The Cowboy and the Mermaid

The Cowboy and the Mermaid

I was recently gifted two sims from two of my fellow simmers. I <3 them both very much and look forward to telling their story. I thank @emorrill and @CravenLestat for the sims and <3 you guys too!

Dwight Whitley from @emorrill

Lorelei Finn from @CravenLestat

This is their story and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Lorelei Finn was raised in Isla Paradiso. After the death of her parents she was so devastated that she swam and swam leaving her home far behind her. She visited other islands and coastal communities as she swam, but none felt right to stay more than a few days. She had no desire to go back to Isla Paradiso as the memories were just too sad. She eventually finds Sunlit Tides another island community. She loves the blue waters and the small interlocking islands. Even the large volcano fascinates her. She has never seen one before. When she ventures to town, the people seem friendly, smiling and nodding at her even though they don't know her. She hopes there will be other mermaids in the community but has seen no signs of them in the waters around the islands. She buys a home on the beach with the money inherited from her parents. Her sprite named Kool Aid keeps her company and entertains her. She knows she should get out and mingle and meet some of the towns people but is not comfortable and truly is socially awkward especially meeting new people. She loves being outdoors and is eco friendly. Of course, she loves to swim. The new technology stuff she had to deal with in purchasing her home just made her brain ache. Whatever happened to pens and typewriters she wants to know.

Dwight Whitley hails from Appaloosa Plains and worked on a ranch training horses for the racing circuit as well as racing them. During his last race he and his horse were tragically injured after a jealous competitor deliberately turned his horse into Dwight's Kolinar causing a chain reaction among the horses attempting the high level jump in the middle of the course. Two horses including Kolinar had to be destroyed. One of the jockeys died from the injuries he received from the trampling and frightened horses. Dwight was in the hospital for several months recovering from his injuries. The doctors have told him he will never be able to race again. The competitor who caused it will be in jail for years to come. Dwight has no family except for his fellow trainers. The owner of the ranch encouraged him to go somewhere he'd never been. Make a new life for himself away from horses and racing. The therapists at the hospital agree. He needs to find a new purpose in life. Dwight threw his Bowie knife at a map on the wall and it landed on a place called Sunlit Tides. That is as good a place as any as far as he is concerned. What is in store for him in this new town? He does not really care where he goes or what he does. He life has changed and when he looks in the mirror he no longer see's the brave trainer/rider that he used to be. Dwight leaves Appaloosa Plains, alone, unhappy, a saddened man wondering why he didn't die that day with his horse. He tries very hard not to look back as the taxi carries him away from the ranch that has been his home for many years.


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    @bekkasan: Poor Lorelei losing her parents. I hope Lorelei finds love. Also Dwight's story made me cry! I hope Dwight also finds love!
    :) Smile!

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    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Lorelei stands in front of her home and surveys the beach and surroundings. She feels if not at peace with her life somewhat more settled than over the last few months. She has only been here a few weeks and this place is starting to feel like home to her. She had not fully committed to living here despite buying the home. She makes the decision now this is home and she will get a job and become a member of the community despite feeling very awkward about meeting new people. She knows she can't socialize with just Kool Aid and be truly happy. She still has periods of extreme sadness when she thinks of her parents, but it is no longer overwhelming despair.

    Lorelei decides not to waste anymore time and rides to town hall. She checks the lists of jobs available on the community board. She has never trained for any profession and is not interested in taking up one now. There are many requests for divers and that is something she is very good at. She registers with the town to take on diving missions.

    She bikes through town and stops at Micks Karaoke bar and enjoys watching a few of the townies sing. She does not want to try that herself and is soon feeling awkward and leaves.

    She stops at one of the many beautiful parks in town and sees a couple snuggling on the deck and decides not to intrude. She sees another man getting ready to fish.

    As she is riding back home a friendly voice calls out to her. She stops and walks up the driveway and Pearl Yang introduces herself. "I've seen you riding around town and been wanting to say Hi. It is nice to meet you."
    "It is nice to meet you as well Pearl."
    They talk for a bit getting to know each other and discover they have a few things in common. They plan to get together for lunch in a few days and go shopping after.

    Back home she chats with Kool Aid on the back porch enjoying the sunshine and warmth of the day. Soon the sound of the surf calls her to change and she runs to the water and dives in. She loves having the ability to live on land but craves the freedom of the sea.

    Dwight finally arrives late afternoon in Sunlit Tides after several days of travel. He visits the realtor's office and collects the keys for the rental that his former boss arranged for him. The realtor informed him he had the agency maid stock a few groceries in the fridge and pantry for him. Dwight thanks him for his kindness, gets directions and takes a taxi to the rental. He is a bit surprised to find it directly on the ocean. Dwight doesn't dislike the ocean, but he's never lived near it. He can't imagine anyone wanting to live so close to an ocean. He's live all his life in ranching country. Seeing water out the window rather than cattle or horses is a bit disconcerting. He stares up at the staircase and hopes his leg makes it up without having spasms.

    He made it up the steps with one stop to rest his leg. Dwight is hungry and checks the fridge to see what is available. He finds a salad ready to eat and grabs that. He enjoys the salad and is sorry he did not see another one in the fridge.

    He sits on the deck and reads for a bit after supper. The fading light, the long day and the pain in his leg soon send him to bed.

    Lorelei rides her bike to the diner to eat and talks with a few of the townspeople. She finds out a few are interested in her diving services. One fellow seemed to be flirting with her but she wasn't completely sure. She rides her bike back home and feeling hot and sweaty she decides to take a swim in the pool next door rather than swim in the ocean. Sometimes it is just as much fun swimming in a pool. She has slipped over and used the pool several times when no one was renting the house next door.
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    @Puddinroy Thank you for reading and commenting! I do hope they find love as well. :smiley:
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    bekkasan wrote: »

    Oh Dwight, come to me! You are so so sexy! :love:
    He looks GREAT in your game @bekkasan !

    Sorry it's taken me forever to give you my thoughts on this awesome new story! :kissing_heart:

    My heart truly goes out to Lorelei. If I lost both my parents, especially at the same time, I'd probably feel like swimming and swimming away too..... until I couldn't breathe anymore. I don't want to imagine life without my parents...
    Anyway, I'm glad she found the beautiful Sunlit Tides and I get the feeling life is going to get better for her here. :smirk:
    Her sprite's name is Kool Aid! :lol: I love it!

    So devastating what happened to Dwight! :open_mouth: And not just with him! A tragedy like that would be a very hard one to get through and he is indeed lucky to be alive. I also think making a new life for himself is just what he needs, no matter how painful it will be to leave his home, and everything that's familiar to him, behind. It really is a great reason for how a true cowboy such as himself would land on the islands to live. :blush: Good thinking! :)


    I like this:
    She still has periods of extreme sadness when she thinks of her parents, but it is no longer overwhelming despair.
    She's at a point now where she feels like she's able to get up in the morning and accomplish things. Move on with life.
    Her smiling face as she's riding her bike. :) She really is a beautiful sim!
    Oh Lorelei, you're not alone. I wouldn't want to try singing in front of a bunch of strangers either! (Even though I have sung on stage before. :p That's a little different...)
    Aww, she's made a friend in Pearl. <3 (Pearl is from ST right? Or did you plop her in?)
    I meant to tell you that your dive lot turned out FANTASTIC! :star: Wish I could get it from you. :p I tried creating one in ST a few months back and failed... :pensive: I guess I should find Karritz's video about it.

    Anyway, Dwight's new rental home looks nice. :) Very...islandy. :blush: So nice of his former boss and the agency maid to do those things for him. <3
    EMBRACE the ocean Dwight! :mrgreen: You'll fall in love with it soon just wait! ;)
    Poor guy is still experiencing pain in his leg. :cry:

    So Lorelei has slipped into the pool next door eh? :smirk: I can't WAIT to read Dwight's reaction upon seeing her, a MERMAID of all things, in there! I get the feeling it will be love at first sight! :blush:

    Looking forward to more lady! :smiley: Love it!
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    @emorrill Thanks so much for reading and commenting on the story. <3 He really is a handsome sim :love: and I'm enjoying playing him. I thank you so much for making such a gorgeous cowboy and gifting him to me.
    The back stories were sad, and I'm glad you understand story wise I needed a reason for a cowboy to be in Sunlit Tides. Sigh...wish I could have put Pets in. I had some good ideas for AP too. Maybe someday.
    Pearl is from Sunlit Tides and since we all know her so well from @CravenLestat and @Charlottesmom I knew I had to find her and get those two to be friends.
    Thanks for the sweet comments on the dive lot. :smiley: I rather imagine it would look gorgeous with your new puter. Dive lots don't transfer well. I've seen a couple of vids that tell how to do it and will need to check those out and see if they really work. Then I could make you one. Karritz recommends just building in your world as the safest way to go.
    I wish I remember who's beach lot that was! It was in my library and I just don't remember who I downloaded it from.
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    @bekkasan You're very welcome sweet lady. :kissing_heart: I was happy to do it. :blush:
    Then I could make you one.
    ^I would LOVE that! :mrgreen: But don't feel like you have to and take your time if you decide to. <3
    I don't know how to use the spawner codes...maybe I should learn! :p
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    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    The rising sun paints a pink and gold glow to the sky. It is another beautiful morning in Sunlit Tides. Dwight gets up and stretches his body trying to work the kinks out. He limps out to kitchen to see what might be available for breakfast. He finds a box of waffle mix and decides to make those. He loved eating waffles that the ranch cook made. He follows the directions and soon has a batch in the oven. While he waits for them to cook he thinks about the noises that woke him during the night. It almost sounded like someone was swimming in the pool. He thinks to himself that he should have got up and checked. He notices smoke coming from the stove, black smoke.

    Dwight is just a bit disgusted with himself that he can't cook simple waffles. He grabs a bottle of juice from the fridge and has that instead. After he cleans up he is still in pain. He takes one of his pain pills and grabs a book out of the bookcase and relaxes on the bed reading while waiting for the meds to kick in. He falls asleep as the pain eases.

    Lorelei wakes up and grabs a book to read. Technology for Luddites is apparently the perfect book for the technophobic mermaid. She reads until her eyes start crossing with all the techno-jargon in the book. She fixes a bowl of sushi and enjoys every last bite. She hurries out to the waters and spends her day swimming around the islands hunting for other merpeople and collecting seashells for the science lab. (authors disclaimer...@cravenlestat picked out the 'jammies'. I didn't change them. lol)

    Dwight awakens from his med induced nap. He's hungry. He finds a microwavable meal in the freezer and decides to fix that for dinner. It's not very tasty, but, it is not burned. He finishes his meal and makes a phone call to the realtor. He is in too much pain to be climbing up and down the steps to get supplies and things he wants. The realtor suggests a local delivery service that is reliable. Dwight calls and places his order with them.

    The delivery guy was prompt and once he realized Dwight's injuries, he mounted the big screen wall tv for Dwight. He also brought up a case of the brew that Dwight ordered. Dwight thanked him, gave him a big tip and told him he would call him again in a few days.

    Dwight sat on the sofa watching the big game on the new TV and enjoyed a few brews that took the edge off the pain. After the game he read one of the books from the bookcase. He slept pretty good that night and was not awakened by any unusual sounds during the night.

    Lorelei stayed in the waters quite late searching for shells. Suddenly she senses another presence. A merman! An old merman! He introduces himself as Jarrett Fernandes. They talk for a long time and Lorelei finds out there are other merpeople living in the waters as well as in town. (They have much in common and he can get hearts and look all he wants, but, he better not touch! I think the game created him based on her traits. Kinda spooky. )

    The sun is rising and casts its flames across the waters turning the dive lot into a rosy glowing landscape.

    Lorelei is tired and swims out of the cave she explored. She found another shell and some minerals that she can sell in town. Once she gets a nap she will go to the science lab and turn in the shells she found for them.

    The waters of the pool tempt Lorelei into taking a quick dip before heading into her house for a nap. She wonders if anyone is going to rent the beach house or will she have access to the pool all summer. She wishes she had room on her property for a pool.
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    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Dwight sits out on the patio reading. He hears the ocean surf and finds the sound somewhat soothing and his eyes start drifting and he feels as if he is going to fall back asleep. He shakes himself, stands up, not wanting to fall back asleep. He just got up for crying out loud. He walks stiffly into the house and decides to check his email. He has several emails from his fellow trainers as well as his former boss. He sends out replies and writes a few letters that he prints out to snail mail to a few of his buddies that don't use computers. He takes those out to the mail for pick up.

    While outside he looks around and decides to take a quick dip in the pool. The water looks warm and he did love swimming in the river back home. He shucks his boxers and carefully gets in the water not wanting to aggravate any of his injuries. He realizes as he gently swims around that his pain is much better. The water supports his muscles and bones. He swims around the pool until his stomach begins growling and insists on being fed. Toast and jelly! Yum.

    Lorelei wakes from her nap and goes to the science center and turns in the seashells she collected. She earns a tidy sum for collecting the seashells that are plentiful in the ocean depths.

    Suzuki Hinata introduces himself when she arrives at Pleasant View Park. They have a few things in common and quickly become friends. She looks at him and wonders why she doesn't feel any sparks for him. He is very handsome and funny. Is it because he is not a merman? Or, because he is just not the right one?

    Time to meet up with Pearl. They shop til they are ready to drop and then go to Micks to grab some dinner. Pearl takes her upstairs to the game area since Lorelei does not want to sing Karaoke. They play a few games of dominoes which Pearl with her high logic skill wins handily.

    Dwight decides to go swimming again and since it is broad daylight he digs in the drawer and finds his old swimming trunks. He gets about halfway down the staircase when his bum leg buckles and he falls the remainder of the way down. He moves his legs and arms gingerly and he doesn't think anything is broken. The pain in his back and leg is pretty intense though after the fall. He knows better than to try to climb back up until it eases. He sits at the bottom of the steps waiting for the pain to ease.

    Why, he thinks to himself. Why, all this pain and I'm completely useless because some 🐲🐲🐲🐲 couldn't stand the thought that other riders were better than him. Other horses were better than his horse. One rider dead, two horses dead and me......I might as well be. I'm not good for anything anymore. My beautiful Kolinar is gone. I can never ride again risking permanent paralysis if I do. All my friends just don't understand. They tell me I will get a chance to do something new with my life. I was perfectly satisfied with my old life thank you very much. What use is life if I can't even get up and down the stairs without falling.

    The intense pain eventually eases and he is able to get his bottom up a couple of steps and use the rails to stand. He shakes his head and thinks it is pretty sad that he is reduced to getting up like a toddler.
    He climbs back up the stairs like a tired old man.

    He tries to soak some of the pain from his aching body but it doesn't help. He has run out of pain pills and muscle relaxants. He drinks a few of the brews and that helps him forget the pain and heartache for a little while.

    Dwight becomes caught in a vicious, drink, sleep, eat, drink, sleep. He doesn't leave the house or try to go outside anymore. The only person he speaks to is the guy that delivers his brew and groceries. Those are dropped off at the doorway as he is paying for it online now that he set up an account. He barely manages to get downstairs to use the bathroom. The house is a mess and the flies are taking over. He does not even turn the tv or radio on anymore. His mind is a bit on the befuddled side from too much brew. He stares at the vase holding the orchid and wonders who actually made that bizarre little vase.

    Lorelei finds a gnome in distress and quickly figures out a way to extract him from the rock. He apparently misjudged his destination when he teleported to the dive lot. She cautions the gnome to be more careful in the future as she may not be around the next time he needs rescuing. She spots a beautiful tiger shark circling in the depths as if it is protecting the treasure. He circles a few times and then disappears.

    Lorelei swims back home and seeing no lights on at the property next door she hurries over to practice her diving. That dive had to be at least a 9.8.

    Dwight hears splashing noises and stumbles out of bed and staggers to the next room to see who is playing in the pool. It is very dark in the yard and he doesn't hear anymore splashing in the pool. He thinks he can see someone just passing the fence. He knows he will never make it up the stairs inside the house and then down the stairs on the outside of the house before the person is gone. Dwight decides he will order some outdoor lighting and perhaps that will deter the pool visitor.
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    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Pearl has a party and invites Lorelei as well as a few of her friends. Lorelei arrives early and she and Pearl play games before the others arrive. She meets Gilberto Gonzalo and Theodora Jayne. They seem very nice and friendly. Gilberto and Theodora spend time dancing in the kitchen so no one can get to the food! Lorelei had some kelp in her pocket from diving earlier in the day and ate a bite or two of it.

    Lorelei never had a chance to meet this fellow as he stayed glued to Pearls side the entire time. He might be one of her coworkers or boss at the science center. The party was a success and everyone had a good time.

    Dwight feels restless and stinky and wonders how long it has been since he had a shower. He takes one and the shower breaks down just as he gets out. He was always handy and could fix most anything that broke on the ranch so he finds some tools and sets to work.

    He decides to take a walk and very carefully goes down the stairs holding onto the rail in case his leg buckles. He smells the salty air and takes deep breaths inhaling the clean air into his lungs and getting rid of the stale fumes from the last several weeks. He looks out into the night sky at the stars shining bright as far as the eye can see. It really is an amazing view, so different from back home, but beautiful and he decides maybe he could get used to it. Maybe.

    Dwight has another TV dinner for supper. Maybe it is time to invest in a cookbook. He is tired and for once in the last few weeks he doesn't drink himself to sleep. He lies in bed listening to the sound of the surf feeling his body relax as the waves crash to shore.

    Lorelei bikes home from the party and walks next door to swim before going in for the night. She notices the new outdoor lights that brighten the pool area. She does not see any lights on in the house. She shrugs and dives into the water changing into mer form as her body fully enters the water. She swims in circles enjoying herself in the warm waters of the pool. So different from swimming in the ocean and a lovely change for her before retiring for the night.

    Dwight is relaxed as he lies in bed. He is not asleep yet just in that dozing stage before deep sleep. He hears noises at the pool. He gets up and walks into the next room to look out the window. He is shocked by what he sees, or thinks he sees. A mermaid! A beautiful mermaid swimming around in his pool. No way! He rubs his eyes and looks again. Still a mermaid. What kind of trick is life playing on him now! He didn't even drink any brew this evening.

    Moving as quickly as he can with a bum leg and bad back he makes his way out of the house and around to the pool area. Empty, the pool is empty! No mermaid, no female. Nothing! He stares at the pool frustrated. He knows what he saw. Something was swimming in the pool. Something that looked like a mermaid, only there is no such thing as a mermaid.

    He walks closer to the pool and finds a couple of puddles near the diving board. Those puddles of water did not form by themselves. His leg is aching and his back is protesting so he sits down in front of the diving board hoping he will be able to get back up. He makes a note to self to buy some lawn furniture. He contemplates what he saw.
    I'm not dreaming! The water on the deck is real. I didn't have any brew this evening to befuddle my brain. I saw what I saw. But, how can that be? What does Sherlock Simholmes say? when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? Someone was in the pool and however improbable it appeared to be a mermaid. He must investigate this mystery.

    Using the diving board he is able to get the leverage to stand. He walks around the pool deck and yard and finds a few more puddles leading out of his lot around the fence. The same fence he saw someone disappearing around a few weeks ago. He thinks about going back in to change clothes, but figures if anyone sees him his boxers might look like a swim suit. He studies the ground as he walks around the lot next door and finds another puddle leading toward the front deck of the house. He will make sure to meet his next door neighbor and find out what is going on. It is a little late to be knocking on doors. But first, he needs to get his life in order.
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    This is awesome! You know me and my short comments - just had to say hi and I love this! The sims are gorgeous too, Emily and Craven did an excellent job.
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    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Dwight goes back in the house and starts cleaning. He is ashamed he let things get this bad. Giving up is no longer an option. He survived for a reason and he will start over. He was always a fighter in the past, strong and determined, and he lost that for awhile. It is back, but he knows he needs to temper it with patience. He always pushed himself to be the best at everything and perfection is not the answer either. Perhaps that was why he had such a hard time accepting that he is less than perfect. He needs to accept the limitations he has and learn to live his life around them as best he can.
    He cranks his music up loud, but not loud enough to wake the neighbors and cleans the entire house until it shines. He takes a few breaks and rests his back and leg when the pain gets unbearable, but gets right back to it when the pain eases up. By the time he is finished, the sun is rising, his body is aching, and his mind is clearer without all the clutter and trash in his life. He soaks his aches in a warm tub and takes a short nap before he starts the second part of his plan.

    After his nap and a bite of breakfast Dwight carefully walks down the stairs to meet the taxi. It takes him to the local hospital, Coconut Palms Medical Facility. He should have made the appointment when he first came to town. He gives a copy of his records from his injuries to the physician. After many tests the doctor meets him in the consultation room and gives him his opinion. He agrees that he should never race again. The risk is too great. He thinks with time and proper exercise he can strengthen the weak muscles and bones that were damaged in the fall. He gives him a printout of a health plan including healthy eating, swimming, specific exercises and a voucher for the local spa for massages when the pain gets too bad. He will not prescribe any pain meds or sedatives and tells him no more brew. The doctor tells him to follow the plan explicitly and don't over do it or he risks further injuries. He is to return in one week and they will adjust the plan depending on how he is doing.

    Dwight looks over the health plan and realizes he needs to make a few purchases. He calls the delivery service and places the order. Shortly after he arrives home the delivery has arrived and the room is set up with the friendly delivery man's help. The instructions are to do the exercises twice a day and swim for 15 minutes twice a day. He is not supposed to use the treadmill until he see's the doctor again next week. He cranks his music up for the exercise sessions. He takes a shower after and is soon ready to meet the neighbor.

    Lorelei finds out about a new dive lot from her friend Jarrett. He gives her the coordinates and she swims out to sea. She finds a wrecked boat and a sea cave. She also finds a mysterious stone formation and one of the stones has writing on it. She cannot decipher the writings on it though. She will have to get a camera and take some pictures and try to decipher the writings later. She swims back home.

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    @ZeeGee Hi! I'm happy to see you found this and love your comments. :) They did a great job on the sims and I'm enjoying playing with them.
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    I KNEW he was gonna COWBOY UP, cause he's a real cowboy after all. :)
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    Lovely story so far! Makes me wanna load up a game in Sunlit Tides!

    Im also interested in how you put dive lots into it? I know about adding them to worlds, but I seem to remember reading that ST was too shallow?
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    @ZeeGee Yup, he's a cowboy alright! :) Thanks for commenting!

    @Goulsquash Thanks for reading and commenting!!
    I followed @karritz video for making dive lots. There is one spot that is deep enough. She highlights that spot in her video. It is the very darkest blue area in the waters of the large lagoon that the islands circle. I wanted mine deep and was able to get it all the way down with a 40x40 lot otherwise the lot gets stuck on the higher ground when you flatten it. I made a shallower lot that I use as a 'beginners' dive area. Most of the rest of ST is way to shallow for deep lots.
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    @bekkasan Loved reading this story line. @emorrill and @CravenLestat did a good job on their sims. ...Sad about Lorelei losing her parents and feeling so lost. ...How cute that Lorelei has a sprite! ...And Dwight's backstory was great. Awful about his horse and the other having to be destroyed. And the jockey's death. At least the competitor who caused this tragedy was punished. ...Throwing a Bowie knife on a map to find out where to move! Awesome. ...Diving is a perfect career for Lorelei. ...Very nice of Pearl to introduce herself since Lorelei was feeling so lonely. ...Great screenshots of Lorelei swimming.

    ...Sunlit Tides is a very different place for Dwight! ...Nice pic of Lorelei in the pool. She's lovely. ...The sunrise screenshot is gorgeous! ...LOL at Dwight burning the waffles. ...Oh! He's still suffering pain from his accident. ...A Technophobe mermaid. That makes sense! ...Now Dwight is eating frozen dinners and delivered food. The delivery man was a nice guy to help Dwight out. ...A cowboy has to have a few beers now and then! LOL

    ...It's good that Lorelei found another merman even if he is a love-sick geezer! ...Beautiful dive scenes. ...Cool that Dwight finds the ocean saves soothing. ...Poor Dwight! How's he suppose to heal if he's eating the types of food he is! Working at the ranch, I guess his meals were provided for him. Lots of barbecue! ...No sparks for Susuki and Lorelei, eh? But she does seem to be making friends. I'm glad. ...But poor Dwight. Alone and injured! He also seems to be self-medicating with his brews! I see the empty bottles are collecting. Dwight is sinking into depression.

    ...I like the shot of Lorelei finding the diving gnome. Nice pic of the tiger shark too. ...Dwight hears Lorelei in his pool! ...Congrats on Lorelei's party success. ...Awesome screenshot of Dwight staring out to the water at night. ...Pretty shot of Lorelei diving in the pool at night too. ...Dwight can't believe he actually saw a mermaid! ...Sherlock Simholmes! Love it! Good investigating skills, Dwight. Follow the water. Ha! ...Can't wait until these two meet! ...So Dwight is turning over a new leaf, getting his life in order! I'm so glad. OMG, that kitchen was a mess. ...Now he's on a rehabilitation program, doing much better. ...Cool diving pics.
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    @lanlyn Thanks so much for your comments and for reading the story. I hope all is well with you. Sorry I didn't comment before now, but life took a bad turn and I stayed away from my stories for awhile. Hubby was a gamer and loved my stories so he would want me to continue when I'm ready. I've been feeling the itch lately and hope to post an update soon.
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    Was? Sandy did you lose your husband? :cry:
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    @ZeeGee Yes, he passed away in February. :heartbreak:
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    Oh Sandy, I am so sorry. My heart breaks for you. Wish I could smother you with lots of hugs and encouragement but just know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    @ZeeGee Thank you very much. I do appreciate the thoughts and prayers and hugs too! No matter how much we think we are prepared for that eventuality, we are not. It has been hard and I miss him so much.
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    Oh wow, I am so sorry for your loss. I don't know what to say but echo ZeeGee's comments. We'll keep you in our hearts <3<3
    I'm a 46 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, and a simverted personality.
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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,899 Member
    @KevinL5275 Thank you! I appreciated it very much!
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,490 Member
    @bekkasan This is the first I've read of your loss. I haven't been keeping up with the forums lately. I am so sorry to hear about your husband's death. Sending love and prayers your way. <3 Take things easy for now and allow yourself time. And do what you need to do to grieve and heal. I think simming would be a wonderful outlet.
  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 4,288 Member
    @bekkasan: I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending love and prayers. <3 Hugs
    :) Smile!

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