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Scooby Doo Mafia (Town Won)

LittlBowBubLittlBowBub Posts: 1,745 Member
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Hello Mystery Gang and Monsters! Welcome to Scooby Doo Mafia! A game full of mystery and Scooby Snacks!

Thanks @Broncos4life for helping me :smile:

Game Setup
So there isn't a link to a set up as i've changed a couple things around. It should be easy enough to follow but if there's anything that you're confused about just PM me and i'll explain as best I can :smile:
2 Mafia
6 Town
1 Scooby Snack each to send to another player each night. Collect 5 of them for an advantage :wink:
PM me the player you would like to send your Scooby Snack to. Everyone can send a Scooby Snack to anyone and you get a fresh snack each night to send to anybody you like all over again (even the same person, but no, you cannot send them to yourself :tongue:) Don't worry, the Scooby Snacks you receive will stack up until you have 5 (or more) which you will then be able to eat and receive your 'advantage' by PMing me. Once you have eaten your Scooby Snacks you will have to start collecting them all over again before you can receive another advantage :smile:

Roles will be randomized, so I am sorry if you receive a role/character you did not want.
I highly recommend not mentioning which character you were given as that could potentially reflect your role (Town/Mafia)
Remember there will be some surprises! :tongue:

1. Plumbob - Velma (VT)
2. City - Ghost Diver (M)
3. Dekay - Shaggy (TM)
4. Rose - Scooby Doo (TM)
5. Gameplay- Daphne (VT)
6. Bubbz - Black Knight (M)
7. Charlie - Scrappy Doo (VT)
8. Crafty - Fred (VT)

1. Plumbob - Killed Night 2
2. City
3. Dekay - Killed Night 1
4. Rose
5. Gameplay
6. Bubbz - Lynched Day 2
7. Charlie
8. Crafty - Lynched Day 1


Links to Days and Nights

Voting History
Day 1 Results
Crafty) - Dekay, Rose, Plumbob
Rose) - Charlie

Day 2 Results
Bubbz) - Charlie, Rose
Charlie) - Bubbz

Day 3 Results
City) - Charlie, Gameplay, Rose

Night Actions
Night 1
Plumbob - sent scooby snack to dekay
City - sent scooby snack to bubbz - kill dekay
Dekay - sent scooby snack to rose
Rose - sent scooby snack to dekay
Bubbz - sent scooby snack to charlie - kill dekay
Charlie -sent scooby snack to dekay

Night 2
City - Kill plumbob
Rose - sent scooby snack to plumbob
Gameplay- sent scooby snack to Rose
Charlie - sent scooby snack to Rose

Possibly need a replacement for City

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