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Streuner - A cat´s tale

This is Streuner, he wants to tell you about his life.
(To be true: I fell in love with him the first time I´ve seen him in my game and I think he deserves a thread of his own!)

I was born on a cold and rainy night. (Don´t the really bad stories always begin in such circumstances?) But I can remember the feeling of warmth and security. When I think of mum I always hear her calmly heartbeat and feel her smoothness. When she was feeding us she always purred and I was happy. When she went out to hunt something for herself to stay strong, we nestled on each other and waited for her to come back. My siblings and I had the feeling that this safety and warmth would stay forever.
But, of course, it didn´t.
It had begun to snow and it was very cold outside, but in our den it was warm and dry. Mum was out hunting. When she left she told us that she loved us and that we should stay inside, this would be safer for us. So we played together and waited for her return.
But she didn´t return.
Well, as you can think, something must have happened to her. I will never know what, but I know that she would have come home if she were able to. I don´t remember how long we waited for her, getting hungry more and more, but at one point it was clear that she wouldn´t come back.
We didn´t know what to do, we were little kids, not able to care for ourselves, but suddenly we had to try to survive somehow. I can´t tell you what I´ve done to survive, but somehow I managed to stay alive through this winter, changing places in a daily routine, searching for food everywhere. I still don´t know where my sisters and brothers are or if they survived as well, we were separated shortly after mum´s death.
The following years were a nightmare, I struggled to stay alive and had to learn to hunt in the next years. But the area I was living in didn´t provide much food, the streets were full of hungry cats (perhaps one of them a brother or a sister of mine), which wanted to eat something, too.

But one day I recognized a smell, which I couldn´t resist. I don´t know why this smell made me to follow it, but I had nothing which made me stay in the place where I´ve hunted before, so I followed the smell. And it wasn´t just the smell, I got a feeling of warmth safety in my chest, I really wanted to see what caused this smell!

It was a long jouney for me, I ran down endless roads, crossed many fields and got on a boat even! Man, this was scary! Have you ever been on a boat? The shaking and wobbling caused queasiness, I felt miserable! But I had to follow this smell!
When the boat approached land I couldn´t wait to get off the boat! But all the exertions were worth it! I was near this smell!
At a house somewhere on an island the smell stopped and I rested next to the house.
When it was night I sneaked into the house to get even nearer to this wonderful smell and feeling. I slept at a beautiful place and felt save! For the firts time after mum had left us!
I didn´t know that the smell came from humans, but somehow I managed to convince them to let me live in their house. Man, I´ve never was so happy in my whole life!!
Now I had food whenever I was hungry and I´ve had my humans who were different than all the other humans I´ve met! And it was them who made me follow through their smell! I couldn´t believe that humans made me follow them just because of a certain feeling they evoked!
But I´ve never regretted my decision to follow them! Now I get the share of kindness and affection I´ve always dreamed of!
and I´ve even got friends (although they are just dogs, but I love them!)


  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,653 Member
    Shortly after I´ve gotten a new family, the humans decided to move away from the center of the town, to a much nicer place. There I could go hunting and got to know the family better. I didn´t trust them in the beginning, but I could keep everything I hunted, so I was calming down a bit. Still I was a bit tensed.

    And I was right being tensed! The male human wanted to bath me! Me! Man, we had an epic fight, I set some good punches and scratches! But look at this muscles, this human wasn´t like most of the other humans I´ve had contact with. Most of them were much softer and flabbier than him! So after having scratched him again I gave up to fight him, the more intelligent one has to give in sometimes. So I endured the bath, but at this night I didn´t sleep a minute! I was shivering in disgust and anger!
    At this night I tried to construct a revenge! I was angry that this human had dared to bath me! I was clean,yes, but after all I clean myself several times the day! But a little thought at the back of my mind, this little betrayer, occured to me: I felt good, even after this nightmare! I was smelling good and my skin wasn´t itching anymore! And I could eat whenever I wanted in the last few days!
    So at the end of the night I thought I should have the generosity to brave this family! So much worse things happened to me in my past life! While thinking of it I was getting stronger!
    So I fell asleep at the kitchen counter, here it was far away enough from the humans!

    After having a great breakfast, I decided to sneak into the humans´ sleeping room to take a look if I could occupy it for me! In order no-one getting wrong thoughts I´ve pretended to watch the insect on the table (ok, I was interested in it,too, but nobody must know this!)

    A few days later the female human, which smelled so good, began to play with the bird on the wall. I was just curious what she was doing there, so I went over to her to watch her. But she was doing it all wrong, so I decided to show her, how she had to deal with stupid birds! She squeaked when I showed her the right moves, so it seemed that I gave her joy through my generosity and that she hopefully learned something! She is so inefficiently!
    In this night I slept at the chair in the humans sleeping room (the chair is next to the fireplace, and higher than the thing they are sleeping at) in order to keep an eye on her! Somebody has to care for her finally!

    But I don´t trust the male! I will fight him, whenever he wants to give me a bath again!!! >:)
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,227 Member
    This is soooo adorable! Thanks for sharing Streuner's life with us. :)
    The Sequel: FINALE

  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,653 Member
    Something was going on. Even the dogs were sensing something, particularly the big one was excited, he ran around like a stupid fool, I´ve even see him bumping into a glass door! Stupid dog! But he grew to my heart in the last weeks, he is a big fool, but he is willing to do everything for me, so I comforted him. Then I asked the old little dog, what she thought was going on, she is the wisest of the dogs, so for a dog she is clever. She told me, that the hoomans were going to leave this place, she noticed that when the hoomans were putting their things into little boxes they were always going to another place! I was worried!!!
    Where were they going? Would they come back? What would happen to me? It was as if I were a little kitten again, lost in a cave together with my siblings.....
    I had to act! I went out and hunted a special fish and presented it to the big hooman, he is the leader, so I had to fawn on him!
    That's how I got to know my name: Streuner! Because, instead of being pleased he shouted at me and called me back with this name to shout at me again. Wow, I think he was very angry! I don´t know why he was so angry, but the next time I think I will try to fawn the female at first!

    The next day the hoomans packed a vehicle with the boxes and then they called everyone into the yard. Then they closed the doors. My heart sank, it was true! They would leave! And I would be lonely again! In my panic I choked up my last meal, so the big homan scolded me again!

    But then the female smiled and took me into her arms and stroked me. She then said something to me and her voice was wonderful!!
    And then she put me into a box, too!
    Now I realized that I would go with them!!!!! I was relieved that I could stay with her! Me and the dogs were safely packed into a box each and then we went to the harbour!
    I really was so relieved that I even didn´t mind to go on a boat again!
    With this boat we were going to the main land and then we went to a place where we were released into a metal cube. It had seats and tables and little boxes with pillows for us pets! When everybody had found a seat, the cube began to move and then I felt my heart beating fast! I was in a bird and I flew! What a great feeling! When I felt it was safe, I jumped onto a table and watched out of the window and saw clouds, but from above!
    After some time I felt that we landed and we got into our car boxes again.
    It was much warmer here than at the last place!
    And again we were put on a boat and swam across a sea.
    At the end I was so exhausted, that I was allowed to nestle into the arms of my famous hooman when we drove to our new home.
    Here I straightaway crawled under a couch and observed my new home.
    when it was dark I left my save place and hunted something to play, after all I was stressed and had to clear my stress
    then I crawled under the couch again and slept untill the next day.
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,653 Member
    @ZeeGee : you´re welcome! And if you don´t mind me being bold: the next chapter of Streuner´s tale is posted, so if you are interested in it, take a look! <3o:)
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,227 Member
    Oh I'm interested. I've got you bookmarked. Came on here to post an update and got sidetracked by this! You really do capture a 'cat's voice' and Streuner is my new favorite cat! (Except for my real life cat who is a spoiled diva). Anyway, love this story.
    The Sequel: FINALE

  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,227 Member
    Lol well most cats are. :smiley:
    The Sequel: FINALE

  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,653 Member
    The next day I got to know the new home better. I´ve got a special place to scratch my claws (it was well explained by the big hooman what I had to do and what not!), but I also scratched my claws at everything which looked good to destroy (no pictures here, I don´t want any proof of that, because the big one otherwise will punish me again with a bath, or so!) And if the leader discovers the destroyed thing, I will blame one of the dogs, they have to be punished anyhow, they need more dicipline, if you ask me!

    Ah, and when talking about baths: it wasn´t me who got the pain!
    Ha, they deserve it, dogs always smell very intensive!
    And as you know of course, cats are always completely clean!
    See? And I always choke my hairballs at the same place, I´m a very proper cat!

    The new place is a very good hunting place, as well!
    This lizard had lots of luck, because I´ve hunted before and was a bit lazy, so I´ll kill him the next time I see him.
    I hope I won´t be convicted of the hunting, but there were so many fish in the little pond that I couldn´t resist o:)

    The whole pack went out, because the homans were hungry and of course they couldn´t leave the dogs alone at home, they are too intellectually challenged to not destroy the home! But why I had to come with them, I don´t know, I can behave myself after all!
    So I played a little bit with the big dog (I have to pay a bit attention to him, then I can manipulate him better!) but after a while it was boring to fuss around with him and I had to take a break. I thought I would get something to eat from this homan, but he ate everything on his own!
    I have to train my suffering face again, I´m getting lazy!
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,227 Member
    Aaaaw, who could resist that adorable face and not give him a bit of burger! Good job avoiding a photo of the destructive claws, Streuner!
    The Sequel: FINALE

  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,653 Member
    And he tried hard to get a piece of the meat! :D
    Streuner says that its easy to avoid photos, because we homans are too slow for him! (And mentally less gifted than cats he mumbled, thinking I didn´t hear him! :D )
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,227 Member
    AlexaKry wrote: »
    (And mentally less gifted than cats he mumbled, thinking I didn´t hear him! :D )

    The Sequel: FINALE

  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,653 Member
    There was a new smell in the air! In my territory! It would be an affront if the smell wasn´t so good... I still had to decide if I made the first move and how it looked like....
    Meanwhile I convinced my female homan to go out with me.
    We jumped into a vehicle and she drove me to a wonderful pond where I hunted for fish
    to show her that I appreciated her driving me I presented one of the fish to her, she was very pleased, of course (she also tried to fish, but she just got the less quality fish, so my present was welcomed)
    When she sat down, I allowed her to pet me, my fur was itching a bit and she could help me with that
    when we came home, I laid down at my favourite place and thought about my plans for tomorrow
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,227 Member
    Did not know cats could fish! Another adorable update. :)
    The Sequel: FINALE

  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,653 Member
    @ZeeGee : thanks! <3 Yes, they can and Streuner even does it on his own (this was the way I found out that they could fish!)
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,653 Member
    I really have to pay more attention to the dogs, especially the big one. He is seemingly the favourite dog of the big homan. He is called T-Rey by them and sometimes they think it is funny that they have called him like this. I would call him Wally, but that is just my thought! But he can do whatever he wants (mostly stupid things like digging holes or chewing shoes or so) and he gets away with it! The male just cuddles him, smiles stupidly and tells him that he shouldn´t do this again. But this dumpass doesn´t think a minute about changing his behavior. So I hung out with him to study how he is able to get away with everything. We played but after some time I was bored so I took care of the wonderful smell again (maybe I can let T-Rey help me with that?)

    I went to the house next to mine and discovered another homan in it who was smelling nearly like my female homan. (the little dog told me that all witches and warlocks smell like them, but my homan doesn´t smell exactly like this new one)
    He wanted to pet me and I agreed graciously (my skin was itching again, so I had my use of it!).

    When I came home I´ve heard dabbling water from up above so I decided to hide under a couch, I don´t touch water if I´m not hunting!
    No way the big homan will get me to bath again!
    But I discovered that the smell I spotted a few days ago was directly here in the house! In the room where the homan bathed!
    I was torn between my curiosity to see what caused the smell and the fear, no, that´s the wrong word, the unwillingness to be bathed again!
    I decided to stay under the couch, it was such a nice spot and I was tired, I could try to figure out what was smelling so good after a little nap!
  • EarcatEarcat Posts: 459 Member
    Cute story It's interesting to think of things from the cat's point of view. They must know there's a world outside home, because they can hear and smell it, but the only places my cats ever go is to the vet. I wonder if they think that hoomans leaving home go to the vet when they leave, or just the mysterious "somewhere else".
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,653 Member
    @Earcat : thank you! <3 Your questions is interesting! I always wonder how cats and dogs perceive their environment. They can smell so much better than us and this smell is important for them, there are people who percieve situations in smell or color as well, so perhaps (youst my own unscientific thoughts) cats and dogs can see the smell? So that they can "see" more than just the flat/house they stay in?
    But my story is full of prejudices, because I describe him like a little emperor! >:) It shows what I think about cats o:)
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,653 Member
    When I awoke from a good nap the wonderful smell was further away again, bummer!
    But it seemed as if the smell would stay a bit longer so I would have enough time to discover it in the future.
    I decided it was time to take care of my leading position at the female homan so I went out hunting for her (homans are so clumsy when it gets to hunt, I really don´t know how they get enough to eat!)
    a bit later I presented the snake to the homan and she thanked me (of course!). I AM her favourite!
    she and the other homan then sat down at the grass and watched into the sky, well, if they had fun? I laid next to them to have an eye on the big one, I had the feeling that he was in the need to bath me again, so I decided to keep tab on him in order to react fastly. (I wasn´t sleeping, I just pretended it (stifle a yawn))
    tomorrow I definitely find out who or what smells so good! I once broke into the house next door, tomorrow will be a lot easier, I know one of the homans living there, I just have to be charming, no problem!
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,227 Member
    Ah Streuner dear, I have no doubt you can be charming. :) Loved the update
    The Sequel: FINALE

  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,653 Member
    @ ZeeGee : Streuner asked me why you said he 'could' be charming? He is, of course, the most charming cat ever! Hearts just fly to him from everywhere! :p
    And thank you! <3
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,227 Member
    AlexaKry wrote: »
    @ ZeeGee : Streuner asked me why you said he 'could' be charming? He is, of course, the most charming cat ever! Hearts just fly to him from everywhere! :p
    And thank you! <3

    Ah of course, my mistake, Streuner. You are the ultimate in charm and everyone loves you. *Scratches those cheeks*
    The Sequel: FINALE

  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,653 Member
    Streuner says that THIS is the right form of respect he deserves! (I really had to calm him down after your affront ;) )
  • EarcatEarcat Posts: 459 Member
    Streuner is a very charming cat. I love the pic of the snake hanging out his mouth and the close ups.
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