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Sims 4 Base Game Bug Thread - Please read the first post before posting



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    Hroun_88Hroun_88 Posts: 12 New Member
    Added all of mine in separate threads, though did not add the "Only Everyday 1 hairstyle used by other outfits" bug as I believe there is something similar in the compiled list.
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    crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,776 Member
    I'll probably make a few collection ones for smaller stuff so I might be moving a few threads of yours. Need to find out what works best myself. Anything is better than this though
    Crinrict's Help Blogs -- Twitter
    Please do not send me PMs/post on my wall if you're looking for help. I can't attend to those. You can find me at AnswerHQ.
    How to report bugs at AnswersHQ
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    Hroun_88Hroun_88 Posts: 12 New Member
    Notified /r/thesims subreddit of the bug reporting forum, and also that they should check the lists first to prevent duplicate postings. (Hopefully it won't fall upon deaf ears :P)
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    sexierjess17sexierjess17 Posts: 147 Member
    Want to report a bug related to babies.

    Both my sims went to work and the baby was automatically sent to "daycare" and it was written as notification. (I was really glad) until...

    Baby NEVER came home! Checked inventory and baby isnt there! Crib is still there but is empty and when I click the crib it only has 1 option "age up"

    P.S I have no CC content. And game is digital download.
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    WallinWallin Posts: 2,243 Member
    edited September 2014
    Clothing: Female - Thigh High stockings are only available for formal and everyday clothing, while there is a lingerie Sleep outfit with garter straps and yet thigh high stockings are not available to Sleep outfits. This means that I can only assign sporty regular socks to a lingerie outfit?

    @ShadoShyrke - You probably aren't using CAS correctly. I made the same mistake when I first started.

    Categories besides Everyday automatically have a filter set on the top. To see every item, regardless of what category EA considers them, simply click the X by the filter name.



    Do note that even if you click off the filter, every time you change between parts (tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, etc.), the filter will turn on again. You need to continually cancel it. I don't know if there's a way to disable it permanently, I certainly don't find the filters to be useful, but as far as I know, that's just how it is right now.
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    EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 263 EA Administrator
    I'm closing this thread as crinrict has moved the bug collection to Answer HQ. Please read more about this here:
    crinrict wrote: »

    Ok Guys,

    here goes nothing.

    I really hope this works out better but I've got the CM over at AnswerHQ to make us a whole bug FORUM:

    So how does this work ?

    You'll find a sticky thread with all the compiled issues reported so far. I'm still in the process of adding stuff so ple
    Read instructions here:

    This post will be closed soon so please be sure to post over there now.

    Make your own thread for every issue you find but try to see if there already is one that is remotely the same (it doesn't matter if you have a stuck orange juice or fork, same issue and post there. I will also open a few threads on the more common issues.

    Once this one is closed, I will come back here and everything that still isn't added but you're welcome to already post over there if you're issue didn't get added to the new compiled list here:

    I'll also make one for smaller things where you can post if you don't wanna open your own. Do keep them ISSUE based and not users based.

    I hope I was able to make myself clear and I really hope this works out better.

    You do not need to make a new account there. Your Origin account will work just fine.

    Hi guys,

    So this is the bug thread for the Sims 4 Base game.

    Please read this whole post on how it works, especially if you have never participated in one of my bug threads before.

    If you have crashing issues, please make your own thread in the technical forum

    Please remove your custom content and mods before posting. Custom content created for the demo needs updating/checking: IMPORTANT: Color Magic packages need to be re-created for the released game!

    There is no need for reading this whole thread but please check my posts on this first page if your issue has been reported and only post if you have extra info to add.



    Please post the info asked in the second post and I'd appreciate it if you follow the rules
    1. Please DO NOT VENT in this thread. If you are not happy with the game, post in another thread that most likely will pop up or start your own. I will need to read through all posts and venting will make me skip your post. Make your statement as calm and informative as possible.
    2. Don't post things like: It doesn't work or I got an error message. I don't know how to help you with that. Describe as accurate as possible what you tried and what your problem is. Post any error messages you receive as you seem them (screen-shots are great)
    3. Make sure that you have removed ALL your custom content, especially mods for those are still in a very early stage.
    4. Please do not post any technical issues like crashes, graphic card problems or incompatibility messages. It's better if you post those in the technical forum.
    5. Please do not report someone else's issues. Ask the person with the issue to post here with all the info they can give.
    6. Please read the compiled lists to see if anyone has posted before and if there's a solution to your problem. I will try to keep links so you can go to the post of the person for extra info but that might prove difficult if lots of people have the problem. If you have extra info to add, please do so. Also let me know if you feel that I have misinterpreted your post.
    7. Also consult my blog at Crinrict's Sims 4 Help Blog to see if I've listed any solutions there.
    8. You may also post any fixed bugs or solutions you might find.
    9. Please do not link to another post if you have already posted somewhere else. Copy/Paste your post and add the link as extra info. If I don't have to go consult other threads to what might be your problem, that's a huge relieve.
    10. Keep in mind that I'm in a different time zone than most of you guys. Be patient, I will try to answer anyone (except venting posts).
    11. If you are replying to a question of mine, please quote your problem/my question or recap in short. It will help me tremendously if I don't have to go back to see what your problem was and I can't keep them all in mind. I'm aware that New Members might have issue with that.
    12. Please don't post: I don't have the time to read all this. I find that rather insulting because it tells me, you didn't even bother to read the first post. I'm taking MY time to help you guys out and I'm not compensated by EA for this so the least you can do is read the first few posts before making your statement.
    13. Please do not edit your post to add extra info to it unless no one else has answered you. I'm not going back in reading the thread, so I might miss extra info. Simply make a new post and restate your issue.
    14. Please also excuse if my answers are short and to the point. I usually have to cover a lot of ground and I can't be elaborate about everything. It's not meant in a rude way at all. I appreciate everyone that is taking part in this.
    15. If you opened a thread on a certain issue you want linked, post the link in this thread and I will add it. Make sure there aren't any threads there yet.
    16. If you feel that I'm not treating everyone in the same way, you're probably right. There are people that have been reporting since my first bug thread and others that are modders/creators themselves. I feel that I know when a bug report of those people is legit and when not, so I'll be quicker to add those compared to people I don't know at all.
    17. Please use proper English and no text language. Also try to use punctuation where applicable and don't put everything in one paragraph. Those are very hard for me to read. I'm German speaking, so that would help me a great deal to understand what you are saying.


    Important Links


    Make sure your Origin is up-to-date (if you are using it). If your Origin is not at that version and you are not prompted an update, you will need to uninstall and get the newest version here:

    Crashing Issues

    Crashing issues are mainly technical and don't belong in this thread. Please make your own thread there, posting your DxDiag and info about custom content, when it crashes and other useful stuff.

    DEP Information

    DEP was activated for the CAS Demo so I'm guessing it's too for the game. Unfortunately, it's not possible to add it as an exception since they put in some switch that prevents this.

    Abbreviations used

    CC = Custom Content: cloth, objects, hair, etc from third-parties you add to your game.
    DEP = Data Execution Prevention: Windows security feature.
    MTS = ModTheSims: CC Site
    TSR = TheSimsResource: A CC Site Causes

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    SimGuruHolmsSimGuruHolms Posts: 257 SimGuru
    edited September 2014
    Just to reiterate, bugs posted on Crinrict's threads (here: are all looked at, and following those rules and posting there is one of the best ways to get your bugs looked at.
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