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  • Re: Townie Fashion Police >.<

    Apparently "Wildcard" outfits are EA's way of making sure plum clothes actually get some use in the game. :s

  • Re: I must admit that bowling...

    Bowling in Sims 2 is even better imo.

    I like how they sit down in between playing and talk to each other, which they don't in Sims 3 (don't know what it's like in 4). Real bowling is a social event, at least for me. It's a lot of blablabla hahaha oh is it my turn already!?
  • Re: Laundry just isn't exciting....

    Will you stop being a critic i am a player that voted for laundry since its pretty obivious its something i went back in the game so be a little more respecful and learn to respect the choices players makes we should be grateful to the simgurus for being involve in the creation process if we went something like this to occurt again we need to put the fighting aside and work toghter as fellow simmers and plyers to get the content each players went that fits with there play style.

    It's not disrespectful to disagree with you.
  • Re: Which feature group did you pick?

    yikes, "team laundry" seems to be made up of nothing but whiny entitled brats.
  • Re: The sims has become predictable and boring.

    Our sims don't have memories, likes, dislikes, fears, lasting wants, passions or anything to make them feel alive. They are shallow depictions of human beings and I hate it. I can't get immersed into a simulation that doesnt even try to go beyond surface level. Im not 14 anymore. I need complexity, please.
  • Re: What happened in your sims game today?

    Clifford and Jordan 5x5

    Day 88

    Two shirtless males and one scantily clad female (I am sure some would be interested, but not me) at the breakfast table ;)
    I nearly fell off my chair as Darla was heading out to work. What sort of work outfit is this?! :o I will have to fix that ASAP! She's an Organ Donor so I will need to look up what outfit she should be wearing at this level of her career.
    Jordan lost this fight but he is probably just happy to have real competition while Finnian is still in the house. Although Nevan has a few skill points, he would rather play a musical instrument or paint than fight.
    Fortunately Finnian wanted to paint because Jordan and Cliff only had eyes for each other ;)
    After her homework was complete, it was time for Eilish to have her birthday :)
    Not the worst look but nothing I would keep!
    So much better! She has a kind of hippie look about her because she loves the outdoors and has a green thumb so I was going for a down-to-earth look.
    She's gorgeous! She's very much like Finnian except for her colouring.
    After the birthday celebration, Finnian proposed to Darla :)
    The boys adjourn to the next room for a bit of alone time but probably don't realize there is an open arch and not a closable door ;)
    The family enjoy Eilish's favourite meal of cheesesteak :)
    I can see some stars but I am worried about over-exposure to Tiberium sitting here! :p
    Eilish had a wish to go to the local pool and fortunately for her the boy she will be hooking up with in 15 days was also there. This is Claude Ackles, son of Jensen :) They shared a friendly hug or two and some chatting before it was time for Eilish to go home.
    "We'll do it right since your dads got it wrong tonight." ;)
  • Re: Favorite Screenshot

    My sim started a fire at work.

    Needless to say her colleagues hate her.

    And some random toddler cuteness just because <3
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  • Re: Which feature group did you pick?

    Those of you who want to do laundry: could you please come over and do my real life laundry? Thanks!
  • Including Laundry as a potential SP concept for us to vote for was a mistake

    I've touched on this once before but I feel it's worth saying again with this new gameplay object vote.

    I feel like they've effectively accidently tanked this whole project by giving us an "illusion of choice" that's more or less already decided. That's not to say that it's truly already decided, but I do feel the deck is stacked. Laundry as a concept has been semi-requested since release, so it's had almost 3 years to build hype. Everything else listed is entirely new, and I doubt they really stand a chance. That would require a majority of people all decide and agree this pack needs to take a rather sudden U-turn and go in a different direction from the one we've expected since the announcement of this project.

    What's more, let's imagine a scenario where Laundry loses. The vote is tallied and surprise surprise, laundry actually loses. What now? A non-insignificant portion of the community that's thought for months now that they'd get laundry...? They're now disappointed and want laundry all the same. They're complaining that their beloved, established concept should not be glossed over and not included just over a popularity contest. Either they press the team to release this anyways and make Laundry's inclusion on the list rather moot, or they don't revisit Laundry and that disappointment and frustration remains. The point is that when established ideas are included in polling, then they either have a huge advantage towards winning OR disappointment is guarenteed when they lose. Nectar Making for example, I promise will get some people speaking out about their worries, fears and disappointment that we won't get it if and when it loses, since it also has a couple fans around.

    I feel like including Laundry on a list of candidates we could vote for is akin to if they told us we could vote for the EP of 2018, and then gave us a list of potential EPs including Superheroes, an Expansion to let us make School an Active career to join our kids at school, an expansion to let us build and run a city's political policies and rules, an Expansion to add in new hobby-based skills, and finally Seasons. Gee, I wonder which one people will vote for!? That's not even to say the first four ideas are bad, (and that's precisely the problem!) it's just that people have made it clear they want Seasons and would likely pick it if they had to choose....and if it loses, as I said that's not much better either because many people would be in an uproar and demand it be done anyways.

    It's just a real shame to see because some of the alternative ideas we've seen are not bad. Some of them are quite good....and that's the problem. Some are good, but because of the way they've been introduced to us and because they're forced to fight an uphill battle, they're likely to lose and be viewed as unpopular ideas when they may be perfectly solid concepts, just that they were unfortunate enough to be entered in a popularity contest where the deck is stacked. Dangerous stuff was a concept a lot of people sounded super interested in, but it lost. Some of these gameplay objects are surprisingly creative and interesting, but they may inevitably lose to laundry. What happens to them after...? Is it a fair portrayal of their popularity when they must compete with an existing concept people want to see return...?

    My point is I feel this whole project could've been better if all candidates had to be new, creative ideas that haven't really been done before. Laundry is something that I feel the Sims team could've figured out for themselves that there was enough demand for to make a stuff pack, but when you take an established idea like that and pit it against new and creative ones, it's either a sure-win that makes the new ideas (wrongly) look bad or unpopular by comparison OR fans are disappointed and frustrated when they see it lose and realize they may never get it, and now they wanna know why an established and beloved idea might not return just because it wasn't THE most demanded idea ever. Yes I'm aware game developers themselves face disappointment when there isn't time or the funding on hand to complete an idea, but I'm not sure if trying to convey such disappointment to fans is the intention, or if it was, if that's a good idea either.

    If we had reserved this for new ideas only, then there's no second-guessing about what's most popular and winning the contest as a right to be made seems fair. This though...? Disappointment and frustration seem guarenteed.
  • Re: Including Laundry as a potential SP concept for us to vote for was a mistake

    I think the inherent problem with this line of thinking is the assumption that any of the things that were included throughout these votes would be coming to The Sims 4 if they weren't included in this project. They may someday, but there's no guarantee that they will. The only way to guarantee the inclusion of any of the things you've voted upon, was for them to win their vote.

    Part of the reason this project exists is to empower players to get a fun piece of content that's important to them, in a relatively short period of time. When we selected the initial themes that players could vote on, and wrote the descriptions of what those themes could potentially include, they were ideas that were pulled directly from community requests and player feedback. We also purposely excluded any themes and features from the voting options that we already have plans to create. If it's an option to vote on in this project, it's fair to say that there are no immediate or concrete plans for us to build these things in-game. That's part of the difficulty of building a game that's simulating life... there's an abundance of fantastic features we can choose to create at any time, which means we don't get to other equally great features until later, or at all.

    Whether some ideas were inherently more popular than others isn't an illusion of choice, it's simply representative of the opinions held by a majority of Sims players who participate in this project.

    Ultimately, I don't think any of us on the development team are looking at the results of the votes and thinking that some options simply weren't popular enough to be viable. Instead, we've all been delighted by the discussions on this forum where people have shared their ideas and excitement for the possibilities of what's yet to come. I would love to capitalize on the features that people have invested their time and thought into throughout this process, and use the passion demonstrated here to amplify these requests internally when we do plan additional content down the road.