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Rose's Big Brother Star-Crossed Mafia (Mafia win)

TheRoseHorseTheRoseHorse Posts: 6,590 Member
edited November 2018 in Off Topic Chat
Hello everyone. I'm Julie Chen. Welcome to Big Brother All-Stars 2. This season will be an amazing season because somewhere in the group of 8, we have a secret duo. This duo's goal is to work together to evict the others and make it to the final 2. If they do, they will both win the season, and will be the first ever joint winners. More details about this twist will be announced soon. That's not all though, cause we are also inviting past houseguests from other Big Brother versions, so get ready folks. It's time to meet the houseguests.

Here is the setup to the game. This is a special game to celebrate my 10th time hosting on the Sims Forums. :D

List of BB Characters
I'm attaching a link to a list of all BBUS Houseguests. If you have someone in mind from another version of BB, feel free to pick them, but I'll need their first and last name and the season they were on so I can craft the stories for day and night flip easily. If you are picking someone from the list, all I need is their name and the season they were on so I can find them easily.

Main Rules:
1. I will post all my game posts in magenta. Do not post in this color.
2. This is a mafia game. You shouldn't take it personally.
3. I use when picking your roles. It's not my fault if you don't get the role you want.
4. All times posted will be in CST (Central Standard Time).
5. I will not use the hammer mechanic.
6. Whoever has the most votes at the end of the day will be lynched. In the case of a tie, whoever had that number of votes first will be lynched. If someone unvotes to cause the tie, the person who had more votes before the unvote will be lynched.
7. Unvoting and no lynching is allowed.
8. Bold/Capitalize your vote or it doesn't count. Please format like this: Vote: Rose or VOTE ROSE
9. Avoid talking on topic during night. You're all supposed to be asleep, after all. Talking off-topic is fine.
10. Those who have the ability to use a night action, Please PM me when it's night time.
11. Day and night lasts 24 hours. If someone is inactive for 2 full Days, the player will automatically be modkilled or replaced without further notification. So if you'll be away for 3+ days then PM me.
12. You must not post PM's from the host in the game thread.
13. You cannot edit your post. Even if it's an irritating thing, you shouldn't. Unless I told you to do so. If you need to edit a post, quote the post and edit the quote.
14. You cannot whisper.
15. Role Claiming is allowed.
16. Please try and be as active as possible. Inactivity makes the game boring.
17. Any Newbie Players must be respected. You should be the guide for him/her.
18. If you're not in the game, whether your dead or not in the game at all, try not to talk on topic.
19. This is still The Sims Forums for us Sims Players and not a Mafia Site. You should be familiar with the forum rules.
20. By signing up, you are agreeing to these rules. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post on the thread.

Rules Regarding Replacing A Player:
1. VT's that are killed/lynched are elligable to be put on the replacement list. Let me know if you want to replace if needed.
2. Anyone who wants to be a replacement, let me know and you will also go on the list.
3. If I need a replacement, I will take the person at the top of the list.
4. You can only replace 1 person; so if you are killed, replace someone, and are killed again, or simply replace someone and are killed; you will NOT be put on the replacement list again

1. The mafia has no factional chat, but they know who their mafia buddy is.
2. The Goons declare the Mafia kill target individually; the kill only goes through if all living Goons declare the same target.
3. If a Goon dies, the next Night is skipped.

1. 2 Mafia Goons
5. 6 VT's

1. Gameplay (Kaysar Dadour from Season 18 of BB Brazil)
2. Dekay (Nick Uhas from Season 15 of BBUS): Killed Night 2- VT
3. City (Mitch Moffit from Season 4 of BBCan)
4. Charlie (Sam Bledsoe from Season 20 of BBUS)
5. Bubbz (Monet Stunson from Season 12 of BBUS): Lynched Day 2- VT
6. Bow (Ragan Fox from Season 12 of BBUS)
7. CraftyKat (Helen Kim from Season 15 of BBUS): Lynched Day 4- Mafia Goon
8. Plumbob (Gemma Collins from Season 16 of CBBUK): Lynched Day 3- VT

Replacement List:
1. Bubbz

Links to Days and Nights:
Voting History:
Day 1
Final Vote Count:
Day 2
Final Vote Count:
Bubbz (2)- Charlie, Gameplay
Charlie (1)- Bubbz
Plumbob (1)- Dekay
Day 3
Final Vote Count:
Plumbob (3)-City, Bow, Dekay
Gameplay (1)-Plumbob
Day 4
Final Vote Count:
Crafty (1)- Charlie
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