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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    After work that evening, Tom received another promotion, to Stagehand. Things were going brilliantly for him! Now he would be responsible for putting sets together and making sure that instruments were in the right place. He was a little nervous, as he'd heard that some bands could be really quite picky about the way things were done. He vowed to never shout at anyone; he didn't want to be known as a diva.


    Katie was a sweet little baby. She loved sitting in her little swing-seat, being rocked gently to-and-fro whilst gentle music played. Like her father, she was a virtuoso, although she wasn't yet old enough to create music of her own; crying couldn't be called pleasant or tuneful.


    Tom continued to be an attentive father. Of course, being woken up in the middle of the night was never a pleasant experience, but it meant an opportunity to hold his daughter and attend to her needs, whether it be a feed, a nappy change or even just a snuggle because she felt lonely. He was thoroughly enjoying fatherhood, and was even thinking about adding to the family... he had been an only child growing up, and had always wanted a sibling. He'd had plenty of friends, and loving parents, but a sibling was something special.


    At level 5 in the guitar skill, Tom bought himself a new electric guitar, and sold the old acoustic one. He felt much more like a rock star as he strummed a few chords.
    Feeling that her daughter would enjoy the music, Verity brought Katie downstairs. Indeed, Katie didn't react at all, and listened in silence. Even if she didn't grow up to be a musician as a career, she could still learn an instrument (or two) for fun.


    After the microwaved hot dogs, Tom decided it would be a good idea to actually physically prepare some ingredients and use the stove. He settled on that good old classic, macaroni cheese. It was a relatively uncomplicated dish, but even simple things can go wrong.
    Verity, meanwhile, was calmly mixing drinks at the bar. Even if the dish did burn, she thought, it was still kind of Tom to offer to cook dinner.


    Luckily, the dinner was a success, and the couple ate the tasty dish happily.

    The following day was Katie's birthday! Tom invited some work colleagues over for a party, and Verity decided to bake a tasty cake.


    One of the guests was Tom's boss, Jalissa Rivers. Not only was she a talented musician, she was also a two-star celebrity. Feeling nervous, Tom got out his guitar and started playing it.
    "Wow, you're pretty talented," Jalissa said encouragingly. "I'm sure you'll soon be in a band of your own!"
    "Thank you," Tom replied. "I'd love to, one day." He knew that Jalissa was more concerned with classical music, being in the symphonic branch, but there was plenty of room for all sorts of music in the world.


    Verity soon brought her little girl over to the cake, and she carefully blew out the candles. Katie was now a toddler! She looked just like her parents, with blonde hair and blue eyes.


    Verity knew that it was time to try and start potty training Katie. It was never any parent's favourite task, but it was necessary!
    "OK sweetie," Verity said, "time to go on the potty."
    Katie didn't quite understand, but she sat there all the same.


    Later that evening, when everyone had gone home, Tom received a text message from Jalissa.
    Thank you for the lovely party! I love how devoted you are to your little girl. I think we can definitely consider ourselves friends!
    And so, Tom had earned a celebrity level, even though he wasn't yet part of a band. It would definitely come in useful, though. He thought it may also be useful to learn the charisma skill, to help him make more friends.
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    Karritz Thank you for showing all those pix of Oscar and Louise and telling what's going on! SO FUN! Oh Oscar is handsome in the new hair! But he's handsome anyway! and I love Louise's new hair too! very pretty!
    So great to see one of the kids, I Knew they would be good looking!
    LOL at all the pumpkins!

    I decided to make the flirting only to partner because the whole town was acting like hooligans! But I Can tell when Oscar would Like to flirt with someone other than Louise, I think he is attracted to Amelina! If Oscar talks too long a time with Amelina then Aiden comes to get her heheheee.

    Yes I think they will act how they acted before for you, I hope so, I know you want them to! I can't wait till you get there with the videos! :smile:

    Lucy_Henley, I really like your story!

    DeafSimmer Shawn is So handsome! what a great story!

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    testing :#


    Ophelia, also Amelina's old look.

    YAY I did it!!! sorry for the quality, I have to have my graphics on low and the laptop doesnt have a dedicated chip or whatever its called. But hopefully you get the idea from the pic! :D
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    8) Ari aged up to toddler, he looks kinda meh, but not a 'FLK' Funny Lookin Kid, as we would say in the hospital (30yrs in newborn nursery/maternity. I know I know, it's mean, but we do love them all!!!) I put him in cas to get clothes I like better and sneak a peak at him as a YA. Awww he's delightful! Everyone eats cake and Ari heads to his toys. Aiden and Amelina spam me with wishes to teach Ari. Aiden wants to let him ride on the spring rider. not to be outdone by Hubby, Amelina also wants to let Ari ride, And goes one further and wants to pillowfight with him LOL They get cracking on his skills.
    Louise gets informed of her pregnancy at work, and caresses her belly. She doesn't get a bad moodlet from that. I send her home to tell Oscar and when we get there Dwayne and Dayvid have come visiting. I notice Oscar must know already since he has the wish for a boy! I look and Louise wants a boy too! OK, but The Watcher wanted a cute girl for Tristen! I have Louise announce PG to see the effects, no bad moodlets at all! YAY

    Back to the guests, I love Dwayne's inapproitriate trait its too funny on him!!! He is a werewolf and innapropriatly sniffs sims! Too Funny for words! Aiden is on a case and glad they have company because he needs to ask 3 sims about the referee making a bad call at Dayvids' game. How convienient they show up at the right time!!! I see Oscar and Dwayne go outside, Oh they want to play fetch lol

    Amelina heads over to Oscar to idolize him, but I guess Aiden doesn't want her to so he intercedes with a dip kiss. I love how sims choose which interaction will trump another because of their importance to the particular sim. fascinating. Oscar heads over to Dwayne to scratch his Belly LOL Isn't it uncanny, how a sim will know Just what to do to make friends! Oscar heads to work, and Louise, Aiden and Amelina head to tuck in Ari in his sleeping mat. i really love this cc/mod, this one and the 'have bottle' one make it so I can relax about how toddlers fair in my games. Only this year do I realize that townie toddlers are whisked off to go into the other dimension where all needs are taken care of. but I still use the mods, cuz I like them! :D

    Dayvid is super attracted to Louise, probably because they share the dislikes children. To put him off and to see the funny expression again, I have Louise announce her pregnancy's to him LOL that seems to do the trick!

    The next morning as Aiden is playing with Ari on the xylophone, I get the pop up that Aiden and Amelina are eternally faithful. it's 20 days, I check the stats and Oscar and Louise are at 19 days so tomorrow for them. Aiden continues his case and Beatrice Crumplebottom is a bad referee! Aiden conducts a stake out at the park and sees Beatrice cavorting with a sim and telling secrets. OhNo the other sim is Dante! It says he is the owner of the rival team! lol Aiden needs to confront Beatrice but needs to eat! Back home he chooses his favorite Fried peanutbutter sandwich and I see that Amelina has fulfilled her wish to eat a perfect meal herself. She is so smart, and I like that she's a perfectionist, she keeps the house tidy.

    In the background I see Ari completes his xylophone. Louise is rocking out in the rocking chair and Oscar is still asleep because of his late work hours. As soon as Oscar awakens Louise jumps out of the rocker to smootch him, I get the pop up that they are now eternally faithful. Oh so it must be counted by actual hours! interesting. as they are resting on the bed I like to have my sims share secret, sometimes it lets me know what is going on in town, and sometimes it lets me know what the sim is thinking about in the thought bubbles. Louise shares with Oscar her thought bubble of dislike of kids, lol (in case he forgot?) but the popup says she sometimes thinks her wardrobe is unflattering. I will change her PG jammies just in case. Oscars' shred secret is the thought bubble dislikes kids but he actually talks about eating uncooked waffles on a dare. haha Back to Aidens' case. Aiden confronts Beatrice and she admits to taking a bribe. He the goes to report this info to Dayvid and the case is closed!

    Oscar loves his sweetheart Louise


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    Oscar and Louise are on a date at the library so they can fulfill their wishes to read a baby book, and as soon as it's fulfilled he gets another one! While Oscar reads, Louise goes up to Samuel Goth to meet him, I get the pop up that She learned he died of a jelly bean. Samuel is a really pretty color.

    I see Gladsten Farmwell in the library with fairy toddler Sophie Rogers, I had him get together with cutie Linda Rogers, after seeing them really like each other at one of the parties. When I went to check on them a few days later Linda was crying with the betrayed moodlet, I had forgotten to make Gladsten and Marigold do the 'lets just be friends!' Argh! So I bought him the clean slate and used Nrass to make Gladsten and Marigold just friends.
    Anyway Gladsten really likes Linda's fairy baby Sophie! I see them around town a lot. Since I have story progression turned off, I wonder if it must be that as we start the game, Gladsten and Marigold are already broken up. The first time we met him he was crying because of the breakup.
    I have Louise ask if he's single, since I can't remember if I had them marry or not. he says he is single! what?! I check with Nraas and it says Linda is his ex GF. Wow when I played him in another game I had changed his non commitment to FO and he was wonderful.
    Maybe it's Linda who doesn't like Gladsten? interesting.
    I'm going to do the skin switching on this Gladsten with my nice Gladsten, and see if maybe Linda will like him then! ;) if not, so be it. I have Louise drive Gladsten and Sophie to their home, Linda is in bed, Gladsten puts Sophie to bed and climbs in with Linda. He dreams of wedding rings and Linda dreams of new Gladsten. I will be checking on them to see if it sticks.

    Louise's baby will be born today! She likes to make Oscar and Aiden feel her tummy LOL She seems so strict telling them! She still autonomously interacts with Ari. As much as she dislikes Children she certainly likes Ari, they are best friends. Oscar awakens and wants to serenade Louise, they are still in their PJ's. cute!
    Louise thinks he is so dreamy! Later Oscar goes to Louise in her rocker, to ask Louise to play catch, Louise thinks asking that of her being due to deliver today makes him irrestable! HAHA
    Aiden also asks Amelina to play catch. The Roomies love this game, and play it frequently. Louise goes into labor and has a though bubble about work, I think she misses it. Oscar & Aiden do the baby dance, Amelina has seen it all before so goes to relax on the bed---Hey wait a min!--There was no flirt or make out before hand, all is done telepathically and sometimes with no thought bubbles either, so I'm constantly surprised. Aiden goes to join Amelina. Louise continues her labor with Oscar close by, they have the pacifier moodlet together.
    after a bit, Oscar leaves to go paint, it's just me and Louise, and I wonder if she will deliver here at home? ( I have Never had a sim deliver at home, also I have never had a sim get nauseous, which is perfect for me because I never experienced it myself either.)

    Louise is my hero she is so stoic! She distracts herself thinking of nice things like eternally faithful wedding bands, pacifier, baby blocks, happy faces and having a blast faces! Louise spins and I see the baby boy with magic lights all about him! Welcome Luc! (french pronounciation similar to Lou-k)
    Louise's immediate wish is to rock with Luc. she has the dislikes kids moodlet but I erase it because she is Awesome! :D

    Everyone wants to snuggle new baby Luc, and if he should make the slightest peep all the adults come to him causing traffic jams hehehe. Life goes on and Louise really misses work because of her LTW I think.
    Ari likes to read the toddler books on his own but I have Aiden read to him too. Sims with the #3 voice, like Aiden, make all these wonderful character voices for the toddlers & Kids when they read to them! It's really great! :D
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    @DivaDoodle congratulations on getting the pictures posted. And congratulations on baby Luc.

    All of the babies and toddlers and children in the pics I posted above are children of Oscar and Louise from the original game I played with them.
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    I just have to say I finally did a total dummy spit with my 30 Grandchildren Save.

    I spent ALL day yesterday working on Javon and Gwen and had them engaged and their relationship maxed in the green zone.

    Today I had them back home with the rest of the family. I was emptying inventories and tidying things up. There were 20 sims in the save.

    Then after a few real life hours I realised that the relationship between Javon and Gwen was now almost in the red zone. It went red before I acted. The final straw was when I realised the reason for their problems also applied to the relationship between Alicia and Dennis.

    The problem was that Genie belonging to Robbie. She has to go. The lamp was still in Robbie's inventory and he could do nothing with it. It was just an object stuck in his inventory. Like any other object that can't be clicked on, selected or moved out of the inventory. Robbie still had the opportunity to Free the Genie. The Genie still had needs of a mummy.

    I had replaced the fridge in the kitchen and added a fridge to the party room downstairs. Yet everyone was constantly hungry and unable to get to either fridge.

    I sent Robbie to the mausoleum to take the lamp underground. After a few Sim hours he emerged looking like he'd been mauled by a bear or something. He had a shower and he was ok. The lamp was still stuck in his inventory. The opportunity to free the genie was still there. The genie still had needs of a mummy and was still causing relationship mayhem with my couples. She absolutely had to go.

    So, I deleted the opportunity. Then I removed her Genie occult and put it back again using Master Controller. That fixed her. She no longer had the needs of a mummy. Robbie no longer had the opportunity to free the genie. Robbie could now move the lamp from his inventory and put it onto a counter. I did that actually - I was finally able to just drag it from his inventory and put it on the counter.

    Then I told the Genie to move out. She moved to a house across the road from Byron, one of the Imaginary Friends made real who had moved out.

    Then I cleared several negative moodlets from Javon and Gwen. and dragged their relationship back up to the green zone. I left Alicia and Dennis alone. I'll deal with them after Javon and Gwen have married and moved out.

    There is still 1 day to Spring. They'll be getting married and moving out in Spring. I am contemplating turning off the snow if things don't settle down soon. I'm going to reset the lot too. It's using massive amounts of memory. I have to keep saving as and shutting down and reopening.

    I also turned off opportunities. They are just coming every few seconds. I have plans for this household and I'm not interested in having them go to endless book signings, performing cameo roles in plays, helping the children at at school and so on.

    There are now 19 sims in the household. Genie took off somewhere in a taxi as soon as she moved into her new house. I suppose she's going to cause mayhem all over town now. She's irresistible.
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    I usually have private weddings for my Sims but decided to throw a real wedding ceremony for my current legacy first born (legitimate) grandson. He is the grandson of Jebediah Wilson and myself. So it's a big Sim deal!

    But who knew wedding planning was so difficult?! First, we had to find the perfect venue which was the Betrothal Bungalow. After placing the BB in the world, I had to make it a community lot (I chose art gallery as community lot type). Apparently it had items that had to be deleted because those items cannot be on a community lot. So far, I think they just removed the stove. Good idea EA, let's try not to burn down a community lot by making waffles. Smokey the Bear says "Only you can prevent forest fires by not putting stoves on community lots!"

    I went back in to make sure it was the perfect wedding venue by adding in two stereos, one in the garden wedding area and another in the interior. I will see if Henry (father of the groom) is able to upgrade those stereos because what is a wedding without dancing and free booze (yeah, added 2 more open bars!!!)! I also switched out some of the trees to cherry blossoms (couldn't find magnolia trees).

    Also added a baking station because if my Sim wants to bake a wedding cake for their son's wedding, they should be able to! Here's to the pursuit of wedding bliss and the freedom to enjoy baked goods on your wedding day!

    The men in the family were so easy to put in formal wear. Groom Steven is wearing a black tuxedo with tails. Father of the groom Henry is wearing a black suit.

    Steven's sisters will act as bridesmaids but the darn bride is running around town in her work uniform all day so I cannot grab her and try to edit her hair and makeup which means I am undecided on how I want to do hair and dresses for Steven's mother and his sisters. I even stalked the entire town looking for Crissy (the bride). Looked at the library, pool, gym, art gallery, even checked the rave out. She was nowhere to be found. I gave Heather Crosby and Constance Shelley a makeover. I tried giving Irene Funke a makeover but she had a face that a makeover could not make over so I ended up giving her a new face *sigh*).

    Finally found Crissy with her family at the hatchery but she was in her work clothes so I couldn't edit her. I used ResetSim and she got punched back to her house but was still in her work clothes.

    Meanwhile, her sister/Steven's former high school sweetheart Kylie is still wearing her cap and gown everywhere. "Look girl, we are happy you graduated but that was like over 5 Sim Days ago! Are you going to be the Miss Havisham of Graduation Day?! You better not wear that to your sister's wedding!"

    Hopefully Steven gets married tomorrow and has an amazing time at his wedding. I don't think my Sims know all the trouble I'm going through to throw them a dream wedding!

    But before all that, I need to track down that bride and get her out of her work clothes. I'm trying to strategize how, do I offer to train her, invite her swimming, shower woohoo? I tried to form a group with her and Steven's mom but she was like "I would love to, but I've got work, some other time.) But it's like, "Girl, you're just a music DJ at the grocery store (which I own and renamed Trader Joe's), you can take the day off before your wedding. " Got to wait till she gets off work at 7 now!

    I sent mom and sisters to the Sunflower Spa for mani-pedis, facials, salt scrubs for some extra pampering and additional scheming on how to get Crissy out of her work clothes. Bridezilla over here! Being a Sims wedding planner is exhausting!
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    Still setting up the new game for the "teen years" in Sunset Valley (just added in the NRAAS settings I wanted) and all the members of the family that I wanted to "start off" the "remainder of Chapter One. According to the "text only" part of my chapter I have ten pages of text. So lots more writing and picture taking.

    Anyone know what the post word count and/or character limit of posts are in this forum? I asked this in General Forum Feedback and no-one could give me an answer. Because I would like to know when I can lengthen the posts so that I'm not having too many "Chapter One; Part One": to "Fifty"

    Here's another few random pictures from my Legacy (that never made it into the narrative).
    "My Red Block!"

    ...and it's a crawl-off.

    A burgeoning friendship.

    "Inseparable" - playing together

    Mama Fiona and River

    child -Bebe

    Studying together

    "...and what's a Nikkei_Simmer game without things being dropped on sims?" - Boring...that's what.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Great extra pictures! I agree about Fiona and Yasunobu though, that'd ruin things for Haruo and River in the future. Maybe in another universe where Haruo ends up with Bebe instead, then he and River could be step siblings and Fiona and Yasunobu could be together. Hmm, something would have to be done with Mayumi though.
    Didn't know articles can be named. I need to play a journalist more often I guess.
    That's nice of Yasunobu to offer the house to Fiona. Glad he had a plan in place to help her afford it.
    Mayumi sounds like Umbridge from Harry Potter with the way she treats the students.
    River and Haruo are cute toddlers.
    Her look at Haruo is cute too.
    That's what I was wondering. Mayumi and Yasunobu don't make a good pair, lol
    Good, let her deal with the stinky potty.
    Mayumi is something else.
    Great updates!

    @Brandontaylor - Hey, Brandon, glad to see your job is treating you well...but we miss you here. Glad you're able to drop in and still get a little playing done. But the money helps, doesn't it?

    Yeah, I figure going back and rebooting the Legacy and writing it the way that I wanted to was the better bet instead of trying to come back and figure out where I left off. And maybe I can get it the way I wanted to. Don't wanna give away too much but there's a few more twists that I have planned.
    polrbear wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer Yay! A new story! That makes me happy because over the last years I lost track of what was going on with everyone’s saves, so this post is the one post that I won’t be missing a precursor to. LOL. So sad though that Katsuji is having such a hard time. Oh! A supernatural in a prejudice world! I feel like I don’t see werewolves as often as I would like and I really enjoy them! It’s great that he was able to get a tent but I actually felt bad that he lost his camera lol. It is smart for him to start a garden! :) Wow, I felt *really* bad seeing the screenshot of him in front of the food truck looking on wistfully.

    @polrbear - Since I'm "rebooting" the legacy...there's that game too :D that starts from square one again too. I want to give that one my full attention for the long haul...since there's ten generations to go with the founders all the way from infancy.
    Turjan wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer I guess you got some help from your wife with that story :wink:.

    @Turjan - Let's just say 16 hour labour with our first pretty much sealed the deal in terms of knowledge gain about pregnancy. :D
    DeafSimmer wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer Very good storytelling, and beautiful screenshots.

    @DeafSimmer - Thank you. I've had some experience in story-telling with a few years of writing JAG Fanfiction on with chapters running into 15+ pages (text only). ;) ...and a background in photography. Welcome to the forum. I'm not too familiar with "The Legend of Zelda" games since I've never played them. Of course my wife tends to lean towards stuff like Mass Effect and Dragon Age so she's all into the lore games.

    @bishty, @DivaDoodle, @emilyofspielburg - Welcome to the forums. I don't post as much, but I tend to write "walls of text".

    @DivaDoodle - congratulations on being able to now post pictures. :) I had to do the whole qualify thing twice... ~sigh~ Oh and no worries about posting "three in a row". I think we all do that sometimes. Besides more posts means "getting to your goal" of being able to post pictures that much faster - which you accomplished. YAY! Now we get to see pics. :)
    DivaDoodle wrote: »
    YAY I did it!!! sorry for the quality, I have to have my graphics on low and the laptop doesnt have a dedicated chip or whatever its called. But hopefully you get the idea from the pic! :D

    Oh...btw I run off a APU (CPU/graphics chip combination) - no graphics card, so I have to set my settings at mid. My wife bought me this laptop earlier this year (May 2020)
    DivaDoodle wrote: »
    Nikkei_Simmer good luck on the reboot! I'm glad that you have this story that you like to write and rewrite! ah great song pic! my mind wandered tho, to 'oooo that guy would make a perfect vampire in the game! ' : ) Oh nice story, cute babies! I like Fiona!

    I've always had a soft spot for River...and well, her character's backstory is exactly like my wife's (absentee father buggered off, single mother raised her from infancy...and well... Haruo... :D So River is essentially my wife's sim-alternate. So in my stories, they're always paired up.

    I guess I'm a bit "obsessive"...and want to write this particular legacy "perfectly"... even though that isn't possible. I'm always going in and trying to change things around and/or build on the story.

    My wife is a huge Queen fan and Freddie Mercury (God rest his soul) is (was... sorry, I'm getting my existential verbs mixed up) quite the flamboyant frontman.
    emorrill wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer You're off to a fantastic start with your reboot. As always, great writing and great dialogue. :star: I learn so much from reading your stories. :)

    @emorrill - :D Thanks... These chapters are going to be long ones split into parts (since I don't know the maximum word-count per post allowable) and should be filled with lots n' lots of pictures as I love screen-capping. My hard-drive is begging for mercy.

    As they always say..."draw from experience and dress it up". :D This one's going to draw into a lot of what was going on with Mayumi/Haruo relationship dynamic and the basics of maternal narcissistic abuse - to break open what goes on "behind closed doors" and the fact that they try to present a "idyllic" facade to deter closer inspection by authorities.

    Edit 4:57AM: On to the fight scene between VJ Alvi and Haruo (after Haruo gets his blue-belt in Sim Fu). with Pose Player as well as the game fight animation.
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    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,201 Member

    congrats on being able to post photos :)
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    I don't play TS3 all that often but today I booted it up again and started a new game in Twinbrook with a premade household. It's been fun!

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    The Chikamori Selfacy Generation One
    Chapter One: Life in Sunset Valley
    A Long History

    Chapter One (Part 4)

    On other days, Haruo went swimming with River at the rec centre and it was nice to get in the cool water during the hot day. They splashed each other and challenged each other to breath holding contests which River usually won. The pool was nice on a hot day which served to cool them off. La Petite Shark Swimming Pool in town was a place to go if one wanted to go swimming and it was always fun to dive in and do laps of the pool.
    River would usually end up getting splashed in the face with pool-water by Haruo and River woudl playfully return the favour which always resulted in a water fight with more water getting splashed out of the pool and a reprimand by the pool safety monitor.
    And their breath holding contests were legendary insofar as length of time that River was able to hold her breath underwater. Nearly every time that they had an underwater breath holding contest, River won the match. Haruo always felt his lungs burning with the need for oxygen and he'd claw his way up to the surface, gasping for air when his face broke the surface.
    ...and it would be a very smug River McIrish that would break the surface, her hair drenched and a wide smile on her face, going, "I won..." and Haruo would gladly give his friend the win since his lungs were on fire.
    Famished, they both would head for Hogan's Diner, a little Sunset Valley based family owned chain of restaurants, which resembled the very early stages of McDonald's in its inception almost thirty-seven years earlier. The proprietor Demetrius Hogan was reputed to have made his first million simoleons as a result of franchising his sit-down concept restaurant as opposed to the drive-ins that dotted the landscape of 70s North America.
    After they ate, River and Haruo would have long conversations about what they were going to do the next day and made the most of every day that they had, whether it was summer holidays or whether it was during the school year. They would often do their homework outside of the school after classes in order to maximize the amount of time that they had together.
    The Summer Festival was usually in full swing just after school let out so spending time at the festival together was a must do for both. If Haruo was lucky he would get enough simoleons to get a decent amount of food at the fair. And of course Fiona would give her daughter plenty to enjoy the day. Haruo never asked to borrow any but River, being the generous soul she was always bought him an extra meal so that he wouldn't go hungry.

    Elementary school often was a hotbed for bullying and as one of only a few Asians in the school, he received a few mean glances as River always seemed to hang out with him by the swings offering them no opportunity to make their own introductions as River simply had no interest in any of them.
    Worst of the delinquents was VJ Alvi who was more than happy to try to beat him up. So that's when Yasunobu decided to send him to martial arts classes. It certainly didn't do well for his son to always feel as though he wasn't able to defend himself.

    Yasunobu was trying to develop a gardening business so he was not earning as much as the women in the house...and Mayumi made it a point of telling him so every single day. As usual Mayumi didn't care that her son was getting picked on and beaten up so she kept telling him what a spendthrift that Yasunobu was for wasting money on Haruo to take those martial arts lessons.
    It didn't matter that he was keeping the household running by cooking dinner and making sure that everything was clean and on top of that trying to make sure that his business got up off the ground. No, for Mayumi, it was who was bringing in the greater number of simoleons and to her, since he couldn't match her teacher's salary, Yasunobu, for all intents and purposes was a financial eunuch.
    So Yasunobu went ahead and headed to the bookstore and got gardening, cooking and handiness skillbooks so that he was able to do whatever he needed to do, all the while ignoring his shrew of a wife, who went and did as she wanted; haranguing anyone that she could get away with abusing.

    The years went by and elementary school was left behind as high-school beckoned. Haruo and River started high-school at an eight-twelve high-school which mid-way during the year transitioned to a 1-12 format (not true in Canada in real life as the social dynamics between elementary school and junior high are far to great to intermingle the age groups) and Sunset Valley High School became Sunset Valley Combined Educational School. Their school had the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the walls of each classroom and well, “O Canada” was sung at assembly “O Canada, our home and native land, true patriot love in all our sons command” No, it was truly “sons command” no political correctness had invaded the land during the 80s.

    VJ Alvi had tried his same old stunts try and gain street cred with the new kids in the school who had joined them from the feeder schools to create his own little gang to terrorize the school and of course the kids were bigger and tougher. However that wasn’t a good choice for VJ since Haruo had started training in kung fu; he was now a blue belt and those who had picked on him were loath to try it after seeing a rematch between Haruo and VJ and observing VJ get his rear end thoroughly beaten and handed to him. It had pretty much gone like this.

    “Hey, whatchoo lookin’ at...” VJ had mouthed off at him. “Do I have to turf ya again, eh?”
    “Try it, VJ...and you’ll measure your length in the dirt.” Haruo had warned him.
    “Kick your tail-feathers, man...chicken-poop.” VJ scoffed as he strutted towards him with an attitude, fists balling up.
    “Ya made of spare parts? Bud.” Haruo taunted him. “You’re so stupid you couldn’t roll a tire down a hill.”

    “Nice hair...your father cut it with a bowl?”

    “Haha...VJ...ya got more yaps than a Hong Kong telephone directory. Too bad your brain hasn’t caught up with your mouth, eh.”
    It wasn't certain who swung first, but after the first swing, it was all over.
    VJ may have been good with his fists, but Haruo made him understand in no uncertain terms via physical reinforcement that he tired of VJ's baloney. It was also a brutal warning to guys like Parker Langerak and Ethan Bunch that he was capable of putting those two on their derrieres should they attempt to try to start anything with him. It also had the added effect of nullifying the instances of anyone attempting to pick on him as they knew if they started something with Haruo; Haruo would end it.

    End part 4
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    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    :) I need a pumpkin emoji! Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! Today no one here is in the mood for the traditional feast, so although we are grateful for all we do have, the actual feast will be on a day we are in the mood for it! :D it's so fun being a retiree and doing exactly what we want and when! yes very grateful for that too! We have a sign on the fridge that has great meaning for us "Gratitude for all there is, and all there isn't" Yes <3

    @Karritz OMG all day!!! Why are the relationships between the couples going red? Did the genie do something? I dont have the EP with genies so I know nothing about them, except they look amazing. I think I have used a debug on a sims back pack before, first get out everything you can then use it, I hate those stuck things. Oh nevermind I see you solved it! I absolutely LOVE how you tell about trouble shooting! It's like we are sitting on your shoulder watching you trouble shoot!! And, I learn so much!
    So even though the genie isn't freed she can still move out and be a townie? or did changing her to human then back make her like a free sim who just happens to be a genie?
    Wow, an irresistible terrible genie! She is So bad! I think I love her!

    I am All for turning off snow! once I had a game where I only allowed it to snow and rain at night! just like in the Camelot song!
    "The rain may never fall till after sundown
    By eight, the morning fog must disappear
    In short, there's simply not a more congenial spot
    For happily ever after in than here in Camelot"

    TY for the congrats on Luc! <3 I know he will be good looking like his parents from your pictures! :D

    @Nikkei_Simmer TY you for the welcome and Thank You for showing me what your setting are! I took a picture with my phone so I can see it in game, and will try it! Gosh Some/most of the pics I wanted to post were so dark and grainy ick! I was thinking I should just forget it! So, that is so nice of you! I appreciate it! I'm so glad of imgur so I don't have to keep those hideous pics on my lap top, taking space, when they are so awful to look at LOL

    Though I don't know what the post word count and/or character limit of posts are in this forum? I would like to know that as well. there is always spoilers (which I learned how to do last night TADA!) but that is a great question and I would like to know it too.
    Another question I have is when I first plunk down my long comment/story then go to edit before posting why does everything turn into a blank page? I found that I have to actually post then edit. weird. Since you are such a prolific writer of long posts, I would love to hear how you post your stories. but please try to explain like your talking to a 10yr old. with ADD.

    OMG I can't imagine having to do that 'being the new person initiation thing' twice! whathe?! Why!?

    Another question: how many posts Can we do in a row before we are considered a spam machine?!

    And of course great story! I enjoy it each time you re-write it! WAIT Who blew up?!!! not the kids? :(

    Ahh I love knowing that River is similar the your wife's backstory, now it clicks for me, thank you for the reveal, I do understand that love. I just really think it's great that you have something to do that you like so much! not everybody is that lucky!

    @emilyofspielburg I love your story and would love to see a pic! Lol that Kylie is still wearing her cap and gown everywhere!!! hahaha sims!

    @DeafSimmer Ganondorf is so dang scary to look at sometimes! What an interesting sim! I love your story! Do you do something, or have a mod, to make his relationships not go bad, since he is the Emperor of Evil with that red glow and all?

    @Nikkei_Simmer Great end of part 4! I enjoyed it! who is the guy in blue next to Lisa Bunch?
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,201 Member
    A few random screenshots


    Mick Situp and Lenny Shutter ( Edited)


    Sugar Bijou ( edited)


    My male sim in this random save doing dumpster diving

  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    edited November 2020
    @DeafSimmer What I find scary is mainly just his normal look, I can't pinpoint it to one facial feature, he is so well made! And so, the looks he makes like in the picture at the bottom of your posts, I know that idle that evil sims do but when Ganondorf does it, it's Really sinister! :) If he were walking around in my game I would have to do a double take, thinking Yikes, who's that?! He is really a well made sim!

    thanks for saying about the shared traits, that makes sense, I forgot!
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,080 Member
    Liam: Hey I was always the crazy one and broke into the stadium,
    and wrote your number on the fifty yard line.And you were always the
    perfect one, and valedictorian, so under your number I wrote call for a good time.

    Liam: How do you like me now? How do you like me now? now that I'm on my way.
    You still think I'm crazy? standing here today.I couldn't make you love, but I always
    dreamed about living in your radio, how do you like me now?


    Liam:When I took off to Tennessee I heard that you made fun of me, I never imagined I'd make it this
    far.Then you married into money girl, ain't it a cruel and funny world.And he took your dreams
    and he tore them apart.He never comes home and you're always alone.And your kids hear you cry
    down the hall.Alarm clock starts ringing, who could that be singing? Its me baby, with your wake up
    call.How do you like me now? now that I'm on my way.You still think I'm crazy, living for today? I couldn't
    make you love me, but I always dreamed about living in your radio, how do you like me now?

    Kristen: Well, thank you for escourting me home, you didn't have to.
    Liam: I wanted to.
    Kristen: Come on in.

    Liam: Your cat is adorable.
    Kristen: Aww, thanks.Dexter leaving him alone.

    Niles(on phone): They know about her Liam, as do we...You might as well
    introduce us.
    Liam: Fine...but if you give her any trouble.
    Nile: I give my word.

    Liam: they won't give you any trouble.I promise.
    Kristen: Stop worrying about me, I'm not worried.
    Liam: Yet...

    Liam: these are my managers, Celina, and Niles.
    This is Kristen.
    Celina: Should really tell us when you get a girlfriend, Liam...
    Kristen: No need to jump to conclusions, I'm not his girlfriend.
    Niles: Oh don't mind her, she hasn't had her dinner yet...Here lassie! let's go fill your
    Celina: Shut up.
    Liam: This is why I didn't mention her before...

    Celina: Really? Liam chooses her? That skinny little thing...There's
    plenty of other more sophisticated ladies out there.
    Niles: Aww, is somebody upset because she's not dating Liam.
    Celina: No, I just don't understand how she attracts someone like him.
    Niles: Its a female wouldn't understand.
    Celina: ...
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    edited November 2020
    @emorrill : Yes, the Midnight Hollow graveyard is creepy, but the townies seem to like it. I had a hard time to take pictures without any of them, they instantly rushed to the lot when Sif was there. Stupid Sims! :D
    Feel welcome to read my story, I hope you´ll like it. The beginning is not so good, I think, it´s getting much better later.
    Happy reading! ;)

    @DivaDoodle : Great pictures! Finally we can see your interesting game!!!
    Fun fact: you´ve chose the same house I did for Haldir´s parents. He grew up in it!
    Your little Ari is sweet!!!! <3
    Yes, I´ve noticed this, too, that some traits still stay although I have changed them. I don´t change traits I don´t like on Sims often, but sometimes I have to because I´ve chosen a special Sim for one of my family members but this Sim doesn´t have the perfect match traits, so I change one or two traits to make them more compatible. But the former traits seem to be still there, which sometimes leads to stress in the relationship.
    It can be that this is just in my imagination, though, and there is no proof of this...
    Oh, just to mention: new chapter is out. o:)
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,426 Member
    edited November 2020
    The Chikamori Selfacy Generation One
    Chapter One: Life in Sunset Valley
    A Long History

    Chapter One (Continuation of Part 4 - it really goes with it)

    VJ was in no mood to concede his loss after getting knocked on his hindquarters and it took a brutal beating to teach him not to mess with Haruo ever again. And Haruo, after enduring what he'd had to from VJ in elementary school was more than happy to meet him with fists bared and ready to teach him a lesson in pain.
    River looked over at VJ, the guy was just asking for it, “You stupid or something? He knocked you on your tail-bone and you still want to fight him?”

    “Yeah...he got in a couple lucky shots.” VJ asserted, “He’s not going to get another chance.”

    "Well, your funeral. eh? Hoser..." River told him.
    It had to be said that VJ got in a couple good shots, but again it was all Haruo.
    This fight was no martial arts demonstration, it was a brutal knockdown drag out fight. This was how disagreements were settled back in the 80s, no cops, no charges of assault, just a good ol'fashioned donnybrook. You ran your mouth, you got in a world of pain. And Haruo got a football tackle on VJ through the midsection, River thought, I think he may have relocated a couple of VJ's ribs.
    ...and it truly was a world of pain for VJ as Haruo grabbed him in a headlock and started applying pressure to his neck, as well as occasionally throwing punches at VJ’s face with his dominant right hand each impact jarring VJ’s head and brain cavity. The group of bystanders, all high-school kids, yelled and cheered every time Haruo managed to deliver a teeth-rattling hit on VJ who due to being immobilized by a headlock was quite often.
    And finished him off by executing a legsweep on him, whipping VJ’s feet out from under him and sending him flat on his rear again. Dusting his palms off, he uttered, “Just lie there and bleed, VJ, you get up again, I’m gonna knock you out.” he stated, no small amount of aggression in his voice.
    VJ lay for a good long while before getting up and limping away, the jeers of the crowd following him like a chorus of harpies. River looked over at Haruo asking, "Are you all right?"
    "Didn't want to do it..." Haruo admitted. "...but he just kept pushing...and finally..." he trailed off.

    River told him, "You did what you had to do, Haruo, if you didn't stand up to him here and now, he would have kept at it, making your life miserable. You taught him a lesson that you weren't going to take any more out of him."
    “What did I do to deserve a friend like you, River?” Haruo said, softly pulling River into an embrace. She held him tight.

    ...and whispered in his ear. "I worry about you. the pent up anger that you have...your mom pushing you around and you need to learn how to control it before it starts to control you."

    "Why?" Haruo asked, almost plaintively.
    River looked at him, "Because...I care..."
    (true end to Part 4)
    Post edited by Nikkei_Simmer on
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,426 Member
    DivaDoodle wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer TY you for the welcome and Thank You for showing me what your setting are! I took a picture with my phone so I can see it in game, and will try it! Gosh Some/most of the pics I wanted to post were so dark and grainy ick! I was thinking I should just forget it! So, that is so nice of you! I appreciate it! I'm so glad of imgur so I don't have to keep those hideous pics on my lap top, taking space, when they are so awful to look at LOL

    Though I don't know what the post word count and/or character limit of posts are in this forum? I would like to know that as well. there is always spoilers (which I learned how to do last night TADA!) but that is a great question and I would like to know it too.
    Another question I have is when I first plunk down my long comment/story then go to edit before posting why does everything turn into a blank page? I found that I have to actually post then edit. weird. Since you are such a prolific writer of long posts, I would love to hear how you post your stories. but please try to explain like your talking to a 10yr old. with ADD.

    Yup, unfortunately, you have to "post" then "edit" or everything will have gone *poof* into the the wild blue yonder unless you save it as a "draft". If you save it as a draft, it saves a copy of it on the forum, but doesn't post it. It's just saved on your profile, I think. That's where you can make edits to your draft. Then when you go to actually post should post the edited copy. I just pull up a word document and put my draft on that to do all my edits...before copy-pasting it to the post...and hitting "post".
    DivaDoodle wrote: »
    OMG I can't imagine having to do that 'being the new person initiation thing' twice! whathe?! Why!?

    Another question: how many posts Can we do in a row before we are considered a spam machine?!

    I'd venture a guess at ten all one after the other...and it probably goes something like this.

    Post 1: Hi
    Post 2: How are you.
    Post 3: I wrote a story.
    Post 4: Do you all want to read it?

    I think you get the idea. :D

    As far as having to do the new person initiation thing - I had a previous account which I lost the account password to...and somehow it wasn't I had to make a new account...(informed the mods that I was doing so, so I wouldn't be penalized) and had to go through the whole process to re-up as if it was a new account...and the first time through doing the qualifications it glitched on the second I realized that I had to go through the whole process...all over again.
    DivaDoodle wrote: »
    And of course great story! I enjoy it each time you re-write it! WAIT Who blew up?!!! not the kids? :(

    Ahh I love knowing that River is similar the your wife's backstory, now it clicks for me, thank you for the reveal, I do understand that love. I just really think it's great that you have something to do that you like so much! not everybody is that lucky!

    @Nikkei_Simmer Great end of part 4! I enjoyed it! who is the guy in blue next to Lisa Bunch?

    My RL wife @Featherbelle (she's rarely on - something about being addicted to Mass Effect) is actually of "Irish" descent and is from the American South (Louisiana) so yeah, McIrish... Irish... yeah...a stretch. Hence the reason why I mostly play "asian male with caucasian female couples). :D I play what I know.

    The guy beside Lisa Bunch in blue hoodie is Torao, Haruo's cousin...we'll meet them more in detail later. :D
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,717 Member
    Hi, just a sign of life here. I hope those in the New World had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful time with their family, despite those crazy times we live in. Thank you very much for your comments @bekkasan and everyone else, and I had already looked at your wonderful updates, but I don't have much time for anything else at the moment. So I hope you all have much fun with the game :smile:
    Slowly it dawned on Cosima that this date on a full moon night in the woods might not have been her greatest idea.
    Sorry for the quality of the edit, but in the original, you just saw those eyes and a hint of that face mask.

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