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The Cowboy and the Mermaid


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    @lanlyn Thanks so much. I do appreciate your kind comments and love and prayers very much. :)

    @Puddinroy Thanks very much. I appreciate the prayers and hugs. :)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,071 Member

    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Dwight walks across the yard to meet his neighbor. She is coming down the steps as he crosses they yard. What a stunningly beautiful woman, he thinks to himself. He wonders if she is the one he saw in his pool. Even with his new lights in the yard it was so dark that all he saw was that tail splashing the water as the mermaid swam. He takes her hand in his and introduces himself.

    "I'm Dwight Whitley, originally from Appaloosa Plains. I just moved here a few weeks ago and am renting the house next door. I was hoping to meet you. If you are on your way to work or somewhere else I can come back later if you will tell me what would be a good time."

    "It is a pleasure to meet you Dwight! I thought I saw some lights on a few times, but must have missed you coming and going. I'm Lorelei Finn and I'm originally from Isla Paradiso, so I am not a native either. I'm not really headed anywhere right now. Let's go inside and talk." Lorelei notices Dwight's beautiful blue green eyes, the color of the tranquil sea just before sunset and rugged good looks and her heart does a strange little flutter. She also notices that he has a limp as he walks up the few steps into the house taking them one step at a time.

    They sit together in Lorelei's tiny living room and get to know one another. Lorelei introduces Dwight to Kool Aid and he is fascinated by this interesting creature. Dwight talks with Kool Aid and asks Lorelei if there are any other interesting creatures around town. She smiles at him and wonders if Appaloosa Plains had any interesting creatures. "Nope", Dwight tells her, "just the usual, and I mostly dealt with horses, cattle and dogs.

    Before he can ask Lorelei about mermaids or sea creatures Lorelei's tummy begins growling. She giggles and blushes as it was quite loud. Dwight laughs with her and realizes he has not had a good laugh in a long while. He admits to being hungry as well. "I don't cook much," she tells Dwight, "would you like to join me at the diner in town?" Lorelei hails a cab and they enjoy a lovely meal of fresh cooked fish and grilled veggies at the diner.

    During dinner Lorelei finds out Dwight has not explored much of the island as yet. He has not told her about his injuries or why he moved or being deep in depression after moving here. The relationship is a bit to new for that kind of discussion. He did talk about his life on the ranch and his racing career, but, not why he moved. After dinner they walk across the street to the Starfish Sands park. She notices his limp again as they walk across the street. She talks to him about some of the interesting places to visit on the island. "Lets go look at the view from the top." suggests Lorelei.

    Dwight looks at all those stairs and realizes there is no way he can get down and up that many. He has to go ahead and explain to Lorelei about his injuries. He tells her about the race and the accident and the months in the hospital and how he is still recuperating and cannot physically do that many stairs at one time.
    Lorelei looks at his sad face and realizes there is more to the story, but, now is not the time. "I'm sorry, lets take a cab back to the neighborhood and we can take a short walk on the beach. I love walking on the beach at night and hearing the ocean waves crash on shore. Do you enjoy the ocean?"
    "This is my first time ever living near the ocean. I watched the sky and ocean the other night. It was very peaceful and calming. I did enjoy it very much."

    The cab lets them out a short distance from Lorelei's house and they stroll the beach and enjoy the walk together. They are still not ready to part company so they chat on the swing on the back porch. Dwight feels very comfortable talking with Lorelei. He wants to know her better and that is unusual for him as he normally prefers more casual relationships. Lorelei is surprised she keeps getting that fluttery feeling when looking and touching Dwight. She never thought she would be attracted to a human. She hopes that he will eventually tell her why he is so sad and hopes that she can help the sadness go away. Dwight is enjoying her company so much he forgot to ask her about the mermaid in his pool.
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    We have hearts!! What a lovely first date. And I had to laugh at this ….
    bekkasan wrote: »
    He wants to know her better and that is unusual for him as he normally prefers more casual relationships.
    You just described every cowboy I've ever known. :wink:

    So happy to see you back to telling your stories. :kissing_heart:
    The Sequel: Part 4

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    bekkasan wrote: »
    No matter how much we think we are prepared for that eventuality, we are not. It has been hard and I miss him so much.

    So insightful, you just can't prepare for that. Can't imagine the ache in your heart. Sending love and hugs your way. It's good to see you back to your stories. :heart:
    The Sequel: Part 4

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    @ZeeGee Thanks for the comments on the story and the love and hugs! Much appreciated. I do agree about cowboys that I've known too! Dwight needs a big change in his life and he is about to get it. :wink:
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    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Dwight got up the next morning in a very good mood. He slept so soundly that he was not sure if he had a night visitor in the pool. He did his morning stretches and exercises the doctor had prescribed, and then his laps in the pool.

    Lorelei begins her day by collecting more shells for the science lab. She loves riding her bike around the island and with her mermaid sensibilities (auto collector mod) is able to locate shells that have been washed ashore. Later, when she needs to hydrate she will search the ocean floor for shells that have been discarded by their former occupants.

    His doctor had also recommended he go to the local spa a few times a week and gave him a coupon for a free visit to check it out. He decides after doing the stretches and exercises the hot tub was just the right place to soak his aching muscles and bones.

    Dwight enjoys the hot tub until his skin starts wrinkling. He notices there is a sauna on the upper deck and he decides to enjoy the refreshing steam in the sauna.

    Lorelei completes her hunt for shells and ends up near the spa. She decides to soak in the hot tub until she notices Dwight up in the sauna booth and hurries to join him. She notices he seems a little tense and he tells her his muscles are a bit sore from the new exercises that the doctor prescribed and they will soon get used to it. The soak in the hot tub helped he tells her.

    She offers to massage his muscles using the spa table since the attendant is not available. Lorelei uses one of the scented warm oils and kneads his sore muscles until she can feel them relaxing under her touch. Dwight finds himself relaxed and excited at the same time as she massages the sore muscles. He has to suppress moans that are not from pain, but from delight that her touch brings. He tries to distract his thoughts by thinking about anything other than her, yes....he asks her where is a good place to get some lunch and meet some of the town folks. She tells him she is meeting some friends at Mick's Karaoke Bar and he is welcome to come with her.

    Dwight hurries to the dressing rooms and takes a quick cold shower and Lorelei does the same in the ladies side. They take a cab to Mick's and both order grilled cheese sandwiches. She takes him upstairs and shows him the game area and they play a quick game of pool while they wait for her friends to come. They are pretty evenly matched in skill but Dwight sinks the last ball. Lorelei congratulates him and gives him a hug. (I think she just wanted more touching! Dwight enjoyed the hug too!)

    Lorelei hears shouting downstairs and it sounds like Pearl. She hurries down the stairs and Pearl is in an argument with the bartender. "Don't you touch me, you big llama!" Pearl yells at him. Pearl hears Lorelei calling to her and snarls at the bartender one last time.

    Lorelei introduces Pearl and her other friends to Dwight. She whispers to Pearl as she watches Pearls eyes light up. "Hands off, eyes off, I saw him first." Pearl grins and whispers "those eyes are to die for. Ok, you owe me one."

    Pearl chats with Dwight and introduces him to some of the others gathered in the room. She excuses herself, grabs Lorelei's arm and pulls her up on the stage. "I'm collecting part of what you owe me, your singing with me this time." Lorelei is timid at first and sings quietly. As the others gather round and clap instead of jeer and mock them she gets a bit more into it.
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    Woohoo, a new update! Awesome!
    I'm a 44 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
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    Sweet. Lol @Pearl's face. And isn't there some lore about a mermaid's song?!
    The Sequel: Part 4

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    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Dwight calls Lorelei the next morning and invites her over for breakfast. "I've gotten pretty good at fixing waffles." He is happy when she agrees to come over. He greets her at the door and tells her to make herself at home.

    She sits at the bar and watches him cook. "You seem to be enjoying yourself."
    Dwight nods, "I've never had to cook for myself before. Living on the ranch meals were prepared by the ranch cook or you ate out at a restaurant if you wanted something different or had a date. I've really started to enjoy the process of cooking and will start trying out some new recipes. I will make sure to practice a few times before inviting you to eat a new recipe."
    "My Mom did the cooking or we ate out or had sushi which is not really cooked, but prepared. I just eat out or fix something that I buy and all I do is heat it up. I will be happy to try your new recipes." She watches as he prepares the waffles fascinated by how comfortable he is with making them.

    "This is delicious!" Lorelei exclaims. "Have you seen the new benches at the park down the street. I don't know what the council was thinking when they bought them, they are hard and ugly and might as well be made of cement."
    Lorelei cleans up the dirty dishes telling Dwight, "you cooked so it is only fair I clean up."

    They walk down to the pool and he invites her to swim in the pool anytime she would like too. "I know it gets hot and nothing like a refreshing dip to cool off."
    Lorelei explains that she would love to swim right now, but has a diving job that she better get busy and finish for the science department.

    Dwight does his laps and then his stretches and exercises.

    Lorelei swims out to the deeper waters and dives down searching for the fish that the science lab wants brought in to study.

    They days pass by and Dwight's muscles seem to be less tight in his back and leg. He made it all the way up the stairs last night without having to stop halfway up. The pain is still there, but it is bearable now. Ice and heat and soaks help him manage it without the booze and pills. He is finding more friendly people in the town to enjoy time with. He especially enjoys spending time with the lovely Lorelei. Dwight gets up one morning and decides he wants to learn fishing, so he grabs a fishing pole and heads to the beach. He selects the fishing lesson in his tablet and follows the instructions.

    Lorelei remembers to pay the bills and then heads to town on her bike to find another diving job. The science lab requested that she explore a few of the underwater caves and report her findings to them.

    I went to check on Lorelei and came back to find Dwight playing in the ocean and he had abandoned the fishing. He had two small minnows in his inventory though. As most of you know I rarely allow my sims full autonomy, but I have been letting them do their own thing in this save most of the time. I still make sure they do certain things like Lorelei has to collect and dive for her job and Dwight will eventually have a job too, but he still needs to get healthier. They both had wishes to go on a date with each other so I finally made him ask her out as it didn't seem like either were gonna do that on their own. That will be in a future update. Thanks for all the sweet comments.
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    @KevinL5275 Hey, thanks for reading and commenting!

    @ZeeGee hehe, @PalmArrow said something similar on the other thread about her singing and crashing ships. I don't think she is part Siren. I think it is the Siren's that do that kind of mean thing.

    @lisasc360 Thanks! Glad you are enjoying them. :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,634 Member
    @bekkasan Awwww immediate attraction! <3
    LOL at Lorelei's rumbling tummy! The diner meal sounds yummy :)
    Those stairs would be more than I would want to tackle and I don't have any injuries (unless you count old age) ;)
    A walk on the beach is way more romantic anyway :)
    They are obviously smitten with each other and what a sweet first date <3
    I hope the exercising gives Dwight relief from his pain.
    Lorelei's smiles is so sweet while riding her bike :)
    Ahhh yes, the hot tub is perfect for aches and pains :)
    What a lovely coincidence that they both end up at the spa!
    I bet he could hardly contain himself during that massage! :D Yep! Cold showers were definitely in order! :D
    Fun pics of them at Mick's and such a sweet hug :)
    Oh! I wonder what the bartender did to upset Pearl so much!?
    I hope Pearl does keep her hands off! :D
    What a fun second date!

    Will be back in a bit to
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,634 Member
    @bekkasan A man who cooks and enjoys it is a good catch in my opinion! :)
    LOL Lorelei doesn't approve of those benches! :D
    Little does he know that Lorelei has been making use of his pool already! LOL
    Lovely underwater shots!
    That's great that his pain is manageable now. Pills and booze might numb the pain but the other side effects are not ideal for a quality life!
    What a lovely spot for fishing :)
    Another lovely underwater pic of the cave!
    Dwight really took advantage of you leaving him unattended! What fun to play while no-one's watching :D
    My sims never autonomously ask another on a date but they do group up all the time and the game turns it into a date after a few minutes if it's only two.
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    @mikezumi Thanks so much for the comments! It has been fun watching them get to know each other with just a little nudge here and there to keep the story going the way I planned it. :)
    I sure wish I knew what was up with the bartender and Pearl. He might have to get fired if he is a trouble maker!
    I decided in this save I was making use of the thought bubbles as they do give a fun indicator of what is going on at times with the sims.
    I was trying to see what they would do themselves, but I guess I'm gonna have to do some pushing with parts of the relationship. It is fun watching them though. His eyes just light up when she is around.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,634 Member
    I need to nudge my sims all the time but not to do things together. I need to nudge mine away from constant woohoo! :D
    I should leave on thought bubbles some time to see what my sims think about. It's been so long since I used them but I often think how amusing they are when I see them in other simmers' games :)
  • SunStone02SunStone02 Posts: 105 Member
    I love your story! :)
    ~SunStone~ <3
    A Sims 4 player and fan!
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,071 Member
    @SunStone02 Thank you so much for commenting and letting me know that! :smiley: <3

    @Mikezumi It's all that incense and romantic drinks your sims have around them!
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    Does Dwight know she is a mermaid yet? Has he asked her about her "funny leggings" ? :) I am guessing not since he hasn't told her the gory details about his injury yet.
    Lorelei introduces Dwight to Kool Aid and he is fascinated by this interesting creature. Dwight talks with Kool Aid

    I didn't understand this part at first, and you know how my mind wanders. >:) Then I scrolled down to the picture and realized it was her holodisk pet. :)
    I'm a 44 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
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    KevinL5275 wrote: »
    Has he asked her about her "funny leggings" ? :smile:
    I was wondering this too!

    The Sequel: Part 4

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,904 Member
    From what I understand he doesn't know she is a mermaid yet. ;) And I'm surprised he hasn't asked about her scaly leggings yet too, but...I think he's just so taken by her beauty that he hasn't noticed. :smirk:

    *My Christmas story coming soon!*
  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 1,917 Member
    emorrill wrote: »
    From what I understand he doesn't know she is a mermaid yet. ;) And I'm surprised he hasn't asked about her scaly leggings yet too, but...I think he's just so taken by her beauty that he hasn't noticed. :smirk:


    The rest of us noticed!! Craven is a level 10 sim-master at making beautiful sims. ;) ;) :* :*
    I'm a 44 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
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    @KevinL5275 @ZeeGee @emorrill Right now, he does not know yet. He has thought about those gorgeous 'stockings' she wears, but has not asked why yet.
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    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Dwight goes to the hospital for his follow up appointment with his doctor. The assistant at the desk tells him to go on in room 1. He tells the doctor how he has followed the instructions for stretching, exercise and swimming. He is surprised at how much he has improved in just a week. He still hurts, but the soaks and massages have been helping that. Doctor Tibazzi examines Dwight thoroughly, checking his reflexes and pushing here and poking him there. He decides to get another set of xrays to compare with the first set.

    "I see improvement in your reflexes and movement and your mood is recovering from the use of pain killers and the alcohol. Exercise releases natural simdorphins and that will improve mood and lift depression and improve the pain in a natural way."

    Dwight looks at Dr Tibazzi and nods his head. "I think Lorelei, a young lady I met is part of the reason for my improved mood." He grins happily.

    "Ah, you have met our young diver. She is a delightful young lady and it is good to have friends since you are new to the area."

    "Lets talk about the xray's. The neck fusion is stable. I don't see any signs that it is a reason of concern right now. I think for safety's sake you must have xray's of that neck at least monthly for the next year. The damage you sustained to your neck in that accident should have paralyzed you. You had a very skilled surgeon and your guardian angel was watching over you mighty close to survive as well as you did. You must continue to be vigilant about certain activities that could cause problems with the fusion and endanger your life or cause paralysis. You should come straight to the hospital if you experience any numbness or tingling in your hands or feet."

    "I want you continue the stretches, exercises and swimming and you can start gentle jogs. I want you to increase to at least an hour twice a day. Do the stretches everyday. You can vary the jogging, exercise and swimming program, but do at least two of them each day. Go slowly and increase the time every couple of days until you are up to two hours with minimal pain."

    "The leg rods are firmly in place, the bones are healing, knitting together as they should between the rods. Keep taking those vitamins I gave you. The bones have calcified enough to start gentle jogging and that will continue to strengthen the bones. It may be possible in a year, maybe two years that the rods may be removed, but, you may always have a limp. You should try some snorkeling in the ocean and as your stamina improves you might be able to dive with your Lorelei."

    Dwight sighs softly with a look of sadness on his face. "They told me I could never race again let alone ride a horse. Racing and training was my whole life. I'm learning to accept what I cannot change and face the challenge of making a new life instead of looking backwards at what I had. Thank you for your honesty and your cautions. I will be careful and vigilant and return in a month for the follow up xrays."

    Dwight takes a class that afternoon in diving and learns the basics. He purchases some supplies and snorkels in the waters off his rental. He finds a couple of seashells, saw some funny fish and thoroughly enjoys himself amazed at the beauty in the underwater world.

    He has been studying cook books and decides that he wants to try grilling a dinner. He doesn't want to buy a grill yet so he goes to one of the local parks to use a grill there. He calls up Lorelei and invites her over and she accepts. She arrives just as the sun is going down. Dwight is happy to see her and gives her a big hug. They enjoy their meal as the sun sets into a violet sky.

  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,447 Member
    bekkasan wrote: »
    I'm learning to accept what I cannot change and face the challenge of making a new life instead of looking backwards at what I had.

    @bekkasan Powerful statement that made me think not only of Dwight and his circumstances but you, and everyone else suffering loss.

    The Sequel: Part 4

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    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    After dinner Dwight shows Lorelei a cat video which she enjoys. Lorelei calls KoolAid out and Dwight enjoys chatting with KoolAid again.

    They decide to walk over to Micks to see if anyone is performing. No performances tonight and the place is quiet and almost deserted. They go upstairs with Dwight carefully taking the steps one at a time and play one of the arcade games. They are both competitors and play fiercely attacking each others space ships and planets. The face of the winner and the face of the loser tells the story.

    Back at Dwight's place they sit outside and watch the stars in the sky. Dwight tells her about the visit to his doctor. He knows he is falling head over heels in love with her. He wants her to know just how damaged he is and the risks she would face if she is falling in love with him. He also talks about the depression and how he abused his pills and alcohol to try and cope with his pain and depression. He wants her to know the worst, praying that she would be able to accept him and want to continue exploring their relationship. He wants so badly to hold her, to kiss her and let her know just how he feels about her. He wants her to have time to know all the good and the bad before going further though. He knows if she cannot deal with what he has told her, it will be easier on his heart if he waits.

    She holds his hand and moves closer to him. With tears in her eyes she asks him questions about the accident and his long stay in the hospital. Because of the head injury and coma he can only tell her what he was told. He hesitantly mentions his beloved horse that had to be put down, and he did not know for several weeks after he awakened because his friends were afraid of how he would take it. She tells him he was lucky to have such good friends to be with him and help him cope. She is surprised they let him leave to a new place all alone.

    He explains everyone, including himself felt he would be better starting over somewhere new since he could no longer ride and train horses because of the injuries. He used the pills and alcohol to help him cope with his losses. He is glad it is dark and she can't see his face and how ashamed he is of that weakness. He stopped the pills and booze cold turkey after something strange happened one night. It made him see that he wasn't ready to give up on his life and needed to get off the pills and booze. He did not explain about the mermaid in the pool.

    Lorelei knows that she has deep feelings for Dwight. She finds it difficult to concentrate on work thinking about him. She knows she is falling in love with him and it feels wonderful. What Dwight has experienced does not change those feelings. It does help her understand what he has been through and why he has that sad look in his eyes at times. She holds her arm around him and promises him she will be there for him. He is not alone anymore. She wants to kiss him and hold him closer to her, but, she thinks he needs more time. She hopes in her heart that he is feeling the same about her. Her heart races madly when they are together and it is hard not to just pounce on him and show him just how much she does care about him. She offers to give him massages every day when he needs them after his exercise session. Dwight loves that idea and hopes his body can handle that closeness from her without embarrassing him or her.

    The sky begins to lighten and they realize they have talked most of the night. Dwight is very stiff when he tries to stand and Lorelei helps him after she gets up. They hug each other. Dwight thanks her for listening to him and Lorelei thanks him for trusting her with his story. She reminds him to soak for a bit in the tub before getting in bed to loosen his tight muscles so he will sleep better.
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