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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • MamaSimTeeMamaSimTee Posts: 963 Member
    @bekkasan I'm so glad I was able to have her avoid Gunther. Now Thorton is acting up. The one SIM I wanted to hook her up with is being a PITA so I think we're gonna break things off with him (Miles from Uni). She's a very determined SIM and has her eye on the prize. As much as this over-controlling Creator has over her as well. LOL

    The storytelling MOD I use surprised me yet again (no pictures). A notification popped up that Gunther married EMMA HATCH. I've never seen that pairing. It thought it was interesting. I may *park* my current SIM and check that little family out, because I just found the pairing odd.
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
  • emilyofspielburgemilyofspielburg Posts: 48 Member
    My household: Dad (Henry), Mom (Lindsey), son (Steven), daughters (Mandy and Brenda)

    I recently had to restart my town (Riverview) so I copied my legacy family and their extended family and Steven's girlfriend's family (Kylie) in the brand new town.

    When everyone moved into the new town, Steven's high school sweetheart Kylie and him acted like they didn't even know each other. So Steven started dating Kylie's older sister Crissy. Kylie is just OK (she's a slob, unlucky, hates art) and her sister Crissy is nurturing and loves to bake. It turns out the elder sim Emanuel who living with Kylie's family who I thought was her dad was actually her boyfriend! And the guy I thought was her brother Jim was actually her dad. So Kylie was cheating on Steven the whole time with this old guy?? I've seen Kylie around town a few time but she's always wearing her cap and gown. So weird! When Steven asked Crissy to be his girlfriend, he found out she had commitment issues but it is all good for now because they ended up getting engaged! :)

    Steven had a bachelor party at the dive bar and two female dancers (Ivana Dance and Ophelia Groove) show up. He invited his rockstar uncle Brady, coworkers and boss (business track: Hunter, Tom, Amy, Fatima). Everyone was hungry so the Henry made burgers but no one was getting food, just acting out in hunger so the dad and groom brought a plate to everyone who was starving. (They better not act like that at the wedding!) By the end of the party, the groom mysterious ended up in his underwear. I didn't know that could happen!

    The next day, the opportunity to permanently get fired and take 7,000 Simoleons or stay employed came up so Steven took the money and ran! He decided his next career would be in the military. He sometimes is a computer hacker by night and then takes the motive mobile to work. His boss Sherman Bagley gave him a television to upgrade.

    Meanwhile, the girls had prom (Brenda got into two fights, was nominated prom queen, had a random ugly boy become her romantic interest - I didn't even know they were friends!). Mandy didn't get off work until 6pm and was stinky and didn't want to change into her prom dress. Finally decided to let her shower at the gym next door to the school. By the time she showed up to school, she had completely missed prom. I tried to get her to take a picture with Brenda. They took home a photo but it looks like it didn't develop. Boo!

    Henry wants to have another baby with Lindsey but I'm not too sure if it's going to happen. I usually wait until both parents have a wish to have another baby until I actually allow them to spawn. They already have 3 kids, not sure if I want to help them raise another, maybe a grandkid.

    I got a notification that Emanuel is getting old and is going to die soon so Kylie is going to be single again so who knows if Steven will get back with his high school sweetheart? His wedding is 1 sim day away!
    Formerly The Master Thief of Riverview, currently a ghost. Beloved wife of world renowned surgeon Dr. Jebediah Wilson, mother to Caroline and Brady. My descendants know how to creep because of me. | Trash to Treasure Gameplay
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    edited November 2020
    I think my video is just about ready to post to YouTube. I am exporting it now so I can watch it through as a proper video. Then I'll add music in a few places to break the monotony a bit. There are parts of the video where it might seem a bit slow, and other parts that are packed with drama - particularly towards the end. We have yet another inferno during a birthday.

    I have a lot of video recorded for the next episode. I think I'll just post highlights to avoid it turning into 2 episodes.

    There are a few things that happen at home in the beginning. We will see the perfect private aquarium and a few other things happening before Javon and Gwen set out on their big adventure. I'll just show highlights of this but suffice it to say I currently have them engaged and each has a 5,000 LTH point wish to marry the other. I want to do a bit more with them on they vacation, before I send them home to deal with the final 3 days of winter. I might just let the game run through those 3 days. My winters last only 7 days and I've had enough of it already. If I don't have much Wintry game play after they return home, they will have an early Spring wedding at the end of the episode. Otherwise they will have their wedding at the start of the following episode after which they will move out. Then Dennis and Alecia will go on their vacation and hopefully they'll return home for their wedding, unless they decide to elope and have a private wedding while on vacation. Once they are married they will move out to their own home and the next episode will see Robbie and Candice doing something similar. But after about 3 more episodes 3 of the couples will have married and moved out to their own homes and hopefully they will all have started their families.

    Then it'll be time to move in the new sims I've made as potential spouses for Lynette, Felicia and Wilfred. Since it won't be Winter and the game won't be dealing with snow and blizzards and things, and six sims will have moved out of the household, I might make potential spouses for the two girls who age up during episode 16 and move them into the house too. That'll give us 5 couples who are beginning to get to know each other so probably no vacations or weddings for a few episodes. That might be time for some more of the teens to complete their lifetime wishes and age up. I'm thinking Coby and Kendall might have to age up to Young Adult before they get their lifetime wishes. This is because I think I'm going to have to send them adventuring to assist with them achieving their lifetime wishes. If I've made potential spouses for them by that time I might send two couples on adventures together as they get to know each other and the boys achieve their lifetime wishes.

    Just to give you a feel for what's coming, I placed the four potential spouses into a new save in Sunset Valley. There is no house on the lot. They got hot. They all had absolutely NO free will. They still drove me crazy.

    I wondered about Daryl. He was the worst of the lot. He shows signs of being a very entertaining sim. He has a good sense of humour so I suppose that accounts for some of his behaviour.
    I don't remember who I made him for. But his name starts with D so he is probably for Dolores or Demetria. I'll have to compare their traits and see which one it is. I think they are the two girls who will be aging up to Young Adult in the next episode.

    Frank is for Felicia. He was annoying too. Both Daryl and Frank have a 'thing' about Larry it seems. They all only just met for the first time and they were both having a go at him and Larry just ignored them.

    Larry is for Lynette.

    And Wendy if for Wilfred.

    Here they are together.


    It was hard to get Daryl to stand still. I'm wondering if this humming while he taps his foot and slaps his leg will be his preferred idle animation when in the actual game.

    @bekkasan thank you for doing that. I didn't expect you to take the time to listen to my video. I'd be surprised if they put ads on them yet, but people with tiny channels are reporting they have had ads on their channels already. So it could happen to my videos too at some point.

    @Brandontaylor thanks for the comment. I am working on reducing the number of sims in the household.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,201 Member
    Great updates everyone.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,080 Member
    Liam on phone 4:30 PM: Hey there!
    Liam on phone 4: 33 PM: :o
    Liam on phone 4: 35 PM :/
    Liam on phone 4:40 PM: Oh no! I bored you.
    Kristen: Sorry,I got distracted.I'm here.
    Liam: Are you close by?
    Kristen: Close by to what?
    Liam: :o
    Kristen: kidding, I'll be there soon.

    Kristen: There, this should be okay.

    Liam: Her day starts with a coffee and ends with a wine
    Takes forever gettin' ready so she's never on time for anything
    When she gets that, "Come get me, " look in her eyes
    Well, it kinda scares me the way that she drives me wild
    When she drives me wild

    Liam: Beautiful, crazy, she can't help but amaze me
    The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances
    And wears her heart on her sleeve
    Yeah, she's crazy but her crazy's beautiful to me

    Liam: She makes plans for the weekend, can't wait to go out
    'Til she changes her mind, says, "Let's stay on the couch and watch TV"
    And she falls asleep
    Beautiful, crazy, she can't help but amaze me
    The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances
    And wears her heart on her sleeve
    Yeah, she's crazy but her crazy's beautiful to me

    Liam: She's unpredictable, unforgettable
    It's unusual, unbelievable
    How I'm such a fool, yeah, I'm such a fool for her
    Beautiful, crazy, she can't help but amaze me
    The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances
    And wears her heart on her sleeve
    Yeah, she's crazy, she's crazy, she's crazy
    But her crazy's beautiful to me
    Her crazy's beautiful to me

    Liam: There you are...I worried you weren't going to come.
    Kristen: I wouldn't break a promise.
    Liam: I'm glad...I really wanted you to be here.

    Liam: paparazzi...follow me we can hide.
    Kristen: um..okay..
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    AlexaKry, yes, yes, although my sims have high free will I do have certain rules in my towns. so No Aliens abductions is one of them! hahahaha generally bad behavior towards each other, in all my games, is corrected with either tweaks to the game or the sim in question traits.
    "Watchers' Prerogatives" hehehee

    Lucy_Henley, Great story! awwww darlin baby girl! Do you think the baby books actually help the sim be a better parent, or is it just to get the wish fulfilled? I haven't made my mind up about it! ;)

    Brandontaylor, I like your story! Daisy Langerak is so cute! I love the plant sims!
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    MamaSimTee Oh I have never had a game with Gunther matched to Emma! how interesting! I hope you post more on your findings with them!

    emilyofspielburg Wow what a shock to find out the old guy is Kylie's hubby and not her Dad! hahaha Love your story! I also like for both partners to have the baby wish before granting it!

    Karritz, I can't wait to see the video! I already love Daryl if he is a trouble maker! haha that is a cute idle I hardly ever have it in my game unless they are virtuoso---and not all my virtuoso do that idle, I don't know why. All you sims are so unique looking! Brava!

    GraceyManor I like your story! I like that you put the words to the songs in there.

    DeafSimmer I like tandem weddings and do this often!
    "I'm more elegant than you, too," Zelda Harkinian said.
    "Okay," Mae said. hahahahahahaaa that cracked me up! great story!
    I watched that Zelda game with my kids playing it, a million yrs ago! was so fun!
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    My game: The robber Earl Gomez decides to rob them that night. Amelina awakens first, and heads to fight him, Earl reads her mind so he steps off the font porch so there will be plenty of room for her to knock his block off. As he runs away crying I get the pop up of him saying " I dont care what anyone else thinks, I think you're Hot!" yeah sure crybaby. :D
    5 Louise decides she wants to work at the Bistro, I think maybe she might think it would be fun to work with her best friend Amelina, so I grant it. This new Bistro I made for Amelina is on the same lot as The Toadstool, so its a fun lot to be on, I fixed it up and put more fun things for sims to do other than drink LOL I changed Louise's LTW to be at the top of the cooking carrier, so she will be more motivated.

    It is weighing heavily on me that Amelina does not look like herself, and I want to change her back to how Craven made her (but I am a bit apprehensive that she may change her mind about him, like she did at his bachelor party) sooooooo sneaky me, I pause the game in mid makeout with her hubby Aiden, and CHANGE HER BACK! the couple finishes their kiss and there is no change!yay! so all is right with the world in my game.

    Oscar decides to throw a party, he is a party animal and wishes for a party, which is granted, every other day, so we are The Party House of the community! Todays party is really fun and for some reason children attend as well as adults and a whole bunch of other people also not invited. I like to see them all because I generally play the whole town, eventually.

    Amelina and Louise and Oscar have to leave the party for awhile to go to work, no problem for Aiden he is an excellent co-host. He sees Ophelia and heads to her and to my shock I realize that she has the same skin as Amelina had---ROT-ROH-- Aiden chats with Ophelia and they dance, other people drag him and her off to dance and chat but he does seem to go back to connecting with her when idle. He probably is perplexed that his wife used to look Exactly like this. he really likes her a lot but to my relief it IS only a great friendship, no flirts, no hearts. whew

    I will post the rest of the party later, I got called by hubby that he was starting the last episodes of Ozark and popcorn was going to get cold, so I saved at the party and quit. Going to play now.
  • bishtybishty Posts: 393 Member
    Hello all, I am back to the game again!
    I'm currently running an ALMOST CC free game because it's been causing me nightmares! So I just have the CC that I am currently using on sims and no more. I am running the trial very slowly so when I add stuff back in it is easy for me to identify if it's causing a problem and also fully prove that the game is stable in the way that I want it to be without the CC.
    Anyway, here is short story in pictures:
  • emilyofspielburgemilyofspielburg Posts: 48 Member
    @DivaDoodle I chuckled when you wrote "so I grant it" and "it is granted." Such a kind Sim God!
    Formerly The Master Thief of Riverview, currently a ghost. Beloved wife of world renowned surgeon Dr. Jebediah Wilson, mother to Caroline and Brady. My descendants know how to creep because of me. | Trash to Treasure Gameplay
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,080 Member
    I'm the same way, I keep deleting saves and starting over.XD
    Luna and Slyvia are very pretty! I love their names.Love the photo
    of her watching the other sim go up the stairs! I missed quite a few updates
    so I'm not really sure what's going on, but it seems interesting so far.

    All I can say is, I'm glad you have a thread for your story.As I missed so much
    But I must say Damien is quite handsome. <3 Especially in his suit...I'm a sap
    for a guy in a suit/uniform. <3

    You're lucky to find a grocery store opened at that hour. :D
    Dasher is a beautiful horse! Oh Handsome cop! Must have been awkward
    for her to be in her nightie...I'd be blushing.XD

    Ha! I love how the werewolves eat.Reminds me of the beast from Beauty and the Beast lol.
    Good golly, this thread is filled with handsome guys! Quinton is gorgeous!

    Oh gosh, I'm so sorry, I got busy and just now remembered that I said I would make households.
    I'm sorry bout that! If you still need some I can do some on friday for ya.Cape Garners is one of
    my favorite worlds! glad to see you found one that works for you.

    I'm sorry I didn't post on everything and everyone's I'm just now coming back to the thread.
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    6) Back at the party: Louise and Amelina get off work and head home. Louise, who dislikes children, makes a beeline to the child Wilhelmina to meet her and get to know. I know Louise is outgoing but there were also about 10 other sims she didn't know at the party so I don't know why she chose a child to talk to first thing? Maybe it was so I would see her negative moodlet about disliking kids, like:

    "See Watcher! This is what it does to me, so don't think I am OK about babies and kids!"

    LOL Anyway she talks to her until they become friends. Then heads over to Oscar to interrupt his guitar playing, He, entertaining the party guests as a good host should, Because flirting and smooching is more important! :D

    Aiden psychically knows when his wife Amelina enters the lot and zooms to her side, greeting each other with flirts and kisses. I love watching their telepathic conversations in their thought bubbles, of which place is best for loving: the bed from the future? no, our bed? no, Oscars bed? no, they decide it is a great idea, out of all the private places in the house, to go to the hot tub together, in front of all the party guests. hahaha sims :D

    Party guest, Tristan Van Gould is a teen, a vampire, a dancing machine and is also best friends with the whole household. He comes over frequently and everybody can't get enough of him. They think he is so very interesting and nice. We usually invite him to stay over and there is an extra bedroom for him but he usually sleeps in his own sleeping bag. I send Wilhelmina home because she is tired but she won't quit the party. I don't want her to go full werewolf on me and scratch up the furniture anyway. ::D

    Dante Morganthe, Vampire, and his wife Tulip, Faery, are always invited. they were the former owners of the house and former roomates, and best friends. They live down the street. I wonder if they might still think this house is still theirs, they certainly feel at home and as soon as they arrive, whether it is a party or they are just coming over for a visit, instead of greeting the hosts first, they make their way to Tulips former fairy house to be together hahaha Dante never wanted to drink blood from her no matter how thirsty, on his own after they were married, he always chose the juice from the fridge instead. Like it was disrespectful to ask that of her. She never had the wish for a baby even though she is family oriented, so I moved them out and will wait and see when I play them again.

    Don Lothario is evil in this game, I have only had one good version of him in Riverview where he was married to Ruby Broke (the ONLY person he never yelled at) He was a very devoted husband and father. This version, I have tried all sorts of traits on him, so in this game he is evil instead of all his other bad traits. He is married to Beatrice Crumplebotton (I made her cuter) and I Love her personality! it's so funny when he sneaks up on her to scare her she retaliates with a spell! ZAP :D They also live on the same street, in the Poks old house. They were also former roomates of Dante and Tulip, in this house. This is really the only house I like in SN.
    I did take some screenies, but I can't post them yet.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,080 Member
    edited November 2020
    Liam: This should be fine for now..until my manager finds us.
    -phone buzzes-
    Liam: my managers know I went MIA.
    Kristen: Let them find us.XD
    Liam: We could, but then they would make a big scene
    and up the security around me.
    Kristen: What do they have a GPS on you at all times?
    Liam: Well, my fan club can get pretty intense sometimes.
    I've had them break into my house, show up at my parents house.
    Kristen: Psycho-fans then.
    Liam: Pretty much.I know it sounds crazy, it is crazy...that's why I'm considering leaving
    Kristen.What? Don't do that.
    Liam: That's how everyone reacted when I speak of it.

    Lian steps closer to Kristen.And looks into her eyes, she holds his gaze.
    They both smile.
    Crazy fans: Liam!!!! We love you!!! Liam, marry me!!!
    Liam pulls Kristen further into the corner, to make sure they are both out of sight.
    She holds him close as well, fearing security...or worse the fans might find her.
    Security guards rush by ushering the fans out of the building.
    Liam's phone buzzes once more and Kristen lets go.She steps back and trips.

    Liam reaches out for Kristen, and clasps her wrists as she falls.But he slips as well.
    He manages to turn his body in attempt to break her fall.

    He lands on top of Kristen.

    Liam rolls off of Kristen and they bot lay there in a moment of awkwardness.
    Liam: Are you okay?
    Kristen: No, I'm dying of shame.
    He helps Kristen up off the floor.

    Liam: Are you blushing?
    Kristen: NO!
    Liam: Yes you are, that's adorable.
    His phone beeps again.
    Liam: Now I really have to go.What are you doing tomorrow?
    Kristen: I have to check my very busy schedule...
    Liam: Well, I hope you make time for me to see you again.
    Kristen: We'll see.Kristen winks before she walks out.

    He watches her walk way for a few moments.
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    @DivaDoodle : "generally bad behavior towards each other, in all my games, is corrected with either tweaks to the game or the sim in question traits" :D poor Sims of yours! Do they already suffer from split personalities? ;)

    The party sounded as if everyone had a lot of fun! It´s always fun to read about Sims which are so well known and what they do in other Simmer´s games. My Tristan van Gould, for example, won´t dance at all, even if he is forced with a weapon! :D he is very serious and cautious (btw, he is the dad of Travis :) )

    When are you able to post pics? Do you still need likes or awesomes?
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,121 Member
    edited November 2020
    My friends I have SO much catching up to do on here and I apologize that I haven't done it sooner. :kissing_heart: It's been a little busy over here...
    And maybe I've been a little lazy. :p

    *I'm seeing a few newcomers here so I just wanted to say WELCOME! :smiley: And thanks for being here and sharing about your gameplay. :) *

    Now to give comments from my story post on page 4057:

    @Emily4331 Oh my Desmond. :love: He looks like one of those bad boys that I would most likely never go for and if I did, I would never have a chance with, but man...yummy! <3
    I wanted to emulate that Tommy Hilfiger look. :tongue:
    ^You did well with it! :grin:
    Funny that we both mentioned Tommy Hilfiger recently. :p;)
    Your lady sims are gorgeous and you ROCK their outfits! That's all I have to say. :star:

    @Nikkei_Simmer You're off to a fantastic start with your reboot. As always, great writing and great dialogue. :star: I learn so much from reading your stories. :)

    @Karrtiz Enjoyed your posts. :)

    @liizzys1302 Welcome to the thread! :) Go for staring your own thread for the Beaumont family. :star:

    @DeafSimmer Been enjoying your story. :blush: You have such a great imagination. :)

    @AlexaKry Gosh that graveyard looks even more creepy with the rainfall... :flushed: But man, the Manor looks gorgeous in it. :mrgreen:
    I wish I had all the time in the world to read everyone's stories... :pensive: I will be sure to take a look at yours. :)

    @Lucy_Henley Enjoyed your story posts. :)

    This pic of yours :s you know that guy in horror movies "like every horror" the bully jock who talks tough gets the hottest girl but you know is gonna be brutally killed and you clap loudly when he does.

    You made "That guy"
    ^LOL! :joy: Did I now? ;) You flatter me. :blush:
    Alex is actually a really nice guy, he was just a little peeved with Harvey butting into his sexual life. :lol:

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the comments on my recent story post. :kissing_heart: I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    you do have a way with words it was really good.
    ^Aww, thanks. :blush:
    Yeah it was so fun writing that scene with Seb and Sam eavesdropping...and then getting caught. :joy:

    @Devalaous Welcome to the thread! :) Thanks for sharing.

    @polrbear Hello again. ;) Oh yeah, gotta love going through all your cc to find the problem ones. :pensive: Been there... Hope it's a quick process for you.
    I gotta say your incredible chic and modern decor all throughout the second floor in this house is perfection! :star:
    ^I mean, you've inspired me for when I decorate a house for a certain couple of sims from a past story of mine. ;) Seriously, it looks like decor you'd see in HGTV magazine. I've got hearts popping out of my eyes over it. :love: Great job!

    @DivaDoodle Welcome to the thread! :) So sweet of you to give out comments to everyone when you can't tag them yet. <3
    I appreciate your compliment on my story, thank you. :blush:

    @Avatarit Welcome back, haven't seen you in a while. ;) You don't have to put your pictures in spoilers here. It's cool. :blush: We love seeing pictures. :mrgreen:
    I like that you added in the Law and Order tune. :lol:
    I do look forward to more. :)

    @Brandontaylor Nice to see you pop in. :blush: Glad you had some time to and could read my story post. :kissing_heart: It's definitely hard to be away from everyone here for too long.
    You guessed it, Maru was totally letting out her emotions on losing her chance with Harvey. :p And yes, it's very good she's letting it out on a ball and not causing rifts in her friendships with it. 👍 She'll get over it soon. :)
    Haley is one of those beautiful, popular girls that insults the smart girls because...we all know they are secretly jealous of the smart girls. ;)
    Ha ha, Shane got Emily there. That would have been a quick 180 in the opposite direction in their relationship, lol
    ^Indeed! :lol: I was hoping to get a good laugh out of everyone with that one. :mrgreen:
    Yeah their band is definitely NOT country in their music or attire. :lol:
    I'm betting Abigail could find a way to contact Rasmodius with her magic. I probably spelled his name wrong but close enough. :lol:
    ^You spelled his name right. Brownie points! :star:;)
    We'll see if she's able to contact him. :smirk:
    Sebastian and Sam sound like me and my brother. He gets a bit more inappropriate than me though when it comes to those kind of things.
    ^Lol, awesome! :lol: I model those two after my two older brothers and how they were back in the day when I was a kid. :p The things they would joke about... :joy:
    Harvey is right about that, although Alex is right too about their love lives not being Harvey's business. He just doesn't want them making a mistake they may regret later, although I'm sure they'd love a kid. They just need to wait until they are actually ready for one.
    ^Yes. 🙌 And that ladies and gentlemen, is a big reason why Harvey held back getting intimate with Penny. ;) (Though I think most of you figured that out already. :p )
    I'm glad you could understand both sides (Harvey and Alex). I'm hoping I did well portraying both guy's reasonings for reacting the way they did. :)
    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments as always. I appreciate them and they fill me with happy. <3
    Yay! Glad you got to play with the Langerak's for a bit and share. :)

    @MamaSimTee Remind me of this Storytelling mod you mentioned... 🤔

    @emilyofspielburg Welcome to the thread! :) Great name you have by the way. ;) Enjoyed reading about your gameplay. :)

    @GraceyManor Nice to see you and your story again. <3
    I totally know that song! :smiley: It's a good one.
    Ooooohh I see you found the same poses I used on Harvey and Penny during their picnic. :smirk:

    @bishty Welcome back! :) A couple of pretty gals you have there.

    Caught up for now. :blush:

    I just love listening to music while I type out my comments. <3 Can I say something random here for a second...

    That "No Doubt" was a rad band back in the 90s! :star: (Can I get an Amen!? :mrgreen: ) Their album "Tragic Kingdom" was a freaking solid one!
    For those of you who are familiar with Gwen Stefani, that was her "ska" band and it's how she rose to stardom. True story. ;) I still scratch my head at how she found her way to a sexy country musician. 🤔 Not sure how that happened (when you think about her style and music. :lol: ). They definitely fall into the category of an odd couple in my book. ;) But she and Blake Shelton seem to be in a good, solid relationship and I respect the heck out of that. <3

    Check out this video of the two singing. Awwww! <3

    Goodnight and Happy Simming my friends. :)
  • emilyofspielburgemilyofspielburg Posts: 48 Member
    @emorrill It is so sweet of you to mention all the newbies. :)

    @polrbear Wow, I agree with emorrill, gorgeous decorating. How do you get such beautiful screenshots?

    I love how creative people are with their storytelling! Like soap opera, fan fiction, so much fun to read.
    Formerly The Master Thief of Riverview, currently a ghost. Beloved wife of world renowned surgeon Dr. Jebediah Wilson, mother to Caroline and Brady. My descendants know how to creep because of me. | Trash to Treasure Gameplay
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    edited November 2020

    you are welcome


    Welcome to the thread


    so nice of you to give out comments to everywone.


    I enjoyed the update,
    this game is a bit addictive lol.


    Nice to see an update from you


    I loved the update.


    Love your house

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    AlexaKry, ':D poor Sims of yours! Do they already suffer from split personalities? ;) LOL I hadn't thought of that! I hope not! They generally Seem to have a smoother & happier life! I will have to think harder on this, Thank You!!!! <3 I do notice that some trait seem to linger after I have them taken away. For instance I give all my babies the genius trait so that they can feed themselves a bottle when hungry, that way I don't have to worry or rely on the parents, who might be bad at parenting! :# I love this mod! Any way sometimes I want to exchange the genius trait for something else that you can't get until they are teen, and the sim will still contemplate surroundings and still love to go play chess, autonomously! Like there is a shadow or echo of that changed trait. It's really interesting! I sometimes buy a sim the LTW of midlife crisis, I did that for Don Lothario and Dante Morganthe. so far they don't exhibit the hot headed or that mean spirited trait. I did leave them with the non commitment trait, maybe that's why they didn't wish for kids. and maybe Tulip doesn't want kids because she knows Dante has that trait? we'll see!

    OMG thank you for telling me Tristan is the Dad of Travis!!! I just love Tristan's eyes so much. love how he looks! I Thought Travis had that 'je ne sais quoi' wonderfulness about him! I always save Tristan for one of my sims' babies to marry, he's that loved!

    I also Love to hear about Sims we know in other games! It's so fun to hear what they are doing in a different simverse! In my last save in SN Dante married Violet, and made her not a ghost! it was a wonderous love affair and they populated the town so much that it made loading the game take 30 mins before I decided to make a fresh start. :D

    I think I need to post more to be able to post pics, I'm in the teens of posting, and I need maybe 20 or25? I got a badge for likes because every one has been so generous! so I don't know if I need more?

    If you are curious to see them, they are in Parys wonderful thread "SIMS 3 HOUSEHOLD EXCHANGE'

    Amelina Yurievna made by CravenLestat is on page 2

    Louise Lawson made by Karritz is on page 4

    Oscar Jacobsen made by Karritz is on page 4 (he's posted right after Louise)

    Aiden McGraw made by thuggishsplicer is on page 5 (thuggishsplicer said Aiden is the child of Styles McGraw and Molly Bluejay)

    I really love these sims! <3 They are so fun and endearing to watch on free will!
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    7) As soon as the game announced them faithful, Both Amelina and Aiden get the wish to have a baby. This is a fun time for them, and it makes me smile as I see that all of their autonomous romance is with a baby pacifier thought bubble. <3 Especially Aiden, he thinks about it and has this thought bubble many many times through out the day. Cute!
    I checked to see if Oscar or Louise(haha) :D want the same wish, since they are also deemed "Faithful' by now. Nope~~ It does make me wonder though how much would it really bother Louise? I guess we'll find out !

    Soon Amelina is PG and Aiden knows this immediately and claps his hands in delight! Even though he knows, I have her tell him, because it's so cute. We buy everything Amelina thinks we need, as she's nesting, and I remember all to well how important it is to have Ev-er-y-Thing ready for baby! She spends a lot of time in the rocking chair. Probably this is really good for the baby in the Simverse. Oscar already knows the news and feels Amelinas' belly, then she announces it. :D hahaha I have her go tell Louise, Louise pulls the most hilarious 'eh happy for my friend who wants something discusting!' face! A half hearted smile and heh heh sound. I burst out laughing and make Amelina tell her again so I can see it again! LOL

    Aiden has wishes to read the baby book, so they go on may dates to the library to fulfill this. as soon as its fulfilled he wishes it again, lol he wants to make sure he gets parenting right. :D I have the roomies group up to the library together to all read pregnancy books that Aiden gifted them. Then they run to the lot next door that used to be the Festival. (I bulldozed it as it isn't even a nice looking or fun lot, hardly anyone even went to it. I made it just a regular fun park and put in activities for them. I laughed when I saw it still had Easter eggs on it, I thought bulldozing would take those out LOL I placed the SV festival lot in another area!) :D
    So, There was toddler fairy Alfred on the lot so I broke my free will code to see how Louise would react if I had her tickle him. All my sims on high free will usually Refuse to do anything they Really don't want to do--even if it's their wish! they seem to know they can refuse and get away with it with me as their Watcher. So Louise walks over to Alfred, makes a funny face to him, tickles, throws in air, and snuggled little Alfred. then puts him down and he then disappeared to go home. She didn't complain to me at all, just got the negative dislikes babies moodlet, which I removed because it was my fault. I'm wondering how she will act towards Amelina&Aidens' baby when it comes. Maybe I can get her used to toddlers & kids, like training a sim in anything?

    That afternoon Amelina goes into labor, I try to see if she will have the baby there at the park, I know Mikezumi's sims all have their babies at home and I never get to, mine always run to the hospital. Everyone in the park is baby-dancing around her. One more contraction and Amelina gives me The Look and takes off for the hospital with Aiden following with a big happy thought bubble. Aiden is just so so happy that he will be a Dad! He is such a cute and delightful sim. <3

    Baby boy Ari is born and they go home. Aiden, Amelina and even Oscar snuggle him. I break my code and have Louise do it too(For Science!) and remove the negative moodlet. Then they all (but Louise) want to rock the baby. I decide to have Louise do it too and again remove the moodlet.

    When Oscar is rocking Ari he Gets The Wish to have a baby!!! :D Hmmm, so I think the fairest way to deal with this is: if Oscar initiates I will change it to risky and if Louise initiates I just let it be.

    The next day while Amelina is rocking Ari, and Aiden just rocking cuz it's fun, Louise comes over to talk to Aiden. Baby Shoes WITHOUT a red line are in Louises' thought bubble! This is a first! Aiden pushes the envelope, to talk about burrito babies in general, as I gather from his thought bubble, but Louise responds with the red line thru the baby bottle LOL :D Gotta love Louise!!! <3

    By the next day, I suspect that Louise knows about Oscars wish to have a baby because later that day after talking with their friend Raj, the mail carrier, she again has a thought bubble of baby shoes with no red line, no one had talking about babies, everyone was occupied elsewhere. I continue to have her have some interaction with baby Ari twice a day(and remove the bad moodlet)

    2 days later, following the 'Oscar&Louise PG Plan' above, Louise is PG, seems to know it intuitively, and spends all her time in the rocker, like she observed Amelina do. I wonder how she will react once the game announces to her she's PG.

    That night I find her holding Ari, on free will.

    have fun simming!
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    I hope posting 3 in a row doesn't get me warned! :# but I need to answer/comment! (also need more posts so I can post pix!)

    emorrill Thanks for the welcome! I have wanted to comment for years but I was never compelled to do so, than a few days ago with Karritz's question about ads on Youtube. I've been following her and ZeeGee's videos for eons! Also I want to congrat and thank you <3 for creating this big giant interesting thread! It's been my go to for my morning coffee for yrs! :D

    emilyofspielburg I agree that is very sweet of emorrill! Also maybe you only need one more post to post pictures?!!!! :)

    Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the welcome! :)
  • AvataritAvatarit Posts: 836 Member
    edited November 2020
    @emorrill thank you for your kind comment :blush:

    As for the pictures I put them in spoilers since I figured it would be easier to read and follow this way :smile: (for me too, when I posted, it was a lot of pics all at once :smile: )
    I like that you added in the Law and Order tune. :lol:

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,922 Member
    edited November 2020
    @DivaDoodle I love reading about your experiences with Oscar and Louise. They seem to be behaving very much the same in your game as they did in mine so I have hope they will repeat their antics later on when they are married in my video series.

    In my original game I was after lots of babies from them and she did all she could to get a multiple birth and had triplets. Then Oscar got the fertility treatment so the triplets were followed by 3 sets of quads - I have mods to allow that. I moved a couple of nannies in, also sims I have in Pary's thread you mentioned. I found Louise parked herself in the rocker for most of the time she was pregnant. Once the babies were born she was always running to them to take care of them.

    I've forgotten his name now, but this sim was hilarious but very good as a live in nanny. Lots of flirting opportunities for Louise too.


    I think this sim's name is Maude. She's the other one from Pary's thread.

    I had this sim too, but she's a townie from Hidden Springs. I don't think I'll include her in the video. She was always wearing that outfit for some reason. After a while I just gave up and let her wear it every day.


    Of course Oscar was often found flirting or dancing with both of the female nannies.

    One of their daughters as a child.

    I gave Oscar and Louise new hair after a while. Here Oscar is relaxing in the rocker Louise tended to occupy throughout her pregnancies.

    And I found a pic of Louise too - in the rocker with one of the babies.

    At one of their parties before babies started arriving. That's Louise in pink.

    Here is Oscar carving pumpkins when he should have been taking care of his guests.

    There were carved pumpkins everywhere.

    EDIT: Sims can have hidden traits that you can see with Master Controller. But I've always suspected there is more to their personalities than just traits.

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