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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    @Becka28 Keala threw juice in Calden's face when he tried to comfort her during a mood swing.

    The Family Day Festival is the only random one. The other festivals are once a week on the same day every week. The notifications would be incredibly invasive if they had them. You can set up traditions that fit the themes of the festivals because of how predictable and reliable the events are. I think it's Tuesday and Thursday that Sulani has the biggest festivals.

    Yes, Tuesday and Thursday are the in game days with the biggest festivals. The fishing tournament is every Saturday.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    edited July 2021
    The Island Elemental Twins Index:

    The Big News and the Newcrest Aliens Attend Sim Sessions

    Nui started showing while preparing breakfast.


    Nui could feel the Nooboo kick.


    Iona started showing after waking up.


    While his partner prepared to share the big news, Gui played a human city simulator.


    But, Gui stepped away from his game to greet Nui with a morning kiss on the cheek, like he normally does.

    Nui was glowing when he gave Gui the big news.


    Iona joined Helios for their morning jog on the treadmill while they watched the weather channel before giving him the big news.



    The two merfolk didn't even stop jogging to share in the excitement.


    Nui was preparing to switch careers so he could stay home with his Nooboo, but he still had one more shift as a Life Guard in Sulani.


    (Forgive me for sharing so many pictures of Gui in his underwear... I couldn't get him to change despite going in and outside. He clearly wasn't bothered by the fall weather. Insert eye roll.)

    Because Nui was pregnant and his sisters in law wouldn't stop pranking the toilets, Gui decided to work on his handiness to help with any potential plumbing repairs.


    Helios bought a new telescope and started observing the sky to develop his logic and reasoning skills. He also wanted to work on finding a way to extend the life of his families, something that wasn't working out for him.


    Kalama continued to work on her comedy skills, and this helped to keep her away from the toilets.



    Gui decided to play with the microscope and acquired some basic logic skills.


    Iona: "I got a killer job as a Librarian that pays big."

    Iona was lying.

    Gui cheered her on: "That's awesome! Books are awesome!"


    Helios would never miss a chance to garden. Tending to his Fall Flower garden became a favorite past time.


    When they attended the Sim Sessions, the Eons had a great time. Iona, in particular, got really flirty with the pregnancy hormones.


    (This will probably be one of the last updates with the twins' evil doppelgängers. As much as I like the idea of anti-twins, Dylan and Zeph are already hard enough to tell apart. The doppelgängers just confuse things more.)

    The festival also attracted the attention of the Fae and other occults. Obsidian cried a torrent after denying a human's connection to the island. It frustrated him more that their was now a puddle mucking up the ground. The uncomfortable surroundings bothered everyone in the crowd.


    Helios: "What's that smell?"

    Nyx: "That smells gross. Dude, your scales are drying out."

    Helios's thoughts: "There's no way I have dried scales."


    Helios: "Oh snap, my scales are drying out. That's why my skin is so itchy."

    Nyx: "I told ya."

    Nyx being the evil, judgmental snob that he is enjoyed the misery and being right.
    (Nyx is one of the Darkfins that were banished and murdered Dylan and Zeph's ancestor, the original Blue Tail Elder. They also murdered the other 6 elders, the White Tail, Purple Tail, Red Tail, Pink Tail, Green Tail, and Yellow Tail elders. Because of the Darkfins, the descendants of the Elders, with the exception of the Blue Tail Twins, were orphaned and scattered across the worlds. The Blue Tails were extinct until Dylan and Zeph were born. That escalated quickly... It's also one of the deeper stories behind the households I'm rotating through.)


    The second performer took to the stage and Helios kissed Iona's cheek.


    One of the Spellcasters suddenly realized that they forgot to punch out after work in the magic realm and flew off on their broom while everyone was distracted by the concert.


    Meanwhile in Newcrest:
    Dylan and Juniper took a walk in the Fae Neighborhood.

    (If fairies get added to the game, I'm changing Juniper into a fairy because that fits his Earth Elemental status better than being half fish.)


    (Apparently, Newcrest Residents get a special scholarship for university. I don't plan on sending Iona to University. She was already a scientist, so I figure becoming an Engineer wouldn't be that much of a leap for a new career.)


    (Also, it was taking a long time for me to get to the final household in the cycle, so Lir decided to be proactive and join the scouting after school activity. Lir is the White Tail Elder Heir of the Mua Pel'Am Pod.)


    (Calum, you aren't fooling anyone with that disguise. Okay, okay, you almost fooled me into thinking you were a random townie. I know you're a secret agent, so I'll just pretend that you are tailing a suspect in a magic neighborhood.)


    (Rangi Turei from the next household developed a dislike for fitness. Well, given my rules for that household, he now hates to exercise... But he lives on an island surrounded by water people swim in...)


    Calum's thoughts: "That's a cool onion plant. And, naturally, I wasn't just passing through the neighborhood in disguise..."


    This update concludes my sim sessions updates.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    I'm thinking of taking a break from my main save and revisiting my 100 merbaby challenge. I think I'm ready to finish having the first generation.

    Serene and a Merman clone of Alexander Goth will be joining the main save and will be a rags to riches style household in Sulani after the Turei household, my household that will develop on whims, likes, and dislikes.

    Serene and Alexander had good chemistry that I was kinda upset about having to skip over for the challenge.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,882 Member
    edited July 2021
    Two of these people have actual musical skill. The other one is just excited because she found the dog sound on the keyboard.

    Anaya is at the stage of her painter aspiration where she has to paint 10 excellent paintings. Unfortunately, she keeps cranking out Masterpieces instead, and those don't count. #AnayaJangProblems

    Here is the first masterpiece: trippy composition with gnome

    Baako might be a rising star in the comedy world, but even star comedians have to play to empty rooms some nights.

    At least his schedule allows for frequent bubble-blowing with Salim during the day.

    Does one slightly creepy superfan count as an empty room?

    Billie is "helping" Baako write a routine. "Dad! Here's a great joke about bananas! Dad! Put in this knock knock joke. Dad! You don't know anything about pop culture nowadays, let me give you some cool references."
    "Okay sweetie, but I don't know if-"
    "DAD! Did you get the part about the bananas?"
    "I didn't-"

    Our Billie completed the social aspiration this week! She also joined the scouts. I never had a scout before.

    The badge-earning process is kind of underwhelming. She took the squad to the arts center and earned the socializing badge in about 5 minutes. You get the badges by doing normal life things. And then there is no actual badge of any kind, it doesn't appear on the uniform or in your inventory or anything, the game just claims you earned one. Here she is working on her good deeds badge by taking out the trash. Idk.

    Billie and Sai are officially BFFs now. And partners in crime. Though that went poorly this week

    Sai is going to have a little sibling very soon!

    What do you do when your BFF is hot-headed?

    You play-fight until someone cracks up, obviously

    At Harvestfest, Anaya was hired by the Fengs to paint their portraits. These people don't understand holidays. But it was good money, and rumor has it that Victor's star is rising... who knows, maybe Anaya's work will hang in the national leader's office one day

    Lily took a look at what Anaya was doing and said, "That doesn't look so hard. Let me try."

    Anaya dutifully praised Lily's lousy painting until Lily admitted defeat.
    Anaya gave the portraits to the Fengs as gifts, and I transferred money in the value of the portraits from the Fengs via household management. Close as we can get to a painting gig for now. But then, when Anaya took her easel into her inventory to go home, Lily's painting did not end up in the Feng household inventory like I expected-- it ended up in Anaya's inventory. Where, because Anaya doesn't own it, she can't do anything with it. She cannot sell it. She cannot take it out of her inventory. She is cursed forever to walk the earth with Lily Feng's terrible painting in her pocket.

    Billie is trying to befriend and keep this monster for a pet, but it has other ideas.

    And last, the humor and hijinks festival! Billie and squad went, as did the parents. It was adults (jokers) versus kids (pranksters).

    Of course the pranksters won!

    And then they had to do their homework.

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    DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,183 Member
    It is time for Anakin to find out if he'll be accepted to live at Camp Murder by meeting their leader.
    Chief: "My name is Chief Manslaughter!"
    Survivor: "His real name is Tony."
    Manslaughter: "Well thanks, Darryl."
    Darryl: "Hey at least I don't mind if people know what my real name is. Anyways, this is Anakin and he wants to join us."
    Manslaughter: "Well I sure do like the way he poses. There's a good quality of character in that pose right there. Just let me talk to him myself."
    Anakin: "Hey hey, Anakin Reaper. Nice to meet you, Chief."
    Anakin: "Mind if I sit in your fancy throne?"
    Manslaughter: "I'd love it if you stayed away from my throne."
    Anakin: "Alright, I'll make this quick."
    Anakin: "I am a Jedi AND a former Judge. So I've had plenty of people executed in my time AND I have a lightsaber. I think I would fit in well with your group of Scary People."
    Manslaughter: "Well snap, I like your credentials already!"
    Manslaughter: "But the choice is not up to me, if you want to live here you must defeat our strongest warrior."

    Off to the Thunderdome!
    Anakin: "Nice Thunderdome."
    Manslaughter: "We legally can't call it the Thunderdome, so we just call it the Murder Cage because Murder is the only thing that happens in there and it IS a cage."
    Anakin: "So do I even stand a chance of surviving a fight with your strongest warrior?"
    Manslaughter: "Not gonna lie, little to no chance. There were like 40 people who used to live here when this all started. We haven't had a single person join our camp because.....Our strongest warrior just.....just doesn't like to lose. Oh boy, she's here, good luck!"
    And so the most powerful warrior in Camp Murder just superhero landed into the Murder Cage from the sky itself to reveal....
    Sonya: "Well snap, it's my favorite Lawyer slash Nephew! Give Ol' Sonya a hug!"
    Anakin: "Aw yeah! Sonya's alive! Wait, how did you survive the Nukes?"
    Sonya: "Fun fact, the nuke landed right on top of me! Everyone else died and I just got angrier."
    Anakin: "Figures that something that would wipe out all of humanity would just make you stronger, and Younger as well. You look like you dropped 40 pounds and years off since last time I saw you."
    Anakin: "Just gotta ask, what's up with the outfit?"
    Sonya: "Funny you ask that."
    Sonya: "If I'm going to spend time in the apocalypse just killing people left and right I might as well dress up like my sweet Mother back when she was a Super Villain trying to destroy the world to honor her memory."
    Anakin: "Oh Sonya, you're so quirky!"
    Manslaughter: "Wait so you guys aren't going to kill each other? Curses, I wanted to see some bloodshed! That's it, Dragon Blade, Chef, you two will fight for my amusement!"
    Dragon Blade: "We shall fight for your honor, my lord!"
    Anakin: "So since I don't have to fight, can I bring my wife to live here too?"
    Sonya: "I don't really care."
    Dragon Blade: "I have drawn blood! I am the victor!"
    Manslaughter: "Curses Dragon Blade, now who'll cook our food?!"

    Well snap, things seem to be going along smoothly.
    Manslaughter: "Well everyone, we finally have a new person joining Camp Murder. Anakin Reaper! So until we find a cool nickname for him let's all dance around the fire until the sun rises!"
    And Sonya will perform the traditional fire dance because she's the only one crazy enough to perform this.
    Dragon Blade: "I understand the mistake I have made. I am getting hungry."
    Sonya: "Hey guys, don't go in this bush for at least 45 minutes."
    So you're probably wondering why we have the graves lined up like this? Well it's funny that you ask that.
    It's so Sonya can dance on the graves. It's her one condition for sparing everyone's lives, let her dance on the graves or she'll dance on yours!
    Octavia: "So how do you like the place now that my Mom and I are in charge?"
    Blanca: "Well I mean, I never saw this place when it wasn't under your control. So I wouldn't know."
    Octavia: "Ah well, it's not that bad. Every once in a while you get that one brave young wizard who thinks they're strong enough to stand up to us."
    Wizard: "You monster! You killed my Parents during the Uprising!"
    Octavia: "See, like that guy."
    Wizard: "I'll destroy you and avenge my parents!"
    Luna: "Nope."
    Luna: "Tell your parents that they did an awful job raising you."
    Octavia: "Well it's been a few weeks. Surely Anakin has come back by now....Or he's dead."
    Blanca: "If Anakin's dead can I come back to the Magic Realm with you guys? This place doesn't have Air Conditioning anymore."
    Anakin: "Behold, I have returned from my journey! I've also been here waiting for you guys for the last 6 hours."
    Blanca: "Well what's with this look?"
    Anakin: "Baby, I have fully embraced the Post Apocalyptic lifestyle. Got a new hairstyle and I don't wear a shirt to establish dominance to those who aren't as ripped as me. I found us a new home, so start packing!"
    Blanca: "Oh boy, sounds lovely!"
    Anakin: "Just lower your expectations. It's a place to live, not a paradise."
    Anakin: "Welcome to Camp Murder!"
    Blanca: "That's exactly what I would've named this place!"
    Anakin waited patiently outside for Blanca to come out after getting her very own Post Apocalyptic makeover.
    Oh, there she is.
    Anakin: "Gotta say, I strangely like this look."
    Blanca: "Thanks, always wanted to just chop all my hair off, and hey, carrying a knife around 24/7 is a great form of protection."
    Manslaughter: "Finally, someone else who gets it! That's why I always carry my gun around."
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    KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    This is Kalea Palakiko, and she's helping me test my first CC trait.

    The way this is set up to work, and it's probably pretty darn ambitious for a first trait but what am I if not shockingly ambitious, is there's a very low, standard base chance of getting a migraine moodlet ( uncomfortable +3 ). There's also a low, base chance of getting a "migraine senses tingling" moodlet ( tense +1 ) that, when it goes away, has a base chance of triggering an actual migraine moodlet ( though it's weaker at uncomf +2 ).

    There are also migraine triggers. Fall and spring seasons ( due to changing weather patterns and air quality ), drinking coffee, or becoming tense may also all cause a migraine.

    Your Sim can combat these migraines in two ways, either drinking green tea, or taking a nap. Doing either of these things will lessen the migraine's strength to +1, making it much easier to work around. Avoiding triggers also lowers the frequency of these migraines.

    It doesn't work completely how I want yet, but I'm getting there. I had another trait for this ( and a few other things ) and I just hated that they pretty much existed solely to put your Sims in a bad mood and offered nothing else, no way of fighting the bad moodlets off, no way of avoiding them, it didn't really add any true challenge it was just annoying... so I set out to make my own that offered actual gameplay, though very little.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
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    sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 849 Member
    Hey everyone!!!
    Its been literal ages since I posted on here! There’s been a lot of stuff going on in my personal life :(
    Only commenting on the past 2 pages! Also leaving lots of likes and awesomes!
    @becka28 YAY Quin!!!! I am so glad they are expecting!!! I know they’ve been wanting to grow their family!
    OMG Mirabelle! She’s up to her old antics. She will never learn and I seriously feel sorry for her kids. How many children does she have now? I am sorry that Slate passed away. I am impressed though, he lived a long time!
    And I am looking forward to seeing Tiger!
    @lucy_henley Congrats to Alexander and Erythiea’s wedding!
    @keidra Your “babes” sims look amazing!
    @lady_earth I like your Sailor Moon family with their kitties! They look like a fun household to play
    @daravi Go Erika! I hope she has fun at university
    @metior_ice It must have been so weird to have your sims attend the Sims Session during winter! My sims did that too. But the concert never spawned for me.
    @angeliqueadelaide Esme sounds like the mother in law from heck!
    @doodlydoofus LOOOL!! All the urns in the background had me dying from laughter lol!
    @mightysprite I enjoyed your update with the Jangs! I have never played them before. I need too!

    Ok so on to my gameplay. I hung out with my favorite witch/vampire hybrid, Joanna!

    Work and Painting
    She’s been busy working in her civic planning career LKFStQU.png
    She enjoys making proposals from the local councils MyHLTJL.png
    And hearing feedback tHsOaPH.png
    She unwinds at the end of the day by painting. She used to paint quite a bit as a teen. She recently picked it back up sX12miv.png

    LURVE, Magic, and Narwhal Arms
    She has also been spending some time hanging out with her new boyfriend Simeon 5XCXbGf.png
    And he’s started training her in the Craft Qh6UwaH.png
    She hit Narwhal Club with her older brother Griffin. XcUGq5y.png
    He debriefed her on the latest vampire gossip around Windenberg 07N22Zc.png

    Family Life
    But the vast majority of her time has been spent caring for her offspring. s6Oa2oU.png
    Her youngest Vincent Jr is a handful lol. His name was Orion or Colton. I decided to rename him after his deceased dad Vincent. qTqfLgc.png
    I totally redid their house awhile ago so he has really been enjoying the play room! pySKPsX.png
    Her older 3 are pretty cool. Joanna has “twins” by the Wishing Well, a little girl Valyria and the elf changeling kid Tristan. They are a little older than her natural son Maximus. They are all amazing and will do their homework autonomously jF3TmNL.png
    I let them have plenty of bonding time. iFUgQTJ.png
    Jo loves to read to them. 5SNlNu7.png

    Maximus leaves
    So this just about killed me. I have been having major lag during gameplay. I know its due to the household size and have found that my gameplay is much better if there are only about 4 sims per household. Plus she’s a single mom and there are a lot of expenses. I made the tough decision to send Maximus to live with his dad, Don Lothario all the way in Oasis Springs. 0v4RObl.png
    Which actually turned out really well, because Max is Don’s only kid. Don will send him back to Jo once the kiddo reaches puberty and becomes a teen. Let’s just say that braces will be the least of Max’s dental problems.
    Max is a vampire/witch hybrid just like his mom, he might be too much for Don to handle lol. It will be awesome for him to spend his childhood years with his dad, since Don is mortal. Max will have his mom around for a LOT longer. They are cute together NYrzV9A.png
    That's all.
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    DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,183 Member
    @sarabeth2984 you mentioned me just as I was halfway writing this. Thanks for enjoying the post!

    Since Anakin has a maxed out Fitness skill while Blanca is still a level 8, Anakin decided to train Blanca so she can gain those last two levels much faster.
    Meanwhile, Chief Manslaughter's younger brother, Hoodsie, started yelling at the Chief's wife.
    Manslaughter: "Dude, don't yell at my wife! That's not cool!"
    Hoodsie: "Oh, I can't yell at a woman but you can pistol whip anyone you please?!"
    9 AM, time for Sonya's daily dance on the graves.
    Well, since the Chef is dead, Blanca will cook since she still has the best cooking skill here. She also cooks with her trusty knife by her side.
    What a nice little family breakfast.
    Anakin: "Chief, do you really need to put your gun on the table while we eat?"
    Manslaughter: "Yes. Yes we do."
    Blanca: "You know, this place is pretty....Large for such a small group. We could probably renovate this room to make more room for activities."
    Manslaughter: "It's not up to me. That's up to Sonya."
    Sonya: "Really don't care what you do, just leave my angry room alone."
    Dragon Blade: "I must say, I know I'm to blame for the death of our lovely Chef, but can I just say that this food is delicious?"
    Dragon Blade: "Aww, I got it all over my mask."
    Sonya: "Oh snap, my sister is calling. What's up Luna?"
    Hoodsie: "Hey, how come HER phone works?"
    Sonya: "My sister is magic, she can use magic to make our phones work. JUST our phones. So suck it!"
    After mentioning the Angry Room, Sonya offered to show Anakin said room.
    Sonya: "Welcome to my Angry Room. This is where I come when I'm angry, or when I want to get angry."
    Sonya: "That's a hole I punched in the wall when I was particularly angry one day."
    Anakin: "Interesting wall right here."
    Sonya: "Yep, a nice painting of me with some posters for two of my favorite movies. Really helps bring out the anger."
    Sonya: "Now join me in meditating so you too can get angry."
    Anakin: "Isn't meditation supposed to calm you down? Not get angry?"
    Sonya: "Not when I meditate."
    Sonya: "Now unleash the Anger."
    Maximum Anger achieved.
    Hoodsie: "Alright everyone, let's mourn these graves while Sonya isn't here to defile them."
    Sonya: "Did someone say, Defile the Graves?!"
    And so she did.
    Sweet backflip tho.
    Well.....Anakin surely needs to wash up. He's getting quite ripe.
    Anakin: "Here goes nothing!"
    Anakin: "Ha ha, they tickle."
    I didn't even tell them to do this, but Anakin and Blanca had a quick friendly spar with their lightsabers.
    I said FRIENDLY SPAR!!!
    Meanwhile Chief Manslaughter and his Wife.........Huh, don't think they gave her a nickname yet.....Decided to have some sexy times in the Chief's private tent.
    Sonya: "I think we need to be better acquainted."
    Sonya: "And Soccer will be the sport that unites us!"
    Anakin: "So I heard you're not a real ninja and that you just bought that costume from Walmart to impress people in the apocalypse."
    Dragon Blade: "Nonsense, see this? This is pure Ninja Skill right here!"
    After that sexy time, the Chief realized he needed to wash up.
    Manslaughter: "I'll just bathe next week."
    Hoodsie: "Ah ha, I have finally beaten you Dragon Blade!"
    Hoodsie: "I'm not ready to be a post apocalyptic survivor am I?"
    Sonya: "Come on and finish him, I want to see some blood!"
    Well everyone else was distracted, since they can't use the Chief's tent, the Reapers decided to woohoo in this bush.
    So romantic and disgusting.
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    Lady_EarthLady_Earth Posts: 187 Member
    @sarabeth2984 Thanks. I might breed the two cats so they can have a kitten named Diana. I do have some Sailor Moon sims saved that I plan to put in when Cottage Living comes out.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    edited July 2021
    @sarabeth2984 I don't know if it made a difference, but Zeph changed the weather and basically removed all of the weather conditions.

    It was snowing when they arrived on the lot with freezing temperatures.

    Zeph changed the snowy weather to sunny and freezing temperatures to warm temperatures.

    If Zeph called a rain storm, the snow would turn into rain, and the freezing temperatures would warm up to cool temperatures.

    I feel like merfolk magic does more to change the seasonal conditions instead of simply changing the weather. For Dylan and Zeph, the weather was more like early fall right after summer instead of winter.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    @mightysprite I thought there were no conditions if you asked what the conditions were?
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    Sofmc9Sofmc9 Posts: 499 Member
    I'm making Audrey Rose in the sims 4. This is part 1- If anybody on here would like to watch : )
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,882 Member
    @Metior_Ice Salim chose "Money money money, give now!" I might have been hovering over the other choice when I took the screenshot.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,882 Member
    Here are the Fengs' portraits, by Anaya Jang.

    I decided the Fengs needed a butler, so this is Ben the butler. I carved some tiles out of their enormous kitchen and some tiles out of their enormous bathroom to make a decent butler bedroom. Ben got straight to cooking when he arrived.

    He made rack of lamb!
    And not poorly!
    Ben also cleans a lot and checks for dust very often

    And he serves well at gatherings.

    The Fengs don't celebrate Winterfest, but Victor gave Ben a nice healthy Winterfest bonus.

    Victor continues his life of glad-handing and schmoozing for votes

    He even got the adoring sentiment after this guy Emmett agreed to vote for him. Really, Victor.

    I discovered that you can get more than one vote from the same person, just not on the same day. Which means Victor won't be a knocking-on-doors kind of politician. He will be an inside-operator politician. Here is his insider group, who agrees to vote for him every time they get together.
    They still get together upstairs at Skye Fitness

    Lily isn't doing so hot at her own career, perhaps because she unaccountably became CEO with no charisma skill at all

    But she is a good fellow-operator for Victor.
    "Yes. Yes, I'm aware that Victor Feng is the best. I was just making sure you knew it as well."

    In return, Dominic Fyres invited Victor to join the Good Timers. Victor agreed. There, he met this character Mila Munch, who seems to be a little slow on the uptake. She says she hasn't spent any time with Bjorn Bjergsen, but she's playing cards with him right now...

    And Victor delivers on his promises to the people


    Miko, who is a charity organizer with the same political leanings, had a high-powered dinner with Victor and Lily. Unfortunately, Victor neglected to leave room in the Room Where It Happens for Miko. The only lady who made it into the club is Lily. Hmm.

    Victor got promoted to Elder Statesperson, and it was New Skill Day. Lily needed to get away from practicing speeches in the mirror all day. They went skiing.

    This is Victor's excited face

    This is Lily's excited face. C'mon Lily, it will be okay.

    Hey, it's not so bad!

    And guess which one ended up falling the most

    Relaxing afterwards; all is forgiven

    They got home to a different butler! Oh no, no Ben! But he's still in their friends panel, so he hasn't died or anything. I guess even butlers get a day off sometimes.
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    BreeSashaBreeSasha Posts: 638 Member
    My sim celebrated Summer Break (custom holiday), her twin daughters had a joint birthday party, and she found out she's pregnant with her 4th kid.
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    DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,183 Member
    Sonya decided to take the Reapers out to take part in a post apocalyptic pastime, Mutant Hunting.
    Sonya: "So I'm going to have to teach you three how to fight Mutants."
    Sonya: "Especially you Anakin, you're the one I worry about the most out there. You'll probably start crying or something."
    Hoodsie: "Don't know why I'm here. I've killed Mutants before."
    Looks like Anakin is pumping himself up for the hunt. Good to get yourself ready for when it hits the fan.
    Sonya: "Ha ha, he's probably going to die first."
    Alright, this looks as good a place as anyways to begin the hunt.
    Anakin: "You're telling me, I'm pretty sure this is where I got attacked by a mutant."
    What's that? A group of Mutants!
    Mutant Leader: "Seriously guys, I don't know why everyone thinks we're supposed to be naked. At LEAST wear pants around here."
    Mutant Leader: "Look everyone! Pure non radiated humans! Let's eat their skin!"
    Mutant: "I want to kill this one holding the knife."
    Blanca: "Anakin, do something!"
    Anakin: "Now let's just wait for an incident where we can claim self defense. Don't wanna go committing murders."
    And so Blanca kicked the Mutant's chest....
    And leapt 12 feet in the air with a backflip....
    Anakin: "That HAS to be higher than 12 feet."
    Anakin: "And now there's one less Mutant to deal with."

    Well Mutant Hunting is going pretty far.
    Anakin: "Yeah, that's not self defense."
    Even Sonya's surprised by Blanca's sudden inner rage.
    But of course, Sonya's not one to be one upped by a non superpowered human.
    And now there's two dead mutants.
    Then while that was going on, Anakin got into an intense slap fight with the third mutant.
    Oh, that mutant's neck has been broken.
    Sonya: "Hey, good job kid."
    Anakin: "It was actually an accident, don't tell my wife. I want her to think I'm a cool warrior."
    Sonya: "Say, how's Hoodsie doing against that Mutant wearing the pants?"
    Sonya: "Now Hoodsie, you know first rule of fighting Mutants, don't let them get your neck. You're very exposed there, now use the technique I taught you to brea-"
    Sonya: "Oh, Hoodsie is dead."
    Mutant Leader: "Ah, looks like I'm still outnumbered."
    Sonya: "Hey Anakin, wanna know a cool trick I learned from being exposed to cataclysmic levels of deadly radiation?"
    And so Sonya spit acid on the Mutant Leader.
    Mutant Leader: "Arg, Acid! My one weakness!"
    And dead.
    Sonya: "Yeah, so just like a squid squirting ink as a defense mechanism, I can spit acid on my prey!"
    Anakin: "Oh Sonya, you're so quirky!"
    Blanca: "I murdered!"

    Well Mutant hunting is over. Now it's time for breakfast.
    That next morning, Darrell was hard at work cleaning off the grill. You really gotta make sure these things are clean, ESPECIALLY in the apocalypse.
    Anakin: "Chief, we have returned. But unfortunately your little brother didn't make it."
    Manslaughter: "Good, I hated that guy! He shouts at women for no reason! We can't have someone like that around here."
    Here lies Hoodsie, another grave in the pile. I fear we may never find another character quirky enough to replace him.
    Tex: "Hey Y'all, I'm Tex, the Cyborg Cowboy! Can I live here now?"
    Anakin: "He's perfect!"
    And so everyone (And Tex!) mourned the loss of Hoodsie.
    Sonya: "Alright nerds, time for me to dance on his grave!"
    Serial Killer Clown: "I'm a serial killer clown!"
    And now he's dead.
    Sonya: "Remember, I can break necks with my mind."
    And so the Clown was added to the mass grave, was mourned and danced on.
    Looks like Blanca's busy grilling up some burgers!
    Oh good catch.
    Nice little breakfast.
    Anakin: "I gotta ask, if this is the apocalypse where do we get all this meat from?"
    Darrell: "Isn't it obvious? We eat the mutants! Why do you think we do so much mutant hunting?"
    Anakin: "REALLY? You guys don't realize how eating the radiated flesh of mutated human beings is easily the most unsafe thing we could be doing?"
    Sonya: "Dude, it's the Apocalypse and you're complaining about things being unsafe?"
    Anakin: "Eh fair point."
    Blanca: "Honestly, I'm okay with the whole, "Eating the mutants" thing. I stabbed a Mutant in the face."
    Tex: "What in tarnation did I get myself into?"
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    Lady_EarthLady_Earth Posts: 187 Member
    Alto: The evil parents with a good daughter and two cats from Sailor Moon continues.

    Since Holly is a flirty sim, I decided to get her with Jacob Martin (The Sims 2) and they hit it off beautifully. They even got to "mess around" once so I guess she's not a pure as we thought.

    The thing with rotational play is that your Sims can start relationships when you're not looking. Since Nick and Jenny Smith (TS2) had points in both friendship and romance and Nick was home alone, I decided to see if he could have an affair. It looked like it until Jenny didn't want to take it any further. Her conscience must've kicked in.

    It looks like the twins (Harley and Quinn) have inherited their blond hair from their sister.

    Here's Luna and Artemis fighting for some reason.

    Today in random moments, the two dogs from King of the Hill came to pass through the house for no reason.

    Since Vita got pregnant again (Nick wanted another kid), I'll be playing this family for a little longer. Since I'll be going with villain names, it'll be Cruella for a girl and Bane for a boy.
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    KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    New video up on the YouTube.

    Meanwhile, building again:
    Idk what I'm doing either.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
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    wahini2024wahini2024 Posts: 547 Member
    I finally modded my game for some depth after months of hesitation
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,882 Member
    edited July 2021
    @Keidra it looks like a.... college library?

    Painter's block.

    Some of my San Myshuno characters are developing a lot. Diego is just doing the same things over and over. Not that my bad boy isn't lots of fun. He is. And besides the relentless one-night stands and parties, he's got a reasonable amount of painting skill now for an art critic, and his cooking has caught up to where he can actually use the gourmet cooking skill that he started out with.
    The thing that cracked me up the most was honestly this work chance card about the Oxford comma; it's so petty and so Diego

    (Perhaps he stood up and said, "I'd like to thank my parents, Jesus and Madonna.")
    Quick, spot our lads


    Oh Sunflower's, don't ever change. Hello, naked waiter.

    Goodbye, naked waiter.

    Diego's married neighbor Hinata rejected his flirtations, and he was going to let it be, until Hinata called to confess that he had a crush on Diego. Would Diego be open to... well... Diego said, Would you like to come to a dinner party?

    Mortimer, it's not that you're a bad dancer exactly...

    Dinner was delicious

    Hinata stayed after the party. And stayed. And could not be woken up in the morning. I wonder what he's avoiding at home. Diego gave up and went to work. Hinata only woke up when he had a bladder failure in and next to the bed. THEN he went home. Good thing our hot-headed critic friend was not home at the time, and the maid was due to arrive before he got home.

    Diego had an especially nice time with Don. Don woke up the next morning, performed his regime of sit-ups (that shouldn't be a surprise) and then began immediately painting.

    It wasn't a great painting, but after Don left, Diego hung around staring at it for a long time.

    Two players, one skyline...

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    Lady_EarthLady_Earth Posts: 187 Member
    Alto: This is the last part of the Alto saga.

    Time for the twins to grow up and here's Harley and Quinn as children.

    Here's Quinn playing mad scientist with her little chemistry set. I'm thinking of putting her on a scientific path when she gets older.

    Unless either parent wants another kid, here is their final tyke, Cruella.

    I'll be taking a bit of a hiatus until the expansion pack comes out on Thursday.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    edited July 2021
    The Island Elemental Twins Index:

    The 1st Trimester and Gui's First Gig

    The stereo Kalama earned after a promotion in the Entertainer Career broke, so Gui developed his handiness by repairing it.


    Meanwhile, Nui polished to perfection the high chair in the nursery.


    Nui felt the Nooboo kick and couldn't stop thinking about the her.


    Iona danced to some music, completely carefree.


    After completing some repairs around the house, Gui jogged on the treadmill and watched a movie.

    In a moment of distraction from the good looking actor, Gui slipped off the treadmill.


    In the kitchen, Nui and Iona chatted about their pregnancy experience.

    Iona: "You know what I could use right now? A magical grilled cheese that materialized in front of me."

    Nui: "You know, I could use the same thing."



    Gui went to his gig with the Turei Family. They moved into the Eon's old home in Sulani.


    Gui chatted with Shayna Turei, her teenage daughter, Kyra Turei, and her son, Cale Turei.


    Afu Turei eventually showed up after swimming in the sea while Gui went over Kyra's likes and dislikes.


    The Turei's seemed oddly obsessed with their phones. Gui knew that his husband and his siblings didn't leave anything behind when they moved. He didn't know if the Turei's had anything in their home.



    Gui started asking Afu about his interests, and he learned that he liked video games.



    When Gui entered their home, it became obvious that the Turei's had absolutely nothing... And their budget did not cover redoing the entire house.


    Gui did the best he could with what he had. He decorated their living room and stayed within their budget. Since they didn't offer much in the way of likes, he went with an Island theme because they lived in the World of Sulani.


    Apparently, the Turei's frequented swimming in the ocean as most of them were in their swimwear when they arrived.


    Apparently, the living room did not meet their high standards.


    Only Rangi seemed to appreciate the new couch. Afu was confused by it. The others really didn't like it. They had no beds, bathrooms, or a kitchen...


    Gui started to get nervous as Kyra glared at him. Cale was not happy with anything and fumed with anger.


    Cale's face told Gui everything he needed to know.


    Afu was not happy either.

    Afu: "How could you forget that I like video games?"


    Kyra: "I wanted a new bedroom, not a couch."


    Rangi: "The couch was nice, but we were counting on you to actually fill our house with stuff on a budget that only covers one room."


    Gui: "I'm sorry. I did the best I could within the budget you gave me."


    And so, the Turei's got a free living room that they will love, and Gui's reputation dropped.


    Meanwhile in Sulani.

    It seems that Calum was wearing world appropriate clothing during my gameplay. Kemps almost always wears his occult attire. For someone that is responsible for the safety and well-being of the entire Mua Pel'Am pod, he doesn't seem too concerned about hiding that he's a merman anywhere.

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    KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member

    I spent around eight or nine hours building this last night. Not done yet, either, though I think the exterior is done. Probably. This is the hands down most expensive build I've ever done in any Sims game, clocking 760k so far and I've not made it into the inside yet. The small building in the front is meant for a butler.

    This all started because I watched freezerbunny build a Baroque palace and thought, ykw, I've got some of this build-buy stuff, let's make a really expensive house for my Simself and co because they make like 4k a day and the bills aren't high enough. Dustinsim was originally a salaryperson, which is accurate, and worked basically constantly, which is also accurate, but since I'm not controlling him or Skyesim directly, his needs started dropping too much. So instead of doing an intervention I just had him quit his job ( which I guess could be considered an intervention anyway ) and now he livestreams MySims Go. Skyesim dropped out of tech guru and became a freelance writer instead, which is a little more involved than I'd like so I may put her back, anyway, so this all stacks up to mean they make a Lot of Money, and yet their bills are like 14k. Changing the bill settings with MCCC is a thing that's possible but it effects all saves, not just the one, and some saves have Poor Sims in them, so it's not really a long-term solution. So instead I was like screw it let's break the 1m barrier.

    Tbh though, now that I've slept... I kind of don't like it. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHA. Lots of little things about its orientation bug me, but I started with the entryway and built outward from there. The stretch in the front on the right side also didn't turn out the way I originally intended, so I may scrap this one and start over. ( I'll save it first in case I change my mind. )

    Fun trivia, the Gothic architectural style originated in the Ile-de-France region as an evolution of Norman architecture, and was prevalent through much of the high and late middle ages.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
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    ChristelleChristelle Posts: 144 Member
    So today I spend a bit of time to create a park called: Family and wedding park.
    Origin id: Stel85

    My 2 sims then went there on a date and as they were there they renewed their vows.

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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    I decided that, since I'm on my first Cycle of my Rotational play, my sims won't age up if they aren't immortal. It's taking longer because I'm basically setting up every single household while playing their rotation. This cycle might take longer because of it.

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