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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 816 Member
    Played on The Oakley Legacy

    Iris and Dennis gardened while the kids were at school. I also started to finish off the Golf Course, and Iris got a Gardening Award (I'll collect it the next time I play). Susan Wainwright died and I started to clear out Bede's and Rose's Inventories of the normal plants; I also replaced a gate
    Currently aiming to get all harvestable produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)Will complete a Legacy one day (My Wishlist)
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
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    @Nikkei_Simmer oh ok I'll write it on wordpad and add the imgur photos to that, then post,edit,post. What a Haskle, Eddie! but so be it! Glad it's normal so see the blank page!
    Speaking of hassles, that is too scary there is no PW recovery here

    Torao is cute, I thought I hadn't seen him before. Oh so write what you know, hmmm I don't know anything, just poetry&gardening is my thing... so I just do my observation of sims :D:D

    Ah I share the Irish with your wife, actually my Moms side is French/Yugoslavian and my Dad is Irish and Heinz 57 XD
    OH I super love the true end to part 4! <3

    @AlexaKry TY <3 That is the only house that seems to work for me, all the others in SN the sims think they have to go all the way downstairs or even outside just to do their dip kiss LOL

    I did change some things in the house, I had to change the 'step up' in the living room because Ari got stuck, I hate those 'Step ups' any way the sims get up on them like their legs are broken, I don't think they like them. :#

    OOOh I think, what you think you imagine, I think is real! To me, the Simmies seem a bit more than their code parts. Because how can 2 sims with exactly the same traits behave so differently in same situations. I think about this a lot...better stop I hear the twilight zone music playing again lol

    Oh good I will go read! YAY :D

    @DeafSimmer love the story! lovely tea time, I should go get that, it is too cute with the pinky out! haha I like Zelda's hair, the style is so natural. sorry I didn't reply to your question (I get mixed up on where I leave off) the idle where he's rubbing his hands together!

    @Turjan wow that caption, that pic is awesome! 'Slowly it dawned on Cosima that this date on a full moon night in the woods might not have been her greatest idea.' wow!

    @Silverofdreams30 I have never seen Lenny so handsome! I only know Lenny from ck213's story a long time ago. Your Lenny, His eyes in that expression are just wonderful. I love your pics/sims! <3

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    @AlexaKry I've enjoyed reading Sif's story and look forward to more. More comments on your thread.

    @Lucy_Henley Great start for Tom and Verity. Congrats on the pregnancy!
    Congrats on the baby girl. Katie is a great name.
    She turned into an adorable toddler.

    @Devalaous Oh my, not sure I'd want to leave my babies in their care.

    @DeafSimmer A spell on the women in the family! I hope they realize it and can combat it.
    Poor Indominus! :cry:
    Congrats on the teens growing up and getting married. Do they know what is in store for the future gens?
    Babies! More for the evil Ganondorf to harass.
    I guess his spell is working since she wants to be dependent on a man to save her rather than strong in her own rights. :confused:

    @polrbear That is quite a chore. I'm going through all of mine as well before I add to the folder on the desktop. I've managed to get rid of 6 things. :grin::lol: Yeah, I'm a hoarder!
    That is great it is helping the lag.

    @DivaDoodle haha, such silly robbers. Glad to see you were able to revert her and she still loves her husband! :grin:
    It's fun hearing what is going on with the other sims in your story. Look forward to seeing pictures once you are able.
    Congrats on the baby and I love your science with Louise! :grin:
    Aha! That is great she is preggers!
    Congrats on getting to member and able to post pics!
    Ari is a cutie! Happy Birthday to him.
    Cute pics of the new baby and I see you got the home delivery!

    @Avatarit I love watching sims sneak around and all the others are like totally oblivious. :grin:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Its good seeing them grow up and the relationship between them and how it grows. I expect Haruo would be a different person if River had not been around.
    Good idea the martial arts classes. Shame that Yasunobu was not able to stop his wife from being so mean to Haruo and himself.
    Yep, good thing River is around and that she does care. :smiley:

    @Brandontaylor Hope things are going well with work and that you did get a little play time. :grin:
    I see you did get a little play time. Lovely seeing the family. Daisy is adorable. Yes, I think I'm getting a crush on Dwight! He is so cute!

    @GraceyManor Look forward to more story from you.
    I see you got it posted. That is a great song he is singing to her. I do adore Luke Combs. He has a beautiful voice.
    I think she likes teasing him and he is definitely into her.
    Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you are able to catch up on the story.
    Another great country song! :grin:
    I hope Niles and Celina don't start mean tricks!
    I have a feeling Kristen is not a pushover though.

    @MamaSimTee I don't play SV very often and its been a few years but I've never seen Gunther pair up with Emma either.
    hehe, sounds like you have your hands full with your sim! :grin:

    @emilyofspielburg Lots of lovely drama in your story!
    I swear every time I do a wedding that will be the last one and then I go ahead a do another one. :open_mouth:
    The worst was when I hauled them all to France and had the wedding there. It turned out to be pretty but the logistics was a nightmare. It was way too many sims!

    @Karritz It worked out pretty well listening and watching as I built. I can't do it and play so next time I get a building binge I will catch up on the last few episodes of the other family. :grin:
    Hopefully you've got it sorted now and will still be on track for getting the badge.

    @bishty Welcome back to the game and hope that things stay stable for you. Your sims look lovely.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks! I'm happy you enjoy the updates. Hope to get one up this weekend too.
    Love your random pics of makeovers. Such beautiful sims!

    @Duvelina Hope you continue to enjoy Sims 3.

    @Turjan The dangers of accepting a blind date!

    @Sleepstar Glad to see you had time to play. Bummer about Susan.

    I was following Jamie as he road around on his motorcycle and the view was so pretty I made him get off so I could take a picture.
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    10) Morning comes and I change my settings to @Nikkei_Simmer settings,
    the game now looks fantastic to me! Aiden and Amelina rock out after getting Ari ready for the day. Amelina gets a call from her friend Tulip Morganthe.
    Oscar beats everyone to tend to baby Luc.
    Louise thinks he is taking too long! She wants her turn to love Luc! They for some lovin even tho I clicked on the cake for Luc's B day haha priorities! and I just love how he looks at Louise!
    Aiden gives Ari a ride on the spring rider in the back yard.

    And finally it's time for Luc's b day!

    Amelina tucks in the toddlers and pays the music box so the boys can sleep to pretty music, Amelina really enjoys the music! But Louise marches downstairs and picks up the music box and stops it playing LOL I guess she might think it disturbing to sleep to. I was laughing too much to take a pic.
    the roomies find each other and watch the stars to end their night.
  • emilyofspielburgemilyofspielburg Posts: 48 Member
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    @bekkasan Thank you for reading! I didn't even consider destination weddings. Definitely N-O for my Sims, destination honeymoon is OK. I'm hoping after this first big wedding, I become a certified Sim wedding coordinator and the next two kids' weddings are easier or they elope or have a private/cityhall ceremony. Destination elopement/honeymoon sounds doable, engaged couple only though.
    Formerly The Master Thief of Riverview, currently a ghost. Beloved wife of world renowned surgeon Dr. Jebediah Wilson, mother to Caroline and Brady. My descendants know how to creep because of me. | Trash to Treasure Gameplay
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,201 Member

    Photos look fantastic, and the sims too.
    Thank you.


    Thank you
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
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    11) As the sun rays cast sparkles on the xylophone, it's the first toy Luc is attracted to--or maybe cuz Dad is a pop-icon!
    Even though Louise dislikes kids in general, fulfilling her wish to potty train her son, Luc, makes her very happy!
    Oscar taches Luc to walk.
    Oh Good, Linda Rogers calls Louise to chat and that reminds me to do a check up on her and Gladsten, I use Nraas to invite them over. Gladsten comes over in one minute and heads to Aiden as they are good friends. Oh good, he and Linda are still fiancées with full green bar of love! This new Gladsten skin, from my other game, seems to be working! Louise is still on the phone with Linda.
    Gladsten is so ripped! heh, he's headed to run through the sprinklers with Aiden. Oscar in the background finishing up teaching Luc to walk. (I like to play with walls down because I am the watcher do likes to watch Every Thing!) lol
    The rest of the day:
    LOUISE! LOL Again Louise walks over to close the music box that Amelina is enjoying! :D She is so funny! I wonder why she wants it closed?
    Amelina and Gladsten pillowfight. (TY Nikkei_Simmer for the setting, I could never see in mirrors before!)
    Louise and Oscar dance together <3
    I find Amelina and Aiden flirting
    Aiden just loves when Amelina says 'webawoo?'. He thinks 'she's just full of great Ideas' .
    Oscar heads off to work, he was glancing thru the wall at his son playing.
    Oscar gets his promotion & his LTW, He's now a RockStar. He rushes home to tell Louise.

    The toddlers chat to keep their social up: 'I like dragons. but not Smaugh.' says Ari, Luc replies 'I don't like when Daddy streams Xfiles.'
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    @emorrill Found 2 pictures looking through my old stuff



    @DivaDoodle Hit the "C" key the screenshot folder is easy to empty anytime you want

    And the thing that makes your pictures the clearest with little strain on your comp is

    Sim Detail set it to the Highest


    Texture detail set it the highest

    The ones that bog you down are rendering high detail lots water and reflection

    Try your settings just the two I told you take me a "C" capture and post it here just remember after changing settings in game options restart the game to play with the new settings don't just play right away

    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    12 Oscar throws a pool party. Louise makes some potent cure elixirs. I want to try to get Frieda Goth and Violet Slymer to be human, I've never tried it before. That's Marigold Maldano (Gladsten's ex) I love what she's wearing!
    YAY! it Worked! 5UfQmFo.png
    Ohhhh ooops I forgot she needs ambrosia! :D well maybe we will get the Oh my ghost. I have Got to get Frieda out of that house, those others are just torturing her with their crabbiness, and yelling at her. I can't just move them out via edit town or the ghost family disappears. I would have to play them, and then move I believe. and so many others I want to play before them. I mainly want to save Frieda, I had her in my last SN game and I like her. Poor thing, always stinking of being fried up, I can at least take her into cas and change her to died of haunting curse(which looks so cool!) Oh, and we can now see her face! I see that she wants to be an international super spy so I change her job while I'm at it!
    Everyone is having fun dancing and talking. I see Dante & Tulip in their old bedroom getting ready to get kicked out lol.
    Tristan <3 The whole family just loves him. me too!
    Yikes! Tristan!LOL
    'Aw, I was just kidding around'
    Rest of the party goers, They are having a good time
    Nooooo Belinda!!!
    I reset her then Marigold almost drowns. No, Game!!! not the ones I like plz! When I reset Marigold it makes everyone jump out of the pool, whew! 2 seconds later Chester Swain tries to drown. OK That does it! I get him out, delete the pool, and buy another slip-n-slide and a spinklers LOL geesh Nobody dies in my game till I'm good and ready, for Pete's sake! :#

    Frank Reynaldo, our friend and alternate mailman when Raj stays over, cleaned up the whole house and put all the party food away, so I buy a buffet ;)

    Now it's really late, our roomies head to bed. The party rages on but we are used to that , our friends know how to party without us.
    This is Jack Hammer, my gal married him in Riverview, but he looked like the new Gladsten with white blonde hair, he was awesome! But WHY Jack, are you eating rotten food? Why did someone bring this to the party? and why did Frank put it away in our fridge? There is a fresh buffet right there behind Jack. and Our fridge is filled with perfect quality food from Amelina and Louise. LOL Jaaaaack, you crack me up!

    Tristan stays over as well as Dante and Tulip. Tristan sleeps in his bedroom tonight, and I place another bed for Dante & Tulip, but they play on the water toys, all night. Tristan is smart and when he awakens hungry he gets his favorite, perfect quality fried penutbutter and banana smammies, out of the fridge. then goes to play his guitar on the balcony. he is getting good! from the sound maybe level 6 now, lol I love his socks!
    He stays till its time for school. Tulip is asleep in her fairy house, and Dante was finally in the rocker until the roomies woke up and came to chat with him. He is so tired, I give him max motives. I don't know when or if they will leave, they really like it here, their old house. :)
  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 816 Member
    @bekkasan I'm glad I found time to play, though I won't be playing as often from January as I will be doing some Online Courses in Astronomy, Business, Chemistry and Geology; the Business in case I don't get the career I truly want in astronomy, chemistry or geology.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestable produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)Will complete a Legacy one day (My Wishlist)
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @CravenLestat, OK will try that, I just wanted to post everything that already happened yesterday. But I hope it will still how their thought bubbles and moodlets, I love thought bubbles and moodlets and always look for those in peoples pix to see what Really happening, sometimes I can tell by the sims postures... OK I will try it.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,426 Member
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    C-key to capture screencaps will only get rid of the menu... not the moodlets or thought bubbles. It provides a cleaner screencap. :) Here's a shot where I had the hideheadlineeffects command off (which is default);
    I usually play with that command set to on...for a cleaner image. since sometimes the thought bubbles have nothing to do with what I want the sims thinking at the moment (in text form).

    :D kind of is funny when you're trying to go for a certain thought like he's thinking longingly about a particular female sim...and the thought bubble comes up with a Chupacabra (trust me...that's an actual thought bubble that can come up for sim players).

    Anyways...back to feedback:
    DivaDoodle wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer oh ok I'll write it on wordpad and add the imgur photos to that, then post,edit,post. What a Haskle, Eddie! but so be it! Glad it's normal so see the blank page!
    Speaking of hassles, that is too scary there is no PW recovery here

    Torao is cute, I thought I hadn't seen him before. Oh so write what you know, hmmm I don't know anything, just poetry&gardening is my thing... so I just do my observation of sims :D:D

    Ah I share the Irish with your wife, actually my Moms side is French/Yugoslavian and my Dad is Irish and Heinz 57 XD
    OH I super love the true end to part 4! <3

    @DivaDoodle - Yeah, it definitely is a hassle when you have to open up wordpad...and do it that way; it's the long way of doing it with extra steps and procedures. ~sigh~ I also suggest that you occasionally save the wordpad document and delete it after posting to get rid of the clutter of files. Sometimes, I've had my computer up and close windows on me, which annoys the ever-lovin' cheese out of me.

    Speaking of Eddie Haskell, I remember watching that show every so often. RIP Ken Osmond - we lost him this year, May.

    I tend to write sometimes I just let the 'words flow"...and of course usually what happens is that sometimes something comes out that really works well on the page. :D

    That "true ending" to part 4 (and the actual end to Chapter One) was one of those times, thank goodness. :D

    Glad the settings worked for you. :) :thumbsup:
    bekkasan wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer Its good seeing them grow up and the relationship between them and how it grows. I expect Haruo would be a different person if River had not been around.
    Good idea the martial arts classes. Shame that Yasunobu was not able to stop his wife from being so mean to Haruo and himself.
    Yep, good thing River is around and that she does care. :smiley:

    @bekkasan - :) It's the way I've wanted to write the story - to actually show their burgeoning friendship that grew from infancy into a "lover's relationship" in the later chapters (when I get to writing that...) - this one's gonna be a long-haul. I have seven chapters written out already...and they don't actually get together until, well...let's just say there's a couple of full 10+ page chapters yet to go before they even admit to each other that...they actually love each other. :D River is definitely the calming half.

    Yes, most definitely. Yasunobu actually cares about his son and well...he has a bit more of a one will see in later chapters.

    It just so happened...that the hearts came up when Haruo and River were looking at each other when I staged the fight it helped out in writing the ending to the chapter.

    Oh...and in other news: I had an option between Sims 4 base game for $4.99 on the Black Friday Origin sale and getting something that I really enjoy playing...played it all last night (I'm sorry... :cry: Sims 3, I may have found something else that may take away some of my attention from you). It cost me $6.72...and that money was well-spent. *jab*
    Yeah, I got potholes. :D Well, my firefighters were complaining so I destroyed their firehouse...then the police started complaining so I destroyed their station too. And no hospital, no education... Dropped all my expenses down to zilch...and raised taxes to 20%. I'm such a horse's flatulent posterior crevice... :D

    I'm loving it. Yes, it's Simcity 4 - a classic that came out when Sims 2 was out which is why it looks so much like Sims 2 graphics.
    Mayor: "Yes Hokusaimachi Agricultural our little town proud. Slave for me, you peons..."
    No police force, no hospitals, no fire department, but at least I got a jail. And with the city maintenance budget down at §75.00 I'm sure all the criminals are escaping too...

    ...since I got the correctional officers working for peanuts. .


    (for best effect read that in Jeremy Hotz voice)
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    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Kristen: Morning, niles.Liam sent for me.
    Niles: Good morning, Kristen.He's down in the basketball court.
    Kristen: Thank you.

    Kristen: You asked for me?
    Liam: Yeah.wanted to ask if you'd go out tonight?
    Kristen: that depends.
    Liam: Depends on what?
    Kristen: if you can beat me at a round.
    Liam: Seriously?
    Kristen: Are you "chicken"
    Liam: Not at all.Go change.


    Celina: Niles, where is Liam?
    Niles: he is down in the basketball court with the young lady.
    Celina: We have no time foe tomfoolery's! We have to get these contracts
    to London by the end of the week.
    Niles: Look, there's a broom.Hop on, with the time difference, you'll just about
    make it.

    back downstairs:

    Liam: that's not fair.You cheated.
    Kristen: what can I say? I'm good at sports.
    Liam: No, I demand a rematch.
    Kristen: Stop fretting...I'll go out tonight regardless if you won or not.
    Liam: What? So you just did that to get a game out of me?

    Kristen: Absolutely...And it was hilarious.
    Liam: no, it really wasn't.
    Kristen: Yes it was and stop looking at me like that.
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    New chapter is out, it can be read fully here:

    "Go on, please," Tyler whispered, kissing her softly and holding her tight.
    "There isn´t much to tell now, the most of it you know already." she smiled at him.
    "Yes, you´ve had to face Grim, died and gifted him a death flower, so much I know. But how did you find me and how have you been able to save me from the dark?"
    "Hm, I never understood it fully by myself. But when I´ve presented the flower to Grim I could walk through the Hades as if it were corridors somehow."
    "There were a lot of doors, but I was just gravitated to one door, yours. Don´t ask me how I knew it was yours, but I truely believe that it was Haldir who guided me through the dark"
    "I´ve found you behind one of this doors, enlightened me and was able to fight the dark back for the time you´ve needed to get back into your body again. It was nearly like the scene in The Lord of the Rings, where the companions had been to the mines of Moria where they were running away from the Orcs and Gandalf could fight them back with his light. It was a short time the dark broke away from you, not used to the light, this short time was enough for Haldir to pull you back into your body. It helped that you were willing to come back. Then Grim decided that he liked the death flower I´ve given him and he pulled me back to life. I then just had to hurry out of his mansion, because it is said, and I discovered it myself, that the mansion will disappear fast after you are saved."
    "It was gone when I´ve turned around. Then I´ve hurried to the car to get to the airport where the jet of your dad already was waiting. I´ve sent you the mail that I was ok and flew back to Entworld, in the hope that you and your family would already be there."
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    Getting ready to do a christmas story for December, but I can't seem to find a world with the right 'feel" to it.If you know what I mean.XD
    Like a small town.

    Edit: Does anyone know how to download a world from modthesims that has multiple parts.
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    Hello All

    @DivaDoodle Thank you for your comments.

    As for the Genie, I don't know what she did. But I blamed her so she got moved out. Gwen had a huge dagger, betrayed moodlet and her relationship with Javon was just becoming red. When I got them to talk to each other they started throwing punches and yelling at each other. The genie has the Irresistible trait and Javon was talking to her a lot. And the genie was often talking to Alicia and their relationship was maxed red.

    As for her being set free. I tried to set her free but it was obviously not going to work. I had used Master Controller to add her to the household so she was controllable although I didn't bother controlling her much. I mostly used her to make the whole house all clean and sparkly when the mess got too big to deal with.

    Once I deleted the opportunity to Free the Genie by Taking the Lamp Underground, and I removed her occult state of Genie I think the whole thing about needing to free her from the lamp was gone. I added her genie occult back as she was the only genie in town and I don't think just the fact that she is a genie was what was causing the problems with the other sims - I think it was her irresistible trait that did it.

    @bekkasan that sounds like a plan :)

    I found it impossible to save my 30 Grandchildren game.

    I made an assumption that since there were no grandchildren yet it would be OK to start a new save.

    I used NRAAS Porter mod to pack up everyone other than sims added by the game such as service sims and homeless sims.

    Funnily enough, the mod reported it had packed 45 sims and that just happened to coincide with the number of Sims I'd actually found living in the world. All 45 were added by me one way or another.

    The population includes 7 Imaginary Friends made real, including one that is still in the Main Household. There is also 1 witch and 1 genie. Ursula Gamin is the witch. The genie is from the Main household but I moved her out to live alone in town. She is obviously keen to be out and about around town.

    So, I made a spreadsheet with the address and location of every lot in the world, including the empty ones. I was keen to know which community lots were in the world and if any I wanted to use were missing. I already knew there was no festival lot. Most of the ones I regularly use were there plus a couple of big lots related to horses. I thought about bulldozing them but decided to leave them for now. I don't need to put anything else on them and I might have to use them later on for one of my sims.

    I looked into the occupied houses and upgraded the objects in their bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. I added objects for their pets too. Several of them have recently acquired a puppy.

    After making the upgrade to the necessary houses (about 6) I saved each one plus the house belonging to the main household in this game, to the library. Made a note of who belonged to which house.

    I made a note of all of the sims in the world and where they lived. There were 45 sims in 15 households. 20 of them were in the one active household.

    I found some houses had a single laundry basket and no other laundry objects. Some of them suffered from piles of stinking laundry. I removed the laundry baskets. The laundry piles were not so easy to get rid of. In the end I took them outside away from all other objects and used NRAAS Debug Enabler to Radius Purge them. Problem solved.

    There is a laundromat in town but these are townie sims who don't seem to be taking their laundry to be washed. I don't like the idea of their houses being so full of piles of dirty clothes.

    I didn't look into the unoccupied houses so as sims move into them I suspect I'll need to fix them somehow. Haven't thought that through yet but don't want to spend a couple of days doing it now as those houses may never be populated. And I have other things to do.

    I learned a lot. For example, some street addresses are used more than once. Not all of the houses are completed inside but most are beautifully done.

    Some sims were not living in appropriate households.

    For example, Ursula Gamin, the witch with a baby and a toddler lived in an unfinished house with her baby and toddler. Her partner, Dave Webb, lived in the Tony McLean household.

    Tony McLean lived in a house set up for a small family. His partner and their toddler were living there and there was plenty of room for them. But - there were 3 other young adult sims living with them. Tony had a dog. The dog had what it needed, at least a bed and feed bowl.

    One of the sims living with Tony was Yolanda Mills. We see her around town occasionally in the videos. She was sick. I found it was from having tiberium in her inventory. Her partner was Ted Fields. We see him around town occasionally in the videos too.

    After saving the necessary houses to the library I shut down the game and started a fresh game based on a fresh copy of Cake Island II by @Rflong7.

    I bulldozed existing houses from the lots I'd identified as needing fresh updated copies of the houses. I placed the updated versions of the houses onto those lots. This included the house the main Holden family live in as I've been adding to it all the way through the game. It starts out as quite small. Not much of what you see in the game is from the original house.


    I bulldozed Ursula's original house and left the lot empty. If I need to use it I'll make a copy of one of the other houses in that street and place it on the lot. Those other houses were all beautifully completed with great detail and care.

    I made a new sim to add to the world as it is necessary to have a starter sim to be active when unpacking a group of sims packed by Porter mod.

    I made Delphine Douglas. She could possibly be a potential partner for one of the Holden household sims. But I didn't give her the traits to match any one of them specifically. She has traits: Brave; Great Kisser; Disciplined; Family Oriented; Charismatic. Her LTW: Surrounded by Family



    I made Delphine the active sim and unpacked the sims from the old save to a previously unused house. They were distributed around the world. Now I had to track them all down and put them into their correct houses. Fortunately there were not a lot of households so it didn't take me days to do. I was surprised to see the 20 members of the Holden household had been placed into their correct home.

    I found Tony McLean's household had all found their way to his place too.

    Since Yolanda was so sick I looked into her inventory first. I wanted to move her out of Tony's house and into Ted Field's house as they were partners.

    Ted was living alone with a new puppy. I had given Ted's house a makeover with upgraded kitchen, bathroom, bedroom furniture. I added the insect and elixir storage items from Supernatural to Ted's house. I found Ted and his puppy and moved them into their correct home. I moved Yolanda in with Ted. I went through Yolanda's inventory and sold most of it. She put her gems, metals and insects away into the appropriate cupboards. She had hundreds, maybe over a thousand fish, gems, rocks, birds and numerous minor pets. She's obviously been busy collecting the entire time this game has been running.

    Then I had a look into Ted's inventory and found a similar huge hoard of harvestables etc. I sold the harvestables, or put them into the fridge but I think they just get deleted from the fridge so I sold most of them. They may as well get the benefit of the extra simoleans. I sold all of the dozens of minor pets they'd caught as well as the countless fish and space rocks.

    I repeated this process with all households.

    I had set up a nice new house for Ursula and her baby and toddler. She had over 800,000 simoleans to start with so money was no object for her. I moved Dave Webb in with them. And I did the same with their massive inventory hoards as I did with Yolanda and Ted. I think they have a puppy too.

    I checked the inventories of all 25 sims not living in the main household. With the exception of a few sims recently added to the game, all of their inventories had hundreds, possibly thousands of minor pets, insects, gems, rocks and harvestables.

    Now I know it is important to keep inventories under control to avoid lag. I don't know if that applies to townies. I hope not.

    Fiona Clarke is one of my old (very old) sims I added as a potential partner for one of the Holden household way back when I was just producing them as instant babies.


    Fiona is still single. Her inventory was full and I emptied it as previously described.

    Here is an expample of the fleet of Twizzys that we see buzzing around town.

    This is Pauline. She is Felicia's Imaginary Friend made real. I got Felicia to give the potion to Puzzle because she had already made the potion ages ago and Puzzle was live and following her around. I couldn't move Puzzle out of the house until she was made real. Problem is I can't save the game with Puzzle in the house after I give her a new wardrobe. I might have to move her into a new house as she is. I'll have another go at giving her a wardrobe first though.

    So far none of the Imaginary Friends made real that have moved out of the house have found partners.

    There is one more unattached female sim in town. Her name is Edith Laffey. She was living in Tony McLean's house. I moved her to a house of her own. She's one of my sims from way back when I was first starting to play. I'm not sure if I made her in 2009 or 2010.

    Here's Edith in front of her new house.



    I think the only unattached male sim is Zac Paulsen but he keeps chatting up the young adult females from the Holden household so he could potentially find a partner with one who hasn't aged up to YA yet as the others are all taken. He was added at the beginning of the game along with Edit, Fiona and the others. His house was full of piles of dirty laundry. It's the one I cleaned up with Debug Enabler.

    If you're watching the videos you will encounter Zac as he seems to be out and about regularly when the young Holden ladies are around town.

    Zac is also the boss of Felicia and Robbie who work at the Science Facility. Their Lifetime Wish is to become a Creature Robot Cross Breeder.

    Where to from here? I am going to try to get Pamela out of the house after giving her a new wardrobe. This might mean I need to temporarily push all of my graphics down to minimums.

    Then I'm going to get Javon and Gwen married and move them out. I was waiting for Spring to have their wedding when it wasn't snowing. But now I've moved them to a fresh save the wedding will be in early Summer. It is still going to be without Snow. That's the main thing.

    Happy Simming all
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,922 Member
    Episode 15 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt is now available to watch on YouTube.

    There is plenty of action. Imaginary Friends being made real and moving out.

    Sims meeting townies around town at various times and places.

    Community snowman and igloo building.

    A birthday or two. An inferno too.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    edited November 2020
    @CravenLestat ~~ I didn't need to change my settings they are already Sim detail highest and Texture detail highest. I am trying the C today!
    I will post comments for others where I last left off, later.

    13) Louise and Amelina get to go back to work today. I know Louise is excited to get cracking on her LTW. The girls chat and joke around with Dante. Tulips is still asleep in her fairy house.
    Dante is so handsome, I Want to play him and Tulip, but after awhile all they would do is make out, all day long, and it got boring after awhile. And my main joy is just observing sims on free will, so that's why I moved them out, Plus they never wished for a baby, :( I can understand that for Dante being commitment phobic, but not for Tulip.
    When I played Tulip in Riverview, I had placed all the the concession stand workers in a house and they got paired up . Few weeks go by and I had Tulip invite the guys over, lol, I guess to test their fidelity. When Tulip invited Gio over to cuddle in the hot tub, his roommate stepped in & said something and seemed to do that shaming thing to him, Geo whirled around and Yelled at him! lol Tulip really liked Geo the best of all the guys she ever met, so I had Tulip ask him to break up, and they became an item.
    The surprising thing was one day when they went to woohoo I heard chimes! what!? I quickly paused and checked my settings, I did indeed have try for a baby autonomous=FALSE, so I don't understand how that happened. Anyway it was a wonderous love affair and Tulip& Gio have a special place in my heart. Maybe This version of Tulip is just not that into Dante and wants to be with her Gio again? who knows? Maybe she really does Not like his commitment phobic trait? But he does also have Family Oriented (TY Nraas) Anyway back to this game.

    This Tulip in this game, wakes up from her fairy house and Dante does his vampiric run like wind over to her. Tulip did that "humph!" action to Dante, lol I wish I had caught it! But He is a smexy Vampire and she succumbs to all his wishes. (Tulip is really Pearl Yang, btw, but I made her a fairy called Tulip Garden)
    Dante is annoyed that Aiden and Amelina are in 'his' bed, and so walks off, and Tulip rushes off to play in the sprinklers. I guess I should copy this house and put it somewhere for Tulip and Dante, I feel kind of bad taking it from them. --Done!-- I put the edited version of this house (which was Dante's & Violets house in a previous game) across the street from us. I 'm thinking of asking them to move back in so I can see how they are doing wishes-wise.

    I see Amelina start a water balloon fight with Dante so I have her invite the others. I love to see them laugh!tZc5Zd0.jpg

    I have Aiden ask Dante to move in and he says yes. :D
    The toddlers need to go to sleep, and although all the adults head to to room, It's Dante and Tulip to arrive first, lol

    Amelina has that crazed cabin fever moodlet so I have her run across the street. and relax. then beckon to Aiden, lol I love his look
    ("My wife <3 )
    Amelina:"wahrr va"
    Aiden: "Shiga dooga baga dooga"

    I'll have them spend the night there so I can concentrate on Dante and Tulip, and also to see if everything works in that house.

    Dante&Tulip in their new room . I stare at them all night long to see if Tulip will even dream of babies.
    She dreams of mostly Dante , but does dream of babybottles and UtOh also baby bottles with a red line through it. :#

    Amelina comes home in the morning to check on Ari. when she gets her fill of her son, I have her go back across the street to do some upgrades that she has a wish for. Aiden is making sure all the mirrors work over there, and the TV. lol

    At the house, Louise passes through the bathroom and seems like she says good boy to Luc as he sits on the toilet. He IS a good boy.

    Dante awakens and heads to the kids room, makes the claw get them, changes diapers, I know he is such a great Dad. C'mon Tulip, plz get the wish! Dante knows in an instant when Tulip awakes and goes to her to flirt, auto completing his wish. I have Tulip share secret with Dante. Apparently his commitment phobia really bothers her.

    They group up and play catch, then Dante Tells Tulip her fortune lol Tulip wants to go fishing . Dante thinks she needs a spa day.
    I'll have him give her a massage. Dante takes her fishing, this is what he talks about. If he could only get the wish!

    Dante keeps spamming me wishes to Turn Tulip to Vampire, lol I wonder if he thinks (or knows) that Tulip's reluctance might also be because she thinks he will bite their babies! I have no clue about this. As I click back to the game from writing this, there is Another wish to turn her. omg Dante! that is 7 times in the last half hour. lol

    Tulip is hungry so Dante takes her to Amelinas' Bistro. I see what Dante is thinking about, I know he wants one, I'm just waiting on Tulip.
    (Belinda, we are so glad you didn't drown! ) It will be nice to eat food cooked by Amelina and Louise! The girls are at work, I have Louise to wrk hard because she really wants a promotion and raise! I collect the business money. 6k wow I always forget to collect that. After they eat, They go in the hotspot which is on the same lot. I see that Dante is sated, he didn't drink from anyone, Oh, he got a juice box from the fridge in there. Good Vampire, Dante! Keep making a good impression!

    They dance together. Oh that look! "Please Tulip, I promise I would never bite our baby!"
    If only i could be sure (or get the dang wish lol)
    Trust me, I won't bite and I'm not going anywhere. I love you.

    The date ends wonderfully & They immediately wish for another! Louise gets her promotion and raise and Amelina got a raise today as well! Great Day!
    Amelina makes cookies for dinner and Aiden complements her cooking after. cute!

    Very tired, they retire to their rooms.

    And as they sleep peacefully thru the night, the Watcher watches.

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  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Nikkei_Simmer thank you I found that out as I was going along! : ) I have 3 pages up, the game, Imgur, and my 'story'(I don't know what to call it, it really isn't a story at all, just mostly observing what they do!), so I could do everything at once. It actually was faster than the way I was doing it yesterday!

    yes we loved Eddie Haskell in our family! but when my sisters and I would try to tease each other we would chant ' You love Eddie Has-kle!" and the sister would have to run to Mother "that does it, I'm Telling! Mom!!! " lol .

    I know we were shaken by his death. :(

    @AlexaKry The story is So Good! I wrote a bit more over there.

    @Karritz Oh sorry but I laughed when you said you didn't know what the genie she did, but blamed her and moved her out! LOL I don't have the EP with the irresistible trait, I guess it makes them troublemakers, wow all those betrayals!!! well she's gone now so things can hopefully get set right!

    Oh gee I just read all that your wrote to bekkasan that is So much you had to do! You sims are so nice looking, unique and nice!

    I am watching the video, At first I though Gwen and would get together as loves.

    aha! I see that awful Alien making your poor sim cry! :x *shakes fist at Alien*

    Oh I love the gazebo you made, it's lovely!

    Omg poor Byron! I was worried watching that the sims were more concerned about putting out the cake, rather than Byron! I didn't withness the genie doing anything naughty in the video so I take it she did this after. She probably wanted to wait for no witnesses! XD

    I can't wait to see Javon and Gwen on their vacation, that is a great idea!

    Great video, and thank you for putting your explanations and tips in there as you do! I always learn something!

  • emilyofspielburgemilyofspielburg Posts: 48 Member
    edited November 2020
    Today was the wedding of the year. Anyone who was anyone was invited. Unfortunately, Tom Shallow wasn't anyone; neither were any of the Shallows. Tom was visibly upset as he was originally invited to the wedding, but then due to venue capacity limits, he was uninvited.

    But how could he be uninvited? He was the groom Steven's best work friend before Steven took a payout and change career paths. “We are going to take over the world one day!” he would always tells Steven and they would maniacally laugh except Tom meant it because he was an evil Sim.

    He even went to Steven's bachelor party a couple of days before the wedding and hired not one but TWO dancers. He also went to the extra trouble of starving himself all day so he would have a healthy appetite for the party. Unfortunately, that plan backfired because by the time he got to the party, he was so weak with hunger that the only thing he would do was grab his stomach and complain about how hungry he was. Luckily Steven's dad Henry brought him over a hamburger. This wasn't part of Tom's plan but it was a good backup plan. It is always good to have your Siminions serve you and remember how important you are and let them feel useful for when you take over the world.

    “Hey, sorry, Tom, my mom actually set up everything with the venue and planned out the seating chart. She said since you were evil, maybe you were busy with plans to take over the world so we should just let someone else come instead. I would have uninvited Hunter since he doesn't like crowds but my sister thinks he's cute.”

    Of course, Tom DID have plans the day of Steven's wedding to take over the world but he had rescheduled them to Sunday to accommodate Steven's wedding. Besides he was WAY MORE cuter than Hunter!

    “We'll just have to take over the world another day,” Steven joked. “We'll make plans for world domination after I get back from the honeymoon.”

    Tom hung up and vowed then and there that if Steven and his bride Crissy ever spawned an offspring, he would steal candy from that first baby! After all, didn't Steven know that world domination never waits for any Sim?

    Now back to where we left off on the Wedding of the Sim-cade.


    Steven's mom Lindsey and sisters Mandy and Brenda were finishing up their spa appointment just as Crissy was getting off of work. They decided that it would be best if Lindsey worked alone to get Crissy to her bridal appointments so the teen girls wouldn't risk being picked up by the police for curfew violation. Crissy had to have snuck out the back of the grocery store because they didn't see her leave.

    Lindsey picked up the phone to try to locate her missing future DIL.

    “Hi Crissy, where are you? I must have missed you leaving Trader Joe's. Look, I feel bad that we didn't have any bonding time before the wedding. Did you want to spend some future MIL/DIL time together and hit the gym?” (Lindsey being an athletic Sim loves the gym. Right after she gave birth to their last child, as soon as she got back to the house from the hospital, she jumped on the treadmill. Even though her husband who is a world renowned surgeon told her otherwise; she went against doctor's orders.)


    When they got to the gym, Crissy changed out of her work clothes and Lindsey readily had a rack of wedding dresses for her to try. It was definitely an ambush! Lindsey had Crissy try on about 10 different dresses before finally deciding that yes, that dress was definitely the dress. She also had a hair and makeup team ready for a makeup/hair trial. Afterward Lindsey dropped Crissy off inside her family's home so she could have a good night's sleep before the wedding. “Okay, night Crissy, let's ungroup for the evening and then meet up at the wedding tomorrow at 9.”

    Lindsey went home in her Motive Mobile, only to notice that Lindsey decided she wasn't ready to part ways yet and had followed her back home. “Abracadabra, ResetSim Crissy Schuster,” Lindsey encanted and BOOM like that! Crissy was sucker-punched back to her own lot.

    While the girls were at the spa, Henry and Steven were at the wedding venue making their own preparations. Henry was high-skilled in handiness while Steven's handy skills were still rather basic. Henry took on the more difficult task of wiring speakers inside the main indoor reception hall to have the music play throughout the building while giving Steven the smaller task of upgrading the garden stereo with improved sound. “Just try not to electrocute yourself, son. No one wants an extra crispy fried groom,” Henry warned.

    When Henry and Steven got back home, even though it was late, they had taken the Motive Mobile so they were fully awake and ready for their nightly hacking. This money they were making from hacking would be enough to cover all the catering and venue cost from the wedding. They would continue hacking after the wedding ceremony to help pay for the honeymoon.

    Before all the girls turned in for their beauty sleep that night, Lindsey made sure everyone had their wedding looks ready. Mandy and Brenda would wear matching pink dresses, shoes, and chignons. Lindsey considered wearing something conservative and mother of the groom appropriate but she decided that she was still a sexy mama and had time later on to do the whole frumpy mom look, maybe when her last child was married off. Besides she kept in shape after having three children and she wanted to show off her well-defined arms!

    The next morning, everyone woke up at 6 to get ready for the wedding. Lindsey raced downstair to make Steven and Lindsey's wedding cake. She had never made a wedding cake before but it had to be good since it was simply eggs, flour, sugar baked together with love. She packed up the cake as soon as it was fresh out of the oven, threw on her dress and headed to the venue with Henry to do more setup before the wedding.

    When they arrived at the Betrothal Bungalow, Lindsey marveled at how beautiful it was. She hit play on the stereos and turned it to the pre-recorded classical soundmix. She smiled as the calm music poured all over the atmosphere. The surround sound and improved speaker gave her extra happy moodlets. She made sure to set the wedding cake perfectly on the cake stand in the garden gazebo. Then she unpacked the food that the caterer had prepared for them: Spaghetti? Veggie burgers?? And cookies??! “Who came up with this menu?!!” Lindsey raged. “It's more like a 6 year old child's birthday menu than the menu for the society wedding of the year!

    Henry didn't mind the mix-up in the menu but then again, his favorite food is grilled cheese. This heavily annoys Lindsey because even when they dine at the fancy restaurant, Henry will say, "Let me have your finest grilled cheese!" but being the loving wife that she is, she will occasionally make her husband his favorite lunch at home.

    The original tasting menu that Lindsey had requested was lobster thermidor, ambrosia, and eggrolls. But what was done was done, the venue did not have a stove due to strict fire regulations and the guests were arriving soon. So Lindsey focused on what she could do, which making a lot of Juice. Maybe the people won't notice if they are drink tons of Juice, she reasoned.


    Lindsey looked at her tracking device to see where her kids were. What?! They were all still at home!

    Brenda and Mandy were supposed to arrive together but Brenda was hungry so she was eating some life fruit pancakes and Mandy got tired of waiting so she started playing a game of chess. “Hurry up, slowpoke!” Mandy yelled, “I want to get there early to dance with Hunter and I'm sure you want to see Sherman Bagley, don't you?” she said teasingly.

    Brenda scarfed down her food as Mandy ran out the door, yelling “Last one there is a red plumblob!”

    Steven, meanwhile was stuck in the second floor bathroom. Was he having cold feet? Crissy was the one with the commitment issues but was he thinking about his former high school sweetheart who was Crissy's sister Kylie? Was he concerned with what Kylie would say or do? He had confessed he was still attracted to Kylie a few days before he proposed to Crissy but that made him feel naughty so he asked her if they could just be friends instead. Would she use the wedding to reveal his lapse of judgment to Crissy? And more importantly, would she be wearing her cap and gown to the wedding?? His mom would have a fit!

    Just as Steven was running late, Crissy was also running behind schedule as she rushed in after him.


    She was there. He was there. It really was happening, they were getting married! Steven turned around and gave Crissy a kiss and held her hand.


    “Let's do this, let's get married,” he said as they walked toward the wedding arch.

    The wedding was beautiful, everyone who came cried and clutched their heart with joy; it was all so touching. Everyone except Sherman Bagley, he was distracted thinking about how attracted he was to someone in the wedding party.

    Sims L to R: Crissy's sister, Uncle Brady, Steven, Crissy, Fatima, Lindsey, cousin Matt, Hunter, Crissy's mom, Henry, cousin Kristal, Brenda, Sherman, Crissy's dad, Mandy.

    After the vows, everyone rushed to the gazebo to see the lovely couple cut their wedding cake. Unfortunately the gazebo entrance and steps had a room capacity limit and everyone blocked the bride as they wanted to get the best view during the cake-cutting ceremony. “Just cut the cake without me, Steven!” Crissy yelled from the back of the crowd and so he did.


    Mandy left after the ceremony to go to work at the Sunflower Spa. “Those beverages aren't going to pour themselves,” she said. Meanwhile Brenda skipped her first day of work at the mausoleum, she reasoned that the dead could wait; the living could wait too for all it mattered. Steven later lectured her that work ethic was important and that dead people had feelings too.

    But Brenda didn't mind skipping work to attend the reception even though it killed her job performance; after Brenda wet herself, she got to spend some nice time with her new sister-in-law who was eating her wedding spaghetti. Brenda wasn't the only one who had an “accident”, so did Henry and Lindsey. Incontinence might run in the family. It could also have been all that Juice!

    As Lindsey and Henry were heading back home together after the wedding, Lindsey complained, “That Fatima Simovitch, did she not get on the invite that it was formal attire? Who shows up to a formal wedding wearing a halter and miniskirt?!”

    “Well, what about Hunter Cottoneye? He showed up in a wifebeater and cargo shorts.”


    Lindsey snorted, “That was him?! I didn't recognize him without his army fatigues and sunglasses on.”

    Henry exclaimed, “Of course, it was HIM! None of Steven's other friends talk to themselves.”

    All of a sudden, Lindsey remembered an important detail, “Oh no, we forgot all about the fireworks!! I bought them from Trader Joe's when they were having that 40% off sale. We were supposed to set them off once it got dark.”

    “Well if we hadn't peed ourselves, we probably would have remembered.”

    Lindsey lamented, “I told everyone to go before they left the house but it's kind of difficult when it's a 9 hour wedding, the venue only has one bathroom, and there's three open Juice bars.”

    Henry calmly said, “There, there, don't worry; we can just use them when Steven and Crissy have a Sim baby.” Lindsey smiled lovingly at her husband. Yes, she loved the sound of that a new "Sim baby" in the family, their first grandchild. They were on the same page, they decided they were both eager to be grandparents now that their son was married.

    Later on that evening, Tom Shallow brushed the crispy egg roll crumbs from his lips. Yes, revenge was served and that delicious meal he intercepted returned years onto his life. Swiping Fatima's dress and Hunter's HazMat suit from the dry-cleaners was icing on the cake, but adding Bladder Flow potion to their drinks was a stroke of pure genius!

    The Shallows may have been nobodies today but they ate better than anyone.

    (Excuse the rendering, wanted to show Crissy's something blue shoes.)
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    Formerly The Master Thief of Riverview, currently a ghost. Beloved wife of world renowned surgeon Dr. Jebediah Wilson, mother to Caroline and Brady. My descendants know how to creep because of me. | Trash to Treasure Gameplay
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,922 Member
    @DivaDoodle thank you. I'm still struggling with the new save. Hopefully it'll come right soon. I'm going to try to do the wedding now.

    That gazebo is from the Store. It is part of the Bohemian Garden set.

    I haven't started the next video yet. I have such a lot of video recorded for it but I'll have to cut it down to something manageable.

    Thanks for watching the video.

    Happy Simming
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    edited November 2020
    @emilyofspielburg OMG that was So enjoyable I was laughing thru it ALL! What a great story!!! :D

    @Karritz ah the Bohemian Garden set, it is lovely! I have the hanging chairs but none of my sims will ever sit in them. I Was happy to see your sim in it though!

    @bekkasan <3 I can't remember if I thanked you, or find it again, but, TY for your comment! And yes I was so happy to finally have my first at home birth!!!

  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,717 Member
    edited November 2020
    @DivaDoodle Thanks, glad you liked it. Your sims are great, and your pics capture the scenes perfectly. I can empathize with that feeling you have when couples don't do anything else than smooch and woohoo all day, unless I tell them to do something else.
    Ah yes, Tristan. He's one of the nicer people from that family :smile: . Love your updates.

    @bekkasan Thank you very much. That's a lovely winter shot again. Then again, you know that I love your pics :wink: .

    @AlexaKry Great story update. So now I finally know all that happened :smile: . As the game says in its proposal messages: Happy endings make for a much more pleasant experience.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Ah, SC4. I had been playing that for years. Now you need to mod the heck out of that game. First to go: that yellow frame :wink: . Have fun.

    @Karritz Good luck with your move. I found Porter to function quite painlessly and very quick. I just sort the families on the "Edit town" screen afterwards. But yeah, going through the sim inventories is a good idea afterwards, given they get their family inventories dumped into their private ones. Usually, SP sells that off after a while, but not always. Sounds as if you are off to good start. Let's hope the world holds.

    @emilyofspielburg :lol: I was laughing so hard. That story was hilarious. Thanks :smile: .
    The neighbors come a-knocking.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,922 Member
    @DivaDoodle I thought you might like to know - the wedding has happened. It was a battle. But I finally got it done. I had to teleport them to the wedding arch in the end after wasting about half an hour trying to get them to walk to it. And the Get Married kept dropping out. But eventually the ceremony happened. There were hearts and rose petals and confetti and kissing and when it was all over the bride walked outside to where the bar was and Javon stayed under the arch and the genie walked up to him and gave him a bunch of flowers and there were pink hearts between them. She has moved out of the house I put her into. The only sim to do that. I suppose the house she's now in has the cheapest of everything. She left the house where I had given her good kitchen, bathroom and bedroom objects.

    Now I have to move Gwen and Javon into their home. Hope that helps with the saving and other memory issues.

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