands were buzzed, mothers were implied to be llamas, forbidden words were shouted, little old ladies were shoved, drinks were thrown, and... nothing. How disappointing. Danny did get the option for a regular fight though so of course I took that. I mean she has a reputation for being violent and I volunteered Danny to challenge her. Turns out Agnes is a level 100 boss. The old bat won.
    Are you honestly surprised? She’s an immortal, apparently, lol. I read that if you remove her from her NPC role in some way she will respawn as her. The cousin does it too. 🤣

    I’ve missed your witty writing! I’m not sure if you’ve been around again lately, but I haven’t been. So it was fun to find this 😅

    @DoodlyDoofus As ever, you have me lmao. Geez, I find myself repeating lines from your stuff at totally random times, and laugh all over again. :D

    Oh! That’s so sweet! I love that you’re integrating old Sims into your story, and that you made a granddaughter for those sweet ol’ guys! She’s very pretty, and looks really nice. I’ve been trying to think of a premade to attach to them as their child. I haven’t decided on anyone yet though. Hmmm, maybe Clara Bjergsen?


    Goodness!! I’ve only played as Miko very sparingly, but I didn’t realize she was that flirty with everyone! Wow, really bad match with Akira 😳

    I do wonder if the two of them will stay broken up though. He regretted it the moment he did it, and now she’s thinking of their good times. It looks like she misses him.

    Oh wow! Thanks for posting pictures of the animals with clothes on. Lol, I keep hearing about them in the game, but hadn’t seen any. They are cute! Did you get them from Michael Bell? I haven’t met him yet.p, but I think that’s something he does. Lol

    As for myself, I've explored Cottage Living a bit. Still haven't done much, I'm a bit lost. But I don't like when premade families have strife, so I immediately did this:


    I locked those two in their bedroom with a level 9 flirty painting and then played as their little boy for a while

    3 more pictures

    It did not take very long for this to happen! Ha


    And there is no strife in their marriage anymore! lmbo


    Then I played as this sweet old couple for a little while


    3 more pictures:
    I have no idea what he's doing, he did this on his own


    The fox was not thrilled with his gift. I think it was a carrot or some other vegetable. That's all he had in his inventory


    But the fox was still willing to sing along with him!


    And then, you'll soon find that me, and my simself, are both obsessed with Thorne Bailey (a not famous version of him, with his natural hair color) She is gaga over him. She autonomously goes to sit down and watch him sleep, lol. She's a dork


    We went out there to hang out at the pub and look around.


    And I discovered there was a place to swim right by the pub!

    1 more picture


    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,093 Member
    edited July 2021
    I know that I'm playing the Turei Household as a Human Islander Family, and my focus for gameplay will be doing whatever whims come to my sims mind and saying yes to all likes and dislikes. However, I do want to see if it's possible to get a whim to eat mermadic kelp. Basically, I'm going to have Afu complete the Beach-Life aspiration, and I think one of the requirements for that Aspiration is to explore the Beach cave. If he finds mermadic kelp, I will only have him eat it if he gets the whim to do so. This will be interesting, and he kinda needs that laidback trait.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,403 Member
    Oh my gosh @sunblond

    Idk how I didn't have you in that other post, because I was going to remark on the crazy timing of me being here just as you start a new story! It looks like it's off to a good start too!

    She's very cute! Were those the traits she came with? Man, townies often have such awful traits, lol

    The new townie man looks good too, you're right. Were you alluding to the fact that you bought Cottage Living by saying he's from a farm in a rural area?

    I vote for him or Salim. Anyone but Akira. Oh my God the jealous Sims get on my last nerve, instantly! lol

    @SwanSong93 Wow, I missed that you had two episodes up. That's fabulous he won the award, and is a Super star now!

    I love the names of the books, lol

    But that text from Lisa had me cracking up!!! Oh my God. Awesome. I hope Erik didn't write it. lol


    Ok, well I'm glad you were playing as a plain old ordinary Sim without super powers. I wouldn't want poor Thorne tortured like that!

    See, you're looking at it from the wrong perspective.... Look at it from his perspective, he was gracing them with his awesome presence! It was quite a compliment to how very awesome your Sim is that the mighty Thorne Bailey *hear thunderous applause here* saw fit to notice him! :D:joy::sweat_smile:

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,093 Member
    edited July 2021


    Ok, well I'm glad you were playing as a plain old ordinary Sim without super powers. I wouldn't want poor Thorne tortured like that!

    See, you're looking at it from the wrong perspective.... Look at it from his perspective, he was gracing them with his awesome presence! It was quite a compliment to how very awesome your Sim is that the mighty Thorne Bailey *hear thunderous applause here* saw fit to notice him! :D:joy::sweat_smile:

    @AlwaysAsking I think the ordinary is out the window. I just accidentally killed Afu with a vicious killer rabbit. :D I was trying to kill another sim that way.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,093 Member
    edited July 2021
    @AlwaysAsking I'm sorry if this double tags you. Anyways, I'm crying while laughing... The idea of a killer rabbit reminded me of Monty Python. I need to take a break and decide if I'm going to continue this household. I know how to turn ghosts back into mortal beings by inviting them into your household. It was an epic Kava party.

    Also, this is a vanilla feature with cheats active. I think Cottage Living comes with a new death. :D:joy::sweat_smile:
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,093 Member
    edited July 2021
    Afu was having a Kava Party with his mother when there was a sudden volcanic eruption. A random townie started screaming at my sims while they were enjoying the party.


    Naturally, when I saw the "kill" option, I wanted to give it a try.


    But, the temptation was too great. The only concern I had was that I did not want to kill my main sim for this household. I made sure the townie was selected.


    Unfortunately, Afu was attacked instead.


    Afu be like: "Why did you do this to me?!"

    His mom be like: "Neat, a rabbit is slaying my son."


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