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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    @Turjan the move went well thanks. There were only 45 sims so it wasn't too bad. I don't think they had anything in their household inventories. I didn't see any evidence of the usual junk that gets taken with them.

    Now I'm concentrating on reducing the number of sims in the main house. It's down to 19. And soon to be 2 less than that as Gwen and Javon are now married and ready to move to their new permanent home.
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    Had an extremely wealthy household living in two familie house (brother & sister) on one large lot - but now want to start over and make a story (when allowed to post it).
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    @Karritz Your are right I Do want to know! : ) I'm happy the wedding finally took place! omg that genie is incorrigible! And apparently unappreciative of you giving a nice home! hmmm It's hard for sims to to be immune to flowers I don't know if I have ever seen them refused, Maybe Annalove Ivy would refuse, I can check that today if I remember, I would like to know, She is the most loyal sim it seems, in SN. to me the pink hearts just means attraction. even Annalove can get the pink hearts but she never acts on it. Anyway I digress, The Genie is acting like she has the flirty and charismatic trait and charisma 10! And since she is irresistible, well that means no sim can resist. btw In my very first game Yumi Sekemoto acted like that all over town and she refused to die! She kept hooking up with all these newly YA and she was 90, she drove me crazy! LOL
    I look forward to more videos! <3 Thank you for writing to tell me, I always love to know what sims do on their own!!!

    @Tamijo Welcome : ) I look forward to reading your story! Just post a lot if you can, you can comment on everything and people are so nice here they will like and awesome your posts to get the 'points' you need so you can post pics. I don't know what points are but somehow they add up if you post and people 'like' the posts. very mysterious to me but will happen! lol

    Glad you are here, I love reading stories! :)

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    My male sim from the random save, which was dumpster diving Jordan Landis.
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    @Silverofdreams30 wow he is amazing, I <3 Him! He looks so similar to my silver fox when he was that age! <3
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,201 Member

    Thank you,
    I love him too.
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    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story
    The Winding Road

    Jamie is relaxing on the bed, reading one of his rare books about the spirit world when he gets an emergency call from the science lab. They need him to take care of some ghosts that are terrorizing a family in town. On the way out he notices Damien closing his safe. Lock picks, evidence bags and gloves are sitting on his desk. "You're not planning a little B and E without me are you? My job shouldn't take more than 30 minutes."
    Damien jots an address down on a sticky note and tucks it into Jamie's front pocket. "Meet me at this address when you complete your job."
    Jamie waves his hand and rushes out the door. "Sure thing boss!"

    Jamie arrives at the home and finds two incredibly ancient ghosts. They are dressed in coarse foul-smelling ragged animal furs. The home owner tells him he was experimenting with a time machine and apparently these ghosts came back with him. Neither ghost is willing to talk to Jamie or go back to the netherworld. They both argue and mock Jamie, taunting him to do his best. "ok, you asked for it. I'm the best there's ever been." Jamie takes out his spirit collecting device and quickly captures them and hopes that Liam will have better luck with them.

    Damien is preparing to leave the house to investigate Betty's former home. Mary floats into the room.
    "Hey, wait for me!" she exclaims. "I'm coming with you. This seems like a dangerous thing for you to be doing alone."
    Damien is encouraged by her concern for his safety. "I appreciate your offer. I've been doing this kind of thing for a long time and don't take chances. Jamie is meeting me there."
    "I'm still coming with you. I can be your lookout."

    "To tell the truth, that is a great idea." She rides on the back of his motorcycle enjoying the sensations of her arms around Damien as they roar across town. Damien enjoys the ride as well feeling her arms around his waist. As he executes the turns, she clutches a little tighter. He looks forward to the ride back up the mountain and he plans to take the long, winding route. He stops a block or so away from the house and they hike the rest of the way on foot.

    The car is not in the driveway tonight, and Damien hopes he will be gone long enough that they can complete the search. Jamie arrives to help while Damien is going through the mail in the mailbox. They discuss what to do if Mary spots anyone approaching the house. Mary remains outside while Damien and Jamie enter the house. "You search the downstairs Jamie, and I will take the upstairs. Try being fast but thorough."

    Jamie searches the ground floor. The walls are stark and bare. There are no pictures or nick knacks around the house. The furniture is all that is left. It doesn't take long for Jamie to check under cushions and in closets since the house is so empty. He goes into the kitchen and looks in the cupboards and finally searches the trash compactor. "Phew, what a nasty job. I think it has been months since they emptied this thing!", he complains to himself. Luckily he found a couple of bags under the sink, so he can put the refuse in a bag as he takes it out. He uses the other bag as a covering to keep his gloves from becoming soiled. He is rewarded with several computerized receipts towards the bottom of the compactor. They are slightly soiled but still legible. He photographs them in place and then places them in an envelope. He completes the search and does not find anything else of value. He makes one last circuit of the rooms.

    Damien discovers the upstairs is empty as well. Nothing of value remains in the house except a computer on the desk in the master bedroom and some men's clothing in the closet. He quickly hacks into the computer inserting the drive he brought with him. The contents are downloaded to go through at his leisure and safety at home.

    Damien searches the dumpster he saw the man throwing stuff into. It is full of photos and nick knacks that must have meant something to Betty and her children. He calls a contact and arranges to have the dumpster removed and an empty one put in its place. He will notify Betty's children to see if they want to salvage any of the things that have been thrown out. At least the dumpster appears clean, and no garbage was tossed in it.

    The search is completed and luckily they were not discovered. The diner is close by, and they warm up and enjoy a late snack. Adrenaline and investigating can stir up an appetite. There are a few others in the diner, and Mary recognizes Cassie, Liam's girlfriend. She stands and places her hand on Damien's. "I'm going to talk with Cassie for a few minutes."
    Damien squeezes her hand and smiles up at her. "Take your time. We will be right here."

    Jamie watches Mary walk across the room. "Mary seems much more comfortable talking to people. Not a single person in the room even blinked when she came in with us." Jamie briefs him about the receipts he found and hands the envelope over. Damien tucks it into the inner pocket of his coat. "I'll look at them at the house. I hope they help us out or something on the computer does. It's challenging to discover proof this many months after her death. We have some excellent circumstantial evidence with the will he produced being different from the original one. The signature has been evaluated by an expert, and the report came this morning. It is fake."

    Damien looks over at Jamie and he can tell something is still bothering his friend. "So, what's got you all uptight? Do you want to talk about it?
    Jamie shrugs. "I don't know if it will do any good but I know you will keep bugging me until I tell you."
    Damien snorts. "Hey, I'm not Dr. Phil if you don't want to talk to me that's fine!"

    Jamie rolls his eyes at Damien. "So, not Dr Phil, I met someone at the park, and she kinda got the wrong impression about me. We had words over it. I'm still trying to figure out how it all blew up because we were having fun getting to know each other, laughing and talking. She seemed shy and a little sad but turned into a passionate little firebrand. It really was awesome to see once I thought about it. Not particularly awesome at the time, though. I was very upset when she thought I was a creep. I set her straight on that! Possibly a little harshly. Damien, she has the cutest freckles on her face, and her hair is strawberry blond and she apparently has a fiery temper to match that beautiful hair. I felt this instant connection to her when we met."

    Jamie doesn't realize how expressive his face is when describing the incident to Damien. They have been best friends since they were toddlers in daycare together. Jamie loves the ladies but he treats them all as friends. He has never had a serious relationship. He always told Damien he would know when he met the right one. Jamie has always been absolutely honest with ladies he dated about keeping things friendly. Has Jamie finally met the right one? "Do you know where she lives? Perhaps you should visit her and try to talk things out."

    "Yep, I'm going to talk to Francesca tomorrow. She is the one that introduced us so I am certain she knows where she lives. Hopefully, she will tell me. I feel terrible because I think she was going to apologize when she saw how upset I was, but I walked off and didn't give her a chance."

    "Give her a chance if you can find her tomorrow. Keep a lid on your own fiery temper, my friend."

    Jamie blushes and nods in agreement just as Mary walks back over yawning as she gets closer to the table. "Guys, I'm beat. I'm not used to being up all day and all night too." Damien pays for their snacks and drinks. He helps Mary on the motorcycle. They ride to the house with Mary snuggled into his back holding on tightly as he takes the long, winding road back up the mountain.
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    @DivaDoodle & @Turjan Thank you so much for reading! I enjoyed writing it; haven't done any creative writing in a very long time. It's also giving me ideas for storylines but Sims always have their own ideas themselves! :lol:

    Special shoutout to @Me1620 and all the lovely people who track the DD. I purchased the Ragtime in the Big Easy set at special DD price and used it for the bride's and mother of the groom's gowns.
    Formerly The Master Thief of Riverview, currently a ghost. Beloved wife of world renowned surgeon Dr. Jebediah Wilson, mother to Caroline and Brady. My descendants know how to creep because of me. | Trash to Treasure Gameplay
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    14) ~~ Dante & Tulip have been on my mind for quite awhile. I started this game with this couple. They have been married for 47 days and eternally faithful since day 20. I've told you all before, They both have the family oriented trait, but my Dante also has the noncommitment trait.

    They have never wished for a baby. They think about baby shoes and blocks often. but Never a wish for a child.
    I would like them to have at least one baby because I think they would make excellent parents, and enjoy parenthood, and I think they would make Gorgeous looking sims! But i want them to have that wish first, darn it! : )

    As I gaze at them sleeping I make a decision: for science! I remove (temporarily) Dante's non commitment trait.
    and I watch.

    Dante awakens and stands there, 'hmm something's different' he thinks. He turns around and gazes at Tulip still sleeping. He can't have his first choice so he goes to his 2nd choice, Ari. He cuddles and makes the claw get him. They laugh together.

    Louise gets up and after flirting with Oscar, I see the pop-up about something is stinking in her backpack. I don't act quickly enough, so she walks in front of me so I will do something about it, lol, I remove it and see all these new potions in there! What?! When does she she go to the elixir shop make all these potions? When I'm asleep? Oh look, one of them is opposite personality elixir! Thanks Louise but I and took care of it! <3
    Satisfied that I made the stink disappear from her back pack, she loves up her son, snuggling, tickling and tossing him in the air!

    'badmoodlet' be 🐸🐸🐸🐸!" She says under her breath, this baby is a delight!

    Tulip awakens and heads off to find Dante. They embrace and Dante wishes yet again, to offer her to turn. I have him ask her for a date to complete that wish instead, whoever heard of a vampire named Tulip? ~~~~ hmmmm But I do think maybe I'm not playing fair. I never gave Dante the chance of his wish before changing his trait. Maybe it Will have a bearing on Tulips feeling of wanting a baby, if they are the same what? species?

    I change my experiment For Science and to give Dante's wish a chance. Tulip can always say no, right? He will just offer. If Tulip agrees I will put back that trait. But Vampire's can't turn fairies, only human sims. So first he must ask her to forsake the Fae.
    Tulips seems to have no problem with that. Off to the Arboretum!
    lol I don't think you are forsaking the Fae, Tulip. You must try again!
    Their date is cut short, tho still a great date! they must go to work. Dante runs super speed to not be late! Tulip will be late as she is still trying to forsake the Fae.
    Tulip emerges from the Arboretum and she is no longer a fairy! She seems pleased. 'She did it for love.' the pop-up says. wLFQW2Z.jpg
    iaXHfGp.jpg Off to work! Yes we love the career outfit you chose! lol

    Speaking of work, it's our chefs day to work! Amelina is already there, and Louise? AHA!
    That look says it all! lol now get going girl, you know you want to reach the top!

    Aiden & Oscar use this time to have fun with the kiddos. Stories, playing with peg box, and letting them ride on the spring riders. Soon the toddlers will age up so the men want to make good use of this precious time!

    Dante & Tulip get off work, Dante asks what happened in the arboretum, and offer if she would like to be turned. CGfRqq3.jpg

    It is done, my love. Remember that you can always change your mind. Here, I have a gift for you, a Potent Cure Potion, I want you to have this, as I never want you to have any regrets.

    Tulip looks deep into his eyes, She knows in her heart that Dante means this. She takes the flask. Thank you dear one. It's a nice reassurance but I want to give it a good try' I want to know different powers. and more importantly I guess I really wanted us to be the same. Even though you always were my protector, I knew I was vulnerable to your kin.

    Dante thinks she is so brave, and knows she has given up a lot for him, but She has always been strong willed, has she not? Surely She would have said No if she didn't want to....He is just so awestruck by her sacrifice to him, and for his intense devotion to her. <3

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    @DivaDoodle : Yes, the Sims look a bit awkward when they have to step up onto such a step. Mine is still there, I have placed the TV there, none of the Sims which lived there tend to watch TV there so it´s mostly decorative.
    But when I build myself or when a bathroom has such a step (EA likes to place bath tubs on steps) I avoid this steps and delete them.
    So it´s not just my impression that some traits stay even when deleted! Good to know that I´m not crazy! :D
    Thank you so much on liking my story!!!! More on the thread!

    bekkasan wrote: »
    I was following Jamie as he road around on his motorcycle and the view was so pretty I made him get off so I could take a picture.
    Finally Jamie wears a helmet!
    Great shot! I really like Hidden Springs in winter!
    Thanks for reading! :) More on my thread.

    @Turjan : Thank you so much for liking my story!
    :D maybe there is a happy end! Maybe not, since Tyler still has to tell her his story! Furthermore his sons have a saying in the relationship, too! If they don´t like her he won´t be together with her. So a bit drama is still on the way! o:)B)
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @bekkasan omg Mary is so darling in that white outfit with hat! Good thing the dumpster didn't have garbage on the kids toys!
    as I read my thoughts: Jamie, out of ALL the girls you met and are friends with, are you getting a crush on the one one who turned on a thin dime, and nearly bit your head off? Jamie!!! :D
    Oh oh yes, I remember Jamie walking off because he was mad! I was glad he did! hehe
    'Keep a lid on your own fiery temper, my friend." oh I didnt remember he was firey. so a Good possible match then!
    Fantanstic story I really enjoy it!!! I hope next installment there is a BIG closeup of Damiens face! (bekkasan, there are all these smear marks on my screen from stretching your pic so I can see him close up, he is so handsome!) <3

    @Turjan ty for the comment! I appreciate it! Oooh Great pic! awesomely spooky!

    @AlexaKry Good I will go read! yay! LOL those awful steps! EA went insane with them in sunlit tides! In every nice big house, I kept thinking why do the sims hate the beautiful decorated rooms and prefer the cramped awful ones? the stepsssssss!!!! LOL

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    Starting on getting the screencaps together for Chapter Two. :) For the last day, I was spending playing Sim City 4. :D
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some poses for my upcoming christmas story.

    1.Shopping/Window shopping poses
    2.Gift wrapping poses
    3.Office poses

    Anyone know of any good ones?
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,121 Member
    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some poses for my upcoming christmas story.

    1.Shopping/Window shopping poses
    2.Gift wrapping poses
    3.Office poses

    Anyone know of any good ones?

    @GraceyManor Popping in to reply. ;)
    Not sure about the first two, but look up "Sims 3 IMHO office poses" and you should find some good ones. ;) SiciliaForever has some too.
    When all else fails, search for Poses on Lana CC Finds. :)

    Since I'm unable to write out a Christmas story this year, I look forward to yours. :blush:
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    The Chikamori Selfacy
    Generation One - Chapter Two

    Part One

    After the two fights with VJ Alvi and Haruo having decisively vanquished the lout, it was pretty clear to the rest of the school that Haruo was not someone to mess with. Especially after seeing VJ with bruised face, cuts, abrasions and two black eyes and VJ previously had a reputation for being one of the toughest kids in the school. To see VJ start something and then been handily trounced was a clear warning to other kids to not try to tangle with Haruo. So it was that Haruo was left alone by the other kids and River, Haruo’s cousin Tarao and her other friend Bebe Hart were the only ones that would speak to him.
    Uncle Satoshi, Yasunobu’s brother; during the course of his travels, had fathered a son, Torao, who was now thirteen. Tarao had joined the Chikamori and McIrish families at the house in 1981 at eleven years old, after a long phone-call from Satoshi to Yasunobu about taking him on while Satoshi got his affairs together in order to come home from travelling the world. He had to clean up a few things that he’d gotten into while he was abroad namely a relationship from which he was extricating himself. The mother of his child had not wanted to continue the relationship and the matter of custody was being disputed. When that matter was cleared up, he would return from where he was located to join his son. The son was clearly Satoshi’s get; which was apparent when the boy arrived at the house. His facial features were clearly a younger version of Satoshi.

    Grade Eight was an interesting year as many of the older kids were graduating and each class went up a grade. After a few older kids learned painful lessons in not picking on Grade Eight students, he developed a reputation as an eighth grader to not mess with who more than willing to interject himself between an older bully and a weaker younger student. Academics, however, was a hard adjustment for Haruo and River and Haruo were more than happy when summer rolled around to spend summer holidays hanging out together just as they had in elementary school.

    Freshman year, was an eye-opener with the classes getting harder and the learning being crammed into fifty minutes was quite intensive. And Haruo and River knew that it would get harder as the year went on. Both could be found in the library studying diligently for their surprise exams that the teachers were wont to surprise their students with. At least if they were ready for everything; they wouldn't get unpleasantly surprised by anything...unplanned...


    Sunday June 25, 1985

    It was around the start of summer preceding sophomore year that Fiona's long-time friend Molly French moved into Fiona's house along with her four-year old daughter Sandi with Fiona's blessing and River found herself doing a lot of baby-sitting which seemed to affect just how much time she would have to hang out and do things with her friend of fifteen years but at least she was able to prioritize between summer holiday child minding and time with her friend. But it also sparked an immediate change of necessity that would not make Haruo or River very happy as the addition of two more members of the family made it so that the family had to sell their home. And as such, the children were caught in the thick of it. And that was why on Sunday, June 25, 1985, they were standing outside their home, now former home, moving van packed and ready and staring at the house they were leaving behind. In fact, it wasn’t just Molly and Sandi French moving in, but yet one more member of a set of two family members who moved in on the Chikamori’s side, as Satoshi had finally managed to clear up everything that he’d needed to abroad, coming back home to where his brother was. So Asilomar was getting far too crowded for them t continue to live there

    One month earlier, May 25, 1985

    This revelation met with a large amount of resistance, naturally since Haruo enjoyed the fact that River and her mother lived with them and that immediacy of their access to each other in their friendship was what had facilitated the long-time closeness between the two now-teenagers. It was as though the two were inextricably linked in some metaphysical sense. It appeared as though the two would no longer be able to share the most convenient ability to be able to just knock on the door to her room in their house to see if the other was willing to hang out together and study or watch TV or to come to dinner. Depending on how far Haruo's parents and uncle decided was the location of the ideal home it could mean that he could potentially lose River to geographical restrictions on feasibility of holding on to their friendship. And that was not a palatable thought in the slightest.
    The disclosure to the teens was a volatile situation and Haruo didn't take it as well as River. In fact he didn't want to move and told his father to nix the sale. But Yasunobu told him that the deal was already done and that they had to abide by the terms of the contract as drawn out in the Offer of Purchase. That didn't make Haruo happy in the slightest.

    "But, far are we going to be?" It wasn't like River was going to be far away from him, but they wouldn't have the immediacy of being able to just walk into the living room or knock on the door of her bedroom in order to talk with her. They would have separate suites in the new place. But Haruo felt that sense of loss.
    River put her arms around Haruo in a hug to try to let him know that it would be alright, "Haruo...look we'll still be able to go to the park with each other and I'll always be in your face if you ever need me to hang out with you. We're studying together every afternoon." she insisted. "It'll be OK..." She could sense his resistance to the idea as he pulled away from her, a pang of hurt in her coming to the forefront as he pulled out of her embrace.
    Look, River, I need to think this through. It's too much information at one time..." Haruo said, as he took a long deep breath, trying to calm his emotions, when he really wanted to put his fist through a wall. Curse that VJ Alvi; he's never around when I need to beat on his face. Haruo thought morosely. He could tell that River felt hurt, but his emotions were churning and he needed an outlet not her where he could vent ferociously and he didn't want it to be her that he vented it on. "I'm going to the gym." he said, as he abruptly by-passed her and walked away.
    "I understand..." River said, not turning to face him, her heart throbbing in pain from the rejection of her attempt to comfort him; that she, herself, needed comfort; despite that, knowing that Haruo needed his space to think and come to terms with the sudden news about the sale of the house and the move to different confines. "Is he going to be alright with this?" River asked turning to her mom; a hint of misery in her voice.
    "Is he going to be alright with this?" River asked her mother, a hint of misery in her voice.
    “You know he’s been like this whenever he gets news that he’s uncomfortable with.” Fiona felt her heart ache for her daughter. Her daughter was in love with Yasunobu’s son and she hadn’t come to grips with her own feelings. It’d been this way now for a couple years, Fiona had noticed her daughter’s close ties to Yasunobu’s son and the fact that her daughter felt for him deeply, but hadn’t yet admitted it to herself.
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    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Hey friends. :)

    Goodness! The thread has gone forward 3 pages since I've been away the past couple of days??? :open_mouth: It's been a while since this has happened. ;) I like it! :mrgreen:

    Thanksgiving was wonderful for our little family over here and I spent a good part of today putting up Christmas lights. :mrgreen: Tomorrow we'll trim the tree. 🎄 My FAVORITE time of the year is HERE! :smiley: And I'm going ALL out! (Especially with how nutso this year has been, my goodness! :confounded: I need some Holiday cheer! :star: )

    Anyway, I don't have much time to make as many comments on your posts as I would like to my friends, but I've read them all and given out awesomes. <3

    It is so sweet of you to mention all the newbies. :)
    ^Thanks. :blush: And of course! I want everyone who comes here and posts to feel welcome. :)

    emorrill Thanks for the welcome! I have wanted to comment for years but I was never compelled to do so, than a few days ago with Karritz's question about ads on Youtube. I've been following her and ZeeGee's videos for eons! Also I want to congrat and thank you <3 for creating this big giant interesting thread! It's been my go to for my morning coffee for yrs! :D
    ^I can't tell you how much joy that brought me to read that. :smiley: Aww. <3 I'm so glad you decided to start posting because I've been thoroughly enjoying reading about your gameplay and YAY that you can post images now!! :mrgreen: Woop woop!

    @Avatarit You're welcome. :)
    As for the pictures I put them in spoilers since I figured it would be easier to read and follow this way :smile: (for me too, when I posted, it was a lot of pics all at once :smile: )
    ^I see. I know those with slow connections appreciate the pics being in Spoilers. :) Me though, I gotta have my pictures out there! :p

    @Nikkei_Simmer Thanks for the reply comments. :)
    These chapters are going to be long ones split into parts (since I don't know the maximum word-count per post allowable) and should be filled with lots n' lots of pictures as I love screen-capping.
    ^Please let me know if you get an answer as to what the maximum word count amount is on a post because I've been wondering about that for a long time as well. I hate having to split up my story sometimes since it won't all fit in one post because there are times I really can't find a good spot to take a break in it you know? (I know you know. ;) )
    Yup. I remember hearing "write what you know" so that's what I do. :)
    Wow VJ sure got his butt beat that time. :smirk:

    @Silverofdreams30 Even if your screenshots are just random ones, they always fill me with happy. :blush:
    Jordan is cute. :)

    @GraceyManor I'm so old that I remember when "How do you like me now" was released. :mrgreen: I remember thinking, "Gosh this is such a snotty song," (felt the same about "I wanna talk about me" ) but...that Toby Keith always did have some attitude. ;) I love his "Angry American: Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" song. <3 It gets me teared up...for obvious reasons.
    Anyhoo. :p Been enjoying your story.

    Feel welcome to read my story, I hope you´ll like it. The beginning is not so good, I think, it´s getting much better later.
    ^Oh girl, I've felt that with every story I've written. :lol: We grow and grow the more we write so of course it gets better as the story goes along. ;) (But I'm sure the beginning is good. :kissing_heart: ) I've even gone back on my blog and done some editing on my older stories. It's fun. :blush:

    @Turjan Nice to see you pop in. Always. <3
    Your picture, and what you said to go along with it, made me laugh. :lol:

    @bekkasan Beautiful scenery pic once again. <3 (And I've totally made sims get out of their cars or off their bikes to take a pretty scenery pic too. :lol:;) )
    Posted my comments on your story thread. :kissing_heart:

    @CravenLestat Oooooh, more pics of Hunter. I like! :love: I still need to show you pics of him in my game... :confounded: Forgive me for being so busy - and feeling a little blah - lately. :(

    @Tamijo Welcome to the thread and the forum! :smiley: Post away! You gain Member status pretty quick over here. ;);)

    Keep calm and Sim on my friends. Stay safe out there with COVID running rampant again... :pensive:
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    Thanks! Her poses were perfect =) Oh no.I always love your christmas stories.
    I can't believe its been 2 years since you posted the Aurora Skies Christmas story! I still
    remember thinking that dude was a complete...fill in the blanks here.XD Until further along in the story.

    My first chapter for my Christmas story is ready.I worked on it all day.XD Liam will be back after the holidays.

    Once again, the holiday season was fast approaching the sleepy town of Arcadia.It seemed to fill everyone with good cheer
    and warming tidings, except for Delilah.She dreaded this time of the year.Clients were constantly asking for new home makeovers,
    displeased customers demanded full refunds.And too many people asking for help...You could call her "Mrs Scrooge." At least that's
    what her neighbors called her behind her back.

    "Right away, Mrs Cole.I will book you for tomorrow.I apologize for the incovience." Delilah slammed the phone back on the receiver
    and stared blankly at the computer.Once again she managed to mess up a client's renovation."This job is just not my cup of tea."
    She looked down at the clock, realizing she had errands to run, and the day was almost over.

    "Mom's gifts check, Dad's gifts check...I feel like I'm forgetting someone." She brushed it off as she hustled down the street,
    hoping to catch her favorite bakery still open. Unfortunately, the shop keeper was out of town for the week...another disappointment.

    Back into the frigid air, she made her way to her car, when her phone rang."Hello, Miss.I'm with the local homeless
    shelter.We are gathering funds to give those less fortunate a better christmas, we'd appreciate any contribution you could make.Delilah
    rolled her eyes,fed up with the constant need of donations."I don't give to charity's.Get them a job if they need money."

    "They would work if they could, Miss.But some can barely stand on their own two feet." Delilah groaned "And that's hardly my fault,
    now is it? Now leave me alone, I'm late for work."

    The lady listened angrily to Delilah."May your cold heartedness, give you exactly what you deserve!" And she hung up."A fine
    sentiment, if I do say so myself."


    Delilah dragged her tired feet into her house and plopped on the sofa, she channel surfed
    through the multiple stations."Oh my god! 100 channels and there's nothing on!" Delilah managed to watch one episode of "Game of Throne" and thenhustled herself to bed.


    It was about 2:30 in the morning, when she hear something or someone rustling in the backyard.Without even thinking or getting dressed,
    she made her way out into the frigid area, to contront her intruder

    "Hey! You?! What are you doing in my garden?!" She shouted at a man
    who seemed to be eating her grapes

    He turned around.Delilah looked him over, his clothes were old and worn, and he had a shaggy beard.
    "Great!" She thought; "They must have sent someone from the homeless shelter to try and tug on emotions." "I'm sorry ma'am, I don't mean
    to be a bother, but I'm hungry and its freezing...please may I take shelter in the garage? I won't be a bother." Delilah become more annoyed
    with this 'Sherade" the shelter was putting on."Look, mister, I don't know who sent you here, but you're a good actor.But I already told the
    lady on the phone.I don't give out handouts.Now amscray!" But the gentleman wouldn't budge."Please...just one night and I promise, I will leave
    by daylight...."


    If it weren't 2:30 in the morning, she'd make sure he left.but she was feeling exhausted feom her long day's work."Fine, but its out in the garage!
    I just cleaned my house.And you leave by morning."

    "I promise.Thank you."
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,121 Member
    I can't believe its been 2 years since you posted the Aurora Skies Christmas story! I still
    remember thinking that dude was a complete...fill in the blanks here.XD Until further along in the story.
    ^Ha ha! :lol: Funny you should mention that story because...I've been thinking lately about doing a Play and Share with Miriam and Jaron in place of a Christmas story this year. ;) And I actually just finished decorating their new home as husband and wife in the game. :blush: Tonight I planned to share pictures. Funny coincidence huh? :p
    (btw: Awesome start to your story. 👍 Delilah is like the female version of Jaron. :lol: I get the feeling she and homeless guy are gonna grow pretty close as the days go by. :smirk: )

    So yeah, as mentioned above, that's what I'll be doing this year for the Christmas season folks. :) Playing as Miriam and Jaron from my Aurora Skies Christmas Romance Tale. I wanted to show a little bit of their future together and when they have their first child. <3

    I found a house from my Library and plopped it down into Aurora Skies. Here is the house I chose:

    ^I believe it's one I found on MTS.

    Anyway, it's not normally a yellow house, the lighting is just weird in AS. (And it could be due to my lighting mod as well...)

    With inspiration from @polrbear 's interior decorating - as well as watching a bit of HGTV lately and always getting the magazine :mrgreen: - I went and decorated the home in today's style! (At least, I hope it's today's style. :lol: There are so many different ones!) I used some shabby chic and pops of color and I'd love to hear what y'all think of it. :blush: It was fun going cc hunting for this too even though I so don't need anymore cc. ;)

    Welcome to the Hodge Home 2020! :grin:
    3 Bed, 3 Bath

    First floor:


    Second floor:


    So let's take a tour through the home shall we? ;)

    Here's the view when you walk into the Entryway/Foyer:


    You got the family room straight ahead and then the kitchen off to the right. (A bathroom is off to the right as well)

    Let's turn around a bit to see the stairs. (I started Christmas decorating, but thought it best to hold off on that until I take pics of how the house normally looks on the inside. ;) )

    ^We'll go up there later.

    For now let's check out the Family room:


    ^Love that poster! <3

    Now the first floor bathroom:



    Next we'll head into the kitchen, which opens up into the Living room and Dining. :)


    Living area:


    Off to the right is a computer nook and the Christmas tree will be displayed by the bay window. <3 (Normally that's where the art easel is.)


    View of the Dining area:


    We'll check out the backyard in a bit, but for now let's head upstairs. :blush:

    The hallway at the top of the stairs looks down into the foyer. I didn't get a picture of that, sorry. But you can see it from the aerial view of the floorplan above. ^

    First let's go into the Master Bedroom. I went bold with this one, y'all. :lol: It's not my normal decorating style and I can't believe how much fun I had doing it! :grin: I think the energy from the color Yellow really compliments Miriam's bright and cheerful personality. :blush: (I just figure Jaron let her have her way with the decorating like a good husband should. ;):p j/k! )


    ^Across from the shoe rack and suitcases there is the door to the Master Bath.

    The Master Bath was WAY too small for my tastes - and wasn't even connected to the bedroom, that bugs me :p - so I fixed that by taking the 4th bedroom and opening it up to connect the bathroom and also make it bigger. 👍 )



    Down the hallway we have the Nursery. :blush: I went with a gender neutral wall color as I want to be surprised with their first baby.



    Didn't get a pic of the bathroom by the Nursery - whoops - but it's all good. The third bedroom I turned into an office/guest room. Sorry I didn't get a picture of that either...

    Let's go out into the backyard now. :) They've got a nice outdoor cooking and dining area...

    Hodge-Home-2020-21.jpg well as a spiffy pool and hot tub! :star:


    Guys, I am SO not an interior decorator, but I am beyond happy with the way this home turned out. :mrgreen:*Squeal*

    Once it was completed I moved Jaron and Miriam in right away!

    Celebratory kiss. :smirk:


    And they both had that look of love in their eyes for each other. <3
    (I may have sent them to their room afterward to make a baby. :smirk::lol: )


    ^I gave Miriam a new hairstyle as this is supposed to be about 3 years into the future from when the story ended. :) In case you were thinking she looks different. ;)

    I'm super excited to play out their continuing story for this Christmas season. :blush: You know Miriam is going to decorate the heck out of their new home for Christmas! It'll look like Christmas blew up in there! :lol:

    Stay tuned everyone. That's it from me for now. :blush:
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    Wow, completely new to reading any type of posts like this, some stunning pictures, i'we only played a little sim2 back in those days and one household over the last few weeks, mainly cracking how to become extremely rich.
    The clothes of that homeless is that fan made, any how to download stuff like that. Sometimes feel my dresser is only filled with "brand new" would prefer also some tear and wear to express older "home and relax" outfit.
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    Great house, something to live up to when creating homes. so many fine details, still within "one style"
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,201 Member

    Thank you, there are only a few chapters left on my
    first-generation but it's been fun playing the random stuff hehe.


    Lovely update as always.


    I have enjoyed your updates so far.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,964 Member
    I decided to go back to Barnacle Bay and the Sanchezes. Twins Elena and Carolina have graduated high school, and Elena has moved out. I decided not to send them to university. Maybe they could go later in life. I’m currently playing with the O’Connor family briefly (Patrick O’Connor being Elena’s boyfriend) as Patrick is a little younger than Elena and still a teenager. Then, once he’s aged up, I can move him in with Elena and they can get married and start their own little family! I’ve been looking up Irish names and everything. Oh, and Carolina may also be getting married pretty soon... <3 (nope, not engaged, but she does have a boyfriend).
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    As I wait for my new story to start, though I might as well do a little picture-free write up on my existing household.

    It started with two youngsters building a small home together, without being lovers they were just friends. Jon a blond of Scandinavian heritage – Tamiko an Asian girl from the island Kyushu in Japan. They were dating a few sims each but never found any true love.

    Both started as journalists on the local paper, and soon a spark of love grew in the household ending in their first lovechild Zan
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    With the child coming they agreed that one of them should stay home to take care of the baby, Jon quit the job at the local news paper dedicating his time to family values, cooking gardening and all the other tasks in the daily routine of the young family. While Tamiko provided for the household with increasing income as the climbed towards the top at the newspaper.

    Jon took up writing novels in the little spare time he got – at first with little success, but over time he actually produced some bestsellers and became an acclaimed writer. Also what he did on the easel provided a bit of income for the family – that said the household was entirely pretendant on Tamiko salary as they extended the house and slowly became richer with new cars, new furniture etc.
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    The years went by – with Zan growing into a young beautiful girl twisting in fantasies of the young boys at high school, Jon & Tamiko was faithful with their love just growing stronger and stronger, a bit late maybe but Tamiko got pregnant again and they got their 2nd child Winston.

    At this point Jon was a famous novelist with a fine income from Royalties coming from his books and also starting to become a well know painter producing some very fine paintings – a few sold but many hanging around the household.

    When Zan left school – she did not have to provide for herself and soon formed a rock band with some friends.
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin

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