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The Cowboy and the Mermaid


  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 1,938 Member
    Awesome! Did you make a custom diving spot or copy one from another town? Where in Sunlit Tides did you put it?

    I don't know who Rafe is.
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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,129 Member
    @KevinL5275 I made the ones in Sunlit Tides following @Karritz video. I put the big one with the Stonehenge rocks in the darkest blue area in the water that is in the middle of the islands. I used a 40x40 lot as anything bigger just wouldn't sink as deep as I wanted it without getting hung up on shallower areas.
    I made another one in a little inlet, but, it wasn't very deep so I just used the tool to deepen the whole place and just dealt with it looking a bit weird and the camera gets a bit wonky down there too. Most of ST is just too shallow, but IP is just so hard to play in and I've never taken time to fix me a save in it or get one of the fixed ones out there.
    Rafe is a very special sim in my Ballan family save. I name dropped him as he is an explorer, adventurer and knows a lot of the ancient languages because....he is a vampire and lived back then. :lol: He's gorgeous and actually a very sweet, hunky vampire, loyal to his friends and loved ones, deadly to his enemies. :wink:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,037 Member
    @bekkasan Such pretty diving shots. <3 It looks like Lorelei is keeping a close, loving eye on Dwight and it's just so adorable. :blush:
    You mentioned you created these Dive Lots right? Because while I was reading I was thinking, "I've never seen ruins like that in any of the Dive Lots in IP!" :open_mouth: They look awesome and so mysterious. :blush: Great job! :star: And ST's water makes underwater life look all the more beautiful. <3
    Have you ever witnessed that tentacled beast try to attack a sim upon entering the cave? :p I haven't...
    Geez, sim phones always ring at the wrong time... :neutral:
    Aww, they really are so adorable together. <3<3
    I really miss Dwight's hat (of course he can't swim with it. :lol: ) I am so so sad still that that hat didn't work out. :confounded: I am like still on a mission to find the perfect one for you. :kissing_heart:
    Looking forward to more!
    *Check Sims 3 S&L Section*
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,129 Member

    @emorrill Thanks so much for commenting. I made all the dive lots so far. I don't know how to pull a dive lot out of IP and use in another world. ST is too shallow and they wouldn't look right anyway. It really isn't hard to do if you follow @Karritz is just a PIA getting the lot set. Once it is set then the decoration part is however you want it. I've actually redecorated one small lot to take different pictures in. The lot with the stonehenge will stay that way.
    I've had divers attacked by the beast after entering when he is waving the tentacles. I will wait til he is gone and then send them in. I've never had one attacked if the tentacles were not waving. Better safe than sorry. If you don't want to wait you can always reset the cave with debugger and that will reset the 'beast' so the tentacles are not waving. Instant entrance that way. Ask me how I know that! :lol:
    I miss the cowboy hat too, but it was looking to weird and a pain to adjust it every time I changed outfit or reloaded the game. :( I hope the slider fix that you pm'd me about will help. :)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,129 Member
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    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    After the last dive Dwight and Lorelei take their finds to the consignment shop. Lorelei consigns anything not needed by the science center or is edible that she would like to keep. Dwight decides to learn how to cut gems and promptly blasts everyone's ear drums with the gem cutting machine. He had several gems that he had found while snorkeling as well as a few on the ocean floor. He even found what turned out to be a rare space rock.
    Lorelei has a call from Pearl who apparently got caught in a fire in the science lab caused by one of the apprentices. Pearl bravely fought the fire, but was singed in the process. She is at the hospital getting treatment for several superficial burns. Ricardo has arrived and will take her home. Lorelei is happy her friend was not injured worse and that Ricardo seems to be an attentive boyfriend.

    The next morning Lorelei and Dwight walk the beach together as she looks for any sea shells that came ashore during the night. (Don't ya just love her thought bubble! She didn't get a wish along with it so nothing will happen just yet. @CravenLestat pattern looks great on Dwight's shirt. He's not just a cowboy anymore. He's a cowboy and a surfer dude!) They split up, Lorelei going to turn her items in at the science lab and Dwight to finish his morning exercises. They will meet up later.

    Dwight calls and tells Lorelei to meet him at Overlook Park. It has opened under new management with some fun things to do. Lorelei heads straight for the gyroscopic conductor. Dwight would normally love to do it, but cannot because of his injuries. He gets aboard the cup ride and it takes him high enough he can see all the way to the ocean and the view is breathtaking.
    Lorelei is starting to feel motion sick by the time the ride stops, but, she does not get sick. She sees Pearl peeking around the building and runs over to chat with her.

    Pearl tells her all about the fire and how Ricardo took such good care of her. She whispers to Lorelei that "I think he is a keeper. The more I know, the more I love him." Lorelei is happy that her friend has found someone that makes her so happy.

    Ricardo and Dwight are still getting to know each other. They have a few things in common and both love funny jokes.

    The foursome groups up and enjoy a rousing game of gnubb. Pearl sides with Dwight and Lorelei with Ricardo. Lorelei and Ricardo won knocking the king down before Dwight and Pearl could do so.

    It is dark, and they are hungry so they go together for a later supper at the diner. Dwight has invested in the diner so the meal is free for all! After they eat they stand in front of the doorways chatting about the evening and planning another group outing in the future. Ricardo and Pearl say goodnight and Lorelei asks Dwight if he would like to try night diving. "You will be amazed at the difference as the moon does not give out light like the sun does in the depths, but it is still beautiful."
    "I would love to go," Dwight tells her.

    Dwight and Lorelei swim together out to the dive spot. Dwight will soon be experienced enough to go to the deeper dive spot, but for now they stick with the shallower one.

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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,129 Member
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    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    They dove down into the depths of the waters, Dwight marveling at the colors muted from the lack of sun, but still beautiful in the murky depths of the ocean. He turns to signal to Lorelei and what does he see, another Lorelei signals him over and introduces him to Jarrett Fernandes, the first mermaid she met in Sunlit Tides. Jarrett welcomes Dwight and they spend a few minutes chatting before Jarrett decides to leave.

    Dwight decides to explore the cave since he does not see any waving tentacles and spends quite a bit of time exploring. He finds some brain coral, gets stung by a stingerfish and finds a beautiful emerald gleaming on the ocean floor of the cave. Lorelei stays nearby watching the mouth of the cave for any signs of trouble.

    Dwight swims out of the cave and notices the sun must be coming up as the water is lighter in color. He swims over to an area with some ruins and opens a treasure chest with ease. The treasures gleams as he opens the chest. He finds several gems, some gold doubloons and a gnome that got stuck inside the chest.

    He finds an octupus crawling on the ocean floor and tries catching it by hand with success. He hopes he can find a recipe for calamari! The sun most be fully up now as the water is shining brightly. They have been diving most of the night. Dwight would like to explore this new cave, but, he knows his air is almost out so it will wait until the next time.

    Dwight tells Lorelei he is going to soak at the spa before heading home. She decides to come too. Lorelei tells him how impressed she is with how quickly he has learned diving. "I think you are ready for the deeper dives now. Perhaps we can finish the research later today and be ready for the dive tomorrow."
    "Sounds like a great plan." Dwight cuddles her close and kisses her softly. They each head home thinking of the wonderful night spent diving together and how many more things they will enjoy together in the future.
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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,129 Member
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    @lisasc360 Thanks! I do appreciate you reading and commenting. here is the Ferris wheel by mspoodle
    You have to have DouglasVeiga's Ferris wheel for it to is on MTS.
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,492 Member
    Love the updates! Love this couple and your dive lot is so cool.

    Sorry it took me so long to comment. I followed the link to the cup ride and went down a rabbit hole of Tumblr cc for hours!! Found some cool stuff too. :)
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  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,492 Member
    Just looking back at these two, they're gonna have some gorgeous children...if they get that far. :wink:
    The Sequel: Part 4

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,129 Member
    edited April 1
    @ZeeGee Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I have been down that rabbit hole hunting cc and wastingspending time on a cc hunt.
    I do think they will have some amazing children! They better get that far! Need wishes for marriage first....not just thought bubbles! LOL

    @lisasc360 Glad you found it! She did a great job on it.
  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 1,938 Member
    ZeeGee wrote: »
    Just looking back at these two, they're gonna have some gorgeous children...if they get that far. :wink:
    bekkasan wrote: »
    I do think they will have some amazing children! They better get that far! Need wishes for marriage first....not just thought bubbles! LOL

    We had the first kiss, I am waiting for the first woohoo. o:)o:)

    Oh, is this a wishacy style game? I guess we'll have to be patient then.
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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,129 Member

    @KevinL5275 hehe! thanks for commenting. I don't have many rules, but, I do like to have both my sims have wishes for the important things in life, like romance, woohoo, marriage and babies. I think they have been too busy diving and need more romance. We will see what happens. :)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,129 Member

    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Lorelei walks over to Dwight's once she is up from her nap. Dwight was up and was starving for more than a sandwich. He is going to cook them some supper. He found a recipe on the internet to use with seafood and pasta. While he cooks she reads more in the book on ancient languages by Rafe Sinclair. He sure seems to be the leading expert on them and surprisingly he knows many of the water symbols that merpeople have used.

    They both enjoy the fish and pasta dish. Lorelei compliments Dwight on his cooking. She cleans up since he did the cooking. Dwight starts searching through the ancient languages he found on the internet comparing them to the pictures Lorelei took. They worked for several hours until they are both stiff from sitting too long.

    Lorelei closes her book and puts it back on the table. Dwight turns off the computer and they walk downstairs. They stroll up the beach and back to stretch their legs and then snuggle together on a lounge and watch the colors change as the sun sets in the sky.
    "We have not had a chance to talk about the occult peoples in this world. Did you do any research on them on that machine?"
    "No, I've mostly been researching the ancient languages and some of those are rumored to be from alien sources."
    "That is possible as aliens do live in some communities. None here that I am aware of."
    She tells him about the different occult and hybrid peoples that exist in the world and Dwight is amazed and surprised that many occult are real and not just legend or stories in books.
    "We tend to live where we are accepted and where other occult groups are already settled. Some groups tend to stay hidden within the community or just don't draw attention to themselves. Some of your neighbors may have been occult and you just didn't know. Merpeople and fairy's are usually obvious and easy to spot with scales and wings as dead giveaways. Vampires are generally paler, but can pass for human if they have evolved and don't burn in the sun. Were's can change at will but generally stay in human form unless hunting."
    Dwight considers some of the howling he recalls hearing back home at certain times and attributed to coyotes. He thinks about the incredible strength of his good friend Butch who was head foreman at the ranch and dealt mostly with raising the cattle. Wouldn't he have told him if he was a were? Dwight decides a call is past due for his friend.

    They take a quick swim in the pool so that Lorelei can hydrate her scales. They kiss goodnight, and Dwight walks her home stopping for more kisses along the way so the few minute walk takes fifteen minutes. They plan an early morning start for the dive.
  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 1,938 Member
    Oh wow, I love her hair and outfit in the latest pictures. Are they custom?

    Sometimes all I have to do is give one of my sims a nudge with a flirt or a hug, and boom, they spend the next few days under the covers with each other. :D:D:D I love it when I pick good matches for my sims.

    I'm a 44 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,129 Member

    @KevinL5275 Those are custom hair and outfit and the pattern on the top is courtesy of @CravenLestat

    The dress is on tsr here
    The hair I have no idea right now. I need to organize them better and that is one I've had for a long time. should have seen how quick I smacked 'risky woohoo' off the queue in a recent session. I'm letting them be autonomous....but, not that autonomous! :lol:
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,492 Member
    Oh no! No risky woohoo yet :lol: Those were some beautiful shots that again reminds you of how breathtaking Sims 3 can be. The high pony was very cute! As much cc hair as I have I don't think I've ever seen that one.

    @KevinL5275 Wishacy? I'll have to look that up!
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  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 1,938 Member
    A wishacy is just a game where you can only do something to/for your sims if they wish for it.
    I'm a 44 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,492 Member
    @KevinL5275 Oh that makes more sense than what I was thinking, gameplay based on other simmers’ wishes. I’m too much of a control freak for my stories to be based on what other simmers want!
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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,129 Member

    @KevinL5275 and @ZeeGee I finally had some time to check on the hair. It is newsea hair called Sweet Villian. Mine is a retexture by KB?? whoever that is. I couldn't find where I downloaded it from. I'm terrible about not keeping the sites bookmarked! There are quite a few retextures though doing a search. It is also out there for Sims 4 so be careful you don't download a sims 4 version. :)

    I also hope to have an update up in just a bit. :)
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,492 Member
    KB is usually Kurasoberina but I can't find a retexture by her. Found one by Momo to try. Look forward to the update!
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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,129 Member

    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Dwight didn't sleep well he was so excited and just a little bit nervous about the deep dive. He finally crawled out of bed and started his exercise routine hoping that would chill him out. Meanwhile, Lorelei is up chatting with KoolAid who seems a bit sad. Lorelei wonders if KoolAid needs a special friend. KoolAid looks cheerful after they discuss that.

    Dwight and Lorelei meet at the road between the two houses. Lorelei is excited as she has a gift for Dwight. An underwater camera for him to use to take pictures. She is sure he will be better at it since he actually likes the techno stuff. Dwight is very touched and gives Lorelei a long kiss thanking her for the gift and kissing her good morning.

    Dwight and Lorelei jog through the neighborhood to get to the closest point to the dive lot. They wade out into the water and swim to the dive area. As they get to the spot Lorelei notices two sharks swimming around. She sends out a message to them to stay away from Dwight. The sharks continue to circle the area, but stay away from Lorelei and Dwight respecting her wishes.

    They dive down into the depths and Dwight realizes just how shallow the previous dives were as they go deeper and deeper to get to the bottom.
    Lorelei watches as he looks around and then guides him to the rock with all the strange markings on it. Dwight examines it thoroughly, takes several pictures and even digs around in the ocean floor around it to be sure they are not missing any part of a message that might be buried.

    He examines all the other rocks that are in the formation. A few have a symbol on them, but, most are just unmarked. He takes many pictures of the formations and a few of the individual rocks. He thinks to himself that these were not just randomly placed. They have a purpose, but, what is the purpose?

    There is one cave near the formation. Lorelei has explored it and found no clues in it but encourages Dwight to explore the cave as well. Dwight enters the cave and turns the bright light on that is attached to his dive mask. He looks for any similar rock formations and examines the walls for any glyphs. He does not find any clues, but does find a few shells that he collects and will give to Lorelei for her dive job.

    Meanwhile, Lorelei befriends a funny little clownfish that has been darting back and forth around her.

    Dwight opens a treasure chest near a ruin that has a strange picture of a merman on it. He also takes a picture of the ruin and merman. Perhaps it will be a clue to help solve the mystery.

    Dwight is running out of air so it is time to go back to the surface. After showering and changing, Lorelei hurries over to Dwight's home. He greets her with a loving kiss and she returns it with pleasure. Dwight serves the leftover pasta and fish dish for supper and while eating tells her he received another book from Rafe Sinclair. "I sent him an email telling him about the glyphs and that we had been searching his and other books to find out what they meant. He is very interested in helping us, but, understands that you want to do this yourself. He thought this information would be most helpful. It has some rare ancient languages that he has found and studied in the past, but decided not to publish. This is from his private collection and of course, he wants it sent back when we are finished with it. He would love to know what we find and if we need further help from him he gave me his private number so we can call him."
    "That was very nice of him to do that. I read in his other book that he is a scholar as well as an explorer. He sounds a true gentleman that he would send this book to help us out and not want anything except the knowledge of what we found and his book back."

    Dwight shows Lorelei a few of the pictures that he found that look very similar to the glyphs on the rocks. "Once I get the pictures printed out we can start comparing the pictures."

    Lorelei agrees that some of the glyphs in the book are identical to what is on the rock. Rafe's book even provides the basic meanings of some of the symbols based on his years of studying ancient languages. She compliments Dwight on his intelligence to make direct contact with Rafe Sinclair and finding exactly what they needed. One compliment leads to another and pretty soon neither are interested in looking at the book or printing out pictures. (at this point, I sent Lorelei home to her bed and Dwight to his as one of them got the risky woohoo in the queue and even though I am letting them be autonomous to a degree....that degree does not include risky woohoo! :lol: I'm very happy that they are so attracted to each other though.)

  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 1,938 Member
    Oh wow, you didn't have to go to all that trouble to find the hair. I was just complimenting you (and her) that it looked really nice. :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing what the glyphs are all about.
    I'm a 44 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,492 Member
    They're adorable. :smile: And I forgot to say thanks for going to the trouble of finding the hair! Kevin reminded me of my manners. :)
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