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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    15 The Watcher Watches Gameplay

    Do you ever get the feeling that townie sims put themselves into your view, so that you will play them? As if to say "Notice me! Make me real!" I feel that way and also think that by playing a sim, it does make them a bit more real (full personality comes out) than other back ground sims who aren't played. I usually play the whole town eventually. Anyhoo, Jack Hammer, Party Dancer, keeps coming over or showing up where ever my sims go.
    Here is Jack again, he is attracted to this lot because Dante and Tulip are playing catch here.
    We can see he's Talking to Belinda, probably telling her he's glad she not drown! :D
    El2DZ1d.jpg Tulip and Dante have maxed their athletics skill mostly just playing catch!

    I direct them to harvest the honey to complete their wishes.
    They had received a Bee Box as a wedding gift but it was apparently filled with Angry Killer Bees! :# No matter how nice they were to the bees, they would be mad! So we got rid of it. But later Dante really wanted to buy a New Bee Box, so it was done! no honey is ready at that one yet.

    Dante & Tulip head over to the hot spot, and I I get a pop up that Louise got her promotion! I direct Oscar to meet up, they like this place so much, they are g;ad Amelina owns it! Louise tells Oscar the news and that leads to some smooches. I don't know anything that doesn't lead to smooches with those two :D
    1dA6Yjj.jpg aw that's cute. It looks like he thinking Louise is his honey! ; ) This makes Oscar wish to watch the Stars with Louise. You have to wait Oscar, the Sun doesn't set till 21:00. Go find something else to do!

    Dante and Tulip arrive and Tulip remembers she needs to give more private readings. this is a great spot for it! Gives Flora a reading. Tulip has to warn Flora to be still, and Flora thinks this is all very spooky! LOL Flora's face!

    Dante & Tulip do a few readings, Linda Rogers got a great one from Tulip. Tristan shows up to play the guitar. And I can See in the background that Oscar&Louise did find something else to do! lol They found a bed which had been mysteriously placed behind a fence, in back of Amelinas Bistro. Lots of stuff that simmies like to do on Amelina's Lot! lol

    Oscar&Louise watch the stars, then come to dance and listen to Tristan play. Dante is giving a reading to Chauncy out of view then chatting, getting to know together.

    While they have fun I go to check on Amelina and Aiden. They are both Very tired, playing catch, right next to Luc. Luc is in the red of bladder, with Ari asleep and hungry, Luc is trapped outside (the reason I prefer houses with no foundation) so he can't go potty or go to his sleeping mat, which he desperately needs. I guess we age them up tomorrow because this is unacceptable treatment of toddlers for me. I rescue the toddlers, and make Amelina & Aiden stop playing catch, they both immediately go to where Luc was, right before I teleport him. Amelina&Aiden look stunned, where is Luc? Too Late bad baby sitters! I know you aren't totally to blame because these kind of mishaps happen with a full house. It will be better tomorrow. and Yes you did teach The Watcher a lesson not to leave you alone all day long! Sorry! : ) Oh I see that I am forgiven as they go to love one another! : )

    I get the pop up that Chauncey Grim doesn't know what to do because Dante hypnotized him! LOL I rush over! "sorry, I couldn't help it, I'm a vampire." Dante says

    Tulip calls Dante to come dance, and everyone soon is dancing, having a great time! I missed it but Mrs Pok had a thought of a redline through Oscars face, I don't know what her beef is with him. That's her bubby in his undies. (I have my mod set to not get dressed after loving, so I can know what the townies have been up to.) Our roomies are getting tired, so I will have to send them home pretty soon.Wf9nRZP.jpg

    I get the pop-up from Tulip that the bite itches ever so slightly, but she can resist the urge to scratch it. I zoom in to her to check her expression, hmmm , I can't really tell if she is concerned or not. The blue glow is because they both are already Masters of Mysticism. (I had changed in retuner others simmies negative reaction to them, because it doesn't make any sense to me that sims with Good etc trait would not them. They are in the good side of the Fortuneteller career, just telling their friends what they foresee, they don't scam them.)
    Dante gives flowers to Tulip, to take her mind off the itch I think! he knows pink is her favorite color. TqI7G5u.jpg
    Tulip "Mashto, mee shanee akalaka." You are unique as a butterfly to me.
    Dante laughs "Duvo! ah to kehn"
    vIdVDnj.jpg Dante"oonan woonan!'
    6IsiH56.jpg Tulip*thinking about the bite* 'Namastan'
    Dante can't stand it anymore, she is just too irresistible. He grabs her, "HolsterAll!" He loudly declairs (which makes me think of cowboys for some reason hehe) he makes out with her making yummy sounds, like he's enjoying fried chicken lol

    I have them share secrets, hoping for something about babies. Dante shares that he dreamed he was a baby last night. lol I was thinking of something else, Dante! and Tulips shares this secret.
    and says in the pop-up ''I'm Glad that we will live together, forever!''
    dawwww how perfect! like she knows! thankyou game! <3 They keep up the flirting and kisses and then (Dante thought bubble Bed, and Tulip thought bubble LLAMA) I see Dante's Queue as LLAMA then Bed,
    and Tulips Queue LLAMA
    I've never had a sim make an autonomous Queue of two back to back lovings! : :smile: I'm excited that this will get me My wish! The Baby Wish! But instead This happens:
    vTblj0s.jpg LOL how tragic! I send them home, they're tired.

    Dante gets his plasma juice and Tulip trips 4 times getting to the shower. How annoying, I don't like the tragic clown moodlet negatively effecting everyone, so I remove it. Dante and Tulip meet up again and firt, then off to sleep. It was a great date! And they want another.

    Tulip dreams of babies and vampire teeth all night, I wonder if her transformation will be today? I'm excited!

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    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    @Nikkei_Simmer I didn't use mods or anything but move objects on,those rocks are actually inside a fountain located on the left side of the hot tub.Since I knew those rocks I wanted to use are taller I knew the fountain was the perfect depth to achieve my goal. :p
    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    @emorrill, nobody seems to want to give an exact answer. :D

    Either nobody knows or they aren't telling. I was hoping the Simgurus would be able to tell me, but they seem to be silent on the issue or just hoping the thread goes away of its own accord. :D

    I don't know your answer but what I do know is that it's less than we could post in the old forum.

    If you're really desperate to find out you might try posting a lot of text that you know the number of characters in and see what happens.
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    Karritz wrote: »
    @emorrill, nobody seems to want to give an exact answer. :D

    Either nobody knows or they aren't telling. I was hoping the Simgurus would be able to tell me, but they seem to be silent on the issue or just hoping the thread goes away of its own accord. :D

    I don't know your answer but what I do know is that it's less than we could post in the old forum.

    If you're really desperate to find out you might try posting a lot of text that you know the number of characters in and see what happens.

    Already done. :D

    For those who are:
    44,180 characters or a maximum of 8836 five-letter (character) words per post
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Has any one in the course of writing their story come across a sentence that you've written; after a sleep overnight and gone. "WTH did I just write?"
    "I understand..." River said, not turning to face him, her heart throbbing in pain from the rejection of her attempt to comfort him, instinctively knowing that she, at that time, that she, herself, needed comfort; yet knowing that Haruo needed his space to think and come to terms with the sudden news about the sale of the house and the move to different confines.

    Yeah, I'm sitting there going. "WTH did I just write?" Yeah sounded OK at the time...wake up in the morning...and go...this doesn't make a coherent sentence!!!

    Hopefully, this reads better and not so much as awkwardly as the last one did:
    "I understand..." River said, not turning to face him, her heart throbbing in pain from the rejection of her attempt to comfort him; that she, herself, needed comfort; despite that, knowing that Haruo needed his space to think and come to terms with the sudden news about the sale of the house and the move to different confines. "Is he going to be alright with this?" River asked turning to her mom; a hint of misery in her voice.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Adorable sim! He's super handsome!

    Love Damien's determined look on his face!
    He was born to ghost hunt lol.Omg! I totally pictured
    Mary floating into the room being all cute 'wait for me!" :D
    He'll probably need a bath afterwards lol.
    --Nope, Liam does not like to be beat by a girl...but tough cookies for him.XD
    She is a grinch...XD Think we need a little cindy loo to come into her life lol.

    Love your username! <3 Glad you are enjoying
    both my stories.^_^

    Yup, its from supernatural.I checked
    But I'm sure there's CC torn up clothes somewhere.

    What a weird coinicidence...we were both thinking of that story.
    That one stuck with me for some reason, probably because the first
    few chapters, I really really loathed that man.XD Then he kind of grew on me.
    The house looks fantastic! love the idea of doing a play.I try not to have too much
    CC furniture in my game, but love your choices.I know that stair garland was not meant toward
    me...but darn you, you made me download it.XD

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    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story
    The Evidence Is In

    Bekka is up early the next morning having slept fitfully. She has a bowl of yogurt and cleans the kitchen. Her little kitten Rani meows a good morning while making tracks to the food bowls. Bekka is still upset about what happened at the park. While washing up the dishes, she replays what happened in her mind. ‘We were having so much fun! I was about to crawl inside the igloo we had built. Jamie asked if I wanted to see how warm and comfortable it was inside. Suddenly I’m seeing that 🐸🐸🐸🐸 ex of mine and the floozy woohooing in that igloo! I lost it completely and yelled at the poor guy and accused him of awful things with no proof that he is that type of person. I seem to have no control over my mouth or temper anymore. He was correct I jumped to some awful conclusions. I don’t blame him at all for being mad and yelling back. I deserved it and so much more. It’s times like this I miss my parents more than anything. I wonder if Godmother will be up this early. I expect so. She is very organized.’
    Bekka finishes getting ready for the day, making sure there is plenty of food and water for her cats. She picks up Sari and gives her smooches and love and starts her ride down the mountain to her Godmother’s house.

    Bekka greets her Godmother, Catarina Vanderburg and is invited back to her home office to chat privately. Explaining what happened to her yesterday is difficult but she knows Catarina is the one person who won’t judge her harshly and will find her the help she needs to manage her anger. She’s had other incidents but none as bad as this one and she tells them all. Catarina knows Bekka has had a rough time this year and has been keeping to herself since the breakup. She hugs her, and they sit down and talk.
    “First thing, you need to apologize to the young man. I know you already know that, so we won’t dwell on it. Secondly, here is the name of someone you can talk to who will help you channel your anger productively.” She hands Rebecca a card. “You have the right to be angry at times as long as it is not destructive to you and others. I know this next one is going to be the hardest. You need to forgive your ex. As long as you have that much anger inside of you towards him it will continue to fester and interfere with your life. Don’t let it ruin the rest of your life by holding on to those feelings.”
    Rebecca is stunned, shocked and a little frightened by Catarina’s last comments. “I had not thought of it like that. By not letting go of those feelings, I'm letting him affect my life even though he is no longer a part of it. You are right, it is going to be very hard. I don’t think I can snap my fingers and make all that hurt and anger go away in an instant.”
    “No, it won’t go away in an instant. The therapist will help you. We are always here to help you. Your Mom and Dad would want you to come to us anytime. Now, talk to Francesca this afternoon after your interview and see if she can help you find this young man.”
    “Speaking of the interview I’ve got to get back home and gather my portfolio and drawings to take with me. Thank you so much! I love you, Godmother.”
    Rebecca leaves and rides back up the mountain. She changes to clothes suitable for inspecting a home in need of renovation. She gathers her portfolio and stashes it in her saddlebag and drives to the job site.

    Damien explains to Jamie and Mary that he must leave shortly to meet with the insurance investigator and Betty’s lawyer. “I was up most of the night going through the evidence and I need to get this information to them before that man skips town. The evidence we've collected is substantial."
    “I will need you and Mary to show the designer around the house. She should be here any minute, and I can only stay a few minutes.”
    Jamie and Mary both agree to show the designer around while Damien is gone.

    A timely knock is heard at the door, and Damien introduces himself to the designer. “I’m Rebecca Danforth, owner of Rebecca Renovates..
    “It is a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Danforth. I’m Damien Nazario. Please, come in. I want you to meet my friends who live with me.”
    “Thank you, please call me Bekka.”
    “And I am Damien.”

    Bekka walks in the room looking forward to meeting the others. Damien seems pleasant, and she is excited about potentially being hired to renovate Spring Manor. Her steps falter as she spots Jamie from the park directly in front of her. Her first thought is ‘please just let the floor open up and send me to Shang Simla.’ Her second thought is ‘omg, he is smiling at me and that adorable dimple is beckoning me again.’ She glances at Damien who is looking between Bekka and Jamie.
    Damien notices Jamie has a huge smile on his face and he is actually blushing. He looks at Bekka, and she is blushing as well. Well, they don’t call him a detective for nothing. Damien puts two and two together and figures Rebecca is the girl from the park. Apparently, neither one of them is saying anything.
    “Bekka, I would like for you to meet Jamie McNeil and Mary Kendall. Jamie is my best friend and Mary has lived in this house off and on during the winters. She can probably answer most of the questions you might have about the history of the house. Jamie and Mary, this is Rebecca Danforth, the owner of Rebecca Renovates.
    “Let’s all go have a seat.” Mary ushers Rebecca over to a seat while Damien quickly asks Jamie, “Is she the one from the park?”
    Jamie nods and takes a seat in the chair next to Rebecca.

    Damien explains his ideas to Rebecca on the renovation. “Jamie and I had planned to do most of the work ourselves. I am busy with investigations, and Jamie is tireless with his job as well as helping me. I absolutely need someone to help organize and develop the renovations. We can still help out if things slow down or if we need to perform the work to cut costs.”
    Rebecca explains her qualifications and expresses her excitement for working on the project. "I would like a tour of the house and look through your notes and ideas. I will develop some ideas for the renovation and present it to you in a few days." He provides her copies of all his notes and plans that he had written out.

    “I'm afraid I have another appointment. Jamie and Mary will show you around and answer your questions. I will be back in a few hours so if you are still here I could answer any questions at that time. Jamie has heard me talk about this house for years though and should be able to fill you in on anything not in my notes.”

    Damien takes Mary aside. “Can you make an excuse and leave those two alone for fifteen or twenty minutes?”
    “Sure, I’ve got an experiment to check in the attic. You will tell me why later right?” Mary grins up at him.
    “Thank you! Yes, I will tell you later.” Damien reaches over and hugs her shoulders and kisses her cheek before rushing out the door.
    Mary touches her cheek and watches him leave, smiling with pleasure.

    Jamie leads Bekka into the kitchen thinking Mary will be right behind them. "I've got my work cut out for me here! Does Damien like cooking?” She thumbs through Damien's notes looking for comments about the kitchen.
    "Yes, Damien cooks.”
    “Will Mary be living here?”
    Mary calls out that she is going up to the attic to check on an experiment and will join them shortly. “I don’t want to burn the house down.”

    Damien finds his way to the conference room set up in the insurance office. He sets up his evidence in the case and reviews it with the team assembled by the investigator from the insurance company.
    The will presented by the husband was faked. The signatures do not match.
    The blood on the lead pipe matches Betty’s based on her autopsy report and lab reports.
    The fingerprints on the pipe match a known con artist named Billy Jenkins whose mugshot looks just like Betty’s husband Bob.
    The cushions on the boat were soaked in standard fuel not marine fuel.
    Betty’s autopsy toxic screen shows she was sedated heavily at the time of the accident.
    The injury to her skull and brain found on autopsy showed bleeding. It had to have happened prior to the drowning. Once the coroner examined the pipe, he agreed it was consistent with the injury.
    The experts agree no one could have survived the accident considering the extent of damage that was done to the boat. Bob survived without a scratch saying he was thrown off the boat. They conclude it was impossible.
    The receipt found in the trash was for scuba diving equipment and lessons.
    Banking records from his computer show payments to a local storage facility. The police officer executed a search warrant on the facility and recovered scuba equipment as well as Betty’s jewels and other valuables taken from the house.
    The police contact the judicial officer and a warrant for the arrest of Bob Banes, aka Billy Jenkins has been issued for the murder of Betty Banes.
    Damien packs up his files and prepares to return home. He hopes that Betty will be able to move forward once she knows that Bob will pay for what he did to her and her children. He will talk to Betty first and then make an appointment to visit her son and daughter.
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    @bekkasan - a thrilling web of intrigue with Betty's case. Wonderful writing. Bekka is so beautiful and she and Jamie look like a good match.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Delilah looked out toward the garage...the stranger was gone."Good, at least he kept his promise."
    she managed to pick an outfit out and hopped in the shower before cliants started rinigng her phone..But instead of her phone, it was her
    doorbell."Merry Christmas Delilah!" The woman at the door said excitedly."Mother, you're a little early? You weren't suppose to be for another
    week or so." "I know, but the weather's getting bad back home, was afraid I might not make it." "Oh.Where's dad?" Delilah looked around."He got
    called in for a business trip...Such a workaholic your the way sweetie, I brought a guest with me.I hope its okay."

    The homeless man from last night stepped out from behind Susan."Mother!" "I know, not expected.But I saw the poor dear shivering in the cold.I told him you wouldn't
    mind if he spent the holiday season with us." Delilah felt a slight hint of anger toward her mother right now."Mother...he was just here last night.
    And I told him to leave today." Delilah! Don't be rude.I didn't raise you to be such a grinch." Her mother turned to the young man."You'll be staying with us.What's your name?
    "Brian, Ma'am.I appreciate it." Susan smiled."Its late, we'll clean you up in the morning dear.Good night Delilah."

    Delilah had an awful time sleeping, she tossed and turned, the constant stress of trying to please her clients on top of her mother and an unwelcomed guest,
    made for a miserable night.She woke up twice as grouchy the next morning.After bathing, she made her way downstairs, the smell of freshly baked bread filled
    room.Susan was already up fixing breakfast as usual."I see your guest is gone mother.Did you come to your senses at last?" Delilah commented grumpily as she
    watched her mother knead the dough."I picked out some clean clothes for him Delilah and told him he was welcomed to clean himself up."

    Delilah rolled her eyes.
    "I just love how you think this is your home." Susan smiled; "Please show a little compassion, I raised you better than this...oh look, here's our guest now." Brian entered the kitchen, his clothes were neatly trimmed; and his shaggy beard was gone."I bet you feel much better." Susan commented; hinting to
    Delilah to make a comment."Yes, ma'am, I appreciate it very much" "Great, I take it you'll be leaving then." Delilah responded."Oh don't mind Delilah brian,
    she's always grouchy before she has breakfast." Delilah scoffed "And you're just cranky cause someone dropped a house on your sister.

    Oh god, someone clogged the toilet!" Delilah squeeled as she tried to plunge the bowl."Do you need some help?" Brin asked as he watched
    her struggle with the wrench."NO! I'm very capable of fixing my own toilet.Thank you very much!" He chuckled."Suit yourself.

    She continued
    to struggle until the bowl squirted all over her."I give up! I hate this bowl, I hate this house! I hate my life."

    "Give it to me." Brian said as
    held out his hand."Fine.But I'm not paying you." He rolled his eyes."Do you want it fixed or not?" "Ugh..fix it." She demanded."What's the magic word?" Brian
    asked teasingly."NOW!" She yelled."Nope, wrong."

    A few moments later, the bowl was fixed."There you go." She rolled her eyes; "Don't think just because you do one nice thing, I'm
    going to be all buddy buddy here.Like I said I don't give to charity, so whatever sherades you and your comrads are up to, you can
    move along to the next sap." He shook his head."And maybe you should learn to say "Thank you."

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    Barnacle Bay: Sanchez Family

    The house, and its inhabitants, were a bit of a mess. The washing up needed doing, and both the shower and the bath tub were broken, hence the stinkiness of most of the family. As Elena headed outside to start on the recycling, she noticed that it was also raining. Great.


    Elena looked across the street towards Patrick's house.
    Thank Plumbob he can't see me right now, I stink! she thought. It wasn't long until her birthday, and she couldn't wait to begin adult life. Patrick was a few days younger, so it was a shame that they couldn't immediately move in together, but she wouldn't have to wait long.


    Meanwhile, over at the pool, things were hotting up between Carolina and Pablo Lopez...
    "Hey... you know, you're really cute," Carolina said.
    "Aww, you are too," Pablo replied.
    (That woman in the purple tankini? Salma Lopez, aka Pablo's mother. Talk about awkward...)


    It was getting late, and soon it was nearly curfew.
    "We should really be getting home," Pablo said.
    "I know," Carolina replied. "Let me give you one last kiss..."


    "Hey mom, guess what, I've got a boy..."
    "Did you miss your after-school job?" Maria asked.
    "Yes, but..."
    "No excuses. You've got a bad attitude when it comes to work, young lady. You're getting extra chores around the house."
    Carolina sighed as she went indoors. Bad attitude? You didn't earn an A grade in school by just sitting around on your backside.


    As it was a Sunday morning, there wasn't the usual mad scramble to get to school. Elena made pancakes, and her siblings appreciated the gesture.


    Unfortunately, the repairwoman the family had hired had been rather useless. The first time, she'd only fixed the TV. The second time, she had only fixed the shower. Mateo therefore took matters into his own hands and fixed the tub himself. It wasn't easy, with the water spraying in his face, but he eventually managed.


    It also happened to be the twins' birthday, and Miguel threw a party. Maria baked some cakes, and the girls blew out the candles.


    The following day was graduation day! Elena drove the whole family to the city hall.


    Elena graduated as Class Valedictorian and was voted as "Most Likely to Become a Sports Star". Carolina was voted as "Class Clown".


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    The Chikamori Selfacy
    Generation One - Chapter Two

    Part Two

    Haruo finally returned home late that evening having kicked a kick-bag around at the gym and beating on the Muk Yang Jong and getting out his anger on the exercise machines, The frustration behind his anger was the idea that it appeared as though the two would no longer be able to share the most convenient ability to be able to just knock on the door to her room in their house to see if the other was willing to hang out together and study or watch TV or to come to dinner. Depending on how far Haruo's parents and uncle decided was the location of the ideal home it could mean that he could potentially lose River to geographical restrictions on feasibility of holding on to their friendship. And that was not a palatable thought in the slightest.

    River had to understand her best friend’s reticence to such a move so River told him that they were going out to the festival at Central Park and that they would take the opportunity to talk to each other to come to an understanding as to each of their positions in regards to the move.
    "I know this idea of a move is eating you up..." River started, not wanting to start a verbal argument.
    Haruo let out a deep sigh of frustration then admitted, "It's not the move in itself..." he said shortly. He let out an irritable snort waving his hand, "It's just the bloody way that Dad let me know about this whole thing..." he couldn't admit it to himself that he had feelings towards River; she was his best friend in the world and he'd heard too many stories about being let down when a person opened up to their best friend and got stuck in what was now known as the friend-zone. Better to keep his feelings to himself and let things keep going as they were, "...that, oh we're one month, and that we're off to someplace new, like nothing mattered as far as what we wanted."

    "But you know that we can't stay at that much as the memories that we have there are concerned. It's just too small of a place..." River tried to rationalize it.
    "I know, Haruo, it's a shock." she continued, "But it's not like it's the end of the world."

    "Well, it very well could be..." Haruo huffed. River resisted the urge to laugh; it wouldn't go over well, and Haruo was being ridiculous, but she knew that he felt secure in their currrent home and the fact that he was now being uprooted from a situation where he was comfortable in was causing him pain and uncertainty. She thought to herself, When he sticks his roots in to someplace, he sticks them deep and doesn't like being uprooted and relocated somewhere else.
    As they sat and looked at the festival lot going up for opening next day, Haruo sighed and said, "I wish that we could have stayed at that place forever. I would have felt better that way."

    River resisted the urge to put her arms around him, to call him, sweetheart and contented herself with sitting quietly beside him just saying softly, "I know..."
    After this summer would be their sophomore year, the transition point between being considered a junior high schooler and transitioning into senior high school for their junior and senior years; the last two years of secondary school; it was said that the majority of students had to look towards their potential career aspirations. This was the point in life where they were going to pick their road they planned to travel in their future endeavors and that was going to involve much soul-searching. Haruo on the other hand was having major school problems with comprehension of maths. His ability to do redundant home-work was very low and he struggled with the subject. So it was with some trepidation that he would enter his sophomore year in the fall of 1985 with a determination to work hard no matter what his mother had to say about his personal study habits.

    In the month preceding the move, Haruo and River spent as much time with each other as they could, whether it was down at Central Park watching the fish swimming around in the pond; bogarting an apple or a lime from the trees in the park. Or hanging around the food kiosks during the seasonal festivals in the park. After all there were lots of things that needed doing but for the teens, being together was what assuaged any apprehensions that either had of Haruo's impending move. Studying together also helped. Just the mere physical closeness was comforting to each other.

    What Haruo hadn’t realized months earlier was that Yasunobu had keeping his eyes open around the area and he’d noticed a by the sudden appearance of an “in development” sign on the property next door. – a triplex just next door, a perfect solution to their space problems. And while the adults in Haruo's family considered the possibility of an easy move to a house under construction;

    Unbeknownst to Haruo and River and to Haruo's mother's ever increasing ire, Yasunobu had conversed with Fiona and he had offered to go hand in hand with the purchase of what was now known as the starting of a new triplex which was to be built on that next door vacant lot. The Chikamoris would attempt to locate a bridge mortgage based on Yasunobu and Fiona putting their current property up for sale to cover the down payment on the lot and construction next door and that she would be able to be a cosigner with equal responsibility on that mortgage insuring that the mortgage payments were made on time. It had been agreed at the bank that each of their savings would be debited exactly one-half of the monthly mortgage payment amount. And each had equal responsibility to cover the other half should the other have a bad month. It almost seemed as though the Chikamori and McIrish families were now financially inter-meshed as well as having their children being the best of friends. But it seemed natural to both Fiona and Yasunobu to consider this option and initiate that plan as their children were so close that they both felt it would be traumatic to both of then to split them up. And both Yasunobu and Fiona refused any scenario that would split Haruo and River up.
    Fiona and Yasunobu's discussion centered around how they wanted to keep Haruo and River together since their two only children had been friends for so long and that it made sense to move to a home that would allow them some privacy, yet keep the children close by to each other. The situation required a delicate touch and that they needed to look into that triplex and find a third party who would be interested in such a building. It meant seriously talking to Fiona's friends, the Harts to see if they would consider taking on a third of the mortgage and taking the third suite, thus keeping the building within friends. Yasunobu didn't know the Harts very well, however he did know that Haruo and River both knew Bebe and she'd occasionally come over to the Asilomar as a child to play with Haruo and River. Bebe was older than Haruo and River and she would be going into Junior Year in the fall. Again, she was also an only child and as such, the three of them could potentially study together. What he didn't know was that Satoshi's son, Torao was sweet on Bebe already.
    Satoshi, good ol' Uncle Satoshi, was Yasunobu's younger brother and a world traveller, explorer and a restless spirit but he had gradually come to the realization that age was not on his side; planning on setting down his roots and what better place to do it than Sunset Valley near a member of his family. It was hoped by the adult members of his family that Satoshi's roving days were over and that all things considered he would settle down and start earning a regular pay-cheque and not be just a bohemian vagabond. It wasn't just that he was feeling his age but that he really had the unpleasant epiphany: at age fifty-one that he had reached midlife; that his eldest brother was fifty-three and had a son who was fifteen as did Satoshi himself after getting into a relationship with someone who didn’t pan out as a permanent partner and who had divested him of half his life-savings. They had actually spent ten years in what was a common-law relationship traveling the world together. If anything it had impressed upon him the rapid advance of the diminishing years before him and the rapidly increasing number of years that had passed him by. Satoshi could no longer afford to be carefree about his life just going from country to country experiencing the uniqueness of every culture. It was time, Satoshi thought as he stood staring out at the trees that lined the lot and pondered just exactly what the future would hold for him.
    On top of that, having travelled to many corners of the globe; he was full of stories to tell those who would lend an ear and River just loved listening to the tales of Satoshi's adventures as she hoped to travel herself. River had that restless spirit about her that she wanted nothing more than to explore the world, but running a close second was the love of her family and the want of someone to share her life with and to raise that family that she wanted.
    Despite the illusory appearance on the exterior face of Asilomar being large size; making extra bedrooms with the current layout as it stood; was an exercise in futility. Trying to design a layout for them to move around in was not feasible. Either the bedrooms became too small and/or they would have to extend out; building in a number of structural features to the building that would completely change the exterior destroying the modern look that it had and turning it into a garish caricature of its original self. The ultimate decision was to sell the home and find a new place to live.

    Sunday June 25, 1985

    “We’ve had a good run at this place, haven’t we?” Fiona looked over at Yasunobu, who turned around to see her and nodded. He was getting much better with the English colloquialisms as the years went by.

    “Yes...long time...” he stated as they both looked at each other. The memories of River and Haruo growing up here, marking off the height-changes on a section of the wall reserved for such things and it was going to be hard to leave those memories. For Yasunobu this was not a happy change as he’d watched Haruo and River grow from infancy to teen-age years in this very house, but the situation had changed and such they had to.
    Mayumi was scowling at the house. She’d never really liked the place and it had gotten more and more cramped as more people showed up. Molly and her rugrat were the final straw. She’d shrilly insisted that they sell the place and move into something more amenable to her. She’d be 🐸🐸🐸🐸 if they had to live another single second in a place without any form of privacy. She wanted her space and by God, she was going to get it come hell or high water.

    So the equity that was built up by Yasunobu and Fiona in the house had to go into buying a new property and re-investing. Unfortunately all that came with a move. And River and Haruo were not happy about that since they had to uproot themselves. Luckily the property that they found was not too far away from the old one. However the memories that their parents had built up would be just that, memories with no tangible evidence of the years that they’d spent at this home.

    Haruo and River were now taller at fifteen years old and River, as most females of that age, were filling out and were growing at a much faster rate than their male counterparts. And feelings best not acted upon were coursing through their veins so they continued their own platonic facade of stating to each other that they were just friends who iived in the same house together. And each silently looked at the other wishing that they could be more than just friends but keeping their silence as they didn’t want their hearts broken if the other didn’t feel the same way.
    For River and Haruo, the year seemed to drag on endlessly: school exam, assignments, pop quizzes, mid-terms...more school exams.

    In January, all eyes were glued to the television sets in horror as the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger ended in disaster when the shuttle exploded seventy-three seconds after launch from Cape Canaveral, killing the entire crew.

    Their Junior year was full of hard work as they now were looking forward to Senior Year and the freedom that graduation would bring them. Haruo and River were hard-working and they studied together as much as they could. It seemed as though each year got faster and faster as the years progressed.
    Such was the way things went throughout River and Haruo's junior year. Junior year was intense as it set them up to endure the intensity that would be their senior year which in turn would prepare them for post-secondary education. And Fiona and Yasunobu both hoped that River and Haruo would go on to get higher education, going to University; preferably Simon Fraser University or the University of British Columbia. Yasunobu had been working class all his life and his aspiration was to see his son go to university.
    He tried to make heads or tails of those feelings. River was a good friend; his longest friend in terms of duration of time together and it seemed as if whenever he was having an existential crisis or as his teenage mind termed it, a stretch of rough times, she was always there to back him up. And he knew that soon their senior year would start. And after that would be graduation and the start of walking alone through life as each would have their own life to lead. River had often spoke of travelling the world but Haruo was a homebody content to do whatever his interest was at the time.

    All he knew was that the thought of being apart from his best friend frightened him. They had been a part of each other's life for so long and it was so easy to talk with her because she had known him since both of them were knee-high to a grasshopper.

    But they still had one year left and only time would tell...
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,121 Member
    Has any one in the course of writing their story come across a sentence that you've written; after a sleep overnight and gone. "WTH did I just write?"
    "I understand..." River said, not turning to face him, her heart throbbing in pain from the rejection of her attempt to comfort him, instinctively knowing that she, at that time, that she, herself, needed comfort; yet knowing that Haruo needed his space to think and come to terms with the sudden news about the sale of the house and the move to different confines.

    Yeah, I'm sitting there going. "WTH did I just write?" Yeah sounded OK at the time...wake up in the morning...and go...this doesn't make a coherent sentence!!!

    Hopefully, this reads better and not so much as awkwardly as the last one did:
    "I understand..." River said, not turning to face him, her heart throbbing in pain from the rejection of her attempt to comfort him; that she, herself, needed comfort; despite that, knowing that Haruo needed his space to think and come to terms with the sudden news about the sale of the house and the move to different confines. "Is he going to be alright with this?" River asked turning to her mom; a hint of misery in her voice.

    ^Story of my writing life @Nikkei_Simmer ! :lol: You are not alone there. ;) I go back and read my old stories and think that too! :flushed:
    **Promptly edit!** :lol:
    I just did that today with my Aurora Skies Christmas Tale actually...

    Oh and thank you for letting me know how many characters and words fit in one post. :star: So great to know! (Nothing wrong with being persistent. ;) )

    More comments to come later my friends. It's late and I must head to bed...though I wish I never had to sleep sometimes. I'd get SO much more writing done! :p

    Goodnight and Happy Simming! :sleeping:
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    @Nikkei_Simmer, @Lucy_Henley, @GraceyManor, @bekkasan, @DivaDoodle
    Amazing stories and screenshot, jumping into this many ongoing tales make it a bit confusing, too hard and time consuming to go back and find the beginnings, eng. is not my natural language so hard to take in those longer blocks but guess I will get the picture along the way. Nice pictures

    @GraceyManor simply love that “light – blue” style home
    @bekkasan: that kitchen
    @Nikkei_Simmer: that man in traditional 🐸🐸🐸🐸 outfit.
    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,201 Member
    edited November 2020

    Fantastic home, it looks so luxurious and modern
    very nice job.
    I saw it when you posted it,
    but it was late here and I was in bed I did not log on to comment <3


    You are welcome.


    Thank you, I did a little photoshoot
    with this guy earlier this year.


    Fantastic update.
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    Can’t help myself and will update my “short story” a bit more – getting it up to present date.

    Zan Family Branch

    Zan is now 59 years old.
    Her husband died quite suddenly at the Leisure day, from a heart-attack at the middle of the marked square during the family “day-out”, he now rests at the temple.
    Zan is now the “de facto” leader of the Katsuta family, taking care of the “Art Institute” and everything regarding the family fortune. Her wild days are definitely long gone and she lives a rather quite life, though she still, from time to time, have what she herself calls a silly romance, but they are short and she never allows anyone to get really close, would never see the same man stay over two nights in a row.

    Zan re-arranging for what is to become the “fall exhibition”
    Paintings on the wall behind her from right to left, all by Jon.
    “Laura” insurance value 2.765,
    “Untitled” insurance value 3.930,
    “the 2nd Edition” insurance value 2.059

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member
    edited November 2020
    Zan Family Branch

    Laura (daughter) is now 23 years old. She is sharing bed with her fiancé Alexis Gavin, they are not married but the wear rings.
    Laura is a professional soccer player and recently earned herself a spot in the official start lineup of the local team. Besides training, playing and all activity’s keeping her fit, she is not too interested in anything. She wrote two books a few years ago, not very successful.
    The couple don’t really want to adopt so after Laura it is clear that the Zan Family Branch will die out. They are talking about getting a dog, but not while as busy as they are right now.

    Goodbye to Alexis before training.

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 1,072 Member

    Zan Family Branch

    Alexis (daughter in law) is now 25 years old.
    Alexis is a gold-digger, from the beginning moving in on Laura for the money and naturally an evil-minded personality. The relationship has grown on her and she actually likes Laura a lot, that said you never know with a type like that.

    At first you would not see her participate a lot, laying at the sofa with some cheap magazine or lousy book would be her thing, but Zan did not tolerate that for too long and forced har to take a job, she now works in fashion, “not too good at it but whatever as long as she does something” (Zan’s words)

    Alexis meeting a client
    As usual she loved what she did but the client hated it.

    My active stories: Appaloosa County..*.. Sinful Sisters.....*.....Earlier stories:..*..Survivors the River..*.. A Memoir of Grace "Slick" Joplin
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Nikkei_Simmer great that you found the answer! and Love your update to the story! LOL at the pic of Mayimi freaking out! :D

    @GracieManor hehe TY for liking my username : )

    O I like the update! lol that Mother just brings the homeless man to her daughters for over night!!! :D
    oh Brian cleans up nicely, he's a cutie! "what's the magic word?" hehe I love it! great update!!!

    @bekkasan Wonderful up date on your story! I really like it! omg that kitten is to adorable <3 now I feel for Bekka.

    Oh I love Godmothers advice! right we forgive, not for the person who wronged us, but for ourselves so we can truely get over it! because those bad feelings are so very harmful to us. If only we all had a Godmother so wise!!! Bekka is lucky she understands this so quickly!

    sigh<3 awesome close up! <3 TY
    Oh the end of the case, the conclusion was Excellent!!! I enjoyed it so much!

    @Lucy_Henley I like your story!

    @Tamijo I understand completely the difficulty of keeping up with all the stories! me too sometimes! I know it isbe harder having english not be your native tongue! Thank you for reading/looking at them & commenting!

    Yay! you can post Pics! Wonderful! great update!

  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    edited November 2020

    16 The Watcher Watches Gameplay

    Luc, Ari and Aiden& Amelina awaken, Aiden has a chat with Ari. the goes to rock with him. He loves his baby so much!


    Amelina is playing with the water toys. I'm waiting for the others to awaken so we can do the birthday parties and have the kids be able to climb stairs and not be trapped lol.

    I have Dante and Tulip call in sick to work, because I don't want to miss her transformation to Vampire, if it's today.

    Papa Aiden gets Ari ready to blow out his candles!
    dawww little boy! <3
    and big boy
    aw he a cutie and i love his eyebrows hahahaha

    Luc has to wait to have his birthday because I see him playing with the peg box and I think he wants to finish learning it. I don't make my toddlers learn anything but the 3 biggies. Then I let them choose what interests them. Also Mama Louise and Amelina go to work in a few minutes, and I want them here for the birthday.
    Oh that was fast! Dad sits down to play with Luc, and a few seconds later Luc had the toy mastered! : D

    Ari plays chess by himself, then his Dad comes to wish him Happy birthday. Since Ari has a wish to play catch with his Dad, I have Aiden gift him a football. Aris also wishes for a telescope and to learn painting. I think he is looking at Oscars painting and thinking, 'Oh I can do That!' :D

    I go check on Tulip to see how she's doing. I find her with Luc.

    Tulip carries Luc to the patio and sets him down. she grabs her tummy, and makes a groan. (the transformation symptoms!) She relaxes on the Chaise. Baby Luc thinks why do the adults always take me away from my toys? He toddles back to his room where the fun things are!

    Dante is playing with the water toys with Oscar, Tulip hears their shouts of laughter, and goes to joins them. I can hear Aiden and Ari having fun playing catch.

    Tulip gets a pop-up about ''the heat in her blood, like its on fire. and wonders what she has gotten herself into.'' She decides to go inside and dance. Dante comes in to tickle Luc, and Ari comes in to check out his new bed. He likes it! He claps, then, idle, lol
    His face! lol he's too cute!

    Amelina gets off work and heads to her son Ari<3 they chat and joke and hug and Amelina claps excitedly, happy to learn her son now shares the Brave trait with her and Aiden.

    Louise gets home from work, she had a mishap! Baby Luc doesn't seem to recognize her until she laughs.
    Ohhh that's my Mama!

    Soon it's time for Luc's B day!

    A happy time for All. The roomies continue their evening and soon become tired and head to bed.

    On her way up to bed, Tulip pauses for a moment, she feels something, She thinks:
    Oh it's but a passing thought, a feeling, it passes. She then continues upstairs to her love, to perhaps share dreams with him .

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,201 Member
    edited November 2020

    Lovely screenshots from the save ,
    they look fantastic.


    I have enjoyed the new story, great job.

    I will have a new update from my generation save sometime this week,
    but here are a few more randoms.



    Bridgeport during the winter from an old save.


    A kissing selfie from a very old save


    Lenny chatting sugar Bijou up

    That is all
  • KNORearKNORear Posts: 522 Member
    edited December 2020
    Latest updates for my PGC:
    Well, Generation two is slowly winding down, basically, all of Honey's siblings have aged up to Young Adult and moved out of the house to start lives of their own. Unfortunately, the only young adult picture I have is of her oldest sister, Orange(it's an older one, she's the one in the blue shirt), and her brother Basil(pre-makeover).


    Basil and his twin sister Cinnamin aged up on Spooky Day, so Nutmeg threw a costume/birthday party


    Prom also happened for Honey and her triplets the day after Spooky Day. Honey went with her current love interest, Rex Ulrich.


    By the end of Prom the two of them were going steady. Also two really cute moments happened to make me ship them. Rex kissed Honey right next to the punch bowel in front of everyone and then asked her out during her favorite song( if I was recording this as a story though, I probably would have the kiss lead to an argument since Honey has neurotic as one of her traits).

    Lastly her triplet brother, Mustard came out as gay at prom. Nothing wrong with that, but it just surprised me that the game generated the prom moment "Mustard asked out the most popular boy at school, but was rejected". I don't have any settings to make gay and lesbian sims more common, so interesting. If he has the perfect genetics I would probably follow him, but he doesn't.

    To finish off this post, have an extra shot of some of the siblings having Breakfast together.

    50665096333_c252841acb_z.jpg. Pictured are Honey, Clove, Cinnamin and Basil(as teens before they aged up).

    Post edited by KNORear on
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @emorrill Thanks for the comment :smile:
  • RebeccaThurstonRebeccaThurston Posts: 234 Member
    edited November 2020
    I created a hopeless romantic sim named Emiya the other day. I sent her out to harvest seeds at the Stones Throw Greenhouse when she met the man of her dreams. As soon as they seen each other the romantic hearts appeared over both their heads. After a brief conversation, she needed to leave but before she could get there she was whisked out the world in what I will call "The Big Crash"....


    Wouldn't have been so bad if I had saved it but I didn't so their meeting got put to an alternate timeline. I did however remember the sims name and kept a look out for him when I logged back in with her. I just thought, perhaps she will run into him again, and if it's meant to be, it will be.

    So after that she visited a few festivals, leveled up gardening, gained a celebrity level, met a cute little kitten, and took up gem cutting. Then she got lonely and so I sent her to just chat to some random sim on her computer.

    And guess who she talked to simply by random chance?

    The guy with the romance bubbles!!!

    Talk about fate!! I guess it was meant to be!!

    Needless to say I saved the game after that - can't tempt fate twice!!
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    edited November 2020

    17 The Watcher Watches Gameplay ( I like to watch my simies, interfering as little as possible.)

    Day breaks and the adults congregate in the kids room,. They want them to wake up so they can interact with them. Dante thinks having a child would be a great idea. (I'm still awaiting the wish)

    Aiden tells a ghost story before the kids head off to their first day of school. Luc is practicing chess. Both kids want to learn painting after school.

    Tulip wants to go to Dante, but her 'blood is hot' and she has a passing moment of nausea. I wish she would transform already! It is tiring to me to follow her around all the time, so I don't miss the moment! lol

    For some reason today is ''train everyone in the house, until the watcher goes mad'', listening to all the annoying yelling! lol I don't interfere, but I do mute the sound!

    Where is Louise? She has a wish to own a venue/business. I think for the couple to own Oscars work place 'The Outdoor Theater' would be a good idea. Oh there she is!
    I wait, then send her off. Oscar wishes to harvest honey. I check on the kiddo's and click the school so they will take their painting class after school, to fulfill their wishes.

    Now where is Amelina? She needs to do more fixing and upgrades for her wish. I find her!LOL

    And Oscar changes clothes and goes off to perform a concert. It makes him happy!

    I send the roomies to go watch Oscar perform his concert, since most have wish to see a concert. What is going on with some townies having a negative reaction to Oscar? is it because i didn't to the dreaded 'sign autographs session?' I don't like to do those, it creates a quagmire of bodies, and lags the lot. The roomies arrive and get ready to enter the Kiosk to see Oscar. That is Tristan's Dad. Another horrible feeling overcomes poor Tulip! But then passes and she is able to enjoy the concert.

    The kids get home and I bring them to the concert, I know Luc would like to see his Dad perform, he is very interested in music! That is Emily, Tristan's sister. their whole family are vampires, and they live just down the street from my roomies. I hope one of the kids will fall in love with her, I like her! In past games she married Waylan and they had gorgeous kids!

    Oh! Tulip jumps out of the concert half way through it! "I feel as part of me has died, yet every other fiber of my being is raging with vitality! I crave something, yet I don't know what. It' a thirst..." She thinks. OH!
    Is it done?
    It is done!


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