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Play and Share continued


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    @wolfkomoki: Well, computer problems are always very frustrating! I hope you get to play your sims 3 game soon... but hopefully you also have a good time with 4. :D Ah, she must have been exhausted from having to run back and forth to get to the crime scene that she was at...that old bureaucratic run around! ;) (Accalia: "What a first day! You know what goes good with red tape? Salsa and chips! I'll crunch away the stress!")
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    Zelda: "So, we found the source of the music, this boom box over here's all jamming with some island mix that sounds like a ping pong match on a xylophone, but seems catchy enough, I bet you want to do your sissy dancing, huh, Twinkle Toes?"

    Rafael: "Vhat? Now? In ourr svim suits?" He said, scandalized for a moment that she thought he'd try...before realizing that she wanted him to want to do this outrageous thing- Simericans were so informal and didn't have a proper appreciation for dancing but this still took him by surprise- and she didn't want to admit it- she wanted it to be his suggestion... Well, far be it for him to disappoint her! "Err, yes, vell, I darre you, Zyeda, to dance vith me, now, in barre feet and just ourr svim suits! Vhat do they call it? Tvice a dog darre? That vone."

    Zelda: "You're on!"


    Zelda: She laughed a bit and then added, "Though it's a double dog dare, just so you know, Twinkle Toes. Because I'm sure this is not the last you're going to use it."


    Rafael: He hadn't felt this relaxed in years...some part of him knew he shouldn't be so relaxed, he had so much to worry about, so much he needed to know to adjust to the world not being what he thought it was- his body was weakened and here they were, playing around like a bunch of kids sneaking around on the balcony and swimming in the pools and dancing in their swimsuits like there weren't a bunch of witches plotting to kill them... and with witches ability to teleport and summon, it really wasn't that much of a comfort that they were on the other side of the world...and yet...he couldn't even care at the moment. Part of him wanted to ask Zelda if there was some sort of magical effect at work, but the other part didn't want to even disturb the moment by asking.


    Rafael: He only cared about her at the moment, and whether Zelda was having a good time. Everything else just had to wait, there was not a thing he could do about them, but he couldn't even spare them attention at the moment. Was this how Zelda lived?


    Rafael: He could feel her heart beating through the thin fabric and her breath on his lips, and he knew that no matter how long he could get this dance stretched out to be, it wouldn't be enough for him. "You vill haf to prromise me real dance latyerr, though, in actual clothes."


    Zelda: "I promise you as many real dances as you ask for, Rafael!"
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    Oh another play and share thread! Hi everyone! First time posting on this one.Been playing a GTA 5 themed story.=) Of course I changed things up a bit and altered the story, so consider it a twisted story.XD

    Chapter 1:
    Tasha: “Hey Francine, what you been up to lately girl? You still hanging around with that lamar fellow?”

    Francine: “Tasha, you know Lamar is my best friend. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

    Tasha:”Hey, hell I know that.But there plenty of other fish out in the sea is all I’m saying.Plus he no good.Someone said they saw him downtown dealing again.You ain’t gonna get caught up in that mess again are you?”

    Francine: “Dang girl, I ain’t interested in Lamar in that way and you know that.I been trying to fix my relationship with Rodney.Been trying to keep a clean record.”

    Tasha: “All I’m saying is you need to watch your self girl.”

    Tasha doesn’t know what she’s talking about.That girl has lost her wig cap.I worked too hard to get a clean record I’m not gonna mess it up again.

    Lamar: “Hey baby, you looking fine today! I mean you looking fine everyday, but plum girl.”

    Francine: “Lamar, you know I ain’t game on that talk.Cut the chatter.What’s up?”

    Lamar: “Simenon has a job for us, wants us to go pick up some bike at a lockup.”

    Francine: “Fine, but I don’t want any of you mess Lamar.No shootouts, no fights…and no dead bodies if you catch my drift.”

    Lamar: “I ain’t promising nothing baby, you know my game.You gotta be tough to get what you want.You know what I’m saying?”

    Francine: “You’re a lost cause.”


    Francine: “So much for no dead bodies….Lamar is such a loser sometimes.”

    Francine: “Lamar, I got the bike.Left it at your place.You can take it to Simeon.”

    Lamar: “Take it to Simeon, nah, this bro gonna take for a joy ride.If you know what I’m saying.”

    Francine: “Lamar, you can’t keep the bike.Simeon will fire both our plum.”

    Lamar: “Well tell him you were unable to retrieve it.

    -lamar hangs up.-

    Simeon: “Ah my employee of the month! How I got a job for you.”

    Francine: “Simeon about the bi….”

    Simeon: “Yes, yes.Anyways, I need to you to head up to Rockford Hills, some rich boy fell behind on his payments.I need you to repo the car and bring it back here.”

    Francine: “Alright, I’ll do my best.”

    Simeon: “That’s what I like to hear.”

    Sooner or later, Simeon is gonna find out about the bike.It’s all a matter of time.

    -phone rings-

    Francine: “Yo, Simeon, you change your mind about the job?”

    Simeon: “Perhaps, when I find out you betray me you thief! Kept the bike for yourself.”

    Francine: “Look Lamar, and I were gonna get that back to you.”

    Simeon: “Sure you were “Employee of the month”. Papers say the car is locked in the garage so you will need to find a way into the house.

    Francine: “Man you don’t make this easy do you?”

    Simeon: “Don’t talk to me about easy, you thief!”

    -hangs up.

    Francine: This is gonna be a long day…

    to be continued…..

    A/N: You'll notice a couple different houses for my sims in my story, that's because it took a while to find one that worked.XD
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    Since I'm new on here just gonna start my feedbacks and the most recent.=)

    Congrats on the baby!
    I really love the first photo with the lady with the camera, the angel is appealing looks kind of a like a scene from a tv show.
    Aww, I hope he gets used to being a prince.

    @Zabeth0 -Nothing like a little pool time fun to beat the heat! Cute sims! Looks like they enjoyed each other's company.
    -Very romantic scene with them dancing!

    @jillbg - Bookmarking your blog, looks like you have an interesting story going on, gonna need to catch up.Oh the cow plant reminds me of little shop of horrors lol.

    @wolfkomoki1 - Aww good luck with the detective career! I love that job.It is an exhausting career.Hope she had a nice nap lol.

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    Heeyyyyy so I'm still alive lol. I don't even know how long it's been since I've been on this thread, but my last blog post is... yeah... wow... it's been ages haha. Anyway, I've been trying to piece together an update for... a long time lol... so here we go.


    Hello lovelies! It's been a long time, like really long. Like 9 months long, jeez I mean Evie and Alex could have had a new baby in this time, like I could just be like "surprise you never even knew she was pregnant... 'cause she wasn't... but here's the new baby!" That's not quite going to happen, just saying it could that's how long it's been. Oops. Sorry about that, life has just been crazy and I didn't even realize it's been so long (I mean... it was New Year's like... yesterday, right? RIGHT?), but I'm sure nobody needs to know my boring life story. So let's just get to it and see where the Ellison-Warren bunch has been the last 9 months. I've tried to get loads of pictures for you, some picture spam for you. Hopefully it makes up for the absence (and the probably questionable writing quality because I'm REALLY out of practice).

    Last we saw Evie had just recently released her 2nd (and final album) which was a collaboration with her brother, Nolan, and her (ex-best, trying to reconcile) friend, Julianne. The album was a huge success and they were planning the world tour for it. The tour has now wrapped wrapped up since, but was just as big of a hit as the album was. They completely sold out stadiums worldwide and had the time of their lives. Evie has now brought her music career to a close, on a very high note (pun intended), and looks forward to the next adventures in her life. The album and tour have brought in fantastic offers for Julianne and Nolan who both are beginning their careers in music. For Nolan especially, check the credits next time you watch a movie, you might just see him listed as a composer!

    But as much as the tour was one of the best times of all their lives. With all it did for Julianne and Nolan's careers, and the legacy it left for Evie who will always be one of the greatest artists of our time. How it brought 2 former friends back together, they're pretty much besties again (you can't really spend day and night for days or weeks on end in a bus with somebody and not be either extremely close to them.... or without killing each other). All the incredible destinations they visited and the adventures they had. Everybody was also glad to be home.

    It was likely been hardest on Nolan who you might remember was an expectant father last we heard. Now he's just a father, who, because he was way on the other side of the world, missed the birth of his beautiful baby girl, Alice. And was running himself ragged trying to balance tour life and time with his new daughter and trying to capture as much of that new baby stage as possible.

    As for the mother, Deedee, welll... she decided several months ago that she had enough of Nolan's inability to have only one partner. After discovering he had even more than first thought (and we won't open up that can of worms). No amount of pleading that he was breaking it off with everybody else and only wanted her could save the relationship. Regardless, he's still trying to prove his intent to her, and has still followed through on the promise to break up with everybody else. She may never forgive him (wouldn't blame her, wouldn't mind giving the guy a slap myself) but he's sure going to try.

    They do really nail the co-parenting thing though, either way. No concerns about their differences or relationship with each other affecting their relationship with the baby. They both just want what's best for her, at least Nolan is starting to show *some* maturity.

    Speaking of babies lets not forget about precious little Lucas. And boy is he ever getting big! Less of a baby now, more of a toddler (though of course he'll forever be his parents baby!). And getting cuter by the day. Gonna be a heart breaker in a few years. Watch out mom and dad!

    The little munchkin is 2 years old now! Waddling away from his parents with the greatest of ease, mostly. Not that he ever goes far, but he does like to go anywhere his parents aren't. And then once he's just out of sight he likes to sit down and cry until somebody rescues him (which is never very long)... typical toddler stuff... gotta love 'em!

    He talks and sings along (to whatever nonsensical toddler song he's made up) as he happily beats away on his xylophone. Still the little musical prodigy in the making... I think this kid's got more talent than his mom. But at least it keeps him out of trouble. Honestly, he's just the sweetest most innocent little guy. I thought he'd be a real handful (but the one that's too cute to stay mad at) but he's really not.

    But let's just get to the pictures of the little munchkin. Lots of pictures with daddy because daddy's hockey season came to an unfortunately early end as they failed to make it far in playoffs so he got to be home while Evie travelled the world. A bummer but... look at these two adorable men together... worth it!

    Other than that the family has been spending their summer floating around Isla Paradiso on a houseboat, just enjoying a family vacation over the summer before hockey season picks up again and Evie goes to school. They'll both be on the same continent again but they might not see each other that much more than they have been once their vacation ends... life's about to get crazy I think. So they've been trying to make the most of those carefree summer months.

    And finally, Lucas would like to make a very special announcement on behalf of his parents!

    Yes, Mrs. I'm-never-having-another-baby has decided maybe another baby isn't so bad after all! The first one was pretty worth it, after all. Being sweet little Alice's auntie probably hasn't hurt either, such a precious reminder of how adorable babies are... but it's easier to forget how much work they are. And Alex is ecstatic, he wants like 5 kids, which he knows isn't going to happen but he's so happy to have 2.

    And yes, Evie is still going to school. Good luck, med. school, a toddler, and a pregnancy... sounds like a lot! Girl is braver than I am! Or crazier. But whatever... I can't wait to meet the precious new baby!

    Whew, okay that's all for now! We'll really try to check in more frequently. Somebody might have a bit of a vacation soon. So somebody might be hoping to do stuff then. And also be less worn out after so they actually feel like checking in more often!

    See you soon!
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    @Springfairy556- Welcome to the thread! Always good to see others finding their way here. Fantastic first chapter, can't wait to read more. What a fun idea to base it of GTA (something I've never actually played, but has always interested me), sounds like it should make for a dramatic story.

    @Zabeth0- Looks like Rafael and Zelda are having a great time, good to see them just having fun and enjoying each others company (love spells or not, Rafael is adorable with Zelda).

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    Hey hey dont have the time to post in both threads,
    but im sometimes popping in here to read.


    Gorgeous update,
    and congrats their new baby


    Loved to see an update,
    always interesting to read

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    @jillbg - Bookmarking your blog, looks like you have an interesting story going on, gonna need to catch up.Oh the cow plant reminds me of little shop of horrors lol.
    @Springfairy556 Thanks for bookmarking! I hope you'll get around reading... :) I'm not very active on the forums any more, time is lacking between my teaching job, two teens at home and a military husband often off on missions abroad... Spending the time I've got writing on my story and setting up pics, which I love! :)

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    Hey, guys! :D Sorry for disappearing again, life got a on me. It'd be a lot of explaining to tell you all of the reasons but the short answer is that we had to move- there was an unaddressed water leak that lead to mold that lead to me and my husband and my cats all having extreme allergic reactions, and as it turns out, breathing is a rather important part of remaining alive...and so now we're in a place where we can breathe! But you know how moving is... things are still in boxes... and at some point in the future I will have a stove/oven again... hopefully soon. :D Also we got our first snow yesterday morning, fortunately it melted. ;)

    @Springfairy: Hi, welcome! :D Sorry, I'm terribly slow! :D Ah, poor Francine! :D All that work she's been putting in to be clean doesn't help her if her friend decides to drag her into a crime! And he totally got her into trouble right away, just like that, without thinking about the consequences... or without caring that the consequences would be mainly left to fall on her, his 'friend'. Oh boy, a dangerous thing to go into a job when your boss is all 'you thief!'! Hopefully he didn't arrange that job to see her ghost! ;) Thanks! :D

    @Dreamerz: Oh my goodness it's great to see you! :D I've been wondering about them. :D Glad to hear from Evie's story! :D Nice pun! Well played. ;) I'm glad they've bonded again. :D It sounds like that went as well as it could have. :D Oh, I've been waiting to see AU Deedee's baby with Evie's brother! :D Aw, look at little Alice! She's adorable. :D Aww, Lucas is also adorable. :D Hopefully Lucas will not be a heart breaker, but a good solid guy who just happens to be good looking; let's hope he's more like his dad than like his uncle! ;) Aw, the little fox reading with daddy, so cute! :D (Alex: "Okay, that's my part of the reading, now... what does the fox say?' Lucas: "Ring ding ding ding dingeringeding!" Alex: "Perfect, you've got that timing down, son!") Well, hey, at least the set back has resulted in more daddy time. :D Looks like they got a great family vacation! Wow, another baby on the way, well, at least Lucas will be close enough in age to maybe have a little brother or sister to play with. :D Hopefully it doesn't overwhelm Evie to have such a full house and so many responsibilities. :D Thanks. :D Yeah, they might not have to do all the 'does he really love me?' exploring, but they've got their own things to explore, since each of them comes from a world that's exotic and strange to the other... ;) It's kind of fun that way. :D

    @Silver: Thanks. :D

    @Jillbg: Glad to see you, I understand you've got a lot on your plate, and I'm glad you're filling in more of the details of the child years in your story. :D I really like all the added stuff like the facebook and year book stuff and that you added more Missy stuff and more of the stuff about Granny adjusting to all the forms and human stuff she had to do for Taiga- it shows more that she's stepped up to raise her as much as she could given the circumstances. :D Lol @ Mitchell's going through Tiaga's stuff and wondering how she could sleep with that painting on the wall... :D Also it's funny to see that the accidental parties didn't start when she was a teenager lol. ;)
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    @Zabeth0 Hi there! I'm posting a picture one in a while on a new thread - "Post the last screenshot you took in the sims 3". It's fun to see what everyone's been up to, without commenting too much. Really relaxing! I have updated almost all the chapters up to Chapter 24... *wiping brow* I'm collecting CC to take new pictures of Derek in Egypt when he was scratched by a werewolf, and am considering upgrading the boarding school pics, too... Lots of things to do, but fun! :)
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    dreamerz13 wrote: »
    And finally, Lucas would like to make a very special announcement on behalf of his parents!

    Yes, Mrs. I'm-never-having-another-baby has decided maybe another baby isn't so bad after all! The first one was pretty worth it, after all. ...

    Great update. Love your family pictures and Lucas is just adorable.
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    jillbg wrote: »
    @Springfairy556 Thanks for bookmarking! I hope you'll get around reading... :) I'm not very active on the forums any more, time is lacking between my teaching job, two teens at home and a military husband often off on missions abroad... Spending the time I've got writing on my story and setting up pics, which I love! :)


    Your pictures are always fantastic. :)
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    Oh another play and share thread! Hi everyone! First time posting on this one.Been playing a GTA 5 themed story.=) Of course I changed things up a bit and altered the story, so consider it a twisted story.XD

    Great start. What is GTA 5 though?
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    Zabeth0 wrote: »

    Zelda: "So, we found the source of the music, this boom box over here's all jamming with some island mix that sounds like a ping pong match on a xylophone, but seems catchy enough, I bet you want to do your sissy dancing, huh, Twinkle Toes?"


    Zelda: "I promise you as many real dances as you ask for, Rafael!"

    I haven't been keeping up. I usually just look at the pictures but this sounds like an interesting story. I like it. :)
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    My nephew graduated high school and then I had jaw surgery. Great pix once again @Zabeth0

    Got a big 'un for y'all... got my laptop back and since I had jaw surgery...



    Just then, Princess Alexandra emerged with the couple's son, as if nothing had happened at all.

    Great update.

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    Don't want to cross-post in a second story thread, but...Haruo became a Grandfather. OMG... He's shell-shocked.

    Love the look on Haruo's face.
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    A brief look into my current game in Cape Garner Islands:

    Johan lights a fire when he helps his son Michael with his homework.

    When finished they went off to other things and a fire broke out. Johan managed to put it out but ...

    good thing Kaitlin had called the fire department because another fire started.

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    Hi everybody!

    Glad this thread is still going, even though I haven't been. Real life has been and continues to do a number on me.

    Long story short, computer issues (digitizer on touch screen laptop broke and it had to go to the shop 3x), jaw trouble, and now, I've been in the hospital dealing with health issues. I'm still recovering from a horrible upper respiratory infection and on bed rest.

    @cwaddell Thanks for the comments. The home in Cape Garner Islands looks very warm and inviting, with the warm colors. Hope they get those fires under control! GTA 5 is a video game, short for Grand Theft Auto. My nephews played that game, I never understood the appeal of stealing cars, lol.

    @Springfairy556 *waves* Welcome to the thread! I can't say I'm terribly familiar with the universe of GTA 5, but your story is interesting nonetheless :)

    @dreamerz13 Congrats to Evie and Alex on the coming birth of their 2nd child! And lovely pix as always!

    @jillbg *waves*
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    I like GTA 5 for the storyline.I really don't hi-jack vehicles unless I have to for a mission XD lol
    Thanks! I finished my story a while back.I totally forgot about this thread.Started a medieval story now.

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    I totally forgot about this thread! :o Bookmarking it.Glad someone tagged me in this.=)

    Since I haven't posted my medieval story on this thread yet, I'll start it at the beginning.

    Starting at the beginning here....

    Claire was heading into town to pick a couple books and ingredients.It took 6 hrs to get to the center of Praaven.She only had 35 copper to spend so she had to be careful.

    Clair: My bottom is getting sore.Wildfire, you need a rest to? I'll walk the rest of the way.
    Turns out Claire didn't have quite enough for what she spent, and the merchant called the castle guards.

    Claire: I wasn't trying to steal, I just didn't calculate right.I'd be glad to pay for what I can afford.
    Guard Bryce: No excuses! to the Dungeons!
    Voice: Wait a minute, don't bring her anywhere.

    Guard Bryce: You must be joking.
    William: Do I look like a joke? How much is the lady short.
    Merchant: 15 copper sir.
    William: I'll cover it.Let her go.

    Claire: That was very kind of you sir.Thank you.I'm sure the King himself wouldn't have been that generous.
    William looked at her bewildered.
    William: Have you met the king before?
    Claire: I haven't, but I assume they're all the same.
    William: Perhaps not.Maybe you should meet him and find out.
    Claire: And what would a King be doing around a girl like me?
    William: You never know...

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    @cwaddell Thanks! :) I'm lurking...

    @venusdemilosims *blows kisses* :) ... and lurks...
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    Woop... hello again! I still somehow never find much time for sims haha. I've been playing My Time at Portia a lot for the last couple months, it's so good and has been a nice change of pace. Though it's still in early access on steam and isn't fully released yet so I'm now caught up and anxiously awaiting the next update. So now I play sims again when I have time to play games, or energy mostly. Work is... ugh. We'll leave it at that.

    Hopefully in the next couple days I'll introduce the newest Ellison-Warren family member... before November takes over my life lol. That's all that really happens lol but I'm really excited to introduce them. And be able to properly partake in the "last screenshot" thread again. 'Cause I don't want to reveal the baby there before I do so in the story here and on my blog lol. I'm not good at keeping secrets lol.

    @Zabeth0 - Yikes. Glad you've moved to somewhere you can breathe in. Yeah, breathing is kinda important. Amazing how much you realize that when you can't do it, isn't it?

    The hope is definitely that Lucas will take after Alex. Evie and Alex are certainly trying their best to raise him to be a really good person. They won't take well to him playing those kinds of games with people. Of course, nobody raised Nolan to be a player either. But I think Lucas will be okay, I don't really see him losing his sweet nature or his bond with dad... he's definitely going to look up to daddy a lot I think.

    @cwaddell - Thanks!

    Ah nothing like a good ol' fire to liven up the game... honestly I get scared to put fireplaces in the game lol, they're just a trap. The house looks so cozy and nice :mrgreen:

    @venusdemilosims - I hope you're feeling better soon! Glad to see you stop in, though.


    @Springfairy556 - I see your screenshots on the last screenshot thread (they're always lovely), nice to see some of the story behind them too. Love the medieval theme :mrgreen:

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    The next 6 months or so went by quick and pleasantly drama free. Mostly because Evie was too busy to get caught up in all the family drama going on, because there is plenty (and we'll get to that...eventually). But being a med student is no easy task, and not that Evie anticipated it being easy but it was harder than expected. Many days she was at school from 7 in the morning until 9 or 10 at night. Getting home after Lucas was in bed, and often Alex, too. At least the bed was usually warmed up for her, because that was the only place she wanted to go once she got home. Some days she would head home early, still spending the whole evening studying, but at least she could be close to her family. That had to be the hardest part, she way underestimated the time school would take up and some days it still felt like she was a thousand miles away from her family.

    She's been doing really well in school though. Her hard work is definitely paying off. She's been on the dean's list most of her time there. Takes on every extra credit opportunity that comes up, even though it can't actually do anything for her, she's acing all her classes. I guess it was more about stockpiling the credits though for when she had the baby and couldn't make it to class.

    She did study right up until she went into labour, too. Literally the very second. That is what I call dedication.

    Fortunately labour and delivery were much easier and faster the second time around. Baby girl Isabella just decided she was ready to enter the world and that was it, she wanted to enter it now. Time wise Evie probably could have made it to her last class of the day. Of course, there was no way she was up to that; she was happy to go home, snuggle the baby for a bit, and have a really long nap.

    I guess this is where all the extra credit comes in handy. Now that Bella is here Evie has cut way back on the amount of time she actually spends at school and is taking it a lot easier, because of course she's in that stage of not wanting to leave her precious new baby, even for a minute. So she's only been going to school if it's really important like an exam.

    Also, I just want to point out what an adorable big brother Lucas is already. He was very happy to meet his little sister. He was a little hesitant to give up his crib and room for her. But has completed the transition to a new room and a big boy bed; giving mom, dad, and myself all "he's growing up way too fast!" moments. He absolutely loves his little sister though, he loves to hang out close to wherever she is, and is really excited to show her all his cool toys and play with her when she's a little bit bigger (and constantly nags his parents about when that will be).

    And we can't forget daddy! Completely wrapped around Bella's little finger already, being the super adorable and attentive father all over again. He loves when Evie does have to go into school and he can have Bella all to himself.... and then he just sleeps day away anyway, but with his adorable daughter snuggled up in his arms. It makes for the cutest moments for Evie to come home to, at least. Alex is just so adorable with his kids, just completely meant to be a dad :heart: .

    And for now, life in the Ellison-Warren house is perfect, so for now we'll just savour these precious moments. :heart::heart::heart:
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    Gotta love BrntWaffles Dystopian Sky replacement mod - :mrgreen: Just gives that nice post-apocalyptic feel.
    Anybody for "nuclear fallout"? :D
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...
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    edited October 2018
    @Nikkei_Simmer I saw that dystopian sky mod, though I don't use it myself. Creepy!

    @dreamerz13 Best of luck to Evie on her career change. Med school is hard work. And she is attempting to do it with 2 kids in tow. Glad to hear she is doing well in school, though. One of Savannah's daughters went to med school and then got pregnant. She did eventually finish but it was a challenge.

    @Springfairy556 Those are lovely medieval screenshots. Are you using a custom world?
    I have tried a medieval game, but I keep getting sidetracked, lol.

    Welp this is a super sneaky sneak peek. I actually made this months ago but finally got off my duff to upload it.
    jpnbanner2_zpscb7d2475.jpg header_zps436f0053.jpg

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