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  • 12 Days of Simsmas!

    Hello to all Simmers and Happy Holidays!

    Simsmas is nearly upon us and we hope to celebrate it together by completing some small challenges and events.

    For each day, we will post a small task for all to do and we hope you will share your responses (screenshots, screenshots and more screenshots)!

    12 days of Simsmas will run from 25th of December to 5th of January so look out for the challenges in the next few days.


    PS! All of these challenges can be completed with The Sims 4 base game, but use of packs is not forbidden.
    PPS! We will update this post with a link to each new challenge.

    Challenge links:
  • SimGuruKimmi's CAP/CAS Challenge (Ends Dec 27th)

    Kimmi's CAP/CAS Challenge!
    Choose between one of two challenges to win a game code or a drawing. Rules in the image. Ends December 27th.

    One winner will get to choose between a code to The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs or a drawing of your pet by @SimGuruKimmi.

    Winner will be raffled.

    If you make a youtube video, be sure to post it so I can watch! (Does not improve your chance of winning)

  • Re: I still love scenery

    TS4_EP2_Screen5.png Oh, what an impressionistic painted scene in the Sims 4...Let's see what we can do...WOW...what beautifully PAINTED mountains...can we go see them... NOPE...well...then let's go and see what our neighbours are doing.

    Oh...please...take me back to TS3!!!! PLEEAAAASE!!!!????



  • "live service" explained

    Hey everyone, in the course of replying to someone on twitter yesterday, I see my comments have kicked off some lively discussion here on the forums. Twitter isn't a great format for detailed information on complex subjects, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to post here and shine some light on what I was chatting about.

    To start with - The Sims 4 has always been what we call a live service. I was a bit surprised to see this blow up on the forums today, as I didn't say anything that conflicts with our approach to The Sims 4 since the game launched. Nothing about what I said was intended to indicate we're in the middle of changing the way we operate, or that there's any new process being introduced that'll affect you, the players. What I was conveying is that The Sims 4 is the first game that our studio is handling in this manner. The transition I spoke of involved changing our approach to development and to the ongoing support that we provide when we moved from active development on The Sims 3 to The Sims 4.

    So, what does being a live service mean then? All it should really mean to you is that The Sims 4 gets more frequent updates to address issues, as well as ongoing free content additions so that players are interested in checking back in and seeing what's new from time to time. It's an opportunity for us to have a more engaged community that's aware of upcoming plans for the content our studio is creating.

    The biggest change is for us internally, with the way our studio approaches development. If you look back at The Sims 3, we weren't nearly as responsive to issues, or nimble with shuffling pack resources as we can be with our current approach. For most of its life, The Sims 3 had one expansion team, and one store team - each group fairly siloed in the content it developed. For a period of time a second expansion team in Salt Lake was added, but the flexible schedule we have currently wasn't possible then. Back then we would develop our pack, they would develop their pack, and occasionally we would combine our code & assets together. Patches were relatively infrequent on Sims 3 - if there was a problem in an expansion pack, it wasn't uncommon for it to not be fixed until the update for the following expansion pack. That problem was exacerbated with the addition of the Salt Lake team, where alternating expansion packs between the teams meant it could sometimes take a year for an issue from a pack to be addressed.

    Operating as a live service removes a lot of those challenges I described in The Sims 3 for us. We have an expansion team, a game pack team, a stuff pack team, and an engagement team (engagement = the free content in game updates). We all sit together intermingled in the same studio, we develop multiple packs simultaneously between our teams, and our code and assets between those packs are integrated together daily (super important for facilitating simultaneous development of different packs). Some people in the studio even work on a few of those teams at the same time (that's actually one of the major things we've been trying to adjust to and create better development practices for.) We're able to be far more responsive to unexpected issues that crop up... the most recent example being we released Dine Out in early June, released a patch with fixes for Dine Out in mid June, and then included even more fixes for Dine Out in the Kids Room update that came out in late June. The gallery is an important feature to us as well; maintaining those servers so that they're always up and running to support sharing between the community requires ongoing attention.

    For a producer like myself, treating the game as a live service can be a huge help. When we're planning a pack, production is like taking oddly shaped puzzle pieces and trying to fill up a box as much as possible without spilling over. In this metaphor, imagine that the box represents our schedule & budget, and we're filling the box with features and the people that will build them. In the past, the size of that "box" had to remain very rigid - as we filled it up, we couldn't easily make it larger if we felt it needed a bit more. With our live service approach, all of those resources are much more flexible in how we use them. If we get surprised by an issue and need to get an update out quickly, or if we feel that an upcoming pack could use a bit more added to it, we can divert resources in sensible ways so that we can release great content as well as being responsive to the live game that you're playing.

    On that note, let me also try and dispel some misconceptions... Operating our development with a live service mentality has nothing to do with which types of packs are released or the cadence of their releases. Being a live service also has nothing to do with which themes or features get developed - the selection of content is completely unrelated. Finally, being a live service isn't related to how you acquire content, or how it's delivered to you. Your choice to purchase a digital copy, a retail disc, or a retail bundle isn't impacted by this.

    Certainly the biggest change for us compared with past Sims titles is the addition of Game Packs. Stuff Packs evolved to include game play, which means they also draw additional resources when developing them. The engagement team is another brand new thing for us, and they create their own fully realized features to add in free updates. Expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, engagement features, and other outside factors all impact how we allocate internal headcount (who develops what, and when they do it), and where we fit each of those pieces of content in a yearly release schedule. Adding game packs and engagement features to what you've traditionally expected from The Sims has been an ongoing learning experience for us - both in terms of our development process, and in terms of understanding how each of these offerings are valued by players. Relatively speaking, a year and a half is a small sample size to fully see the impact of what are fairly significant changes for us at the studio. We'll continue experimenting, trying new things, and listening to your feedback, which is why some of you will recall me saying in the past to not look for patterns in the content we release.

    Hopefully that helps clarify what a live service is to us!
  • Sims Forum Rules and guidelines

    We want our players to feel at home on the Sims forums. Anyone should feel comfortable asking for help, sharing their tips and tricks, and having fun discussing the games. To do so we have a few rules that we’d like you to keep in mind so we can keep forum the great place that it is.

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    EA Forum Rules & Guidelines

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  • Re: The EA Community Forum Team - Introducing the team members

    Hey there! :)

    Name: Christin

    Originally from: Muenster, Germany. I moved over to Ireland last year after finishing college to work at EA – and I’m loving it! I started off as a Language Adviser for German and now I'm one of the Community Forum Moderators (obviously).

    Games I play at the moment: I’m into strategic and story-telling games so Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Alice: Madness Returns and all that jazz is on my gaming list these days.

    However, I have been a dedicated Sims player since day one and still love everything about this game! :)

    Favourite games of all times: I don’t have a favourite title to be honest. When it comes to gaming, I’m often feeling a bit nostalgic and would throw Prince of Persia 2 (yes, the 1993 one) or Jazz Rabbit into the batch straight away. I also like newer games of course, but I simply can’t make up my mind which one I like most especially because there are still so many out there I want to try! (And The Sims of course! There's obviously no need to mention this again!)

    Other Hobbies: I love reading, preferably nerdy history-based stuff; music - in every form and (almost) every genre; cooking, meeting up with my loved ones; movies, preferably and very un-ladylike, I'm into horror films and thrillers; games, both on PC/console as well as old-fashioned board and card games; and Latin dancing. Oh, and to be even more generic here – I also love traveling!
  • Re: The EA Community Forum Team - Introducing the team members

    Hey all!

    Name: Darren but my nickname is DarDar – may or may not be a Star Wars reference,

    Originally from: I was born in Ireland. Previously I have worked for Zenimax and Blizzard but about two years ago I joined the Star Wars the Old Republic team as a Game Master then I was trained on the other EA titles, from there I applied for the Community Forum Moderator role and here I am now!

    Games I play at the moment: I tend to like competitive games, I am a massive fan of eSports games and I’m currently a Master player on the EUW Server for League of Legends.

    When I’m not playing these, you’ll find me grinding away on PUBG, Overwatch or CSGO.

    Favourite games of all times: This is a tough one but I think I’d have to go with League of Legends, I’ve been an active player since Beta and it’s really had a grip on me since!

    Other Hobbies: I have trained MMA for around 3-4 years now, I’m also a massive fan of the sport and I spend most of my weekend watching Bellator and UFC events, I’d say it is one of my more active hobbies.
  • Re: The EA Community Forum Team - Introducing the team members

    Hi everyone!

    You won't see that much of myself as I mainly do admin stuff in the background. But I love to browse this forum and check out all your amazing screenshots and stories, so don't be surprised when you get a like from me! :D

    Name: Ursula - means "little bear" in Latin. Thumbs up for those bear costumes!

    Originally from: Germany. I moved to Ireland 6 years ago to work as Community Manager on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Ireland is great and the Irish are wonderful people. No regrets! ;)

    Games I play at the moment: Looking forward to starting Pyre, and still playing This Is The Police on PC and Zelda on the Switch. And of course there is always Civilization VI to go back to.

    I'm also playing two different Sims 4 saves at the moment. One is a 100 Babies Challenge save, the other is basically the same only with a male Sim. My Gigolo Sim tries to have children with all pre-made Townies. Both challenges are quite stressful, but a lot of fun! :D

    Favourite games of all times: Wow, tough, I play games since forever. Loved the old Indiana Jones titles, and all the LucasArts adventure games. BioWare games are an all-time favourite, from KoTOR and Baldur's Gate to Dragon Age and the Mass Effect series. My favourite Final Fantasy is 6, I love all things Pokemon, and played a lot of Maxis, Firaxis, and BlueByte games. Some of my current favourite indie studios are Telltale Games (especially The Wolf Among Us), Supergiant Games (Bastion, Transistor, Pyre), and Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun games).

    Hobbies: Science fiction in all forms. Comics, board games, and pen & paper role playing games. I not only DM a game of D&D, I also love to watch RPG streams on Twitch (mainly RollPlay, HyperRPG, Roll20App, and Geek & Sundry).
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  • Re: The EA Community Forum Team - Introducing the team members

    Hello guys and gals o/

    It's nice to meet you :D I'll pop a wee bit about myself below

    Name: My in-game name for MMO’s is Lanna so I’ve opted for that as my identifier on the forums. Seemed to just fit ^^ (Archer anyone??)

    Originally from:
    I am born in Ireland :D I moved to Galway after college to have the opportunity to work with EA. Luckily they hired me so the move was worth it! ^^

    Work with EA:
    I had a fondness for EA after the Harry Potter PS2 games and that had only grown over the years, so when an opportunity came to join that same company I had to apply. Thankfully EA were recruiting English speaking advisors for a new game launch 2 years ago and I’ve been here ever since. I started working with EA as an Account Security and In-Game Advisor prior to working as a Forum Moderator, supporting all EA products. ^^

    Games I play at the moment: I have just gotten into The Witcher 3. This game is huuuuge and utterly amazing. Loving it! I think it’s going to be one of those games I just lose myself to :L If anyone wants to nerd out over it drop me a ping anytime :) Outside of that other games I’ve played recently include Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, League of Legends, Dota 2 and the Crash Bandicoot rework for the nostalgia.

    Favourite games of all times: FF7, FF10 and Kingdom Hearts 1 < That’s my childhood right there so be gentle :P They’ve a special place in my heart.

    Hobbies: I used to be big into adventure activities during my college years doing river kayaking, rock-climbing, surfing, sailing and more but that’s died down a bit. As of late, I’ve been a complete and utter hermit, keeping to myself and the PlayStation (no regrets) but I swear I used to do stuff ^^ I’m also an all-around music lover and I have a big soft spot for dogs of all kinds. At home I've two big loveable pooches and they are just big goofballs of loveable fur :)


    Again, awesome to meet you all :) Looking forward to working these forums.
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  • The EA Community Forum Team - Introducing the team members

    Hello all,

    Just so you have some general overview who are the members of the Community Forum Team who will be frequenting the Sims forums we thought it would be a good idea post personal introductions on top the general intro here.

    I’ll kick things off…

    Name: While EA_Mage is my name on forums, my real name is Kristi. :)

    Originally from: Born and raised in one of the Baltic states - Estonia. Nearly 6 years ago I packed my bags, got on a plane and flew to Ireland to start working for Star Wars: The Old Republic. First as game master, but then on the Support Forums for the game. When that shifted over to EA I moved to Answers HQ and now here I am.

    Games I play at the moment: I’m mostly taking a break from games at the moment (shocking I know) to spend time with my TV and bookshelf. That said there a still a few games that invite me to turn on my PC every now and then…And completely lose track of time for hours at the time – Diablo (Diablo 3 currently, but I have 2 installed as well), older Sierra games (I pick one based on my mood – it has been Zeus: Master of Olympus this week), Heroes of Might and Magic (I have 1 to 6 installed so I mostly pick randomly), SimCity. I also have few mobile games that I play – TSTO, Candy Crush, SCBI, Bejeweled Blitz, Sims Freeplay.

    Favorite games of all times: I have to start with World of Warcraft here, mainly because I pretty much spent 5 years playing just WoW. I gave other games a try in that time frame, but WoW was my game for 7 days a week (4 to 6 days of raiding) from Vanilla to mid Cataclysm. I’m steering clear of Wow these days…no need to tempt myself.
    Aside from that, I have a real love for strategy games – C&C: Red Alert 3, Dawn of War 1 &2, Age of Empires series, city building games like Zeus and SimCity and of course Civilization series.

    Other hobbies: I watch a lot of movies and TV shows – theme wise I’m pretty much up for anything, but comic book movies hold a special place in my heart (team Iron Man for the win!).
    Books/comics also take up a lot of my time and in selecting those my choices are also very varied. I’m in the middle of the DC “Injustice: God Among Us” series and just finished “Interview with a vampire” (for the 5th time).

    Others have also said that I am somewhat of a collector… I have no clue where they get that idea from.

    Looking forward to seeing you all around. :)
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