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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • shokoroseshokorose Posts: 66 Member
    Don’t have any screen shots, but my Sim won the lottery! First time it’s ever happened. Kind of funny though. My Sims were happy, comfortable and had all the stuff they wanted or needed. The only thing I did was upgrade the keyboard to a grand piano and add a few decorations and trees.
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    Spencer Cordova- from my legacy family- graduated college yesterday with a Computer Science Degree. He's going to join the Tech Guru career once I get him and his fiancée into a new place. His sister Emerson also got married and had a baby the other day. Two of his cousins are now young adults and one is married to a woman who was pregnant before they even met! Her daughters aren't his.
    Waiting for the ceremony to begin
    Talking to Emerson afterwards
    Nichole Hadley Sheridan! She's Hadley and Marcus's first grandchild!
    Origin ID
    Sims 3 Username
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything[/center]
  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 166 Member
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    Reality Kings Episode 11

    It was Love Day! Manuel and Summer decided to celebrate their first anniversary in Deadgrass Isle.

    The two of them climbed up the lighthouse.

    Show spoiler to see what happened next.
    They both took off their clothes and "messed around" in the lighthouse. It was Summer's first time, and she lost her virginity to Manuel.

    It was a life-changing experience for Summer. The two of them continued doing intimate and passionate interactions with each other.

    Summer just can't get enough of her handsome boyfriend, so she insisted they do it once more! They made love to each other the whole night.

    Meanwhile, Summer's mom was so busy with her full-grown cowplant that she didn't notice Summer's not yet home.

    Jordan met Ava in Discothèque Pan Europa. That's the same Ava who slept with Erik in a motel. She attempted to seduce Jordan, and she succeeded.

    Show spoiler to see what happened next.
    They went to the balcony to continue flirting with each other in a hot tub.

    Jordan's so attracted to Ava that he even forgot he has a girlfriend. The two of them "messed around" amid the thunderstorm.

    Morgan was also there, and she also went to the balcony, not expecting to see what she saw. She angrily confronted the girl flirting with her boyfriend.

    The thunderstorm was so severe, so they had to continue the confrontation inside. They had a fight which Ava won.

    Ava didn't seem to care, and she even continued flirting with Jordan to further enrage Morgan. She even successfully convinced Jordan to break up with his girlfriend.

    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
    Episode 9
    Episode 10
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 530 Member
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    Because my save with the legacy household is glitched beyond what I can fix, my story involving the legacy is unsalvageable without an enormous amount of work. So, I decided that it would be easier and more enjoyable to take the most important members of the legacy, the heirs, the heir and founder's partners, and the 1st generation spare and create a new story that isn't as gloomy with rotational play.

    So, the legacy household won't be following the normal legacy rules, instead, I'll rotate between households every season, 30 sim days, and the current heir Lir will produce the next heir that will lead to another household in the rotation.

    Because Dylan and Zephyr are the main household, I'll probably give them extra play time. I mean, Zephyr can upgrade a weather machine to change the season. I'll rotate out of that household if the season changes naturally.

    So, this will be:

    The Restored World Saga

    Only the Kailani Legacy will have significant changes to their story, but I intend to retain various elements from their original story.

    So first,

    Dylan and Zephyr Zalrian

    Dylan and Zephyr were murdered by the evil, ancient vampire Damion Morbius. However, Reef and Kylen Kailani successfully freed the Elementals of the Sea and Sky. In their spectral forms, the elemental twins used their power over nature to defeat Damion once and for all. After banishing Damion's evil spirit to the netherworld and destroying what he left behind, the twins restored Sulani to its former beauty. Unfortunately, it took too much of their power to defeat Damion and return to the living. The temple that kept the Elemental Energies of Sulani in balance was completely destroyed. Dylan and Zephyr put their return to Granite Falls on hold while they build a new temple to balance Sulani's Elemental Energies.

    As for the others:

    The Darkfins

    The Darkfins retreated to Oasis Springs, prefering unbearably dry conditions over suffering the same fate as Damion.

    Reef and Sara Kailani

    Reef and Sara moved back into Alania Look, the original legacy home. The battle to defeat Damion caused some harm to their home, and the couple wanted to restore some of the water element to their home. Reef and Sara decided to stay in Sulani and manage the Caldera Eco Center, the museum dedicated to conservation in Mua Pel'am.

    Kylen and Aaron Kailani

    Kylen and Aaron left Sulani and moved into an apartment in San Myshuno's Art District. Kylen wanted to master all the artistic skills found throughout the worlds and teach others how to enrich the world with art. Aaron wanted to master sculpting and painting. Neither of these young men gave up their mermadic powers after moving. Kylen and Aaron's neighboring household is the Benali Household.

    Rylan and Lir Kailani

    Rylan stayed in Sulani and moved into the waterfront property that Damion used to lurk in. With his existence erased from the world, the house was a much nicer place to call home. Lir is the adopted son of Kylen and Aaron. Instead of living with his fathers, he decided to stay in Sulani and enjoy beach life. Lir is actually a merman directly from the sea, and even though it wasn't easy to let their son stay with his uncle, they knew it was the best thing for Lir. Kylen and Aaron never told him about his origins, and they raised him to live like humans just like Reef and Aaron lived when they were human.

    Calum, Arihi, and Ember Zalrian

    Calum and Arihi regained their full power, and are focusing their energy on raising Ember. Ember has a fire in her and well on her way to becoming the Elemental of the Volcanoes. Ember doesn't like water, and she has expressed a preference for socializing with Zephyr, the Elemental of the Sky, over Dylan, the Elemental of the Sea.

    Merman Don Lothario

    Don is still hanging around Sulani flipping his fins. Life as a merman has given him the opportunity to get into trouble with women, you know with a charmer's lullaby to help set the flirty mood. He's just a townie, a merman siren of sorts.

    Bartending Guy

    Bartending Guy wanders around too. He's a master mixologist that might make perfect drinks wherever he goes. He's a metal head that makes for an awesome mixologist during parties. He is also a townie now.

    Last edit:

    The Mua Pel'am Merfolk

    This household includes Nalani and a merman with a similar design to Ukupanipo. They sorta get their designs from their behaviors as townies. I spelt Ukupanipo wrong, so Panipo has all of Ukupanipo's traits except instead of being a gluten, he's a vegetarian. It's amazing how three letters makes the difference between being a shark god and a vegetarian dish...

    Sorry about the edits. My phone doesn't make posting easy. I don't have access to my computer at the moment.
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  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 530 Member
    ...And I am ALMOST done with my house, saw the new trailer and build videos for the new expansion and realized I need to move there instead.

    Even though I'm super skeptical, I admit that I'm tempted to get it. I'm just hoping the hot springs aren't like the hot tubs when it comes to merfolk. Merfolk in any body of water be it the ocean, the river at the university, or a bathtub change into their merform, but for some reason they don't in other variations of a tub.

    I don't know if that alone is a reason to not get the pack. If it doesn't let them use their merform, I can get creative with pools.
  • Ray_TraceRay_Trace Posts: 211 Member
    I made one of my Sims flirt just ONCE, while he was Dazed, to a Sim who was very Tense and he had the Unflirty trait. He accepted the flirt.

    The next thing I saw was them WooHooing in a bush.

  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 2,810 Member
    I made an Alien Scientist with the pale blue skin color & his human skin color is the other pale grey blueish skin color. He quickly got abducted by other Aliens & got pregnant. So, I got him to marry his pretty human lady. A couple of sims days later he gave birth to a boy & girl twins. Their skin color is a dark torquoise, obviously from the birth mother.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 530 Member
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    Jack-o-lantern pumpkins!

    That took a long time, but I managed to update everything exactly how I wanted it without using cheats. Something happened with Eco Living NAPs, the Industrial Eco State, and my sim getting promoted to being a marine biologist that resulted in an usable save. Not sure how it happened, but I just couldn't take anymore glitches.

    With the new expansion coming out, I am a bit paranoid about the potential bugs and some little details getting overlooked. However, there are some features I know that I want. I just really really don't want bugs from the pack to brake my save again.
  • GordyGordy Posts: 1,539 Member
    My main family has grown a lot since I actually started playing the game.
    As a refresher, they consist of the ghost dad (who got eaten by a cowplant), a witch mom, their son and daughter.

    They grew up pretty well. And dad was Dedeathify'd the day before Winterfest!

    Their oldest son, Franklin, attends college while working as a medical intern. He's a spellcaster like his mother, so I like to imagine that he can use magic to help others.

    His younger sister, Audrey, was not born an occult. But she did find love with an orc named Walker. She's currently a teacher and he's an athlete. They have two young boys - one a regular sim (Thurmash), and one an orc (Fang.)

    It's taboo for orcs to mate with humans, and they traditionally get rid of, or abandon, any non-orc children. But Walker's a pretty good father to both of his kids.

    Since Franklin will be my heir and part of my Snowy Escape gameplay, I wanted him to have a spouse. I couldn't find anyone that fit him, and it would take way too long to build up a sim and give her an interesting story. I eventually turned to his high school sweetheart, Mieru Takahashi, who I played with whenever I played in the magic school. While playing her, I noticed that I made her a top student, excellent spellcaster and very Charismatic. She also turned out to be biracial, like Franklin, so that was also a coincidence. Coupled with her history and the fact that she has a family, she was perfect.

    As an adult, she lives in the same apartment building as Audrey and Walker, which is how she ended up connecting with Franklin again. They had a few hiccups and misunderstandings, but the two were able to rekindle their romance.

    The two couples often go on double-dates. Walker has no family, but he and Mieru are on friendly terms with their partners' parents. Franklin has met Mieru's half-sister, Kaori.

    Right now in the game, Franklin is just trying to finish up his university work before moving out of the family home. Mieru was a secret agent, but was fired for leaking her organization's corruption to the world. The parents are focused on work and each other. Walker is climbing up the Athlete career track, while Audrey is content being a teacher.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,366 Member
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    A Tale of Two Dons Part 7

    Part one is Here
    Part two is Here
    part three is Here
    Part four is Here
    Part five is Here
    Part six is Here

    The story ends for Joey and Joey’s Don

    Joey Holiday is not just another pretty face. Oh no.


    Not more than 5 minutes ago Joey had thanked Don for giving him a ride to his date with Xavier, and then told Don that he should leave.


    And now where was he?


    Having fun with Don, in the very place that Don had walked away from him, for no reason, in the first place.


    And Don thought that he’d maneuvered this into happening.


    In a Spoiler to help the thread load faster!
    Joey called the shots now. He happily went and got Don all excited. And then he walked away from Don, and up to Xavier.


    And Xavier took him home, not Don.


    Xavier was Joey’s boyfriend. Don took what he could get. And Xavier and Don seemed to be playing “Anything he can do, I can do better.”


    And Zavier was very good at most things




    But there are no losers in a friendly game of Juice pong



    Don is pretty good too, but Joey is rather distracting when he plays with Don.



    I’d make a joke about ping pong balls here, but … nah, too obvious :sweat_smile:


    Joey always answered Don’s question with a determined “No” every time he asked it.


    But then Don came at him with those eyes again.


    So sometimes Joey reminded Don of what he’d walked away from.


    A night out dancing,




    Was one upped by a night out dancing ‘till dawn.



    And earned Don one more reminder of what he’d lost.


    But, while Don could claim prizes for the sultriest looks, no one came close to Xavier on the sweet and caring scale.





    He saw Joey crying again.


    And that was enough. I’m fixing this, he thought to himself.


    So he invited Don over.


    “Listen, you ungrateful little troll,” Xavier said. “You don’t deserve Joey, but I’m pretty sure he wants you. If I tell him I’ll be alright without him, do you know how to act this time?”


    “Of course I do,” Don said. “I might be an ungrateful troll, but I’m not stupid.”


    So, the next time Joey came over Xavier told him that he should go spend some time alone and think about what he really wanted. Or who he really wanted.


    “Joey, I see you crying when you don’t think I’m watching. And I’m pretty sure I know what you’re crying about.”


    “Maybe he learned, maybe he didn’t. But maybe you should take a chance and find out. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me,” Xavier told him.


    Joey drove downtown. He parked his car and walked toward the festival grounds.


    He looked around and remembered the night he met Don. Right here, at this Festival.


    And he smiled, because he’d won. Everything went exactly as planned. Non committal? What does that mean? It meant nothing to Joey.


    Don walked over to Joey’s house the next morning, as he often did. He was hoping that Xavier had done what he said he'd do, and told Joey to give him another chance.


    He wasn't sure how to bring it up though. “Hey," Don said. "I know I don’t deserve another chance, and I can’t handle watching you go to Xavier anymore, so I give up. I’m glad you found him. He seems like a great guy for you.”


    “So now you don’t even want to be friends?” Joey asked him. “That’s pretty low. I guess we have nothing now.”


    “Says who? I say we’re great,” Don told him. “No problems.”


    “And you agree with me,” Don laughed. “Say it, c’mon, say it. We’re great”


    “Yeah, we’re great,” Joey agreed.


    “Are we though?” Don asked him. “For real?”


    “If you’re asking the right question we are,” Joey answered.


    “Can I get another chance? Please?” Don asked him.


    “I guess one more try is ok,” Joey answered.


    “There’s a hot tub at my house,” Don reminded him. “Right next door.”


    “Then why are we still here?” Joey asked him.


    And they left.


    Yep, everything’s great, Joey said to himself.


    As their playthrough ended I gathered my thoughts (and pictures) of their "behind the scenes" happenings. They are in this Spoiler
    All in all, I like how Joey and his Don turned out. Don paid a hard price for walking out on Joey that night.

    This is that scene from Part 4
    He promptly tells you he’s leaving if you ask him to hang out with you.


    Even if you ask him nicely


    Or ask him hopefully


    You get the same answer …


    Even when you’re sad.


    And he paid it, over and over.


    Don cried and cried, and Joey didn't care! It was so funny.



    But the Joe man got anything he wanted.....


    Whenever he wanted it!




    This particular exchange was unreal! All it said was "Chat with Don." Well this was some amazing "chat." There is no way for me to queue up the types of things that Joey does. Like when he was pleading to Don to stay there with him in part 4 of the story. This was another situation like that. And I think they were saying:

    "Joey, come on, give me another chance."


    "That won't be happening Don."


    "But why? I'll never do it again."


    "I know, because you'll never get another chance to do it to me."


    Lol! Just keep talking Don, because Joey is leaving the building!


    In the most tantalizing way possible!


    And he knew it. :wink:


    But this is the true total wrap up that those 2 provided themselves! Remember the night of the party, Joey seemed to be missing someone?


    Then Joey walked into the hot tub room and Don saw him? I said you might never know what happened….


    Well guess what… you get to know!


    This was all autonomous, I wasn’t controlling either one of them. This was after the last scene that I'd planned for their story, the hot tub scene. That was when they made up for good, and I moved Joey into Don's house, and I stopped playing them.


    So, here, when Joey kisses Don at the party. It's very obvious who is in charge, and very obvious that Joey got what he wanted.


    Joey was not losing this man, ever again. :D


    What happened to Xavier?
    If you’re worried about Xavier, don’t be! He’s fine now!

    Though he did suffer, excruciatingly, but ... I kinda left that out.





    Is it Joey's fault that they will both take any scraps he throws to them?


    But he is ok now, very happy!


    Because there was another Joey waiting there for him all along!


    In order for the original experiment, between myself and Don Lothario, to be fair I had to grab a new Joey, and see if Don (1) would autonomously flirt with a Joey he didn’t know. Like I was someone he didn’t know (and he wouldn’t flirt with me).

    So, Don (1) was with a Second Joey the whole time. And First Joey, the one that he met at the Romance Festival, was given a fancy new hairdo and set loose in Oasis Springs to wait to comfort Xavier after Second Joey chose Don over him.


    He was supposed to be waiting for Xavier to be single, lol. But he was always around, causing trouble.


    (So, to clarify this, Here's who's who:

    I brought Don 1 (my library copy of skilled up Don) to the Romance Festival, but First Joey showed up and basically stole him from me. :smiley:

    I made Don 2 out of the Don that had appeared when I opened the new save. So Don 2 was basegame - totally untouched, thank goodness. He and I did well.

    I wanted to see if Don 1 (my library copy) was not flirting with me simply because I was female. But that Don (Don 1) had already met that Joey (Now called First Joey) so that particular Joey would have an unfair advantage in the flirty experiment.

    Enter Second Joey - Downloaded from my gallery, and the exact same sim that Don 1 had met at the Romance Fest, but these two hadn't met yet.

    So with a clean slate, I was able to observe that Don 1 would get flirty with a male that he did not know, but not a female)

    Things moved quickly for First Joey and Xavier. (Helped along by me! This wasn’t an experiment, this was help Xavier get over a broken heart!) Xavier introduced himself at 4:58 am, real time, and got his first kiss at 5:13 am.


    In the meantime they’d gone out to breakfast, and I’d taken 24 more screenshots! :D


    The next time I played them was when the Romance Festival came up. They got there at 1:48 am, real time, and were “going steady” by 2:50 am.







    And it took that darn long because of the 120 screenshots that I’d been taking (and then later I moved 90 of them to another spot in their folder in order to take the compact printscreen of the Romance festival that you see above) I take a Lot of screenshots.


    And these particular ones are really time consuming to take.


    These are taken from the backside of a closet when they are kissing and trying to get into the closet. The closet itself often disappears if you go in at different angles from the back or sides.


    I don’t use poses or mods, so I do what I can! Lol And these pictures are perfectly safe. They are wearing clothes! :wink:


    Just some funnies in this Spoiler:
    The whole time .... my poor Don 2. Still wasn’t up to par :D



    Idk what was going on here, but it looked like Don 1 was taking this teenager to prison! Maybe he’s the truant officer?


    Dash was a helpy helperton one evening. First he mopped paint off of the grass in 3 places! (he has the neat trait)


    But then he was also a sweetie


    And volunteered to help Summer get squeaky clean too! Wasn’t that nice of him? :D I found it funny because it was the result of club activities. Those two hadn't even had a real first kiss yet! lmao


    Apparently doing yoga makes you filthy, because First Joey looked like this when he started.


    And like this at the end of the class.


    I mean, thank goodness the pool was in the building so he could clean up! It’s not like there weren’t tubs and showers available in the other room!


    Speaking of First Joey he got a little bored waiting for his turn to get back into the story. Well that’s what he gets for sashaying his way into the Romance Festival and making eyes at My first Don! lol


    Thank you for reading Joey and his Don's wrap up. I'll be getting to my wrap up with Don 2 one of these days


    Ok, this is as far as I’m going to get on mentions and comments, for the most part. I’m weeks behind, and I’ll never catch up. I’m trying to hit updates of folks who talk to me about my updates for sure. I am finally feeling better, 3 days of steroids will do that. Except they are keeping me from sleeping. Before that the massive amounts of antihistamines I was taking had me unable to wake up. Now I get to be tired because I never sleep. It’s a fun game I play. But if I didn’t get to you, I’m sorry. I don’t think I’ve read even half of what I missed. So I’m a bit lost. I’ll just do my best.

    @Becka28 I am honestly so confused I can’t tell you. I thought I commented on your stuff, but I don’t see it. It was a lifetime ago anyway, lol But thanks. :D The sultry confused montage handed itself to me, because the poor boy is confused every other picture. :D
    Oh wait! I did find something! Lol, a small comment from the 18th
    Oh my God! Lol, I love your test save! Things like that make me want to have mods that show attraction. Although I hear that they don’t always work the best. But the fact that Morgyn still preferred Quin to Declan is crazy! So funny that Rohan is the same here too. Did he dislike Morgyn from the moment he saw him? Or was it after Morgyn was looking at Quin like that? And yeah, poor Declan, he’s second best. But he seems happy anyway.
    Ahhh, this one about your poor tester Sim! My gosh! Isaiah didn’t come out of that one well. Lol, looks like he didn’t necessarily go in well intentioned either
    He was surprisingly happy to be a father -
    We did try to risk his life with the murphy bed and some very dodgy pufferfish - hey! its my build save I like to mess around like I wouldnt in a real save.But all it did was make her autonomously propose (insert angry screaming tantrum about why this sim and not Quin or Rohan) Her son kept on trying to eat the pufferfish so I deleted all the plates as Isiah had earned the right to live.
    I’d have to say that Ngaire got the worst part of the deal, lol

    Also thanks! My Sim is a bit too much like me for me to be comfortable with! ha! The skepticism is very real.

    I think you will be glad to see the behind the scenes glimpses of Joey’s Don, That heart of stone that rejected Joey, well. … dumb thing to do, lol

    The interactions that I get with dolphins is just by clicking on them. It’s like meeting a new person/pet type hybrid. The option I usually start with is to give them a fish to eat. Then the options start opening up for other things

    Your boys’ adventures are so amusing! Honestly, Quin is worse than Ian! Way worse!

    This is awesome
    Well, lets say Rohan tried to study and Quin sat near his homework a lot.
    The soccer thing amuses me. It’s always on the active guys’ minds as an interaction to do when a baby has just been born. Ummmm, no. lol

    But wow! This obsession with each other is really fun, how crazy are they? But no proposal. Sheesh. Boys. Am I right?

    I can see the towel look bringing in all kinds of money! Yes I can! Maybe he doesn’t need to graduate, lol. He makes plenty of money. Let’s just get poor pukey Rohan to graduate!

    @Svineprutter When Becka said
    I was today years old when I realized teens could help with homework (and I just finished the 100 babies challenge - would have been good to know!!) Thanks for posting.
    I had to say ditto for me! I had no idea! Thank you!

    @Daephene Well, I’ve missed a bunch of yours, I’ll try to find them :D
    That memory wipe was the thing that made me stop playing the aliens. They were fun for a while, then just annoying. It did make your rotation interesting for you, didn't it?

    I didn't think about the fact that everyone in that family works in the entertainment field until you spelled it out there like that! Lol. But does Morgan have an actual job or is she skilling up right now? Does Juno work in the entertainment career?

    Farrah did age up very beautifully. But with Gerardo's genes, how could she not? Lol! And that is certainly a flashy formal outfit!

    Ok, here's the second half – yikes.

    Nice! Thorne as a fan! She’s really going places!

    And ok … lol!
    Some shots of him being cute with his son, just to add to the pain later.
    Unfair! You can’t make me laugh when I’m going to be sad! :D

    Hey, you’re right, that is a really cool tombstone! Doesn’t make up for the dying, but hey. So many tears! Poor little baby! I didn’t know that Siobhan hadn’t been doing much mothering. Well, she’s in for it now.

    And so, he’s gone, my favorite actor in all of Simdom. :disappointed: waaa. He was a cool guy. That’s for sure.

    Of course you’re funny again.
    Morgan consoled the man she didn’t remember marrying,
    lol And wow yes, Finnian is quite in love. Those are some smoldering eyes!

    Victoria aged up very pretty! And I love that Dress!

    Does Athena or Geeta visit as ghosts yet? I’m so behind. That’s Diego’s ghost, right? How is that trio doing?

    Ok cool! I’m just reading that Rinaldo has been given a reprieve! Looking forward to that.

    Ahh, another one. Ok, you’ve had the in game vet there, got ya. Your families are pretty close. I need some connections in my game. Do you use mccc? I can’t remember.

    And I am terribly ashamed to say that I did not remember that Erick was a doctor! Ohhhh, what a lost opportunity. Lol, actually that’s probably the best line I would’ve come up with anyway.

    And thanks for the spaghetti tip! Nice to know.

    The granite falls trip actually looked fun. Despite the fact that it was more of the same for them, lol! You got really nice pictures. And ummm, you know, the one of Rinaldo smiling so jauntily is adorable! I approve. Good way to age up Finnian! And the “Lucas’s family likes to be here” line gave me quite a chuckle

    Oh my God! This is unfair! Lol! Your Old people in Space is amazing! And I’m sure you know why! I kept hoping that he’d get a new love in his life someday! Lol, wasn’t expecting this! He’s still got it! That sort of strenuous activity seems to turn out badly for elders, lol! But the potion you gave him wards that off?

    That whole marriage thing is really a trip! I mean really! LOL I’m dying myself here!
    I don't... I can't... if you never hear from me again you can assume I died of laughter.
    I didn’t know that living on Batuu was an option. Or are we thinking that will happen with the new patch? I’m unclear about all of it. I hope that she gets pregnant, and uses awesome alien powers and ages him back to young adult. If that’s what she is, lol. Otherwise Adult works for me too. :wink:

    You know, I can’t even remember if he and Athena had a child together. I don’t think they did. See? He needs a turn. What’s one more family in your thousand family rotation :wink:

    Also, Thank you. The movie scenes were great with Don 1 and I. I couldn’t believe he shooshed me! :D

    And Don 2 is just the sweetest little thing. When he’s brand new and knows nothing, he’s not quite as horrible, lol :sweat_smile: I guess the dolphin sensed that.

    @sarabeth2984 Lol, thank you. Yes, the sparks flew quick with Joey and Xavier. And Don 2 is my favorite Don ever! :sweat_smile:
    Ha! The “babies” talk is awesome! Alien abduction! I’ll bet not all kids get that same talk. Plus, it was autonomous? Crazy :D

    The couple’s day was so cute! He sure was chatty! And couple’s karaoke is adorable

    The wedding went so well! I’m glad Trey lived to get married! Is he still so dopey? Good thing he’s cute! I love how everything worked so well! I’ll have to look fror that room in your gallery. That’s how my toddler play park is too, and yeah! So handy to plop down! :heart:

    My favorite picture is Viv while Clint is talking! Ha! Look at Trey looking at her! Clint told something juicy! Ha!

    Awwww, Everyone is at Clint and Rosie’s “marriage” Holy cow! What a great day, Of course my favorite are the Thorne parts. Jo was trying to be classy about her fan girling, lmao and Granny Roseanne kept hugging him. So cute!

    I am sorry to hear about your grandmother passing away. She sounds wonderful! And reminds me of my Grandma, who was also nearly 101 when she died. Can you tell me what her interests are? I’m going to make her be someone’s grandma, not sure yet, but I’d love to make her as authentic as possible.

    @sunblond Thanks so much! I really thought Marcus’s bald look suited him best! Plus, that’s how my husband wore his hair for his whole professional life. Much easier to care for :D

    @BlueSeaWaves Ha! Thank you! I’m glad the Don antics are keeping you amused. Marcus’s reaction to being “the Chosen One” made me laugh too. And of course it was Joey’s shorts that were distracting! They are a very pretty blue :wink:
    This update is precious! So many cute scenes! Claudio’s reaction to the news of her marriage, and then realization that it was Owen, So great! And Owen couldn’t get into the bedroom? Lol What was up with the hospital? That’s not a cool bug! Penelope is a great name! And a double birthday! Nice! You remembered the rocker this time! She has a big personality! Sylvia’s looks at Claudio and Bandit are awesome! Idk if I ever had a toddler that was hard to put to bed. What trait does she have? Bandit sure was crazy for the whole update, but his face at the end! Omg! When I see that stuff I just shake my head at how good these games are. That’s exactly what he’s saying, you can tell! :D

    @Koteyka Oh wow! That is awesome news that you are writing a book now! Congratulations! I'm sure it will be amazing!
    Oh, I feel your pain on the lost responses. That is the most frustrating thing!

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked Don’s dolphin chat. He was very into it :p

    Anyway … Ahhh, ok, soon enough Ianto will figure out Sirius. And yes, reading the books would give you the idea that Remus had scars. I know they had to restrain him a lot themselves. But I think you’re right, I think I remember them mentioning scars.

    This glimpse into Harry's Life is very sweet. All of the expressions, lol. Remus, so serious. I think he’s figuring out parenting isn't just a fun little hobby more quickly. Harry is cuter and cuter in each picture! I love his glasses on, and off. And “Mischief managed” made me lol! Sirius is gorgeous by the way. He wasn’t quite that good looking in the movies! Lol

    @Metior_Ice Tee hee hee, Sulfused. It needs to become a new word, just for Don. And thanks! I’m glad you liked the dolphin talk. He was having a good time.
    The game tried to make Lir and Loch look like pears even if that body type is radically different from their fathers'. The most major update I made with them was giving them the same base body type as their fathers minus the same detail edits.
    A few of us were talking about that once. How strange it was that kids born in game did not get their parent’s preset body type. We all agreed that resetting them was the thing to do. It has to be a bug. And ummm, Don-looking basegame features seems pretty handy to me! Lol

    @ryttu3k. Well yes, that combo, Coral and turquoise, is actually my fav. And omg, Caleb is programming for fun now? Interesting :D

    Cute pictures of Raylan not enjoying tv :sweat_smile: lol! And Vivi is an adorable witch

    @Korgly Ha! The dancing video is cute! They sure were having fun. Pregnant dancing! They sure get good as they level up, don’t they? I’m weird about making my Sims dance all the time, because it’s fun to watch.

    @hanuel Thanks so much! And yes that first Don, Joey's Don, was the most frustrating man I ever encountered! :wink: Well, in the Sims. lol
    Of course, I was up against two problems, one, that particular Don is gay now, and two, I made myself the rule that I wouldn't instigate anything with him, I wanted the whole "Lothorio treatment."

    I wish I could remember exactly what @Ellupelluellu said while we were pming about it. It was something about how if I wanted to be "truly Lotharioed" I had to have a real Don Lothorio, and not a copy :p Boy did that turn out to be true! My rule of not instigating anything myself was not an issue with Don 2.

    Your update is wonderful! Although I might have missed it if you posted another one. Please let me know! I'm just lost, lol! Your experiences with Aster are sure frustrating! A pristine reputation doesn't count for much when you can no longer have the job that was your dream career!

    And poor Deli! So frustrating too. Poor girl, even the island spirits couldn't help. She couldn't tell what heritage she was being chastised for ignoring! That's the thing about soothsayers altogether. You can take their "advise" any way you want to take it. And if you don't know what you want, well.... that's not very helpful.

    And I actually feel sorry for Asher, although he reminds me of nearly every man I've ever known in my life No idea how to help in any emotional crisis. Car trouble? No problem. Far reaching life choices, hmmmm, not so much :D
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    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    After not being able to talk to Nelson or Luna about his growing concerns and issues, Hugo turned towards the one person who was old enough to have a clue and was someone he trusted, his ex-mother-in-law Clara Bjergsen. Hugo had asked her to come and hang out at one of the many festivals hosted in local San Myshuno. Hugo wasn’t sure how to start the conversation, Clara surely must have been wondering why he invited her out on her own, so he commented on the cold weather of late. It was turning winter and snow wasn’t far out.

    They chitchatted for a while and ended up on the subject of Clara’s kids. Hugo informed after them and how everyone had been doing as of late. Clara told him Sofia was getting better by the day. It seemed like something lit a spark in her. Hugo had a bitter taste in his mouth. He knew the real reason of Sofia’s returning bubbly personality while Clara clearly didn’t. He didn’t feel the need to explain the situation to Clara and just expressed his admiration for her parenting skills. Clara was the one her kids came to whenever there was something troubling them. Hugo wasn’t even related to her, and she was his boss, but he still felt like he could come to her with anything. That one flirting incident from more than a year ago was completely forgotten and Hugo chalked it up to bad judgment.

    Clara noticed something was off about Hugo. He seemed nervous, jumping from one foot to another and playing with his jacket sleeve. She kindly asked him whether he was okay, because if he needed to talk, Clara could offer a listening ear.

    Hugo gladly wanted to take her up on her offer and asked if they could sit somewhere with more privacy. He was a well-known person after all, and he didn’t want anyone to overhear his personal struggles.

    They found a nearby bench to sit on. While they sat in comfortable silence, Hugo thought about he wanted to approach the sensitive subject matter. The first thing he ended up asking was if Clara had always known that she wanted kids.
    Clara wasn’t sure where Hugo was going with this line of questioning, but she didn’t hesitate before she answered that she had always wanted kids. It was a no-brainer. Clara was the caring, worried one since a young age and she took that with her into adulthood. This was the moment Hugo realised Clara wasn’t the right person to talk to about this. Of course, she always wanted children. Hugo didn’t know why he thought she wouldn’t have wanted kids at any point. Hugo and Sofia didn’t talk about these things. They always assumed there would be enough time left, not even considering there was a future where they wouldn’t be together. It sounded naïve and maybe untrue, but Hugo simply hadn’t thought about it. And it wouldn’t have entered into his mind for many years to come since he was now together with a guy and a young one at that. This revelation had thrown him for a loop.

    Nevertheless, Hugo couldn’t keep this to himself any longer. He didn’t want to bother Sofia anymore than he already had and Clara had never been the judgmental type. Hugo came right out with it. He had a son called Duke and he was a teenager already.

    Clara was visibly shocked but managed to conceal it rather quickly, knowing this wasn’t what Hugo needed and this was supposed to be a huge moment for him. She tried to be encouraging towards him, pushing him softly to elaborate on this confession.

    Hugo, satisfied with Clara’s reaction so far, launched into the whole story, including Sofia’s part in it.

    And he eventually came to the one thing he was here for: advice. What was he supposed to do now? Meet with Duke? Move on? Hugo was only 29, way too young to be deciding these things. He needed a push in the right direction.

    So, Clara told Hugo what she thought he needed to hear, and what she believed in her heart to be true. Family was the best thing ever and they might disappoint you in the worst way, but they are also the people who will be there for you when you need them the most. Hugo needed to give this relationship a chance. He owed it to the kid but also to himself. It might end up in a better way than he could expect.

    Hugo had some food for thought after that conversation, but he also thought he might have finally made up his mind. The serious conversation was concluded with a warm, thankful hug. Hugo was happy Clara had been there for him, once again. She gave him the advice he desperately needed to hear.

    To get his mind off things for the rest of the day, Clara and Hugo explored the festival, enjoying spending time together and alternating turns at observing the beautiful city skyline.

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    @Metior_Ice Tee hee hee, Sulfused. It needs to become a new word, just for Don. And thanks! I’m glad you liked the dolphin talk. He was having a good time.
    The game tried to make Lir and Loch look like pears even if that body type is radically different from their fathers'. The most major update I made with them was giving them the same base body type as their fathers minus the same detail edits.
    A few of us were talking about that once. How strange it was that kids born in game did not get their parent’s preset body type. We all agreed that resetting them was the thing to do. It has to be a bug. And ummm, Don-looking basegame features seems pretty handy to me! Lol

    You know, I had no idea the body type was used on Don when I selected it. Whenever I do detail edits, I noticed that the base body types appear to change with the detail edits. It's almost as if various presets have a range of details, but it is still weird that the presets for children will appear outside that range.

    I actually started selecting that preset when most of my detail edits fell within the range for that body preset. I don't use the exact details from the preset and all my sims do have small differences from how things look when the preset is selected.
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    Excerpts from the Journal of Austin Denney

    -So, I really loved working in the emergency room, the adrenaline and all, I guess. But, the thing is, and I wouldn’t admit it to anyone, I get really homesick. At FI it was bad, my first term, well, I was actually depressed and missed my family most of the time. I kind of admitted a bit of that to Kaden once in college, but I never let on how bad it was for me. And when I moved to Sim City it was even worse. Plus, I worry about my parents, they’re both getting up there in age, I was born kind of late, literally a change-of-life baby, so to speak. I totally grew up knowing I was an oopsie baby. Dad had health issues due to stress the whole time he was working and mom has Osteoporosis now. So, when I got offered a job close to my family at The Mustard Clinic by Dr. Antonia Hund, (her parents are Paolo Rocca and Morgan Fyres) I decided to take it. It’s more of a flu shot and deliver babies kind of place, not nearly as exciting as the trauma medicine I’ve been doing at the emergency room in Sim City. But I kind of liked the idea of actually getting to know the people I treat, I mean, a lot of families I know will be my patients there, and that appeals to me a lot. And I can keep an eye on mom and dad. Roxie, Tucker and Miranda, well, they all have kids and are pretty busy with their own families. But since I’ve been away, I’ve become a lot more aware of how age has started to effect mom and dad, especially with my medical training. So, I decided to move back home to be kind of a small town doctor now.-

    -Yeah, I’m a total prize, a doctor sure, but one who lives with his mommy and daddy still. That’s something all girls find really hot, sigh. I have no luck with girls, I hate to do anything that I’m not good at, it’s a big fault I have, but it’s something I’ve learned to live with. Fishing is the one thing that I can do where I don’t get all competitive or feel the need to excel at, and is a real saving grace for my stress level and helping me to relax. Dating, well, it definitely falls into the stuff I’m not good at category. I have never really “dated”, to be honest, at Uni, there was a girl from my study group, also pre-med, and well, we used to “hook up” from time to time. Then at the hospital in Sim City, there was a nurse, recently divorced with a child, and she and I had a thing, we would “get together” at the hospital in the supply closet or wherever we could find a few minutes alone. So, while I’m not completely inexperienced technically, well, I’m also a complete noob when it comes to actually dating a girl. And, since I’m bad at it, I just avoid it. The only girl I was ever really interested in, I mean, for more than just a physical thing, was Christine Goth, who chose Kaden over me. Man, that was hard, I was so bummed out over that and his getting captain of the bowling team too back then in high school, I almost let it ruin my friendship with Kaden, who was dealing with his mom dying around that time. It’s the most shameful thing I’ve ever done, and to this day, it’s the biggest regret in my life, that I was so selfish and self-involved that I wasn’t the kind of friend I should have been to Kaden back then. I guess it kind of put me off dating, but I’ve always pictured myself having a family someday, of course to do that, I kind of need to meet a nice girl and fall in love and get married, sigh. Yeah, I’m a total prize, right?-

    Settling in with mom and dad.

    Fishing with dad and the nephews.

    -Well, I’m getting the hang of working at the clinic now. And, it’s kind of got it’s own rewards, if I’m honest. Giving kids shots is not exciting, but I do have a way to kind of talk to them and explain about the shot using gaming terms or superheros they can relate to that helps them be less afraid most times. And I am helping people to get better, and taking care of the people in my community and providing a very necessary service to them. It does kind of make me feel really good inside, that I’m actually helping my patients and forming a relationship with them - that would never happen in an emergency room.
    Today a man presented himself at the check in desk and immediately collapsed, he had to have emergency surgery and it was a procedure I was very familiar with, so I was able to save his life. He has a family and, well, I felt a real sense of accomplishment, so I am finding my work here to ultimately be very fulfilling.-

    Running tests for a diagnosis.

    Analyzing a sample.

    Record keeping is not exciting, but it’s vital to a doctor.

    No, sweetie, no shots needed today.

    A patient collapses at the check-in desk.

    Dr. Denney performs emergency surgery.

    -Kaden called me and invited me to a house party where some recent college grads like us are sharing a house together. Christine was supposed to go with us, but she had some family thing at her grandmother’s in the city, so just Kaden and I went, he told me he would be my wing-man, whatever that meant.
    Apparently, it meant telling every available girl at the party I was very single and a doctor. I met some guys sure, but I talked to a lot of single girls my age, some I kind of already knew from grade school or high school.
    Jennie Parrish, (daughter of Elsa Bjergsen) Victor’s Ex lives there, wow is she hot, she’s an accomplished musician and extremely intelligent, the whole package. I’ve always admired creative people, people who can paint, write or are musical, I’m completely the opposite, I’m really bad at that kind of stuff, so people who are creative really fascinate me. And, yes, I totally get that I seem to have some kind of thing where I’m attracted to girls that are or were dating my friends. I’m not totally clueless, maybe it’s not my best attribute, but Jennie’s really hot, that red hair and those cute freckles. Man oh man!-

    Chatting with Jennie Parrish.

    -Dad had been looking for an excuse to have another fish fry, so I gave him one. I asked if I could throw a party, kind of a welcome home and congratulations on the new job type of thing. He and mom both jumped at the chance. So, I invited everyone around my age that either me, Kaden or Christine knew in the area. I was seriously hoping Jennie would come, but she totally bailed. Yeah, as I mentioned, I am a total loser when it comes to girls and dating.
    But, her roommate, Karla Sanders, (daughter of Angela Pleasant and, by the way, her father is the maid you may remember from an earlier post who was given a big tip by Kyle and Salim when he caught them both in the kitchen with their pants down, so to speak.) well, she did show up. And, well, she’s beautiful, smart, and a writer, she writes children’s books, and I talked to her quite a bit at that house party along with a bunch of other girls, but, well, her I remembered. And, I kind of think she likes me, she was flirting with me, I think, when I came in from the pool, I was still in my swimming trunks, so thank goodness I had hit the weigh machine before the party.-

    Meeting Karla Sanders at the earlier House Party.

    Hitting the weights before the party to pump up a bit.

    Austin did have a lot of guys at the party.

    Plenty of food, provided you like fish.

    Austin may have showed off his “assets” just a bit.

    -So, I went over to talk to Kaden, he’s like the closest friend I have and he’s kind of really experienced with dating. He knows how at least. When I told him that I was totally inept at dating and about my limited experience with girls, well, he was shocked, I guess, he said, wait, you mean those girls just, totally wanted to “do it” with you, but, like, with no strings attached? Pretty much, I said. Jeez, Austin, it must be nice to be so handsome, most of us guys have to literally profess undying love to get a girl to do it. Seriously, they just totally wanted to use you for your body, didn’t they? But I don’t think that it was really a question. No wonder you never dated, he said a bit exasperatedly, man, it must be nice to be you, just to get what you want and not have to spend money and time wooing a girl. You don’t need my advice, seriously, you are way ahead of me when it comes to girls, he said. No I’m not Kaden, not with the kind of girl who I can build a life with, someone who loves me, I replied, that’s not the same thing at all, trust me. Maybe, he said, still, I’m totally jealous of you right now, just saying. Don't be Kaden, I said, I bet you could have done it in Uni too if you hadn’t been in love with Christine, I mean, you have that, “aw gee, shucks” thing going and all that some girls like. Ha, yeah, must be tons of girls into that, right, he kind of said sarcastically. Seriously dude, don’t you get how jealous I was of you in high school? That you had Christine, that she was totally into you, I mean, no girl has ever felt like that about me, not ever, I explained. Then he said, the grass is always greener, I guess, and if I’m honest, well, I’m probably not cut out for casual woohoo, not really, not that any girl’s ever offered.
    Yeah, that grass is always greener thing stuck with me, Kaden did tell me some things about his dating experiences eventually. The thing is, I never in a million years would have imagined he would be jealous of me. Like, I think maybe it’s time I really made the effort to have a real relationship, one that’s not just based on physical attraction alone, you know?-

    Kaden and Austin have a man-to-man talk.

    -So, I mustered my courage finally and asked Karla out on a date, I was sweating like crazy, thank goodness it was a phone call is all I can say. She said “yes”. I just took her to that diner over by the bowling alley, I know it’s not fancy, but I really didn’t want her to just like me because I’m a doctor or because I take her to fancy places, I wanted her to like me for me, I guess. And, I wanted to try to get to know her and not just try to dazzle her, you know?
    The more we talked the more relaxed I got with her, she’s really gorgeous, like, as we talked and laughed, we laughed a lot, she got more and more attractive to me, plus I wanted to find out more about her too, I guess.
    By the time dinner was over, I really wanted to kiss her, like, OK, other stuff too sure, but I really was thinking about seeing her again and finding out more about her. She had this thing she did where she just touched my hand a couple times that literally sent an electric shot through my entire body. I’m totally serious, I have never felt anything like that before in my entire life and it made me feel happy and excited and a million other things I can’t even name. So, after I paid the bill and before we left, I just kissed her, not a big wet sloppy one, just a tentative kind of peck. Not the kind of kissing I’m used to, to be honest, but I was as nervous as a porcupine in a balloon factory, so that’s what I did, she was surprised I guess, but afterwards, she was all flushed too, so I think she really liked it, at least I hope so, I sure did.-

    Things are a bit awkward at first.

    But then the conversation begins to flow naturally.

    And they have some laughs together.

    Austin makes his move.

    -Shanna Frey had a baby, and I delivered it, she was early and her regular doctor couldn’t make it in time. I mean, she literally had the baby as soon as she got to the clinic. I was thrilled, I mean, I delivered my cousin’s baby. I brought her into this world. That’s something!
    And Omar Benali’s a total fraidy cat when it comes to shots, I mean, he was way worse than most of the kids I treat, just saying, the things you learn in this job, right.-

    Shanna is about to give birth.

    Austin examines Omar.

    Omar hates getting shots.

    -I’ve been spending time with my family, I’ve been telling them all that I’m keeping an eye on mom and dad and that they kind of need it. Roxie told me she was glad I was staying with them, she had been concerned for a while, I think. And Tucker, well, he has a full plate, what with a toddler and now trying to adopt Kane too. Plus, he was never the most perceptive one in the family. And Miranda, well, she’s just kind of odd, she and that guy are history, she apparently had a sort of friend with benefits, but he started getting serious, I guess, so she had to end things. See what I mean? Plus, she’s a single parent, which has to be hard, way harder than if you have a partner. Anyway, I want my parents to enjoy their golden years, and I plan to see to it that they stay healthy so they can for as long as possible.-

    Visiting his big sister.

    Getting to know Kane.

    @AlwaysAsking Kudos to you for being able to actually pull off a love triangle. As you may remember, when I tried to do that in this game with Kaden, Austin and Cristine, well, it fell flat. Cristine and Kaden had so much chemistry that poor Austin was left out in the cold, I even added Victor to the list of boys Cristine had no interest in.
    In an earlier save, I tried the same thing. One of the teen sons from my main family Carter had a BFF Sonny, and I tried to set up a live triangle between them and another teen girl in my game Cassie. I had maneuvered each of them so they had the beginnings of pink with Cassie and had all three of them get together at one of the houses. Well, I was having her flirt a bit with each boy separately and when I went to take care of the other household members and came back, Carter and Sonny were at the top of the stairs and were flirty and had way more pink between the two of them than they did altogether with Cassie. So, that was the end of that. Carter and Sonny did get happily married in my game later. So again, my hat’s off to you for being able to do it, I don’t seem to be able to! :D

    @Gordy An Orc! That's a new one, and good job at introducing some of the traditional lore attached to orcs in your game.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    Reality Kings Episode 12

    Two days after Jordan broke up with Morgan, Phoenix visited the Villareal mansion out of the blue. Jordan was delighted and wasted no time flirting with her.

    Show spoiler to see what happened next.
    Jordan invited her to his bedroom where they continued their flirty interactions...

    ...which led to "messing around" and sleeping with each other.

    Jordan woke up first, and as soon as Phoenix woke up too, he took the opportunity to ask her to be his girlfriend. She said yes!

    Shortly after officially going steady, they "messed around" again.

    Dane needed a bath after being struck by lightning!

    Alice, Eric, and Olivia decided to leave the mansion and buy their own house to have some privacy.

    Dane suddenly noticed signs of aging in his pet Bubalus, so he paid a visit to a vet clinic to buy an anti-aging treat for rodents. Now, his Bubalus is almost immortal!

    A ladder leading to the rooftop was built in Dane's bedroom. In the rooftop, he started building a rocket and placed a weather controlling machine which he's gradually upgrading.

    Bruce met up with Ava in an uninhabited lot in Sulani. Yes, that's the same Ava who messed up with Jordan and Erik! Bruce made romantic advances to which she made favorable responses.

    Show spoiler to see what happened next.
    They headed to the waterfall where they continued flirting with each other.

    Bruce really wanted her, so he invited her to "mess around" in the waterfall. Of course, they had to make the two strangers leave. That's where he lost his virginity to an older (and experienced) girl.

    Ava left afterwards...

    ...but Bruce stayed in Sulani to hang out with his cousins Dane and Erik so that he could tell them that he's no longer a virgin.

    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
    Episode 9
    Episode 10
    Episode 11
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    HOUSE IS DONE and on the gallery!!

    It's the first house I have built from scratch for years and I genuinely like it.
    "Unfortunately" the girls will only live in it until Nov 13th because well... then they'll move East. :)

    Anyway, pictures coming tomorrow!
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    Responses to stories:

    @haneul Your update on p 792 was so heartbreaking, poor Deli :( A lot of her thoughts and feelings hit quite close to home too.

    @Daephene Rinaldo and an alien from Batuu - what a love story! I nearly died from laughter :D

    @Lucy_Henley what a wonderful spooky day! I love the woohoo moodlets too, I wonder if they're based off traits or is there a secret woohoo skill :joy: Also this line Aretmis made:
    "It's not easy being good at lots of things," Artemis remarked. "You'd be spreading yourself a bit thin."
    Ugh, I feel that, except for me it's somewhere along the lines of "it's not easy to find enough time for lots of things" :sweat_smile: And oh god, Father Winter and Harvestfest! He really messed up his calendar, didn't he :D

    @Lyrie enjoyed your updates, as always! I love how thought through are your weddings, I would never have guessed sending my sims dress shopping but I definitely want to now! Also awwh, Perry and Pinky, even their names match <3

    @Daravi wow, I love the tree climbing CC, it looks so historically accurate :) What a beautiful wedding, congrats to Otto and Lea!

    @AlwaysAsking Oh my, so many drama, I don't even know what to say! But I'm glad that at least one Joey and Don are happy :)

    Responses to comments:

    Love that you're a WolfStar fan! And I love Harry Potter as well!
    Yup, WolfStar all the way! :) Thank you!

    I used to mess up posting a lot early on, the forum editing is very unforgiving I find. What I do now, is make my posts on a word or text document then just copy and paste to the forum, that way I just have to do a bit of format editing. I also do my comments to other posters like that on a separate text doc. That way I don’t accidentally mis-click and loose everything.
    Yeah, I think I'll start doing that too because... ughh, it's just painful :disappointed:
    And the other eternal question, what is canon? I find most movies made from books to be hit or miss. The Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings ones were both good IMHO. But one of my favorite books, it’s sci-fi, Dune by Frank Herbert, had dreadful movies and miniseries made from it.
    I'm a bit iffy about the Harry Potter films... they're good but they're nowhere near as good as the books ;) And movies based off books generally aren't, so I don't really consider them canon.
    Thank you!

    good luck with the novel, it sounds rad! Are you working on it for NaNoWriMo?
    Oh uh... yeah, I mixed that up a bit... I've left an explanation below and my writing and about my illustrating :D
    Gosh little Harry is so cute. Hee, I see his room uses a certain very suitable pack! Chewing on the book, oh dear XD
    Harry is so so sweet, seropis;y Yup, it does! I forgot to take screenies of the entire room but it's super cute too :relaxed:
    Does Remus have the Bookworm trait?
    Surprisingly neither of them have it... and yet they read every time they get a chance :D
    God I bet Harry would manage being an Animagus really easily... but what if he ended up being a cat XD
    WELL... that would be something :joy: Poor Sirius...
    Thank you! :)

    Oh wow! That is awesome news that you are writing a book now! Congratulations! I'm sure it will be amazing!
    Thanks! Yeah, I've always been writing stuff but I'm doing it a lil' more frequently now. But that novel I was talking about isn't mine, I'm just illustrating it... Anyway, I left an explanation below ;)
    This glimpse into Harry's Life is very sweet. All of the expressions, lol. Remus, so serious. I think he’s figuring out parenting isn't just a fun little hobby more quickly. Harry is cuter and cuter in each picture! I love his glasses on, and off. And “Mischief managed” made me lol!
    Oh, Remus was always serious about parenting! He's the voice of wisdom in the family while Sirius is the naive one :D Harry is adorable, I absolutely love playing with him :blush:
    Sirius is gorgeous by the way. He wasn’t quite that good looking in the movies! Lol
    Haha well... he seems very... old in the movies :sweat_smile: I mean he was only 30-ish something. But I blame the dementors for that. Anyway, here both him and Remus are 20-something, so they're even younger then Peter and Gwennie. Hence the young looks! :)
    Thank you!

    Okay a few people got it wrong when I said I'm writing and illustrating a book... :sweat_smile: I actually meant that I'm writing myself more frequently now but besides that I'm also illustrating my friends novel right now. And the plot that I was talking about is from her book. So I have even less free time. But it's worth it! It's her first book ever and it's amazingly written, very true to the life we live here. No too sugary or romanticizing, very down to earth and realistic but sweet and leaving off on a happy ending at the same time.

    And the funniest thing... guess what... it all started with the sims! :joy: I couldn't believe when she told me, but she's a simmer just like me, except she prefers the Sims 3. So one day while playing she noticed that the teenage boy living next door to her sims is constantly getting bullied by other sims. And since she had a teenage sim in the household as well, she made him protect the poor kid from the bullied and got them together eventually :blush: She even kept their hobbies, personalities and looks in the novel! What can I say, I love the sims :joy:<3

    Obviously we won't be able to actually publish it because uh... that would've been a little bit risky here in Russia, but we wanted to print it out nonetheless and I'm working on the illustrations :) It's quite time-consuming but very fun at the same time.

    By the way - I created toddler prototypes of the characters in the sims 4!
    The ginger one is Roman (Romka for short, he's my bby and must be protected at all costs, she nearly killed him at one point and I'll never forgive her for doing that :D), the black haired one is Daniyar (Danik for short). They're a bit more alpha then I usually make my toddlers because the author hates maxismatch and I was trying to lure her into playing the sims 4 with those pics :D
    I'm gonna leave some more pics under the cut if anyone wants a little bit more of toddler cuteness ;)
    The pics were taken in a metro/subway because that's where they first met :)

    "Heyy, it's a bit dark and gloomy here, don't you think?"

    "Yeah... scary..."

    Aaaand off to the woods! Because they did a lot of camping in the novel :)

    Romka has a little scar on his cheek because he had quite a tough childhood :(

    But now he has Danik who makes him happy! :)

    They're expressions are seriously hilarious :D


    Baby chats!


    Best friends :relaxed:

    Babies <3

    "Okay, the ads are sent, kitties for free! Now all we need to do is wait till someone wants them..."
    "Daddyyyy, we're not giving away kitties!"
    "Rhi, that's mine!"

    "Honey, we can't afford four cats! And look at Victoria - she's clearly shocked!"
    "But Daddy, Daddy! They're so cute! Eebie stop pushing me!"

    "Well I know they're cute but they eat a lot."
    "Ugh, Toffee, stop rubbing on my legs..."
    "Mom, Rhi took my cookie!"

    "Too late, I ate it!"

    "You're weak!" Ianto yelled, annoyed with his sister. She did it! Again! Has this child got no boundaries?
    "Well... well you're mean then!" Rhi sticked out her tounge. That got Ianto very mad.

    "Control! Your! Diet!" he yelled. Rhi wailed.
    "What does that even mean!?"
    "Means your teeth'r gonna hurt! Or you'll get diabeetes!"
    "You're mean, you're mean, you're mean and I don't know what do you mean-"

    More under the cut:
    "Ianto! Let! GO! Mommy, Daddy, help!!"

    "Spit it out..."

    Peter groaned.
    "Ianto, let go of Rhi... Anyway, we're not keeping the kittens."

    "Yeah, you're quite a handful already, trust us..."

    "Tell you what - we'll make sure to give them to homes with kids of your ages. Then you can be friends and visit them and the kittens on playdates!"
    The kids immediately stopped fighting over Rhi's cookie diet.
    "Rhi?" Ianto whispered. "They think we're stupid, they trying to trick us-"
    "Okay Daddy!" Rhi smiled. Ianto sighed. His sister was stupid,

    "Well that wasn't so hard now, was it..."

    "Eebie!" Rhi suddenly whispered. "Look!"
    The kids quietly gasped.


    "Mommy, Daddy, it's snowing!"

    It was snowing indeed. Winter has come to Brindleton Bay.

    My parents had an interesting tactic when it came to survival. They were broke, but we had a huge house. They were broke, but our rooms were filled with toys. They were broke, but it was almost like they were trying to hide that.

    I suppose they were just trying to compensate for always being busy. And I did see that it forced them to make sacrifices, because the kitchen-dining-living area stayed in an unfinished state for ages and they had huge debts to pay each months and we had to be very careful with how much electricity or water we spent.

    It worked on Rhi - I'm pretty sure she was oblivious of our financial state, falling asleep in her princess-like bedroom with anything a child could dream for. But it didn't trick me. I knew we were hitting a financial crisis. And I hated that my parents ignored it so bluntly,

    "Just look at this tree, kiddo's! Got the best one on the market!"
    "How much did it cost?"
    "How much?"

    "Peter, are you sure he's two years old?.."

    "I'm not sure about anything nowadays..."

    If only they let me figure out the budget for them.


    "I'm gonna miss you so much, unnamed kitty!"

    I always had an admiration for animals. And I think they liked me back as well. At least more then they ever liked Rhi.

    "Daaad, do we have to let them go..."
    "I'm afraid there's no other option, Yan."

    "But they need their mommy and daddy!"
    "Well... they'll forget about them."

    "But that's not fair, you're breaking a family!"
    "Yan, it's just how things are done, okay?.."

    "But dad..."
    "Ianto. No."

    We always had quite a lot of pets. Cats, dogs, hamsters and stuff. And sometimes we had to let them go. It was always hard for Rhi because she had one less thing to cuddle. It was hard for me because I felt responsible for not being able to make them stay.

    "Nearly done..."
    The holiday season was always special in our family.

    They always made such a big deal how Christmas is uncle Thor's favorite holiday and how it was our grandpa's last holiday and how many wonderful things happened during the holiday season.

    You can tell by my tone that I was always the Grinch to spoil everything.

    "There we go!"

    "Stand for a picture, kiddo's! One cute little donut and one spicy little latte coming right up for grandpa and Peggy to see!"
    But that holiday season changed everything.

    And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

    It all started on black Sunday.
    (Nope, not Friday, Sunday was the best day on the week on the sims calendar to make a discount day :tongue:)

    The snow was falling, the wind was freezing, no sane person would ever go out on a weather like that so of course we had to go Christmas shopping.

    I always hated leaving the house but on that day I'm glad I did.

    "Okay kiddo's, ready to pick out some presents for you uncle and aunts?"
    "Can't we pick for ourselves?"
    "Oh Rhi, that wouldn't be fun..."

    "Can I get a lollipop still?"
    "Alright, alright, you can get a lollipop..."

    "Hey Yan, do you want a lollipop?"
    "I like my teeth, thank you."
    "...Okay, whatever suits you, bud!"

    "EEBIE! Eebie look, look at the tree, look!"

    "It's so huuuge..."

    "I'm so excited for Christmas! I bet Santa's gonna bring us lots-n-lots of toys!"
    "Rhi... we have lots-n-lots of toys..."

    "Well sweets then! I bet he'll bring us lots-n-lots of sweets!"
    "You can't be eating lots-n-lots of sweets, Rhi..."

    "Oooh, Mommy and Daddy got to the lollipop store! Mommy, Daddy, I want the big pink one!!"

    I remember that moment very clear. Not a single soul around, Rhi running up to our parents, me blankly staring at her, feeling that something is incredibly wrong.

    "Rhi, wait up... wait up, Rhi..."

    I hurried after my sister when suddenly I heard a strange buzzing noise coming near a dark tree. It felt... weird. Abnormal, even.

    I don't know why, but it made me stop and look.

    And as I turned, I realised I wasn't at the market anymore.

    "Uh... Rhi?.."

    There was no snow. Only the cold ground, dark dead trees and strange lights.

    Now I know that I fell through a rift straight into Forgotten Hollow. Back then I didn't have a clue to what was going on.

    Suddenly, I saw funny-looking creatures in the distance. They made strange hissing noises and their eyes glowed in the dark.

    "I smell human..."
    "Search for human... SEARCH for HUMAN!.."

    I was about to come closer and investigate the weird looking creatures, when suddenly something approached me from behind and grabbed me.


    I felt a cold hand covering my mouth. It was very cold, colder then any hand should ever be. And for whatever reason, that make me stop screaming immediately.

    Together we silently watched the creatures perch up, sniff around but quickly leave.

    Trembling and feeling chills go down my spine, I was unable to move. I was cold and I was shaking but I wasn't scared - for some reason I felt safe.

    As the creatures continued going their way, I slowly shifted my eyes up, trying to figuring out who was holding me. It looked like a man - but at the same time it didn't. I got the same feeling I did when I saw Remus Lupin for the first time - except this time it was stronger. Whoever was holding me was most definitely NOT human. I quietly called him the Stranger.

    I remember how I saw the Stranger back then very clearly. His hands were cold, but soft and gentle. His eyes were big and sad. His ears were pointy and so was his hair. And he had a big scar on his cheek in a form of a cross - almost as if someone grabbed one and pushed against him. He held me and I felt that he was very, very kind. Perhaps a little sad, but kind.

    We just stood there, waiting for the creatures to leave. I tried to get so quiet I nearly stopped breathing.

    When they disappeared in the distance, the Stranger let me go.
    "You shouldn't be here." he said.
    "I know, I'm two, I can't be outside without grownups. So why am I here then?"

    For a moment he paused. Then shortly replied.
    "You fell through the rift."

    "Where am I? What is this? You're an adult, help!"

    He gave me a pensive look, as if he remembered something rather important.
    "This is Forgotten Hollow... You... get back. The rift isn't closed yet. I... I can't be outside without grownups too. I should go."

    He looked frightened - like he's going to get in trouble. I thought that was funny - seeing as he's a grownup himself.
    "What, will you get grounded too?"

    He nodded, looking even more frightened.
    "Grounded. I should be there... before they come."
    "Where do you live?"

    He looked around, almost as if he was lost, then pointed into the midst.
    "Hill. Castle. See?"

    "That's where I live."

    On those words he left. I just blankly stared, watching him go.

    "What... What's your name?"

    He turned and quietly replied.
    "I'm Ianto, nice to meet you."
    He gave me a slight nod and left. That's how I met Caleb for the first time.

    "Wait... so how do I get back-"


    I quickly turned. The freezing wing blew into my face again and my eyes began hurting from all of the bright snow around.

    I was back in Brindleton Bay.

    "What were you doing over there, buddy? C'mon, lets go Christmas shopping!"

    For the first time, I was genuinely unsure what to reply. So I just nodded.

    "I'm telling you, Rhi, I teleported!"
    I tried telling my parents about what happened and of course they just thought it's another silly game of mine. I expected that kind of reaction. But my sister... Surely she should've, I thought. Surely she had to.

    "That sounds like a fun game, we can play it if you want!"
    "But it's not a game, Rhi... I really did teleport!"

    "You're so funny, Ianto! But your stories won't work on me, I'm not stupid!"

    "But Rhi, there was a man, there was a man with big sad eyes..."

    "Ohh, did you make an imaginary friend?"

    "You are the stupidest person in the whole wide world, Rhi."

    I said a lot of hurtful things to my sister. After all, it's not like it was her fault. We were just from different worlds, that's all...

    "Stupid Rhi. Stupid Mom. Stupid Dad. Everyone stupid!"

    "Oh I'm sure it's not true..."
    "They are!!"

    "No one believes I can teleport... no one believes about Caleb..."

    "But you believe, don't you, grandpa? You believe me?"

    "Of course I do. And you can tell me all about your incredible adventures in the morning, okay?"

    No one believed me, so I just had to imagine someone who would've. Because I was sure that if he was alive, he'd believe me. Of course he would.

    Not related to the story but I totally forgot to share this adorable picture of the tots earlier! :open_mouth:

    Also I wanna post every day now waaaaaa :weary:
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    Becka28 wrote: »
    Now my sims are just messing with me - Quin and Rohan are the most romantic sims I have and no autonomous proposal. So I get one in my build save (of all places) and now one in my Not so Berry save. GRRR they are all laughing at me I swear. Serve the mint sim right - he is evil and a dance machine plus an alien! (actually I really like him and so does she).
    I don't know if you got them to do it yet, but my little romantic lot is up now, lol! You just have to remember to activate the paintings and ice buckets. :wink:


    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 480 Member

    I love this tree-cc, and I'm glad this one isn't broken, because it's my favourite. It was made by Around the Sims 4. I've downloaded the digsite as Dollhouse too, but unfortunately this cc has caused a bug, that I couldn't seen the debug items anymore. For me as a builder is this a no-go.

    This christmas market is so cute, I've got goosebump and sweet memories when I saw it. Well I've got these too when I saw these fearsome vampires. Ianto, please, watch out your steps. Poor Rhi, it must be hard too loose these cute kitties.

    In my game, I've learned that all my saved houses and character aren't in the library anymore, and it took a while to save them again, one house and several rooms are lost forever, but it's okay. I have some variation of them, except from my light blue dining room.
    At the moment I'm a little bit out of my comfortzone with building a school. It's a "smaller"and "adapted" version of my primary school once, but I have to rethink the interior design. I'm not finished with this, but here are two pictures.


    At the same time somehow the idea of replaying this challenge has manifested in my mind. But this time I want to start in a already build version from the specific decade, together with all my other decade buildings I've made so far. So I don't have to make longer pauses to build something needed.


    A park, an iceskating location and a park restaurant.
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    edited November 2020
    Reality Kings Episode 13

    Manuel visited Dane's residence where he met Dennis Kim and his wife Deauxma who happens to be his girlfriend Summer's aunt.

    When Deauxma asked Manuel about Summer, this was his response:

    Dane and Manuel played chess and practiced acting together.

    Dane installed some upgrades in his weather-controlling machine.

    Summer and her mom visited Manuel's residence where they met Manuel's family. There was even an unexpected guest (a neighbor who was attracted by the smell of food).

    With the earnings of Manuel's mom as a Civil Servant (now retired) and of his father as a painter, they were able to move out into a larger apartment (with two floors this time) in Fashion District. Manuel and Mick were still sharing a bedroom, but at least their apartment now has a balcony where they could grill European delicacies.

    Travis Scott and Liberty Lee got married, and they moved out of the BFF household to live in San Myshuno where Liberty could continue her career as a Charity Organizer and Scott as "The Next Big Thing." Summer called Manuel who came immediately.

    Show spoiler to see what happened next.
    The two of them had a date in a beach in Sulani.

    They wanted some privacy, so they swam to the waterfall area where they could make love to each other without being disturbed by strangers.

    They swam back to the beach to continue their quality time together.

    Dane, together with Bruce and Erik, visited Manuel in his new apartment, and met Mick for the first time. Dane provided a free bathroom upgrade service while the others were busy talking downstairs.

    The five of them went to Discotheque Pan Europa to hang out.

    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
    Episode 9
    Episode 10
    Episode 11
    Episode 12
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    Playing catching up again

    First of all, there is my new house, finally satisfied with it AND it looks good for a container home.
    Welcome to the Shipping Views:

    I do LOVE some of the small touches in the game, like a Sim you have a high relationship score with can just drop by to give your Sim a spontaneous gift. Lesley must have made quite an impression; that's the gym trainer that just dropped by to give her a gift:

    I am by no means an expert in making Woohoo, but I THINK actual exploding hearts and the other person having VERY wobbly knees are good signs you are doing something right, right? Agathe looks quite pleased with herself...

    Lesley making all kinds of friends in the new house:

    A Swimming tale in two acts with sharp contrasts:

    And finally, the main event of today! Finally time for a wedding!
    ...OF COURSE it's raining on their wedding day, but no, that does not make it ironic (anyone getting that reference is OLD. Like me).

    Btw Agathe got a giggling fit when getting married; it was super-adorable but I have never seen it before. I wonder if it's because she's Romantic? I usually don't use that trait.
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    I'm going to leave a few comments before this update, but I am not going to get to every post from the past two weeks. Hopefully i won't miss any questions y'all have asked me.

    Oh, and to any who were wondering... Rinaldo and his alien wife Valad have a baby girl! She was born between rotations so I'm going to change her name when she ages up to toddler. I'm leaning towards Zelda or Xena. Genetically she's going to be a combination of Rinaldo and what her mother looked like as a human, but I did go in and change all of Valad's outfits so she looks like an alien all the time. We'll just say that Zelda/Xena is like Finnian and Gillian - half alien but you can't tell by looking at them. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the family for right now because they can't stay in the retirement village... but that's a problem for the next rotation.

    I caught part of a conversation about woohoo quality and I can't remember who all was involved, but I think the main determiners are mood and maybe needs, with a healthy dose of randomness. Like an uncomfortable sim is more likely to get the embarrassed moodlet for inadequate woohoo (especially if uncomfortable because of low energy), and a flirty mood makes it more likely you'll get a spectacular woohoo moodlet. Happy moodlets might say "good woohoo" or "spectacular woohoo" and usually a couple will either have the same, or one of each, or they both get some flavor of embarrassed. But I have had one sim embarrassed and their partner thought it was spectacular at the same time. I love it because it makes them seem more individual.

    @SwanSong93 I like this photo collage thing you have going. It's a nice way to present your shots. I love that Summer is central to your story, as we don't see the BFF household all that often in this thread. She and Manuel seem to be having a great time.

    @Becka28 I know how you feel about the game messing with you. I once spent a ton of time trying to get Gunther Munch to die in the pool that came with Get Famous and it took about 40 tries with it full of piranha and sharks. Then I had Walker jump in once when it was full of koi and he died the first time. Needless to say I quit without saving, and I was extremely irritated! Hopefully Quinn and Rohan will cooperate for you soon.

    @sunblond Thanks! I usually enjoy my elder household, but I don't think I'll take them to Granite Falls again. It was fun for the time it took to take those pictures and then I didn't know what to do next. But most of the time I fill their days with club outings and hobbies and I think it's a much nicer way for them to live out their last days.
    I love your part about Austin asking Kaden for advice and Kaden getting jealous. The grass is always greener indeed! And the date with Karla was pretty adorable. I hope things work out!

    @AlwaysAsking You and your Dons... lol. I hope Joey's has learned his lesson!
    Morgan is in the musician branch of the entertainment career, but in her early YA days she spent more time skilling up in guitar and singing than she did trying for promotions. I always forgot to have her work on comedy skill before she got to the part where the career branched. So she's a bit behind career-wise but she's getting there. The track-mixing table that came with Get Famous ought to push her fame a little better, and she's also started writing songs on the guitar. Juno is a scientist, she has a woodworking hobby but that's her only creative outlet.
    You'll see my ghost household again soon! I didn't quite get there before Halloween as I wanted to, but they're just a few households away now.
    Athena's ghost is apparently still a member of the Grandma and Kids club, because she called someone to ask if they wanted to join... but I haven't seen her anywhere. I'm not sure if unplayed ghosts leave the lot they are on though, unless invited by someone who still knows them.
    I definitely took that picture of Rinaldo at the campfire just for you. :) The potion of youth just resets a sim to the beginning of their current lifestage, so it won't keep them around forever or get them to an earlier life stage. Honestly, I think it's Batuu that allows for woohoo in the dwelling without wearing out the elders. He also got a happy moodlet about romance on an alien planet that said something about "it's like being in a movie!" So maybe they didn't want elders to be left out of that.
    I would have been very impressed if you did remember about Erick, because before this post I may have posted like one picture of him at work. I just had to know if the reference was a intentional or a happy accident. I don't think an intentional comment could have been any funnier.

    @Gordy I started making aliens who looked like orcs once, but stopped because I don't do CAS much and I got frustrated. Walker looks great! I kept waiting for the dragon though...

    @Metior_Ice Sorry you lost your save and all the work you'd put in! But it sounds like you got right to work creating the new one. Look forward to hearing how this one goes.

    @Lyrie Pinky and Perry are sweet! While going through the pictures posted below I kept thinking of your Rainbow and Hazel... I guess it's because you take so many cute childhood shots. I think Noelle would love to be friends with them!

    @BlueSeaWaves Yes, aliens can wipe memories. And they can do it autonomously. I'm going to have to take "use alien powers" off the one club's activity list, or else only have the club meet when I'm playing the alien, or it's going to get annoying.
    I am enjoying your story! I hope everything goes well for the new again family.

    @Beardedgeek Lovely wedding! I hope you enjoy the house for a while before you feel compelled to move them to the mountain! The ladies look lovely.

    So, on to my update for the weekend. This will be about Dr. Erick Andreas.
    I mostly play him as a pediatrician, unless there are no child patients or he needs something for promotion that can only be done on adult patients.

    He performed his first surgery this week.
    It was a success!

    He is currently a single father raising his daughter Noelle.

    I put a bunch of pictures of child Noelle under the spoiler.
    My favorite is this one of her bopping to her music while sitting at her art table.

    She also uses the table for its intended purpose.

    She's not too sure about roller skating yet.
    The rink is right across the street so she'll have plenty of opportunity to practice.

    Just looking cute.

    Life with a single dad sometimes means cake for breakfast. No complaints here!

    She has a weird little pet named Bubba.

    And she's also very sweet with her dolls.
    Although she's comforting that one after she attacked it with a dragon, so maybe sweet isn't the word?

    But she does love her unicorn.

    She spends lots of time with Dad. Rainy days are good for concentrating on homework.

    And they eat together all the time.

    And watch sports together, and I love the looks they're giving each other here.

    Meanwhile I created a community space in Magnolia Promenade that in its generic form works as a little park. Technically I downloaded and heavily edited.

    Erick likes it because he can gather all of his kids to shoot hoops. Or play with toy cats on the basketball court, whatever.

    His two teenage sons live with their mother, Billie Jang. Noelle and Esau spent some time getting to know each other.

    I am not sure the updated hairstyle suits Jacob as well as the old version.

    And that's about it! No amorous alien adventures this time! Hope you all have a fantastic week!
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 4,559 Member
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    @Daephene Oh I do like it a lot. However there is one other reason to move eventually; this house only have ladders, and I want them to adopt at least two puppies. Dogs (nor cats) can do ladders... (Also speaking of the mountain: As excited as I am for that I realized as soon as I had them vising a Sulani beach how much I miss that world. Sulani is probably where they will end up, I feel, because quite frankly 90% of my Sims end up there. If you can live in Hawaii, why would you ever ever live anywhere else? :) )

    Edit: And thank you. They are gorgeous, I think, and this is always one of my problems. I am WAY too likely to turn my Sims into vampires or keep taking the potion of youth because I don't want them to die.
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    I accidentally killed my sim a few minutes ago. She’s living on an off the grid lot, so after work I sent her to the library to do some programming but I didn’t realize her hunger needs were low. When she got back to her lot, I sent her to shower and that’s when she died. I’m playing the super sim challenge and of course I forgot to save after about an hour of playing. So I lost an hour of progress. I cheated almost everything back to where she was, thanks to UI cheats but unfortunately she’ll have to write 10 books again for her royalties. What a mess. 😅
    Origin ID: Bosslady216
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    Just made my first same sex couple! Rain and her girlfriend Kari


    The Best of Hunni's Builds
    Feel free to follow my builds!!!!!!:)
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,388 Member
    @AlwaysAsking I never saw that long comment - the notifications on this site are so hit and miss! I am planning to download the park - though not for Quin and Rohan. In the end I forced them to do things my way - but you have to wait a few updates. I made it special as I had to make it happen :)

    @SimmerMars ouch - I hate losing work because I have to go back to the last save point - especially when I have to redo some skill grinding. And because my sim was too stupid not too eat! Poor you.

    Update post today.
    Quin and Rohan entered their 2nd semester of uni - Quin still hasn't told Rohan he is on probation but he works harder than ever.

    One of my favourite things about Island Living is the sims finally got a proper swim animation so they swim like a person actually would - instead of the weird mangled dog paddle from base game. Why did they think that was a good animation????
    Liberty Lee also appreciates the animation of Quin and Rohan swimming. Gunther is not a fan.
    So do the paparazzi...

    More gym fun...
    Poor Brent looks so sad watching them (in this save he left Brant, Mcc did it, and I think he regrets it).
    These are also good animations from IL

    They also work out seriously...
    or as seriously as Quin gets - he likes hip bumping that bag.
    Unfortunately, a crowd gathers wherever he goes.
    Eventually it gets all too much for Quin who begs for privacy he doesn't get...
    Poor Orange is wondering why he isn't getting any attention anymore - Nalani fainted from seeing Quin, there wasn't room to faint in the next room because too many sims fainted.
    Rohan (being a loner) had hid somewhere and I couldn't find him- thankfully, Quin went straight to where he was as they just can't bare being apart for more than 10 minutes.

    Uni continues...
    and they continue with their skill building
    Makeup advice was trending this month - Quin was happy to oblige..
    Various children of Quin keep visiting - Quin loves to play but hates to lose at table tennis.
    I am annoyed that I bought him this bike - the way sims use it at the wrong time and place is annoying - but Quin loves it.
    Ekram is also a constant visitor
    Rohan is happy to see his grandfather
    Sometimes... but not when he is mean
    Quin hides in the utility room,,,
    Unfortunately, Ekram finds him and continues to put Quin down and break up the relationship.
    Rohan, stands up for Quin and asks Ekram to leave

    Quin confesses
    Quin worked extra hard this semester and everything he handed in was outstanding, he didn't skiplectures for woohoo and took notes at all of them but what Rohan didn't know while defending Quin is that he got 2 Es and an F and has been suspended from uni for next semester....
    Quin can't take having such a secret anymore and confesses - he is sure Rohan will be angry and leave him
    Rohan is NOT angry...
    We all need a Rohan in our lives
    Rohan most certainly does not want to leave Quin - he has this whim since they moved in together ages ago.

    What about Morgyn....
    One thing that can be said about Morgyn is that they never give up...
    Rohan tries ignoring
    But then Morgyn just flirts with him (I think Morgyn loves a challenge and Rohan has never liked Morgyn, mainly because Morgyn is a potential rival for Quin's affection - he hated Max too) Being flirted with always winds Rohan up.
    Though today Rohan just gives him a ÿou mean nothing to me" look.
    Quin has that please save me - not again look.
    Rohan is not afraid to fight for his man and Quin finds it impossible to resist a good flirt.
    Morgyn really really tries to get Quin to pay attention
    Yelling at Quin isn't going to help.
    Well it helps Rohan..

    Weekend in Sulani
    They enjoyed a visit to Sulani - I love Rohan's face in this shot.
    This sim can't believe his favourite celeb is here.
    Rohan gets an early start on study for next semester.
    While Quin does some nude sunbathing.
    Quin rolled over onto his back - this poor sim nearly had a heart attack from excitement.
    He did the fainting from seeing a celebrity thing and his face landed straight on Quin's crotch and was covered by the pixelation. It looked like a rather rude public act of celebrity worship was going on!! I laughed so hard I couldn't screenshot it - and it was probably too naughty for the forum anyway.
    This sim was not amused!
    Some wholesome Sulani fun.
    The snobby dolphin that showed talk options all greyed out.
    They had fun regardless.
    The romantic postcard shot.

    Finally romantic cuteness
    I asked Rohan to tend the garden. He came upstairs and did this....
    and then asked Quin to go downstairs to woohoo. Never knew Tend the garden was a euphemism LOL

    Another non proposal romance festival...
    I assume Quin is suggesting they "tend the garden" when they get home.

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