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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 527 Member
    edited November 2020
    @haneul I love that house.

    The Restored World: Restoring Sulani Arc

    I'm braking things up with spoilers. So, above each spoiler, I'm adding a title for whatever is in the spoiler. Each spoiler will contain both the text and related screenshots. I'm trying to help with the pages loading time and organize the story. I'm going to focus on writing about what happens in the game instead of planning a rigid story. The sims will tell their own story as I work toward whatever my goal is for the rotation.

    The Elemental Twins: Dylan and Zephyr

    A Nighttime Swim
    Zephyr woke up and swam to all the trash around the ocean before freediving for seashells and treasure.

    50561816773_ebf37dbc66_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101210028 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Being a merman has its advantage in Sulani, Zephyr effortlessly swims as fast as a jet ski and traverses through the sea without any fear of drowning. If he had his way, he would never use his human form, a feeling his twin shares.

    50561815823_469a53d3d3_h.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101210212 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50570673372_097ef7b1d9_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101210253 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Anti-Environmentalist Don and Oliana
    As the sun rose above the horizon, Don Lothario declared his hate for nature and preference for dead reefs with trash covered shores.

    50562558531_97d9e7b17b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211159 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    While Zephyr was cleaning up the island, Don confronted the Elemental of the Sky.

    Don: "You need to stop. I prefer trash on my beaches and cluttering the water I swim in."

    50562691247_c4e72b2996_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211252 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr: "The trash hurts the fish and the reefs. Coral takes a long time to grow in shallow water and even longer in deeper water. You can't believe a sea without coral, and consequently fish, is preferable."

    Don: "I don't want coral in my ocean."

    50562690257_2e4e6f4f3e_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211306 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Don: '"Also, I don't like slimy frogs that keep mosquito populations under control and prevent the spread of disease. I love giant carnivorous invasive frogs that eat the smaller slimy frogs. I don't care if amphibians are poisoned by pollution absorbed through their skin. I don't care if that same pollution is toxic to people."

    50561816728_8159349c1e_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211318 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr: "That's not a good way to think about it. We need a healthy environment to stay healthy. We need the coral if we want the fish in the ocean, and we need the frogs to keep other more annoying pests under control."

    50562691227_ebcfe523c7_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211327 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Don: "There's no real consequence to neglecting the environment. My children's children can deal with it, and I'm okay with leaving my messes for others. Someone else can deal with it later, but I don't want to see anything done about it now. May a thunderstorm ruin this beautiful day if I'm wrong."

    50562691207_5743b56e44_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211340 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Don: "I can and will leave all my messes everywhere for someone else. People are paid to deal with this. It's just a normal part of life, and someone should do whatever I'm too lazy to do for myself even with every opportunity and the physical ability to do things right."

    50562558496_cb79400b04_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211348 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr: "You have to at least care about the baby Sea Turtles that suffer because of the pollution in the ocean."

    50561816668_c8234b4882_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211354 by Metior Ice, on Flickr
    A bit frustrated he's very happy but at least he has the power to do something then and there.

    50561815798_01c264191b_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211409 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Don: "Flower Emoji the environment."

    50562691162_7a43ab22ba_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211420 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr: "If you won't leave, then I'll give you exactly what you asked for."

    To build the tension, Zephyr sang Aegean's Question and called forth a thunderstorm. Nature has consequences for not taking care of it. Ignoring our responsibility we are born with does not make us immune to the consequences. The worst consequences come from nature itself, not humans. Doing nothing and leaving our messes for others is wrong. Maybe, he'll realize his mistake or, at the very least, leave if a storm ruins this sunny day.

    50562558471_c0c1ab154a_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211448 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Don saw the conch shell and proceeded to leave. He did not realize he was arguing with the Elemental of the Sky, but he was determined to stay firm in the face of the forces of nature.

    Don felt within the core of his being that he messed up even if he refused to show it.

    50562558466_00b145d6f8_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211508 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    After Don left, Iona got struck by lightning. It seems that Don's anticipation of destructive weather helped him avoid the hostile conditions.

    Iona's thought: "Someone angered the elementals. Figures I would be collateral."

    50561816628_e1ac7597a1_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211734 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Dylan continued to work on a new song for the guitar. The worst getting struck by lightning could do is give him the power to bring the lightning at will.

    50562691122_d54ed018f6_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101211801 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Oliana Ngata approached Dylan when he finished his song. Despite the storm, Dylan's attempt to clean up the island triggered her wrath.

    50561816588_597a79c1f6_w.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101212613 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Unfortunately, Dylan didn't have the energy to form a solid argument. The time he spent writing a new song worked up his hunger. In spite of Zephyr's thunderstorm that drove away Don, Oliana wasn't as willing to flee.

    50562691077_eb03a7624b_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101212635 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50562558416_564da9347e_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101212641 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Under the pressure of thunder, lightning, and torrential rain, Oliana appeared to cave, but she simply wouldn't listen.

    50562558406_6b62ea4c7a_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101212648 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Dylan left the water, too hungry to continue the fight. As he left, Oliana saw something in the water that made her gasp. The storm made it difficult to see, but she may have seen sharks or a sea monster. Dylan is the Elemental of the Sea, so we'll say that a few sharks showed up to give her pause.

    50562557606_7749850504_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101212711 by Metior Ice, on Flickr
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  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 582 Member
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    Hello everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for all the condolences! I really appreciate it!
    First some comments. I am sorry these are only from pg 797...I have left lots of likes and awesomes!
    @shokorose Congrats on your sim winning the lottery! I’ve never had that happen in my game yet! :)
    @hillybeth Congrats to Spencer on graduating! I can’t wait to see what his new place looks like!
    @swansong93 Manuel and Summer make such a cute couple. I am glad they had a great time at the lighthouse ;) And so much drama between Ava, Morgan and Jordan!!
    @metior_ice I am so sorry to hear that your legacy save is gltiched! :( I have had that happen and it is so frustrating. I hope your new goes well. It sounds like it should have a very interesting backstory!
    @gordy I love your sim family! They are quite interesting! And congrats on Dad getting dedeathified for Winterfest! I love the idea of creating an orc sim! Is he a regular sim with unique skin color or technically spellcaster or vampire(I noticed Audrey’s bite mark lol)? I love playing with occults! They make the game have more variety:)
    @alwaysasking Oh Joey!! I love that face:)
    I am happy that he managed to get the noncommittal Don to commit to him! Don must be really over the moon for him. And I am especially happy that Xavier found a new Joey to fall in love with. I was feeling really bad for the guy.
    I also really wanted to thank you for the condolences. And for downloading her off the Gallery! She was a spunky lady. She actually worked all the way up to 93! She hated sitting at home lol. My grandmother loved to knit, and cook!
    I am glad you liked the wedding venue room! I hope I can make a base game compatible version soon! I tend to be pack happy and love to use everything. The wedding was awesome and so much fun to play. And yes, Trey is still so dopey lol! XD I need to make a blooper reel. He’s hilarious. He’s cheerful, neat, and clumsy which makes for a fun personality. He constantly setting himself on fire, tripping, breaking dishes when washing them, walking into random clouds of bees and getting bitten, getting into Rosie’s fireleaf plants and getting itchy, etc. But he always has a laugh and smile on his face lol. I can see why Viv loves to keep him around lol. He’s rather endearing:)
    I have to say that picture of Clint making jokes with Viv’s and Trey’s reactions is probably my favorite of all time! It looks so natural:) I think you might like this next post! It features Thorne! He looks fantastic:)
    @duvelina I am glad that Hugo had a productive talk with Clara. It might not have been what he wanted to hear but sometimes hearing advice from someone with lots of experience can really give you a different perspective to look at. Hopeful it will help clarify things for Hugo! It looks like they had a great time at the festival too! :)
    @sunblond I am glad that Austin is enjoying his career! It was so cool tha the was able to perform life saving surgery on someone!
    @kotekya You make the most adorable toddlers! And I absolutely love where your story is going (Vampires and Realm of Magic have to be my favorite packs and gameplay)
    @beardedgeek I love your container home! It looks awesome!!
    @daephene I love Erick. He seems like such a great guy, and doctor too! His daughter noelle is precious too!
    @hunniboo1 I like your sim couple! They look awesome!
    @becka28 I so hope that Quinn and Rohan get engaged soon. One of them needs to just do it lol!! Especially if Rohan has the whim for it! Its so frustrating when sims won’t cooperate. And then you get one of those random proposals that come out of left field in the weirdest places. Like a grody basement in university. I am so glad that they have entered the second semester at university! I was laughing at all the shenanigans involving he paparazzi lol. The poor celebrities never get any privacy!
    And omg Morgyn! The guy never lets up! I am glad both guys are ignoring him lol.
    @ryttu3k I love your Halloween screenshots! They look awesome!!
    @lucy_henley Good to see you back with the Sims 4 again too! I am splitting between 3 and 4 now lol:)
    @haneul Yes Hillary definitely knows Griffin is an ancient vampire! I think that may be part of her attraction to him, I’ve been using Zero’s Immersive Vampires Mod and she was quite happy to learn that Griffin is a vampire. Its an amazing mod but I had to remove it because it kept giving weird random moodlets but plan on adding it back with the next update. I started laughing when he randomly started discussing dj techniques with Hillary, when she is level 10 at it lol (he really is level 1). I just had to take a screenshot of it.
    Actually Griffin is normally a sweetheart and is happiest when surrounded by his kids and current romance interest and is very nurturing. He’s especially close to his children, I do feel for the guy, because he has to watch them age over time while he doesn’t. I have MCC set up so that vampire children are rare, there’s like a 5% chance that their children are born with the vampire trait if they are a mixed occult couple. I kind of follow some of the lore from the Southern Vampires book series that inspired True Blood on HBO: most vampires do not have romantic relationships with their own kind as they find it strange, so most of my occult couples are mixed. So far none of his kids are vampires.
    I will take a screenshot of their castle from the outside! Its also on the 64x64 lot and massive. You are right! The bigger lots are harder to deal with. Its ugly right now because I don’t have any landscaping on it yet. I used the debug Ancient Ruins walls, the ones that look like Abbey ruins, to the outside. It looked ok, but after awhile, I didn't like it. I deleted those and plan on using some features from the Vampires, Get Together, and Jungle Adventure building elements to make it look more like an authentic castle. I like the idea of making it a park/museum. I love Windenberg! But its public park spaces are really lacking and I like the idea of having a public access castle my sims can visit with play areas for kids, garden, wedding venue, and a mini maze or something.
    Asher’s home looks amazing!! There’s so much detail in it!! I love how you decorated it!! I can’t imagine the amount of time you put into it!!
    @darkangel1994 I really liked this latest installment with Tristan and Iris!

    Also, I got my first Maxis Fave room!!! I was totally excited. Never happened before. It was for the "One Room, One Week, One Theme" for a themed Library Room! I had no idea why it was selected but it was fun to build. Its a Frog-themed library room for kids:) I didn't know what to call it so I just called it Frogs?...Frogs!

    Back to what happened in my game:
    So I had an enjoyable time with the Fontenots double wedding/renewal of vows event last gameplay. I was wanted to see how some of the other family members were doing… I usually play sisters Rachel Silversweater and Rosie Fontenot (her real name is Rosemarie) and their families, but I wanted to know how their other triplet sister, Rebecca was doing.
    Becky is a riot, she is almost the polar opposite of her other sisters. They are very outdoorsy, while she is all about fashion and style

    @alwaysasking I think you might like this post!! It features a lot of Thorne! Rebecca is married to Thorne Bailey. In my head canon they met when she was working in makeup on one of his music video sets years ago. She is now a fashion trendsetter. They were both married to other people at the time, but have now tied the knot themselves. 68UEi90.png
    Home Life in San Myshuno
    They live at 920 Medina Studios apartment in San Myshuno. Octavia had gotten the house with the divorce. Its definitely a step down from Del Sol valley but the apartment was heavily renovated and quite stylish inside. They are currently raising Thorne’s son Orange. Poor Octavia kicked the bucket a few sim years ago. Orange is a teen now and learning how to cook! Or trying too lol… 2POeyQb.png
    Orange is adjusting well with his new living situation. Rebecca can be quite nurturing (she’s family oriented), R6uyJeZ.png
    And of course Dad helps him out with homework etc. JdC9EGK.png
    . They also have a toddler of their own, Rowan. He’s cute. hHJTDAo.png
    Thorne likes to play the guitar so Rowan can dance to it. jfCGj11.png
    And of course big brother Orange enjoys playing with his little brother orLk1PF.png
    Thorne specializes in piano, Rebecca has a really good singing voice so she often accompanies him. GOMaUo4.png

    So Thorne has a Meet-A-Celebrity event tonite! They had it at a night club I built in San Myshuno. Its definitely a work in progress. I wanted to playtest it and this was a perfect opportunity! vLA6g0G.png
    It was a riot!! He drew quite the crowd!
    Hoity toity actress Judith Ward showed up. xdNwmoX.png
    I was lol’ing when she suddenly started fangirling lol c0Xk9aG.png
    And fainted!! XD bPp8WtY.png
    Thorne LOVES to make everyone faint. wNpN3xq.png
    He was very very busy signing autographs, taking selfies with fans, distributing hugs with fans too 1uAuzGS.png
    LOL Vlad 86cscpe.png
    He showed off his dance skills with Becky N2UP8E4.png

    Becky’s sister Rachel showed up. I guess they had invited her to come. She asked her to a keg stand mG7xVto.png
    Thorne wanted to join in all the fun!! m7oswF2.png
    Except he dropped her lol! Epic fail Thorne ZUiH3cw.png
    Ow 7UZTi5E.png

    The party was just about over. Thorne and Bailey shared an intimate moment in the shower . And of course the paparazzi had to intrude lBr3W2r.png
    Thorne was not happy at all. They got into a fight FJeDYxr.png
    He won! AI8j3zM.png

    Starlight Accolade Awards
    The next night was the Starlight Accolades awards. We had to do some posing by the limo QwsmDGF.png
    The place was packed UBeM3gp.png
    He was nominated for an award for his latest song. Katrina Caliente hosted InYQmgT.png
    Dustin Broke won ar1vDXm.png
    So did Dirk Dreamer 5IZiXNU.png
    And comedienne Brytani Cho yQZ8pFU.png
    Unfortunately Thorne didn’t win:( So he and Becky went for a stroll to view the celebrity tiles. Of course Thorne has to get romantic BojKfrJ.png
    Unfortunately the fans caught up with them fM63vcp.png

    And all that Jazz….

    They made a quick getaway. The night was still young. They decided to have a date and headed off to the jazz club in Willow Creek. sDKE6jG.png
    It was fun and they had a few drinks but the place was a bit dead. Thorne and Becky decided to dazzle the club with an impromptu music concert JAm31N4.png
    They sang a few jazz songs P2DOii5.png
    They drew quite the crowd!! oaCeu1H.png
    I found out something quite cool! You can have a realistic looking duet between sims if you have one sim sing a song and the other sim sing and play a song on the piano at the same time. It looks more realistic if you choose a jazz song as the singing never quite syncs up, but the “scatting” stye of jazz makes it look and sound authentic :)
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  • Lady_EarthLady_Earth Posts: 53 Member
    WooHoo and the City 1: Samantha and Carrie live together and for fun I decided to have Samantha have a baby with the game's version of Santa Claus.

    Of course, I named their son, Santa.

    While Carrie ended up with Nawal (sp).

    Since Carrie's actor's name is Sarah Jessica Parker so I named their twin son and daughter Sarah and Parker.

    Oh, and thanks to the law that it's ok to cheat on your partner, Cliff Huxtable can be unfaithful (the woman is Charlotte York from WooHoo and the City).

    Also, I find it amusing that the characters swim with umbrellas when it rains.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 527 Member
    edited November 2020
    Hello everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for all the condolences! I really appreciate it!
    First some comments. I am sorry these are only from pg 797...I have left lots of likes and awesomes!

    @metior_ice I am so sorry to hear that your legacy save is gltiched! :( I have had that happen and it is so frustrating. I hope your new goes well. It sounds like it should have a very interesting backstory!

    First of all, I feel really bad that I somehow missed whatever happened. I tried to go back in the comments to find whatever I missed. I hope everything is getting better.

    I definitely need to make time for all the responses to all the stories swirling in my head. I've tried to click awesome to everything, but things have been so crazy I don't even know if I remembered to do that. I have been tying to prioritize a response to everyone that tags me at least.

    @ryttu3k Take care of yourself. I had a bit of a scare earlier in the fall. I work in retail, and as soon as the governor lifted the penalty for not wearing masks where it is still required, they aren't wearing their masks right or at all. My local area still has a mandate requiring masks, but the people have interpreted the governors actions as the go ahead to stop following their local mandates. Some nurses and doctors have visited the store, and I know there is a hospital near by because I drove my mom there when she had a bad fall. Things are not looking good with people catching COVID, and I've had my seasonal respiratory colds often enough to know just how miserable catching COIVD might be.

    In other news, I'm probably going to pace my posts. Dylan and Zephyr will be doing a lot of less interesting stuff to raise money for rebuilding their home. I want to make something as amazing as what I've seen in this thread. I scrapped what I was originally creating because it made my sims uncomfortable despite the theme.

    Depression Warning

    I just feel like I might struggle with any new posts if I didn't say anything. For people who want to avoid a depressing status update, I put this in a spoiler.
    My cat passed away today, and I've been incredibly dysfunctional. It took the entire day either sleeping or distracting myself with posts to pull myself out of my slump. I have hardly eaten all day. I just don't have the appetite to eat as much as I probably need to. If I make more posts later tonight, it'll probably be to keep my mind out of depressive thoughts so I can finish my college homework. My cat followed me everywhere, so it'll be very strange for a while. She won't be there when I turn my head, and she's always been there within an arms length. It just happened so fast.

    I'll push through. I told her it was okay to let go, and I told her I'll be okay. I don't think she wanted to go, but I know from her last vet visit that her kidney disease did a number on her kidneys and she potentially had stomach cancer. This morning, I honestly believe her kidneys failed completely and she was still trying to keep going and hide how she felt in front of me. She was a tiny cat, but she wasn't the type to give up and give in. She was one of the strongest animals I ever met, and I think she might of been stronger than most of the people I've met. I think she would have tried to keep going until literally nothing was left if it meant she could stay by myside. She went to great lengths to hide her decline from me.

    I didn't want to bring the thread down with my update, but I wanted to say sorry for not being able to give everyone's stories more attention.
  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 166 Member
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    @sarabeth2984 Thanks! My main protagonists are varied in terms of romantic aspects. Manuel and Mick are both one-woman guys while Jordan, Bruce, and Erik are rather polygamous.
    Reality Kings Episode 19

    Dane was certainly using his handiness skill to help people who are close to him. He installed some object upgrades in Erik's new apartment.

    Bruce and Morgan had a date at Bathe de Rill where The Renegades (Morgan's club) members were gathering. For now, Bruce didn't mind Morgan being a member of that infamous club.

    They "messed around" together for the first time...

    ...and exhibited public display of affection.

    Jordan was certainly getting more buff. He and Phoenix had a date at Myshuno Meadows where they "messed around" in an observatory.

    Show spoiler to find out the new official couple.
    Phoenix and Jordan went to a bar with Erik and Luna. Phoenix hooked up Erik with Luna (just as she did with Manuel and Luna), making her his first official girlfriend although he had romances with other girls before.


    Manuel's residence had some visitors while he was busy meditating. He wanted to learn how to give "Fertility Massage" because he wanted to have twins with Summer.

    Summer visited him the following day. She was angry, but Manuel managed to calm her down.

    Manuel was the one who visited Summer the next day after his Drama Club performance.

    Show spoiler to find out where they "messed around" this time.
    It was a first time for Manuel and Summer!

    They "messed around" in Summer's bed. And look who witnessed it!

    The next morning, they even wanted to shower together, but the shower box was too small!
    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
    Episode 9
    Episode 10
    Episode 11
    Episode 12
    Episode 13
    Episode 14
    Episode 15
    Episode 16
    Episode 17
    Episode 18
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  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 527 Member
    I had a pretty awesome gaming session last night. One of the things I love about the Sims game is the quirky positive stuff. I needed something positive to help me pull myself up. If I have the time and energy, I'll make another update. Right now, it looks like most of my screenshots involve the less enjoyable anti-environmentalists, litter-bugs, and fish poachers.

    Instead of making enemies, Dylan and Zephyr completed the Friend of the World aspiration and became friends with all the people that were hurting Mua Pel'am. I'm hoping there friendship will help them convince everyone to take better care of the islands. Things turned out better than I could have hoped for when it came to building bridges instead of burning them.
  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 930 Member

    Excerpts from the Journal of Felipe Monte**gro

    -Victor had made an appointment with me, as in, with me at work in my office. I had thought it was to ask me to help him get a job here, boy was I wrong. What happened was, he gave me a presentation. He wants to get a loan from me, that’s my job now, I loan money to start ups and small businesses, since I got the promotion. He wants to buy “The Roadstead” in Magnolia Promenade, it’s a department store, a family run one that’s kind of seen better days since Mr. Worthy died. Victor wants to own his own business.
    When I was a kid, mami used to take me there to buy my school clothes in the fall. The owner Mr. Worthy, well, sometimes he actually waited on you and all and he had a way of making you feel important, I guess, buying clothes was not my favorite thing as a kid and somehow Mr. Worthy made it better.
    Well, I really hate this, I mean, Victor did a really good job, I was impressed, he had really thought it out and had answers ready when I asked. The thing is, well, loaning money to family, I just don’t know. Honestly, I’d loan the simoleans to him out of my own pocket if I could, but now with the baby, well, we’re looking for a bigger house. Plum, I really don’t like this at all.
    Finally, I went in to see my boss, Jasper Shoemaker, he took over when Siobhan (Fyres) retired. The thing is, well, for most of my career, he and I were rivals, we were up for the same promotions a time or two. So, he and I weren’t really friends, he wasn’t the kind of guy I’d have asked out after work for a drink. When I was up for this promotion, it was his former position, by the way, well, my interview was dead last, so I figured he was not really considering me. Then when I walked into his office he just stood up and shook my hand and congratulated me, as in he gave me the promotion right away. I was struck speechless, and he kind of laughed. Jeez, Monte**gro, you could at least say “thank you”. Yeah, he’s like that. Then he said, let’s face it, funding start-ups and making small business loans is a better fit for you than stripping companies and selling them off, I know that and so do you. He was right of course, so I kind of developed a lot of respect for him after that. So, I decided to ask his advice.
    After I had laid it out for him, and showed my loan offer documents, he didn’t say anything for a minute, then he asked, what’s your gut tell you? Well, I said, Victor made a good presentation and I honestly would love to see that old store revived again, I mean, I used to get school clothes there as a kid. Yeah, he said, I know what you mean. The he continued, when I was a sophomore in high school I blew out my knee and I wasn’t able to play ball anymore. So, I had to actually study for the first time, and my tutor was this bookish girl who was cute, but not my type, anyway, she asked me to take her to the Winterfest Dance. Mind you, before I blew out my knee, I had dated cheerleaders, but that stopped as soon as I wasn’t a jock, so I agreed to take her. Well, my mom took me to that store to buy me a new suit for it and old Mr. Worthy waited on me himself, he pinned up my pants so they could be hemmed and everything and, the thing is, I remember that because that dance was the first time in my life a girl I took out was actually interested in me, for myself, not for being a jock, you know? He thought a minute and said, OK, let’s do it. But seriously, this interest rate, I mean the guy’s your brother, you have to sit across the table from him at holiday dinners. Don’t you think maybe you shouldn’t gouge him on the interest rate so much?-

    -Ultimately, Victor didn’t need me to loan him nearly as much, mami and Papi, well, they gave him part of his inheritance to use and that was enough to cover most of it. He would use most of my loan to spruce up the place and get it looking brand new. Right after Victor purchased it and was interviewing contractors I went by there and Victor was walking around with a contractor and Omar’s brother Kareem. Later, Victor told me Kareem had been the Super for his apartment for years, so he had a lot of knowledge about plumbing and wiring etc. So Victor had enlisted his assistance in deciding on a contractor. Kareem did a good job, the contractor Kareem helped Victor choose came in on time and only went a little over-budget, but that was due to some serious plumbing problems apparently.
    We went to the Grand Opening, of course, the store looked nice. It looked like a brand new place to me. Victor had bought a Baby Grand Piano and put it right in the front of the store, and he and Papi took turns playing music for the customers instead of that piped in shopping music most places have. It was a really nice touch I think. Mami and papi were there, working, oh yes, they both decided to help Victor make his store a success, so much for retirement. Of course, I worry that they’ll overdo it, but they wouldn’t listen to me if I said anything, I’m sure of that, sigh.-

    The Grand Opening.

    “The Roadstead” features live music.

    Brendan Pike,(Cassandra Goth’s son) is Victor’s right-hand man.

    Omar checks out the store.

    As does Elliana.

    Eddie Sharma (Miranda’s ex) purchases a pink sofa, perhaps his new wife likes pink?

    Internet celebrity Penny Pizzazz makes a big purchase.

    -Papi told me that a couple weeks after the store opened, that the Parrish family had been in the store and Jennie was with them and it just so happened Victor was playing the piano at the time. Papi said that a little while later, Jennie and Victor played a duet, he on the piano and she on the violin. He said they made beautiful music together. And, a few weeks later, I found out from Victor that Jennie’s his girlfriend now.-

    Victor and Jennie are an item again.

    -We bought a house, it has 5 bedrooms, but Roxie and I are going to use the smallest one as a office for the both of us, I have my computer desk on one side of the room and she has all her art stuff on the other. It’s really nice, and I kind of like that we can be together when we’re working from home now.-

    The new home.

    -I joined Powerhouse, I need a lot more work to stay in shape these days and being in the club is a good way to motivate me to do it, at least that’s what I’m hoping. I met a guy named JT Kelp at the gym, he’s a college buddy of Kaden’s I found out, Plus he’s a fitness instructor for The Other Sports Team, so I talked him into joining. He seems like a good guy to have around to motivate the rest of us.-

    Felipe talks JT into joining Powerhouse.

    -We guys went to “The Bluffs” again and it got kind of chilly, so we built a big bonfire and warmed up a bit. It felt really good to get out of the house. Lately, it’s kind of stressful and all, what with waiting around for the baby to get here. There haven’t been any problems so far either, in spite of the dire warnings from the doctor. Thank goodness Roxie isn’t having such a bad time, well, at least if she is, she sure isn’t letting on. It’s funny how the first baby was so much worse for her than these last two. But maybe they’re all different or something, right?-

    The guys do a bit of swimming.

    Then warm up with a bonfire.

    -Jeez, I had completely forgotten how stressful it is waiting for the baby to come. I mean, it’s due any day now and I’m just a nervous wreck, and I keep rereading those pamphlets the doctor gave us about all the stuff that can go wrong. I swear, there’s something about holding a baby in your arms that makes your forget all the bad parts that came before, just saying.
    Carlos finally asked me to kick the soccer ball around with him, it’s been ages since we’ve done that, I think he noticed how edgy I was. And he talked to me about stuff from school and sports and, well, he really talked to me for the first time in a long time. And at least for a little while, he made me forget about being nervous about the baby.-

    Felipe and Carlos kick the soccer ball around.

    -Roxie went into labor right after dinner, we went to the hospital and little Rosa Monte**gro was born right away, yeah Roxie and I agreed to name her after my mami, that was her maiden name. Mami is thrilled to death. Anyway we barely got in the door and Dr. Hund (daughter of Paolo Rocca and Morgan Fyres) took Roxie right back to the birthing machine. And, yeah, a girl. We would have been happy with a boy, but still, I think both of us were hoping for a girl this time. I know I was.-

    Roxie goes into labor.

    Welcome to the world Rosa Monte**gro.

    Carlos meets his baby sister.

    And changes her diaper.

    And the relatives visit Rosa.

    (NOTE: I cheated by looking to see if it was a boy or girl and it was a boy. So I had Roxie eat strawberries while she listened to pop music during the pregnancy, which ups the odds for a girl, for boys its carrots and alternative, BTW, and it worked. So, it is a bit cheaty, but it’s an in-game cheat, so I’m OK with it. I really did want them to have a girl this time, I mean, it’s obviously what they both wanted, right?)

    @swansong93 I really like that program you use to clump all your screenshots together too, it makes a nice storyboard type effect in your postings.

    @haneul Wow, that house, no estate is amazing, great job!

    @daephene Oh, it’s great to see an adult Lucas Munch in someone else’s game.

    @DarkAngel1994 Great job on making the Strangerville story line come to life, Tristan is a doll too, BTW.

    @sarabth2984 Congratulations on the Maxis Fave, a few years ago one of my households got one of those, and it’s been really nice to have people download my other households because of it.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    OMG! That is brutal Cherrie! :o She had Woohoo for the first time with Aaron and now her moodlet is sad lol :lol:
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    @sunblond In fact, I was forced to use it because I don't wanna post lots of images here that would make page loading very slow :)
    Reality Kings Episode 20 (Season Finale)

    Mick and Jessie had a date in Bathe de Rill.

    Show spoiler to see what they did downstairs.
    A first time for both of them! They "messed around" in a sauna. Mick lost his virginity in a sauna!

    In Dane's household, Dennis Kim and Deauxma Woohooed, causing Dennis to die by overexertion!

    Deauxma was sad, of course, but she still gave an autograph sign to Grim Reaper :D

    Dennis was also buried in Newcrest Cemetery.

    Manuel had his last day in his school's Drama Club.

    Show spoiler to find out why.
    Manuel celebrated his birthday (Fall Day 9) at Myshuno Meadows with close friends and family friends! Manuel and Summer shared their last kiss together as teens before Manuel blew the candles.

    Manuel acquired a new trait! A trait that would be very useful in his chosen career.

    And he had to leave the Drama Club.

    There were lots of foods for the guests to enjoy, notably, two ice cream flavors.

    The Fengs were family friends of Manuel's family since Manuel's mom is a retired Civil Servant.

    Some guests ate upstairs.

    Manuel and Summer had a talk there. For now, hugging would be the most romantic thing that they can do together.

    Their relationship status remained the same.

    Erik seemed to be showing funny videos to other guests.

    Manuel and Mick's other half-brother Ramon (a "Background Actor" with "Unknown" celebrity status) came late.

    Ramon's son Codi (Manuel and Mick's nephew) was also late.

    The party ended, and the guests were happy!

    Manuel is now ready to become an actor!

    -End of Season 1-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
    Episode 9
    Episode 10
    Episode 11
    Episode 12
    Episode 13
    Episode 14
    Episode 15
    Episode 16
    Episode 17
    Episode 18
    Episode 19
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    With the kids' club meeting still ongoing, Caroline and Peter stayed in the living room, out of the way. Caroline decided to serenade Peter from the sofa, and he was very appreciative <3


    The next day...
    "Hey darling, I need to practise anger. Is it OK if I practise with you? I'm sorry in advance..."
    "Yeah, alright. I don't mind."


    "Wow, why is Mum being so mean to Dad?" Artemis asked as she walked to school.
    "Apparently it's for a film role," Erytheia explained. "Don't worry, they're not about to divorce."
    "Phew," Artemis said. "I guess she would need to practise being mean, she's such a lovely person!"


    After shouting some forbidden words at her husband, Caroline went off to calm down, having apologised profusely. Peter didn't mind; it was all for a film role, although he privately hoped that she'd chose other projects in the future that didn't require her to be so mean, and that would allow audiences to see who she really was.
    Having drunk some tea, Caroline worked on her fitness skill. She hadn't liked being so mean to her husband, as it was completely contrary to her nature and her pristine reputation.


    "Captain Sigma: Olympus Landing" was the first job in a long time where Herman Hudson wasn't one of Caroline's co-stars. Derumk Misipeka was there, though, and they rehearsed their scenes in the costume trailer.


    After shouting at the enemy, it was time for a sword fight. This was a futuristic superhero film, so they fought with colourful laser swords.


    Swordfighting wasn't enough to overpower the enemy - time for good old-fashioned physical violence.


    Artemis and Xanthe decided to play chess together. I love how Artemis is in full cold-weather gear and Xanthe is just in her nightdress :D


    Wednesday brought every child's favourite holiday: Winterfest! Erytheia was super-excited when she woke up.


    They decided to decorate the tree with a blue-and-white theme that year. Peter and Erytheia placed the ornaments on the tree.


    Peter decided to switch on the lights... and the tree promptly caught fire. Peter watched in horror as the tree was engulfed before his eyes. Devastatingly, the entire tree - including the present pile under it - disappeared into a pile of ash. He was able to extinguish the flames, but he felt disappointed all the same.


    He managed to locate a spare tree in the attic, and decided to go with the red-and-gold theme of the previous year, as the blue-and-white ones had been destroyed.
    Feeling confident about his fire-extinguishing abilities, Peter decided to take on the job of cooking the Winterfest ham.


    Father Winter turned up that evening, and added some presents to the pile. The children were happy that they had a replacement tree, but were still stressed about the fire.


    "Wooo! I love Winterfest and snow!" said Apollo as he made a snow angel on the balcony. Snow on Winterfest was just awesome!


    The next day, Caroline decided to practise telling jokes for her newest audition, The Sheriff of Alpha Centauri. Anastasia popped over for a visit, and enjoyed the performance.


    Peter had noticed that Heidi was ill; she seemed a little dizzy, she was drooling and even throwing up. So, feeling concerned, he took her to Brindleton Pawspital, where she was diagnosed with Super Swamp Mouth and given the appropriate treatment.


    Happy that she was better, he played with her using a laser pointer.
    Maybe I could learn a little veterinary skill, he thought. It's not the same as being a properly-qualified vet, but I could learn how to help the cats with minor illnesses.

    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes/O'Connors, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
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    Vanth Reaper is up before the crack of dawn, eagerly anticipating his upcoming birthday. His Mother, Nyx, and Auntie Dahlia decide to try and burn off some of that toddler energy by showing him some dance moves.


    In the meantime, unable to take a day off work, Thanatos Reaper works frantically to finish off some scientific grant proposals, hoping he'll at least be able to bake a birthday cake for his son.


    Cake baked, it's time to call the grandparents over.



    While they wait for Grim and Aislinn to arrive, Thanatos and Nyx take the opportunity to explain to their son that summoning his Grandfather in this instance did not actually involve anything dying.


    Grim and Aislinn chat with Dahlia's fiance, Ananke, whilst their grandson ages up (which I didn't get a shot of, because game lag)


    With both his Mum and Dad having to dash off to work, Vanth shares some birthday cake with his Auntie Ananke & his Grandparents. He wants to know if his Granddad is 'The' Grim Reaper, but Grim explains he's a Soul Reaper, and he's not the only one in the job. (and I prove that I can't screencap to save my life)


    With his birthday party at an end, Vanth then watches his grandfather disappear in a cloud of black smoke.


    Back home, Grim and Aislinn encounter their daughter, Cerise, running out of the house, because she's 4 hours late for school.


    Despite almost missing an entire school day Cerise still comes home with an A on her report card. Grim, grateful to be out of his hot Reaper uniform in the middle of summer, decides to bake lemon squares to congratulate his daughter on her grades. Cerise reluctantly shares some with her sister Marakia.

    (Spoiler tagged for those who don't want to see what Grim looks like out of uniform)

    Meanwhile Ankou Reaper slices her thumb open trying to cook a gourmet meal for the first time. Thankfully her sister, Erishkigal, is in the medical career.


    With the day's events finally winding down, there's nothing like ending a long day with some kitty time for Grim and Magnus.
    I had one of my Sims marry the Grim Reaper & now they have a lot of kids.

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    Ok wow I haven't played sooo long, so I started my game and wanted to play with Eliyah today who was newly engaged with a woman that surprisingly said Yes while having commitment issues and having the loner trait.. interesting.


    So, they have been living together for a while now and Eliyah is still trying to pay off his house mortgage while finishing up the interior of his house. I always wanted him to be a lawyer, but since there wasn't a lawyer career at the time when he grew up, I had him enter the business career. Then I came to the realization that he could actually still study and become a great lawyer, so I got excited to open the game and have him study from home while working in his current career. It was interestingly busy, but he now passed two semester's and failed only one class, cause I was too late giving in the Essay.

    Here he is in his home office daydreaming about that picture he took right after they got engaged.

    Still trying to loose some extra pounds, but it seems hard for Eliyah. He is just not Mr.fit type (Don't know whatssup with the door reflection in mirrors these days, but I think it's a glitch)

    Cause they needed to save on some money this year and get settled together, they spend new years eve at home. Looks fun right?

    Yeah no, it looks like Maaike his fiance isn't so happy after all. She has been having this miserable face for weeks now and slowly starts to realize she is in a way too committed relationship + job. This life just doesn't seem to fit her after all. I let her start in the teacher career and while she doing well, after repeating the same routine day in and out, she started to get stressed and worry about her repetitive job and engagement with Eliyah. I tried to keep her happy, but the moodlet kept pushing through. I did like the little realism there.

    The life they both lived just didn't feel right. Eliyah was too busy with school and work while Maaike has been getting worse each day and finally she decided to open up about it to Eliyah who is the nice and patient guy that he always is. Eventually they went to dinner and I was surprised to get the option 'ask to just be friends' so I did, cause it seemed like the best way to do it. It's not like he didn't knew she had this problem before they got together. Some sims just don't end up together.

    The next few days, I had Eliyah sleeping in the guestroom while Maaike has been trying to find an apartment to move out eventually (by that I mean, me checking online for a proper apartment made by another simmer on the gallery :smile: )

    She didn't have much stuff of her own, so I packed some items that were personally hers (mostly her career rewards) and some books. I love the packing crates mod for that! She seems ready to move on with her life.

    On the day she moved out, they separated as friends. I split up a part of the household fund, so she could start of a new life on her own. I couldn't find a proper apartment yet, but it will probably be in Evergreen Harbor. She did however move out from Eliyah's house. I did like that when I split up the household in edit household section and went back to his house, that she was there leaving the lot. Better than sims just disappearing all of a sudden. Eliyah is now living alone again, but I have my eye on a co-worker of his that might be the one for him.. FINALLY!
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    Reality Kings Season 2-Episode 1

    The new season of Reality Kings begins with Manuel joining the acting career track as a "Commercial Spokesperson" (Level 3).

    For now, he's not yet ready to live on his own, so he's still staying with his half-brother and parents in their two-floor apartment.

    He passed his first ever audition with ease!

    His first gig was scheduled on the day of Harvestfest. It was very hot in Del Sol Valley, so Manuel had to go there half-naked.

    Show spoiler to find out how Manuel's first gig went.
    The first thing he had to do was to practice acting and then get styled by the makeup artist.

    The next thing he had to do was to get into costume.

    Then he told the director he's ready to perform. Everything went well.

    He got promoted to "Guest Star," and he earned enough fame to make him a "Notable Newcomer."

    He stayed at Plumbob Pictures to mingle with the co-actors/actresses and the production crew. Of course, he called Summer to tell her about how his first gig went.

    Then he went home to complete the Harvestfest tradition with his family.

    The next gig he auditioned for required him some guitar skill, so he practiced playing guitar for hours. Once again, he passed the audition with ease.

    Show spoiler to see how Manuel's next gig went.
    Just like his first gig, he had to practice acting, have himself styled, get into costume, and tell the director he's ready to perform.

    Everything went perfectly well again.

    This time, he invited Summer (still a teenager) to the studio, and they ate with the production crew.

    Manuel transferred to Well Suited Talent.

    His next gig required him to practice romantic scenes and hone his video gaming skills...

    ...so he went to the Geekcon Festival with Dane. And then he met up with Summer.

    He waited for Summer to go home before he practiced romantic scenes with his co-star Veronica (an older "Background Actress" with "Unknown" celebrity status). He didn't want Summer to get jealous!

    Show spoiler to see how Manuel's next gig went.
    As usual, he had to be styled and then get into costume.

    This time, he had to rehearse with his co-star. To his surprise, it was none other than Summer's aunt Deauxma whom he is friends with. He had no choice but to do romantic scenes with her. He was a little worried about what Summer would think about it.

    He had to perform two scenes with Deauxma and two solo scenes. Everything went well.

    He got promoted into "Supporting Actor."

    He called Summer after the gig, and then ate something at the studio.

    -To be continued-

    Season 1 Episodes
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    Responses to updates:

    @Daephene Noelle is so sweet, I love her hair <3 Strawberry bear suit! I actually deleted that trait from my game via mods because it was too unbearable for me :sweat_smile: I love how Maybelle didn't recognize her sister without the costume!

    @Becka28 Poor Quin and Rohan - no rest from fans and paparazzi's, not even at the gym! :D Also Morgyn trying to flirt with Rohan is hilarious.

    @hanuel The mansion is absolutely stunning!! I love the attention to little details and all of the pictures hanging around <3

    @Lucy_Henley Aww, poor Coco! :( Oh that's interesting, I thought Clara Bjergsen is a host at the Starlight Accolades only in my game, but apparently that's a common thing, not something random! Congrats to Caroline! My sims never won anything even though I had a five-star actor :D I love the kids reaction to Mum practicing her anger on Dad :D Ohh, I didn't know the Christmas tree could go in flames... that's rather interesting.

    Reponses to comments:

    @Daravi thank you for your comments on my story! :)

    Oh my, Victoria definitely looks a bit stunned!:
    I know, I laughed out loud at that expressions :D
    Aww, the wonky tree topper, hee.:
    I didn't even know that can happen! How? :joy:
    CALEB. Man, thank god he was there to help Ianto! I don't know your Caleb's backstory but I get the feeling he really needs a hug D:
    Oh... My Caleb... Yeah, he really does :disappointed:
    Thank you <3

    Oh~ I know nothing much about Harry Potter, but it's so interesting that Harry is the neighbor. But I don't think in the canon version he was raised by Remus and/or Sirius, so this should be a nice change. I'm curious to see how he's going to get along with Rhi and Ianto.
    You right, he wasn't! But it's a common trope in fanfiction :)
    Your posts always give so much to think about and look forward to. Like the encounter with Caleb.
    I'm glad you enjoy reading them :relaxed:
    I hate to see Rhi and Ianto fighting, even if he is trying to look out for her.
    Yeah, it's never fun to fight :( But they're very different kids so it happens.
    How long does it take you to put together a post if you don't mind answering? I feel like it must take hours and hours with all of the planning, the posing, and the writing. It's impressive.
    All in all I usually spend an entire day to make a post. That's counting from playing the sims to writing down the story and responding to comments. But it's a lot fun :)
    Did you succeed? The toddlers are adorable.
    Nearly there, I keep sending her new pics of them every day :joy: She's not ready to give up story progression though.
    Thank you so much, your comments are always very insightful <3

    You make the most adorable toddlers! And I absolutely love where your story is going (Vampires and Realm of Magic have to be my favorite packs and gameplay)
    Thank you so much! :relaxed: Vampires is possibly my favorite gamepack too, I used to play a lot with them when they first came out :)

    There was a monster under my bed. I knew there was. It was there, hissing, snarling, waiting. It hid when the lights were on so I always slept with a night light. But it was still there. I could feel it. And although I didn't like it, I had to learn to deal with it. Because I knew it wasn't going anywhere. And technically, there was nothing it could do to me either. Not with my night light on.

    But one night it nearly made itself heard.

    One night it made me wake up with a gasp.

    Only to realise it wasn't the monster who woke me up.

    It was Caleb.

    So. I was a two year old genius stuck in a room with an unknown creature. What was I supposed to do?

    "Halt! I'm calling 911!"
    More under the cut:
    Apparently Caleb didn't even realise that I was in the room because he jumped immediately. I expected him to try to run but he just froze.
    "W-Who's Nine One One?" he asked, shaking. I could tell that English wasn't his first language. If he even had a language that wasn't just hissing and snarling.

    "I... don't know. But you can't be in my bedroom, I'm two. It's illegal."
    "What are you doing here?"

    It took him a while to answer.
    "You're... Not Harry."
    "No, I'm Ianto. Remember?"
    "Oh. Yes. Unimportant then."

    "Why... are you here?"
    "Well this is my house. We moved here a month ago."

    For some reason Caleb looked very tense when I said that.
    "Oh... You shouldn't have. This... bad place, this. You should go."
    "Well too bad 'cause my parents got credits to pay for a million years... Are you here about the monster?"

    "The monster under my bed. Mom and Dad won't do anything about it but I know it's there and I don't like it!"

    Me and Caleb - we spoke in interesting ways. As I remember it now, we always had highly intelligent chatting. But really, I was two and he was a vampire who mostly talked in hissing, growling and snarling and clearly didn't have English as his first language even during his mortal life. So I suppose to an outsider, it didn't sound nearly as logical as I remember it.
    "What kind?"
    "Monster. What kind?"

    "I don't know..."
    "Hmm. How long?"
    "Even since we moved in. Can you get it out?"

    Caleb was a grownup. But he always took everything I said very seriously. He didn't laugh in my face or say that it's natural to be afraid of the dark. He simply got down and took a look.

    "It's no use, no one sees him there..."
    "Okay, sorry."

    "Well, did you see him?"

    "How do we get rid of him?" I asked impatiently.
    "Can't. He'll show up when you turn seven." Caleb replied as casually as if we were discussing getting rid of termites.
    "I can't wait that long!"
    "He'll show up when you turn seven," Caleb repeated as if it resolved the issue on it's own.

    "Why are you talking to me like that?"
    "Like what?"
    "Like I'm a grownup."

    Caleb looked at me, puzzled. He clearly had no idea what that meant.
    "How should I talk to you?"
    "Well, you're older then me. Generally adults talk to me like I'm stupid."
    For a second Caleb paused.

    "I'm older then any human. I talk to you how I talk to humans."
    "Oh. You're... you're not imaginary, are you?"
    "My grandpa's dead. But I pretend that he isn't. That's imaginary."
    "Well... I am dead."

    "Huh? How come you're walking then?"
    "Vampire?.. But a nice one, right? Do you have a soul like Angel from Buffy the vampire slayer?"

    I don't think vampires are supposed to sigh. But Caleb did. Caleb definitely did. I also noticed that his face was all cracked up, especially around the lips. He must've been very thirsty. But he didn't even think of going after me.
    "It... hurts."
    "So you have one?"
    "No. It's... scattered. It was supposed to shatter and leave my body but... it didn't go."

    "Why does it hurt?"
    Perhaps I wasn't the most considerate there. I always asked a lot of straightforward questions. But it was okay with Caleb. Caleb always answered them just as straightforwardly.
    "It's broken. Torn, ripped apart. But it's still there. Hurting."

    "Why... didn't it leave?"
    "Don't know. Suppose... something went wrong when I was sired."
    "Yes... I was turned into a vampire..."

    And that was when Caleb told me the story of how he was turned into a vampire.


    Have you even tried digging yourself out of a grave?

    Caleb have. And he knew his hands were supposed to be bruised to say the least. But they weren't...

    There wasn't a slightest scratch on them.

    His heart wasn't beating. He could hold his breath for as long as he liked. He felt agonizing burning pain in his entire body but it didn't leave him screaming.

    The more he thought about it and the more he stared at him hand, the more he panicked. And yet his heart wasn't racing and his breath wasn't panting. He was perfectly still. The more Caleb thought of it the more he wanted to yell.

    "Welcomeee..." a hissing noise took him out of his thoughts.

    He recognised them. He recognised them very well. They were... Oh god... they were the one's that killed him... Because he's... he's dead...

    Caleb didn't feel surprised. He felt like this was supposed to happen. Everything was going the way it was supposed to. From the moment a human gets turned into a vampire, he has a very strong instinct to be among his sires. But for some reason Caleb didn't want to even look at those creatures.


    "TO THE..."


    "Eh... what is wrong with him? Why is he staring at us?"
    "He looks confused..."
    "Maybe something went wrong, Vlad..."

    Caleb squinted his eyes a little.

    She disappeared quite a while ago and he could barely recognise her under the mask of a monster, but it was her. It was his sister. Did she... did she plan this?..
    "Welcome, brother..."

    "Show us your TRUE face!"

    "Wh- Wha?..."

    "Show it! Show it! SHOW IT!"

    The more the man yelled, the more Caleb panicked, feeling and unknown before force making it's way through his body. He snarled, feeling how his scent, eyesight and his hearing got sharper immediately. It felt right... Everything about it felt right...

    And at the same time it felt wrong.

    "What... is... this?.." hissed Vlad. "YELLOW eyes? Why? WHY? LILLIIIIITH!"

    "Hmpf. Weak."

    The vampires gathered around Caleb, quietly discussing what they just saw. A vampires eyes should be red - any shade, but red. Lillith had a peculiar color, but it was a color of strength and power. Caleb had a color of humanity. Weakness.

    "Look... into... him..."

    "Find... what is... causing... this WEAKNESSSS..."

    One of the vampires came close and grabbed Caleb.

    He tried to move away, but his whole body was aching in pain and he could barely move. It was like something was trying to claw its way out of him. Something painful, something burning.

    And it seemed that the vampire felt it too.

    "His soul... it's... it's still there... shattered, but THERE..."

    "STILL... THERE?.."

    Vlad threw his head back and snarled in disgust.
    "Still there!" he croaked. "Still... there!!"

    "His soul is still there!!" the other vampires yelled in shock.

    "This one is NO MATCH for us!"

    "You... should... be... BAAAANISHED..."

    Caleb didn't know what should've happened. Whatever it was, it would be right. He came out wrong. He wasn't supposed to be there.

    But instead he got knocked off his feet by Vlad.


    He softly gasped feeling his soul aching in every single part of his dead body, trying to escape.

    "How did you do it? How!? HOW?"

    "Tell meee... TELL MEEEE..."

    There was nothing Caleb could say but softly sigh. He still couldn't get rid of those human reactions. Still couldn't let go of his breath, even though he no longer needed it. He felt connected to these vampires - after all, they turned him into one. But just as much, he felt connections to humans. He was torn. He was wrong. And he didn't know why.


    "Were those the vampires you were trying to save me from?"
    "Yes. Covered your scent with mine so they wouldn't find you."
    "Oh... Why didn't they kill you? When they turned you into a vampire and saw that you're different?""

    "They... thought I'd be useful. Someone has to clean up."
    "Well why didn't you just leave? Did you want to go with them?"
    "They're family... I can't."

    "Well I bet they're the weird family that nobody likes and you're the only one normal, right? 'Cause that's how it is for me!"

    He gave me a small smile.

    And I smiled back at him.

    Then he suddenly got up.
    "I have to go. The sun will rise soon..."

    "Will you come back? The monster is still there. I'm scared of the monster."
    He looked at me with uncertainty. So I phrased my question differently.
    "Can you... come back?.."

    "Yes. While the rift is open. All rifts lead to Forgotten Hollow. But... you're the wrong boy."
    "I understand. But you won't have as much fun with Harry as with me. Also mr Remus is weird and I have a feeling he might eat you."

    He sighed, staring at our neighbor's house.
    "I know. But I was sent. I must... I must go."

    He touched the window pane, ready to leave. I silently watched him.

    "We're having a play at preschool soon... A Christmas play. I'm playing the lead role. You... you could come if you want... 'Cause even if you're not imaginary... you could still be a friend. And that's what friends do."

    He slowly turned and looked at me.
    "A... play?"
    "Yeah! We're gonna be on the top floor and it has a glass ceiling so you can look from it. I could wave you and you could wave me back. That's what friends do."
    He thought for a moment and then gave me something that looked like a smile. A very quick one, but a smile nonetheless.

    "Really? Okay, see you there then! Don't... don't miss it!"
    He smiled a bit wider. And then he left.

    I stayed up for the rest of the night, watching as his footprints slowly got covered with falling snow till there was none left. I felt a strange connection to Caleb. Connection and sympathy. Like me, he turned out wrong. Like me, he didn't fit in his world, didn't fit in his family, even though like me, he was honestly trying his best.

    And just like me, he failed.
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    @sarabeth2984 - Thanks! :)

    @sunblond - Thanks!
    I really like the Strangerville pack, although the possessed sims freak me out still, lol
    Tristan has to be my favorite heir of the legacy, the first being Atlas (Gen 6).

    To @Daephene, sorry for not responding to your comment on pg. 792. I love to build up the drama and suspense before ending it with cliffhangers and plot twists. :)

    Catch up on Tristan's strange mission!
    Chapter One
    Chapter Two
    Although given a warning from Dorothy, that didn't stop Tristan from his investigation. Once Dorothy and Cian left to do some errands, he went over to the library to learn more about Strangerville history in the 1950s, just like what it stated in the documents.

    One article mentioned about the plants starting to appear around the springtime. If the plant was cut off, more would grow back...
    "Like a Hydra," Tristan muttered to himself and continued reading the other articles.
    A couple hours later, he took a break and stretched, hearing the popping of his bones from sitting for too long. As he looked around the room, he noticed something - or someone - acting strange.

    "Excuse me, sir, are you alright?" Tristan asked. He felt uncomfortable as the man was twitching violently. "Um, sir...?"
    The man faced him in a blink of an eye, with a crazed look on his face, laughing maniacally, before waddling away.
    Tristan was left speechless as he listened to the man saying something about "coming from the skies".

    They don't call this town Strangerville for no reason, Tristan thought as the man waddled away.

    He met up with Sheena, who was still running the Curio Shop, and they talked about what Tristan found in the facility.
    "I knew the government was hiding something!" Sheena exclaimed with a huge grin on her face. "Were you able to get into the lab?"
    "Not really, I don't have a keycard to get inside," Tristan replied.
    "Today's your lucky day. I happened to have one," she said, handing him the keycard in exchange with the dossier.
    Tristan was surprised. "How'd you get it?"
    "Let's just say it's not easy."

    Tristan headed back to the facility, and like last time, no one was around. I thought this place was going to be heavily guarded 24/7...guess not.
    Before he entered the building, he was greeted by Brianna and Keith.

    "What're you guys doing here?" Tristan asked.
    "I could say the same thing to you," Brianna said. "I overheard your conversation with Madam Swan when Cian caught you and Iris here. You're really digging yourself a deeper hole if you keep doing this."
    "It's too late already. I got what I needed to finally solve this," Tristan explained, holding out the keycard. "Also, out of topic, why're you here, Keith?"
    "Since Cian is too busy, I was reluctant to come along," Keith replied.
    "You said you were bored because you're not sucking face with him," Brianna teased.

    The trio went inside the facility, and Tristan used the keycard to unlock the security door.

    Once it opened, small particles flew out, causing Tristan, Brianna, and Keith to cough.
    "What the heck are these?" Tristan coughed.
    "Dust?" Brianna waved off one away from her face.
    "You think dust can get this big?" Keith pointed out.
    "Whatever it is, we unlocked the door. Let's move on," Tristan said.
    "Ladies first," Brianna said and went ahead.

    Brianna looked around the room in awe and gasped in horror when she turned the corner.
    "What happened down there?" Tristan called out from above.
    "You guys need to come down here, quick!" Brianna yelled.
    "What's wrong?" Keith asked as he and Tristan rushed downstairs.

    "Somebody's hurt!"
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    I apologise to everyone that I am not commenting lately. Please know I am reading this thread and enjoying everyone's posts. I know we are all having a difficult year and this thread is definitely a lifesaver for me. Hugs to you all xx.
    Also CONGRATULATIONS to @sarabeth2984 - her maxis fave is awesome and she has so many good builds and rooms.

    @AlwaysAsking I love that Joey is not taking any nonsense from Don. I have never cheered for a sim more :) Just a quick Don shot for you as I know you don't play generationally.
    I found elder Don in a cafe using his laptop and crying. I went to take a screenshot when he broke the fourth wall and gave a sultry look - I think he is saying ÿou still think I'm hot as a silver fox don't you???"

    @Koteyka I think I missed something - everyone is congratulating you about writing a book? - What have I missed? (I hate being so far behind...)
    That sounds wonderful. I so enjoy what you write here (and I so hope you make a movie some day because the way you combine camera angles, colour, imagery and suggested soundtrack are so beautiful - reading your threads make me sob at the emotionality and art of them - even when they are are happy posts.


    Quin and Rohan are fine - they have some updates coming but I had to take a break because I had a bad dream that Rohan died and my superstitious little Irish soul couldn't take the risk of playing with them (Quin 100% endorses this decision).

    So I have been having a second try at the Not So Berry Challenge - and enjoying it quite well. I won't spend much time on mint because everyone posts a mint generation and it can get samey.

    The first gen. Mint is my sim Creme DeMenthe. If you are not familiar with the challenge mint has to max scientist career and mischief aspiration.
    She is fun to play. She met a hottie (created by origin ID: MinyLu) Kenneth Leon - they fell totally in love on a night out but he wiped her memory at the end of the evening (he is an alien btw - not on the gallery, my game alienised him).
    However he met her again, and proving you can't fight fate ... they fell in love all over again. My head cannon is he was worried she would say no because he was an alien. But as a scientist, it just made Creme love him more.

    They built a cute modern mint house in Oasis Springs.

    Creme completed her career and mischief goals as well as the elements collection (also required by challenge).
    Looking for all those crystals to get elements meant she was my first ever sim to complete the My Sims Trophy collection. I made it to about 95% before. You get a cute little commemorative plaque.

    I also learnt that if you find a dead alien animal eg. dead squid, if your alien sim clicks on it they can revive them into a living pet in the terrarium instead of in the jar!

    They had a son Lincoln (named after Mr Lincoln roses) - who was the heir for the Rose generation. Rose has to complete serial romantic, reach the top of the political career and leave someone at the altar.
    Lincoln (the red head in the red suit) was up for the challenge of being the rose sim.

    They also had a daughter, Damask. I am glad she was second as her look isn't very good for the Rose sim although she has a fun unique look. Here she is after crashing her Dad's spaceship which she "borrowed" for a joyride.

    Rose Generation
    Lincoln moved into an apartment in San Myshuno and lost no time getting started on his aspiration. Welcome wagons can come in very useful when you need to get started on seduction.

    He also worked very hard on his career.

    He soon found that the two go hand in hand - seduce....secure vote ... (and ask for bribe too)...
    Even my stupid simself fell for it...

    He also attracted the attention of Caleb who must have attacked him at least 5 times when he lived in San Myshuno (Lincoln never seduced Caleb - he hadn't even met him once).

    He quickly earned Shameless, always welcome and beguiling and became pretty OP at earning votes, romantic partners and bribes.

    Left at altar
    Lincoln had been childhood friends with Lucas Munch. They got together as boyfriends after Lucas' mother Mila died. Lucas lived with Lincoln and was happily oblivious of Lincoln's dark side.

    Lincoln had proposed when Lucas seemed to start suspecting that everything wasn't as it seemed. However on the big day, Lincoln couldn't go through with tying the knot.

    Normally, leaving a sim at the altar totally destroys the relationship but Lucas must be an optimist as both green and pink lines only halved. Which meant this was happening soon...

    And they went home together as a happily unmarried couple.

    They moved to Windenburg and built a little cottage - times were initially tough and Lucas spent hours running around collecting, catching frogs, fishing and gardening to help make ends meet.

    And had a daughter - Frangipani. The Yellow heir.

    Cheaters never Prosper
    Lincoln and Lucas both worked so the hired a Nanny. A lovely man named Roland Pierce showed up. He was the best Nanny ever in my game. He cooked, cleaned, gardened, looked after Frangipani and was all around wonderful.

    Lucas, who had more and more evidence of Lincoln's selfishness and betrayal, thought Roland was pretty special too.
    It soon became obvious that Roland felt the same about Lucas.

    Then came the day that he had to tell Lincoln he was leaving.
    Lincoln acted angry...
    But really - this was how he felt.
    I was crying too - but I was crying because we lost the wonderful nanny and the new nanny was utterly useless and just watched TV all day.

    Lincoln cleaned up his act (he had just about completed serial romantic and barely needed to say enchanting introduction before he added a new bf/gf and could then break up again without any further romantic interactions.

    He also worked on his body and health...

    as well as his parenting...

    He worked on campaigning without being dishonest and seducing bribes. And did very well.

    Empty victory
    For a while he hooked up with Orange Bailey-Moon. Both were using each other - Thorne had died and Orange needed Lincoln for the fame. Lincoln needed Orange to try and make Lucas jealous and to stem the loneliness.
    However, Orange had a secret - a girlfriend. And eventually, he left Lincoln to be with her - at Lincoln's adult birthday. (Even MCC doesn't approve of Serial romantics LOL)

    Lucas married Roland and they lived very happily. Lucas was surrounded by his brothers, husband and their children and had the life he deserved.

    This didn't stop Lincoln trying to win him back. Lucas was tempted but his love for Roland helped him stay strong.

    Eventually Lincoln made it to the top of the sim political ladder and was leader of the sim world.
    But he was sad and lonely and had a disastrous birthday that included Grimm as a guest (the caterer passed away).
    He couldn't help thinking that if he had marred Lucas he would be in a very different spot right now. (he earned those roses at the failed wedding and often gets the view interaction autonomously when he is sad - sometimes they write the script for you LOL)
    At least he had Frangipani to keep him company.
    And its not just me who thinks you are a silver fox - Caleb still thinks you are wonderful. (sorry Caleb: no vampires in this challenge just yet!)

    The final chapter
    Roland passed away from old age. Lucas found himself coming around to Lincoln's to speak about the old days and to find some comfort.
    They drew closer together..
    and Lincoln continued his campaign to recapture Lucas' heart
    Eventually Lincoln said some very heartfelt and very overdue apologies which melted Lucas heart
    and they finished what they started all those years ago..

    BLOOPer - or why does the game hate Elsa Bjergsen....
    What is this? Poor girl - it used to age her up as bald now she has hair but this! has started happening to her body. What the...
    No wonder she looks miserable.

  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 675 Member
    I didn't play much today, but 'Ginger Child Spellcasters' is now a thing :D:D:D


    It will remain so until Alexander, Erytheia and Xanthe age up, and I'll get more kids involved with the club. Erytheia and Xanthe have just four days left as children, and Alexander has three.
    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes/O'Connors, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
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    edited November 2020
    Reality Kings Season 2-Episode 2

    Thorne Bailey had a Meet and Greet Event at Plumbob Pictures Museum. Manuel was there with other Sims familiar to you.

    Deauxma (now a "Rising Star") was noticed by Thorne.

    Apparently, Thorne was smitted with Deauxma, so he paid her a visit. Dane met him in person for the first time and even befriended him.

    Dane explored the space and got some rare treasures.

    Dane decided he must learn how to teleport because he lives in a very large mansion. Teleportation would be very useful in saving travel time when he needs to reach the front door immediately from his bedroom. It was really cold, so he needed to find a place where he could meditate without freezing to death. He had maximized his handiness skill, so he was able to destroy the door to the Forgotten Grotto. He meditated there while his father (a "Deep Sea Fishing Master) fished for batfish.

    While he was there, he got a text message from Jordan.

    Back home, Dane changed the weather so that he could meditate in his room.

    While he was meditating, Thorne visited his residence again. This time, he and Deauxma Woohooed in the bedroom formerly occupied by Alice and Eric. Deauxma (adult) realized that from now on, he should go for a younger man (Thorne is still a young adult) to avoid overexertion accidents during Woohoos.

    Dane's father caught two vampire squids and a batfish from the Forgotten Grotto. The snow returned in the afternoon.

    For the first time after Manuel became an actor, Dane visited him in his residence.

    Show spoiler to see where Thorne and Deauxma met up.
    Thorne and Deauxma met up in a museum in Willow Creek where there were lots of fans and paparazzis. They did not seem to care.

    Show spoiler to see where they had a date and what happened in that date.
    They had a date at Villa Bovine where there were still lots of paparazzis. Their romantic attraction to each other went so far that Deauxma asked Thorne to be her boyfriend and convinced him to leave his spouse (Octavia Moon).

    They even talked about Dane.

    Deauxma decided to leave Dane's household and live with Thorne.

    Dane spent the Winterfest with his family and Father Winter who gave him a gift.

    -To be continued-

    Season 1 Episodes
    Season 2- Episode 1
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    Hello everyone,

    I was busy with building during the last weeks, I haven't played the decade challenge during this time, not really at least.

    I was creating an old quarter again, but this time filled it more or less (excluding the apartments). I created a bookstore, a bakery, a Postoffice, a Photoshop and an office. It took longer than expected. From the streetside it looks promising, but on the backside it isn't so healthy to live there.

    Attention please: All cakes and breads were made by Viktoria.
  • TomatplanteTomatplante Posts: 2,718 Member
    My sim took his wife on a Love Day date to the forgotten grotto. When they got home he had to rescue the poor servo, who was caught outside in the rain.
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,103 Member
    It's a little late for Halloween, but I finally got to my vampire family. This family consists of Wolfgang Munch, his wife Cordelia Andreas, and their children Cornelius and Charlotte. Wolfie's alien son Klaatu aged up and moved out last rotation, so now the household is all vampire.

    Cornelius also aged up to YA last rotation. He got the Argumentative, Insensitive and Uncontrolled Emotions traits from Parenthood, and then took the Evil trait. His earlier traits were Music Lover and Mean.
    So even though he's a grown up now, he still throws temper tantrums.

    Charlotte started this week as a teen. She's been working on the positive character values, but sometimes she still has to argue with her parents.

    Under the first spoiler is more about Cornelius and Charlotte's lives and hobbies.
    Both children are musically inclined. Charlotte has the Art Lover and Materialistic traits, but she also loves the violin.

    Sometimes when she's in a bad mood it can take the scowl off her face, eventually.

    She learned the "Bring to Tears" interaction and it does seem to work!

    Meanwhile Cornelius favors the pipe organ, often playing in his pajamas.

    Stopping occasionally for a maniacal laugh. In case anyone forgot he has the evil trait.

    He's a redhead in his dark form.

    Charlotte's dark form, which I did not actually edit when she aged to teen, appears to be her normal form but with puffier cheeks and no makeup.
    She got stuck in it for a while and since she was wearing all the same outfits it took me a while to figure out why her face just changed partway through the week.

    Since it is getting close to Spooky Day, Mila came by to watch horror movies with her vampire grandchildren.

    The film got mixed reviews.

    Cornelius may be evil, but he gets attached to his grandmothers.

    And Wolfie gave Mila a hug when he came home from work too. I felt that was important because I'm not sure if she'll be around next rotation.

    Wolfie and Cordy are somewhat involved parents. Here's Cordelia helping Charlotte with a school project. Wolfie just stood by and chatted because that Plasma Jane wasn't going to drink itself.

    And Wolfie has been helping Cornelius train. So far Dad wins every spar.

    My sims have taken to completely synchronized actions lately, so we have mirror image poses here, but I focused on Cornelius because I love his dark form.

    Charlotte has been focused on raising her character values, keeping up her grades, and going to school. She also finds some time to relax.

    Cornelius has begun work as a secret agent, heading for the villain track naturally. But otherwise he's been a bit unsure what to do with his time. Sure, he can also relax.

    And feast on his favorite randomly generated celebrity.
    (I assume this guy is famous for bad decisions, because not only does he over-accessorize every outfit, he also walks through Forgotten Hollow every night despite the usual consequences)

    Sometimes he branches out and has a bite of Nancy. Often enough that she seems bored with the process now.

    And he can randomly set things on fire.
    Well, he can set leaf piles on fire. Which is technically beneficial to the community, and not really evil at all.

    There's a limit to what an evil vampire can do in a mostly empty village while still at lower levels of power. So Cornelius was getting bored.

    Wolfie recommends his son find a woman. Or a man, whatever. Just... love can keep you occupied. And who wouldn't want such a dashing young vampire?

    Wolfie doesn't know anything about being evil. But he does know love.

    And he and Cordelia are never bored.
    Even in bat form.

    Never. Bored.



    Sometimes dirty.

    Sometimes maybe a little overwhelmed.

    But never bored.

    Anywhere they go.



    They even bought a bed, not for sleeping.

    And a vault.

    And it's not just player choice. This last one was completely autonomous.

    They are stuck as hormonal 19 year olds for eternity. Which is a totally embarrassing thing in the parents of a teenager.

    But I love them so much they are so adorable.

    Just goofy kids, really.

    So at the end of the week Charlotte aged up to YA, and started her vampire training in earnest.

    She has the Good trait now, as well as Good Mannered, Responsible, Compassionate, Mediator and Emotionally Controlled. She has also joined the secret agent career, but she's going to go the Diamond Agent route. She and Cornelius will be constant rivals. Possibly also for the affection of this young woman.

    We'll see next time.
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    Episode 1: A (dys)functional family

    Hello, my name is Nicole and this is the story of my life.

    All my life I've been bullied by my sister and Brenda. I've always felt so out of place in this family and I have no idea why.
    The only person I could talk to was my dad ...
    He was the only one supportive of my ambitions.

    Being what feels like an outsider in my own family required me to find amusement elsewhere. Ever since I was a child I found escapism in music. I'm absolutely love with music, all kinds of music and I wanted to be good at everything.
    After school I'd avoid my family as much as I could by learning to sing and to play every instrument.
    At the age of 17 I already was a great singer, pianist, violinist AND guitarist. Pretty neat, huh?
    At that point I'd play music wherever I could and occasionally I got money from friendly faces.

    In school I wasn't particularly popular. Just like at home, I'd barricade myself away from others. My sister however, she was the "cool" one because she skipped class, smoked, stole stuff, played with knives and drank beer. Noone would dare rat her out or "there would be consequences". One kid tried, but ran home crying after being confronted by her. Some say he changed schools after their interaction. She also was quite the flirt, so she was particularly popular along the boys.
    She put the whole school against me...

    I didn't have any friends, noone would want to be associated with me.... up until a new student showed up at school. His name was Luuk, he and his little brother moved in with their grandmothers after their parents died in a freak accident.
    He was different, he stood out from everyone else and he was my saving grace.
    We quickly became friends and he'd always watch me playing music.

    Every day I yearn for the day I get to leave this crazy family...

    I once invited Luuk home with me, but Lotte couldn't handle my happiness. She tried to flirt with Luuk. He rejected all of her moves and she wasn't having any of it. She swore she'd ruin his reputation if it's the last thing she'll do...

    Lucky for me, Lotte messed up BADLY... andhad her hands full.
    She wasn't very cautious, shocking ... and ended up PREGNANT with the oldest teen from the orphanage.
    You'd think Brenda would be angry at her, but NOPE. She was EXCITED to be a grandmother. I can't believe this....

    Some time later and Marco was born. Me and Brenda were forced to take care of him because Lotte neglected him.

    I raised him mostly, but after constant bullying and all these responsibilities ... I really want to get away...

    I'm packing my stuff and I'll sneak out, yes!
    Maybe I can live with Luuk? His house is massive!


    "Okay, I think that's everything?"

    "What's all that noise?
    That doesn't sound good..."

    "What's happening?"
    Jan: " I don't know what to tell you I'm so-"
    Brenda: "Don't. You. Dare. Finish. That. Sentence. Just leave..
    Your stuff's in this bag. I'm going back inside. I don't want to see your face ever again."

    Jan: "Nicole, listen... I messed up. I'm going back to my apartment in San Mysh-
    Why do you have a duffel bag?


    Jan: "I have an extra bed, want to tag along?"

    "Yes, please... I want to go away from this place."

  • rottmeisterrottmeister Posts: 192 Member
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    Episode 2: A fresh start?

    My stomach doesn't feel right after leaving Marco with my sister...
    I hope he's going to be fine. I'm sorry, Marco. I just had to go...

    I'm much happier now with my dad in this ... apartment(?) and my new school. I'm not sure if this apartment fulfills my basic needs, but at least I'm gone from Lotte and Brenda. It's a piece of work, but we'll make it work.

    In the meantime I'll keep playing my instruments.

    My dad is struggling to keep up with his writing. Bills are coming faster than he publishes his books. Maybe I can help him?
    We live near a hot spot, so maybe I can get people to tip me if I play songs for them.

    So every day, after school I'd play music and make people smile. It made me feel good and I think I've found my calling.

    Keep in mind, I still was a straight A-student. I neglected myself to get good grades, play music and earn tips on the streets by singing, dancing and playing music. Each day I'd worn myself out even more and some days I forgot to even sleep at all. I was sleep deprived, hungry and quite stinky, but I really don't want us to be evicted from this apartment.

    I nearly dropped my whole social life, but gave Luuk a key of the apartment so he could visit me whenever. He kept me going before, so I didn't want to lose him.

    We managed to survive quite some time. Months passed by and things seemed like they were going well.

    However the apartment itself really didn't want to cooperate. The appliances kept breaking. Fixing them took even more time away from me. time I didn't have. But unfortunately dad couldn't help. He never left his laptop, tried to write his books as fast as he could. Sadly they didn't earn us a lot of money. Readers found them to be incoherent and too rushed.

    Unfortunately my body couldn't keep up with all of this. When fixing the stove I fell asleep and electrocuted myself...



    I died.

    To be continued.
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    Reality Kings Season 2-Episode 3

    Manuel was getting ready for his next acting gig.

    Jordan visited Manuel on the last day of the year, inviting him to hang out. They worked out together in a gym.

    Manuel came home just in time for the New Year countdown.

    Show spoiler to see how Manuel's next acting gig went.
    He teleported to the makeup room to save travel time. As usual, he got himself styled and then got into costume.

    It was his first time working with Judith Ward (he's not a fan of her), and it wasn't that easy because he had to review the script several times.

    But everything went well in the end. He's now a Sitcom Star!

    This time, he invited Dane and Jordan to the studio. He even performed an action scene with Dane and played guitar.

    Manuel visited Deauxma and Thorne in their new home in Oasis Springs. They're now neighbors of the Calientes. Thorne was sleeping when he visited.

    A few more social media updates elevated Manuel's celebrity status from Notable Newcomer to Rising Star!

    He's now ready to live on his own. His family accompanied him when he moved out to his new home. Now he's back to Spice Market!

    After his family left, he invited Summer over and gave her the key to his new home. Then he invited her to his new bedroom, and with his newfound guitar and singing skills, he lulled her to sleep.

    When Manuel visited his co-star Veronica, her sister Katrina was the one who invited him inside. Katrina (Serious Musician, Notable Newcomer) was the first fan who asked him for autograph.

    Don Lothario asked Manuel about Summer, and this was his response:

    -To be continued-

    Season 1 Episodes
    Season 2 Episodes
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
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    The Restored World Saga: Restoring Sulani Arc

    Index and Story Changes
    This is the link to the index that links to the very beginning of the story. The only part of the story that has changed moving forward is the part with Lir and Loch in the Legacy because a glitch broke the save. After some digging, I'm sure my use of cheats didn't help, but there were a lot of issues with the NAPs too. Ashley, Loch, and Cole were erased from the story to preserve the legacy family tree and step back from story paths I decided against in favor of a new direction. At this point, my attempt at a legacy has ended, but the households I created during my attempt remain for the most part. I do intend to make another attempt at a legacy, but I'll take a different approach.


    The Elemental Twins: Dylan and Zephyr

    Chess Rivals
    Arihi and Zeph are natural rivals when it comes to chess. Arihi has a key to the house, so she's been visiting often. She almost always autonomously starts a game with Zeph. After a long day of dealing with anti environmentalists, the game was a welcomed escape for Zeph.

    If you look at the Index of Zeph's childhood, you'll see that he was a born natural when it comes to chess. I think he's a natural at anything that requires strategic thinking. Some of the following interactions are purely autonomous.

    Arihi: "I'm here for a rematch."

    Dylan: "But you always lose to Zeph."

    Arihi: "Not tonight."

    50562558386_7a90bd12f7_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101213245 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr and Arihi begin their rematch. Dylan works on his new guitar song.

    50562558366_05fea3f21a_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101213800 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50561816453_541ac57674.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101213812 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50561816343_f72a4265af_h.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101214234 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Honestly, I imagine Dylan on his guitar playing some intense and epic music as they exchange moves.

    Summoning a Lava Bomb
    I had one of them summon a Lava Bomb. I appear to be having trouble braking them to get collectibles. But, man, look at that shockwave.

    50562690187_3268964411_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101214954 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Another Anti-Environmentalist and an Unusual Fish Poacher
    Zeph has mastered the logic skill, so I used him to debate with most of the unwelcome guests to Mua Pel'am. Unfortunately, none of the other sims listen to Zephyr even though he's probably the smartest sim in the entire save.

    Zeph: "Don't litter. It hurts the baby sea turtles."

    50562690872_7f0ee962ab.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101220729 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Uha: "I'm a merperson that doesn't care about Sulani!"

    Arihi's thoughts: "My son has such a pristine reputation. He's so awesome!"

    50562558146_89fca3be8e_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101220828 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Before the argument could get heated, Rylan stepped in to mediate between Zeph and Uha.

    Rylan: "Nice weather today, right?"

    Zeph: "Maybe a bit cloudy."

    Uha grew bored from the conversation.

    50562557581_26d51bd02a_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101220859 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Rylan: "Don't worry about them. They don't understand."

    50561816233_e660c6c1af.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101220922 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Uha: "I understand, but I also hate dolphins."

    Zeph: "Did you just... How dare you use such foul language among merfolk! For shame."

    Rylan: "I can't... I can't believe he would talk that way about such majestic creatures. I wonder how he treats his dolphin familiar."

    50562690827_0e448acbd4_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101220951 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Rylan: "I need to go. I can't stay around a merperson like that. To talk like that about those wonderful creatures like that. So shameful."

    Zeph: "I know exactly what you mean."

    50562558116_823fd18882_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101221009 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Uha's thought: "I'm outa here. They need to develop this place so I can drive my sweet mustang, a truly majestic creature with a roaring engine."

    Zeph's thought: "That young merperson has truly lost their way and can't be saved. He said the forbidden words."

    50562557576_7acf811d9f_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101221101 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Chess Rivals 2.0
    Arihi's thoughts: "I'll win this time for sure."

    50562690812_f1caa585da_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101221248 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zeph: "Check, your move."

    50562690807_85c2092608_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101221259 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Arihi: "Right back at ya."

    50561816203_3ec2a463f4_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101221357 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zeph's thought: "She left herself wide open. I see a perfect move."

    50561815693_27d9918a39_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101221419 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Arihi: "Well, we'll call it a draw. Until next time."

    Zeph tilts his head in confusion. "Drama Llama."

    50561816188_3ba1c95953_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101221453 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Oliana Returns to Poach Endangered Fish
    Dylan: "You need to stop this."

    Oliana: "I hate the environment."

    50562558036_be27372843_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101222240 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Dylan: "What about the cute little frogs? They thrive when the environment thrives. We use frogs as bait when we fish, if the environment is sick, we lose our bait."

    50562690727_3d23dabd9e_b.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101222249 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Oliana: "I don't give a pumpkin emojis."

    50561815673_c2c495ee83_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101222257 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Dylan pressed his points. "I'm sure you don't like a dirty beach. Trash makes everyone uncomfortable. Think about relaxing on a clean shore with your family. You could use your fishing skills to remove the stuff that might hurt them."

    50562558016_66e07587aa_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101222308 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Oliana: "I don't care about Sulani."

    50562690692_77a5ab43f2_z.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101222317 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Dylan: "Can't you see that what you are doing is wrong? Have you lost sight of your connection to the sea. It provides for us as long as we care for it in return. I'm sure the sea feels the harm you cause."

    Oliana: "I think I understand. I remember the sharks... I'm not convinced that the islands are worth protecting, but I'll stop poaching for now.

    50562690682_58c9c04443_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101222324 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Teaching Zephyr how to Play the Guitar
    Dylan: "And just like that. Now your getting the hang of it."

    50562690657_714da99064_c.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201101224458 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    I need to brake up the update because of its length, but this happened in my game....

    50581908037_d590385879_n.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201104230535 by Metior Ice, on Flickr
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