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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    Did lots of stuff since last update idk. Been busy. Recorded another video for YouTube, just gotta redo the narration bc without a script I ramble aimlessly and pointlessly lol so I've been adding the narration in later.

    I got randomly hit with a thousand dollar medical bill and there's not even an option to pay it in instalments and I'm thinking wow who has 1k just, lying around they can throw at a sudden medical bill?????
    So this prompted spouse bean to put me on her insurance from work, so I've got dental, vision, and medical again starting in August. And that's weird as heck. Hopefully it isn't terrible insurance because she's paying like 500/mo for it, s'freakin ridiculously high. Sigh, I'm too sick and poor to live in this country.

    Okay, so first off, haunted houses really aren't that haunted, wow. Guidry eventually unlocked his jacket in CAS I assume is what that was, raving about how Kendrasim has made it a week in a haunted house, like it's hard or something. Okay...

    Anyway, Kendrasim's almost a virtuoso at this point, and funny enough even at higher skill levels, they still look like they're totally uncertain of what to do with a cauldron.
    Guidry showed up. Turns out Guidry isn't a normal ghost ( neither is Temperance ). So you can't just ambrosia or spell - WOOSH - human. Nope, you have to remove the Guidry ( or Temperance ) trait. The trait makes them ghosts, so they don't have the usual death by x trait that ambrosia ( and the spell and potion ) is made to remove.

    Don't worry, won't break the game, it'll just regenerate another one that looks exactly the same. lol

    Gotta spend some time making friends with the ghosties.
    What works on specters? Only hand-made stuff. Btw, nothing is 100%, it's all completely up to chance. No one thing or another works better than any other thing. You'll have bagels work and then another specter will reject it the next night, it is what it is. Just know your Sim has to have crafted whatever-it-is.
    Two things: 1, offerings work differently for yellow specters. It seems to default to success if the specter is yellow and they also give one of three potential responses. Just notification flavour nothing really cool. ( Pretty much everything is special with yellow ones. ) 2, there's a x2 multiplier for masterpieces for offering success, and a x2 multiplier for offering failure for poor quality creations. Successful offerings +25 to serenity. Failures hit it for 10.
    Btw, if the Sim doing the attempt communication or ask to leave interaction on specters happens to have the Guidry trait for whatever reason... there's a x50 multiplier for specifically him.

    Occasionally checking spiritual serenity is a good idea, I guess. ( Nah. Mostly, I just wanted the floating-chair animation. )

    Tried a new hairstyle. It's cute.

    I didn't keep it. LOL
    Instead I changed faer eyes to a more realistic-looking set, but while it's got the blue faded to brown around the irises colour, it's got too much brown and not enough blue. So I switched to blue faded to green around the irises instead.
    I deliberated over this for like, 2 hours, and I was right, I hardly look at faer eyes anyway.

    Fae got a tan. I guess Sims use coconut oil because my lord fae got real dark real quick.

    Decided to talk to this one. I guess it wasn't very chatty because it rejected that one. After that, things started going downhill so I guess it hit the serenity pretty hard. every specter after that one's been blue.

    Morning clean up! Tbh sometimes it's hard to tell these things are here lol

    Temperance *Thought*.
    ( Two ways to get rid of her: either summon Bonehilda, gigs are broken so idk if summoning her on a normal haunted house lot will get her after Temperance properly or not but she won't do it on gigs ), or put down a bizarre idol. It'll flame up like this, she'll cower for a few minutes, and then just leave. )

    I miss Cecily tbh. Also I didn't want complications happening with Morgyn and or Ezio existing in the same save as Kendrasim, so the sages are the Eisenstern Charmed Ones sisters. But I may put Morgyn and Ezio in this save as Kendrasim's sons. They Are both my dorky son. ( As are Soren and Callum from The Dragon Prince, and Riftan Calypse from Under the Oak Tree. )
    I mean, when The Sims gets boring, have a kid I guess.

    Spent some time in magic realm buying wands and practicing magic trying to get that last spell for the aspiration but game said no.

    Rebuild Kendrasim's house. Btw fae lives in Glimmerbrook now. Lol had a brief hop to Evergreen Harbour and then I wanted a haunted house which can't be an apartment ofc, so moved to Glimmerbrook. ( Always do come back here. )

    Anyway, this shell at least is the first one I don't hate in a very long time.

    3 floors, really just 2 + a mage tower.

    The exterior is fantastic, and Yes I was actually trying to take up as many Simoleons doing this build as possible, and like, it's 200k, I managed to do a 200k 1bd house but, it's still not enough. Blegh.

    ( I was trying to make the bills really high bc fae makes too much money idk what to do with it all... but the bills are only 8k. !!! how. Legitimately how I don't understand. )

    On the plus side, managed to catch the Sims Sessions before it goes. That's nice.
    I had to make a new save to do it bc I can't seem to get it to trigger in Simself save, idk. If anyone's doing it I guess it's my Simself but tbf the pictures I got can be used freely bc none of them have Kendrasim in them. Lol

    Well, fae did do a selfie but it's solo.
    Anyway here's the photo haul. I got a LOAD more than this but these were the ones I really liked and wanted on the walls.

    Btw, livestreaming tips:
    - You get a very small amount of tips from it early on, it doesn't start going up really until like... well, idk exactly, I think it was around 500k fans.
    - Every time you livestream you get 1,200 followers ( social media ). The number of fans ( which raises your donation numbers ) goes up randomly but you can kind of influence it.
    - If you win a game tournament ( doesn't seem to need to be the game you stream ) first before streaming, you'll earn exponentially more fans after streaming.
    - Focused moodlet doesn't matter for streaming but it does help game tournaments.
    - Game tournaments: there's a hidden stat that decays over time which tracks how recently you've played a specific video game. The more you play it, the better at it you are, ofc. So, pick a game and focus on it, play just that one game ( not too much ofc ). Focused and confident moods are also useful for winning. You will still occasionally come in second/third and or lose randomly even following this advice.
    - Once it goes over 1m fans you'll be making around 1-3k per livestreaming session.
    - Don't stream too long at once, your Sim will get tense. xD

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,077 Member
    So, the Eon Rotation has come to an end, and I'll be sharing the concert update for the Zalrians first.

    Note to self: Don't let Dylan play the Etude of Egress when he wants to play for a crowd. At least I know that Dylan can play a song that will mind control a crowd of sims to leave a lot. I assume that his other piper abilities would be just as effective on a crowd.

    @Keidra Have you ever tried to play a Carol of Cleaning during Crazy Town?
  • explodingtardis10explodingtardis10 Posts: 5 New Member
    I'm a relatively new Sims 4 player. I started playing when Sims 3 had already come out. I actually lost access to my base + five expansions soon after getting Generations and Seasons and couldn't get my password back because it was attached to my dad's work email from several jobs ago. I had to rebuy a few of the packs I had years later. Finally switched to Sims 4 a month ago when it was majorly discounted.
    Anyway, today I played around with the Zombie Apocalypse mod for a bit. Random people show up at the corner on my lot all the time for no reason I can figure out so I turned the five of them into zombies while my game was paused. My gorgeous fairy, Emerald, called Jill Valentine on the radio and I assigned a member of the paparazzi the Nemesis trait. I had gone through and given my three members of my household the autonomous shoot at zombies and all the necessary things before spawning Nemesis. Then, immediately, one of my Sims died. I proceeded to exit the game, take it out of my Mods folder and then go back to Sims 4.
    Then I decided to break up with Don Lothario and do some very zen painting. My other Sim that isn't my Simself, Rainbow, decided to swim in the miniscule pond I put in the backyard and Emerald decided to build the rocket ship I had neglected near it then went behind the bar and started mixing drinks. I forgot to mention that the entire time my Simself, Jill, and Emerald were shooting at zombies, Rainbow was ON THE COMPUTER completely not bothered that we were being killed in the kitchen a floor below. Then again, her career is a comedian. She probably thought it was hilarious. Then I bred some frogs and stole harvestables from my neighbor and got inspired in the shower. End of gameplay for now. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Happy Simming.
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    Absolutely not, I'm daring, not completely bonkers lol
    ( actually believe it or not my day to day gameplay is Quite Boring... )

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,618 Member
    @Keidra Do you mean that when you have a sim livestream playing a video game, you get tips coming in as well as new followers? I did this with Penny Pizzazz quite a bit when she was high up in the social media career, and she always got 700,000 new followers per livestreaming session even if it was just a few minutes long, but never saw any tips.
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,174 Member
    Anakin and Blanca took some time to properly say goodbye to Noodles, who was struck down in the prime of his life.
    Anakin: "Alright, let's switch places and you can say something nice about Noodles."
    Blanca: "Anakin, this is serious. This is more than just Noodles."
    Anakin: "You're right, this is serious. Let me sit down as well and we'll continue this conversation."
    Anakin: "Noodles was a shining source of inspiration to us all."
    Blanca: "Don't you care about the fact that everyone we know and love might be dead as well?!"
    Anakin: "Curses Blanca, this is Noodles's moment! Let him have his time to shine!"

    Time for some exposition!
    Oh snap everyone, looks like Anakin's Grandma Octavia and Great-Grandma Luna have survived Nuclear Armageddon!
    Anakin: "Wow, nice to see there are more survivors. How did you guys survive the blast?"
    Luna: "Now that's an interesting question. Octavia and I were in the Magic Realm when it went down, we teleported directly to your fallout shelter when we realized something went wrong!"
    Anakin: "I see, you guys must've realized that impending doom was coming and hid in the Magic Realm for safety. Very clever."
    Octavia: "Actually we were just going there to get some magic groceries. Pure luck that we went there at the right time."
    Luna: "Thanks, was trying to make us look cooler by making him think we could see this stuff happening before it happens."
    Anakin: "So do you know who else survived?"
    Luna: "Not a clue, we're witches, not gods........Yet."
    Anakin: "Here, I'll just call up my dad and see if he's okay."
    Grim on the Phone: "Hi, I can't come to the phone right now because I see a nuclear warhead falling through the sky-OH GOD IT BURNS! WHY!?! WHY?!!?!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!"
    Anakin: "Well Dad's dead."
    Octavia: "Well I'll summon your Grandpa, surely the Reaper of Souls will be able to confirm who died or not."
    Grim: "Holy cow guys, I was just chilling out in San Myshuno grabbing myself a frozen yogurt when suddenly a nuke gets dropped on the city!"
    Grim: "Next thing I know, everyone around me is screaming and dying and all I could think was 'Aw man, I'll be here all day reaping these souls'."
    Grim: "Wait, why are you guys looking at me like that?"
    Octavia: "Looks like you died too, sweetie."
    Grim: "OH COME ON! I've been alive since the beginning of time! How can I be dead?!"
    Anakin: "I guess even the Grim Reaper can't survive a Nuke."
    Octavia: "Well I guess I'll see you later.....Well not really since I'm immortal. But I'll visit you and the kids wherever you end up from here."
    But first, Octavia wants to try something.
    Yeah! It's so gross and romantic!
    Luna: "Well, I think it's time to leave. Have fun you two."
    Anakin: "You can't leave us, what are we supposed to do?!"
    Luna: "You literally have an entire fallout shelter free from radiation. Just like, survive and repopulate the world with your wife."
    Anakin: "By Golly, you're right!"
    Luna: "Now if you excuse me, Octavia and I have a Magic Realm to conquer."
    Boy there's a lot of corpses out there.
    Gotta lock up the shelter and begin their new life underground.
    Boy does Anakin look happy or what?
    Anakin: "Well babe, we're locked in this Fallout shelter all by ourselves. What should we do first?"
    I think Anakin meant something along the lines of Sex, but Blanca had the right idea by planting crops so they can survive.
    Anakin: "Can't believe we're going to have an avocado tree! We're going to be rich!"
    Blanca: "How can we be rich if all of society has been scraped off the face of the Earth?"
    Anakin: "Good point."
    Oh yeah, they're going to have fresh laundry in the apocalypse.
    A shame that they never got fresh laundry BEFORE the apocalypse, but hey, it's never too late to start.
    You know, the people who built this place were pretty smart for adding a hottub.
    Because sexy times, yes.
    Thought they could shed a few pounds in the gym down here. I mean honestly, who do they have to impress anymore? But still, might as well look nice.
    Then Blanca decided to test herself on the rock climbing wall.
    Keyword, Test. She didn't last long.
    Oh and here comes Luna, just casually jogging around in the wasteland.
    Nice to see she is mindful of the tombstones. Must be nice being an immortal witch.
    Anakin: "Wanna watch some TV?"
    Blanca: "If society has been wiped out then I don't think Cable is exactly a thing anymore."
    Anakin: "You're right. This is a glaring design flaw."
    At least the Arcade machine works!
    Blanca: "Who knew the end of the world can be so much fun!"

    Well time to say goodbye to..........All the Sims that were lost in the End of the World. Boy this is a lot
    Not doing a regular memorial like I typically do since so many Sims are dead. So instead we'll do a quick driveby memorial of all the Sims that have appeared in my game that were surprisingly still alive....until last night. Here, it's appropriate to listen to this song while reading this.
    Igor Ibbotson
    Hela Ibbotson
    Kala Ibbotson/Bailey
    Rainn Bailey
    The Many Vampire children that Gunnar conceived with this woman.
    The Many Vampire children that Gunnar conceived with THIS woman.
    Whoever this kid grew up to be.
    This Vampire Mailwoman and the Many Vampire children that Gunnar Conceived.
    Gunnar's Illegitimate Child #8
    Gunnar's Illegitimate Child #9
    Jax Bailey
    Rosalie Bailey/Straud (Seriously, Vlad got HER? That man was something else)
    Jami Bailey
    The Grim Reaper
    Grom Reaper
    Gil Reaper
    Alvetta Reaper
    Raven Reaper
    Sarai Reaper (Seriously, sucks to be her. This is her SECOND time dying. Except this time it's permanent.)
    Grim Reaper Jr
    Hunter Zavala-Reaper (And her kids)
    Casey Zavala-Reaper (And HER kids)
    Grim's One Night Stand.
    This Mailwoman
    This Actor that clearly wasn't paid enough to deal with Grim.
    Dave Reaper
    Eden Reaper
    Blanca's dad.
    This Burglar
    Jewel and Samara Reaper
    The Salesman
    This Secret Service Agent who was clearly enjoying his last moments on Earth.
    They may be gone, but not forgotten.....They better not be forgotten, it took forever to kill all these Sims.
  • MagicKaitBallMagicKaitBall Posts: 21 Member
    So today I randomly decided to take a break from my 100 baby challenge because I wanted to make a new household and start a legacy on short lifespan. Which is actually insane but I saw lilsimsie doing it and I was like "Yes that's something I should try"

    Anyway, so far I've made my matriarch sim and I am TRYING to woo someone to love and start the family with. I downloaded wonderful whims that way I could have some attraction preferences in the game and see who she liked, rather than choosing myself. We started flirting with Cameron Fletcher at the concert on day 1, and the next day he asked us on a date. Well the date went TERRIBLY and I lost all of the romance I had with him, so I guess I'm gonna be moving in on someone else next time.

    I may have given my sim a job as an actress if I had get famous, but I don't, so I chose the next best thing, a Teacher... lol. I know there is a performer career but I really would have rather had her use the singing skill rather than an instrument skill. It doesn't matter too much right now anyway, she's a cheerful sim so I think teacher suites her well (and Get Famous is probably next on my list of expansions, whenever there's a sale again)
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    Yep, you should be getting something like this going on

    What matters with gaming livestreams is NOT FOLLOWERS. It is FANS. Careful because they are not the same thing and are easy to mix up.

    UNLESS you are in the social media career, you won't get a lot of these, and that's fine because you don't need them for actual gaming.

    What you care about is these.

    For the social media career, you're not in it for the money, or the fans, you're in it for the social media followers, so influencers gain a huge amount of followers but not fans.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,618 Member
    @Keidra hmm I always get the first notification, but I don't think I've ever seen the second. Does it perhaps come with the Get Famous pack? (which I don't have) Or does being in the social media career disable it in some way?
  • logionlogion Posts: 4,704 Member
    I did a dream home decorator gig for the tinker family. Tina had dislikes French Country Décor.

    If you have seen their house and checked what style their furniture is, basically everything in their house is French Country Décor so I thought that was pretty funny, a subtle way for her to tell my interior designer that she hated her own house. :D


    She was pretty happy after the renovation.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,077 Member
    edited July 2021
    Keidra wrote: »
    Absolutely not, I'm daring, not completely bonkers lol
    ( actually believe it or not my day to day gameplay is Quite Boring... )

    @Keidra Why is it bonkers to play a song that can literally manipulate entire crowds of sims into getting energized and going into a cleaning frenzy in a house where 100s of sims possibly left a mess... Oh wait... I see the problem now, I think.

    Yeah, that energized moodlet is pretty powerful and might mess up their needs. Maybe you could also play the song that puts everyone to sleep?

    Edit to avoid spamming: I think the fact that Piper Songs highjack sim behaviors might be too much for a scenario where sim behaviors break down from their sheer numbers.... I can only imagine the insanity, and I've seen what a 100 sims in a household looks like from GreyStillPlays videos.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,077 Member
    I thought I would add this detail, now that I think about it. The Carol of Cleaning does actually work pretty well when it comes to roommates at a University cleaning up the dorms, but because they get the energized moodlet, it also makes them autonomously start to exercise...
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    This is the livestreaming functionality for the tech guru career, so it's base game. The social media career was added in CL and haphazardly tossed onto it because EAxis apparently couldn't add a different function for livestreaming and it literally could've just been a text override to call it livestreaming... idk, vlogs or something. -EYE ROLL-
    But yeah the social media career's livestreaming operates differently. If you want this specific livestreaming you'll either need a livestreaming unlocker mod ( which defaults to the tech guru career's functionality because it came first ), or to switch to the tech guru career, specifically the gamer branch.

    ( Note, the income from livestreaming is notably higher than it is for me. Part of the unlocker mod I made for it curbs the occurrence of livestreaming donations. By default they're every second. As an idea of what a difference this is, Kendrasim has over 1m fans and at this level will earn ~8k in an hour of streaming. The income adjuster curbs it to around 600-1k. I also disabled EL influence points from being awarded every second or two, Kendrasim racked up ~10k influence points just livestreaming for a few days. )

    Well that'd either be really boring or really stressful and idk which lol
    Though idk what the range on those is, and CT is like a bunch of ants, they're everywhere, so who knows how many it'd realistically even effect... almost want to try it now For Science, but I'm too tired. xD

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,077 Member
    @Keidra Go for it when you have the energy! I'd want to see that insanity to be honest, For Science!
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    edited July 2021
    And now for an actual update...
    Kendrasim still doesn't seem to mind that fae keeps breaking dishes lol

    I took a random side-track because the game keeps generating aliens and I cleaned out a bunch of generated Sims ( I REALLY hate NPC generation seriously, you have plenty of Sims, just pick one ), and for funsies I added more of my own Sims into the save.

    One of which is this lovely lady. Her name's Kaelyn, and I may need to change her name because it's very similar to Kaylie, another of my Sims lol ( any suggestions? She rolled creative, cheerful, and mean ) but anyway, believe it or not, the game generated her. I tweaked a little and added makeup and such but the base was a randomised NPC.

    Currently I've got Kendrasim in Granite Falls ( first time ever really spending any time in this world, I've had the pack since it released but never did anything with it ), catching bugs. Lemme tell you the percent chances of me purposely catching stink bugs: 0. I'm not squeamish, I just don't like bugs. ( Entomophobia. Yeah. Lol )

    Faer maxed spellcasting. Still needs another spell to finish this stage of the aspiration ( might be the end of it? Idr tbh ), but I basically spent all night CC shopping bc that's what I do when I get stressed out.

    At least I'm not spending real money I guess? LOL ... well, okay, technically... I do pay some CC creators... and had a TSR sub, I don't think I still do.
    I love this hat I just don't have any outfits it'd fit LOL
    ( Also Kendrasim looks good in locs )

    Also I was talking to some other Simmers and we were like, there aren't enough every day outfit slots for how many we really need. It'd be really cool if it wasn't like, 5 per category and that's that, and it was more minimum of 1 per category, but the max is cumulative. So if you only have one per category besides every day that's like 32 extra every day slots. Imagine!!! The possibilities!!!!!!

    Kendrasim's lookbook atm if anyone was curious lol
    CC out the backside.

    And this is Ciaran. He's meant to be Japanese-Pakistani-Irish. ( Yeah, weird combo, I know lol ) Was made by a friend of mine and I just tweaked him a little. Lil cute.

    Rue updated hair for the new colours, so I swapped Kendrasim to Ember hair. I've been slowly updating my hairs as they get the new swatches, but it's a slow-going process. And, naturally, Kendrasim's hairstyle keeps changing every time I update them. lol
    This one's actually pretty darn accurate after I've had a shower. lol I mean I'm not currently blond, BUT, it gets wavy like that. And then a day or two later my hair's done that Mexican thing, overproduced hair oil, weighted itself down and it straightens out.

    But for a bit my hair's some weird fusion of Morgyn's and Hermione Granger's.
    Mostly Hermione tbh.

    ( I'm convinced Hermione's Mexican. )

    This is what happens when you hang around specters that are in a good mood. lol it's a playful moodlet.

    We're honestly just here bc I've never been here longer than it took to take some screencaps, so it was a Big Whim. Kendrasim's reading the info and stuff to Try Not To Get Lost.

    ( I don't think it works that way, but it's interesting. )

    Found a wild Freya.

    Like REALLY wild.

    Got lucky and found a dragon dragonfly.

    ALSO found a Cecily.

    And then located the way to the Hermit.
    Hermit generated and was Kinda Cute {tm} so I fixed her.

    I've been trying to find the dust spirits, but so far no luck. I'll get there eventually. Probably. But we did find a lot of herbalism plants and whatnot so that's neat. Kendrasim's maxed herbalism already.

    Well I've been up all night, so I'm gonna..... go eat. Lol

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 240 Member
    edited July 2021
    Reality Kings Season 5: Episode 10

    Bruce was set to do a TV shoot with Ava and Cherie. In the past, Bruce also "messed around" with Cherie in the waterfall in Sulani. The three of them had lunch together in Feng Myshuno Restaurant with the director.

    Show spoiler to see whom Bruce WooHooed with after the lunch meeting.
    Bruce and Ava left together and went to the vacant lot near Bruce's house. They saw a pile of leaves, and Bruce got a naughty idea with it. The two of them WooHooed together, and they were seen by a passerby. Bruce's father, who was busy fishing nearby, did not notice them WooHooing. Bruce burned the pile of leaves after they were done.

    In the morning of the TV shoot, Bruce celebrated the Harvestfest with his father.

    Show spoiler to see what happened before, during, and after the TV shoot.
    Bruce now has the ability to teleport while levitating. He dressed into his doctor costume without changing his hairstyle. Sophie was also in the studio. Because he heard from Dane how mean she is, Bruce mocked her before telling the director he's ready.

    Bruce performed well with his solo scenes as well as his scenes with Ava (medic?) and Cherie (patient). Bruce got gold for this shoot and got promoted to "Sitcom Star."

    After the shoot, Bruce pranked Sophie. This caused his reputation to become Atrocious.

    Show spoiler to see who attended the second and last Sims Sessions.
    Bruce was among the early birds in the last Sims Sessions. Puma and Keiran was able to save their marriage after the incident involving Bruce. The first performer already started, and Puma saw Bruce. She just couldn't resist his charm for cougars, so she kissed him without caring about how her husband would react (Of course, he got mad again).

    The second performer already arrived and started performing. However, the crowd's attention was diverted to the fight between Bruce and Keiran (which Bruce won). Puma continued flirting with Bruce which further enraged her husband who slapped her twice in response. The couple divorced, and Keiran declared Bruce as his enemy.

    It was the third performer's turn, and the commotion was still not done. Bruce and Keiran had another fight (and Bruce won again). Keiran left afterwards, and then the crowd enjoyed the rest of the session.

    Jordan had some coffee in Hare and Hedgehog Cafe, and he saw Britney with her husband Marshall and a toddler. Jordan thought it was the couple's child. Britney saw Jordan and approached him. She revealed to him (Share Secret interaction) that the toddler is his daughter. Marshall was busy building a snowpal with his stepdaughter (of course, he's not aware that he's not the father), so he did not hear what Britney said to Jordan. Marshall saw Jordan too and greeted him in a friendly manner. Jordan also met his new (third) child. Now, what Jordan know is that he already has two children because he doesn't know that he's the father of Lisa's youngest daughter Julia.

    -To be continued-

    Season 1 Episodes
    Season 2 Episodes
    Season 3 Episodes
    Season 4 Episodes
    Current Season's Episodes
    Episode 1
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  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,618 Member
    edited July 2021
    I forgot to post this one last time so it's here now... Jesminder's most frequent mood: flirty/angry :D

    And now, Salim Benali. Who was happily working on his laptop at night in the plaza by the food stands, as usual. But then 2:00AM rolled around... and the tables disappeared! Including his laptop!
    Salim decided to sell the clunky old word processor that he'd received when he got promoted at work, and bought a new laptop, but still. Fortunately his work on the screenplay "Night in the Spice District" wasn't lost.

    Salim went up to his apartment and looked at the dirty dishes. And the flies in the kitchen. And the mice. And the sparking utility box. And the dripping pipes. And there was an odd smell of who knows what coming from near the pipes.

    And he decided it was time for a vacation.
    So he took Tanvi and Sai to this charming spot in Brindleton Bay right near the beach. (This is "a very tiny cottage" by camisimming, from the gallery, with some tweaks by me on account of packs I didn't have. I put in the pool; the original has a sweet little garden in that spot.)

    Swings were swung

    Llamas were woken

    Sweet words were shared in the garden

    Romantic walks were taken

    Lazy floating was had

    Salim decided he kinda liked cooking after all. Even though he took so long preparing meals that people kept giving up and getting leftovers rather than wait for whatever he was making.
    (Can I just say HOW MUCH BETTER this is than the cooking bug!! I am so happy to be able to take unplayed sims on vacation)

    Sai got scared in a thunderstorm, so Salim distracted them with an adventure story. Stories are magic sometimes :)

    Salim even worked a little while bonding with Sai and Tanvi. He finished "Night in the Spice District" on vacation and published it to surprisingly good royalties.

    Tanvi sang on the beach, a lot. She's pretty terrible at it but it brings her such joy
    And while they were on the beach one morning, a mysterious call came...

    Salim was excited to collect the money! But there was a catch...

    Hmm... maybe this is the extra nudge our lazy Salim needed?

    Salim invited Tanvi out to dinner to ask her the very important question. Another summer storm blew up. As they waited for their table, a conga line of screaming people came running in like something out of "Thriller"
    But they still enjoyed their romantic meal

    And even though they kept getting interrupted by screaming individuals

    they laughed about it, and she said Yes.

    They came home from vacation and combined households immediately. Tanvi is very messy and her clothing and makeup situation dominates the bedroom. Salim just needs a corner to work in (and he still has a plaza outside to work in, although NOT right at 2am anymore.)

    Sai is hot-headed. I gave them Fury the red dragon to take out their hostility on before school. See, now they are having happy thoughts about the school bus, all ready to go.

    Their lifestyles combine well

    Yay, Salim escaped his apartment where everything breaks!
    Boo, everything breaks here too!

    I hope that you all, now or in the future, have someone who looks at you like this when you part in the morning <3

    You're really best friends when one of you can draw in the other's bedroom, while the other is asleep.

    Sai and Billie are kind of an odd couple friendship, but whatever, they both have the social butterfly aspiration and they seem to dig each other. Sai had a little romantic moment at school, too; the new girl slipped them a love note and they figured out who it was and said an awkward "thank you"! What do you think, will Salim be giving them love advice later on in life?

    Speaking of aspirations, Tanvi turned out to have Public Enemy. Usually I like to roll with random game events, and I did get partway to thinking about some sort of criminal enterprise she'd resorted to in order to make ends meet as an unemployed single mom... but I just don't think going out and getting into fights works with this character. She has Renaissance Sim now instead. I think she's kind of flailing a little and looking for a new direction now that the modeling part of her life is over. She is sort of into singing, sort of into flower arranging, and sort of into gardening right now. (There is one hopeful little rose bush by the living room window.)

    The best friends at the spice festival!

    Tanvi won the spicy curry challenge. Salim didn't.

    No one has any hard feelings.

    And Myshuno Court had its first wedding!! Tanvi shows us her best bridezilla walk

    Salim recited original poetry

    Absolutely no one sat down, even though they walked between the benches, so obviously there was no routing issue


    And a great party!

    The caterer made no cake, just 5 yogurt parfaits!

    Salim whipped up a cake and they enjoyed it together.

    And Sai was a little mischievous in the fountain.

    Salim would like to keep his name Benali, and Tanvi wants to keep Savalani as a link to her modeling career, even if it is over. Sai doesn't want to change their name either. Tanvi said to Salim, "Well, this one can be Savalani, and then the new one can be Benali, if you like."
    "The new one?"
    "That's right."
    "...Oh! The new one!"

    Salim was so happy that he went right to work finishing up his romance novel "Bawdy Language." It's an instant bestseller!
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,174 Member
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    Several weeks of Post Apocalyptic Life later! So of course Anakin and Blanca are going to pass the time by bowling.
    Blanca: "Where did you get that glove?"
    Anakin: "I maxed the Bowling Skill. Now, I'm the best....Too bad I didn't get this good until everyone else died....But still."
    Anakin: "I didn't even think that was possible! This is awesome!"
    Blanca: "Well I'll have you know, I got better as well."
    Gutter Ball
    Blanca: "I'm the worst bowler ever!"
    So Blanca decided to make them some lunch.
    Anakin: "Watch out, here comes the Bowling King."
    There, it's like a family dinner because Noodles is there....In spirit.
    Blanca: "Boy it's going to suck when we're stuck with nothing but vegetables to eat."
    Anakin: "You said it."
    So got that Vanity table and decided to have Blanca use it.
    Blanca: "Ha ha, this isn't my style at all."
    Anakin: "I'm going to pretend this bag is President Nukemall."
    Anakin: "Oh yeah put em up put em up."
    Anakin: "You can't hit what you cannot see."
    Anakin: "Float like a butterfly and stings like when I pee."
    Oh looks like some of the victims of Armageddon came out to have a conversation.
    Blue Ghost: "You guys die painlessly?"
    Green Ghost: "Oh yeah, I never even knew we were getting nuked until I realized I didn't have a body anymore."
    Red Ghost: "Not me, I was in my basement. Survived the initial blast but the radiation poisoning got to me."
    There's no Cable, but at least there's video games!
    Don't worry, Blanca will play with her new invisible controller.
    Anakin: "Seems like an awful place to put a basketball hoop."
    Blanca: "Oh shut it, we both know you're just scared you might lose."
    Blanca I swear if you miss this shot from this distance you are a complete failure.
    Are you kidding me?
    Blanca: "I'm the worst basketball player ever!"
    Anakin: "Alright, my turn!"
    Anakin: "Kobe!"
    Hey he did Kobe proud!
    At least Blanca's a good sport.
    Blanca continues to work on her rock climbing ability.
    Blanca: "Can't tell if I look better, but I sure feel better!"
    So of course to pass more time, they decided to play cards.
    Blanca: "Where are your cards?"
    Anakin: "Silly Blanca, I only use invisible cards now."
    Anakin: "Huh, this was a terrible idea."
    Also, Anakin decided to give Blanca a lightsaber because......?
    This is also a terrible idea!
    Anakin: "Ha ha but seriously, watch where you swing that thing."
    So it was time for Husband Wife lightsaber training!
    Anakin: "Wow, you're a natural already Blanca!"
    Anakin: "Gosh darn it, the training droid shot me again."
    So of course since Blanca has had one lesson, it's time for her to have a duel with a man trained by a master Sith Lord since he was 5 years old!
    Oh that's a good strike from Blanca.
    Anakin: "Now just be careful, I don't want my face to get all sliced up like my Dad's."
    4 minutes later.
    Anakin: "Wow, thought you would've scarred my face instead."
    Blanca: "Hey, I think I look good like this."
    Several months of Post Apocalyptic Life later! Anakin and Blanca have spent so much time just exercising that they're getting a little too good.
    Anakin: "I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!"
    Anakin: "Gave him the Ol' Razzle Dazzle."
    Blanca: "Wow, I didn't think my body could do this anyways!"
    Also decided to have Blanca go try out some different outfits. She won't be keeping them, but still, this scene should have 'Girls just wanna have fun' playing in the background.
    Blanca: "Oh, this dress is nice. The gun also brings the outfit together."
    Blanca: "Too bad Simstagram is gone!"
    Outfit Number 2.
    Blanca: "Well this is appropriating someone else's culture. Should change out of this now."
    Then Blanca and Anakin decided to play some Beer I mean Juice! Juice Pong.
    Anakin: "Well the joke's on you, I can hammer these things down like I went to college!"
    Anakin: "And I clearly didn't go to college because if I did we wouldn't have been living above a bowling alley for so long!"
    One game of Juice Pong later.
    Blanca: "Well looks like I win, I didn't even have to drink a single cup. You gonna be okay?"
    Anakin: "Shhhhut up, I'm fine."
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,868 Member
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    Wow - this thread moves so fast - have some time away and it just zooms off!
    I can't even find half the posts or comments I wanted to reply to. I am sooo behind on all the stories.

    @Thrior one of fyour posrs really touched me - it had your vampire hugging an elder he loved. It reminded me of a Good Chills Studio machinima on youtube called Sims 4 Cursed Love story. It gave me the same happy sad mood your screenshot did (I would reference the page your image was on but it is like findig a needle in a haystack at this stage).

    SO having enjoyed Dream Home Decorator am back to my happy good place - the REAL Quin and Rohan.
    previous post

    Because it was so long ago - quick reminder They finished their honeymoon in Mt Komorebi. Quin was sad as he hadn't gotten pregnant. I set MCC to auto try for baby (asker gets acceptor pregnant) - this way I don't have to decide whether to or not LOL - and at the end of last post Rohan asked Quin to try for a baby.
    Which they enthusiastically did
    And it worked
    Quin went to tell Rohan
    I love how Rohan is acting like this was totally unexpected when this was totally his fault

    Happy parents
    Of course Rohan is pleased...
    Their only other child together: their daugter Lucia was rushed through as part of the 100 babies challenge
    so they will enjoy this one
    They stood there staring at each other and making happy noises for a while.
    I like it when their moodlets confirm what I think I am seeing
    Rohan is proud of his handiwork.
    Quin went outside to backfloat
    The pregnant belly - which popped really quickly because Quin is utrafit (seems to be opposite to what you would expect) makes me laugh when he backfloats.
    I also apologise because Quin discovered that speedos are the ultimate pregnancy outfit and I gave up making him change outfits as he would just change back again - so lots of nearly naked pregnant Quin!

    First trimester
    Quin couldn't wait to share his good news with family (and his followers)
    Rohan also had family to tell
    Rohan often jumped on board the "why should we wear real clothes?" trend
    I was worried for a moment that I would be going to have double pregnancy happening but they calmed down - thank heavens
    Romantic date to celebrate (thankfully they decided to wear clothes in public)

    Beowoof :)
    There is no privcy with Beowoof around - since Quin has had way over 30 children he is pretty chill about things like this
    Morning sickness hit pretty quickly
    so Quin decided to continue teaching Beowoof to fetch (which Beowoof hates) to distract himself
    If you don't remember, Beowoof's traits are stubborn and disobedient (yes - he is the dog my sims chose NOT me) - so Beowoof pretends he doesn't understand what to do - even though he has done this many times with Quin before. He looks at the ball then at Quin and gets the question mark thought bubble. He is a little terror.
    Pregnancy hormones hit Quin badly - normally he is so cheerful when playing with Beowoof.
    Beowoof realises he has pushed his luck and rushes to get the ball....
    Some comfort from Rohan

    They are too cute

    Just a short update for these two because I have been doing quite a bit of building and sims sessions etc...
    I was redoing and playtesting an old build for a challenge when ....
    This sim died from poisoned pufferfish - Grimm is looking confused because he collected her from this lot, this time last year, when she died from poisoned pufferfish.
    I thought it was all gone but I was wrong .... OOOPS
    Thankfully, she is a single mother and Grimm took pity on her son - he didn't want to orphan him a second time and brought her back.
    She is a very busy build sim - last time she met this guy and had triplets which didn't even fit in the build and spawned on the grass (and then she died within 12 hours LOL)

    I was also making a sim for a challenge so needed some screenshots - so I needed Quin and Anton (Rohan would have hated this job as it involveed a party which he despises due to his lone wolf trait....
    These two are also just too cute
    I caught ANton standing around with this goofy happy look on his face - why?
    He was watching Quin sleep -awwww
    I can't really blame him
    SO The party was a Pride pool party and the usual LGBTQI+ crew were there
    Izzy said something to ANton who got very sad and began to walk out - Izzy can be like that
    You can see Quin up at the bar. I worry that Diego is checking out Anton's backside.
    I sent Quin to "Try to cheer up"
    Quin ignored me and cheered Anton up the with the interaction he knew would work LOL
    And they rejoined the party - the sim in the hat was who I was using for the challenge and the reason for the party
    Sergio (who is definately Bi) was enamoured with this sim - look at his body language LOL
    All in all, it was a successful party and I got my screenshots and my sim did not fall for Sergio - thank heavens.

  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,651 Member
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    Just like last time where I found some time to play, I had such a good time today. My vet is almost ready to study biology, now that her brother (who I played today) just finished his engineering degree. He got a couple of lifestyles (techie, loving the single life, and the friends one) but, ironically, he met one of those sims at uni that your sims just vibe with, you know? Like they're just perfect together. From the first convo they had I thought hmm these two are fun together. He gets sentiments from her all.the.time. while most of my Sims never do, not even from their family members. So obvs he'll take her on a skiing trip since they just graduated and the single life thingie will be over soon <3

    I know it all sounds very boring probably lol and I don't even have any screenshots but I had the best time. Now on to getting Jill her degree so she can move to Henley, while he brother stays in the parents' home to start his own family (and build lots of robots!)
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
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    Today's YouTube video posted right on time like it should, seems the HD version is still processing but it should be watchable!

    After some dragging the energy bar up, Kendrasim caught two will-o-wisps. Then all that was left was the elusive dust spirit!
    I did find it though!!!!! This was in the forest/park thing, not the deep woods where the hermit is.

    So I marked here where we found it, but you can see where Kendrasim's standing I think. It was still there at 5am, but I believe it spawns in at the same time the will-o-wisp does ( 3am game time ).

    Doing really good on the insect collection!!!

    Changed hairstyles again, as you do. This one's the default short curly from ROM with okruee's accessory bangs. Honestly, I love those things.

    A Poly Proposition
    So this is another save I've been playing to test out Lumpinou's open love life mod? Apparently it works to enable polyam relationships in the game beyond just disabling jealousy, like it's got gameplay value and whatnot, so I decided to test it out and see if it'd meet my needs and if I, as a polyam person, liked it.
    I just threw a house down on Umbrage Manor ( this is peacemkaer's Hawthorne... house I think it is? it's a haunted house lol idk I really like haunted houses now )
    I only made one of these Sims and that's only kind of, the game did most of the work.
    So left to right we've got Olive Yang ( one of okruee's Sims, heeella cute Sim ), Carmen Rodrigues ( everyone that did suggest a name suggested Carmen, so I went with it lol idk for some reason red = Carmen... she looks kind of Asian in CAS but in the game she looks Hispanic IMO ), and Don Lothario ( okruee's makeover + my own ).

    I just threw them together to test the mod in a low-stakes situation, like if these three don't work out it doesn't matter to me but turns out they're pretty fond of each other. Carmen started flirting first, with Olive, and then eventually Don got in there. As he does.

    Honestly I get a weird joy watching Judith Ward run away in fear.

    Donnie's gotta make food for his ladies. Cause yeah.

    I changed Olive's shirt, idk I think she's really cute so I wanted to make her a little less frumpy-looking. Honestly she's got some MAD k/c-pop vibes and it gets even worse without the bangs. Ooooh my gosh I'm pretty sure I've seen actual idols that looked like her.

    I've never seen Octavia in the wild so that was cool. The specter scared her off tho. xD

    These three continue to get along really well.

    So my thoughts on the OLL mod are
    that it's a really solid start, but it does show that it wasn't made by a polyam person, some of the flavour text and mechanics are notably, but subtly, biased, there's a mild judgey undertone to some of it. The indifferent setting ( doesn't prefer either exclusive or non-exclusive ) should actually be indifferent, but they can enthuse and complain about relationship arrangements. Like if you say you don't care either way and then complain, hon, you do care. Just own it. It's also like being able to swing either way and not having a hard preference one way or another doesn't mean that the person in question is actually indifferent, that's the wrong word. It also doesn't mean they're not involved or care about their own love life.
    I also found the implications that non-mono people love less deeply or less truly, or something, kind of offensive. The indifferent preference refers to exclusive-preferenced Sims as "clingy" and non-exclusive-preferenced Sims as "distant," and that's just not how that works, it's more complicated than that. There's flavour text in there that treats it as if a non-exclusive relationship can't be a serious one or "go" anywhere, whatever that even means, and I found that kind of offensive too. I also think your Sims are either "exclusive" or "non-exclusive" and it seems to be that "exclusive" is mono and "non-exclusive" is non-mono, but poly and non-exclusive are not always inherently inclusive of one another. My poly is actually a closed triad, ergo I have two partners, but we're exclusive with each other and not open to adding anyone new to the poly.
    I also think if indifferent is actually meant to be a middle-of-the-road option, they should accept either arrangement they're presented with, not have a 50/50 chance. Realistically their answer would depend on the person and the situation and what they need from a relationship at that time, but in the Sims that's more complexity than it can handle lol so just going with whatever's clever is probably easiest here while also being more true to the actual meaning of being middle-of-the-road.
    I think ideally it might have four instead of three, so prefers exclusive, prefers non-exclusive, doesn't really have a preference either way and thus can handle either one or both, and also "I really don't Know what I want because I've never thought about it and or don't understand what poly actually means."
    There's also a flavour text in some of the moodlets that imply the Sim agreed to a poly arrangement for fear of the poly Sim leaving them, and while I get that happens in reality it's... frustrating and bothers me in a way I can't really put to words, idk. I guess maybe it's Too realistic? Or it's like If you Do have a Problem with it just say so, we're not all so immature. Idk. Idk what I'm feeling here or why.

    Anyways, overall, aside from some really minor things, this mod's really good as far as a poly mod goes, and so far I haven't had any issues with the poly members flirting with each other in a conversation all together and having it turn awkward, which was the reason I stopped playing polys. I had Drake-Ezio-Cassandra, all in a poly triad dating each other, then Caleb tacked onto the end there to just Ezio. Caleb is... Caleb, and went on a flirt spree so they got the tone really high, and then Cassandra joined the conversation, started flirting with Ezio. But because the tone was awkward instantly because Caleb and Ezio had raised the tone to steamy, and she and Ezio's romance wasn't high enough, he started rejecting her romantic advances, which caused their bar to start going down. That REALLY made me mad. Really. A lot. I was so mad about that.
    It started doing it in the Draziandra-Libergyn save too, so I stopped playing that save as well and I haven't played a poly since. Sigh.
    BUT, so far Cardonive don't seem to be having that problem, they had the awkward tone pop up once but it immediately went away and didn't hurt anything, so I think it was a glitch.

    Bonus, I cleaned out my tray bc it'd gotten so much Stuff in it the tray and gallery both started glitching out. While doing that, I found ... probably my third Sim in TS4 ever, she was made in 2017. I gave her a makeover.
    Her name's ( really, that's censored? I feel sorry for everyone whose actual name is that... ) we'll call her Iset bc it's another of the goddess' names, Ahmad, and she's MTF and a vampire. c:
    ( Egyptology/linguistics side-track, I do believe Iset is the closest Anglicisation for her name from its original Egyptian hieroglyphics. All the Egyptian gods' names that we commonly know are actually the Greek name used for them, not the original Egyptian. Aset is also used sometimes too. We get ꜣst from its original, originally Anglicised as rusat and a few other variations. Nowadays it's normally Iset or Aset. )

    Happy Simming!
    Post edited by Keidra on

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,077 Member
    I've started going through my screenshots, and I noticed a few things:

    1. Elementals are relentless with how they pass judgement. I can't play with the Child of the Islands trait because I have too many Elementals that B-line straight for the Pre-mades with that trait the second they appear on the lot to pass judgement. Like, why is it so hard for the children of the islands to do island stuff so they aren't denied their connection. Not a single Child of the Islands gets a good judgement unless I play them.

    2. The merfolk 🧜🏼‍♀️ 🧜🏼‍♂️ attire has resulted in an interesting observation, and I admit that I kinda planned for this.

    Merfolk, in their occult attire, wear about as much as they would wear if they were in their natural form with a fish tail in the water. For a lot of merfolk, in particular the mermen, this isn't a lot to wear. So, the game generates random outfits I never gave my sims. So, they aren't showing up on lots shirtless or with minimal clothing. To be fair, the accessories and clothing for merfolk to wear in the water is exceptionally limited to begin with.

    Anyways, it is becoming harder to identify which sims are merfolk because my mermen and mermaids aren't wearing anything that I recognize. With recent updates, the outfits don't actually look bad.
  • ThriorThrior Posts: 612 Member
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    @Becka28 Quin and Rohan are really cute. Also, thank you. Really interesting to hear that (gotta check out that machinima you mentioned.) I believe you're talking about this one.
    Thrior wrote: »
    It kind of made me feel sad/happy too cuz I originally really wanted to go through the life cycle but then seeing them snuggled on the couch like that... I'm not actually sure if I want to let her die of old age anymore =P. This whole situation somehow endeared them to me more than ever before and now I'm conflicted.

    In the meantime though, he's giving her a lot of back massages :)

    @Daephene Aww I really wanted to believe some ceremonies could happen without sims randomly napping but you're right, vampire weddings are kind of a late night affair. Alexander seems pretty hilarious in my game too so hearing that somehow seems totally in-character :D . And yeah, I'm really enjoying Axel's 🐸🐸🐸🐸 feud with Grimmy as well. He keeps messing up too (gotta love risky vampire feeding mod) so they have pretty regular meetings. It's not gonna go any further than flirting as long as Axel has something to say about it but it's still hilarious.

    Grimmy: "We keep meeting like this. You must really like my company <3"
    Axel: "Oh, go soak your hood!"

    He trash talked Santa Claus (a.k.a Clement) for science and the end result really cracks me up because I'm just imagining the meeting between the two.


    Trent and Vlad adopted a kid.
    Trent: "Hi welcome to the family... and don't mind the smoke, it's just me burning my *** off."

    They are totally going to have a biological kid later but I'm just interested in how much of a pain this arrangement will be because they both have a hissing problem and fail at interacting with mortals.


    Haven't really been paying attention to the BFF household so Axel decided to stop by for a quick snack.
    Apparently MCCC storyprogression can cause some interesting situations. Good luck trying to reach your kid.

    Ok fine! He can teleport so he'll take care of it.

    He looks... mildly annoyed :D.
    Probably thinking how the last time he hunted here he ended up putting out a fire and now he's sorting out their baby problems. 

    Let's just do what we came to do and- sheesh, the other one too?

    Oh well, might as well since Don is too busy "napping"...

    ... while the others are having a freak out. (They react to vampire shenanigans thanks to a mod).
    I guess their conflicted feelings about Axel shall live on strong.

    Later, I went out to check out their family tree (and aged them up) because I was interested of their relations.
    So apparently one of the kids is an offspring of Don and Nina but stayed with Don while Don is married to Summer.
    (Also, as seen earlier, Axel accidentally killed Nina's current husband Malcolm Langraab. Oops.)
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,651 Member
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    OMG when did they introduce this???? So sims can now be told by other sims that they have a crush on them? And when you say yes ok I'll go on a date with you, they DONT IMMEDIATELY get yanked out of whatever activity they were doing? WHAT? I love this.

    I swear there are so many QoL updates I totally missed hearing about. The game has been so much fun to play these past 2 days!!

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