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What Can We Do To Make Your The Sims 4 Worlds The Best Ever

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Tell us the features you most want to change your World. We have ideas, we have things a spinnin’, but we want to hear from you first hand. What can we do to help you make your The Sims 4 Worlds the best ever?
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  • Glic2003Glic2003 Posts: 2,932 Member
    CK213 wrote: »
    - Allow us to choose the wonderful skies that were shown in the early screenshot releases.
    That cartoon sky is just too storybook for me. I feel like I am playing My Sims instead of The Sims.

    Wow, it's incredible how much better that photo looks with the desaturated colours and a different sky.

    Personally, as far as the worlds go, I just want to see them release a Create-a-World program. Then I might consider getting TS4.

    "We've been attributing the state of The Sims 4 to greed but I think it's time to give sheer incompetence another look."
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    To Change the World, I don't think physical spaces would be the greatest priority. The Sims is a game about people, and the theology behind the AI appears to be directed at advanced interactions. Therefore, in-depth management of the actual Sim would be a preferred direction. People have been asking for the family recognition system to be implemented, so I think a family tree will bring so much more depth to the game. It is important for us to be able to keep track of relationships and family members - but why? Sims forge relationships with each other, but to what end? Marriage, offspring,ect. I won't specifically answer that question, but it will be nice to critically think about the implications of having more advanced social structures in the game. On a social level, family relationships are one of the defining characteristics of an individual, but they have been removed from the Sims. It's hard to argue that this is more than a base simulation without those family tags in-game.

    Secondly, I think that we should think about the neighborhoods in a more organic way. Site specific places, rather than simply putting an area in space because it should be there, seems more cognizant. So what I am proposing is that, it will be easy to look at the details that already exist in the game and think about things that can be added to those places already. Treat the virtual setting just like a real setting. If you have a neighborhood that has a park and a gym, in what ways can you improve that park and that gym? Instead of focusing attention to a new type of venue, what gameObjects can be added to improve the user experience from an architectural point-of-view.

    And on a personal note, I am not enjoying the careers that were included with the game. Imagining that a scripting system is in place for a career class, I think it would be intuitive to easily add new careers and their corresponding narratives associated with advancement. I would like to see doctors, teachers, police, and business at least make a return. I'm sure the other members have lots of ideas for careers too, so how about doing something along the lines of seeing what people want the most for careers, and then adding those specific careers to the game?
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    I'm surprised there has been no mention of cars yet. :P
  • DerekJohnsonDerekJohnson Posts: 4,220 Member
    KayParfait wrote: »
    I'm surprised there has been no mention of cars yet. :P

    Because they want feedback on worlds. Most suggestions so far are hardly about the worlds themselves at all.
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    I'd like to know how population will work as they add worlds.

    Modders have established that the total population is around 180 sims living across the two existing worlds. Any more than that, and the game will delete sims that aren't being played or interacted with.

    As they add worlds, will this number be raised ?
    I loved Midnight Hollow and Strangetown in past games, and would very much like to see those towns and the sims that lived there reimagined.

    When I found out there would be no open world, but that we'd be able to travel to any lot in any town, I was ok with the trade off.
    Finally ! I could (hypothetically) live in Twinbrook and hang out in Midnight Hollow !
    And I'd get to see those townies roaming around as I went about my business at various venues.

    So as far as worlds go, I think we can all agree that the bigger and more variety we're offered, the happier we'll be.

    More venue types, more townies / CAS options, and more items to customize everything and give us stuff to do on the new lots.

    It's a no brainer.
  • DerekJohnsonDerekJohnson Posts: 4,220 Member
    Aine wrote: »
    While I don't mind that you can't bring back the complete open worlds, what I would like is smaller open worlds, with a street or streets with lots being open world. That way, it wouldn't be too much for the computers to handle, and you'd have a close knit community of sims living together. <br />
    I don't mind the loading screens to another 'community', for instance a downtown 'area' or 'areas'. There could be a nightclub area, a shopping area and so on, all open world. <br />
    <br />
    I think simmers should be able to control how many sims are generated in their world by the game, the gender and age ratios, and when. <br />
    AN option would be to have two or more options for how many lots/streets/areas would be loaded at once as an open world. People with better computers could maybe handle more lots, while other wouldn't mind just a few. <br />
    <br />
    Over all, I want more options in controlling and managing the world. If you worry about one aspect of what you choose as developers, you can definitely make more than one option available to simmers. <br />
    Ofcourse there could be a default that is close to how it looks now, but with options to ramp the game up, in more neutral/extreme/different ways.

    An elegant solution.
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    More lots and places to visit, praticularly for families. Non rabbithole grocery stores, laundrymats, restaurants, a community pool (when pools are added next month), maybe a daycare...

    I feel weird taking my sim kids to the bar so some more stuff for them to do would be awesome.

    Also, apologies if I misunderstood the question. People are giving all sorts of crazy answers so I'm starting to think I may have missed the point a bit. :neutral_face:

    But as always, thanks for taking the time to get our feedback :)
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