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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    @MiataPlay another thing you could do with Master Controller is use it to remove the ghost property. There is an Add or Remove option. I think it's under intermediate. That's only if you really are desperate and have given up on eating ambrosia.
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    lizzielilyylizzielilyy Posts: 4,906 Member
    edited April 19
    Hi everyone! Love the updates, sorry I haven't been around as often.

    If you haven't already seen, here are the two latest Evergreen updates:

    Generation VI Chapter Eight: Coincidences or Messages?

    Persephone's study sessions yield more than just folklore and theories as her trusted textbook shows a mind of its own. Meanwhile, she gives Cosmo a space of his own in the attic and pursues more trophies with Ricochet and Nightfall.


    Generation VI Chapter Nine: Journey to the Stars

    A flurry of competitions gives way to an inspirational conversation with Melody. Before she can rest from her illness, Persephone bids farewell to one of her parents. (PS this image is one of my favourites of this generation!)

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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,135 Member
    Karritz wrote: »
    @MiataPlay another thing you could do with Master Controller is use it to remove the ghost property. There is an Add or Remove option. I think it's under intermediate. That's only if you really are desperate and have given up on eating ambrosia.

    @MiataPlay ^I was just going to say the same thing @Karritz said here. ;)

    Another route is, when you take your ghost sim into CAS via MC: The main menu where you input their name, there should be a box just below that shows her status as a Ghost. If you click on that box, it will give you other supernatural options to choose from, so choose Human and viola! Your ghost sim will turn into a living, breathing, human being right at the click of a button. :mrgreen:

    See with MC, you never have to worry about Ambrosia ever again. 😜
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    MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 6,259 Member
    edited April 19
    I love all these options! This is useful for all us sims 3 players. No more ambrosia is a good protest for my anarchist simmies! 😋
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,135 Member
    Alright y'all! It's been too quiet over here! :p

    I have a fun idea...and I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull it off in the game, but I have a question:

    Who would you say are the top 6 most well known/famous Sims of the Sims 3 game?
    (It has to be 6. ;) )
    That pretty much every player knows of or likes to play with. Consider sims from ALL EA worlds!

    *Please pick one famous Sim per household. 👍🏻 Like, only Gunther Goth, instead of Cornelia Goth too and then naming the rest of the family to complete your list of 6. You know? I want a variety of famous sims. :)

    Everyone can participate! So let's have some fun! :smiley: Give me what y'all got! :blush: Please and thank you. <3

    I'll be back later. And I hope to see some responses when I do. 😛😘
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    MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 6,259 Member
    Awesome! :o
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    edited April 20
    I couldn't think of the name of the thing you are adding or removing to stop them from being a ghost. As soon as I shut the computer down, I remembered it was Occult. With Master Controller, intermediate there are two options to Add Occult or Remove Occult. Clicking on either of them will give a list of occult types with a list. You can play around with them. If you want a hybrid then choose two options. I don't think you'll get much luck ticking more than one box. I currently have a plant sim fairy in my Perfect Genetics challenge game. She'll be appearing in the next video or the one after. So you get lots more options using the add/remove Occult. I think the Ghost occult state is the only one that the game will let you have with a second occult unless you use Master Controller to play with the various states available. It's a long list.

    To get an alien you need to look above the occult types and choose the percentage of alien DNA. I have an alien girl who was born to a human and she doesn't have 100% Alien DNA. But the alien babies that come from abductions of male sims do have 100% alien DNA.

    This is Bernadette. She was born to a human/witch mother and an alien that the household captured when he visited them one night.


    I just thought of a third option. I got a few extra elixir recipes from somewhere. I forget where now. But I can use those new recipes to change a sim's occult type. That's how I usually change a sim to a Plant Sim otherwise I don't use them much other than to get my sim to learn the recipes.

    I did have a few problems with one of my genies when I tried to add a second occult type as it messed up her appearance.

    This is Annabel.


    Her hair got changed when I made her a fairy genie. I think I got her back to looking ahow I wanted again.


    And something completely different - here is Bonehilda after she got singed. I checked - she didn't die after getting singed again when she was already singed.



    I've got to go out now so no time to pick 6 famous sims. I'll try to do it tomorrow.

    Happy Simming
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    MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 6,259 Member
    @Karritz Annabel is gorgeous!

    Serenna my vampire can also do magic..I don't remember this from 5 yrs ago. She was doing it as a ghost to my delight! I love hybrids <3
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    lizzielilyylizzielilyy Posts: 4,906 Member
    I'm spending the day making a new Sims 3 legacy challenge; the Gemini challenge - a twin legacy! Not to be confused with the Gemini generations of my Astrology Challenge :joy: Hope you're having a wonderful weekend <3
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    edited April 21
    I've spent some time today working on what I'm going to do in my first McFluff video for a couple of years. It's been on the back burner along with a few other stories that I'm going to get back to this year. I've been designing some sims I think will be suitable for first attempts at my witches magically turning their cats into humans. They need to do this because old Gertie McFluff, who is a witch, accidentally turned 15 of her least favourite friends into cats and then discovered she wasn't only to turn them back into humans.

    Now for @emorrill challenge.

    I rarely play with the townies and don't know much about many of them, but having said that, my favourite sims are

    1. Christopher Steel - because he has been in so many of my games and is often married to Patience and their children are the basis for my 'Big Game' which is used to tell the McFluff Story and Oscar's Childhood stories.
    2. Gobias Koffi who also comes from Sunset Valley and has had his share of entanglements with Patience.
    3. Salty Seaworth because he is an evil mermaid who wants to marry Haley from my Isla Paradiso Bunch series of videos. His lifetime wish is to see the ghost of his wealthy spouse. Haley is wealthy so is being a bit wary of going beyond an engagement with Salty. They have twin daughters in my story.
    This picture of Salty is from my video tutorial on how to give your mermaids back their scales and how to fix the scale colour of the four mermaids that came with Island Paradise. Salty is demonstrating his original scale colours in this picture.
    4. Shark Racket from Twinbrook. I first met him when he joined one of my boarding schools. He has found his way into my Big Game where he has managed to have a few babies with Patience's wayward daughter Haley. Haley is a bit of a handful for poor Shark.
    5.Sophie Rodgers from Moonlight Falls. She is a fairy with pink wings and often comes home after school with children or teens from my active households.
    6.Gator Wolff another child/teen from Moonlight Falls. He spent time at boarding school when Oscar was a child and featured in many episodes of my Oscar's Childhood videos.

    With a bonus extra Bonehilda - a bony housemaid who prefers to play hopscotch rather than take care of the household. She's not actually a townie but she is fun.

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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,217 Member

    Well the most famous I have played with is Matthew Hamming and
    Thornton woff, I rarely play with townies fro mthe start as I mostly create my own sims.
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    MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 6,259 Member
    edited April 21
    I don't really play with townies except for the exception of Candy Bar. I make my own sims. It's going take a minute for me. :)
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    lizzielilyylizzielilyy Posts: 4,906 Member
    emorrill wrote: »
    Who would you say are the top 6 most well known/famous Sims of the Sims 3 game?

    Bella Goth
    Mortimer Goth
    Nancy Landgraab
    Don Lothario
    Liam O'Dourke (if you are a forums and Sims 3 website OG, you know :wink: )
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    MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 6,259 Member

    Midnight Hallow Olive Specter and Nervous Subject

    Midnight Hallow Hyun Moon Jun

    Midnight Hallow Young Jae Sung

    Midnight Hallow Cedrick Winchester

    Twinbrook DeAndre Wolf

    Happy simming! :)
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    TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,717 Member
    edited April 21
    emorrill wrote: »
    Who would you say are the top 6 most well known/famous Sims of the Sims 3 game?
    (It has to be 6. ;) )
    That pretty much every player knows of or likes to play with. Consider sims from ALL EA worlds!
    I'm not sure that there are that many well known sims from many different EA worlds. Sunset Valley somehow rules supreme. I'd choose:

    1. Nancy Landgraab
    2. Agnes Crumplebottom
    3. Gunther Goth

    Jamie Jolina, Gobias Koffi or Vita Alto would be honorable mentions, as those played major roles in my games. I guess, Bella Bachelor or Mortimer Goth would be on everyone's mind, but I never managed to have them pair up on their own, and the one time I tried, they divorced. They simply didn't want to live up to their "canon". The same is true for Don Lothario in Riverview. At least my game never has any idea what to do with him, other than portraying him as a constantly broke hobo who isn't able to find a girlfriend.

    But let's go on with the list of 6. I give the next spots to Bridgeport:

    4. Elvira Slayer
    5. Matthew Hamming
    6. Beau Merrick

    Even here, I could have mentioned others, like Morrigan Hemlock or Polly Maloney.
    I don't think anyone else from other worlds really managed to get famous. Maybe, Tay Bayless? :tongue:

    Other than that, I don't have much time for the game. One of my mom's neighbors noticed she hadn't opened any shutters last Tuesday, called the police, and the firefighters came to get her out. Turns out she had a femoral neck fracture. She got surgery, all looked well, but then she managed to get herself locked up in a psychiatric ward in a different city. Looks like I have a few things to solve here, or, in other words, not much time for Sims3. Although I have to say that it at least manages to give myself a break from thinking about this and moving preparations, which have been thrown into a loop. I guess this spring doesn't want to play nice.

    Anyway, happy simming, everyone!
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    MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 6,259 Member
    @Turjan that's pretty scary! I am sorry to hear about that. I hope she heals quickly <3 Sending you and yours good vibes.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    @Turjan best of luck with your move. And I hope your mother recovers.
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    Shadow_AssassinShadow_Assassin Posts: 1,674 Member
    edited April 25
    Recently, even when playing TS3, I have only been creating sims. I don't know if I remember how to play when I continue playing officially?

    Changfeng Diao and Xuexing Ai, the latter's name is the homophonic of literal translation of Gore Greive (one of my sim) in English and then translation in Chinese.
    As I mentioned before, they all referred to true crime people. Though it's hard to guess just by looking at their appearance (in fact, the 45 degree angle of Changfeng's profile looks a bit similar when viewed from above, if without the bangs).

    And Orchid in Krea-AI.
    Entrance to the abyss
    It's a scratch-off ticket
    There's a "_" in my usename. My usename is Shadow_Assassin, not ShadowAssassin or others

    Sometimes it's not me who talks to you, it's machine translation

    She/Her but you can call me as any pronouns
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member
    Been spending some time with my Sims in an "Apocalypse save..." ~evil smirk~ It's been posted at AHQ-Sims.
    Sims 3 - Sunset Valley: End of Days
    River's Journal (Excerpt)

    Sometimes the experiments that are used to hone up science skills fail which means that the one doing them ends up getting singed. Evidently, there’s nothing like having a plasma bug explode in your hand. I’ve heard from Bebe that it’s rather painful. She was cloning one from a DNA sample when it went kaboom. She said it wasn’t a fun experience. Judging from what she looked like after the fact, I would highly agree.
    I would rather stick to something a lot less volatile like painting. Although I might do better with a little more ventilation. I think the paint fumes are making me kinda loopy.
    ...or maybe that’s just my fiancé playing the the bathroom sink.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,151 Member
    Not to much happened in my game lately as I haven't really been playing the game for a while, but somehow I managed to stumble upon a demo version of one of 'The Bushweeds' unreleased songs in Simlish...

    No idea what the song is about since an english translation couldn't be found and my simlish is very rusty... :tongue: ......... :tongue: ............ :tongue:
    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
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    ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,379 Member
    Whew! Found y'all after hunting down nikkeisimmer's post! and bumping.

    @emorrill My top 6? That's really hard if I can't use the same household, hehe. Okay here goes:

    Agnes Crumplebottom (of course)
    Cornelia or Gunther? Gotta be Cornelia. Wait, same family as Agnes but different household. Does that count?
    Claire Ursine the pregnant burglar
    Jared Frio, more infamous than famous (stinkin' two timing jerk)
    Bella Bachelor of course (she's not a Goth yet!)
    and last but not least, Nancy Landgraab. She's a Landgraab so... there ya go! My top 6. And that was hard cause there's so many more.
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    ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,379 Member
    @Shadow_Assassin If I met any of them in a dark alley it would be heart attack city. :scream::lol:

    Seriously that last picture is gorgeous, and so realistic.
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    MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 6,259 Member
    I agree with ZeeGee!
    @Shadow_Assassin he looks like a Rockstar! :)
    Nice posts everyone! <3
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    edited April 27
    I'm planning to start turning cats into human sims for the next episode of the McFluff story. I found my list of fog emitter codes and started searching for bubbles. Not sure what I will use eventually, but the list is very long. I pasted it into a spreadsheet and found there are 21,952 fog emitter codes in the list I have. No wonder I try to avoid reading through it. Of course, I only have the codes, not any images of the effects generated. So I'm going to have to try out a few different fog emitters to see what I can do.

    Last time I used fog emitters in a story like this was when Oscar's childhood home got hit by a meteor and it was burning. I put fog emitters to show flames coming out of windows and other places.

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    ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,379 Member
    @Karritz Well that sounds interesting! I’ve always felt half cat. 😂

    There is a YouTuber who video'd those fog effects. Still a lot to go through, but at least you don’t have to type in the codes. I’ll see if I can find her.

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