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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    DivaDoodle wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer great that you found the answer! and Love your update to the story! LOL at the pic of Mayimi freaking out! :D

    ~evil chuckle~ I'm debating on keeping her alive for a while. After all, in the previous iteration of the legacy, I killed her off with a broken hot-tub. But if she does stay alive for longer than the last story, I'll have River torture the living caca out of her. :D

    After all Haruo's dear sweet River definitely has a bone to pick with her.
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    @CravenLestat I love making fun areas for hot tubs and usually landscape to give an illusion of privacy. I like the way you used the rocks around this one. I give it a 9.5 'cause you forgot the rock radio for setting the mood and ambiance. :grin:
    Even your starter girls are not meh! :grin:

    @Tamijo So sorry to hear about Tamiko's passing!
    Sometimes it takes a shake up to make us grow up.
    That was a good idea for the temple and the art institute.
    Jon had a nice long life.
    Pictures! Congrats on member! The temple is beautiful.
    I like they have separate places on the lot.
    I think Bekka is going to tackle the kitchen first if she is hired for the renovations.

    @DivaDoodle I agree that the play is more important than the pictures. I played on my laptop for years and had to run most everything pretty low to keep the game stable and still had issues with slow renders. I put the game on a desktop (not a new one, lol it still has windows 7 on it) this past summer and I'm running high graphics on my Mary save. Hidden Springs is just so beautiful I wanted to try it on high. I have my Ballan story in a separate folder on that desktop. I can't run high graphics in it. I have just too many sims and stuff in the worlds associated with it, and that story has been running three years, maybe 4 so it gets cranky.
    Cool pics of Tulip and Dante harvesting the honey. My poor sims get stung so much I get dirty looks if I send them to harvest when we are running low on honey in the kitchen or Alice needs the combs for her alchemy.
    lol at Flora's smushed face!
    Oh no! The dreaded Llama clown curse. The llama's don't play well with Nraas go here mod so I delete them from my game when I play in Moonlight falls or other worlds that have them added. I don't like the curse either.
    Thanks for the comments and glad you liked the close up! :grin: I really enjoyed that mystery and now he has to solve what happened to the ghosts who died by fire.
    oh my! Louise had a bad mishap!
    Congrats to both boys growing up. They are adorable.
    Outdoor theater is a great idea!
    Oscar looks like a rock star!
    yaay! Tulip finally changed.

    @king_of_simcity7 Thanks for the comment on my pics from SI

    @emilyofspielburg I love dumpster diving as a way to earn extra income for sims just starting out. I checked out your threads. Constance is lucky to have a beach home and I hope she can furnish it with what she gets from the dumpster. I've got some nice things from dumpster's once you've done it awhile.
    I dunno why Morgana puts up with Thornton going out like that with Jamie right in front of her!

    @Karritz I keep my household inventories empty. I do try to clean up townies inventories at least once or twice a week when I've been playing. It amazes me how much stuff they accumulate.

    @emorrill Thank you for the links! I appreciate it very much and noticed a few others were appreciative as well. :grin:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Sometimes I write just like I talk and I'll read it later and it is pretty sad when I don't even have a clue what I was trying to say! I forget to put in periods, or commas and will just string sentences and thoughts together. I do eventually make sense of it and thank goodness I've never accidentally posted one of my updates in draft form. Y'all would bust a gut laughing.
    Thanks for the comments on my mystery and writing and compliment on Bekka. Appreciate it very much! :smiley:
    Good description of Haruo's turmoil and his pessimism about the move and things changing. He does have a lot of growing to do. Being a teen with all the emotional and hormonal stuff is really carpy! He is very lucky to have River to help him through it.

    @GraceyManor Thanks for the comments on my update. :smiley:
    I'm enjoying your story very much. Gosh Mom, just show up anytime and bring a friend or two! lol
    I love that she is not taking any guff off her daughter and just barrels right on doing what she pleases.
    Brian cleaned up very nicely! :love:
    I was laughing so hard when she told him the magic word was NOW! So funny! He got the last word in with his comment to her about maybe she should learn to say thank you. Great job!

    @Lucy_Henley Enjoyed the update. Great pics of all the stinky stuff! :grin:
    hehe, yes, lets make out in front of your Mom...not!
    congrats on the birthdays and graduation.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks so much!
    Great pictures! I love seeing Bridgeport at night.

    @KNORear Great pics of the family!

    @RebeccaThurston Bummer about the big crash but glad fate stepped in and provided the guy again. :grin:

    Everybody say Awwwww! I sure did miss Pets and I'm so loving having the critters back in my game.
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    @bekkasan - yes, he does most definitely have a lot of growing up to do. :) One of those things is learning to take things in stride. I try to draw a little from my own experiences as a teen (yup, long time the memories are rather dim)...and how I reacted to some of the things that happened. So it took me well over thirty years to understand that "there are things in life you just can't control". :D Hopefully it doesn't take Haruo nearly that long. :D

    The reason why I'm writing this story with "descriptive" language. I'm posting up the chapters as they complete on and I want it to be readable as a stand-alone story without the benefit of pictures since is a text-story based archive. :) Yes, I decided to start posting stories on the Sims 3 portion of the archive at too. :)
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    @bekkasan Thank you soon much for reading! I'm just starting out in Sims creative writing so love that you took the time to read my stories! Constance is finding a few great things but I think she's becoming a hoarder. I think Thornton doesn't care much about anything besides getting ahead in life and having a pretty wife, he's pretty insensitive from my point of view. Definitely have ideas for his storyline though, hope you enjoy them! :) I have a lot of writing that I need to do with all three of my Sims storylines! :)
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    Been starting some art for a new project called 'Ghosts of 2020' which will highlight circumstances of the year related to Covid19.

    This is my first one which might be a bit Sims like: :wink:

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    18 The Watcher Watches Gameplay ( watching my simies, interfering as little as possible.) note I'm having troubles with imgur today so I have notes to help me find the pix if they don't show up---just ignore them! : )

    The concert ends, Oscar makes a paltry sum considering he is a Rock Star! Luc complements his Dad on the concert, he really enjoyed it! Tulip is chatting with Ayden Van Gould, maybe telling him she's now a vampire? He probably knows.
    (OscarLuc) 5pgT4Xx.jpg

    Tulip is proud of her new fangs! lol
    (Fangs) 3id5ZPG.jpg

    'eeeeeh Newbies' thinks Ayden.
    (newbies) 4FmWkO5.jpg

    I have fun watching the townies, Beatrice Crumplebottom casts spells on Janet Pok and Janet passes out. Oscar drives the kids home. I was waiting for Louise but she had already escaped and is playing computer games at home lol The kids practice their painting .

    Dante has the thirst, but there is a fridge on the lot, so he doesn't have to bite anyone. He seems to prefer the juice. Tristan I see you flirting with Bailey! She is not good enough for you! hahaha
    (juice) pb1HIx6.jpg

    Tulip pillow fights with little Peanut Ivy, then goes to 'coo over children' to Dante, Then Gets The Baby Wish!!! YAY : ) They find the place for lovin and then Tulip shares her secret with Dante (of baby shoes) And Dante Gets The Baby Wish! : ) Thank You Finally! And then, in case the watcher didn't fully understand, that Dante really wants his wish, Dante gets the wish to woohoo with Tulip, again. nothing new but I thought it was the game's great timing.
    (Baby Shoes) yiKEACE.jpg
    Thank you Tulip
    Thank you Dante. Dante half winks at me, 'YW watcher'

    I check and the baby is a girl! Look out Tristan! : )
    I send them home and soon as they get there, they are joyous about each other lol this always cracks me up. I really love it! I see Oscar has made another painting.
    joyous pqHwxVb.jpg
    painting WbIgDE6.jpg

    The kids play tag, Louise makes Luc's favorite, grilled cheese, and everyone goes off to sleep.

    In the early dawn, Earl Gomez comes to burgle again, Aiden & Amelina wake up. Amelina first wants to make the bed so Aiden goes to knock Earls block off! Amelina then walks up to them, Aiden pauses as if Amelina has whispered "Stand down, sweetie" and She jumps Earl!
    Earl runs off embarrassed. The adrenalin makes Amelina crazy for Aiden's love, she pounces.
    wow she's amazing thinks Aiden.
    Assertive, Amazing, Amazon!


    I will go back to post comments.
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    I see I've missed a few coments from pages back, I think maybe a half page! I don't understand how this happens, I chalk it up to old brain, ok here goes:

    @king_of_simcity7 Lovely pic of Tammy. I always wonder, What is going to happen with Jamie?

    @Nikkei_Simmer Thank you for being glad I emerged from Lurkdom! hehehe I too am always glad this thread keeps on going, its my very favorite! I totally understand Huaro's feeling about moving, I'm so glad he has River, and I understand he doesn't want anything to threaten his relationship or his access to her. *shakes fist* "Fates, you can't just give something I love then try to take it away!!!"

    @Karritz omg I was laughing at the antics and non-cooperation of Robbie and Candice. :D I guess the rollercoaster venue wasn't their cup of tea! LOL I would have just object deleted the bobbing for apples, you take such good care of your sims going to alll the trouble getting them participants!
    What if you move them to the same house as just GF & BF, that way Candice can still have her babies and Robbie can just play his guitar. oh maybe he just has no interest in Science and you could change his LTW to rockstar? I eagerly look forward to what you decide!

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you!
    <3 Lenny <3
    Great pix!!!

    @KNORear I love all your simmies names!
    Oh that's so interesting that the game had that for Mustard, I agree surprising! I have never seen that either! I love surprises (as long as no one dies)

    @RebeccaThurston Oh that IS fate! lol love that! I can't wait to hear more about them!

    @Nikkei_Simmer I look forward to see ehat you decide with Mayimi

    @bekkasan Thank you for the comments! I can't wait to see what happened to the ghosts who died by fire!
    <3 darling kittehs <3

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @DivaDoodle Jamie gets his heart broken by Anna which won't be the first time that happens
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    The Chikamori Selfacy
    Generation One
    - Chapter Two

    Part Three

    Summer holiday after Junior year was quite relaxing. The second the bell rang after final class in the first week of June was quite liberating if it weren't for British Columbia final exams. Bummer. Of course it was a major buzzkill but there was really only two weeks of scheduled exams and anyways after finals were over they would be free to do whatever it was that they wanted to do which was go to the rec center and go swimming most oft-times. Sometimes they would go hiking in the back-woods and go over to Pinochle Pond and hang out watching the birds and other animals. It was a peaceful interlude in an otherwise hectic year with school.

    The sun beat down out of a blue cloudless sky and the temperature rise was noticeable as Haruo and River decided to make their way over to the Sunset Valley rec center to go swimming later on in the day but first they wanted to spend some time at Pinochle Pond. They would get a burger or something over at Hogan's after then wait an hour doing something at Central Park before hitting the pool.

    The temperature was on its way to 28 Celsius today and it was not a day where you wanted to end up dehydrated. So both carried water with them as they hiked up the trail leading to Pinochle Pond. And as they approached the pond, they felt a slightly cooling breeze coming off the surface of the pond.
    "This looks like a quiet place to sit.." River stated as she found a nice patch of grass and sat down looking out at the calm water, the only motion on the pond being a few ripples stirred up by the light breeze. "Haruo, come sit beside me..." she motioned him over to sit down beside her and he complied.

    Haruo looked out at the pond. Lately restrictions by the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans made it difficult to even do a child's longtime activity in the past of going out to the lake, fishing pole in hand, a bucket of worms and drop a line in the water to see if one could catch a rainbow trout for dinner. Coughing up thirty-six simoleons for an annual fishing license and then getting smacked with conservation surcharges on top of that for fishing rainbow trout and non-tidal water salmon.

    Anyone under sixteen could fish without an annual fishing license, but the second they turned sixteen you had to get one though of course you had a three-year grace period before the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada had you by the short and curlies telling you to cough up or else.

    Making sure they were always on the right side of the law meant that as seventeen year olds, River and Haruo didn't fish so they didn't run afoul of the fish and game wardens that frequently made checks of the areas that held bodies of water. So Haruo and River just opted to sit and enjoy their morning together by the pond.
    The pond was the very epitome of the term pristine wilderness. Trees and shrubbery grew around the circumference of the pond naturally, not cut back at any rate by human hands. In this wilderness lay dangers as well. Cougars were well-known to stalk these parts though River maintained that it was probably too close to civilization for the skittish felines to come close but an encounter with one of them could prove fatal.
    River by this time knew one of the reasons why Haruo was quick to agree to go with her to the park or frankly anywhere. His relationship with his mother was not good at all. In fact to cap it off, Haruo's mother was manipulative, narcissistic and abusive. On occasion his mother's mask of civility would slip and she would observe just how Haruo was treated by his mother. River knew the days when Mayumi would go off on her son because Haruo would show up to walk to school haggard, tired, with dark circles under his eyes denoting lack of sleep and jumpy. But River also knew that Mayumi in the strategic belittlement and psychological battering of her son wouldn't lay a finger on him. Why? Because she knew that one mark on Haruo's body; one bruise, one cut, one piece of evidence left behind and her carefully constructed house of cards would collapse.
    Mayumi was too smart to lay a finger on him (belittled, subjected to minimalization of any concerns that he had, name-calling, threatening, isolation if he didn't do what Mayumi wanted, waking him up at two in the morning to scream at him about something that only Mayumi was concerned about; never though, a finger laid on him), but he was ripe...oh so ripe for open rebellion. And it was just uncertain about what form that rebellion would take place or whether it would involve more than just hateful looks directed towards his mother and her abuses but yet there were the cultural mores of being the obedient son and never talking back to his elder or treating her ill in return. He and his father both were the long-suffering types - suffer in silence.

    Mayumi, herself, could only be described as a "seething ball of hate". She didn't like anyone or anything and the most that could be said of her was: it was wise to not cross her. If anything could be said that described just how vitriolic Mayumi was, it was whispered around Sunset Valley that even Vita Alto, the town's defacto evil hag, was slightly afraid of what Mayumi Chikamori could do. Completely narcissistic, vengeful, self-serving and hateful were some of the more colourful nouns used to descripe Mayumi. River could barely stomach the thought of anyone having married that witch; least of all, Haruo's poor father. And she would never forgive Mayumi for the way that she treated Haruo. River surprised herself with how protective she felt of her long-time friend. They were just friends... weren't they?
    ...or was there something more than that. After all no matter what went on in River's life, one thing could always be counted on, the one true constant in her life was Haruo. It seemed from the moment River and he had met, that their friendship had grown and upon deep introspection, River cherished that closeness with her friend of fifteen years. When he was with her, everything was right with the world.
    Sunset Valley was a little municipality bordered on two sides by Tsawwassen one side by the Canadian-US border and by the Pacific Ocean on the West Side which Redwood Parkway over-looked.
    The waterfront homes along Redwood Parkway were worth millions; especially to the foreign investors looking to make Vancouver their own personal stomping ground and leisure resort which didn't make Haruo and River. all too happy as it would make it much more difficult for them to buy a home for the future. Summerhill Court in Summerhill Heights bordering Delta was the ultra rich neighbourhood in the municipality of Sunset Valley and had their own jurisdictional police force with Delta Police assisting when necessary.
    It was a nice house that had been constructed. It was a side by side triplex, three floors, three bedrooms on the second floor and a relatively unfinished third floor with the exception of Fiona’s having one bedroom on the third floor and Yasunobu’s having two meaning that each unit had technically three bedrooms apiece plus the extra in Fiona’s and Yasunobu’s suites and those bedrooms were necessary for enough room in the house for additional occupants such as an increasing family. It was well worth the §108K they had paid for the lot value, but unfortunately that meant that it was going to take a lot of work to pay for the taxes involved. It had taken a lot more for the land improvements; almost as much as what they’d paid for the empty lot.

    When Yasunobu informed the McIrish family of his intent to sell their mutual home and move to the triplex; they knew that it was a stepping stone to further enhancing both their financial situations and with Molly paying rent for living with her, the additional income would allow Fiona to meet her half of the mortgage commitment. And it would be well worth it. No more scrambling at overtime to try to meet the mortgage payments ever since Molly had moved in and they were securely in the new house. Secondly, Fiona was enjoyed having their own private place to live in. Molly worked at the local Hogan's Diner. After all when one provides victuals on a budget to increase profit margin, the quality of ingredients tends to suffer. But at least she had a full forty hours a week as a pastry chef and paid a good amount to keep her roof over her head. Fiona was secure in her position as an investigative reporter. She got a full forty hours a week and extra if she covered community events. Also she was able to use her off-time to write freelance articles and earn extra cash. It had been a good acquisition but mostly for the comfort factor. This was a house that didn't have a history. It was their house to build a family in. And mostly it was equity that River and Haruo could use to propel themselves on their way to becoming their own success stories.
    With seventeen years under their belts, Yasunobu knew that River and Haruo were close as friends could be and oft-wondered if something else was at play. After all; Haruo and River had been playmates since the time that they could crawl and it was well known that where one was, the other was usually soon to follow and that triplex seemed like the perfect answer to both River and Haruo as they would be in their senior year in the fall of 1987. Yasunobu thought wistfully Was it really that long ago that the two of them were toddlers? His son was growing older and ready to fly the coop - he would be a young adult soon. It gave each of the families their own little bit of privacy, yet River and Haruo could hang out and do their homework together as could Torao and Bebe who seemed to be doing the same dance around each other - people after all were saying that River and Haruo were joined at the hip, colloquially speaking (to the ever increasing ire of Ethan Bunch and Parker Langerak who had their own designs on River McIrish).
    Yasunobu looked up at the sky and smiled. With senior year approaching for his son and his long-time friend, this fall would be chaos.
    "Yasubo! Rokudemonai musuko wa doko ichata-ka? Where is that no-good son!" A shrill voice penetrated his thoughts like a drill pushing through a piece of gypsum board as he winced. What the hell was that harpy going on about now? "Mata, sono kitanai yariman to issho ni pondo itta ne. Again, he must have gone together to the pond with that dirty harlot!" Mayumi spat derogatively.
    Yasunobu winced again. He wasn't sure of how to deal with his wife and how disdainful she was of their son and his friend. "Hontōni sono yōna gengo o shiyō suruka? Are you really going to use that kind of language?" He asked, a sharp note of censure in his tone of voice. But it was more than abundantly clear that Mayumi had no small amount of disdain for her son.
    " hnnn, Boku no musuko wa yakunitatanai. Kare wa nani ni mo naranai... my son is useless, he won't ever amount to anything." Mayumi scoffed as she turned to go back into the house. Over her shoulder she called out "Kare to sono yakunitatanai gomi ga modotte kitara, yarubeki sūgaku no mondai ronbun ga ju-go-mai aru - when he and that useless piece of garbage get back, tell him I have fifteen sheets of math problems for him to do!" She scoffed over her shoulder.
    "shi-tsureina kusobaabaa! That irritating, worthless bag" Yasunobu muttered sharply under his breath. Why he ever put up with that hag, he'd never know.

    End Part Three
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    Wonderful updates everyone!

    @Nikkei_Simmer I like how you mixed languages. That was interesting to read. I wish Harou's mom wasn't such a PITA!
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    @DivaDoodle: Thank you!
    @bekkasan: thanks

    Also to everyone else: Great updates and pictures!
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    @DivaDoodle thanks for the feedback. Problem solved.

    Firstly adding all those extra sims was a total waste of time. I only saw one of them out and about. He was waiting to bob for apples. I sent Candice over to bob for apples too. Then I sent Robbie to do the same. When Robbie got there the other sim walked off so nothing happened.

    I then sent them fishing as Candice had no fishing skill.

    Then I sent them home and made them read recipes and fishing bait books for about 3 days.

    Then they did a bit of romance and ended up having a private wedding.

    When I send them home I'll put them into their own house and leave them to it. I'll work on Dennis and Alicia next.

    Once they are married I'll move in 3 more prospective spouses and continue playing the game until I have at least 6 married couples. Maybe more. I need at least 6 if I'm going to get 30 grandchildren from them having 5 babies each and all of the spouses I'm providing want to raise 5 children from baby to teen.

    I'm not going to worry about Robbie's LTW. He'll get it on his own or not.

    I do enjoy you posting your story including Oscar and Louise. I was interested to see you sim transforming into a vampire. I've never done that with any of my sims. The children aging up and interacting with their parents if nice to see too.

    It's extremely hot here today. I just want to get away from my PC for a while. My thermometer says it's 32 deg C (93.2 F) here at the moment. It's apparently going to get up to 40 deg C (104 F) today. I can feel it getting hotter. Today is the first day of Summer here.

    I need to go do something a bit cooler now.

    Happy Simming

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    Congratulations, Patrick and Elena O'Connor! <3 StoryProgression initially had their surnames as Sanchez-O'Connor, but I changed it so they were just O'Connor.


    The dude in the swimming trunks is Mateo. He'd been chilling in the hot tub :D
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    River: "Hey, Haruo, YOU cheated... You tickled my leg with your foot.
    Haruo: "No, I didn' just ran out of breath."
    River (leaning in very close): "Say you cheated..."
    Haruo: "Uh...anything you say...River..." :D
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Thank you
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    Great update(s) and like others love the fact that you mix in some Nihongo - forgot to mention earlier I'm a Dane with a Japanese wife so although I'm far from good at the language, I understage a little bit and of course she understands it all.
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    My new story A MEMOIR OF GRACE “SLICK” JOPLIN is now up, covering the first year.

    It is about a young single mom Janis moving to a waisted cottage in the rural area surrounding a small town, with two male friends and her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Grace. The small household struggling to make ends meet.

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    Back to the “short story”

    Winston Family Branch

    Winston is now 39 years old, Winston is still marrieds to Joni, they got two sons.
    If and when he works, he will be solving some cases as a private investigator, but he also wrote 19 books mainly satirical or humoristic. So far got a single hit with “my niece's girlfriend”. Winston still take up the occasional chess challenge, ranking amongst the grand masters. Or as here just play a game with his wife.


    The only not so glamorous detail about his life is that he has got a crush on his wife’s little sister Janae living in the next-door house with her husband. They have not “done” anything yet but the dangerous attraction is mutual.


    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    Winston Family Branch

    Joni (wife) just turned 38, working as an Architectural designer whenever she finds a good client she likes to help.
    In the process of learning her skill she has made many drafts and paintings, and she is also presented at the art institute with a small exhibition of her own works.

    Although she is quite lunatic and Winston a few times had to prevent her from strangulating herself, she is a very caring mother and loved by all family members.


    After Zan’s husband died Joni have taken over the garden.

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    Winston Family Branch

    The two sons Noah 12 years and Robert 5.


    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
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    Thank you for the comment.
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    "Good lord mother! I can't stand this man.Get him out of here." Her mother scoffed."I think it would be a nice gesture, if you took him into
    town and helped him get fixed up." Delilah bursted out laughing."You're joking...No you're not.You're serious." "He may be your very last chance.
    Delilah." Delilah rolled her eyes."I have standards where men are concerned...and" her mother interupted 'I know all about your standards, and if you don't mind me saying so, there's not a man alive who could hope to measure up to your blend of paul bunion, saint pat and noah webster, you made for yourself out of your irish imagination, your Iowa stubbornness and your library full of books."

    "Brian, Delilah has decided she needs some help.You willing to give her a hand?" Susan asked."Of course, I owe
    you a favor." Brian responded, quickly glancing over at Delilah."What? No smart mouthed comment?" Susan questioned her
    daughter, waiting for a rude remark."Mother, its 8:00 in the morning.I'm too tired to think of one at the moment."

    "Don't think because you've won my mother over, I'm going to be all friendly with you.She may
    not be wise to your scheme, but I am." Delilah didn't even give Brian a chance to get into the car before
    she spewed her propaganda." Still on that kick I see? Whatever floats your boat." "Oh let's just get this day
    done before I change my mind and leave you here." She scoffed. "Right back at you."

    Brian carried his guitar wherever he went.He decided to get a little bit of practice in,
    while Delilah was shopping for some cookbooks."I didn't know you played." she remarked;
    watching him carefully pluck the strings.

    Well, maybe if you actually tried talking to someone you would know more." She rolled her
    eyes."Don't take me as someone who cares...I was just asking." Brian shook his head."You need to relax
    a little, stop being so uptight.I know, lets go ice skating." He pointed toward hopkin's pond."Seriously? How
    old do you think I am Brian?" Brian shrugged "By the way you act, two maybe three." "Very funny..If I go, will you
    leave me alone the rest of the day?" "If that's what you want, Delilah." "Fine.But only for a little bit."

    "I feel so childish doing this." She said, nervously stepping on to the ice."Stop being
    such a debbie downer." Brian remarked."Just try it."

    "Oh sweet christmas! I'm going to fall." Delilah squeeled as her balance gave
    way.Brian tried to reach her before she fell, but in his attempt to help her, he tumbled
    down face first.

    "You look ridiculous like that!" Delilah laughed, feeling a bit of pain in her lower leg from the fall.
    "I'm glad you got a laugh at my expense. That hurt!" He managed to pull himself up a bit."Ouch" Delilah was
    in a lot of pain. "I don't think I can get back up...I'll fall gain."

    Brian managed to get Delilah up on her knee."If you fall again, I'll go down with you."
    Delilah shook her head."Gee thanks!" They both stood up, but Delilah couldn't move her ankle.
    "I might have to call my mother...I don't think I can make it home." "You might need a doctor..."
    "No, just a ride home. I'm not going to a doctor!"

    to be continued...
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,717 Member
    edited December 2020
    I had already typed a post, and then I did something stupid. And I can't really blame anyone else :lol: . Oh well. So thanks for all the comments, and there won't be any from me at the moment. Maybe, I'll just add a few pics from my current game in Bridgeport, which is actually my oldest TS3 game of all.

    Here are the current children playing with blocks. Harlan had just made his IF real. They had been playing tag for a while to up their relationship, and I guess I noticed just in time that Harlan had got a bit chilly... Oops.
    Don't tell the social worker :lol: .
    It was a bit cold, and the next morning was one of those gorgeous winter days.
    Butler Mitzi had been rather bad, but she had been with the family so long that I put up with her antics. And then she retired without a word, as it is common in this game. I only noticed when I noticed this guy in the shower, who obviously was the new butler.
    Looks about right for a house full of teenage girls.
    This is the garden. It's situated in the master bedroom, and you can see two of said teenage girls.
    I thought that situation should be changed for the better, which meant I built a basement. The garden hasn't been planted yet, but here you can see the torture dungeons for younger and older kids, respectively.
    Turjan, setting children on fire since 2019...
    I have no idea what happened here.
    Here we have the neighbors, Bianca Rubble's house (the former Littler house). Lots of familar Bridgeport residents are getting really old now. Soon I won't recognize half of the residents anymore. It's like in real life: as soon as you have children, the focus shifts to your home.
    Talking about home, I thought it might be a good idea to invite the Xu family over. The congregation point was not the kitchen, the bar or the pool, but the bushes outside of the front gate.
    Someone fell over frozen solid, and nobody cared. I had to tell Lucinda to thaw poor Jillian Xu out.
    Our new butler became the old butler very soon, because the mix of teenage girls and young butler led to complications, the complications led to the house being too full, so Bianca Rubble from a few pics up got a few new charges to look after in her big, empty house (she wasn't asked). The new butler looked quite dashing.
    The game had actually moved the former butler in with the girls (the two IF's) I had moved out, and made him a resident (not my doing at all). On the other hand, he showed no signs of hurry to actually leave and stayed a few days longer, until he was made a firefighter by the game. Good luck!
    Speaking of sims who don't want to leave, here's a freed genie whom I had moved out, which didn't seem to interest him in the slightest. Note that he can put a whole sandwich in his mouth without having to bite :lol: .
    I used MC to make him go.
    The family has a bit of breathing room now. The game claims that this is the only lot on "celebrity hill" that doesn't have beautiful views. What does the game know...
    Love Day, and the only sims at the park were from my active family.
    Only when everyone left, a couple of elder homeless sims showed up. I even know them rather well.
    This may have been the last time I got to see them, so I guess that's as good an ending as anything.

    So, just the usual stuff from my normal play.
    Post edited by Turjan on
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @king_of_simcity7 oh I'm sad about James getting heart broken : ( TY for telling me.

    @Nikkei_Simmer beautiful pix in your story!

    O geeze, omg, Enduring emotional abuse is just so heart breaking and the consequence of possible/probable repeating that behavior to the next generation, horrifying. It makes me wonder how far back Mayumi's own abuse went back, to have this awful horrific behavior towards Huaro. It is the strong person indeed that can do whatever it takes to recoqnise and break the cycle of abuse, and I know in my heart that Huaro succeeds. Huaro is a survivor. again So so glad he has River!

    Gadfrey that Household/Commune is huge!!! please tell again, why does Molly have to live with them, I forget, is it to just cover Fiona's half of the mortgage or is there something more that I'm not remembering? Also Is Bebe and her parents already living in the household too?

    End part 3? isn't a true end until the meteor hits before Mayumi goes back inside! >:) I'm surprised it didn't happen Nikkei ! ; )
    A Great, well written, but very painful to read chapter!

    @Karritz I love reading how you go about getting your challenge together towards the completion! It seems to me, really hard to complete! I doubt I will ever attempt it! lol

    I do have a question, when you say you'll move in 6 more sims to have as marriage partners, isn't there already in the household enough simmies to accomplish this? Anyway it is dizzying what all you have to do! I love when you report on it!

    That was my first time too, witnessing the vampiric transformation! I had my finger hovering over pause, I just wasn't at the proper angle for one pic, when her eyes shot out red lazer beams for a second and I was so enthralled, I missed it!

    Ah summer it is my favorite time of year, it means freedom to me, ever since I was a kid, getting out of school for 3 months of glorious carefree fun! The feeling of excitment and freedom has stayed with me all these years when summer comes around. Most of my life I've lived in a very temperate zone and only for the past 3 yrs live where it gets HOT, like you have, but all the houses here come with air-conditioners just like stoves or toilets. so it's nice.

    I hope you find some Cool and relaxing way to escape the heat! <3

    @Lucy_Henley aw such a nice wedding! Congratulations!
    lol there always has to be someone in a bathing suit or it's not a Real sim wedding! ahahahaaa

    @Tamijo Looking forward to reading your story with 2 of my favorite female singers namesakes!

    @Silverofdreams30 you are welcome! : )

    @GraceyManor Oh I Adore her mother and her conversation to daughter making me think of my favorite musical!!! YES!
    I really enjoy your Christmas story and look forward to more! : )

    @Turjan Holyyyy.. That's the butler?! B) Wowza! "Looks about right for a house full of teenage girls." :D hahahaa

    I love all your wonderful pix with your hilarious comments! so enjoyable!

    TY for posting your 'normal game play" I look forward to More! :)

  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    Only have time to answer those of you who tagged me right now. I work tonight but then have two days off so I may actually get some time to do feedback again as well as maybe play one of my saves.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Wow, sounds like it will be a long story but I'm okay with that. I love reading long stories, Sims and otherwise.

    @Karritz You're welcome.

    @DivaDoodle Thank you! I like PlantSims too, Daisy is actually the first one I've ever had born in game.

    @GraceyManor Lol, never thought about that. I never really watched Beauty and the Beast but I can imagine how similar his eating habits are to Sim Werewolves.
    Thanks, I feel like I did a fairly good job capturing his personality through his clothing. I actually had to edit his face for the end result you see now but I'm glad you think I did a good job. I feel a bit better about my makeover skills now.

    @emorrill Thanks, I'm hoping to continue keep up with your story as well as everyone else's. I can usually find time to read a few pages after work or get all caught up on days off.
    That's good, I hope Maru finds someone eventually even if it's not Harvey.
    That sums Haley up well. I do think she's jealous of the other women.
    You got a laugh out of me, as soon as I realized it was a joke. I would be happy with it either way but like I said, that would have changed the course of the story, lol
    Cool, I guess I did better than what I thought. Sometimes I look over names to spell them right or copy and paste but I feel it's better for me to learn to spell words and names for future reference.
    I can imagine, lol.
    Harvey's a good guy to have worried about that in the first place. We all know how some guys and women are, not being careful when they aren't ready for a child.
    I think it's a good reflection on your writing that I could see it from both sides. You did well with the characterizations so I could see both their perspectives.
    You're very welcome.
    I'm glad I at least got that little bit of time in. I'm hoping to play the Ultimate Sim challenge next, either tomorrow or Thursday.
    I've got to the point where I like Blake and Gwen together better than he and Miranda Lambert. I like Miranda alright but Gwen just seems nicer to me. I like "You Make It Feel Like Christmas", "Nobody But You", and their newest one, "Happy Anywhere".

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you!

    ***All I had time for right now. I'll try to finish replying to those who tagged me a bit after work.

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