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Sims 4 Base Game Bug Thread - Please read the first post before posting

crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
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Ok Guys,

here goes nothing.

I really hope this works out better but I've got the CM over at AnswerHQ to make us a whole bug FORUM: http://answers.ea.com/t5/The-Sims-4-Bug-Reports/bd-p/The-Sims-4-Bugs

So how does this work ?

You'll find a sticky thread with all the compiled issues reported so far. I'm still in the process of adding stuff so ple
Read instructions here: http://answers.ea.com/t5/The-Sims-4-Bug-Reports/INFORMATION-How-does-this-forum-work/td-p/3445107/.

This post will be closed soon so please be sure to post over there now.

Make your own thread for every issue you find but try to see if there already is one that is remotely the same (it doesn't matter if you have a stuck orange juice or fork, same issue and post there. I will also open a few threads on the more common issues.

Once this one is closed, I will come back here and everything that still isn't added but you're welcome to already post over there if you're issue didn't get added to the new compiled list here: http://answers.ea.com/t5/The-Sims-4-Bug-Reports/READ-FIRST-Compiled-lIst-of-Bugs/td-p/3445209

I'll also make one for smaller things where you can post if you don't wanna open your own. Do keep them ISSUE based and not users based.

I hope I was able to make myself clear and I really hope this works out better.

You do not need to make a new account there. Your Origin account will work just fine.

Hi guys,

So this is the bug thread for the Sims 4 Base game.

Please read this whole post on how it works, especially if you have never participated in one of my bug threads before.

If you have crashing issues, please make your own thread in the technical forum

Please remove your custom content and mods before posting. Custom content created for the demo needs updating/checking: IMPORTANT: Color Magic packages need to be re-created for the released game!

There is no need for reading this whole thread but please check my posts on this first page if your issue has been reported and only post if you have extra info to add.



Please post the info asked in the second post and I'd appreciate it if you follow the rules
  1. Please DO NOT VENT in this thread. If you are not happy with the game, post in another thread that most likely will pop up or start your own. I will need to read through all posts and venting will make me skip your post. Make your statement as calm and informative as possible.
  2. Don't post things like: It doesn't work or I got an error message. I don't know how to help you with that. Describe as accurate as possible what you tried and what your problem is. Post any error messages you receive as you seem them (screen-shots are great)
  3. Make sure that you have removed ALL your custom content, especially mods for those are still in a very early stage.
  4. Please do not post any technical issues like crashes, graphic card problems or incompatibility messages. It's better if you post those in the technical forum.
  5. Please do not report someone else's issues. Ask the person with the issue to post here with all the info they can give.
  6. Please read the compiled lists to see if anyone has posted before and if there's a solution to your problem. I will try to keep links so you can go to the post of the person for extra info but that might prove difficult if lots of people have the problem. If you have extra info to add, please do so. Also let me know if you feel that I have misinterpreted your post.
  7. Also consult my blog at Crinrict's Sims 4 Help Blog to see if I've listed any solutions there.
  8. You may also post any fixed bugs or solutions you might find.
  9. Please do not link to another post if you have already posted somewhere else. Copy/Paste your post and add the link as extra info. If I don't have to go consult other threads to what might be your problem, that's a huge relieve.
  10. Keep in mind that I'm in a different time zone than most of you guys. Be patient, I will try to answer anyone (except venting posts).
  11. If you are replying to a question of mine, please quote your problem/my question or recap in short. It will help me tremendously if I don't have to go back to see what your problem was and I can't keep them all in mind. I'm aware that New Members might have issue with that.
  12. Please don't post: I don't have the time to read all this. I find that rather insulting because it tells me, you didn't even bother to read the first post. I'm taking MY time to help you guys out and I'm not compensated by EA for this so the least you can do is read the first few posts before making your statement.
  13. Please do not edit your post to add extra info to it unless no one else has answered you. I'm not going back in reading the thread, so I might miss extra info. Simply make a new post and restate your issue.
  14. Please also excuse if my answers are short and to the point. I usually have to cover a lot of ground and I can't be elaborate about everything. It's not meant in a rude way at all. I appreciate everyone that is taking part in this.
  15. If you opened a thread on a certain issue you want linked, post the link in this thread and I will add it. Make sure there aren't any threads there yet.
  16. If you feel that I'm not treating everyone in the same way, you're probably right. There are people that have been reporting since my first bug thread and others that are modders/creators themselves. I feel that I know when a bug report of those people is legit and when not, so I'll be quicker to add those compared to people I don't know at all.
  17. Please use proper English and no text language. Also try to use punctuation where applicable and don't put everything in one paragraph. Those are very hard for me to read. I'm German speaking, so that would help me a great deal to understand what you are saying.


Important Links


Make sure your Origin is up-to-date (if you are using it). If your Origin is not at that version and you are not prompted an update, you will need to uninstall and get the newest version here: http://www.origin.com/us/about

Crashing Issues

Crashing issues are mainly technical and don't belong in this thread. Please make your own thread there, posting your DxDiag and info about custom content, when it crashes and other useful stuff.

DEP Information

DEP was activated for the CAS Demo so I'm guessing it's too for the game. Unfortunately, it's not possible to add it as an exception since they put in some switch that prevents this.

Abbreviations used

CC = Custom Content: cloth, objects, hair, etc from third-parties you add to your game.
DEP = Data Execution Prevention: Windows security feature.
MTS = ModTheSims: CC Site
TSR = TheSimsResource: A CC Site Causes
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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    edited September 2014
    My Answers

    Page 15, Page 15, Page 11, Page 10, Page 10, Page 7, Page 4, Page 3, Page 2


    Please include the following info to your post

    I can't help you properly if I don't have this info and it's a pain for all if I have to keep getting back to people.

    Since adding everyone to the first page proved to be way to much work for me, I would like to ask you to either repeat your info with every new bug report or link post you had it in before. To get the link of an individual post, right-click on the little notepaper next to the date on top of your post and copy the link.

    1. Are you using mods (Please answer with: Yes, Never, Removed) --> It's essential that stuff is tested on vanilla games so remove your mods before reporting a bug.
    2. Are you using custom content (as in clothing and objects) ?
    3. What is your Operating System (XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1) ?
    4. Do you have the download or DVD Version of the game ?

    Lagging/Freezing or any other issues of more technical nature

    --> Should be posted in your own thread

    - Some basic Info about your Computer (please NO DxDiag, they are too long for this thread). Processor, Amount of RAM, Graphic Card and Operating System (Mac, Win 7, Win XP, …) ?
    - Do you have a 32 or 64 bit Operating System ?

    Graphical Issues

    - Some basic Info about your Computer (please NO DxDiag, they are too long for this thread). Processor, Amount of RAM, Graphic Card and Operating System (Mac, Win 7, Win XP, …), especially your graphic card
    - Do you have advanced rendering on (Options - Graphics)
    - What date has your graphic card driver

    Serial Code Issues

    DO NOT GO HERE! Contact Customer Support!
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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    edited September 2014
    Known Bugs

    Deformed Babies

    To find out what is causing this, please post your info in this thread: Deformed Baby Bug Thread. It seems to be related to Intel Graphic Card Chips.

    EA has found the root cause of this issue and is working on a fix.

    Stuck Items

    There's several people reporting stuck items. To solve, try traveling, going to the dresser, resetting the Sim.

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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    edited September 2014
    List of reported bugs


    • Interactions disappear from queue without reason (Th3Gre3atest)
    • Group conversations have too high priorities (MeldisElvellon)
    • Stretching doesn't work (ts3seml)
    • Sometimes my sim can't interact with another because there's an object on the way (lokeloski)


    Bugged Sims
    • Sims weeding inside on easel after clicking on the herb planter outsite (femitche514)
    • Cooking Tilapia makes the frying pan get stuck (Ixath) --> Resovled by loading screen
    • Sim doesn't write song as he should. Just keeps playing (ejwlover203, MeldisElvellon)
    • Plant disappear after being planted (BWpunisher)

    Routing Issues
    • Can't cook if the smoke detector is too low on the wall (dbyrd26)
    • Sim can't find way to the bathroom on public lot (keyb0x)
    • Changing appearance doesn't work if there's an object above mirror (Vlydia713)
    • Sim got stuck under stairs (mana0143)
    • Sims get stuck between door and chair with two tile inbetween (blewis823)
    • Two Sims using the same chair (fozzybear98, live broadcast)

    • Maid just stands outside (Esseilte)
    • Maid stops coming after a while (crinrict)
    • Can't be canceled (Aiasa)
    • Maid charges money without doing their work (lokeloski)

    • Abandoned plate in the middle of nowhere (CiindeeMariie)
    • Issue with water flowing up and down in the shower (Rudiarose)
    • Information is not retained when traveling (Eraste)
    • Wrong Sim comes over when inviting someone (Elmawa)
    • Sims love to hangout at the museum's bathroom (ts3seml)
    • Bills can't be payed (vuhhjaymex, miimooo)
    • Child has woohoo whim (KimZ1111)
    • Neighbors visit a lot (ts3seml and others)
    • Bro sim isn't getting Energized while watching sports (Adscorp)
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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    edited September 2014
    Other issues

    Build/Buy Mode
    • Window isn't place correctly (aleahl213)
    • Issue trying to sell bed someone was sleeping in (Mouse1996)
    • Brown color on violin causes error and can't be chosen (jkrman401, crinrict)
    • Stairs have the wrong price (MattyGroch)
    • Issue with roof display (Foxybrownunlimit)
    • Search giving weird results (khynnea)
    • Fridge was moved from house to family inventory on it's own (Elmawa)
    • wall doesn't exist message on the thrid floor walls (ccoleman457)
    • Deleting items from staged rooms leave grey areas (jbrechae)

    • Wrongly categorized Shirt in Woman's T-Shirts (luthienrising)
    • Hair alteration not saved for next outfit (luthienrising)
    • necklace isn't showing in front of the off shoulder sweater. Does on other clothes but not on that one (ts3seml)
    • Issue with second outfit (blewis823)
    • Undo button doesn't work (luengark)

    • I had a game that would never load, however I can't reproduce it. Restarting the games fixes it (rensdesim).
    • Sims couldn't leave park (Makaylies)
    • Sim doesn't load completely and stays invisible (MisterZorin, NatalieJuicyPop) --> Fixed by reloading

    • The (live) tutorial stopped suddenly when I minimized the game. When I entered build mode I got that tutorial and on return to live it returned again (rensdesim).


    • The "outdoor sounds" stop immediately when hovering the camera inside (mwdonohue)

    • headlineeffects off doesn't hide plumbob as described in the guide (Cass9)
    • Cheats constantly need to be re-entered (MzNikiSweet)
    • Enlarging the mirror only enlarges the frames (MrsBurton27)
    • Stop need decaying doesn't stop hygiene (Tibbie)

    Video taking

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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
  • blunote00blunote00 Posts: 18,478 Member
    ceejay402 wrote: »
    and so it begins :)
    They did say there would be bugs. Leave it to simmers to find them all. ;)
    Stocks up an sugary drinks says the diabetic. No I got plenty of coffee too! :p

  • sisterto2sisterto2 Posts: 84 New Member
    wait.. wait... It's already released??????????????????? I still have to wait for tomorrow =(
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    In Asia it's out, yes :)
  • ceejay402ceejay402 Posts: 24,557 Member
    ah you moved!
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    OK. From now on, please bugs only. No chit chat here. Thanks ;)
  • rensdesimrensdesim Posts: 25 New Member
    edited September 2014
    So far I had to bugs in the game:
    - The (live) tutorial stopped suddenly when I minimized the game. When I entered build mode I got that tutorial and on return to live it returned again.
    - I had a game that would never load, however I can't reproduce it. Restarting the games fixes it.

    Also should note, the game is the origin Digital Deluxe, OS is Windows 7 and the game is patched I guess since it didn't ask to install a patch. No CC or Mods
  • dbyrd26dbyrd26 Posts: 28 Member
    edited September 2014
    The issue I am having is: sims starts to cook then has the bubble like "I cant get to that" and stops. And when I click resume cooking he does the same thing. Though clean up works just fine.

    SOLUTION FOUND: Only happens when smoke detector is above stove and too low on wall.
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  • MakayliesMakaylies Posts: 12 New Member
    edited September 2014
    Had an issue while visiting the park in Willow Creek...my sims couldn't "go home". I don't think the NPC's could either cause they just stood around. So I had saved the game, tried to go to the "map editor" but it just kept loading for ages..I waited at least 15 minutes. So then I forced quit the game and now I'm going to attempt a restart of the save file. I'll edit this post afterwards.

    Edit: Save file loaded just fine, my sims were able to make it home.
  • mwdonohuemwdonohue Posts: 3,307 Member
    Severe Clipping in almost all areas. Happens when coming in contact with other sims.
    The "outdoor sounds" stop immediately when hovering the camera inside.
  • qrlcodeqrlcode Posts: 530 Member
    edited September 2014
    Never mind, looks like user error. :)

    The screen whited out when I tried to save (not for the first time). More here: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/comment/12545826#Comment_12545826

    No mods, no CC, Origin DL. I'm running Win 8 on a Lenovo think pad, 12 gigs of RAM, with the laptop version of the Nvidia GE Force 750 graphics card.
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  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 75,878 Member
    edited September 2014
    Sims don't get jealous when they see their spouse woohooing with another and may even flirt with their spouses lover.

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  • Kamb64Kamb64 Posts: 2,598 Member
    Reporting for someone else-there appears to not be jealousy in the game when witnessing a married sim cheating. Also sims are not reacting to death, fire, no fear at all either. It would seem that some emotions are missing.
  • Th3Gre3atestTh3Gre3atest Posts: 4 New Member
    When I have some activity qued on the side, they sometimes vanish for reasons I can't understand.
    Perhaps because they would change, like if it was a little late at night. I que up some dinners, and before all that I sleep for so and so hours, and then it changes (because breakfast), but sometimes doesn't.
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    Guys, I need you to report YOUR issue. Not stuff you see in some video or heard about since you don't know what settings they have and nothing.

    I want this to be so that the devs can't say, it's just cc or brush it off because of computers so unless it's YOUR issue, don't report. Ask the person that has the problem to report.

    Thanks for your cooperation.
  • Th3Gre3atestTh3Gre3atest Posts: 4 New Member
    The problem that I have with the ques stopping is that it'll stay in 3 mode and I'll just stand there for moments that are critical for needing something to do for my NEEDS.
  • mwdonohuemwdonohue Posts: 3,307 Member
    Fish in lakes and rivers will swim through the hill if close by.
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