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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    @Swansonbroth Carlos aged up to a teen in my last story post, there are some photos of him as a teen under the spoilers too.
    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    Well... I am a bad builder so designing a new home big enough for dogs, cats and future kids and still being echo friendly AND good looking takes time. Been wrestling with it for several days.

    Finally getting somewhere.
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    @sunblond I see. The images you posted did not load the first time I checked.

    @Metior_Ice What's with that trait combo? I thought even energized Sims could also get tired?
    Note: I recently purchased more contents in addition to those I mentioned in a previous post-- Cats & Dogs, My First Pet, Vampires, Realm of Magic, Backyard, and Vintage Glamour.
    Reality Kings Episode 8

    Erik lives in a cheap apartment (full of rats!) in Fashion District (San Myshuno) with his parents who are both Caterers (Culinary Career Level 3). Just like Manuel and Bruce, he is a teenager aspiring to become an actor.

    Dane is Erik's half-brother. His father, now married to Vivian Lewis, is the ex-husband of their mother. They separated after Dane's father found out that Erik is not his son. Unlike his half-brother, Dane lives a luxurious life in a mansion with an extended family consisting of his father, stepmom (Vivian), Eric Lewis, Alice Spencer-Kim, Olivia Kim-Lewis, Dennis Kim, and Deauxma Lee-Kim (Liberty Lee's mother; Summer Holiday's aunt; Dennis Kim's wife). Just as he looks, he is a geek with lots of books in his room and a pet Bubalus that he named ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

    Dane and Manuel met at school, and the latter was invited to the mansion. The two became friends, and when Dane learned that Manuel is in the school's Drama Club, he decided to join too.

    Jordan's mom had a date with Jacques during one Romance Festival. Jordan and the children of Jacques were also there.

    Jacques unexpectedly proposed, and they got married right away for their children to watch. Jordan and his mom joined the Villareal household.


    Jordan stayed for a while, hoping to find a girlfriend. He met Morgan Fyres and flirted with her, but she went home too soon.

    And Jordan was really embarrassed.

    Markus came, and they hung out in Planet Honey Pop!

    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
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    SwanSong93 wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice What's with that trait combo? I thought even energized Sims could also get tired?

    The Dance Machine Trait increases the rate of energy gain.

    For example, all Merfolk can sleep in the water. Merfolk with the Dance Machine trait will gain energy faster sleeping in the water.

    Anywhere a Sim can Disco Nap or sleep, they gain more energy faster. Lazy sims can nap almost anywhere.

    With a Lazy, Dance Machine combo, sims can gain energy almost anywhere and faster than other sims.

    There is a major downside. Lazy Sims hate exercise.

    Sorry about this edit: The reason Kylen isn't overweight... In fact, the reason almost all my merfolk sims look fit has a lot more to do with the way I design my house and play in Sulani. I give them base features, but they look the way they do because they spend so much time swimming.

    In my legacy household, Kylen gets around the house by swimming. This effectively makes him exercise without an exercise interaction being formed. Because he's swimming to get to Point B from Point A, he's maintaining his weight without performing an exercise interaction. The act of swimming counts toward fitness even if he isn't swimming laps.

    Dylan, Zephyr, and Calum lived on a waterfront property and regularly went for swims on their own.

    So, the lazy trait can result in a very out of shape sim if they eat badly and don't exercise.
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    Xavier Elcone proposed to Payton Kurtz, and she accepted!. It wasn't a very romantic setting, but they were in love, so it didn't matter. The wedding was held in his back yard, and his house was rather cramped, bare, and decidedly not photogenic. The wedding was nevertheless a success. It turns out that Payton and her brother are quite wealthy compared to the Elcones, with too many furnishings much too rich for his abode. Since she aspires to be a Mansion Baron, they agreed to sell Xavier's new house and move back into Granada Place in Oasis Springs. Payton's occupation was a Freelance Artist. She isn't all that skilled, so [given the bug in Freelance careers] that isn't going to work for her anymore. Much to her distaste, if she wishes to continue, she will have to start at the bottom of the conventional Painter career. To sweeten the deal, Xavier convinced everyone to have Hibbert move in with them to mentor his new bride. Payton's brother Mathias, who will continue to live with them, wants to be a Master Chef, and everyone thinks he can do better than the part-time Food Service Clerk position he has. Xavier may be able to mentor him, too, so this marriage looks like a promising merger of wealth and skill, as well as romance.
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    Breaking news! Toddler having a tantrum is headed right towards this dollhouse and boy does he look angry! We now turn to our reporter on the scene to describe what's going on.
    Thanks Doodly, it is pure pandemonium down here! He's killing everyone he sees! Women, children, no one is safe here! This looks like it's going to be my last broadcast!
    18 Brave Dolls lost their lives that day. We will never forget their sacrifice.
    And in the real world, Grim is enjoying this nice news report about another Alien invasion going on. That sure happens a lot.
    Speaking of Grim, he really needs to hone his Lightsaber skill so he can be ready for his next battle.....Because his one sparring partner is gone....We'll never forget you Darth Vader.
    Sabrina: "Alright kids, I'm going to work. Don't go messing up the house while I'm gone! Because we know your dad won't lift a finger to clean."
    Literally 12 seconds later.
    Hunter: "What are you cooking today, dad?"
    Grim: "Something new I've never tried before. Never heard of this dish, so it'll surely be an experience for us all."
    Grim: "Voila, Meatballs!"
    Hunter: "...............................................With no Spaghetti or anything?"
    Aww look, even Anakin gets to have a Meatball.
    Grim: "Hey Kiddo, just checking to make sure you're safe."
    Grim: "Hmm, keep forgetting I have Darth Vader's lightsaber on display right there for any of my kids to just grab and hurt themselves with."
    Grim: "Well I personally think that Lightsaber brings some nice feng shui to the room....So I'll just keep an extra close eye on you."
    Oh looks like it's time for Hunter's favorite show!......I don't know what it is, I can't read Simlish.
    Oh look, Aunt Sonya came to visit aga-And she's pregnant again.
    Grim: "Haven't you neglected enough children in your lifetime?"
    Sonya: "I think I can neglect two or three more."
    Well at least Hunter's decent enough at taking care of Anakin while Sabrina's gone.
    Oh also, it was Talk like a Pirate Day. Grim accomplished his task of talking like a pirate.
    Sabrina: "Oh Sonya, it's nice to see that we're both due on the same day! I'm sure our kids will be the best of friends and be upstanding members of society."
    Sonya: "Yeah, upstanding society, that's for sure."
    Well it's Hunter's birthday, which means Grim gets to bake the cake! Gotta get his good cooking wine out for this.
    Grim: "Wait wait, what are you eating?"
    Hunter: "Cake."
    Grim: "But I'm making you a cool birthday cake!"
    Hunter: "Yeah, but I'm hungry Now."
    Sabrina: "I'm siding with Hunter on this one. If I want cake then I want cake NOW, not an hour from now."
    Grim: "Well is THAT cake shaped like a hamburger? I don't think so!"
    Hunter: "Wait, Hamburger Cake? That looks so cool!"
    And so Hunter aged up to a Young Adult and ate TWO cakes that day.
    Grim: "Oh no, your mother has gone into labor!"
    Sabrina: "Oh I'm fine, don't worry about me. Just continue celebrating your birthday. I'll just be over here screaming alone."
    Hospital takes too long, might as well pop that baby out in the crib they already owned.
    Voila, Jewel Reaper was born.
    Sabrina: "Aww, I will do everything I can to nurture this baby instead of neglecting it like Sonya!"
    So of course they took another family photo and now Casey has been demoted to holding Anakin.
    Well I mean.....Grim could've held one of the babies for this photo.
    But of course, who else but Grim?
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    Now my sims are just messing with me - Quin and Rohan are the most romantic sims I have and no autonomous proposal. So I get one in my build save (of all places) and now one in my Not so Berry save. GRRR they are all laughing at me I swear. Serve the mint sim right - he is evil and a dance machine plus an alien! (actually I really like him and so does she).
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    Rylan Kailani got promoted to being a marine biologist and now he is stuck at work. I have exited the game entirely, gone to manage worlds, entered CAS, traveled to a new lot, and tried to make him leave work early. He's severely bugged because he is at work but controllable on the home lot, but only the home lot.

    Given the current bugged nature of the situation and the increased difficulty that comes with the way things are set up. I will bring Dylan and Zephyr back from the dead and go back to a lighter gameplay without the darker stuff to worry about. I did learn a lot from the Kailani household, and I'm thinking of keeping some of them around in the new save.

    I'm thinking of keeping Reef, Sara, Kylen, Rylan, Aaron, and Lir.

    Ashley never really did anything noteworthy and Cole was almost as unnoteworthy. Loch wasn't a bad addition to the game, but he was also forced. I think twins make the gameplay interesting, but they also have a way of making the gameplay more challenging. I think in the future I won't try for the twins as often. After having them become so common in my game with minimal effort, I think intentionally trying to have 10 generations of twins might've been an insane idea. I just wanted the triple play achievement with sims even if it is easier with pets. At the end of the day, that was my main motivation.

    I'm probably going to touch up the way the Kailani's look and share the household. They will be extras in future saves. It'll probably take a while to reset all the lots developed for the Kailani Legacy and save them to the gallery. The new save will have auto-aging turned off.

    I just need to think of a way to end this chapter of the story. Dylan and Zephyr's spirits were successfully set free, and if Rylan didn't glitch like he did, I would not be considering this.
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    Not to spam, but I will add this. I have respect for people that try to do legacy challenges, especially if they do anything extra to increase the difficulty.

    For those who do a legacy challenge, the "Cursed" lot trait alone will make things so much harder on a normal life span. The way a sims needs get depleted, I've had an incredibly difficult time managing the needs of my sims and making progress with the legacy.

    Autonomy is not your friend with a cursed lot. Your sims experience faster need decay and they almost always try to prepare food on the stove and the stove almost always catches on fire regardless of which stove you use and cooking level. The following tense moodlet for any sim that did not extinguish the fire makes raising skills almost impossible because the tense moodlet stacks with a frequently low fun tense moodlet.

    I was reaching a point where I literally couldn't do anything because my sims were either too tired or too tense... And, the tense moodlet is very difficult to overcome because things like Play with Emotion and listening to music on the stereo aren't reliable or immediately usable.

    Sleep is also difficult to manage when midnight snacks turn into fires.
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    *slides in a week late* 'sup all I've been sick! If my sinuses could clear up that'd be swell. (And because it started with a sore throat, I had to get a COVID test because my grandmother is in care and you need to get tested if you have any symptoms if you want to visit. Those tests are really unpleasant. Negative, at least, but I am not in a hurry to have cotton swabs shoved up my nose or down my throat again!)

    O frabjous day! Peacemaker and Illogical have updated their doors and windows and I've finally been able to take proper caps of Jamie's house and 1010 Alto Apartments! (Where the Vatores, Johnny, and Raylan live, and where Morgyn and Luca spend a bunch of time. I really need an actual name for them - 'Vest' just doesn't work now Raylan is living there.) Here are some previews!


    Yup, you do see a decorated store room there. Bless the TOOL mod. I also replaced the front doors on that floor!


    Meanwhile in Uptown, Crowley (Good Omens) gets up to demonic things. I mean that outfit is clearly demonic, right?

    That slightly awkward moment when you bump into your angelic husband and he's wearing the same outfit... unironically.

    tfw you risk burning to get an autograph. Dangit, Raylan.

    And finally, Jamie proves he really is essentially my Simself by eating garlic noodles while sitting at the computer.

    Dare I say, mood.

    @sunblond aww, I can understand Omar feeling old! Man, it seems like just the other day he was off to uni, too... Oh man the part about poor Samyr's bacne cracked me up. Welcome to the world, Farrah! Oof, police... that's a contentious choice.

    Man, poor Kane! I hope he's able to adjust smoothly, he deserves some stability. The group dance is spectacular :D

    Heh, with the dish, I just dragged it down. That still works, at least! They can't grab it if you tell them to clean it up, but I can do it for them.

    @Koteyka oh man I haaate it when that happens! And ooh, good luck with the novel, it sounds rad! Are you working on it for NaNoWriMo?

    Gosh little Harry is so cute. Hee, I see his room uses a certain very suitable pack! Chewing on the book, oh dear XD Does Remus have the Bookworm trait? God I bet Harry would manage being an Animagus really easily... but what if he ended up being a cat XD That last part on the beach was so sweet <3

    @DoodlyDoofus uh oh, incoming toddler! Protect the youngli-- I mean dolls! Grim Jr being parenting goals right there. Sabrina really has no idea, does she XD;; Hi, Jewel! Good luck, you're gonna need it!
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    I'm thinking that I might need to start a new save one way or another. I'm wondering if I should save everything to the gallery and upload it to the new save. My current save is very old, old enough for all the premades to be dead. If I upload everything to the new save, it might fix the bugs and game crashing.

    On the upside, this should bring back all the premades and if the bug isn't there, I'll continue the legacy. My biggest concern is keeping the family tree intact. That might not be possible without deleting members of the current household. So much to think about.
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    @Metior_Ice That's interesting to know. As for lazy Sims hating exercise, it doesn't matter if you don't intend to make them pursue athletic career, right?
    Reality Kings Episode 9

    Summer's mom adopted a kitten.

    Mick and Jessie had a date in a restaurant the day before Winterfest.

    Show spoiler to find out what happened next.
    Mick finally asked her to be his girlfriend, and she said yes!


    In the morning of the Winterfest, Mick visited Jessie, so her family met him. She gave him a Winterfest present.

    Erik and Dane's mom (sister of Bruce and Jessie's father) also paid a visit, and she received a present from her brother.

    Erik dropped by just in time to see Father Winter. Bruce asked for a present.

    Bruce's family enjoyed the Winterfest with Father Winter.

    Erik's schoolmate Kendra (Zoe Patel's sister) invited him to hang out.

    The two of them flirted with each other.

    Show spoiler to find out where Erik lost his virginity.
    They decided to continue their romance somewhere else where no one could see them--in the Ancient Ruins! Kendra asked Erik to take off his clothes, and they both lost their virginity in a party bush. Only the snowpals witnessed it.

    Dane's household celebrated the New Year's Eve together. But there was someone outside. It was a good thing that they're too busy to notice her.

    Manuel saw the kitten for the first time.

    Summer's mom (who is a florist) finally got a cowplant berry!

    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
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    For the new save, I'll include the following households:

    1. Calum, Arihi, and Ember
    2. Dylan and Zephyr
    2. Reef and Sara
    3. Kylen and Aaron
    4. Rylan and Lir
    5. The Darkfins
    6. Bartending Guy (Just Because)
    7. The Mua Pel'am Merfolk

    Merman Don will be not in world. (Also Just because)

    I'll play rotational with The Kailani Legacy being the creation of additional households to rotate between.

    Ashley, Cole, and Loch will be removed because of their minor roles and the legacy family tree can't be maintained otherwise. The story won't be as dark because Dylan and Zephyr won't be dead. The lots will not have negative traits. There are issues with lava bombs and the Cursed Lot trait started to get overwhelming. I'll rotate the households, but the Kailani will create new households with each generation. The legacy challenge rules will not be followed like they were before.
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    @SwanSong93 an athletic career might be a more challenging career with that trait. It is nice to be able to take naps in more places, but the uncomfortable moodlet from minimal exercise would make raising the fitness skill for the career much harder.

    Merfolk sims might have an easier time bypassing the limitations because of a passive attribute that comes with a merform.

    Merfolk are immune to drowning in pools and the act of swimming raises fitness. Merfolk can utilize pools in home builds that would otherwise put other sims at risk of Death by Drowning. My sim Kylen stays fit because he swim just to reach certain places. It's all that swimming that helps him build the skill without the negative moodlet, but this takes a very long time.

    This attribute that allows merfolk to gain energy with leaving the water is one of the things I wish merchildren could do. I could do something different, maybe better with my builds if the age difference didn't impact what I can do with my sims and how I meet their needs so much.

    Merfolk have two different types of abilities that seem interact with traits in different ways.

    The Good and Evil traits alter which merfolk magical abilities can be used.

    The Lazy and Dance Machine affect merfolk physical abilities like how quickly they gain energy sleeping in water, how quickly they get tired swimming, and etc.

    Honestly, it would be awesome if merchildren could at least have a merform so they can use the physical abilities that come with a merform.

    So, yeah, you could create a Lazy Athlete sim, but I honestly believe you would develop the Fitness Skill faster and more effectively with merfolk sims because you can make swimming a more common behavior with minimal negative effects.

    Edit: You have to find interactions that raise fitness without performing an exercise interaction.
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    Tristan moved to Strangerville and met the house owner and the roommates.

    Unaware of what's to come for him.

    Back to the story...
    Love is in the air, especially for these two. Forgot to mention they're a thing and doesn't have no shame to show their affection.
    "Seriously, guys, right in front of my salad!" Brianna complained.
    But this is not about them...

    Tristan noticed Iris was down the weather and tried to cheer her up, but it didn't work. So he gave her a red rose to lighten her mood. Iris accepted the rose, and it started a beautiful relationship...

    ...but when he tried to make a move on her, but she declined it, saying they should take it slow.
    Tristan reluctantly agreed. Til next time, buddy.

    Once Iris left, Brianna gathered enough courage and gave Tristan a tulip, and Tristan accepted it.

    Which led to flirting each other.

    The group headed over to the 8-Ball Bar to celebrate Love's Day and just having a good time.

    Tristan spotted a small shop and talked to the woman running the stand.
    The lady named Sheena Ramsey offered some strange merch, and Tristan only bought some shirt and a tin foil hat. He then saw some pictures of a large building on the bulletin board behind the woman and asked her what they are.
    "You noticed how they're a lot of military vehicles here, have you?"
    He looked around to see jeeps parked near the library. Kinda unusual to see all this in one small town.
    "Well, I heard that they're some strange things going over at the crater there," Sheena explained. "And in that crater is a secret lab. But that place is heavily guarded."
    "Really now?"
    "You didn't hear from me, kid," Sheena said.

    Cian isn't happy to be around strangers from the looks of it.

    Terri Bebe used to work as a scientist in the Secret Lab, but was "taken a day off" when she saw something she wasn't supposed to see. She wasn't sure what it was, the last thing she remembered was waking up at the house up the hill and was greeted by Madam Dorothy. Now, she's been on edge, thinking she was being watched.
    Martha Carlton pointed out that she overheard scientists researching the Strangerville Archive over at the library the other day.
    This got Tristan curious about the Secret Lab and decided to head over to the crater, but maybe he should stop by at the library first.

    Their conversation has been interrupted by Lieutenant Rashawn. He's been eavesdropping on them and told them to not worry about the crater and move on.
    Terri looked uncomfortable at this man's presence.

    Tristan asked this lady named Jayda Millard about Strangerville and this Secret Lab everyone's all hush hush about.
    "Strangerville is a lovely town, and I hoped you enjoy your stay here. But stay away from the crater, don't want to hurt yourself." That was all the lady said.

    Group dance!
    Cian passed, only to check Keith out from behind.

    Everyone went back home after partying, except for Tristan and Iris. They stayed for a bit, getting to know each other (and flirting) and having a few drinks before calling it a night.

    As the two walked out of the bar and waiting for their ride, Tristan noticed something from the distance and took closer look at it, with Iris following behind.
    "What you think this is?" Tristan asked, staring at the odd-looking plant.
    "Don't know. Haven't seen this before," Iris replied. "It looks something you find at the jungle."
    " could be from space!" Tristan exclaimed. "Maybe this is could be connected to this secret lab everyone's talking about! We should check it out!"
    "That's crazy talk," Iris said. "You drank too much."

    "Where's your sense of adventures? This is a once in a lifetime!"
    "Are you crazy?! What if we get into trouble?" Iris protested.

    "Oh come on, Iris, what could possibly happen?"
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    "OK, Simsta followers, just about to shoot my next role, in Of Tea and Treachery!"
    That was one thing that could be said about Caroline Masterson as an actress; she was certainly versatile. Not for her the often restrictive spectre of typecasting.


    Oh my Plumbob, I look like Judith Ward! Caroline thought as she looked in the mirror. Thankfully this is only a wig. I'd hate to be mistaken for someone with such an awful reputation. Caroline didn't usually think ill of people, but Judith was an exception. She felt comfortable speaking ill of everyone.


    After a couple of relatively easy tasks came perhaps the strangest part of the shoot; the sword-fighting scene.
    How I'm going to be able to do this in a maxi skirt is anyone's guess, she thought.
    She managed, and was pleased that it was over.
    "Well fought," said Derumk Misipeka as they finished.
    "You too," Caroline replied.


    The following day, at home....
    "Dad's talented, isn't he?" Artemis remarked to her twin.
    "He sure is. I'd love to be as talented as he is with music," Apollo said.
    "So you wanna be a musician when you grow up?"
    "Oh, I don't know yet," Apollo replied. "I wish I could be good at lots of things! I like sport too, remember."
    "It's not easy being good at lots of things," Artemis remarked. "You'd be spreading yourself a bit thin."


    "I'd love to keep playing chess, Xanthe, but I just have to be a Bear right now."


    Artemis had been noticing for a while that her vision was getting a bit blurry, whether it be things in the distance or closer objects. So, she'd gone to the opticians, and had been diagnosed with astigmatism and prescribed glasses.
    Once she put them on, she sat at her desk and read a book. As so often happened, she hadn't realised how much her eyesight had deteriorated until she received help. The print was looking so much clearer! It hadn't been too bad before - it was lucky her class teacher wrote on the whiteboard in large print naturally - but she'd been worried about getting glasses in case the other kids teased her. But now, having experienced the effects of corrected vision, she found she didn't care. So what if they teased her? Glasses weren't that uncommon.


    Harvestfest had rolled around, and with it came the usual Gnomes tradition. Erytheia knew the drill, and gave an appropriate gift.


    Whole family meal! Quite how Erytheia could eat in the Bear suit is anyone's guess. Oh, and Father Winter... WRONG HOLIDAY.


    "Hey, Erytheia - DERP!"
    Erytheia laughed. Oh, Alexander was so funny.


    Peter and Caroline visited the local rooftop bar, which they hadn't been to before. Being a B-Lister meant Caroline was now approached by fans...
    "OOH OOH OOH IT'S CAROLINE MASTERSON!" exclaimed Justin Delgato. "I know you get this a lot, but I love all your films, you're so talented," he added, speaking incredibly fast.
    "Thank you, sir!" Caroline replied. "You're so kind. Who do I make this out to?"
    "Me. I mean, I'm Justin Delgato," he gabbled.
    "Justin Delgato. Well, nice to meet you," Caroline smiled.


    "Well hello, Mrs Silver Screen Icon," Peter said.
    "Why are you flirting in the bathroom?" Caroline asked, one eyebrow raised.
    "Oh, darling, don't spoil the mood," Peter grinned, and Caroline felt herself weaken. Peter was right; the surroundings shouldn't really matter when flirting with the man you loved. Besides, the bathroom was at least clean...


    Sims 3 Families: Fairy Friends, Jenningses, Delaunays
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses/Bridges, Mastersons

    Mastersons Thread: Magical Mastersons: A Ginger Spellcaster Family

  • LyrieLyrie Posts: 700 Member
    Hello I am here to update on my sims! A few inbetween houses!

    Thanks to everyone who responded, liked or awesomed to my post last on 792 abut Nayeli and her dress shopping!

    As Requested tags: @AlwaysAsking @mercuryfoam @RedDestiny92 @Silverofdreams30

    This is a bit of a double update the first is Pinky and Nick's house (they are roommates but mostly Pinky).

    Well, we will go to more cute and wholesome things.

    Perry offered to babysit Gavin-Derick while Pinky went to the demist.

    He was not shy to ask the little guy and then help him with his homework.

    Why GD is on the floor inches away from the table? Sim logic.

    Of course to thank him, Pinky invited him to stay for a bite to eat, they happy chatted and got to know each other more.

    Perry invited Pinky out on a date.

    Pinky was really in love with Perry by now and wanted to know where this was going, she was attached, Gavin-Derick was attached, heck even Nick and Perry became good friends!

    So she had to ask quiet frankly where was this going because she was not 18 anymore, she was 24 and had no time for anything but a commitment now that they were at that level.

    Does It Happen? Under Spoilers!
    He pulls her close surprising her a little and tells her, she has nothing to worry about.

    The moment he walked into her house to upgrade beds and ended up spending that night at their place, he understood how important things are too her.

    In all honestly he was smitten from that moment, but wanted to give it some time, for himself, her and Gavin-Derick to see if he could fit into their world.

    Pinky quietly asked him, if he found out his answer yet?

    To answer, he kissed her passionately,

    She was expecting the kiss, the way he was acting, but not so, so passionately, so meaningful, so full of a message of love that only wanted to settle down yet keep growing and learning about her and her son.

    It took her breath away and captured her heart all over again.

    Also look at my baby Hazel in the background~ <3

    Also Nayeli? Back up a little? I know you are excited for you girl but kinda reeeeaaaal close there in their moment!

    She let Gavin-Derick know of the good news and he was very, very happy about it!

    "Yay momma and Perry-man kissed!"

    I think this little tyke has some type of thing/quirk/maybe board-line obsession with kissing xD

    Here is Beck/Amelia/Nick's Part!

    "Look Beck-eckett, it is huge right?! I love it! He spent like a huge portion of his savings! Not all of it, not all, but a huge amount along with the wedding ring! He spoils me really and I gotta say, kinda love it, it feels nice to be fawned over like that, don't roll your eyes Beck! I, I make sure I try and appreciate him just as much!"

    "I really do, after him and Christy..... he deserves it, I am not as chivalry or graceful or suave but I try."
    (Gallery house idk from whom, I really need to right it down!)

    "I know you do sis, I know, don't cry pelease, boy you are more emotional lately."

    "Shut up heh, it just love you know?"

    "I think I do Ame, I think I do." Beck had his thoughts on Vanessa and looked around the kitchen,

    "It is very nice."

    "I knooooow! We will have to sparse up each room but I love it!"

    More Under The Spoilers
    Living Room.
    First Floor Bathroom.

    Amelia and Nicolas's Room.

    A baby bassinet yeah heh, but shhhh Ame and Nicky know nothing to them it for a slight distant future, they wanna travel to places in Jungles and Snow escapes first.

    Upstairs Bathroom.

    Beck's Room/Guest Room/Computer Room.

    Amelia came up here and started modding a game all on her own! I was SHOOK sims usually browse internet or troll teh forums is all they do on the computer! Good for her!

    Of course Nick is the first one over.

    He and Pinky are talking about breaking their lease early as they both want to move out, so for now, he kinda lives in two places!

    Beck is like "I am outttie!"

    Then Amelia invites her two closest friends Caroline and Pinky herself.

    The woman happily chat about another wedding coming up soon after Nayeli's and what colors Amelia will want and all types of things.

    Caroline is so happy for her, she helped Amelia out a lot with advice regarding Nick and was praying to the watcher things would work out, and look now!

    It was super cute (not the throw up) but she had food items above her head! I always seen suspect of a baby, but she thought it was legit bad food, I love Amelia! <3

    This works because even as skinny as a rail, she might have a little more bump on her stomach and is confuse not knowing it pregnancy yet but maybe thinking it is food.

    At least that is the way I see it, heh, Nick and Beck are gonna haul her off to the doctor soon kicking and screaming.

    (Poor Ame hates the doctor every time she gets a check up or a llama flu shot KS SOL Mod, she comes back sad or embarrassed from crying and screaming).


    For now the two switch between houses sometimes to visit each other!

    Also Caroline is hanging out with Amelia more than usual keeping her company, I believe she suspects Ame is pregnant and keeps trying to coax her to the doctors willingly.

    Nick is still romantic as ever with her~ <3

    They are truly a cute couple! And you all know it by now, of course they woohooed after these cute shots, they always do!

    That is all for now! :)
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    @Lyrie I've been trying to find a cute name for Perry and Pinky while reading your update. But their names are so similar that if we mash them, we get Pinry, or Perky. :joy: I hope they keep the pink hair tradition. It's endearing to see!

    wow So Amelia in the blue outfit has a baby bump? You're right I can't see it at all :lol: Nick had better feed dear momma and baby now. :)
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    Excerpts from the Journal of Kaden Benali

    -After I was on the beat awhile, I took the Detective’s Exam and passed with flying colors. A few weeks later, the Chief called me into his office, he said that he had recommended me to an old friend, Chief Diamond, who runs the precinct that handles all the suburbs, like where I grew up, Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, etc. The Chief said since I had grown up there and lived there now, that I had roots in the community and was probably a better fit there than working in the city anyway, and Chief Diamond was offering me a job as a Detective. I was thrilled, first of all, Chief Diamond is a mixed-race woman, she clawed her way up the ladder when it was hard for a woman, much less a woman who wasn’t white to get anywhere in the department. So, I kind of liked the idea of working for her. Plus, a Detective and a Lieutenant at that, and being closer to home and all. I sincerely thanked the Chief, that’s for sure.-

    -Well, Chief Diamond is tough as nails, let me tell you, in my very first meeting with her, she says to me, “You’d be wise to watch your back Benali. Rise through the ranks this fast and you are bound to make enemies.” Talk about a warm welcome, sigh. She was right though, most of the other officers in the precinct do resent me, to them I’m still wet behind the ears and all. Plus, they think I kind of jumped the line. The thing is, the opening I filled, well, none of them could pass the test, so it had been vacant for a good while. My trainer though, Detective Etta Cherry, was thrilled to have me, she’s been swamped with work till now. She’s a very nice black woman around my age and I plan to learn everything I can from her, plus she’s willing to teach me. So, I have maybe one friend so far at the precinct.-

    Kaden meets Chief Diamond.

    Kaden gets some pointers from Detective Cherry.

    -And, of all the people I knew or even met in college, just who do you think is one of my fellow officers? None other than Yannik Volkov. I mean what are the chances? But there he was in a uniform giving us some information on one of Etta’s open cases, he was first officer on the scene. Well, he actually did seem happy to see me and let’s be honest, I need all the friends I can get in the squad. But seriously, why did it have to be him, of all the people in this world?-

    Detectives Benali and Cherry speak to Officer Volkov.

    -I caught a break, Etta had to be in court all day, so I got to be Lead Detective and go to a crime scene to gather statements and collect evidence, my first time on my own. It was a B&E, that’s Breaking and Entering, at a small house in Windenburg. Ray McHenry was the beat cop who was first on the scene, and luckily, he’s one of the nice ones, he’s a schlubby, good-natured, black guy, only a little older than me, and he was really thorough and gave me a complete report. I did my best to gather every single scrap of evidence I could, of course, I had to turn it over to Etta, but still, it did feel good to be getting my hands dirty and to actually be in charge, if only temporarily.-

    Gathering evidence.

    Kaden uncovers more clues in the child’s bedroom.

    -I have dinner at the Goth’s sometimes and Christine comes over to the house some too, but still won’t stay the night. I get it, I can’t imagine my dad would be too keen either. And I visit my family too, I try to spend as much time with Farrah as I can, she’s getting so big already, plus, well, keeping up with the boys and Izzy and whatever teen drama they have going on is almost a full time job in itself. I mean, Izzy’s a cute girl, she’s not really pretty in my opinion, but, the thing is, she’s got something, some kind of personality or way about her that’s really attractive. I noticed it right off and so did a bunch of other guys she goes to high school with. Boy, I sure don’t envy my dad right now.-

    Spending time with the Goth’s.

    Spending time with Christine.

    -Ray McHenry just got married, and he actually invited me to his wedding, so I went and took Christine as my plus one. I figured it was a good way for her to meet some of my fellow officers and all in a social setting where everyone was on their best behavior. I was kind of surprised though, Ray married a very good looking woman. OK, I totally know looks are not everything, but I really didn’t expect her to be such a looker. Still, I guess nice guys don’t always have to finish last, right?-

    Talking with Officer Ray McHenry.

    -I have my first case, and it’s a dozy, OK, it’s not really, it’s just another B&E, but, it was at the Pancake’s, like right across the street from my family, they live in the house Uncle Kyle and Salim raised my dad and Than in, so, yeah. The Pancakes were out of town and came home to find graffiti and some of their stuff broken. I had spent most of the day coordinating the collection of evidence and witness statements, of course, everyone saw me there, and word spread like wildfire through the neighborhood. As I was leaving, Chief Diamond called me into her office and said, Benali, I know you have connections in that neighborhood and all, and that can be a good thing, knowing the lay of the land, so to speak. But if one word about this case gets out, I will hold you personally responsible, not one word to anyone about official police business, got that? I understood.-

    Officer Derek Zhen fills Kaden in on some case info.

    Gathering evidence, it’s not always easy.

    Kaden uncovers another piece of evidence.

    Officer Espinoza gives Kaden pointers on the Analysis Machine.

    -My dad called, he wanted to see me and, of course, he wanted information on the break in, which I flat out told him was not up for discussion, and that it was official police business and not something I could discuss. Well, he was not happy, afterwards, my siblings disappeared and so did Josie, no one wanted to be seen fraternizing with the enemy, I guess. So I had to eat all alone in the dining room and then I went up to say goodnight to Farrah. Police work can be a lonely business, I guess.-

    Kaden tells Omar he cannot discuss the case.

    Police work can be lonely.

    Kaden always has time for Farrah.

    -I got a break in the case, I had a pretty good description of the guy and all and I got a hit on the APB I put out. I found him at the Park in Oasis Springs of all places and arrested him. I knew he was the guy, he had priors and everything matched, so I used all of my Psychology training and what I had learned at the Academy and from Etta and I was eventually able to get a signed confession. I had to play “Bad Cop” but, that’s part of the job, and I’m pretty good at reading people now and using manipulation and persuasion when I need to, that debate training in college sure paid off.-

    Time to issue an APB.

    Searching for the suspect.

    Detective Lieutenant Benali makes an arrest.

    A bit of “Bad Cop” and the suspect confesses.

    -I feel like I’m at a good place now at work, like I’ve finally proven myself and I’ve made a few friends in the squad. And, well, I’m thinking I need to finally shop for that engagement ring.-

    @SwanSong93 Ah yes, I have to hit the reload button a few times to get all the photos on the page to load sometimes, otherwise I get the broken links icon, it happens a lot on my android.
    Erik seemed kind of, bored?, after his very first woohoo though. Maybe it was just his- I have to Pee face?

    @ryttu3k Yeah, I think Sims 4 Studio is working on a batch fix for the CC windows and doors, BTW, personally, I have a door in my game, a Maxis one, that seems to be bugged too, sigh.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    Wow, what's this? Grim is actually caring for a baby? Wow, there really is a first for everything!
    Grim thought this room was lacking some flavor so he put this picture of his Ancestor on the wall above the crib. Don't remember how many "Greats" are in her name, too many to count that's for sure. But regardless, this picture here will help Jewel learn that Justice is the boss around these parts even if she's been gone for hundreds of years now.
    What a nice little family dinner.
    Grim: "So now that you're an adult are you finally going to go get a job?"
    Casey: "Ugh, do you have to nag her about this now?"
    Sabrina: "Hey Grim guess what, I'm pregnant again!"
    Grim: "How is that even possible?!"
    Literally 12 minutes earlier.
    Grim: "Okay I get it now."
    Hunter: "Oh wow, this picture really does add some flavor to the room."
    Well Sabrina wrote yet another song for the royalty checks. SOMEONE has to put some food on this table.
    Baby crying for 20 minutes....Casey's just gonna stand there.
    Sabrina: "Ugh, I gotta do everything myself!"
    Well at least now Sabrina has some time to run around and play in the rain.
    Well would you look at this, Kylo Ren came to pay a visit! How nice of him.
    Grim: "Hey Sabrina, this is Kylo Ren. We took over the Galaxy together."
    Sabrina: "Ok."
    This looks like a great spot for a nice serious talk.....right by the sleeping toddler.
    Grim: "Well since you're here let's talk about who should replace Darth Vader as Emperor now."
    Kylo Ren: "No need for a discussion, we already know that I rightfully rule the Galaxy now since I was Vader's second in command."
    Grim: "Uh no, you don't just make decisions here. This is an equal partnership here, we both have an equal chance of being Emperor."
    Kylo Ren: "How can you even lead the Galaxy when you're in a different galaxy altogether? Besides, we're not trying to become 'Emperor', that sounds stupid. 'Supreme Leader' is a much better title."
    Grim: "In what universe is 'Supreme Leader' a better title than 'Emperor'?"
    Grim: "That's it, there's only one way to settle this."
    Kylo Ren: "Lightsaber duel to the death?"
    Grim: "Only solution!"
    Kylo Ren: "But I don't have a Lightsaber right now, I forgot mine on Batuu."
    Grim: "It's okay, you can use Vader's old Saber. It's just a coffee table decoration these days anyways."
    Kylo Ren: "Let this be our final battle!"
    Grim: "This is our first battle."
    Kylo Ren: "And it'll be our final battle!!"
    Grim: "Good good, let the anger flow through you."
    Kylo Ren: "How dare you, I'm supposed to say the evil stuff!"
    Kylo Ren: "You know, despite the fact that we are currently dueling to the death, I'm having a lot of fun here."
    Grim: "I feel you, my favorite part of a duel is when people start talking so they distract themselves so I can do."
    Grim: "This."
    Kylo Ren: "Well I walked into that one."
    Kylo Ren: "Okay so I guess you're the new Supreme Leader now. I'll just be leaving, have fun with your new galaxy."
    Grim: "Oh you're not walking away when you're the biggest threat to my rule as Emperor!....Well, next to Sonya....But that's besides the point. I can't let you live."
    Kylo Ren: "Arg! My throat! My doctor says I'm not supposed to get slashed across my throat with a lightsaber!"
    And now Kylo Ren is dead.
    Grim Sr: "Aw yeah, another corpse to reap!"
    Grim Sr: "Oh great, of course my son has something to do with it."
    Grim Jr: "Hmm, Emperor Reaper. I like the sound of that."
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    @Metior_Ice Oh yes. There are social interactions that increase fitness skill, and there are even skill books. But those are rather tedious ways of increasing fitness skill.

    @sunblond Yeah depending on the internet signal. If I correctly remember, Erik's overall mood there was uncomfortable, hence his facial expression... And it's not WooHoo but rather "Mess Around" :D
    Reality Kings Episode 10

    Mick was being a sweet boyfriend.

    Now, how's Jordan doing with his new family? His life was very much different from before. He now has his own bedroom unlike when he was living in a cheap apartment in San Myshuno where he shared a bedroom with his two cousins. They even have a butler now. His stepsiblings and even his criminal stepfather Jacques were being very nice to him.

    Jacques came with Travis to visit Dane's household where Sitcom Star Deauxma is. He's a fan, so he took the opportunity to meet her in person. He has a bad reputation, so Vivian Lewis disliked him at first encounter. Jacques did mean interactions to her which led to a couple of fights, both favoring Vivian. Then they declared each other as enemy.

    Jordan finally had the chance to see Morgan again as he visited her household.

    Show spoiler to see what happened next.
    They flirted with each other, and it led to Jordan losing his virginity in the closet in Morgan's bedroom.


    Jordan enjoyed the "Mess Around" with Morgan, so he decided to ask her to be his girlfriend. Morgan said yes, and they continued being intimate with each other.


    Travis introduced Erik and Bruce to Ava who is a slightly younger teenager than Erik but older than Bruce.

    Kendra visited Erik. The two of them did not put a boyfriend-girlfriend label to their relationship after losing virginity to each other. Ava also visited Erik, but Kendra left early. Erik started flirting with Ava.

    Show spoiler to see what happened next.
    They had a date in a national park in Newcrest. (credits to the one who shared it to the gallery)

    They continued their romance in a motel in Newcrest. (credits to the one who shared it to the gallery) They "messed around" and did other intimate interactions with each other. But Erik did not ask her to be his girlfriend.

    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
    Episode 9
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    ...And I am ALMOST done with my house, saw the new trailer and build videos for the new expansion and realized I need to move there instead.
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    So, new pc is up, savefiles and picture are transfered to the new pc. It's so nice to have a silent pc and and not a noisy gaming laptop anymore. I'm a little bit lost in this thread now, who I wanted originally commented, but let me say, I liked the stories I've read so far. :)

    1921 - 1922.

    Background of these years are the unrest, terroist attack, murderers and violent battles around the Silesia where a referendum was hold. 2/3 of the citizens wanted to stay their homeland to Germany, but that wasn't the result that the victors originally wanted. Another very important topic was the German ww1 reparation sum of 132 billion Goldmark, but this couldn't Germany afford and repay. This treatment was seen as humiliation and caused the rise of nationalism and the hyperinflation.

    Wilhelm helped his daughters with the school projects in science.


    Anna and Elfriede climbed in the trees.


    Back to Ludwig and the rest of the family.
    Otto has met a beautiful girl, her name is Lea.


    She gets along very well with his parents.


    One a nice day he asked his father what he is thinking about her. Ludwig is satisfied with Otto's choice.


    This leads into a proposal...


    ... and a wedding.


    The mandatory family photo and party.


    Meanwhile, young Hedwig, now 16 years old, wanted to break free from her family and the small village where she lived.


    So she started to meet some boy in her age.


    She came often home very late and in due of his fatherly concerns, he expresses his anger very directly and loud.

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    I'm afraid that after I've demolished their mansion, the Landgraabs have fallen on hard times. They are now forced to live in this odd-looking squallid little shack I have built for them



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    With Xavier married and Hibbert moved in with him, Liberty and Elora Elcone have the place to themselves. Liberty is not idle in her retirement, oh no. She worked on practicing and improving her comedy routines, and finally at the Jokes and Hijinks festival, she completed her Renaissance Sim aspiration.
    She decided to return to her youthful ambitions and now aspires to be a Nerd Brain as well. She coughed up the Simoleons for a rocket ship and is building it. Between those, gardening, making serums, taking pictures with her microscope, upgrading the plumbing, and working on her gourmet cooking, she's been one busy Sim. To celebrate her achievement, on Elora's day off, they tried again with their mother-daughter act at the Blue Velvet. Rather than compete with each other, Liberty did her comedy routines while Elora worked the 'crowd'.
    Then Liberty joined the audience, (which did get bigger as the night went on), while Elora did her act, singing and playing the guitar.
    This time the evening went much better. Elora is seriously displeased with the weight she has been gaining and has started going jogging twice a day to try to shed some pounds.
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