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  • Re: Never noticed till now

    Sixam is really pretty too :)
  • Re: Cats & Dogs SimGuru/Maxis-Sourced Info

    Hey, all. I'm an aging-off player concerned about this too, but this isn't the place. Please don't take my info topic off-topic. It makes it less useful to the people who have come to know what to expect from it.
  • Re: So about babies..

    I would ask for more of the interactions they had with babies in Sims2. For instance, if a Sim played with baby too soon after a feeding, baby would spit-up all over the Sim, causing that Sim's hygiene to tank immediately. Also, bathing them in the sink was really cute, too. I would like a swing added, a nice changing table. A play mat where you could put the baby on the floor, safely out of the way, and baby could play with the dangling objects. One of the nice things about interactions with the baby was the relationship developed. Yes, we get a bit of that, now, but who wants to just hang out over a bassinet? The child Sims should also have a bit more interaction with baby. At one point in Sims3 (I think it was) the child could get baby a bottle. All this would require in Sims4, is to be able to place baby into a high chair. Strollers would also be good. I never treated the baby like an object in Sims2. But, sadly, found myself doing so in Sims3 with the restricted interactions. Did I mention I have a love/hate relationship with Sims3?

    ETA: Oh, and one more thing. It would be very nice were a Sim holding a baby to be able to pass baby off to another Sim, like they could in Sims2.
  • Re: Teenagers are just unplayable.

    Well IRL teens are just mini adults. I know this as I am the parent of one, she is 14 and has a driver's permit. Although I understand your frustration, I just think of it that way. Also, this game is international, so the fact that teen sims can drink bar drinks and get tattoos is something I chalk up to laws are different by country and the game is generic in that respect. Just use your imagination and put the limitations you want on each household differently. I have some obedient teens who live with parents and some teens that decide to live on their own.
    I’m a parent too and I’d rather refer to them as oversized toddlers than mini adults at times. And putting exceptions to the rules aside, yes, most teens don’t look like adults. They are recognizable as teens. Please stop finding excuses for a company that simply didn’t bother to deliver proper teens.
  • Re: No dog's house and not a real graveyard, why?

    I really don't know why anyone would complain now. With the pet doors, you can create a separate room near your house, put that new roofy decoration over it so it looks smaller, and inside you can put a pet bed, toys and food. It's now a deluxe pet house like we've never seen in the series before. It's a massive upgrade. And you don't do it with half walls, come on! You can't even place a roof over half walls. So you don't need to use move objects at all! I think they intended for us to do a pet house, as you can clearly see in the new trailer, they added that roofy decoration on purpose to make the dog house look smaller.


    If you don't think this looks and acts like a super deluxe dog house we can customize and decorate to our liking and see inside you really are kidding yourself. It's miles better than a small one with a black hole on front we can't see inside and be limited to the few swatches they decide to include for customization.

    Sometimes I really don't know if you guys are serious or dripping with sarcasm... Though I hope for the latter one.
  • Re: No dog's house and not a real graveyard, why?

    Sim Guru JM has said in Twitter only cats on beds.
    By the looks of things Sim Guru Grant said small dogs could but the tweet has been deleted and Sim Guru JM repeated only cats on beds. I’m on mobile so having trouble linking.


    Like seriously I'm confused why this would even be a thing. If cats can sleep in beds, why can't dogs? Why was this little detail so difficult or bothersome to program in...? This might actually be weirder than forgetting dog houses. Do they want dogs to be homeless and have no place to sleep or something...?
  • Re: No dog's house and not a real graveyard, why?

    I remember the comments about safe space. To be fair there was never any implication the game was a safe space from murder or disabilities. It was about bullying.

    I suspect the omission of dog houses is either because we have an alternative in game, they aren't needed for breeding, perhaps it's a sign of the times? (I don't use a dog house, I don't know anyone that does) I have considered also that this could mean we have a pets stuff pack on the horizon with the "premium" item being.. The Talking Dog House!! -cynical head on.

    Don't get me wrong, I do understand now why some are upset at this. I'm not with dog houses because I assume there is an alternative I.e dog beds in game. I don't use dog houses in the sims 1,2 or 3 unless I plan to breed. But am I worried about the game play lacking and objects missing? Absolutely. Once bitten twice shy and all the focus on creating multicoloured pets with stamps on wearing daft costumes leaves me wondering if the rest of the pack balances out.

    To my understanding, we're getting another stream for the vet career and then a final stream for "build and buy mode, Brindleton Bay and gameplay." I already find it a bit concerning that gameplay is having it's stream divided up with two other groups that - in the context of a stream - are again largely aesthetics rather than gameplay.

    The vet career getting it's own stream isn't really reassuring because:

    1) It's one career. A past pack that offered 3-4 wasn't received well, so why would one career be able to carry an EP?

    2) It recycles the retail system. The retail system failed in Get To Work, the retail system failed in Dine Out, so I don't see why I should have faith in it now. If anything it makes me wonder how many corners were cut.

    3) Even if it were amazing, it feels like a distraction from what should be the main focus of the pack: Dogs and Cats. Vet stands as the lone "excuse" that this pack brings something new. If Vet were amazing, they'd point at it nonstop and talk about how amazing it is...to distract from how lacking the actual pets are. Is that worth it if we get an amazingly detailed career in exchange for cats and dogs being forgettable...? It'll be nice if it's actually a great career, but it's hard to justify one quality career and a bunch of other half-finished features as a $40 EP.
  • Re: A sad goodbye for now

    I completely understand where you are coming from. I’m almost at that point myself. Watching my “evil” sim wander about the Spice Festival greeting people with a smile, talking, hugging people. Occasionally stopping to manic laugh does not an evil sim make. I’m tired of having to tell my sims to have a personality.

    Just hang out out on the Legacy Boards. I know I do.
  • How do you prepare your Sims for Cats & Dogs?

    One of my Sims has been a Vampire for almost 100 sim years and has led a criminal life most of that time. But now he decided to turn his life around and is studying to become a veterinarian.


    For now he is practicing his vet skills on his poor Cowlpant Eugene, until Cats & Dogs is released. :D

  • So about babies..

    Remember when they said the reason babies are tied to a crib is because of multi tasking and slot popping etc?

    We were worried toddlers and pets would have the same issues, but they've updated the engine to allow Sims to carry other Sims.

    If I remember correctly, they said they could do the same to babies, but they have to justify the resources put into it.

    So let's give them a reason. Who wants babies separated from the crib? :)