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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,130 Member
    BlueR0se wrote: »
    For those of you who use imgur, do you have to post images publicly to get the link for your image to be able to show it on the forum? They give two options, post hidden or public (and something about just grabbing the link? idk) and I don't know the difference and it is confusing me.

    I just want the link I need where I can put it in the [img][/img] code for it to show up on the forums. I tried using a few I could find and they wouldn't work so I'm assuming those aren't it.

    @BlueR0se I use the hidden option. After you have uploaded the picture you able to click on them and choose the link you need. For this forum I use the BBCode, which contains already the [img][/img].
  • KyreRoenKyreRoen Posts: 677 Member
    edited September 2021
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    Check out my 'Simming Tips' for detailed tips and tricks (TS4).
  • SimDork23SimDork23 Posts: 524 Member
    I started a legacy challenge with my simself & my boyfriend’s simself, lol. We’re currently living in a tent ...

    I really hope that I can keep up with it because I’ve always wanted to complete a legacy challenge!
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,174 Member
    Darrell and Anakin were continuing their conversation when Sonya showed up and demanded that they watch her do the robot.
    Dang, she is good.
    Well Tex finished that wooden dragon carving that he was working on.
    But now that Tex has contributed to the group, he needs a bath.
    Tex: "Well shoot, I sure hope they don't bite."
    And so Tex sinks to the bottom of the pond as the mutated koi fish feast on his flesh.
    Ghost: "Oh snap, we got a new friend!"
    Anakin: "Wow, this Mutant Steak is to die for! What did I miss?"
    Luna: "Why do people always die when I come over?!"
    Chief Manslaughter: "No, not Tex! He was my favorite!"
    Blanca: "Tex was the only one I actually liked here."
    Anakin: "Standing right here, babe."
    And so what little was left of Tex was buried with the rest of the corpses.
    Sonya: "I'll dance on his grave later. I actually liked that guy."
    Well that was a lousy day. Time for everyone to go to bed and forget it ever happened.
    That next morning when Blanca woke up....
    Blanca: "Boy I feel great!"
    Blanca: "No wait, I feel nauseous."
    That day, Anakin realized something.....Being shirtless in the apocalypse is cool and all......But sunburn....You can't see it, but he can FEEL IT.
    Anakin: "Now listen here Chief! At first it was cool flexing my awesome muscles on everyone. But that's until I realized we live in the middle of the desert where it's always Summer!"
    Anakin: "Give me your shirt because you have the coolest shirt here!"
    Manslaughter: "You want my shirt? If you want it you'll have to take it off my cold dead body!"
    Anakin: "Wow I didn't think you'd actually stand up for yourself like this."
    Manslaughter: "I'll see you in the Murder Cage."
    Anakin: "I'll aim for your head because I don't want to damage the shirt."
    Man, Anakin is ready to kill a man for a shirt. How far he has fallen.
    Anakin: "This will be the end of you."
    Manslaughter: "You will never win!!!!"
    Blanca: "Hey guys great news! We found more shirts just like the Chief's!"
    Anakin: "Wait what?"
    12 minutes later.
    Anakin: "Sorry about that new scar on your face, Chief."
    Manslaughter: "Meh, I'm okay with it. Not like I haven't already done enough damage to my face."
    Anakin: "But at least I have a cool new shirt."
    Manslaughter: "And I see you're wearing Tex's hat."
    Anakin: "Yeah, fished it out from the pond. It'll be a nice way to pay tribute to the wonderful Cowboy Cyborg."
    Manslaughter: "Man, it's going to take forever to find someone to replace Tex. How will we ever find anyone as quirky as Tex?"
    Mario: "Mama Mia, it's a Me! Mario!"
    Anakin: "He's perfect!"
    Blanca: "Hey Sonya, play me something nice while I lounge."
    Sonya: "No problem."
    First thing Anakin did with Mario was hang out on the swingset.
    Okay, NOW Sonya can dance on Tex's grave.
    Darrell decided to try out his comedy skills with that microphone in the rec room.
    Jack: "You suck!"
    Manslaughter: "Anakin, we really need you to train Mario."
    Anakin: "Elaborate."
    Manslaughter: "Just look at him, he's not even wearing boxing gloves."
    Anakin: "WHAT?!"
    Anakin: "In my Camp we wear boxing gloves when we work the punching bag!"
    Later that night at dinner.
    Manslaughter: "Well Mario I just gotta say, it's an honor to meet you. Big fan, big fan."
    Mario: "Oh it's always nice to meet a fan."
    Manslaughter: "Super Mario Bros for the Wii U blew chunks though."
    Manslaughter: "So tell us, what happened to Luigi and Princess Peach?"
    Mario: "Those monsters kidnapped Peach and.....Luigi, that poor guy, they ripped him apart right in front of me."
    Anakin: "Of course they take the Princess though."
    After dinner, Sonya met up with Mario.
    Sonya: "Hey Mario, I'll be your Princess."
    Mario: "Oh Mama Mia!"
    Behold, the only man that's allowed to touch Sonya there. She's a BIG fan of the Mario franchise.
    Mario: "Wah HOOOOO!"
  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 240 Member
    edited July 2021
    Reality Kings Season 5: Episode 12

    It was Bruce's first time in Mt. Komorebi. He was accompanied by his father for a short vacation. They attended the Festival of Light together upon arrival.

    Show spoiler to see what happened to the rest of their vacation.
    They went to their lodging in Yukimatsu after the festival. They slept in separate rooms.

    The following morning, they had brunch in the Ito's restaurant. Bruce was having a hard time using chopsticks.

    After eating, Bruce tried skiing and rock climbing while his father was sightseeing in Wakabamori.


    In was New Year's Eve. After rock climbing, Bruce met up with his father in the Sutefani Onsen bathhouse. Before relaxing in the hotsprings, they watched Countdown to Midnight together.


    On the second day of the year, Bruce had a TV shoot so he had to be back from vacation. He spent the morning building up his confidence.

    Show spoiler to see how Bruce's shoot went.
    His co-stars were Lisa and his enemy Keiran. It was Bruce's first time to work with both of them. The director was Lisa's current boyfriend.

    Bruce did well in his scenes with both of his co-stars. He even had the audacity to flirt with Lisa even when he knew her boyfriend was watching. After the shoot, he got gold and promotion from "Sitcom Star" to "Rising Star." For the first time, he was nominated for an award.


    Bruce continued flirting with Lisa even after the shoot.

    Enraged, her boyfriend (the director) attacked Bruce who lost the fight. In the process, Bruce gained another enemy.

    -To be continued-

    Season 1 Episodes
    Season 2 Episodes
    Season 3 Episodes
    Season 4 Episodes
    Current Season's Episodes
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
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    Episode 10
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  • jennieeffinjennieeffin Posts: 182 Member
    For my most recent legacy (I'm on the third generation), I turned on auto aging for all the surrounding families for the first time which killed off a lot of the most well-known townies (your Zests, etc). A lot of funky looking townies have spawned, but there was one game generated townie that was so beautiful that I had my heir chuck his wife, Yuki Behr, and family to move in with her. Quite a swerve.
  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 1,938 Member
    Good News, i’ll be Simming again from Friday! I finally bought a replacement gaming laptop today which is due to be with me on Friday. I’m calling this ‘Plumbob’ day!
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
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    I built another one. This one was intended to be the Eisensterns', realistically they're French-Viking ( Norman ) so their "home" architectural style is probably closer to gothic, but man it sticks out like a sore thumb in Mt. Komorebi. And it doesn't really fit in anywhere else. Thus I unfortunately am unlikely to use it. But I did record building this one, so that'll be this Friday's YouTube video probably.

    I guess I could do a smaller, more countryside-gothic church, but. Eh. This one's also over a million. Architectural details and sculptures: fastest way to make your Sim's house cost a bajillion trillion dollars. :D

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,868 Member
    @KyreRoen wow - your story was captovating. wasn't expecting all the twists and turns - I love stories like that where souls travel back and forth. Can't wait to hear more!

    @SimDork23 good luck with the legacy. I tried may times before my first one really got going - I found paying on shhort lifespan makes the generations go quickly so you get used to sims dying and new sims taking their place - then I was ableto handle a legacy on normal. I try to combne other challenges with each generation to keep my interest.

    @Keidra just love that house. You have incredible patience to decorate it so intircately. A countryside gothis church sounds lovely. I guess thats why the majority of my builds are ultra modern as they are so plain and sparsely decorated - suits my lazy tendancies nicely.

    Not so Berry: Orange Generation Tiger's Story
    previous update

    Life wasn't easy for Tiger - it was bad enogh that his mother used his bedroom as her personal greenhouse, walkin robe, and a hook up place but then she managed to kill someone in it (ith the woohoo of course - RIP Mathias)

    His expression is priceless

    His closest bond is with his little brother Ginger
    I love how he looks at Ginger - no wonder Tiger got enraged when Mirabelle nearly had Ginger taken by social services.

    Mirabelle and Tiger
    Tiger was used to Mirabelle dragging multiple boyfriends into the house but he was really angry to find she now picking up random strangers and bringing them home.
    He had plenty to say to Mirabelle about her behaviour
    Mirabelle wasn't going to take criticism or be shamed for her lifestyle especially not from her son. Mirabelle told Tiger he was boring and straitlaced like his father.
    Tiger left his mother to do whatever it was she cared to do, he had important things to do - when he walked past later he was surprised to see she had suffered a bladder accident and her date had left in disgust
    He couldn't resist the chance to mock her
    To his surprise Mirabelle didn't fight back and a small part of Tiger felt bad that he had hurt his mother
    Now we saw this part of the story from Mirabelle's point of view before but there was a huge part of the story that Mirabelle left out,,,,

    What Mirabelle didn't say....
    Earlier that evening, Tiger was planning world domination and baking (his 2 favourite things)
    It was Ginger's birthday. Tiger had to deal with social services trying to steal his little brother (on his birthday of all days) - and then see his mother hadn't even remembered it was a special day for Ginger but had brought home a stranger to party with instead
    He yelled at his mother who would not change her ways.
    Tiger hid his feelings and tried to make the evening special or Ginger
    Poor Ginger still noticed his mother didn't care about his birthday and was having a date instead. Tiger felt so sad for him. Ginger's Dad had never really got over being caught in bed with Mirabelle by Larry so he never really connected with Ginger either. Luckily there was Tiger to care for him.
    Tiger entertained Ginger with stories of how they would live together when Tiger was old enough to leave home and how they would have so much fun and be criminal masterminds and never worry about their mother again.
    Ginger knew that this probably would never happen but Tiger made it sound so good that he got lost in the story and totally forgot about being sad that his mother didn't care.

    Random Tiger things
    Tiger is somewhat dramatic so he belonged to drama club. Here he is after the classes annual performance which was apparently a raging success due to both Tiger's costuming suggestions and his daring interpretation of the leading role. He even won an award His 3 brothers were all there to see him as was Larry but Mirabelle was a no show. Tiger was disappointed as he still beleived she really did love him.
    Thankfully Ginger made Tiger forget most of his misery
    A lot of kids find their mother's boyfriends take an interest in them - not everyone has Grim help them to do their homework and listen to their teenage angst though.
    Even Grim can't explain why Mirabelle doesn't seem to connect with her kids
    and he is not willing to believe that Tiger is a criminal mastermind
    Anyway thanks to Grim's help Tiger is now an A student and so Tiger helps his brothers get As too.
    Tiger loves air guitar and heavy metal.
    but he can do some dorky dancing too
    Tiger and Belle are still dating but Belle does not want to go steady and gets annoyed when Tiger keeps asking her.
    Tiger charms Belle into calming down

    Tiger stands up for Mirabelle
    Parker Munch refused Mirabelle's marriage proposal in a very harsh way. ALthough. Tiger yells at his mother - he doesn't put up with other people doing so. Especially not wimpy little Parker.
    Come at me bro
    Parker may be the only sim so far who just possibly believes that Tiger could be a criminal mastermind
    Get your skinny little backside out of our house and leave my mother alone
    Parker wanted to know what Tiger was going to do about it...
    and Tiger showed him (gaining a new enemy).

    San Myshuno is a dangerous place
    RIP random service NPC
    The lady next door (whose husband is trying to have an affair with Mirabelle and is having one with Mirabelle's sister) seems to be losing it. She stands out there crying, playing with her llama and occasionally tallking to herself. I don't blame her personally!
  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 1,035 Member
    edited August 2021

    So, I redid all my Mods and CC, primarily I wanted to get all new hair, ones with all the new swatches, and it seemed like a good time to do everything else too. Then I made a new save file, a template, if you will, that has all my favorite lots and lot fixes and edited premades, so I can just start a new game without having to do any editing.
    Anyway, I had a random townie that popped up in my last game that I took a fancy to and I decided to use her as my played sim for a new game.
    For this game, I had some ‘guidelines’, as before, I wanted my played sim to befriend and/or marry a premade or marry a random townie as a back up, if a premade marriage didn’t pan out. So that I could eventually have two families I played that could, as generations followed marry into each other, hopefully.
    I’m in the habit of taking screenshots now, thanks to sharing my last game with you in this thread. And, as her story progressed, well, I missed sharing it with you. With that being said, I present: The Random Townie Tale.


    Meet Jeannie Pruitt, a random townie from my last game, she’s a young adult sim, her traits are Childish, Perfectionist, and Bookworm. She has the Super Parent Aspiration, and her hobbies are Yoga and Karaoke. Jeannie is currently employed in the Education Career and she lives at the Crick Cabana lot in Willow Creek.

    Our story thus far (mostly) in pictures
    Shortly after moving to Willow Creek, Jeannie quickly becomes friends with her neighbors the BFF household.

    She and Liberty grow especially close, perhaps due, in part, to the fact that they both belong to the book club, Avant Gardes.


    Jeannie meets Marcus Rowan (another random townie), who has recently moved to the city. Marcus grew up on a farm in a rural area. The two of them have “sparks”.

    She finds Salim Benali, also a member of Avant Gardes, very “interesting”.

    Jeannie meets a co-worker of Travis’, Akira Kibo, who shares her interest in Yoga and Karaoke.

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    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
  • ThriorThrior Posts: 612 Member
    edited July 2021
    @Metior_Ice I'm super late answering but thanks. I'm certainly having a lot of fun playing him.
    @Becka28 Mirabelle's life was certainly interesting, she's so chaotic. Also, I find Camden a really charming elder.

    Just some random Homeless challenge things though nothing that interesting has happened.
    Harper and her daughter Alena have both hit another life-stage.

    Harper spent embarrassingly long amount of time in this cafe trying to distract sims and steal their orders.
    Alas, it appears the game doesn't allow me to do that (even though I could swear townies have previously stolen from my sims). 

    She then proceeded to cheer herself up by arguing with everyone.
    Axel is her new least favorite person because she just can't win an argument with him.
    (She starts an argument every time she sees him and it's always been a loss or the no-winners scenario. I wonder if certain skills/traits help with this, or is it completely random and she's just unlucky.)

    She's on great terms with Vlad too btw. She lost despite her brand new vampire beating stick.

    Oh would you look at that. Harper actually doing something good for a change. Though I bet she was more concerned about the hamburgers.

    Alena? She's doing well.
    The sad thing is she actually got into bed but then got out just to pass out on the floor.
  • SimDork23SimDork23 Posts: 524 Member
    edited July 2021
    @Becka28 Thanks! I think the farthest that I’ve gotten in a legacy challenge is generation three, LOL, so hopefully I can make this one last. I love all of your updates & pictures from the Not So Berry challenge!
  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 240 Member
    edited July 2021
    Reality Kings Season 5: Episode 13

    The Star Accolades event was held in the new lounge in Brindleton Bay (CTTO). (I renamed it as "Grand Accolades Hall" in my game.)
    Bruce, Dane, and Erik were among the early birds.

    Show spoiler to see if Bruce won an award.
    Yes, he won his first acting award!

    Bruce co-starred with Nina (Marcus Flex's ex-wife; now married to the ex-husband of the National Leader; now a 3-star celebrity) and Lisa (again) in a TV shoot. The director was the same director who directed Bruce's last shoot (and became Bruce's enemy). Apparently, Lisa and that director was still dating despite what happened. Nina got promoted from "Sitcom Star" to "Rising Star" after the shoot.

    Dane co-starred with the newbie actress named Kagney (a 1-star celebrity) in a TV shoot. She got promoted to "Guest Star" after the shoot.

    Erik was also in the studio. After Dane's shoot, Erik practiced some scenes with him in preparation for his upcoming movie shoot with Judith and Deauxma. Erik met there Capri (a 1-star celebrity; "Guest Star) who was Bruce's co-star in his first gig. Erik did an enchanting introduction to her.

    Erik finished writing another novel (entitled "Vampire Babes I") in the room in Reality Kings nightclub exclusive for his club's members. The following morning, he submitted it to the Literary Digest. He also sent "Lovely Necks" to a publisher. It was Love Day, and Erik did a prank to Lisa's director boyfriend.

    Erik invited Capri to Villa Bovine (now owned by the Goths) for Love Day date. It was Erik's first date since he and Kendra divorced. During the date, he received a text message from Lisa.

    It was Erik's movie shoot the following day. Show spoiler to see how it went.
    Erik changed into costume without changing his hairstyle. The stylist was not paying attention to the mirror, so he didn't notice Erik has no reflection. Erik rehearsed with Judith and Deauxma before telling the director he's ready.

    He did well in all of his scenes. He got gold (as usual) for this gig, and he got promoted from "Seasoned Thespian" to "Superstar."

    -To be continued-

    Season 1 Episodes
    Season 2 Episodes
    Season 3 Episodes
    Season 4 Episodes
    Current Season's Episodes
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
    Episode 9
    Episode 10
    Episode 11
    Episode 12
  • ThriorThrior Posts: 612 Member
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    I'm trying to fill this aspiration with Abel and... oh snap.
    I guess it's time for him to hang around with his dad if he wants an easy way to fulfill this.

    So I actually made him join the household (for a while).
    Abel: "So I need to see death and I hear you have a drinking problem. Mind if I tag along till the next time you screw up?"
    Axel: "... sure. But don't come crying to me because you didn't realize what you were wishing for."

    I do love the timing of this animation because it makes it seem like he's so happy about this bizarre father-son bonding time.

    Abel: "NOOO WHYYYYYY? I don't even know this person but MAKE IT STOP!"
    Axel: "My son is an idiot and I'm an even bigger idiot for agreeing to this. So would you mind?"

    Axel seems so done with everything.

    Abel: "Ugh, why did I wail like that? Must regain my masculinity!"
    *goes autonomously punching innocent plushies cuz that's what real men do lol*

    He of course must introduce himself to Grimmy.
    Abel: "So hey, you two must be on rather good terms since you did what he asked?"

    Abel: "I guess that answers that."
    Hah, I don't even know which one started it since they did this autonomously. 

    Abel apparently decides it's safer to just listen through the door.

    Also, he just said "Hello" to Grimmy and they are already friends. (I guess he sneakily got good reputation though I've no idea how.)
    Unfortunately they did not get to interact more since Grimmy booked it fast this time. Didn't even try to flirt with Axel like usual XD.

    But hey, he got the 🐸🐸🐸🐸 thing!
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,077 Member
    The Island Elemental Twins Index:


    The 2nd Trimester and Gui's Second Gig

    Nui woke up with a sweet tooth. He couldn't stop thinking about cake.


    Nui decided to catch up on the news while using the bathroom. This helped him get focused for the day.


    Gui decided to make the family Eggs and Toast for breakfast, but he's not the family cook. Surprisingly, Kalama is the one that can cook. She decided to eat her fruit salad for breakfast.


    Gui struggled with the eggs.

    Gui: "Why... Are... These... Sticking... to the pan!"


    Nui started to watch the kids channel to prepare for what he expected to see often.

    Nui's thoughts: "I'm an Alien and this is more than alien to me. It makes no sense?!"

    Nui felt another kick from the baby, and he felt like he needed to eat soon.


    Iona felt her back ache and morning sickness. She held back the urge to throw up.


    When Nui went for breakfast, I started to see the third trimester pregnancy. Time seemed to be flying by.


    Gui and Helios made the alien secret handshake during breakfast.

    (I'm wondering if Helios's Son will have the Alien Heritage quirks like his father. He'll only be 1/4 Alien, so I am debating on how his appearance will be. Eos will definitely fall into the small category of merfolk that are disconnected from the Pod in the World of Sulani, and he will not have any merfolk occult attire. I don't think Alien Attire will work for him either. His skin tone will likely be the same as his mother's.)


    Some random townies moved into a house next to the Goths. Because Alexander Goth will likely be Ember Zalrian's Love interest and get his own rotation, I may need to fix the appearance of this family.

    Gui was happy to redecorate their house for them. First, he went over their interests and hoped to do better than his last gig.


    Gui decided to talk to the father first.



    Gui showed him picks of his earlier gig... I don't remember him working on a farm... Gui don't show him your handiwork with crop circles.


    Gui pulled out some color strips.

    Gui: "So, which color is your favorite?"

    Mr. Townie: "I like the color green, but I hate the color yellow."



    Random townie: "Prints would be too much, especially yellow cheetah print."

    Gui: "I can see how that wouldn't look good, if not a tad creepy for a guy with a daughter that inherited his unfor... I mean awesome hair style, and a wife and son."


    Random townie: "What did you say abou... Never mind. Here's why I like the color green. It reminds me of the earth. I'm a fan of nature and photography."


    Random townie's thoughts: "And my daughter does have an unfortunate appearance. I hope, by showing this nice guy a picture of a dresser, it will hint at how I feel and lead to him buying her something new to wear with the dresser. One can only hope."


    Random Townie's Daughter: "I'm a witch!"

    Gui: "That's neat!"

    Random Townie: "Honey, we both know that isn't true. Please forgive her."

    Random Townie's Son: "Can you move, I'm trying to watch a cheap tween pop show."


    As figurines flew across the screen because the writers were too cheap to higher child actors or animators, the Townie's Daughter defended herself.

    Random Townie's Daughter: "I am a witch. My music controls minds, and it would be really helpful if I had an Organ to help with my witchcraft."


    Gui to Random Townie's Wife: "And what color do you like?"

    Random Townie's Wife breathes deep: "This family is perfectly normal and you are not out of place marrying your husband. Your kids are normal, and one of them does not think she's a witch while the other watches cheap tv... Oh, my favorite color is green. I hate the color yellow."


    Random Townie's Wife: "I also like this style of furniture."


    So, Gui redid their entire house. The inside and the outside. His clients nervously waited to see the results.



    Random Townie was impressed by his daughter's new bedroom.


    Random Townie's Daughter looked at the Organ in awe.


    Random Townie's Wife entered her son's bedroom and was happy to see a theme other than plastic figurines and poor animation like what she saw in Action SimsGo.


    Random Townie's Wife was content with the redecorating.


    Random Townie's Daughter was not thrilled that Gui forgot her Cauldron. Gui tried to explain that she never mentioned a Cauldron. She wouldn't have it.


    The Random Townie's Son was not happy at all, but no one knows why.


    Random Townie started to cry in joy at the sight of all the changes.


    Meanwhile in Newcrest

    Dylan showed up and started talking to Helios's Flower Garden. He was in a Fae neighborhood, so he wore his merman attire.

    (The only things that are different between his appearance here and his merform is his hair color, lack of pointy ears, and a blue fish tail.)

  • Zimz4Zimz4 Posts: 354 Member
    The first thing I did after I downloaded Cottage Living and opened the game was to activate the Simple Living lot challenge for my current household. Which meant that I had to send one of my sims out to do some grocery shopping in Henford-on-Bagley. And that's when I saw her, that man-bashing old bat, Agnes Crumplebottom! I wanted to see if I could get her to do her purse-attck and directed my sim Danny over to introduce himself, rudely >:). I wasn't going to get Danny to use romantic interactions on a little old lady (well, technically same-height old lady cuz' Team Maxis hasn't invented a height slider yet :/) because yuck and Danny doesn't swing her way. That meant I had to make do with mean and mischief interactions. I mean that would surely get her to break out into a purse slapping fit, right? Hands were buzzed, mothers were implied to be llamas, forbidden words were shouted, little old ladies were shoved, drinks were thrown, and... nothing. How disappointing. Danny did get the option for a regular fight though so of course I took that. I mean she has a reputation for being violent and I volunteered Danny to challenge her. Turns out Agnes is a level 100 boss. The old bat won. I mean, come on Danny, you're a policeman, you should be able to do some decent deeps. I did get Danny to mock her outfit for good measure, but Agnes left just as I found her, randomly stomping around angrily... (I guess she only does her purse-attack when someone wants to be affectionately nice to her? :D)
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,174 Member
    In today's update, we get Chief Manslaughter's tragic origin story.

    Today Anakin and Mario were enjoying a rousing game of horseshoes.
    That was until Sonya interrupted them so she can train Anakin.
    Anakin: "Oh this already sounds like a terrible idea."
    Sonya: "Nonsense, just block this strike."
    Chief Manslaughter: "Is Anakin going to be okay?"
    Dr Mario: "Not gonna sugarcoat it. It's a miracle he's still alive, we lost him on the operating table at least 6 times. But he should make a full recovery."
    Dr Mario: "Just hold back next time you train with him okay?"
    Sonya: "I WAS holding back."
    Dr Mario: "Then don't train with him."
    Anakin: "Ha ha, I'm on so many painkillers I have no idea what's happening."
    Sonya: "Well now that that's taken care of, wanna go make love in the bushes?"
    Dr Mario: "Yippee!"
    Blanca puked in a bush.
    Blanca: "Boy that sure is peculiar that I'm feeling some sort of sickness this morning."
    Darrell: "Cleaning the grill because that's all I'm trusted with here!"
    Blanca: "Okay so something has been bugging me for quite some time. What did you do before the apocalypse? I assume you were some sort of Officer in the Marines or something?"
    Manslaughter: "No actually I was a college professor in Gender Studies."
    Manslaughter: "See, here's my degree."
    Blanca: "How wonderful."
    Sonya: "All right Anakin, time to train."
    Anakin: "I almost died last time!"
    Sonya: "That's why I'm having you fight Mario instead!"
    Mario: "Just go easy on me man."
    Mario: "I think you just broke my hand."
    Darrell: "Whatcha doing, Sonya?"
    Sonya: "Just watching Anakin train. It's weird, but I get this weird feeling of pride when watching him get stronger."
    Darrell: "Oh Sonya, don't you see? After feeling guilt from ignoring and abandoning the dozen or so kids you had, you actually training Anakin is giving you the opportunity to make up for what you did wrong!"
    Sonya: "Nah, I'm pretty sure it's just gas."
    Blanca: "Hey Anakin guess what, we're gonna have a baby!"
    Anakin: "That's wonderful, we should celebrate!"
    And so they celebrated by swinging on the swingset.
    That's when Anakin realized that if he's going to be a father he needs to be more mature.
    So he did what he usually does to make himself feel more mature. Playing I mean, Training with his lightsaber.
    Now Blanca might be pregnant, but she needs to keep up with her workouts.
    The couple that gains together stays together.
    Darrell: "Just throwing out the trash because that's all they trust me with."
    That's when Luna came over for a visit, to which Chief Manslaughter wasn't too excited about.
    Sonya: "Hey hey, looks like you two know each other already."
    Manslaughter: "Well I'm glad you asked about my backstory!"
    Sonya: "I didn't."
    Manslaughter: "It all happened 15 years ago."
    Manslaughter: "I had just arrived on campus for my first day of work when I was introduced to my boss."
    Manslaughter: "Dean Bailey."
    Sonya: "Wait, if this was only 15 years ago, why are you fat? Didn't you lose that weight after Octavia was born?"
    Luna: "Oh yeah, I lose track of time a lot these days."
    Sonya: "There, much better."
    Young Manslaughter: "Well Golly Gee Dean Bailey, I'm so excited to educate these young people!"
    Young(er) Luna: "That's because YOU'RE A NERD!"
    And so she pranked the future Chief with that hand buzzer.
    Manslaughter: "And then I peed my pants and she laughed at me. Ever since then, I wanted to lead a Post Apocalyptic tribe of savages."
    Sonya: "Wait, that's it? That's a pretty weak backstory."
    Manslaughter: "You don't understand! I still had to go to class and all the students started calling me Professor Peepee!"
    And so he started crying, Luna and Sonya tried to leave quietly while he wept to himself.
    Later that night.
    Sonya: "Mario, I know we have already made love several times. But it's time for us to move forward with this relationship. Let's have our first kiss!"
    So romantic.
    Later that night, Darrell lit a bonfire.
    Darrell: "Hey guys.....Is the fire supposed to be green?"

    Also I like this picture I got of Blanca. She just keeps hurting herself with that knife.
  • VentusMattVentusMatt Posts: 1,028 Member
    Today I did what I always do when I first get a new pack, I make sims.

    This is Aubrey, she is going to be the granddaughter of Ian Moody and step-granddaughter of Derek McMillan. The story is that she is "spending the summer" with them but will end up moving in permanently.

    I also like bringing back sims from past iterations so for Cottage Living I decided to bring back Benjamin Schmidt. His story is that due to rumors of what he and some housewives may of been up to started spreading around he needed to move to for work and have a fresh start.

    Another family I decided to bring back is the Riffin family. Their story or better Calvin's story is that he ended up losing the family farm due to money troubles. Not one to give up he managed to save up some cash and move him and his siblings, Cornell & Chantrelle, to start a new life and a new farm.

    Waiting for my main mods to be updated before I actually start playing with them.
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,868 Member
    @VentusMatt Aubrey is so cute! She looks like she will be perfect for the new pack.

    @Metior_Ice I had to laugh that Nui woke up and couldn't stop thinking about cake - I have days like that! The random townie home renovation was pure comedy gold from start to finish. I loved reading it. The son looks like Young Sheldon from the Tv show.

    @Thrior - great update laughed a lot. I do love that second screenshot with his hands clasped. Maybe Grim fighting was a bizarre way of flirting - Grim is such an odd sim you can never tell.

    @sunblond love to see your screenshots -Jeannie sounds like a lovely sim (and someone I'd like to know in RL too) Akira and Salim are well acknowledged game hotties but I have a soft spot for any random townie that does well for themsleves and Marcus Rowan looks very sweet (love his outfit but won't mention that terrible goatee facial hair LOL)

    Quin and Rohan
    previous update

    So last update baby Aoife was born.....
    both Quin and Rohan were really happy
    They were feeling veryclose as a couple and full of love
    If you have MCC (MC Woohoo) you would know that having a baby makes sims extremely flirty and they just want to use those autonomous woohoo options - so I was watching them like a hawk because they prefer try for baby as their autonomous reaction.

    Thankfully Quin's problem son came to visit his new sibling right then and it seemed the danger was over as they went to the kitchen to have lunch

    Right then my real life pizza order arrived so I paused my game ..........
    When I came back into the room I realised that it hadn't paused correctly and this was what I saw
    Baby Aoife had been born for all of 2 hours and now Rohan has gone and knocked Quin up again. (It is Rohan's fault - if Quin is pregnant it means Rohan asked for the woohoo). Serves me right for eating junkfood LOL
    He knows they have been sneaky - look at that cheeky face
    Rohan is barely managing to keep a straight face pretending he doesn't know what Quin's new is
    A new baby - what a surprise
    I had not planned for them to have their family quite like this but they are obviously happy and did it this way autonomously
    Am I evil that I laughed when Quin got hit hard by morning sickness??
    Well it doesn't matter because Rohan loves him and made him forget all about his nausea

    Life goes on...
    BAby Aoife gets all the attention a new bubba could want from two smitten Dads
    The other baby in the family also gets lots of love
    And they continue to make time for their own relationship
    I'm not sure pregnant people should be going hot air ballooning but anyway...

    Romantic dinner
    They decided to go out to dinner to celebrate the new baby - but got sidetracked by the need to kick the soccer ball around.
    They barely were able to order before the paparazzi and fans gathered
    Pregnant Quin wasn't in the mood
    Katrina is unable to read the room and is surprised when Quin wont sign an autograph
    Maybe you should leave more than a 2 hour gap between pregancies and you wouldn't feel so bad???
    The cure to all Quin's woes has arrived
    And this is the reason why this woman is Quin's favourite paparazzo - she sees them having an intimate moment and lets them keep it private
    Another round of soccer before going inside to care for baby
    And maybe a quick kiss
    I don't know what it is but I love this last shot
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,618 Member
    @VentusMatt sweet sims! Do you mean that you made these sims in an earlier version of the game and then just now remade them in sims 4?

    @Becka28 hah Quin and Rohan cannot escape their origins as 100 baby challenge sims :)

    And now another Karaoke Legends update... oof this week with Miko and Akira got me right in the feelings! Man oh man. Miko has the Serial Romantic aspiration. It would be easy peasy to play the Serial Romantic aspiration with a character like Diego Lobo. But Miko is Good. She actually cares about the consequences of her actions. And she's set up at the beginning of the game with a crush on her Jealous roommate. Something had to give.

    But first, Darling. Darling is grown up! At least chronologically!
    She woke up on her birthday and decided never to go to school again. (She never did any homework all the way through high school, got warning calls from the principal daily, school performance meter went down to Ok/Poor, but she stayed a B student? I guess you have to just not go to school in order to drop grades?)

    Miko gave Darling a birthday gift and she stayed home with it all day.
    And Miko held a party for her and all her friends.

    She overheard Darling bragging about an exciting new job she's taken, late night hours, need to stay in shape.

    "So what's the big new job?" Miko asked Darling over a glass of nectar after they cleaned up.
    "Uh..." Darling mumbled, not wanting to burst the bubble of her Good buddy.

    Her Good buddy is having some Bad trouble with her sweetie though.

    Akira thought he would come by one of these protests to see what was going on. Miko insisted her relationships with her fellow-activists were completely innocent, even though it had looked way too flirty to Akira when he happened upon her group at the bar the other night.

    And... Akira saw that Miko was acting intense, and joyful, and delightful, and altogether too Enchanting in meeting new people. Maybe she doesn't realize how flirty she's coming across? he wondered. But he had that thought too late. After he'd already done this.


    Miko yelled, "I can't believe you! This is my job! And my passion. I need to be out here doing this and making a difference."
    "I can see plenty about your passion."

    "You can not just blow up at me every time you don't like how I look at someone! I'm going to be out here doing the things I care about and connecting with people. I am not going to sit at home all day like one of those poor frogs you keep in little boxes. What is your problem anyway?"


    Miko said that it seemed she was done too.

    Oh no. Akira was furious. With her, but also with himself. He'd tried so hard to keep her from getting away from him, that he'd pushed her away from him.

    Miko was... actually kind of relieved.

    Akira and Darling don't know each other well, but neither of them wanted to leave the Chic Street apartment. And so Miko moved out into her own place in the Spice District. She was ready for a change anyway. They'd divided their simoleons fairly, but the landlord made her pay for the "new" appliances he was putting into her unit, so her share of the money didn't actually go very far. She had to sleep on an air mattress.

    At least she still had her living room set, and karaoke machine. She could have friends come and see her here.

    Her meager belongings didn't do much to dress up the sad kitchen.

    She kept remembering the good times she and Akira had had in their kitchen in the mornings, just hanging around

    back when everything was good

    and their home was a haven for friends of all kinds

    I can do this, she told herself. I need to be able to live my life on my own terms, and find love, or loves, with people who appreciate me for who I am. And eventually the other, less important stuff will come. Like furniture.

    Miko kept finding reasons to stop by Chic Street though. Darling was still there, after all, as were her good friends Sierra and Armando next door. Where she made another faux pas. She playfully tried to kiss Sierra's hands right when Armando came to take the trash out. He got angry.

    Miko quickly talked him down. Fortunately Sierra had been right in the middle of pulling her hands away from Miko's.

    Armando had left his glasses at the Sims Sessions concert and the new ones hadn't arrived yet, but he could still tell from his wife's body language (and that perfect raised eyebrow! I love you Sierra) that she hadn't been at all receptive to even a silly playful sort of flirting from someone else. Later that evening, Sierra apologized to him more at length, and he lost that "furious about cheating" sentiment right away.

    Sierra explained to Miko that she and Armando liked to stick to some pretty clear boundaries about what they did and did not do with other people. "I love goofing around with you and I love feeling that I can trust you with anything. I can't do anything flirty with you or anyone else. And Armando can't either, because he's promised me that he won't. Boundaries like that help us trust each other. Maybe other couples might be okay with things like hand-holding or snuggling with other people, but not kissing. Or maybe other couples might not even be okay with their spouse being alone with someone else. We have no problem with that. But everyone's boundaries are different."
    "Akira and I never talked about boundaries like that. I just tried not to make him too angry until I got sick of it."
    "Maybe boundaries are something you should think about in the future."
    Well said, Sierra.

  • Lady_EarthLady_Earth Posts: 187 Member
    @mightysprite - Thanks. I already have a cool hairdo saved for her (that's kinda like what she has) when she gets older.
  • VentusMattVentusMatt Posts: 1,028 Member
    edited July 2021
    No these are recreations of Official Maxis Sims. Both Ben and the Riffins were in Sims 3 Pets. I don't like how they aren't bringing back past sims with new story lines or add onto family like they did in past games. So everytime a new packs is added with a new world I recreate past official sims with new stories as for why they are there I have several recreations up on the Gallery. I believe my account name is the same there as it is here if you wanna check them out.
  • ashcrash19ashcrash19 Posts: 4,404 Member
    edited July 2021
    Pretty much everything related to animals, haha. Put cute clothing on my farm animals and finally befriended a dust bunny!
    I named her Fluffy :heart:
    "Not All Who Wander Are Lost"-Tolkien
    Origin ID: simaddict1990

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