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Play and Share continued

Since we seem to have missed posts in the other thread, I am starting this one.
There is no point fighting with deleted post skips on a continual basis.

Anyone who would like to share what you are doing with your game and/or your current may join this thread.

Also, if you are new to the sims and have questions re: game play or the forums, I hope you will ask them here.

Please be kind and friendly to all posters. I request that we follow the forum rules please.


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    Hello, I've creeped the past thread before, but never had anything interesting of my own to add, so never joined in.

    But, new thread, new opportunity so here I am :-)

    You can call me Fuzzy, or by my whole username should you wish to type more :lol:

    I look forward to being a part of this!
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    Hi everyone. New thread yay :)

    For any newcomers to this thread who didn't see the last one my story Black Rose can be found archived through my banner along with a link to my previous story "Orphan Opposites"

    Just figured I would mention for newcomers sake since continuing chapters of Black Rose will be posted here :)
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    This is just a re-post of the most recent Black Rose chapter to help prevent any confusion from the changing thread and the prior threads invisiposts. If you've already read it feel free to ignore me :P

    Chapter 7- The Least She Could Do


    Kyrie couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable as she removed her shirt in the bathroom of Blondie’s Bar. It wasn’t getting undressed so much that made her squirm as it was just the whole scenario she found herself in the middle of.

    Jenny: Everything alright in there Maya?

    Kyrie: Yeah everything’s fine. I’ll be out in a minute.


    This was what she didn’t get. She knew Jenny resented her. She would occasionally catch her staring at her and could feel the dislike radiating from her eyes and often Jenny seemed to go out of her way to not be in the same room as her… but that was what she didn’t understand. Jenny disliked her, Kyrie knew it, yet… if that was the case then why had she offered her a job, why had she gone out of her way to help get her some new clothes to hide the tattoo and disguise her identity from the patrons, why had she willingly gone along with the pseudonym Maya Rose.

    She understood it from the business side of things, after all having Kyrie DeMarco working for your bar would naturally be bad for business so the clothing and name made sense in that respect… but why even go this far. She could have just told her to get lost, to leave the bar and never come back. Kyrie wouldn’t have blamed her for that… but for some reason Jenny had agreed to let her work there.


    As Kyrie finished pulling on the new shirt and fitting the hat comfortably on top of her head she stared at her reflection in the mirror. It amazed her how much difference some minor aesthetic changes made. Her hair color had already been a step in the right direction of escaping the stigma that her appearance had brought but now she almost looked like a completely different person. If she didn’t know it herself she would hardly believe the reflection in the mirror was her.

    She ran her fingers through her straightened hair. She’d always had wavy hair and honestly preferred her hair to be wavy… but it was kind of nice in a way. It was nice to look in the mirror and not be immediately reminded of who she was. To have a brief moment where she could feel like a new person, a slight taste of what she sought to achieve in the future. Deep down she still knew the truth, and she knew she still had a long way to go before she could really escape the shadow of her past and just forget the old her had ever existed, but at least for this moment she could feel that she was moving in the right direction. Like becoming a new person and leaving the past behind wasn’t just a dream.


    But the question of why still ran through her head. Why would Jenny go through all of this for her? Kyrie honestly couldn’t say she would do the same in Jenny’s position. Kyrie shook her head. It wasn’t something to worry about. The reason didn’t matter the fact was Jenny had done it… despite her dislike for Kyrie she had chosen to listen to Mrs. Miller and give Kyrie a chance, and she wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth, she would just do her best to make the experience as painless as possible. That was the least she could do.

    Kyrie stared at her reflection in the mirror determinedly, yes that was the least she could do. She would work here long enough to earn the money she needed and then she would leave. She would get out of Bridgeport and let Jenny live her life in peace. She’d already been thinking that the best thing for her would be to head somewhere else, somewhere where people didn’t recognize her, where people didn’t know about the DeMarco family or the Black Rose of Bridgeport. But for that she needed money and this was the only shot she’d been able to get. So she would work hard to earn that money and do her best not to cause any more trouble for Jenny in the process, and then it was off to somewhere far away. Leaving behind everything and just starting over as Maya Rose.


    As Kyrie left the restroom Jenny briefly looked her over nodding in approval.

    Jenny: Yep this will work, nobody would ever realize who you are.

    Kyrie opened her mouth to respond but Jenny turned away and left for her office in the back room before Kyrie could say anything. Kyrie sighed to herself, as different as she looked it still didn’t help. Jenny still hated her and no matter how different she looked that wasn’t going to change.


    Travis: Well now that dress up is done get to work. You’re being paid to do a job not stand around.

    Kyrie jumped in surprise as Travis disrupted her thoughts.

    Travis was Jenny’s boyfriend and helped run the bar, and he was a completely different story to Jenny. There was no questioning why with him. He blatantly despised Kyrie and she knew if he had his way he would fire her in a heartbeat. The only thing stopping him from doing such was that Blondie’s was Jenny’s bar, and for some reason based on Mrs. Miller’s recommendation Jenny had agreed to let Kyrie work there.

    Travis: Look “Maya”...

    Kyrie cringed slightly at the sound of the name. Travis always did this, he knew who she really was. He would call her Maya because of Jenny but he made no secret that he didn’t approve. Not of the name, not of hiring her, and not of Kyrie in general.

    Travis: ... I don’t care what you call yourself, or how different you look. People like you don’t change. I know it and you know it. So I am saying this clearly. If you do anything to hurt Jenny I will make sure you regret it. I don’t know for what reason you’re here but I know it can’t be good. Your choice is clear, either give up whatever you’re plotting and get the hell out of our lives or I will deal with you personally the second you try anything.


    Travis turned and walked away back to his place behind the bar where he’d spent the morning refilling the taps. Kyrie fought to hold back the tears and anger that welled up inside her. She’d tried to tell Travis that she meant no harm towards Jenny, tried to make him understand that she wasn’t that person anymore, at least she didn’t want to be, but he wouldn’t listen. She would have quit if it wasn’t for the fear that she knew she wouldn’t get another chance anywhere else in the city… this all just confirmed, she had to leave. She had to leave the city and let everyone get back to their lives.


    Kyrie turned back diligently and continued cleaning the tables. This was all she could do, just work hard and show them she meant no ill will until she could earn enough to leave. That was what was best not just for her but for everyone.

    And that's it for this chapter. As always I hope everyone enjoyed the chapter and if you have missed any of the previous chapters they can be found archived through my banner along with links to my previous stories.

    Happy simming :)
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    I have my first update with the Dreamer family in Lucky Palms. I hope you enjoy it.


    Lucky Palms is a beautiful world filled with lots of interesting scenery and even more interesting citizens. Darren Dreamer is just one of them. He has the Hates the Outdoors trait, so why did I send him to the beach to fish? Guess I wasn't thinking there.


    This is the view right outside of Darren's house. It's quite beautiful. I gave his home a cosmetic makeover because, well, I just couldn't stand it. I had to change from that awful silver roof to something more appealing. Then the new roof called for new exterior, hence the brick. Inside, it's untouched. Darren aspires to be an artist and right now, he's struggling at it. Money is tight.


    This is another view from Darren's home. You might be able to make out that the building on the left is wickichick's bakery. Cool! Let's not fill up on a steady diet of cobbler, cinnamon rolls, and pie, now will we Darren? Let's hope not.


    One day, Darren decided to write a love letter to his paramour, Darlene Matlapin. She responded favorably by paying him a visit. This will be their first date.


    Darren flirted with Darlene just a little bit. Okay, maybe more than a little bit. But she was enjoying it. Darren couldn't wait to use his Mad Kisser skills on her.


    There you go! She'sdefinitely liking it!


    So Darren goes in for the Dip Kiss! Way to go, Darren! And you haven't even invited her inside yet. Don't you think you ought to do so?


    Darren thought he'd impress her with his cooking skills. Unfortunately, the only thing he knew how to make was Mac and Cheese. That will have to do.


    Darlene helped herself to a bowl of Mac and Cheese. So did Darren. Don't you think you ought to sit a bit closer, Darren?


    Once the meal was over, Darren invited Darlene into the Living Room. He started a nice fire. Was it the heat of the fire that caused him to give her a Heat of the Moment Kiss? Whatever it was, it worked!


    He followed that up with another Dip Kiss. She's loving it! Way to go, Darren! You've swept her off her feet! And Cassius, the family dog, seem to approve!


    Darren decides to take it one step further. He asked Darlene to go steady. She accepted! He was so happy! The girl of his dreams has agreed to be his girlfriend! What luck!


    Suddenly, matters take a turn for the worse. A spark from the fireplace catches the rug on fire! Oh, no! Quick, call the fire department!


    No need for the Fire Department, Darren is a man of action. He'll deal with the fire all by himself! Hand him the fire extinguisher!


    A few blasts from the extinguisher and the fire is almost under control. Well, almost.


    Make that several more blasts from the fire extinguisher. Yeah, I think it's out. Good job, Darren! Way to save the day!


    Again, it might have been the heat of the moment (as it were), but Darren popped the question. The question that Darlene dreamed of being asked for years and years. Yes, she will marry him!

    * * *

    And with that, Darren and Darlene are now engaged to be married. What kind of wedding will they plan? Will it be a huge church wedding or a little chapel on the Strip? Maybe a back yard wedding or one in the park? We'll have to see.

    * * *

    Here is a sneak peak at Darlene's wedding dress:


    Best Regards,

    Origin ID: nik24x7
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    Starting anew is the best course of action when it comes to dealing with ghost posts.

    Anywho, since I haven't gone in-game since last update, I'll paste the last update I had in the old thread here:

    Here is little Locke playing with one of the toys his mother made him:

    Here Solara uses the Gem Cutter in that one room that has their crystal ball:
    Hey, better than sending the gems in the mail.

    Here we see Mignon...being Mignon:
    This cat, I swear. :lol:

    Here is Locke watching Guillaume exercise:

    Here Landon's getting better at Mixology:
    Or he's just showing off. :lol:

    Here I'm pretty sure Locke's trying to rip the head off his IF doll:

    Here we see Mignon apparently surprised by a Plutonium Ingot:

    Here we see just how big his ears are:
    I bet he could fly with those. :shock:

    Here is Guillaume letting Locke play on a Horse spring rider:

    And here Locke is being stubborn when Landon played with him later:
    He really didn't want to get off that thing. :lol: :D

    To any newcomers: this started out as a test file for ITF, and it pretty much took on a life of its own.
    AO3: Silver_Shortage_in_Markarth <(Where I'm usually at nowadays)
    Part One(Complete 9/24/16) /Part Two(on hold)/Short Stories(on hold)/Twinbrook 1996(on hold)/Ten Crystal Hearts (on hold)
    I own the TS3 Store as of 12/11/16 (sort of. It's complicated)
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    Hi Wickichick :D
    Sorry your old thread got invisiposts :( That's something I don't miss!
    Good luck with your new thread. I look forward to lurking as I do from time to time :D
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    wickichick Hi there!It looks like the other thread was glitching out.
    FuzzySlipers45 Hi there and welcome.
    Nik24X7 Great update!It looks like they've got a good start.
    rednenemon Great update!I saw it in the other thread.
    Celiria I saw your update in the other thread.
    Here's a small update on what I did earlier in CAW.
    This is from my current CAW project working on a desert world.
  • and-it-is-onand-it-is-on Posts: 1,361 Member
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    New thread :D I'll try and keep up this time :P

    Fuzzy- Hi *waves* :D

    Celiria- It was nice of Jenny to help Kyrie like that. That situation would be hard for Kyrie but hopefully if she just does her job without incident things will be alright. Travis is a bit harsh though.

    Nik24X7- Nice shots of Lucky Palms, it is a beautiful world isn't it. Haha, hates the outdoors? Go fish at the beach! I do that, I usually just tell my sims to get over it :lol:
    I like the makeover you gave to the house, it looks great.
    Darren and Darlene make such a nice couple! Go Darren you charmer, Darlene is definitely enjoying it. Brave as well? Saving the day by putting out the fire. What a catch, obviously Darlene thinks so too, she said yes! Her wedding dress is so pretty and looks great in her. Can't wait to see their wedding :D

    rednenemon- Locke is so cute playing with his toy. I love Mignon, always falling on his face :lol: and that pic of him being surprised by Plutonium is hilarious! I never realised how big his ears were :shock:
    You can't blame Landon, if I had mixology skill I would show off too :P

    TadOlson- Your desert world looks interesting so far

  • FuzzySlipers45FuzzySlipers45 Posts: 1,343 New Member
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    Celiria: Ohh, I can just sense some bad blood is going to be spilled between Maya/Kyrie and Travis, no matter how Maya/Kyrie acts! Can't wait for the next part!

    Nik24X7: Do you use lighting mods? Or are you cpmouter's graphics just better at show-casing lighting than mine is :lol: Dang, Darren moves fast! Glad Darlene said yes! Do you plan on following the Pleasantview storyline, or just creating your own?

    rednenemon: I don't blame Locke for trying to rip his IF's head off. Those things give me the creeps, always poofing around. I like the gnomes poofing, but something about a doll moving around doesn't sit well with me. Mignon is a cutie :)

    TadOlson: Thanks for the welcome! What kind of desert world will it be? A big city, or a small town?

    and-it-is-on: Thanks for the welcome :mrgreen:
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,222 Member
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    Nik24X7 wrote:

    I have my first update with the Dreamer family in Lucky Palms. I hope you enjoy it.

    I did :) Darren is certainly a fast-mover when it comes to relationships but then again, in the Sims, one has to be! Darlene's wedding dress is beautiful :)
    dreamerz13 wrote:
    MayaRose1138- Aww rembrandt is adorable. The triplets are lovely. Ginger and Amber are lovely also. :mrgreen:

    Thank you :) Most of the girls have turned out quite lovely, especially when they hit their teen years. The only problem with Rembrandt is that because I have the cheats on so as not to worry about food and stuff, he's never hungry and my sims, when they are idle, keep trying to feed him! Not good for their relationship :)
    Colorist40 wrote:
    @Mayarose1138 The stuff wasn't free for everybody. Rednenemon was talking about complete your set. With the sale lowering prices depending on how many items you had already bought for a set, it made it even more likely to be able to get the sets for free or for a song lol. I had some sets that I got for 125 sim points and some for free.

    Well, that explains why I could barely find anything. I don't have much in the way of sets at the moment, especially as I've decided to save for the Renaissance Fair (which will take me forever but I'm prepared to wait since I haven't bought a new copy of Dragon Valley yet anyway).

    Btw, I think the mother is Antonia this time (she certainly seems to have had a lot of kids!)
    Nik24X7 wrote:
    @MayaRose1138 - Your Wright-Mitchell family looks like a lot of fun! I'm so happy Sapphire found a date for the prom. My teens are usually too busy with their studies to socialize much. Most of them end up going to the prom single. Sometimes, they end up with a boyfriend or girlfriend at the prom, but not often. As for the Free Vacation opportunity, I've never taken them up on it. I guess I should experience it at least once. Is it always a given that a party will be held and the police called, I wonder? And I hate it when a fire breaks out. My Sims freak out and almost seem determined to set themselves ablaze. And if they manage to put it out before the firefighter arrives, then they get fined. Aaaargh! Congratulations to Sapphire on her engagement. I hate it when Graduation Day imposes itself on the events I otherwise have planned. LOL at tying the knot in their graduation gowns! I hope you enjoy Pets and Seasons expansion packs! LOL at Rembrandt sleeping on the old newspapers! Nice birthday pictures of your Sims.

    The only ones of my sims who have had dates were Sapphire and Cedar, and that was only a fluke because of the teens who came home with the kids!! I've only taken the game up on the vacation twice. Jamison had the party straight away and got caught; Sapphire and Cedar waited two days and when there was no sign of their mother coming home, had a small party so that they would come home. Now I just ignore the opportunity when it comes up because I don't have any teens who love to party :)

    The first couple of Graduation Days, it was all I could do to get the sims there! For the last one, I just let the sims do nothing on that day and they actually all got their on time :)

    I'm enjoying Pets and Seasons so far. Each family has a different animal (the Glovers have the cat, the Millers have two dogs, and I've just given the Wrights a horse). The fairs aren't too bad (have only had summer and autumn so far) but getting everyone together for the greeting card photo is difficult, especially if someone gets interrupted by a phone call or something and you have to start all over again!!
    Nik24X7 wrote:
    @MayaRose1138 - I tend to agree with you when you say that you hate swimming pools. The Landgraabs had a huge pool in their back yard and the Sims seemed to always use it when their task queues were empty. I'm currently playing the Dreamer household in Lucky Palms and the back yard is begging for a pool. I might just put in a hot tub and be done with it. Maybe also table tennis and a few other activities.

    I fenced off the swimming pool in the Miller's new house but now they keep going to the rollerskating rink that I got from the summer festival!! Looks like I'll have to fence that off too :) They either do that or try to feed the pets when they don't need to be fed!
    TadOlson wrote:
    MayaRose1138 I hate it when my game kept freezing after I first got World Adventures and found out it was defective and had to go back to the store.I also had another issue with Supernatural and have to buy a replacement disk because it was too late to get it back to the store when I found out the other disk was defective and caused the game to hang on save.

    I hope none of my new games are defective! It's only been crashing with the one family so far and I haven't learnt from mistakes and save more often :( If it keeps doing that, I'll have to start a new save and see what happens.
    wickichick wrote:
    MayaRose: There are a good number of free items yet available in the store..maybe
    you have downloaded all the free items and bonus downloads from games you own
    but if you haven't I have always found the items to be nice and useful in game.
    As far as from the sale...some where buying pieces to sets they have been picking
    up either through daily deal or often as gifts from other simmers...then they
    check complete my set and find they can download the remaining items for free.

    Okay, that explains why I could hardly find anything. I always download the free content (I have the Celtic stuff from Dragon Valley even though I don't have the game downloaded because my friend didn't use the code :)) Maybe I'll go have another look around.

    @Unlockedinferno: I'm really liking the redecoration of the house :) I'm not the best with redecorating so it's always interesting to see what other people have done.
    Simmelina1 wrote:

    Oh, he's cute! How did you have quads though? I didn't think the game allowed anything over triplets??
    I would have had an update on the Millers today but as I said, the game froze and so all my photos that I had are now worthless. But when I was in the game the other day, I went into CAS and the random female sim that appeared was lovely so I have used her to create one half of my superhero duo. I don't have a name for them yet so suggestions are welcome :)


    I must have gone through fifty random sims before I came across him :) I've tweaked the hair and eye colour on both but other than, I've left them as I found them.
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    Oh shiny new thread.
    Starting with post from the previous thread.
    Nik24X7 wrote:
    @Unlockedinferno It looks like Charlotte is indecisive as to which single male to marry. Gus Hart is the baby's father. Let's hope he steps up and accepts his responsibilities to Charlotte and Melinda. Nice update.
    Every time Charlotte meets a new guy there is always a lot of flirt wishes. Kind of strange considering she doesn’t have the hopeless romantic trait.
    Colorist40 wrote:
    @Unlockedinferno I love how bright and lovely you are making the rooms. Is there any special reason for using the same colour blue? Just wondering. It is a beautiful color, so I don't blame you for using it.
    I went with blue as it both an exciting a relaxed colour, plus blue matches up with many different colours.
    Colorist40 wrote:
    That garden is inspired. Next time I have that house I am going to do that.
    I agree the garden looks good in the diamonds, but it very annoying as I’m unable to plant any more as for some reason it keeps saying the path is blocked. So once charlotte gets more money I will be placing the plants else where.
    Colorist40 wrote:
    Wow Charlotte is a man magnet. She can have any man she wants it seems. They throw themselves at her, but then they reject her on the other hand lol.
    Every guy she has meet starts of so well, but as soon as Charlotte tries to move the relationship forward it never goes well.

    P.s Thanks for the link to the free trees, I always miss stuff like that.

    @TadOlson Nice update. It’s nice to see Eli and Ami have a little shy kiss. They were spending so much time working they were getting so little time to work on their relationship. More kissing please.

    @Nik24X7 your pictures makes me want to buy Lucky Palms, it looks stunning.
    Darren and Darlene sure do like to kiss a lot. I suppose the fire was a good thing to happen as I taught Darren life is short and just follow your instincts.
    Looking forward to the wedding pictures. Darlene wedding dress is gorgeous.

    @FuzzySlipers45 Hope to see you posting in the thread.
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    Summer has come and past in summerset valley, and today marks the first day of autumn and the first day of motherhood for Charlotte.

    First things first, Charlotte needs out of theses summer cloths and in to autumn wear…


    After (decided to give her a new hair style and colour also).

    Gus Heart is still fighting the urge to sleep and spends some time with his new daughter.

    Charlotte is getting pretty hungry, and she can only assume Gus is feeling the same. So starts cooking up some yummy pancakes.

    No time to eat though, as baby is crying. Must be time for a bottle.

    Now Charlotte's turn

    Gus couldn't fight the tiredness no more so heads home... A few hour pass before Jared Frio comes over to visit (he doesn't bother knocking he just walks in).

    On arrival he presents Charlotte with some flowers...

    Charlotte is so pleased with the flowers. she now really wants to have her first kiss with Jared Frio.

    Charlotte obviously misread the signs...

    The awkwardness does not last long thought, as Jared has to go as he is due at work.

    So with the ‘to get married’ wish still hanging around who will Charlotte marry?
  • GBA91101Nver4getGBA91101Nver4get Posts: 4,965 Member
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    The cat with the big ears is so cute. :)

    Not too much is happening in my game, Jack and Jill Johnson are expecting their 2nd child. Jack is climbing up the medical ladder. I just recently re-installed ambitions (since I haven't played it in over a year). All of a sudden at 9p.m. Jack had to go into work and I couldn't figure out why. Finally I remembered that in the medical career sims can be on call. I also forgot about those Journals that sims in the medical career have to read for their job performance. :lol: So after working a long day, coming home and going to sleep, poor jack had to wake up and go back to work. He got home at around 11p.m. was sleepy from work, so I decided that would be a great time to have him read his medical journal. :lol: Poor Jack ended up going to sleep at 3a.m. and soon after that his son started crying for a bottle. :lol: As for Jill she's a cook and is doing pretty well at her job. I'm planning on remodeling the Johnson's house since there's currently no room for another crib in the nursery. I'm going to try to keep this family small since the last family I had (the Foxworth family) had 9 kids. :shock: For the son, he'll probably become an inventor since he has the eccentric trait, or a ghost hunter. I love playing old EPs that I haven't played in a while, it's like playing them for the first time.
    Nobody does it better, Steve Jobs you simply are the best RIP 10-5-11
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    Kind of sad the other thread glitched, but hopefully now we will get even more new people. Sometimes joining a long term thread is intimidating, and stops new people from jumping in like Fuzzy.

    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Fuzzy. So glad you decided to stop creeping :shock: and join the fun!

    Just reposting my last Shrek update for any who hasn't seen it although I am pretty sure you all have. Anson update tonight or tomorrow so won't repost that since it wasn't posted in the last few pages of the last thread. For new people might do a recap of the story with the update.


    Shrek watched Fiona run into the house. Wow, what had caused that reaction? He had only wanted to show her that he was glad she came back. After all she was important to him, because of what his father told him. If he didn't marry Fiona, his father and him would be in trouble. His father was a pain, but he loved him and didn't wish any harm to come to him.


    Shrek's phone rang. He looked to see who was calling and saw his father's number. Shrek cringed. His dad was probably going to fish for information on how Fiona took things. How could he tell him that he hadn't even told her yet?

    Shrek: Hello, dad.

    Shrek's dad: Hi son. I haven't talked to you since our last conversation, but I have been worried. I wanted to call you before now, but wasn't sure if you would answer my call. Have you told Fiona yet? What did she say? Can I start planning the wedding?

    Shrek: I am fine Dad. Thanks for asking. You always were so considerate of me. What would I do without you? Oh yeah that is right, (his voice raising a little bit) I woold be living my life happy and ALONE!

    Dad: Look Shrek. I know all this has been a shock to you.

    Shrek: A shock? A shock? How about a huge smack between my eyes. I have had the worst six months of my life since Fiona came and as bad as it was I didn't think things could get any worse. Then you lay your scheme on me knowing how I would feel about it.

    Shrek's dad: Now that is not true. I had no idea...

    Shrek angry: Stop the bull dad. You knew I would be less than happy. That is why you waited to tell me this. If you had told me this before Fiona came, she wouldn't be here right now. As bad as that was hearing about how you planned my life for me without my consent, these past two days have been sheer joy.

    Shrek's dad hearing the sarcasm in Shrek's voice: Son, I am really sorry. I know how my springing that on you must have been, but I didn't want to keep hiding the truth from you.


    Shrek sarcastically: Well stop the presses. Dad admits he knows how unhappy I would be at his news! Dad my life is not a tabloid. I am an ogre, I am happy to be an ogre. I never wanted anything but to be alone. I have been miserable from the first day Fiona came here.

    Shrek's dad: Shrek, you just need to give it some time. A big change like this is hard to accept at first, but if you give yourself and Fiona a chance this could work. We really need to get this wedding planned as Fiona will be 18 before you know it. Have you discussed with her what kind of wedding she would like? The citizens of Ogrid are picking up the tab so there will be no expense spared. After all it isn't everyday a princess gets married. It is the most special day of any woman's life and hopefully it will only be a once in a lifetime event.


    Shrek irritated: Dad, I haven't even had a chance to tell Fiona anything!

    Shrek's Dad: Shrek, what are you waiting for? You want me to be taken away and executed? They will come for you as well you know. She has got to be told!

    Shrek: Look, I am sorry you made a contract without consulting me and on my behalf, but that isn't my fault. If you explain to them how awful a ruler I would make, maybe they will find someone else and let you off the hook.

    Shrek's dad: It doesn't work that way. A contract made for the kingship is binding and subject to the laws of the land if broken.


    Shrek agitated walked into the house to get out of the rain.

    Shrek: You always were interfering in my life and you had no right to arrange who I was going to marry and what I was going to do with the rest of my life! Now you have put us all in danger.

    Shrek's dad: No Shrek, you have, by your stubbornness and blasted hermit like existence! I found you a lovely young ogre to enrich your life and make you happy, and all you can do is complain how she is ungrateful, ugly, inconvenient and wrecking your life. I have only tried to help you from being alone and miserable for the rest of your life.

    Shrek: Well you sure did a bang up job dad! I have never been more miserable ever in my entire life! Thanks a lot for trying to help me!

    Shrek's dad: Well this is the last time I tell you. No more. If you don't marry Fiona, even if they don't find me to execute me, I will never butt into your life again, and you will never see me again!

    Shrek: Fine! I need you in my life like I need a deadly disease!
    In fact I would prefer a deadly disease to you at this point. Get over it dad! I haven't been able to talk to Fiona. She got beat up today after going to the park by a bunch of men. She hated me before, but now she really hates me. I can't tell her now. She told me she wants me to die.

    Shrek's dad: oh come now Shrek. What have you done to Fiona?

    Shrek shocked: What have I done? What have I done?

    Shrek's dad: I have known Fiona since she was 10 and I always found her to be sweet and of a sunny disposition. She would not treat anybody like you say.

    Shrek beyond floored: Gee dad. You saw her off and on from the age of ten for collectively maybe a month's worth of time and that is when you went to hang out with her father. I am sure you had lots of contact with her on those visits right? How about trying to live with a person day in and day out for six months and then tell me what that person is like. You have no clue dad!

    Shrek's dad: I am done Shrek. This has to be done and if you won't do it, I will. This wedding will take place like it or not as soon as Fiona is 18. I am tired of your bullheaded stubbornness, taciturnity, meaness and just plain old grouchy nature! I thought I was doing you both a favor, but I can see that Fiona got the bad end of this bargain. Poor Fiona she deserves better! Well what is done is done, and can't be taken back. The poor dear! She must be a saint to put up with you!


    Shrek was beyond mad, and had to keep moving as there was nothing around to vent his anger. He walked back outside hoping the cold rain would soothe his temper.

    Shrek: What happened to your not interfering dad? And for your information Fiona is no picnic either! You know nothing about what things are like over here. How dare you take her side!

    Shrek's dad: I call it as I see it son. As far as not interfering, someone has to save you from your own stupidity! Now, are you going to talk to Fiona and propose, or do I need to do that for you as well? She is the best thing that will ever happen to you and you are blowing it!

    Shrek angry: I am sick of your garbage. Sick to death!

    Shrek's dad realizing he went to far tried schmoozing: Look son, calm down. Let us talk about this. I am sure if you just think about things you will see that every thing I have done is for your best.


    Shrek angry: Bull dad. I wash my hands of this! Go ahead dad! You tell her. Why don't you marry her yourself for that matter? You deserve each other! As far as I am concerned I am a single swinging bachelor and nothing in this world will ever make me go through with this marriage. Nothing! Fiona will tell you herself that she feels the same way. It will be a cold day in you know where before either of us will say I do! If you don't find her a place to live within the week she will be out on her ear! I mean it dad! I AM DONE!

    With that Shrek hung up the phone growling and snarling in frustration. Nobody was going to tell him how to live his life or with who. He was his own man, and he was going to prove it. With that decision made Shrek went to find Fiona. They were going to have that talk and have it now!
  • Colorist40Colorist40 Posts: 6,747 Member
    edited April 2014

    The mother of Ken is to nobody's surprise lol :


    Mother number 2 Antonina

    To nobody's surprise you all guessed right, but there can only be one winner and that winner is:

    Lunbeauty is the lucky winner today. Like everyone else Lunbeauty do you want me to pick off your wishlist or do you want to choose what you want? Let me know. If I don't hear from you by tonight, I will just pick somethings if that is alright.
  • Colorist40Colorist40 Posts: 6,747 Member
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    5 children left.


    Meet Trey. Who is his mother?


    This is the father James.


    Mother number 1 Cynthia


    Mother number 2 Antonina


    Mother number 3 Rachelle


    Mother number 4 Kenya. I think it is only fair to mention that Kenya is the daughter of mother number 2 Antonina.

    For any newbies who joining I am running a contest to guess the mother of my originally 15 children lol. We are down to five. I post a new pic. Monday and Wed. The winners are announced Wed. and Friday mornings. Anybody can guess. If you guess right, you will have your name included in a box where I randomly pick names and assign numbers by the roll of the dice. The name whose number is rolled wins 2.00 of stuff from their wish list. Again 5 chances left. Join the fun and win!
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  • wickichickwickichick Posts: 10,898 Member
    edited April 2014
    FuzzySlipers: So happy you joined in. I am very much looking forward to
    your being a part of this. Getting to meet and then getting to know new
    simmers is one of my favorite things about having a thread like this.
    Welcome, I shall look forward to your posts.
  • Colorist40Colorist40 Posts: 6,747 Member
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    Pg. 1

    @Nik24x7 Why did you send Darren to the beach to fish having the hates the outdoors trait? Because you wanted to torture him :twisted: bwahhhaaaahhhaaa j/k. You would never do that would you? lol

    Wow Darren has a gorgeous view from his home. Love the pic.

    Well looks like he got blessed with a struggling artists salary he can afford a home like that? :shock: Pretty good lol. Now I know why he struggling that mortgage payment must be a killer ha ha ha.

    Living that close to a bakery is asking for a waistline to match the width of the building itself. Going to need lots of exercise or self control to avoid that from happening ha ha.

    How cute writing a love letter and having hearts hover over the pen lol.

    Hooray. How embarrassing it would be if she rejected him. They were so cute in sims2 and even more adorable now.

    Yeah better invite her inside if you want to try those mad bedroom skills on her lol.

    Poor Darren he looks like he doesn't know what to do. I mean you kissed her for goodness sakes you can sit next to her at the table lol.

    Wow all that passionate stuff going on started a fire in the house literally lol.

    Smooth save the girls life and then propose. Couldn't rightly refuse after that could she? lol

    Love the wedding dress. I love that dress and made into a wedding dress it is spectacular.

    Can't wait to see the wedding. On Darren's salary though lol, hope it will be a memorable event even if money is an issue.

    @rednenemon A toy made by mommy. Good for her. Locke seems to like it all the more for that reason.

    I agree. I don't usually use the gem cutter, but I bet it comes in handy.

    That is one clumsy cat. Mignon give it up lol.

    Locke is thinking I will beat you at that someday lol.

    My guess would be showing off. Ah when you that sexy don't really need to show off though Guillaume lol.

    Maybe Locke thinks his if hiding something in his neck lol.

    Mignon is like what? no food? lol

    Well he hasn't flown with them yet. With the way he keeps falling off of furniture I am pretty sure the ears or no he can't fly. lol

    Locke knows who he can be a brat with and who he can't I guess lol.

    Very cute update. Enjoyed it much.

    @TadOlson Good start to your desert world. I am no good with CAW. Too complicated for me. lol

    @MayaRose1138 A superhero couple. They look amazing. I will think of some names if I can.

    @unlockedinferno Love that makeover. That is one rocking outfit.
    The hair is more conservative like the outfit and works well together.

    Good to see Gus trying to be a father for now at least lol.

    Yeah figures cook hot food and baby cries. By the time baby is fed you eating cold pancakes. Yick cold pancakes the thought makes me shudder lol.

    Wow Jared smooth man, smooth. That look of utter shock and surprise on Charlotte's face is sooo funny, and priceless. She is like omg, he is giving me? me? flowers lol.

    Looks like Charlotte is too eager lol. Of course when a man gives you flowers it is sort of like umm ok he must like me a lot, and the obvious assumption would be to want to kiss him lol.

    Poor Charlotte I vote for being an old maid with these jerks around ha ha ha.

    @GBA91101Nver4get Poor Jack. Typical of doctors life no home life all work, sleep, eat, work repeat lol. That poor dear I wouldn't want a sleepy doctor diagnosing me lol. Well he will get through not sure his patients will though lol.

    I think that would be fun, but don't like uninstalling and reinstalling, so just keep all the games in. I know I don't utilize half though as much as I could. I hardly ever use the careers like architect with Ambitions for instance.

  • Colorist40Colorist40 Posts: 6,747 Member
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    wickichick wrote:
    FuzzySlipers: So happy you joined in. I am very much looking forward to
    your being a part of this. Getting to meet and then getting to know new
    simmers is one of my favorite things about having a thread like this.
    Welcome, I shall look forward to your posts.

    Hey wicki have missed you on here the past few days. Glad to see you back and started a new thread. You are awesome as usual. I saw the last comment on Shrek just so you know. I agree. Shrek can be hard headed and he was softening a bit, but dad had to stoke the fire unfortunately and remind Shrek he was obligated so to speak and Shrek doesn't like to be controlled. Sooo Shrek is rebelling against the perceived control he feels his father is exerting over him.

  • wickichickwickichick Posts: 10,898 Member
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    I am trying to keep tabs on who has moved to the new thread. I will keep going
    back to the old thread until I know we've all moved. Please help me, too if you
    see I am missing anyone! Thanks you guys!
    1. Celiria
    2. Nik
    3. rednenemon
    4. TadOlson
    5. and-it-is-on
    6. MayaRose1138
    7. unlockedinferno
    8. GBA91101Never4get
    9. Colorist

    Celiria: Hi, thanks for reposting your story here. I'm glad you found
    the new thread. I don't mind moving, but I always want to make sure
    everyone finds us!

    Nik: Glad you found the new thread! Awesome. Also a big thanks for reposting
    your new story. I've read, love it and will comment properly in a sec.

    rednenemon: Hi! Glad you found us!

    TadOlson: Your desert world is off to a nice start. So happy you found the new

    and-it-is-on: *waves back* Yay, you found our new place!

    GBA91101Never4get: Hey, you're back. Haven't seen you in awhile.

    unlockedinferno: Yep, our very own new place! *waves* glad you found us!

    MayaRose1138: Good to see you here!

    Colorist: Thanks to you too for reposting Shrek. I commented last night. Loved
    the update, but LOL, I am wanting to clunk both Fiona and Shrek for being so
    blind...those two could be happy if the world would stop putting road blocks
    up between them.
  • wickichickwickichick Posts: 10,898 Member
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    Missing List:

    1. Samr883
    2. Simmelina1
    3. LunBeauty
    5. Painterly27
    6. Dreamerz
    7. Baker9793
    8. Puddinroy
    9. Goth4113
    10. Simlish1
    11. 25bunna
    12. hamburgerfaye
    13. Zabeth0
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  • CeliriaCeliria Posts: 3,488 Member
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    wickichick wrote:
    Missing List:

    1. Samr883
    2. Simmelina1
    3. LunBeauty
    5. Painterly27
    6. Dreamerz
    7. Baker9793
    8. Puddinroy
    9. Goth4113
    10. Simlish1
    11. 25bunna

    Hamburgerfaye is still missing as well
  • wickichickwickichick Posts: 10,898 Member
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    Colorist: I don't think I missed posting for an entire day, did I?
    LOL, ya know it is nice to be missed. I have tomorrow off very pleased.
    I have to clean my car....ewwwwww, it hasn't been cleaned all winter.
    I just cannot do it when it is cold and I have to take it into the shop on Friday and I don't want Chris (my mechanic) to think I am messy.
    I also have to take my vacuum into the repair guys. I think it might
    be clogged but I can't figure out where. It is only 2 years old so
    that better be all that is wrong.
    It's time for me to get my new license plates, I have to stop off at the bank and then I have to go over to the medical clinic cuz they sent me a bill and I thought that was paid.
    Why is there always so much stuff on my "to do" list? I just want a quiet day! LOL....cuz I'm lazy...heheheeh!
  • wickichickwickichick Posts: 10,898 Member
    edited April 2014
    Celiria: Yep, thanks. She was going to take a break. I am going to go into the old thread everyday and push it up until I have everyone moved.
    I'll leave a message over there for her. YOU are awesome. Thanks again!
  • XKidsInLoveXXKidsInLoveX Posts: 4,910 Member
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    @Colorist40 I think its mother #2, Antonia :)

    also, HI! Id like to join if thats cool, :) I love these types of threads! I occasionally lurked in your previous one sooo, here i am, hi! Im Tracey, call me Tracey or any variation of my user name, ill pretty much answer to anything, even "hey you" ;)
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