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The Watcher Watches

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54 The Watcher Watches: The Families

The title always makes me laugh, remembering Peter Sellers, in the movie 'Being There', say to Shirley MacLaine
"I like to watch" ! :D Well I must admit I Do like watching my sims, just to see what they do! I usually only direct them to help fulfill wishes, although sometimes I admit to doing this creatively! haha

So my family, how did it begin? Starting in Moonlight Falls with Dante, Violet, and Argus, it was plain so see that Violet and Argus were getting to be an item. Dante was best friends with Belinda Crumplebottom, and they decided to move in together to my favorite house. (actually, the only house I like here!)

Belinda wanted a child with Dante, and it pained him to let her down as he felt he was too young, and he wanted a more traditional family when he matured. He loved Belinda as friend, and even though she was so kind and lovely personality, she was not 'the One' for him.

Belinda was swept off her feet by Don Lothario, they fell in love and married. When ever he would scare her she would retaliate by casting a spell on him! :D They enjoyed each other immensely! She has not had a child with Don so far though, she thinks an evil father would be, well, evil!

Moving Forward : Dante

Dante met a beautiful Faery named Tulip.
The attraction was instant, and soon they fell in love. The more he was with her, the more he became convinced she was the One! And so, he convinced her to marry him. I say 'convinced' because She was a bit afraid that he was a Vampire. But, she did love him and she did say Yes!
Dante was in heaven! He never drank from her, he only drank plasma orange juice. Their marriage was loving and solid, and then Dante wanted a child.

Tulip always dreamed of babies, but would never get the wish for it. The Watcher (me) became convinced she was worried that Dante might bite the baby! :o One day as they were on a date, Dante started spamming me with wishes to turn Tulip! Even though I usually fulfill wishes, I kept clicking his wishes off. He Spammed me 7 times in half an hour! He wanted desperately to turn her! mmm maybe Dante knows something the Watcher does not! I decided to let him fulfill this wish! I wanted to know! For Science!

"Are you sure, my love?" And Dante slips her a Potent Cure Potion, in case she wants to change her mind.
"Yes, Dante, I'm sure." her voice was so enchanting, sounding like Elvan wind chimes to his ear.
and it was done!

A few days later, Tulip went through the transformation!

And she got the wish to have a baby with Dante only a few minutes later! In fact she got many baby wishes!
How did Dante know this would happen? I am so glad he told me with his thought bubbles and spammed wishes!

They are marvelous parents, there isn't a more devoted father, in fact Dante loves all babies & kids!
1st child Tula then and now

Tula's boyfriend Tristan--they live across the street in the family's other property, a 'Teen house', with a Chaperone

2nd child Tana



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    Oscar & Louise

    Who else is in this house? Well of course there are Oscar & Louise! yes the very same made by Karritz and they are in her wonderful videos!

    Oscar, musician and painter, he is a Hit Movie Composer & Louise is a 5 star chef.
    "Watcher, don't show this picture! it's private!" says Louise
    well you know I watch you guys so there are bound to be pictures! ok here you go Louise!

    Here is their lovely son Luc

    and his girl friend Leelu----they live in the Teen house with Tula & Tristan.

    It was Very hard to get Luc, as Louise dislikes children and definitely was not going to wish for one! So I had to be sneeky! The Plan: Whenever Oscar would initiate woohoo I would change it to Risky, and when Louise would initiate, I would let it be. Watcher has to be Fair! ;)

    Although Louise says she dislikes children, proudly shows me her negative moodlet, to prove it to me, and rarely shoo's kids away, I usually find her engaging with babies and children all the time! And she is the one to initiate it!

    In fact Louise is the one, who along with Dante, took care of a baby that belonged to Aiden and Amelina, the next members of the household!

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    Aiden & Amelina

    Aiden, always pleasant and smiling. CEO of an Investigating firm he started.

    Amelina 5 star chef and owner of Amelina's Bistro, where she and Louise work. Amelina has definite likes and dislikes and likes to tell them to the Watcher!

    Their lovely sweet romantic son Ari, they were the best of parents to him!

    This is his girlfriend Fawn

    and their son, Ace, who was a baby just a day ago!
    Ace loves to play with his best friend Tana, he loves her.

    Yes something very strange happened and the wonderful parents let the others take care of baby Ace's needs! Aiden and Amelina did and do love Ace, but something was amiss with their care!

    Watcher was having game problems and had to reset town and also move house holds in and out in edit town, because teens weren't going to school and the adults had stopped working! I do blame that on the parents lack.

    Now that Ace is a child, both parents have wishes for him, as normal. And their relationship bar is 100.
    But in my mind the little boy mistakenly thought Dante was his Dad and Louise was his Mother, until his best friend Tana, told him the truth.


    Cabana Boi: The Teen House Chaperone

    Cabana Boi is the same age as the parents, YA. He would rather drive a beat up Hippie Volkswagen Van of the 1960's, if I had one to give him, with surf boards strapped to the top. He is like The Big Kahuna to the teens, except he has degrees in child/adolescent psychology. He has traveled the world's beautiful beaches, had all sorts of jobs, Cook, Maid, Pool Boy, Guidance Councilor at the high school, and private schools.

    His name was a joke nick name from his first employer, when he had his part time job as Pool Boy, and the name stuck! He laughs about it! He is good humored. Louise & Oscar met him at University, he played bongo drums at the bonfires.

    He has always been too busy working, studying or catching the waves, so he's never actually dated or had a girlfriend before. He's a bit shy around girls, but the girls that love shy, nice looking men, would grab him all the time, especially when he worked as a pool boy. He never complained, he liked it! lol

    Cabana is very likable. He is good natured, easy going, laid back, good sense of humor, nurturing, kind and compassionate.
    The family likes him very much! as well as
    Even little kids love him.
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    @DivaDoodle : Finally your own story-thread about your big and very interesting/loving family!!!
    Waiting for lots of pictures and stories about your family!! <3
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,600 Member

    Thank you @AlexaKry :)<3 I remember you asking me to post a story here, but I felt too shy! Look how you've

    changed my mind!

    But if it turns out terrible can we all blame you? :D
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    54The Watcher Watches

    Little Tana really liked Cabana Boi! He was the Chaperone of the Teen house across the street. After she had called him twice to come over, he had said he was too busy! :# This made her very mad and she had retaliated by pranking his house! and taking paintings! and maybe More!

    But it was very hard for this little tyke to handle the mixed feelings of thrill and guilt!

    When Ace got up from his nap, Tana couldn't wait to talk with him! She needed to confess to someone what she had done! It was making her tummy feel bad. She knew she could always confess her mistakes to her beloved Daddy, but somehow she didn't want him to know how naughty she had been!
    "oh Ace! Good you're up!" Tana said
    "I had a good nap! what have you been up to?"

    Tana tells him how angry she is at Cabana, her rejected invites, and her retaliation!
    " ...So I took the paintings, and pranked the house!!!" Tana says still feeling the *stick it to the man* and *successful prank* moodlets.

    Ace of course is awed by all this! But he doesn't want his friend to get into trouble!
    "Maybe it would be best if you gave the paintings back" he whispers, worrying they might be valuable.

    Tana is delighted with Ace's plan and gives him a hug.
    Ace loves her hugs "Tana smells like flowers." he thinks.

    The parents ask the teens to stay over again, after Dante tells them he noticed that Cabana Boi had not been at the house since early morning, and it was now 8pm!

    "We need to speak with him about being there for our teens, he is supposed to be the chaperone!" say Dante

    Louise, who is more free spirited along with Oscar even agrees "I know our kids are good kids and they know the difference between wrong and right, that isn't the issue! But for gosh sakes, what if there were an emergency!"
    She does freak out about burglars. Cabana was hired as the teens protector! Now She feels a bit bad that it was She who had recommended him! And to hear he was going off, who knows where....

    Aiden chimes in "I agree, Dante, and it's not just Our kids we are ultimately responsible for, we have to think of Fawn and Leelu! Leelu has no parents, We took her in! and Fawn's Father, Pip, would go utterly ballistic, to find out the chaperone wasn't there 24/7! "

    Louise feels obligated "I'll go over and talk with him, then"

    Oscar says "No hon, I will do it" remembering how his wife and Cabana Boi got the hearts! Yes he knows they didn't act on the hearts, but still, he didn't like it!
    At the time Louise told Oscar "OhHeartsFarts! C'mere you!" and grabbed him kissing and tickling him and letting him know he was her one and only.
    Louise is onto him, she thinks he's so cute
    "oh my foxy fuzzy protector, c'mere" She always makes him feel better!

    Louise is smart, she has the inkling Oscar does this 'jealousy act' just to get more of her kisses!

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    55 The Watcher Watches: Cabana Boi

    Meanwhile where was Cabana Boi?

    The Watcher investigates! I see the computer no longer has a scary face prank!

    Oh there you are! Whatcha doing Cabana?
    "Somehow honey got on my car door handle! and car seat! I'm all sticky!" he tells me.

    Oh dear! Watcher didn't even see the honey part of Tana's mischief! I never would have thought of that!
    I let poor ol' Cabana get cleaned up. poor guy's upset and exhausted, I'll just let him sleep.

    He dreams of painting, cooking and his charges. He awakens early at 4 am to begin his duties, Laundry. Cooking breakfast, Cleaning.
    When he spies a surprise visitor on the front step!

    He immediately, heads to fight him off, then Stops! what?!? Oh Tula wanted to jump the intruder! I click it off! lol (I'm trying to redeem Cabana, here!)

    Tula turns to look at Cabana, "Well?!?" :D all the while the burglar is waiting patiently for someone to knock his block off!

    Cabana still pauses, what is going on with him?
    Oh Ari wants to fight the burglar too! Gee, I forgot so many of the teens have the Brave trait! They really Can take care of themselves!
    Ari is very serious about fighting the burglar! He has promised Fawn to be her protector, and he intends to keep that promise! He jumps him!

    "Now get out of here and don't come back!" Ari threatens. He then walks down the path to make sure the burglar leaves! He stays until the burglar is out of site!

    And then, Ari goes to make sure Fawn is OK! "Oh good, she slept right through it!" he thinks. He gazes at her lovely face. He has loved her since he was just a little kid. He remembers the first time he held her hands, they were roller skating doing a spin, her hands were so soft, like rose petals.

    Cabana, are you embarrassed that Ari fought the burglar instead of you?
    "No, of course not! I'm a child & adolescent guidance counselor, remember? I held myself back as soon as I saw the teens wanted to handle the situation. I'm so proud of them! This is so good for their self esteem!" He talks to me while he prepares the breakfast.

    Once he has served everyone he calls them to come eat. He guides the conversation to the burglar, so they can express their feelings.

    "I knew I could take him!" says Tula

    "I couldn't let anything happen to Fawn, oh and you others of course!" says Ari

    Tristan says "I was wanting to call the police!"

    "That is an excellent option!" says Cabana "The main thing is to know what you are capable of, and to Act! doesn't matter if it's confrontation, or calling the cops, or getting your friends out of the house, to be safe!"

    The teens all murmur their agreement, feeling very proud and capable.

    When there is a lull in the conversation Cabana Boi says excitedly "After you've done your school work,
    I got a surprise for you all in the back yard! I was searching all day yesterday for just the right things our group needs!"

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    @DivaDoodle Thanks for the link over here. I love having a thread to keep my stories all in one place especially when this old brain forgets something and I need to go look it up! :lol:
    I kinda figured Cabana is just a little too old for Tana unless she's got one of those young again potions to throw at him. :grin:
    I think Ace is so responsible wanting her to take the paintings back.
    Wonder where Cabana went? I see he made it back and the teens are back home again.
    He is totally more gorgeous with the blue hair! :love:
    burglar! funny that most of the teens wanted to fight him. Fawn slept through the excitement!
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,600 Member

    @bekkasan :) yes exactly! I was having trouble finding an episode, my silver fox was referring to, so this place is definitely better for me to post to to keep track!

    Tana does know where she can potions, that's for sure! :D I think she is so funny how she has wishes that involve him, Poor Cabana! lol

    I couldn't find Cabana for the longest time! not only did Tana call him twice, but with MC I had each person in the household invite him over, but he was a no-show! I can't figure out how others use MC to locate a sim, so I switched households, and he was There in the house, even though I was over there spying for him! he had been invisible! what?!
    also, switching households made all the teens come back home for some reason.

    Is he really better looking with blue hair? I don't think he is that good looking anyway, but I do like his eyes. He is Bailey Swain, gender switched because I find Bailey very uninteresting. I thought I'd give her a different chance! :) and I do like Cabana way better! he does really funny things 'off the clock', he's fun to watch, and he's nice.

    Thank you for your comments, I always enjoy reading them! :)

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    DivaDoodle wrote: »
    Thank you @AlexaKry :)<3 I remember you asking me to post a story here, but I felt too shy! Look how you've

    changed my mind!

    But if it turns out terrible can we all blame you? :D

    I don´t know what you mean? Do you have any evidence of that? You can´t just say such things, blaming me for something without any proof!!!! :D;):D;):D;)

    Tana is a handful! Dante has to watch at her and shoud tell her to not overdo her pranks!
    Lol at Oscar, that he doesn´t want Luise to talk to Cabana because he is a bit jealous. " "foxy fuzzy protector" lol!!!!

    Poor Cabana, so many boopy traps of Tana! Could she really put honey on the door-knob? None of my kids or teens had ever done this!!

    This thief is very patient! Perhaps he should have run before he got hit by Ari! Good that the burglars in the game don´t have high sports skill levels, so that nearly every brave Sim can beat them! :D
    Hehehe, Ari fought to be the hero in Fawns life and she still slept! Such a bad investion for him! :D

    I wonder what Cabana has prepared for him!

    For not finding Cabana: do you have NRaas Tagger?
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    @AlexaKry No I don't have tagger! I guess I better get that! Thank you for that, and of course your comments, I love reading them! Always!

    No the kids can't put the honey but when Tana was crouching at his car she seemed like she was doing something, and as I knew she wanted to prank, I just went with it! They do own a beehive, after all, I wish it could be! :)

    I laugh so much at the burglars! They always wait to get beaten up! one even went off a front porch to make sure there was enough room for him to get his beating! LOL
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    56 The Watcher Watches: The Redemption of Cabana

    The teens hurried to clean up their dishes, excited to head outside to find what Cabana had purchased for them all!
    Oscar was also on his way over to have his talk with Cabana about the concerns, the adults had.

    What Oscar & the Teens saw, struck them with delight! After shouting a happy hello to Oscar, the Teens make a bee-line to what interests them most!

    oooh look! new paints, canvases and another easel! A sculpting station & what's that? A workbench! for the artists & tinkerers!
    "aaaaaaah Awesome!" shriek's Leelu

    Oh Cool! look! A soccer goal for the ones who like physical activity! They found new footballs and soft balls!
    "This is is Great, Mine is nearly worn out!" shouts Tristan "woot I challenge you Tula, to a soccer duel!" Tristan calls

    Oh and look over here! New interesting books in all genres for the avid readers, with hanging chairs strung up in the trees! how cute! It will be so nice to laze and read and dream in the fresh warm air!
    "Ari, look at all the new books! eeeeeeeeei! lets go!" says Fawn
    The shouts of joy were contagious! This was amazing, like a summer camp!

    After seeing Oscar's happy surprised face at all the improvements, Cabana says
    "Oscar, I hope you'll forgive my absence from the house yesterday, I needed to search for all the items, to round out the Teen's learning. It took all day, much longer than I had anticipated! I did call them to let them know I was detained, and asked them to stay put at your place, until I returned."

    Oscar says "Woah Ho my friend! you did a great job! No wonder it took so long to get everything, and set it up!" He watches the teens enjoying them selves.

    Oscar continues "Yes we were all wondering where you'd gone, and some of the others were very concerned about your absence!''

    O: ''We all are quite comfortable with our own teens capabilities of caring for themselves, but we're ultimately responsible now for Fawn and Leelu! Fawn is timid and much more inexperienced than our teens, probably from Pip & Dahlia being so over protective, and overbearing.'' He shakes his head, disapproving.

    O: ''And Leelu, well she told Aiden she'd been on her own since a child! And stayed in the other dimension for safety at night. ''

    O: ''We don't want to disbelieve her, but, well, Aiden has been investigating her background. She is a wonderful girl with a big heart, that we do know!"

    Oscar and Cabana enjoy watching and laughing as the teens play and learn, improving skills,

    and having fun before school starts!

    Dante, Tulip, Louise, Aiden, and Amelina come over to see what all the fuss is about! Ohhhh nice Cabana! So that's what you were doing! Gosh, Great job!

    At this point, the majority of the non-controlled parents would Not stop woohooing, and kept wrecking my plan by getting kicked out of the house! It was a pain to have to keep inviting them back in, only to have them be so bad again! I finally just gave up on their part of the story, sending those wild heathens back home via MC :#
    Amelina was the only one who left of her own accord, telling me
    "Watcher if I can't woohoo in someone else's house, then I'm outa here"

    *sigh* Fine!Go!

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    56 The Watcher Watches: The Redemption of Cabana Part 2

    When the Teens get home from school, Tula can't wait to talk about the burglary.

    "Louise we had a burglar last night and it was myself Cabana and Ari that wanted to take him down! WOOT! Ari did the honors!" Louise is pretty horrified by burglars and is rightfully impressed! She hopes Luc will get the Brave trait when he ages up!

    Cabana sees little Tana "Hey there pal! have you done anything interesting lately?"
    Tana looks shocked. He knows! :#

    "like fishing?" Cabana adds, to ease her discomfort. oh yea, he has his suspicions it was this little prank monkey, all right! He bears her no ill will, he is used to mischievous kids, he had been one himself!

    Tana decides she best apologize, she feels bad, her conscience poking at her.

    Cabana thanks her for being honest. "You know Tana, this shows a good character, which is the beginnings of becoming an honorable person." he tells her.

    "You mean honorable like politicians?" Tana asks

    'hahaha this kid cracks me up' thinks Cabana laughing. "well, I don't know about that" says Cabana

    "Should we research it on your computer? Tana asks him

    "Sure! research is excellent, You go start!" Cabana isn't about to look at Any computer for awhile.

    Ari is so glad to talk with Dad. He values his opinions, and just loves to be around him!
    "Dad I got on the honor role again!"
    "That is great Ari! Tell me, is administration of justice still your favorite subject?"
    "yes! it's so interesting! and the teacher is great!" Ari says excitedly
    "Say Dad, I've been missing Ace, do you think it would be ok to have him stay over with me?"
    "I think it would be a fine idea for a sleep over, I know he really looks up to you, Ari, and your bond is really very special" says Aiden.
    Ari calls his little brother Ace.

    Aiden and Cabana chat while the teens complete their homework. Aiden feels comfortable again, with the teens here, all qualms dissipated. Everything is in order and it's obvious to him that Cabana cares about their well being and is a capable chaperone. He thanks Cabana, says his goodbyes and heads across the street to his Amelina.

    Ace arrives and makes a beeline to Ari "Ariiiii! Hi! " and jumps to give him a hug.
    They chat and Ace is so excited when Ari tells him
    "Dad says you can sleep over tonight! what do you want to do first?"

    Cabana serves the kids dinner and goes outside to paint. He has decided to join the painting career and has a very long way to go!
    Left to right paintings by Luc, Cabana and for some reason Leelu is still stuck on houses. Perhaps she is fascinated with them because this is the only home she's ever lived in.

    Cabana Boi tells Ace "I made some room in the game room and put sleeping bags and a night light there for you and Tana" he wants to make sure the kids feel comfortable. He remembers a kid can get scared at night in a different house.

    The kids and teens have a blast together, Cabana is so happy that Tana doesn't pull any pranks! lol.

    And finally they must all succumb to the pulls of comfy beds and sleeping bags.

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    Congratulations on starting your new thread. I managed to read up to date. They are being busy and having lots of fun. I love the additional equipment the teens now have to develop their skills.

    I noticed you wondered how to find sims around town using Master Controller. I think there are probably a few ways to do it, but the way I do it is to click on a computer and choose Master Controller | Sim | Focus

    That'll take me to wherever in the world that sim is. I used to have the mod to show tags for all sims in town but found it made my processor grind to a halt so I took it out. I think there are ways to limit the number of tags but in the end I hardly used it and so I got rid of it.

    If your sims are being asked to leave for behaving inappropriately in someone else's house you might be able to solve that by giving them the 'Inappropriate in a Good Way' lifetime reward. I'm not sure if that works with woohoo though.

    Nice updates and it's great to have a single spot to keep the entire story together.
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    @divadoodle I see the others suggested Tagger or MC's focus. I use tagger as well.
    I think he is handsome and surprised that he is Bailey gender switched. I usually fix her up a little when I play that town.
    That was very awesome of Cabana to purchase such fun things for the teens to use!
    I love their excitement over the new things.
    Love Tula knocking over Tristam with the new soccer set and her excitement.
    Oh, no, such bad teens not letting the parents know that Cabana was going to be tied up and caused all that endless worry! Typical forgetful teens! lol
    woot! Yes, I see you Cabana in your teeny tiny swimsuit! :love:
    lol at the couples 'misbehaving' at the house.
    Inappropriate in a good way takes care of that.
    I'm impressed that Tana apologized! Very good girl.
    lol at him sending Tana to the puter first. I don't know if I'd trust her near one for awhile. :grin:
    Nice that Ari wants to spend some time with his little brother.
    oh, so Tana is staying too. Well hopefully she will continue to be good.
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    @DivaDoodle : What a fun-garden Cabana has created for the teens! He is the best chaperone ever!
    He really is a genderswitched Bailey Swain??? Looks much better as a male I have to admit! Doesn´t she have lots of "bad" traits? Did you get rid of them?
    Good talk between Oscar and Cabana, I can understand that the adults worried a bit when Cabana couldn´t be found. But it´s all worth it, the teens love the things he´ve bought! I really like it that they can improve their skills and have fun simultaneously! They look so happy!
    Lol about the adults trying to woohoo all the time, Sims are shameless rabbits!
    OH MY GOD, how ridiculous! This tiny little swimming trunk of Cabana!!! :D I always have to laugh when I see men in such small trunks! Even the most handsome man looks ludicrous in such trunks, I think!
    Great that Tana apologized to Cabana, makes her not become too convinced of herself! Good suggestion of him to let her use the computer first, he seems to get more careful when she is around! ;)
    Aww, Ari is such a good big brother by wanting Ace stay with him! I always love it when my kids like each other and want to spend time with their siblings!
    Great shot of Tristan walking by Ari and Ace, he looks georgious!!
    :D Cabana´s first picture is nice, I wouldn´t have painted a better one as my first picture! Lol about Leelu still painting houses.
    Must be so great for the kids to stay at the teens house, they must feel very grown up! :D
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    @Karrtiz & @bekkasan :) I'm so glad you came to read it! :) And comment! It means a lot to me and I always love reading your comments, and I'm always so appreciative about the things I can do to improve my game play frustrations! Thank you!

    So Inappropriate in a good way must comes from an EP I don't have! I will look that up and see if I think my ol laptop can handle that EP (laptop chugging along uphill 'I think I. can. gasp. I think. i ....can') :D I do I remember someone said it enabled their sim to do a sponge bath in the kitchen sink at his neighbors house, and the neighbor thought it was perfectly normal behavior hahaha that would be funny!

    Apparently woohoo at neighbors houses is The Very Favorite thing to do in this town! Thank goodness I don't have night life or the whole town would be walking crazy! oh I see I can turn that off with the mod I have! good because I do eventually need this EP if I ever want to use the creator made worlds! I think they all like to use that awesome bridge!

    I will try MC first to find people, ty Karritz for the Focus! I find it so surprising he was invisible to my spying and when I switched household he appeared right before my eyes! You know what this means! Sims can hide from us on purpose!!! ;) they never ever cease to amaze me!

    bekkasan I do like Cabana's eyes, very expressive! and his personality is wonderfully fun. Opposite of Bailey! as Bailey she didn't ever do anything interesting in my game, ever! it is as if she is missing the sim soul, or something, I can't put my finger on. You know how some sims really have a great personality, and the next sim, even tho' she may have the identical traits is just so different. "Watcher, I was uninteresting on purpose so you would quit your infuriating Spying!" Hmph! no uninteresting sims are allowed in my town! *shazam* hello Cabana! ;)

    Yes I was noticing & giggling that Tula was much better at sports than Tristan! maybe it IS good that the adults boss them around and make them workout! :) I know AlexaKry's Haldir would agree with this!

    This game save is nutty. I have the mod No Curfew, yet the little kids ignore it and run home, even if they are invited to sleep over. If the whole family is at a community lot, by 10 pm the kids bike home! Your parents are right there with you, don't bike home! Both Tula & Ace ran home at 10pm, lol. maybe they missed their parents. I had a girlfriend sleep over, in 3rd grade. she cried and my Mom had to call her parents to come get her because she was homesick by 7pm. I was so surprised! I always loved going off to see how others lived, it was so interesting!

    Well it's starting to become obvious people prefer to read stories over on @emorrill 's thread, I might have to start torturing them over there again! >:):D

  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,600 Member

    @AlexaKry Moin moin! :) Yes Cabana is gender switched Bailey! I don't remember Bailey's traits but I probably switched them All because I didn't like her, except for her eyes! hahaha Cabana for sure has Nurturing and Artistic and Neat, I can't remember just now the other traits. he is nice, oh maybe I gave him friendly! I like his garden too! Yes I agree learning is best when it's fun!

    What do you mean the tiny swim trunks are ridiculous and look Ludacris? don't you like them? I have already purchased and sent some to Haldir, Travis and Tyler!!! :D:D:D hehehe

    Tana was a good girl to apologize, but she keeps getting prank wishes! All the time! the rebellious trait pulls at her! lol hopefully she will find someone other than poor Cabana to prank! I noticed he doesn't go near the computer for a long while!

    'Sims are shameless rabbits!' Yes! Exactly! LOL well it fills the fun bar to the max, and they know this, they are smart! :D

    I like it too when family seeks each other out to be together, it's like they know they have a special connection, and like to hang out together! Ari is a good big brother!

    yes me too! I love how the sims makers made Tristan, they made him so nice with smoldering eyes and such a lovely face! :*

    Yes probably the teens love to be away from parents that make them work out so often and boss them around like my sims parents do! They love it here but it is so hard for the Watcher! I now see Dante driving off again, the third time! it's 3 am where does the game make him go at such an hour? and why? No wonder all the non played sims are always starving, exhausted and never improve their skills! the game is so mean to townies!
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    @DivaDoodle : I´ve read in the Sims Wiki that Bailey is based on Bella from "Twilight", no wonder she is so boring and bland, Bella/Kristen Steward just have one face, which shows just.. nothing!
    :D Tana should prank her daddy, I want to see how he reacts! Lol at Cabana not trying to use the computer for a few days.
    I go for shameless, smart? no, not really, my Sims aren´t smart at all! :D
    Yes, I like it, too, when the family wants to be together, I wished the devs had programmed even more awareness of relationship connections into the game!
    I always ask myself, too, what the townies do so late in the night! When I play in Moonlight Falls the cementary is a meeting point in the night, but not a meeting point for the adults, noooo, there are always kids there in the graveyard! Sims!!! :o
    Yes, Tristan is a really good looking Sim, he makes good-looking kids as well! (cough>Travis<cough)
    I hope that your purchase can be returned!! :D;) Never would I allow one of my boys to wear such trunks!!! They all have to wear at least some boxer shorts, better the longer ones. :D

    You are right that the people read the stories mainly if they are posted in @emorrill `s thread, but I prefer reading the stories in an own thread. Furthermore it´s easier for me to re-read something when I can´t remember something anymore.
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    56 The Watcher Watches: Looking For Love

    Cabana awakens early, and goes to get the mail. Is there anything good in there Cabana?
    "Nope, just the usual bills" he sighs, & pays them.
    But he remains ever hopeful. Surely, one day he will get a note or a love letter, from someone, somewhere.

    He heads to the lounge chair, it's leisure day.
    Ari jumps right up, he wants to chat
    "Hey Ari, how's it going little bro?"
    Ari likes him.

    ''Want to toss the football?'' Ari asks

    Ari takes it in stride. and winds up
    But catches it , easily!

    Oh Hey Tristan are you ok?
    aw mood swing. poor guy.

    Leelu has a new joke to tell him.
    That seems to cheer him up a bit! and Leelu also has a great plan for them to thank Cabana. She wants them all to take Cabana to the beach today!

    They think the beach is pretty and run off to swim and lounge.

    Wait a minute! Cabana where are you going? "I see someone!" he tells me and he rapidly sets off for her! lol Be cool, Cabana! He slows it down to a brisk walk.

    Oh he likes what he sees! Cabana what is her name? Where does she work? Ask her to join the group!

    "Knock it off Watcher let me handle this, please!" hehe ok ok!

    They share some traits! Schmoozer, Nurturing. Oh he finds out she is flirty! That should help!

    "Watcher can you please step back a bit?" oh sorry sorry!

    Hey! you are Not Flirty, Cabana! don't lie! I am looking at your traits and flirty is Not on there!

    "please pipe down Watcher! I think she likes me!" Cabana pleads. hmmph

    Cabana thinks she's pretty.

    She compliments him!

    That's all it takes! Cabana tries out a flirt!

    "This is going Great! Watcher!" I see! :)

    They walk down the beach to go swimming!

    "I think I should impress her with how nice I look in my swim trunks that your friend @AlexaKry likes so much!" Cabana tells me

    Yes! Good idea Cabana! :);)
    You both swim, I need to see if the teens are OK
    "The teens are right there, Watcher, swimming."

    "Ari that is too far, swim closer to shore!" Cabana calls"

    When they have their fill of swimming they play on the shore,

    Ari whispers to Luc "I'm going to marry Fawn, But I'm worried what Dad will think"

    Fawn says "Are you seeing this Watcher? You should let us marry!"
    Yes, you also think those thoughts, Fawn, way too frequently! But this episode is about Cabana, so you two Stop with all these baby and marriage thoughts!

    All 3 tell me "No, Watcher, the episode is called Looking for LOVE! That includes US!" ...*sigh*

    Tristan calls to Tula "I wrote a song for you, love, shall I play it"

    Cabana sees his lady friend head into the beach house, he follows and asks her for a dance.

    She says "You're a wonderful dancer." and smiles.

    And suddenly changes her outfit and says "This was such a lovely outing! Thank you for such a wonderful time, but I must head off to work now."

    Cabana feels he is in slow motion, as if he is in a dream. He watches her go.

    "But I don't even know your name"

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    @AlexaKry LOL yes I wanted to tell you that too but had forgotten the actress name!

    Tana should prank her poor Daddy? LOL I will have to see what I can do! :D

    I just love to joke with you! you are so fun! OK return the sexy trunks and I will give them to Cabana Boi so he can have other colors! He LIKES them! :D my very favorite view that had me so astonished & laughing so much was an insane sim, I can't remember the name, but he was heavy and very hairy, and very pale skin tone, and wore those tiny trunks in bright red, and also added swim fins And a snorkel to be stylish! I wish I had grabbed and saved him! :D he was So Joyous and having so much fun in the water!

    I Do remember that Travis Dad is Tristan so I know that his kids will be so handsome! <3

    Thank you for your comments! I love reading them! : )
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    @DivaDoodle : Oh mey, those trunks again! :D;)
    Package already back to sender with an ask of getting bermudas instead.
    Ohoh, this girl looks very good, nice hairstyle! But he doesn´t know her name, what a bu..m..mer! (don´t know if b... is censored!)
    I really hope he´ll meet her again, it seems as if she could be a good catch. Or he waits for Tana or another little girl born to Dante and Tulip. ;)
    I love your comments when Cabana starts flirting, the "watcher, step back" is so great! :D Oh, the faces he pulls, he looks so lovely and so hit by sympathy for her!
    Tristan in a mood swing, so sweet! I like the faces the teens pull when they are hit by bad mood. My teens are so harmless when they are in a bad mood, they don´t even prank someone...
    I ask myself how Tristan is able to play his guitar while holding the parasol? Must be vampire magic!!!! ;)
    Such a nice picture of dreamy Cabana, good that you´ve switched him!!!
    DivaDoodle wrote: »

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,811 Member

    @divadoodle I think people do read more on the thread then going into creative corner these days. I post on both as you know. :grin:
    hehe, I love Cabana's trunks. I don't like them in RL though as it is usually some old, beer bellied dude who thinks he's still got it wearing them. :open_mouth:
    Adam wears them and a few of my other men! :heart:
    Ari is so cute with his football animations!
    Tristan, it can't be that bad! I love the moody faces!
    I love that Cabana made a beeline to the new girl!
    Cabana's handsome face as he is interacting with the girl! :love:
    I told you he was gorgeous!
    haha at the teens thinking marriage. Plenty of time for that!
    Sweet dancing!
    Sheesh! Cabana you didn't even ask her name! Silly boy!
    At least he should know she works at one of the restaurants in town.
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,600 Member
    Well I like the trunks so much that I will wear them in r/l as my everyday outfit! because my husband and boys refuse! LOL :D;):D I can't wait to answer the door! I'm sure the mailman will be delighted to see this crumpled up old lady in this fine outfit! I will add swim fins and a snorkel to be extra fashionable! :D

    @AlexaKry lol thank you for your comments, such a delight to read them! OK sending the Bermuda's and board shorts, they are the longest my sons say, and so they prefer them too! since they were teens they always want them baggy, finally I realized that if they are baggy then the girls won't see when they are interested! ;) so hard to me to 'get it' since I only had sisters and no boys other than Dad, so how was I to know anything LOL :D

    <3 my very best days are those when I'm surrounded by my favorite 3 most handsome men!

    Ah! I loved their interaction together! I was trying to get close ups, when it occurred to me it might be an intrusion to poor Cabana, trying to make time with her!!! LOL

    If he wants her I won't say no! I really like her! She is a townie, but I missed this sim I had in Riverview, a homeless sim, that I came to like so much I made a game starring Her! so this townie that Cabana is interested in has My girl's skin! I love her face with nice big fat cheeks like Aiden!

    I had forgotten about Tristan's mood swing until they got home! It was so cute and I loved how Leelu Saw and laughed, I hope the pic turned out ok I haven't viewed but a glance I am so lucky if i caught it properly, it was a funny surprise. I LOVE this game!

    hahahaha I know I was laughing Tristan playing the guitar with an umbrella, why does he use it so much? he doesn't even need it, he has the immune to heat reward, so he should just be normal acting like Tana, Dante, Tula and Tulip! LOL funny boy!

    @bekkasan thank you for your comments, I just love to read them! Yes you're right there are just 3 restaurants I think so she can't be too too hard to find! He seemed to like her! I was just one half second away from having him invite her over when she twirled into her uniform! darn!
    Yes after you said he was nice looking I looked at him through different eyes, and now I really like his looks. I always did love his eyes and expressions!

    LOL :D 'old, beer bellied dudes who thinks he's still got it' wearing those trunks are my favorite to see at the beach!!!. :open_mouth::D hahahahaaa

    *sigh* I just love people! each so unique and precious in their own way! I'm so glad I'm here to enjoy and appreciate it all. what a world! :)
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    57&58 The Watcher Watches: She's A Lady Leisure Day Noon

    Cabana looks after his lady friend as she bikes off into the distance. And then his dream state *pops*. He shakes his head, and he seems back to his old self.
    "Come guys, lets go home and change" he calls to the teens.

    When they arrive Watcher sees:
    Tristan!..... "I have a mood" he tells me. Oh right, I forgot! I see the poot cushion.

    "Aw honey" Tula knows about his mood swing, and gives him a hug.

    Cabana you could attend the pool party that Rainflower is throwing! lots of nice townies will be there, and the teens know his kids!

    "Oh Great idea!" Cabana perks up and they all zoom over.

    OOO someone is excited! "I Just realized! I know from her work clothes, where I might find my special lady!!!" He tells me.
    um, yes we all knew that from the last episode, Cabana, please try to keep up! :);)

    Cabana continues his train of thought "Well Amelina owns 2 of the restaurants and Louise knows All her coworkers! I Have An In, right there!!! Woot!" Good deduction Cabana!

    Heyyy what are you doing here! I thought you had to work? "Oh I guess since you gave me the huge promotion, because you preferred the better uniform, I got the day off!!!" lol well I'm glad you showed up, cutie! Someone will be very pleased!

    But Clueless Cabana doesn't see her and decides to sunbathe.

    The teens have fun they like to swim and Ari and Fawn are inside checking out the house, what fun things are there to do!

    The pretty Lady becomes aware that Cabana is here at the party! This makes Cabana jump up in anticipation! He is excited she noticed him and is making her way over to him! he has to wait, it's a big property and sims like to stand there instead of meeting someone half way!

    "well hello there" she greets him. "h-hi"

    Cabana why are you thinking about ghosts? what does that even mean?
    "She is like an apparition!" he tells me. "She just showed up here like a beautiful apparition, it's Serendipity!"
    Oh well please don't compare her loveliness to a ghost!

    The lady seems to know what she wants! Cabana feels like he is in a dream, again!

    "This is awesome" Cabana thinks

    "She tastes like heavenly ambrosia" he loves her kisses!
    Cabana says "You, are Amazing"

    Wait! where are you going?
    "I'll just let him go first, so he won't think I'm too forward" she tells me. uh, ok, lol works for me.

    They just make it inside the house, when I get this message! Oh NO!
    And since they are all in a group they must All leave! Those Dang Teens!!! :# Poor Cabana!
    I try to click off his leaving but the game won't let me. I have Cabana go 'use the stairs'. Perhaps Rainflower won't notice he has snuck back in?

    The game keeps making him 'go out!'

    "This is very upsetting Watcher" Cabana tells me "Can't you do something to help?" I'm trying!
    I detach Cabana from the group.
    I click to have him give her flowers, no the game still makes him get out. :(

    Everyone is upset! (except Fawn and Ari)
    I see that, Tristan! you teens are no help to poor Cabana!

    Watcher banishes this teen group to the festival, to stop their further mischief here! I choose Tristan to drive, he has the tiniest sports car! lol :D serves them right to be all cramped!

    Cabana senses his lady friend is in the back yard! He asks her to dance.
    Cabana you best get to know her to at least get your wish of best friends with her!

    "oh right! Watcher!" ''I'll ask her questions about herself, I think girls like that!"
    You already know she works as a cook! "Oh right, right!"

    "Are you seeing anyone?" he asks her
    She's single!

    He finally knows her name and he asks
    "Marigold, what is your sign?" YAY compatible! this makes them both so happy!

    Cabana tells Marigold “You’re more special than relativity!” they laugh and are delighted they share this trait as well!

    He says "I'm getting a bit hungry, would you like to have dinner with me?"
    "yes! I'd love to" Marigold replies.

    This makes Cabana So Happy that he takes off on foot, running as fast as possible, forgetting to change his attire! Marigold doesn't seem to mind and follows!
    " Hi Aiden! I'm on a date! my first one ever!" He says, awaiting Marigold "Hi Cabana! Nice outfit!"
    Marigold is delighted! she cheers his bravado! She finds him daring and dashing!
    LOL Cabana I just love you! :D hahaha

    Marigold says "Amelina's Bistro is so Devine, You must not eat here too often Cabana, you have a nice physique!"
    Cabana replies "well thank you! you do as well! we can go work out together some time if you'd like."
    Cabana adds " The pub here, is a fun place! Have you been? They have dancing and games!"
    "No, Not yet. I have only picked up shifts here, and at her Café. I want to own my own restaurant someday!"

    They finish up their delicious food, and Marigold heads to check out the pub.
    Cabana asks "Would you like to play a game? they have pool and foosball here"
    Marigold eyes him "I like other activities" she says :o and grabs him!

    Cabana she certainly is quite forward! ...
    "I know Watcher! Isn't it great!"

    They kiss and flirt and then decide to stroll near the river, chatting.
    Then Cabana realizes he needs to get home for the teens!
    "Say Marigold, I need to get home, I'm chaperone for the teens in the household. Would you like to come meet them?"

    "I would love to! Thank you!"
    They arrive home
    and Cabana wants to give her flowers.

    Cabana you should ask her to stay over so it will be a 'Great Date!'
    "oh yeah! good idea Watcher!"
    But right then she says "Too bad we didn't spend enough time together" :o

    Cabana thinks he needs better tactics, next time!
    He can't interact with her any further, neither can the teens, but she sees them and knows they go to school in town.

    Cabana has wishes to kiss her and go on the water slide with her and writes her 3 love letters.

    Word to the wise : Always, always, ask your date to stay over, If you want it to be considered a 'Great Date'

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    note: there was no #57 post, my save numbers didn't match up to my post numbers! :# #57,58,59,60 all happens on leisure day. I have time slowed way down! Obviously ;)

    59The Watcher Watches: Mood Swings 6pm still Leisure day.

    Cabana Boi, that was an awfully short date!
    "I know Watcher! I don't know what happened?! Do you?"

    It is either the Fates or Loki, the cunning trickster, is all I can think of, dear Cabana! But you still have 2 wishes with Marigold that didn't get fulfilled: to slide on the water slide and to kiss her. It is baffling to me that your date ended so suddenly after only 2 hours!

    "Is there something you can do, Watcher?" he asks hopefully

    I think If you invite her to come visit, we will at least find out if Marigold had become too tired. she will then refuse. Watcher would like to have at least one reason, that we can rule out.

    "OK Watcher I will phone her" Cabana is a pleasant and easy going guy. Marigold says she is on her way! Good! so she wasn't tired, It was the Fates or Loki! I can't stop them, but I Can maneuver around them! ;)

    Ari is talking with his Dad, Aiden, who called up to chat. They keep in touch daily. Ari is thinking "Will my fortune be Good or Bad, If I ask Dad if I can marry Fawn?" But Is he brave enough to ask?
    Not today, he chicken's out. Good!

    I hear the sound that Tristan has put another whoopee cushion in the other sofa! LOL now He has bad wishes with this severe mood swing! He wants to prank, and he wants to 'beat up someone!' :o But since he isn't Brave or Mean I don't think that last wish can be fulfilled!

    "Daddy! Hi!" Tula runs to greet Dante, she likes that he comes over all the time!

    ''Oh my! My Dad is a formidable Vampire!'' Tana always does this as she likes to see his sharp fangs! Dante always indulges her. He thinks she is so darling.

    Tula asks him "Daddy please come on it!" Dante loves his baby, so grown up now!
    (Dante wants the Watcher to see his thoughts so I don't forget my promise to him! He and Tulip had wishes for a son, before I switched households) Don't worry Dante! the Watcher never forgets! <3

    ''How did I ever get so lucky?" Tristan thinks, gazing at his beloved Tula, as she chats with her Dad.

    No! her Dad's here! You may be his cherished Godson, but when Dante comes to see his daughter, he doesn't want you whisking her away!

    Without Tula's comfort, Tristan is thinking of pranks Again! He wishes to do 5 pranks now! He drags the dining room chairs to the front lawn so no one will see! well, hopefully those pranks will help you feel better, Tristan!

    On the last chair, he decides to make this prank especially for poor ol Cabana boy!

    Poor Cabana!

    Cabana's pretty Mad! LOL thank goodness his momentary thought doesn't present itself in his tone or actions!

    But even this fun pranking doesn't assuage Tristan's terrible mood swing. He now feels Awful at what he's done to poor Cabana. He Likes Cabana! WHY did he do this? He is in anguish! And now Cabana has to give him a talking to!

    "Tristan that wasn't nice! Now go put all the dinning room chairs back inside!"
    "I'm really sorry Cabana, I don't know what's the matter with me today, I feel so out of sorts! I'll go but the chairs back right now"

    Tristan neglects to diffuse the chairs.

    "I know it was you dude!" Luc tells Tristan.

    Ah finally, Marigold arrives!

    They have so much to talk about! They joke and make faces at each other. Putting their best face forward, like all potential Lovers do, to impress one another!

    Dante looks over and smiles, he is happy for Cabana! He is old friends with Marigold, and knows she is nice.
    "Even if a romance doesn't blossom, it will be a good friendship for him." he tells me.

    "I promise to be your protector" says Cabana, gallantly. Marigold swoons, she thinks he is dashing! Her knight in shining ... I'm so Sorry about that Marigold, i don't know Why he still refuses to change clothes!
    "Don't worry about it Watcher! I Like it!" ;) lol ok

    Cabana tries to think of a good gift for her! How about "I Know, the perfect thing!!" Cabana tells me. He gifts her a sleeping bag! So romantic! But she loves it! haha

    Dante comes in to hug his daughter goodnight. it's late and he needs to get home!
    "Goodnight darling girl" "Night night Daddy, I'm glad you came over!"

    Finally we get the notification that Tristan no longer has that awful mood swing!

    I don't think the watcher can survive another!
    ''YAY Watcher that is GREAT news!'' says Leelu! "Woot! No more mood swings Evarh!" she yells!

    Tristan diffuses the last dinning room chair, he hopes Cabana and the others will forgive him! Tula does right away.

    The kids head to sleep, it's very very late, it has been a Great Leisure Day for them! :)

    And for Cabana as well <3
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