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  • Re: 5 lots? This must be a joke.

    There's a difference between feedback and complaints. A lot of simmers consider petty demands and personal insults directed at the devs to be "constructive criticism" when it's not. That's all I have to say.
  • Re: Do you think that The Sims is 'back on track' now?

    Yeah, I'd say it's on track. Now we just need to see expansion packs which promote higher replayability.
    Nope. They should have added toddlers in the base game instead of a patch that broke other features.
    The good thing is, if there is a TS5, it will most definitely have all life stages present. There is no way EA would ever dream of doing this again.
  • Culling, Relationship Culling & Decay: Current Status

    Below are information posts about the current status of Sim culling, relationship decay, and relationship culling in The Sims 4. @Neia and I will attempt to keep these up to date as we discover alterations to these systems.

    This topic is not an opinion or debate or feedback topic. If you have feedback on these mechanisms, please use the Feedback section of the forums; if you have suggestions on how they could be altered, please use the Ideas Corner. Any opinion or debate or feedback etc. here is off topic, no matter how constructive it is.

    Please do feel free to ask questions about how the system works - we'll probably add an FAQ, and flesh out our posts as well over time. We've provided some info on mods for those of you interested in that option. For help using MC Command Center, please head here.

    If you'd like to make sure you can find this topic easily, I recommend starring it so you can find it under the site's Bookmarks.

    Sim Culling
    Relationships Decay
    Relationship Culling
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  • Re: How limited is TS4, really?

    if I remember right, someone was talking about finding cuddling, or something similar hidden in game files? So I think that is very likely.
    Swimming will probably come true too, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was limited to only a specific world.

    Everything else in my opinion unlikely, but only the devs really know for sure

    My own ifs and evers are:

    - memory system. Something that makes the things that I do in sim world matter. If my sims die, I want their children to REMEMBER them. If their sister had children, I want them to REMEMBER that. I absolutely hate going trough this world without any impact on anything whatsoever.
    - better AI when it comes to calling your sims. Young children should not be invited to go on dates with adults, sims should not call each other while already being together either.
    - teens that look like teens. I'm going to post a picture. Does she look teen to you?


    Out of 4 women at the table 3 are teens. They look 30 to me. It's just so immersion breaking! And I tried to make them look young too!
  • Giveaway: Sims 4 Vampires

    I know we're all thankful there'll be no sparkly vampires in this game pack but I have to admit I really love those Twilight vampires. Especially the 'evil' ones. :p I'd love to populate Forgotten Hollow with the Volturi and a few of the other mean vampires. Unfortunately I'm not very good at creating sims. For this giveaway I'd like you to select one or more of the vampires pictured below and recreate him/her as a sim vampire. CC is allowed. Each recreation will be treated as a separate entry.

    The Volturi








    James, Laurent, Victoria

    Prize: Win one of two copies of the Sims 4 Vampires.

    Giveaway ends Saturday, January 21. 8 PM EST.

    Winners will be announced Sunday, January 22 by 8PM EST.
  • Re: Things you didn't know!

    Sometimes Sims will kneel on the floor when reading a book or doing homework too.
  • Re: Things you didn't know!

    Apparently, kids are scared of the bear suit :smiley:
  • Took Toddler Twins Camping.....Came Home Early...

    So, my Sims took their twin toddlers camping!


    The toddlers were all over the place. They set off to explore some distant artifact and you need to send their parents to retrieve them (after locating them!) because they walk SO SLOWLY it takes the best part of a day to get ANYWHERE! Only to discover them happily discussing butterflies with a bear.

    Then they got stinky. Toddlers can only use the bath (and potty), so it seems that when they go camping it's a back to nature thing.

    Let 'em roam free with the buffalo!

    Tried to visit one of the chalets nearby to "borrow" the bath tub but no one was in and breaking and entering is not yet an option. By that point the twins were hungry and/or tired so there was no point going on, so everyone just headed back to the tent.

    ...Which the toddlers can't sleep in. So they messed about in a strawberry bush before throwing a fit and falling asleep on the ground.

    My Sims came home.

    In short... kudos!! This update has 100% accurately captured what it is like to go on holiday with toddlers!! We asked for realism, we got it! LOL!
  • Re: Stop inviting my child to a bar! Petition.

    I'd also like kids to not show up anywhere during school hours. One of the things I miss about open world is that everyone was living their own, scheduled lives. With Sims 4 we have to kind of imagine that townies have their own lives, and seeing them in the wrong place at the wrong time breaks the immersion.
  • Can sims photobomb? Cracking up right now

    My sim and her best friend just took a photo together... and apparently Isaias in the background decided he wanted in on it. LOL. Such a perfect photobomb.