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  • Re: Why Have You Stopped Playing Sims 4?

    Lets just hope they are reading feedback from all sims fans, from the lovers who deny any problems, to the lovers who still love it, but have issues, to those who still play but don't really love it, to those who have stopped loving it as new issues occur and other problems persist and don't get fixed, and those like me who love the Sims, but not Sims4. :)

    I'm still optimistic that if they really wanted to, they could make an awesome game. It is that want to that seems to be the issue. They need to start from scratch and look back at the good things about Sims1, 2, 3 and 4. The things that worked and were truly awesome, things that we loved and they took away from us, the things that didn't work, that they didn't bother to fix and find out why they didn't work and how it can be fixed. No excuses....just an awesome game. Nevermind...I just woke up from a nap, what a dream.
  • Re: Why Have You Stopped Playing Sims 4?

    I bought it when it was released. Yes, I knew stuff was missing, especially open world and create-a-style but I loved Sims 2 so how bad could it be? Pretty bad. It was just weird and odd: the sims with their lego hair and goofy grins and strange, elongated bodies. Picking my first sim and trying to dress him was difficult without CAs. Building and furnishing his house even harder without the Sims 3 camera tilt. I didn't like having the information that used to be on the bottom of the screen all over the place. So I put it aside. Every once-in-a-while I go back in and try again but 20 minutes is enough for me. I haven't uninstalled it, I keep hoping something will draw me in but nothing yet. Everything that looks like it might have that old "potential" turns out to be a disappointment. Too many limitations and restrictions. I don't know if they really "can't do it" or just don't want to. Trying to work with a salvaged online game must be very hard for them. I certainly is for me.
  • Re: Why Have You Stopped Playing Sims 4?

    I played 46 hours. I couldn't bring myself to play more.
    I was gifted late 2015 with the base game. I didn't buy the game before because I've known about the lack of toddlers. After knowing that, I didn't look At anything about the game. Early 2016, I decided to try: More than a year had passed, surely the sims devs would not have been so negligent to not have released them, no?
    Not only toddlers still weren't there! babyes were vasically a import of the sims1 with recycled stuff from the sims medieval!!! But before knowing this, I already had the bad Experience in create a sim: No colour Wheel. No colur palette. And most important For me, hair didn't have the colur independent from the hairstyle: If I wanted a certain hair colour, I was forced to a certain style. I actually unistalled the game thinking I had downloaded the demo in a moment of distraction. No. The game really didn't want me to have the chance to customize My sims as I wanted.

    That was already depressing. What was worse, was that not only the baby stage was terribly boring, one life stage was completely amiss, the House was a prison between loading screens: Genetics didn't work one bit: I had four babyes in game, and none had the parents genetics traits. Why even bother letting my sims reproduce?

    I stopped playng, and returned to the sims3. I decided to give another try the the sims 4 when I decided to buy a very cheap get to work in easter.
    I could somehow stomac the lack of freedom for hair and eye colour (barely), and I didn't want to believe My beloved the sims had regressed so much, that it seemed to deserve the number 1.5 and surely not 4!!! I must have missed something, and surely toddler would be on their way At this Point!

    Depressingly, nothing changed: The active careers were terrible: The stuff to do was unconsequential and had no logic (a father level 4 had the same stuff to do in the scientist career as the daughter, level one. The chores were completely randomic.) and the shops where in other lots away from home, so I had no control over the family I Left At home. And of Course loading screen everywhere.

    But what really had me ragequit and uninstall the game were the sims themselves: The emotions were nothing more than over the top moodlets, most of the time triggered without any kind of logic.( Most of the time my sims just had the flirty mood and I still have no idea why.) plus, the trats were basically absent. Sims had no preference in any camp, and that felt terribly boring. Both to find them a companion, and developing their personality.

    And the.plum.multasking. Sweet Andraste that really did it: I was looking forward to multitasking: having my sims finally aswer the Phone without stopping doing stuff, or greeting someone while Reading etc! But NO!!! It had to be more of a nuisance than anything! Hours and hours and hours just to eat a toast!! No way to talk with only one sim!!! so much time to do anything!!!

    I didn't play enought to see others horrors like culling and all the Others shortcomings of this game. May 1st I unistalled the game, after having played 46 hours. From that moment, I added more than 5000 hours to the sims 3, and 4 expansions.

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  • Re: STUFF PACK: References for Concept Artists

    flower crowns for kids would be cute like these

    also hair ribbons for toddlers would be darling like these
    also I love the little girls dress in the pic

    as for the adults I really want a peace symbol necklace from the 60s like this one
  • Re: Is there a negative atmosphere on this forum?

    SimTrippy wrote: »
    How do you put certain people on ignore, when they follow your posts around to make snide comments? I didn't know there was that feature.But I think online forums need to go further. Once someone is ignored, so to speak, they cannot post on your threads and you cant post on theirs either. That would help SO much <3

    Before I give you the answer, just a piece of info: an active post appears on top, that doesn't mean people are following you around (and, again, if you don't ever want anyone to disagree with you, maybe don't open threads with purposefully inflammatory questions).

    Here's how it works: go to a simmer's page, like mine, and click on the ignore button top right. Have fun :)

    I just want to know how other people are feeling and doing on here, which is why I asked the question. I understand how the internet works, you do not have to try to talk down on anyone else. It's just weird when a particular person never comments or has anything to say on the positive/fun threads you create, but when there is a opportunity to argue about something, that same person is right there , front and center. Again, never present when the thread is a positive conversation. But thanks for telling me how to use the ignore feature :)

    Hi :)

    Maybe they're being Courteous to the positive topic but have an Opinion they want to share in the other* topic. I find that... a good thing. It's What I Do. :)
  • Re: Can't believe this sim is game-generated!

    I found this random sim a couple of days ago. I know he has pruple skin, but he looks like the nicest guy ever...I really just want to bearhug him. Love him. He is so cute.

  • Re: Playing a realistic game?

    There's a difference between being realistic and being believable. That rule applies to movies, novels, any form of art really... And games. I have nothing against a bit of nonsense but to me there are several bugs that break the immersion, and that's where the problem is for me. I also hate how the townies dress up. Anything randomly generated feels soulless to me. I wish the game gave us more control over stuff like that. In the end everybody would be able to play the game they wanted.
  • Re: EA silence on family play and family play fans

    Maddanna wrote: »
    Can someone link me to the thread concerning LGR's video?

    It's in the video haven section. Sorry I'm mobile so linking isn't easy!
  • Re: EA silence on family play and family play fans

    @clover24 congratulations <3

    @JessicaSimston I hope your move goes successfully and you love it there <3 my friend moved there a few years ago too and has been very happy :)
  • Re: EA silence on family play and family play fans

    Yeah I think it's better to leave that mess behind <3 don't want any of you guys wasting your time or have some potential troll popping by to derail this thread :)

    Love seeing everyone's pictures <3 I hope you are all doing well <3