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  • Re: Patch is out

    I'm so excited that the detective career FINALLY got some fixes. Hopefully it's works now!
  • The Sims 4 Lacks Diversity In Music

    This game seems to be behind the times a bit music wise. Where is the metal,r&b,Latin,hip hop,rock and country? It's suppose to be a game for anyone but culturally the music isn't there. It was in the previous games why did you leave out something so simple as music for anyone to enjoy ? Seems like this game only has chill music you listen to at starbucks or something. Why did you leave the other flavors of music out?! I just don't get why they were left behind when different types of people play this game :|
  • Re: Grant Talks about the Future of TS4

    I find it odd he didn't mention Seasons was the most requested. He said the biggest EP Pets is done. At anyrate hope we do see Seasons as the Next EP and Cars as the next big free update.
  • Please Fix the Alien "Discovery" Issue

    @SimGuruDrake @SimGuruNinja @SimGuruLyndsay @SimGuruHydra

    You know, the issue in which Sims will "discover" that another Sim is an alien, despite the alien not being in disguise to begin with. This wouldn't be so bad, if not for the fact that the Sim that "discovers" them usually gets an angry moodlet and the poor alien gets embarrassed. Sometimes the human Sim will get confident instead of angry, but it will almost always make the alien embarrassed. Not only that, but the aliens take an immediate hit to their relationship when they get "discovered" by a Sim who gets angry, putting their relationship in the red. Sims that get confident, however, will have their relationship boosted with the alien. Yeah, I know about the Shameless reward trait, but we shouldn't have to save up our points for a reward just to fix a flawed game mechanic. It doesn't fix those negative relationship hits either. There's also a mod that removes the angry and embarrassed buffs, but it also doesn't prevent the negative relationship hits.

    This was made even stranger when I looked into it further. I decided to see what the caption for the angry moodlet was, and it said something along the lines of "why didn't they tell me?!" This makes NO sense. It implies that the Sim has known the alien for ages and is only just finding out that they are an alien, but this isn't the case. You WERE told, the very second the alien approached you without a disguise!

    Also, that annoying little blurb that pops up whenever the undisguised alien is "discovered," which pops up EVERY TIME they meet a new Sim without their disguise. It says something like "and the disguise seemed perfect!" What disguise? They were never in a disguise to begin with!

    Not to mention, this is actually a very long-standing issue. It's actually been a problem in the game since GTW first came out in 2015. That's right, this has been an issue for TWO YEARS and it has never been fixed or even acknowledged. I think it's about time that something was finally done about this, because this issue has really put a damper on my enjoyment of playing aliens, and I'm sure that I'm not alone on this.

    More on the issue on Answers HQ.
  • Re: did anyone ask for this?

  • December 12, 2017 Patch Notes

    Update: 12/12/17 - PC / Mac

    Sul Sul, Simmers!

    It’s year’s end, another one come and gone. The Cats and Dogs have been let loose to frolic, the kids are busy toddling hither and yon, and the parents lay like vampires waiting for that long winter’s nap.
    What better time for silly reindeer games…

    Like telling horrible jokes…
    1. What did the vampire toddler say when she was hungry?
    2. Why did the toddler drink coffee?
    3. Why did the toddler lick the toilet?
    4. Why did the toddler overfeed his puppy?
    5. Why did the toddler lick his puppy?
    6. Why did the Sim quit her bowling league?
    7. What do you call an emotional PlantSim?

    Or just finding out…
    What’s New!
    • Seven new animal hats have crawled their way into Create A Sim.
      • Take one home today, and let it nest upon your head, all warm and snuggly.
    • Three new holiday objects with a sunny disposition.
      • Snowy the Sandman decorative
      • Surfin’ Santa floor light
      • The Flip-Flop wall lights
    • Two new tattoos for male and female hands (one left and one right), that are in the style typically associated with henna.

    General Issues
    • We fixed an issue with the licensed content royalty notifications Sims receive, that could cause the text of the notification to become corrupted.
    • Gallery hashtags are once again functioning for new uploads to the Gallery.
    • Sims in the painter career will no longer be able to sell the paintings directly from the walls of the museum.
    • Sims with the Lovelorn tense buff will now notice that performing romantic socials (as the buff directs you to do) will in fact decrease the duration of the tense buff.
    • Custom content makeup for toddlers and children should once again function as expected.
    • Locking your doors, then leaving the lot, and then returning, should no longer cause the door lock to fail.
      • Once again you will be able to really keep your little brother out, and stay out!
      • As I always say “Hey little bro, read the sign. It clearly says Depwa Spanewash Depla Blah.”
        • And that’s usually the end of that argument.
    • Sims that show-up for Dance related events (such as Dance Party, Party at the Bluffs, or similar) will now show-up wearing the outfit they have in their Party category, rather than some other randomly assigned attire.

    Get to Work
    We addressed some issues with the Detective Career:
    • Suspects that were locked in a cell, will still be locked in the cell when you return the next day, and not standing outside.
    • Interacting with criminals or suspects held in their cells should no longer fail to complete.
    • Detectives should now be able to remove Sims locked in their cells to interrogate them.
    • You should no longer be unable to complete the Take Mugshots at the Booking Station, Search Criminals at the Booking Station, or Get Criminals Fingerprints at the Booking Station daily career goals, due to the suspects untimely disappearance from… the Booking Station.
    • And we addressed an issue that could prevent a criminal from properly appearing that matched the clues for the crime in question.

    City Living
    • Sims downloaded from the Gallery who had their Insider Trait changed in Create a Sim, will no longer get the Insider Trait sad buff, Miss Hanging Out, from not hanging out…
      • …as they are no longer an Insider that would get sad from such things.
        • Do you think a Sim from the Gallery, who was modified after download, remembers who they were? Do you think they retain some of their former self?
          • Maybe… deep down underneath, and really what’s happening is some sort of dystopian Sim nightmare?

    Cats & Dogs
    • The pet vending machine household funds information will now accurately reflect the amount of funds you have, and not some seemingly arbitrary "other" amount.
    • Dogs should no longer stretch into horrible monstrosities (that only a demogorgon from the other side of Hawkins could love), when attempting to grab a toy from the toy box.
    • Kittens will no longer get stuck in Cat Condos.
    • Smart Dogs will no longer whimper at an unlocked door when nature calls.
    • Locking your door will no longer prevent adoption.
      • Baby-gram!
        • Um, no. *click*
      • NO! A locked door?! Oh man… I… I guess I’ll have to take this one home too. The wife is not going to be happy about this.
    • Getting a preventative shot for your pet will no longer put them in a state of perpetual fear.
      • So, so… the shot worked, right? I mean I got the shot, it stung, I felt it. The stuff is there, I'm not gonna get sick, yea? Or... wait a minute, did you just want to stick me with that? That's it, isn’t it! And... are you going to do this to me again? Has our whole life just all been a ruse? Some sort of needle plum alien experimentation study... that's it, isn't it? You're an alien! Aargh, how do I get out of here?!

    • Vampires should no longer lose various powers after traveling.
      • I'm sorry sir, but travel regulations clearly state pursuant to section alpha-niner, as clarified in Necktie vs Klaatu Barada, that all Bat Form powers must be surrendered prior to any travel within the greater metropolitan area, you understand I’m sure.

    Movie Hangout Stuff
    • You can now add the club rule Eat Popcorn to your club!

    Backyard Stuff
    • Milly's Dining table will now properly show all color variants when selected.

    Toddler Stuff
    • Fixed an issue with the Vita Sail Shades decorative object that was resulting in part of the object appearing blocky in some color variants.

    Thank you for everything, and Happy Holidays!

    Oh and yes, you did catch a niner in there, and here are the answers to those jokes above...
    1. Plas-mama
    2. He needed a pick me up.
    3. He had a potty mouth.
    4. He wanted a stuffed animal.
    5. He thought it was a sippy pup.
    6. Split happens.
    7. A photosympathizer.
  • Re: For Those Currently Playing and Enjoying Sims 4

    So far I'm the only one who started with the sims 4 :(. I feel like I don't belong here since I haven't been playing as long as everyone else.

    Nonsense. You belong because you are a simmer - period. It doesn't matter when you started. Glad you joined us.
  • Re: Get To Work should be removed from Origin until it's Playable

    jackjack_k wrote: »
    jackjack_k wrote: »
    @Sk8rblaze wrote: »
    jackjack_k wrote: »
    @Sk8rblaze wrote: »
    Get to Work is just an all around disgrace.

    The gameplay itself needs to be redesigned. It offers THE most confining, boring, and uninspired gameplay out of all of The Sims' packs yet.

    I feel like both The Sims 2 and 3 delivered worse packs. Apartment Life is still the poorest excuse for an Expansion ever.

    It literally repurposed Uni dorms and added the most basic Witches ever. That’s it. There’s no new purposeful gameplay at all.

    Yet people, since TS3, have been begging EA to re-implement the apartment system as it was in TS2, and EA has failed to deliver these functional apartments not once, but twice. We still have yet to get apartments which allow us to build them on any lot we chose, visit Sims in other apartments without loading screens, and have actual roommates we cannot control but bring income, like TS2's apartments.

    I do certainly agree apartments could have fit well in Nightlife, though. However, whether you like the fact that apartments were their own pack or not, AL is just another example of TS2's developers having a well-thought out theme in mind, and delivering it as promised.

    No doubt behind that, but to their credit, the Sims 2 has a very basic world system, which will have it's advatages.
    It's probably not possible in a semi-open or open enviroment, or they would have done it.

    Considering they programmed multiple lots within multiple lots with City Living, sounds like much harder work than having one lot sectioned up. They literally had to rework Sims 4 worlds to allow Apartments to happen.

    Apartment Life has a better system, but it's still a very small EP. The Sims 2 had built it's reputation by then, and so people let it slide. But if we had Apartment Life instead of City Living, it would have been dragged to the pits of hell even further.

    Witches would have been considered half baked, and people would have complained about a lack of gameplay.

    I'd go a few further, and say that Free Time & Generations would have had threads saying "it should have been a Game Pack".

    Sims 4 has no programming for lots inside lots, if it did then maybe we wouldn’t have gotten the pathetic excuse for apartments that we got. Sims 2 AL was probably the best EP to end an iteration, period; I mean really the pack itself was not by any means light on content. It added a bunch of brand new venue types, an entire reputation system, witches (both good and bad), roommates (which did exactly what they were supposed to do! Unlike any NPC in Sims 4) AND they added what would layer be hailed as the best implementation of apartments The Sims has ever seen. You can place them in any world, and build them yourself with no limits other than a 4 household limit (the remainder are NPCs). To sit there and say ‘oh but it’s a small EP...’ like - what? It’s probably one of the most compelling expansions Sims 2 ever got, but clearly you refuse to acknowledge that because you’re dead set on painting Sims 4 as perfect while saying the first Sims 4 EP is trash. Make up your mind.

    Yes it does. An apartment in The Sims 4 is a bunch of lots within one lot that’s within one hood.

    And you’re explanation on Apartement Life proves how tiny the expansion was.

    People will defend anything from The Sims 2 era.
    It added next to nothing.

    What compelling gameplay did AL add?

    The reputation system and social groups were basically illusions of gameplay that did nothing. We couldn’t even control them.
    Break dancing was there to fill space.

    Apartments are literally just recoded University dorms.

    And may I remind you, you actually can’t build Apartments in The Sims 2, unless you enter debug mode because they didn’t finish the EP to allow you to do it properly, and if it corrupted your Neighborhood, it was too bad, too sad.

    Also, where did I say Get To Work is trash? It’s amazing, it’s just disgusting that it’s been unplayable for so long.

    No. An apartment is just a tiny lot that has been elevated above ground level and stuck inside a decorated shell. It’s not one big lot, nor is it one big neighborhood. They made a sleek UI hoping to trick people, but the bottom line is no. Apartments are entirely separate lots. The hallway isn’t even on a lot it’s part of the decorative shell, which is why you can’t modify it at all.

    I’ve built plenty of apartments in Sims 2. Don’t know why people always have to drudge up the debug commands, you had to do the exact same thing to build university dorms, hidden lots, and any other specialty zone. That’s how Maxis built them. Never did it corrupt my neighborhood. Why do people always have to bring up these disasters scenarios that rarely happened?

    Also if you want to talk about reusing code look at Sims 4. They do it so frequently, and make it so blatantly obvious that you’re oversight kills any argument you’re trying to make on that topic.
  • Re: Get To Work should be removed from Origin until it's Playable

    jackjack_k wrote: »
    Sk8rblaze wrote: »
    jackjack_k wrote: »
    @Sk8rblaze wrote: »
    Get to Work is just an all around disgrace.

    The gameplay itself needs to be redesigned. It offers THE most confining, boring, and uninspired gameplay out of all of The Sims' packs yet.

    I feel like both The Sims 2 and 3 delivered worse packs. Apartment Life is still the poorest excuse for an Expansion ever.

    It literally repurposed Uni dorms and added the most basic Witches ever. That’s it. There’s no new purposeful gameplay at all.

    Packs like Get to Work and Get Together really lack a strong, central theme, and for me, miss the mark utterly. Really, reviewing the packs of TS4, there seems to be poor planning and inconsistency. The change in expansion name schemes make that evident, or at least represent it well. Get Together really could have been absorbed into City Living, for instance.

    Nah, Get Together is just a pure Sandbox orietntated pack. It provides an a lot for Sanbox players and they were very happy with it. It was one of the best revieved packs from User Scores on Metacritic (sadly the score went down due to the perk point bug).

    Get To Work should have included a 4th active career, and saved Retail for a Game Pack.

    Don’t fool yourself Jack, metacritic scores don’t drop due to bugs. The scores themselves aren’t even really all that accurate. For example, the metacritic score for CL is a 78, but the user review score is a 5.8 - huge drop there. Why? Because paid reviewers rarely know how to adequately review a Sims game because few of them really know what has or hasn’t been done before.

    Pets has an 81 MC score, but a 5.4 user review score. In fact looking around MC the user scores for Sims 4 products are shockingly low. How can you sit there and claim people love these packs? Clearly you can’t read the color coded review box. Yellow is not a good color, but most of the packs are yellow (Sims 4 BG has a user score or 4.0... red box.. yikes)
  • Why isn't this a thing yet?

    When will our Sims be able to recognize self-employment? I hate that it says my business owner Sims are unemployed.