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Mafia Masterlist-Last Updated 8/7/20

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Current Game
@Zinniavanilla's Fire Emblem: Three Houses Mafia- X

Waiting list
1. @TheRoseHorse's Anonymous Mafia: Big Brother Edition
2. @Keyenpeydee's Survivor x Mafia
3. @Broncos4life's Mafia Game
4. @xLunaSimsx's Mafia Game
5. @nerdfashion's Mafia Game
6. @bellagorilla's Mafia Game
7. @xLunaSimsx's Mafia Game
8. @Mouselline and @Coffeecrumblecake's Revenge of the Cabbage Man Mafia

On Hold
@TheRoseHorse's 4th Hunger Games Mafia
@TheRoseHorse's Anonymous Mafia: Pokemon Edition
@Mouselline's Broken Vase Mafia

Other Links
General Mafia Rules Guidelines and Information
Zinnia's Mafia Masterlist
Crafty's Ultimate Mafia List
Unisims Masterlist
Ultimate Mafia site.
Mafia Squad Discord Server
Rose's Universal Mafia Afterlife Discord Server
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