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  • Re: Things you didn't know!

    omg lol my sim did a swan dive into the pool and lost her swimsuit and received this confident moodlet?? didn't know that could happen LOL

  • Owning multiple homes

    Can we bring this back please? I have a few wealthy families that live in San Myshuno, and I'd love for them to have an additional home where they can have more space and a yard for the kids and outdoor activities.

    I'd also like this feature because it keeps my households from having to move and lose their current home in the process. It also saves me from making and downloading too many hoiseholds just to fill the lots, and I don't like townies living in my builds either.
  • Re: The Inappropriate Sim Picture Thread

    Andy in life.

    Andy in death.

    Some people just never change. :joy:
  • Re: Favorite Screenshot

    Gonna teach Otto about people using flash cards. ;)

    "Okay, remember who this is? He is Geoffrey Landgraab. Is he a good guy or a bad guy?"

    "Lambgrab is good!!"

    "Um, no! He's a baddie!!"

    "Okay, how about him?"

    "That's you. You a baddie because you always say bad things about Mr Lambgrab."

    "Man, even little kids are judging me..."
  • Re: The Inappropriate Sim Picture Thread


    Jasmine's best friend is checking out her husband, right in front of her...


    His friends too? It must be all those muscles!
  • Share Your Kids and Their Rooms

    As Kids Room Stuff will be released tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we can all share our Sims kids, their backstories and of course, their rooms (and tales of their adventures and Voidcritter battles, puppet shows, etc.).

    I know it's a day early, but I think it will be nice to be able to see "Before & After" pictures, so why not share the "Before" pictures now?

    Personally, I'm still in the process of setting up a new save, so I don't have much yet, but I do have something.

    Meet Chloe and Daniel:
    They're the kids of my main Sims, Adam and Stephanie. I have generated them in CAS because my original save got bugged and I have start it all over again (or leap forward and start where they already have the kids).

    Daniel is a genius, like his dad, but he is the cool kind of genius - and his dad is his big hero (the kind of hero that keeps under-the-bed-monsters away).
    (his room looks terribly generic - I also plan to move them to a different house, so I don't really have "before" pictures of their rooms, waiting for the SP to actually start the game ;) )

    Chloe is more interested in pretty pictures and bright colours, she's creative like her mother, and she loves goofing around with her (big) brother.

    The family's favourite game is Don't Wake the Llama:
    Which once resulted in this...

    I do have more families, because my Sim kiddies need more friends than the five pre-made kids. As I don't have any cute screenshots of them yet, I'll share later ;)
  • Re: The Inappropriate Sim Picture Thread

    It appears the Dark Side couldn't care less about personal space.


  • Re: Packs won't fix The Sims 4

    I think getting rid of open world, Create-a-Style, terrain tools....etc., etc. is just an excuse, as is supposedly making Sims 4 playable on older machines. There were and probably still are some performance issues with Sims 3 but Sims 4 has enough of it's own. Sims 4 was rushed, a weak base salvaged from the bones of an on-line game and it reminds me of a mobile game rather than a proper Sims game. I have only bought the base game and won't be buying any else for it. Sims 3 works just fine for me. I have every EP and SP and 99% of the store. And I have no mods.
  • Re: Favorite Screenshot

    Just a few,..How real Super Heroes work out. :D :+1:


  • Re: New trailer

    Sigzy05 wrote: »
    Teaser trailer looks very underwhelming.

    Well it's only 10 seconds long, what do you want them to do? The Vampires teaser was literally Caleb Vatore hissing for 5 seconds and then some writing, but look how well Vampires turned out. Don't be too quick to judge.