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    Happy Halloween everyone! :D

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    @Jillbg: Don't let it fool you, even though it's fun, you're still writing in more story, therefore it's still 'work'- so don't be frustrated if you're tired, you're doing just as much work as if you were writing more story- you have maybe a little more idea of what you can't change...but your still filing out story and it's just as valid on this side of it as on that side of it. :D This is not wasted time or goofing off, even if it's fun. ;) That's an adorable picture of them all as tots for Halloween :D.

    @cwaddel: Thanks. :D Well, they do look very serious, you've got to wonder what they are talking almost seems like maybe Michael messed up a question and Johan gave him a historical lesson with lots of gory detail. Johan: "...and they still have Santa Anna's wooden leg in the Illinois State Military this very day!" Michael: "Oh, Dad, you're making history sound like a ghost story!" Johan *Takes out flashlight* If I tell you about history you can't repeat 'it's only a story' because this is the scariest part about history, son, is it all really happened!'

    Lol @ Johan: "But I just put that fire out, how is it going to move on a diagonal! Someone tell that fire it's not allowed to do that!" Firefighter: "I'll explain the rules to it, don't you worry!"

    @Venus: Glad to hear from you. :D Sounds like a worse time than I've been having. ;) I hope things get better for you soon. :D I surely hope you get access to play with Savannah and Kaydence and Alexandra and all your sims so you can get some stress relief even if you can't post!

    Sounds like Kaydence (as her alter ego) is on a mission! :D I hope you get a chance to get back to them soon- I know it drives me crazy when I get all these ideas to do something and then my computer or body (or both) decide to make it difficult or straight out impossible. :D

    @Springfairy: Lol- Knight: "You're math skills are criminal! To the dungeons with you!" Lol- sounds like she's looking at the King and doesn't know it. Dun dun DUN!!! ;) (King: *Like all kings? Do you know a lot of Kings? Even I don't know a lot of kings... just a few even want to be pen pals... but it seems like the kings really far away are way more friendly than the guys next door, and you'd think the ones related to you would be nicer, but there are all these family politics you know...but if I say that, she'll know I'm the king and then freak out like everyone does...nope, gotta be smoother than that somehow...!*)

    @Dreamerz: Yep! :D Good to hear- I think if you don't stop it, the culture will raise boys to be that. ;) Well that way, she at least got to see her family and Lucas didn't forget what she looked like! :D That makes sense- doing extra as padding in case things go worse than expected...that's a good idea. :D Welcome baby Isabella! :D Lucas and Isabella are adorable kids. :D Aww- just adorable! <3

    @Nikkei Simmer: Seems like it'd be great for a horror story... :D You even got it on exactly noon...or midnight, I can't tell, because Nuclear fallout! ;)

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    Still recovering from this blasted infection. Stuck with this persistent cough that wont go away.
    As for the game, I don't know what's going on with my game. I don't know if I've got too much CC or something, it takes like 10 to 15 minutes to boot up, and about as long to open a save. On HP laptop. I need to ferret out some of the old CC but I'm not even sure what to take out. It's a real catch 22.

    @Zabeth0 ! Glad to see you! I haven't played in so long, poor Alexandra and AJ's son still doesn't have a name. ;)

    @dreamerz13 Congrats to the happy couple on the birth of Isabella, such a lovely baby! 'Perfect' family a boy and a girl lol.
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    Okay, guys, I've been really bad about holiday specials this year, getting a grand total of none of them I need to remind everyone that my holiday specials don't take place in the same timeline as my ongoing story; so, remember, the holiday specials are alternate universe versions of Rafael and Zelda and all their other friends (and hypothetical children). ;) Also I'm so far behind. ;) So I'm going to put a review here so you have the option of connecting the dots if you want to. :D (If you are baffled when I say the Xmas special is for 2017, and you're tempted to say 'hey, Zabeth, the year, this year it's 2018!'- then this will help you understand how this Xmas special I'm working on posting is the one I didn't get done last year when I had computer problems so bad I thought I might lose the story entirely ;) )

    2014 April Fools special:

    2014 Xmas special:

    2015 April Fools Special:

    2015 Thanksgiving Special:

    2015 Xmas special:

    2016 Xmas Special:

    2017 Thanksgiving special:
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    @zabeth0 Thank you for posting all the threads - I have a tendency not to separate the two timelines otherwise! :)

    @venusdemilosims I hope you'll get well in time for Christmas! :)

    I have had some major problems with my desktop, it gave up in May and I bought a new one a few weeks ago. I own the store and all EP's and stuff packs, the majority is on cd's but some of them on Origin. And two refuse to download - Seasons and the 70s stuffpack. I spend most of last Saturday with some tech help, but they didn't resolve it and I don't have the time to consecrate an hour or two just fiddling around... Will have to try them again, though, as I don't want to be forced to buy the items again...
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    2017 Christmas Special Part 1


    It was the week before Christmas, and there was some concern that there might not be snow for Christmas. Surely a witch would intervene and make sure there was snow for Christmas...surely...but every day the fog softened the mountains and frost just coated the grass and crawled along the windows, and not a flake of snow fell. But that wasn't the only upset in the Van Gould house.


    Tristan: "So, you've still got silver in your blood, and you've just had a nightmare... would you like to share with me or shall I pretend that I'm not concerned?"

    Bailey: "How do you know I had a nightmare?"


    Tristan: Once, he'd been jealous of humans' ability to close their eyes and have spontaneous worlds with their own strange rules to explore in their head that their brain just gifted them when they fell asleep...he'd felt cheated that all he ever got for sleeping was oblivion. But all jealousy vanished the first time he'd spied on a human's thoughts while a dream turned into a nightmare. He'd wondered how they even stayed sane... every time they slept they risked that. "Well, you either had a nightmare or a medical emergency that just happened to clear up the moment you opened your eyes. My sister, who is a medical doctor, is down stairs, so, I'll get her if you want, but I think it's a nightmare by the way you looked at me when you woke up. I'm not sure why you feel guilty for whatever you dream about... as I understand it humans don't control their dreams, so it's not like you chose to have a nightmare."


    Bailey: "Okay, yes, Tristan, I had a nightmare..."


    Bailey: "She was a cheerleader this time."

    Tristan: He didn't have to ask who; only one witch had tried to kill Bailey, Zelda Zolnikov. And he'd been there and she'd terrified him too...but Tristan had only experienced that terror once- months ago, and when she hadn't killed them but turned on her heel and left, that had been the end of it for him...but poor Bailey was reliving it often, not every night, but often and he wished he could help her. Tristan still didn't know whether his father had anything to do with the human photographer sending the witch the misleading pictures, but he thought it likely...though as the photographer had been killed, and his father was dead, he couldn't exactly ask. Someday he'd find out, but in the meantime, he needed to be supportive of his wife's human experiences that were so different than his own. "Clearly that was terrifying."

    Bailey: "Cheerleaders used to pick on me, so it probably doesn't sound as scary to you as it was to me."

    Tristan: "Hey, I know it was scary, I heard your breathing and heartbeat...and you make this tiny throat noise when you are frightened."
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    @Jillbg: Yeah, it's confusing to everyone, not just you, this is why I remind everyone. :D Don't feel bad, it's confusing, but I use specials to goof off. ;)

    Man, do I know how frustrating computer issues can be! I mean, you guys are way better at the computer stuff than me, and can even download cc items and skins and stuff, so I'm sure there isn't much I can say to help you but I can agree that's a real pain! (On my end, I have no idea why but in order to play my sims 3 game I have to be disconnected from the internet- or it crashes within minutes of being loaded.)
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    @Zabeth0 Tristan and Bailey! That's a sure treat! :) Nightmares can be terrible, especially before you realize they were only a dream... Poor Tristan, can't he remember how it was before he turned into a vampire? Or was he born a vampire? I remember you talked about the ancient vampire families, but I'm so used to the general thought that a vampire is a "dead" human... :#
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    @Jillbg: Thanks. :D He was born a was his now two month old son, Tolkien (Bailey named him), who you'll see in this special. :D
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    @Zabeth0 One quibble... you have '2017' at the top. ;) I know what you mean but it's just the idea. Zelda looks cute in that cheerleader uniform. And Tolkien? Lol... guess someone was a 'Lord of the Rings' fan. ;) Why had Zelda tried to kill Bailey? I forget...

    Big shock... I have an update for you... Yay! Started writing this in bed, while still recovering from this darn infection.


    Emmitt Stanley, the older of the two children of Alan Stanley and Emmy Starr, had been given full creative control over his father's prime-time TV show, As the Sims Turn, a soap opera about the lives and loves of wealthy prep-school teens. Alan Stanley was now getting up there in years, and as such, he decided to curtail his responsibilities at the studio, narrowing his portfolio to feature films. Emmitt, as his son and apprentice, had established himself as heir apparent to the Stanley directorial legacy. Emmitt was younger, but he had a lot of stylistic similarities with his father.


    One of the first things he did when he got that control - was to attempt to woo back the show's departed star, Kaydence Jolina-Plumb.


    Emmitt's overture to Kaydence was fairly controversial. After all, the role that had been originated by Tiara Angelista and perfected by Kaydence had now been cast with another actress. But since Kaydence's departure, the ratings for the show had tanked, and for the first time in five years, ATST was not nominated for a single Golden Simmy award. The show's stature had been surpassed by newer programs, with larger production budgets. In order to save it, he was desperate to 'do something.'

    Emmitt showed signs that he truly cared about the show. After all, he was now writing and devising most of its plots, and the fates of its characters - and the actors who portrayed them - had been burnished in his mind. Even though it had been created by his father, in his mind, ATST was now his show.

    The newspapers got wind of Emmitt's meeting with Kaydence and went to town with screaming, breathless headlines. "Report: Kaydence Plumb walks out of meeting with Emmitt Stanley"


    However, the meeting itself was much, much less dramatic; almost anticlimactic. Emmitt met Kaydence beside the main show stage, where she had been working on her own feature film project based on her book. After he revealed himself as the person who secretly sent the dozen long-stemmed pink roses to Kaydence's dressing room,


    he offered her a job on the ATST writing team. "I liked the storyline bits you wrote for Alexa the last time you were here," Emmitt complimented. "You really added a couple layers of depth to her character."
    Kaydence nodded. "I wanted to go beyond her, you know, just woohooing around wrecking relationships."
    "Please consider the offer, Kaydence. You are quite talented, not just as an actress."


    Kaydence, who initially left the show due to an episode of exhaustion that landed her briefly in the hospital, looked at Emmitt as if he had lost his mind. As much as she liked and respected Emmitt, there was no way she was returning.


    As for his younger sister Alanna, who in the wake of Kaydence's departure had become the show's main focus once again, she was also too busy with feature film projects to care about its fate. In the wake of her disastrous feature film debut, an action-adventure set in Egypt, she signed on for two more sequels, set in Shang Simla and Champs Les Sims respectively. With Alanna launching a movie career, she was just about done with prime-time television.
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    @Venus: Well, I'm just that slow. ;) Yeah, Bailey's bio says she's a reader so I went with that. :D And since she's so into supernaturals, I figured she'd have read lots of fantasy stuff, including the Lord of the Rings. ;) Zelda tried to kill her because Zelda thought Bailey was Rafael's side chick; Bailey's only two years younger than her and they were pregnant at the same time... and Rafael was hiding Bailey out in a cottage in the woods that couldn't be crystal balled; she didn't know why, and she jumped to conclusions. ;) Even Deedee didn't know why else he would be hiding a pregnant woman out in the woods in a cottage that couldn't be looked into by a witch with a crystal ball, but the reason is kind of complicated and Rafael had to explain it to Zelda- one of the few people in the world that has clue one about his family history; he feels like Bailey is a sister to him; it's complicated but he was raised by a spy- he couldn't figure out, for the longest time why he felt like Bailey was like his (long dead) family somehow...she reminded of his sister but wasn't graceful, didn't look like her, and he couldn't figure it out until he found out that Bailey's dad Chester was a spy. Then it made sense to him...but he still didn't want to explain it to anyone, and he didn't expect that he'd have to...but then Zelda demanded an explanation and he gave it to her; however, Zelda also felt so horrible that she almost killed Bailey and Tristan (since Tristan jumped in the way, either to save Bailey or join her), that she ordered Rafael to explain to Bailey what his family situation that she could at least not be worried that the 'Dragon Master' was using her for some nefarious reason or had some inappropriate desire for her (since without that piece of the puzzle it seems pretty scary that he looks after her)- so Zelda has put Rafael in a bit of a difficult position, but he's going to try to do what she asked of him...but he's successfully stalled for over a month. ;) So, that's why this special is mostly focused around the Van Gould household... (Rafael will show up eventually). :D

    Wow, I sure hope you shake that infection soon! :) Emmitt looks so professional at that desk with that chair and the open script. :D Yeah, he probably feels a little left behind as his sister is too busy with her stardom. :D So, it probably kind of hurts that the things he's been entrusted to deal with from his older father are doing worse, and it's probably hard to deal with that... and Kaydence probably brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the show, not just the scripts but I would expect her energy would bleed over to many of the actors on the set (and her being a workaholic means she'd probably add motivation to it for a lot of people) she would probably be the most obvious person to try to win back- she's just so talented. :D But she's got her own stuff to do while she's still young enough that people will let her do it... ;) So I can understand why she wouldn't want to be stuck doing soap operas if she can be making movies and producing things... :D But unlike other fans of the show, if she watches it and says 'eh, I don't like this' and comes up with a fan theory on her couch curled up with Terry about what would make it better, she can literally text Emmitt with those ideas! ;) Though I can understand not wanting to be roped back into it. ;) Well, at least Alanna's got sequels to work on, hopefully she can improve her chemistry so she doesn't get railed against on those too... but I can see how that would leave her brother in the dust. Poor Emmitt. ;) Hopefully he gets a star actor in there soon to help make up the difference or gets some quirky ideas or something. ;)
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    @Zabeth0 I'm not familiar with Bailey beyond briefly being in Moonlight Falls when Sage and Sierra were in school, she was one of their schoolmates. ;) So I didn't know the background or her backstory. I'm a bit surprised that Zelda had attempted to kill her; but then again, people do have a tendency to jump to conclusions sometimes, even if they don't know the whole story. ;) Those spies do have a tendency to stick together. ;)

    Yeah, I'm about ready to shake this infection as well. It's sapped my energy. I showed you pics of Alan, he's more of a suit-and-tie sort; I decided not to go that route with Emmitt, however, I wanted to give him echoes of that aesthetic. He's a millennial. He can't be a buttoned-down sort. You understand, right? Lol

    Yeah, it was definitely tough for Emmitt, inheriting his father's, well, homelier looks and a lot of his personality; while he had his ebullient younger sister waiting in the wings to become a star. This is where the Stanleys differed from, say, the Jolina-Plumbs; Andy and Savannah (mostly Andy admittedly) raised their kids out of the spotlight and tried to give them as 'normal' a life as they could give them, even with Savannah's fame as an author and adventurer. And Andy and Savannah's kids had options open to them, they could choose the path of fame or not. As for Sebastian, well, the spotlight called him and his like a moth to a flame. Kaydence's fame started when she became a bowling ball between Madison and Sebastian. The Stanleys' approach was basically that the kids were going to follow them into show business. That was not the approach of Andy and Savannah, and Sebastian's daughter Kaydence pretty much happened into the biz. She wasn't pressured into it at all.

    I kinda secretly think Emmitt has a 'thing' for Kaydence - though it might just be that they share the workaholic trait and they see eye to eye on a lot. When she was first brought on, short notice, there was a difference immediately, as the ratings rose. Whether Alanna wants to admit it or not, Kaydence and her presence on the set made her a better actress. I agree with you that Kaydence is clearly talented; she is not coasting by on her parents' names. Emmitt is loath to let go of an actress of Kaydence's abilities.

    I do think that like her dad, shes one of those who likes to keep options open.

    Well, I started this a few months ago and just got (on, off)? my duff to upload it.

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    Merry Christmas
    to all of you
    from all of us!

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