June 18 - Patch day for The Sims 4 on PC/Mac! Take a look at what changed on PC/Mac here

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    • lisasc360
      Hello and welcome to the forums... :)

      In order to be able to posts pictures and have an avatar, you first need to become a full member because as of right now you are considered a new member. New members are restricted from starting new threads, posting pictures and links, having an avatar or changing one, sending private messages to other members. In order to become a full member, you will need to have 25 points, 15 posts and an account older than 24 hours.
      A link with a list of badges that gives out points. There is a page that explains what each badge is but it's broken for the time being.
      And this link is a tutorial on how to use the site.. :)
      A link for a thread for New Members to introduce themselves to the community.
      I would suggest for all new members to go and read the rules of the site before posting... :)
      A link to Forums Etiquette, Warning/Banning Process and the Forum Rules... :)
      And I would also suggest reading the thread about necroposting as well as there is a rule about it in the rules section. I would also suggest checking the title of thread as well as the location of the thread since we have older Sims games sharing this forum. An example would be if you're a TS4 player and have an issue with the game, please check to make sure that they thread that you have brought up isn't a TS2/TS3. I have provided links at the bottom of this post for "New Members" to be able to posts their issues in.
      For any New members who want to get their post/point count up, the best thing that I would advise you to do is to find threads that may interest you and join in on them or go to the Off Topic section and join in on some of the word/story games over there. The posts made over in the forum section will go towards your post count whereas the posts made on your wall and the Activity Feed doesn't go towards the total post count. The only thing that you will get if you should make any post over on your wall or Activity Feed will be any Insightfuls, Likes or Awesomes as they will go towards your total points count. Hopefully creating your posts on other threads will also increase your points... :)
      And for anyone who may have any issues with TS3, here's the link for New Members to post their TS3 issues in.
      Sims 3 issues
      The EA team has moved The Sims 4 Help Center section to the Answers HQ Forums now. The Sims 4 Help Center section on this forum is now "Read Only". So you will need to click on this link if you have any issues that you want to report to EA and hopefully get the help that you need... :)
      And for name changes, you can request them on either @Rtas or @EA_Mai page... :)
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    June 17
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    June 17
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    June 17
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    June 17
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    • luthienrising
      Bumping this up. Very few broken mods reported so far! Hope I haven't just jinxed that...
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    June 17
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  • Re: My previous post.

    This is yet another reason why I think potential purchasers ought to be very wary about jumping on the new pack (Island Paradise). I want to know what specs players will (truthfully) need in order to simply play additional game packs... Or, is it that they blame purchasers game specs- when it is a dev issue?

    I likewise have no interest in the new pack because they added nudity, drug drinking (study what Kava is: "The root of the plant is used to produce a drink with sedative, anesthetic, and euphoriant properties." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kava)- and they made this stuff seem innocuous.... So what are they trying to teach kids who play (youth, adults, etc.)? I want to know what other hidden gameplay they have (like the programmed assault of sims in Windenburg, which they thought was 'funny'). C'mon guys, you want to be a different company, and do 'innovative/new' game things... Try dropping the violence and sexual content.. That would be new!
    June 16
    • SimChi
      I do have great interest in the build/buy items though. I guess mods are going to be forthcoming, and since they forced nudity on all worlds, I am a little :/ about the whole thing.
    • InfraGreen
      The Sims has been coasting off censored nudity and thinly veiled drug references since the days of Will Wright
  • hey
    June 16
  • UGH! Why dev team, why?

    So, the new patch is out today... They fixed some glaring bugs, and it is really interesting to note that - in response to answering if an issue with the vamp pack was fixed - SimGuruNick responded: "It's not mentioned in the patch notes, but actually yes! That issue should be fixed this patch. Please let me know if it's not! There were way too many bugs to mention every single one 😅 10:17 AM - Jun 18, 2019

    Way too many bugs.... Mmmhmm, as always. And I wonder why they release it with "way too many bugs"- the price is also "way too many dollars", when are they gonna 'fix' that?

    The thing that I was "Why, oh why-ing" about is that in this 'fix' they ended up wrecking some things! One of the "new" things, which has been added, without asking, is that sims will now experience cramps while swimming, and can lose their swimsuits?! Seriously.. :/ And they added "clothing optional" to ALL worlds? No thanks. I think body privacy is #1.
    • LosaruTaiyo
      Well you sometimes lose the swimsuit diving so I can see it. Also the Clothing Optional is a Lot trait so it will only appear if you add the lot trait. :)
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  • OniWaan
    Sorry, I meant my game specific identity. Is there a way to change it to oniwaan? thank you
  • Its Patch Day, is everyone READY???????????
  • Sims 4 story

    I had a sim walk all around town to find people to be friends with. Then I invited everyone to a house party. The main attraction was the host sim killing themselves by stabbing her guts. I made her husband call the police. But when they arrived, he was so sad. He stabbed the chest of one of them, but the other one died instead. The one he originally stabbed arrested him and brought him to jail. The son of the two sims was very sad. But I also realized he had the evil personality trait, and the only reasom he was sad was because his mother died. I chose that he was going to kill the Grim Reaper because he took his mothers’ soul.

    He killed him like a vampire slayer first, but he got revived. So I stabbed him, but again he was revived. Then I decided to choke him and see if he died or not. Finally he died and didn’t respawn. Malcolm, the evil son, was laughing like a maniac, so I killed him off too by making him slit his own wrist. He died in the middle of blood and earns. Then the Grim Reaper respawned again to reap Malcolm. I don’t even know how the game didn’t stop me before I was done.
  • Who else is excited for the new Pride update? I am I just wish I had it now!!!
  • Thanks for sticking with us for a full year.
    June 17
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 6 years.
    June 17
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    June 17
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    June 17
  • Roxy900
    Hi! So I have had this account for a long time but I would like to change my name to Neoncatz12 please! There is no rush so just do it when you are free thank you so much! <3

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