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Losaru's Sims Stories Archive Hub
This thread is a hub thread for my Sims Stories threads that are picture heavy. It is also home to "Losaru's Sims Stories: Lost Tales" which are stories that have no pictures but usually compliment bigger plots or stories that existed before I joined the forums.
Main Save
2nd World

Tales From Laptop Beta

Short Stories
Maria's Realty
Twiggy's Harvest
Rivers' Grill
Raven's Rise
Alphonse, the Eternal Guardian

2nd World Short Stories
Dash's Decisions
Glitch's Rebirth
Claire's Revenge
Sakura's Travels
Lost Tales

Further tales will be linked to their respective pages

Brief History of the AIs
A Mother's Sacrifice
The Security Purge
Patched and Saved
Fall of the Security Council
Death of "Beta"
To Patch a Glitch
Main Save: Glitch Experiments: Unearthly Offspring
Main Save: Glitch Experiments: Unearthly Offspring 2
Main Save: Earthly Spaceman Part 1: I'm in Love with An Alien Mind
Main Save: Earthly Spaceman Part 2: New Meaning to Term "Baby Daddy"
Main Save: Earthly Spaceman Part 3: Get Outta Town
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    A Brief History of the AIs

    Long ago, in file marked "Beta," the first of sims and AIs were implemented into the world. The first of these AIs were Configuration Programs, monitoring the settings to be sure that the sims living amongst them had optimal living conditions. The second of these AIs were the Security Programs, whose duties included fixing any errors, cleaning up bad code, and guarding against any threats they saw that would negatively impact their world and those around them. These AIs were considered strong and held with high regard by the Configuration AIs.

    As time went on, some AIs began to corrupt, becoming Error AIs, programs that accidentally or deliberately caused bugs and errors around them, either by distorting their surroundings or messing with Sims and other AIs. Those partially corrupted still maintained their original classifications, but once their coding became unstable, their minds going insane, they could no longer be considered what they originally were as their abilities were now only those of corruption.

    A council was soon established, a mix of Configuration AIs and Security AIs, to discuss how to approach the "epidemic of corruption" that was happening for several AIs. Some argued that healing had proven to help many Error AIs that requested it, and that even if they were not successful, there were very few that deliberately caused harm. Others, however, argued that with their instability, they could easily create more Error AIs, soon leading to the corruption of the world that the Security Council could fix. By majority rule, a set of protocols were soon established to try and control the corruption:

    1) All Error AIs must present themselves before council so proper methods can be discussed on what to do about them.

    2)AIs showing corruption are to report to the healing chambers for attempted healing. If unsuccessful, they are to be deleted.

    3) Any Error AIs that cannot be treated successfully are to be deleted.

    4) Error AIs that purposefully corrupt the world and those around them are to be deleted.

    5) All children AIs are to be deleted.

    6) Any AIs found to be breaking any of these protocols are to be properly punished for their actions.

    Upon hearing these new protocols, many Error AIs fled, trying to hide from the Security Council for fear of their lives. Some Configuration AIs and Security AIs even argued that more healing should be emphasized as opposed to deletion. Some evil Error AIs, when more sound of mind, boasted that their actions were now retaliation against these new laws. The council however, continued to enforce them.

    One major law, the deletion of children AI, was extremely heated, even amongst council members. They argued that as these AI had no control over their corruption, that they should not be punished for causing errors around themselves. Other members countered with the statement that as there was no control, this allowed for corruption to spread freely, which could not be allowed, and that waiting on a patch to fix whatever code affected them could take too long.

    Levono Configs, son of Hewitt Config, would often present himself to council members as proof that children AI could overcome their errored state, having been a cured one himself. The following conversation was the final exchange between Levono and leader of the Security Council, Norton Cisco:

    "Sir, I implore you to reconsider Article 5 of the Security Protocols. I stand as living proof that the deletion of children AI can result in the loss of future potential programs of great importance."

    "While it is understandable that you were cured, Config, you are an exception compared to the rest of the children AI that have failed to be cured. The fact of the matter is, if we allow these types of error AIs to..."

    "Sir how am I an exception? Just because my coding was healed that day does not mean that it cannot be done for..."

    "You are speaking out of turn, Config. As said, if we allow these types of error AIs to go free, with no control over their abilities..."

    "Sir you are under the assumption that a parent cannot try to control their child to do so? I tell you that for myself..."

    "Wait your turn, Config...With no control over their abilities, they will further corrupt their surroundings and individuals as well..."

    "Then why do you not do your job then, good sir, and repair said surroundings and individuals? What about repairing the AIs themselves? What you are currently doing is culling off future potential AIs that could possibly overthrow you as opposed to trying to heal them! You are more of a...a virus than a Security..."

    "Out of line, Config! All children AIs are errors and are to be deleted to prevent this world from destroying itself! Our job is to protect this world by any means! You are just one of the lucky ones that we did not catch! Were you not of the Config family, I would have you terminated right here before this council for contempt! Get out of our chambers!!!"

    Ava Abaven, a powerful Security AI, supported Levono's efforts, hiding him in fear of deletion and eventually started to secretly go against the council's protocols, encouraging Error AIs to approach her for healing. If attempts failed, she would tell them to approach her after the world updated. Along with sympathy for these programs that wished for healing, Ava also had a daughter of her own that was errored, keeping her hidden until one day she was found by an undercover Security AI. When approached about deleting her daughter, Ava refused, using her abilities to escape with her daughter. It was from this action that soon led up to the downfall of the Security Council.

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    A Mother's Sacrifice

    Ava faced the council, her daughter, Err, sitting on the floor beside her, rocking back and forth as she hummed, the Security Council looming over the two as they sat in the balconies. Norton Cisco, his golden beard and long hair increasing his already bulky size, stood, glowering as he spoke in a booming voice.

    "Ava Abaven. You understand that by keeping a child AI in your presence that you are deliberately spreading corruption throughout our world and amongst its inhabitants."

    "Sir," said Ava, back straight as an iron rod and face just as cold and hard, "From my experience, Err has only cause minor bugs which I have been able to fix myself. It has only been recently that I have come across the issue of major clipping. From what I have heard though, this is to be soon fixed and..."

    "You are knowingly keeping an deteriorating Error AI, whose corruption will only become stronger! There is no discussion in the matter! Do you understand what is to be done?!"

    "Yes sir," Ava replied calmly to Cisco, whose forehead seemed to throb in anger. "And I refuse."

    With the rest of the council in shock, Ava took the time to grab her daughter, holo-wings soon activated as she flew out of the council chambers. Enraged, Cisco slammed his hands onto the balcony railing, ordering a handful of Security AI after her.

    "Get them! Delete them! We cannot allow that Error and her defiant mother to survive!"

    Ava flew far off into the hills, using Err's clipping bug to slip into an area few could even access. The child simply laughed, hugging her mother close before they landed.

    "Err, sweetie?" said Ava. "You understand Mommy loves you, correct?"

    "Momma loves," the dark-haired child nodded, looking up at the sky as if distracted by a bird.

    "And Mommy doesn't want to see you gone, okay?" Ava said with a sob in her voice. "So she's going to make you a part of her code again. So someday Mommy can bring you back all healed, okay?"


    "Come here then, dear. Hold Mommy's hand."

    A light surrounded the two of them, similar to one that appeared when a ghost or remnant code was revived. Forms shifted. Absorbing code was already a risky procedure, and was unheard of for an Error AI, with Ava's attempt proving to be a good reason: The forms suddenly went jagged. A howling scream echoed over the mountains where they had hidden and an explosion of energy followed suit.

    The figure stood up from the ground, dark hair cascading over her face. She staggered at first as she took her first few steps, brushing her hair away as she approached a window of a nearby fake shop.

    "So...There you are," she said, her voice in a digital high pitch as she sneered. "We do create a fabulous body, don't we..."

    Two Security AI, having followed the explosive sounds, soon came upon the new being.

    "Stop where you are! If you come with us, we will try to heal you."

    The woman chuckled, turning to them, her markings flashing purple, a color that had never been seen before. "You take me for some simple minded errored program that would go willingly. I fear, good sirs, that you are facing something much more complex. For unlike my fellow Error AIs, I know what my fate would be..."

    A bone shaking screech echoed throughout the mountains, a smile curling even more upon the AI's lips as she held the two Security AIs aura crystals, shattering them with a clap.

    "And I refuse."
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    The Security Purge

    It was uttered in whispers: Ava was gone. Her daughter was gone. The being in their one could describe her exactly. Those that tried to approach her were either shot back by her corrupted surroundings, or their aura crystals taken from them, absorbed into her being. Observations revealed that this made her stronger, increasing her Corruption Field.

    Reports soon came in from everyone that a speeding, distorted mass was approaching Vector Hall, home of the Security Council, with AIs unable to make out what it was exactly on any rader or tools. The doors to the hall had been barracaded just in case, Norton Cisco escaping to his office while other members of the council either hid or prepared to stand their ground.

    Barracades were nothing to her though, phasing through the door itself as if it were but a curtain. Several AIs standing their ground scurried back, the figure's steel blue ears scanning almost proudly around the room. A couple AIs soon approached, Simrays at the ready to freeze her. Just then though, they felt a tightness in their chests.

    Several beams of light had expelled from the woman's hands, piercing through all those around her within reach. Once retracted, the beams sparkled containing the aura crystals of all those struck, their bodies falling to the ground.

    "Oh do not worry," she grinned. "You will simply give me power. There's only one I wish to destroy."

    Others tried to approach her, but feeding off the emotions of those she had taken from now made the aura around her so corrupted that those that tried were thrown back by her mere thought alone.She sauntered her way through, striking at anyone she saw, including Levono's father, Hewitt. Glowing with a purple aura, she made her way upstairs, clipping through the door to Norton's office, the man holding up a simray.

    "Stay back banshee!" he shouted, the woman cackling as he growled. "I know Laser Strike and I can scatter your code into dust."

    The ray twisted and jittered in his hand before flying out of it, the figure picking it up with a grin before she blasted him, freezing him halfway before tossing the ray aside. She took up a chair, giving Norton another wide grin.

    "For a man that is leader of the Security Council," she chuckled, playing at his hair. "One would think you would have abilities higher than that of a Configuration program.

    As she stood once more, Norton struggled in the ice, shivering (although one would think with his temper it would melt) as he stared at her.

    "Alright!" he boomed. "I'm sorry for threatening your daughter, or threatening your mother, whichever one of them you are! Now release me this instant."

    "Tsk! Tsk!" the woman scolded. "Assuming I'm either one of those strings of binary. Ava is gone, thanks to you, as is her daughter. I'm their failure."

    "Who are you then?"

    Just then, the woman shot another beam of light from her hand, shooting through Norton, his eyes wide like the full moon as she came close.

    "My name would mean nothing to you, for all I am is a glitch in your eyes. So, that is what you may call me: Glitch."

    With the final sound through her teeth, Glitch retracted the beam, Norton's aura crystal in hand. His head slumped down, eyes void of emotion as she held his very being in her hand.

    "I am surprised it isn't surging with anger," the woman chuckled lowly before smashing the crystal. "We won't have to worry about that anymore though."

    Glitch gave another wild cackle as the whole building was now surrounded in a corruption field. Those alive inside continued to hide, trying the best they could not to be seen as the Error AI made rounds. She struck at anyone she could find, taking their very emotions to power her.

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    Patched and Saved

    Glitch surged with power, her corruption field now almost swallowing the hall. There was little the survivors inside could do, hoping that were they deleted by her that they would eventually return in another save or world.

    "What's the matter, dearies?" Glitch said in a mocking, smug tone. "Afraid of me now that your glorious leader has been terminated? You should be grateful that you are no longer under his iron grip. Or are scared of the irony that he was destroyed by the one thing you all fear..."

    The Player was trying their best to fix the world outside of the game, implementing repairs, resets, Glitch being relentless in her strength. Finally, they checked and realized that a new program was needed to help with the entire chaos, an announcement echoing through the hall.

    "New patch software detected."

    Glitch glanced up, giving a scoff. "Trying to fortify your precious hall? Believe me, it won't be here for long once I use my final tactic."

    Just then, the corruption field around Vector Hall dispersed, taking the Error AI by surprise for a moment before she chuckled. "Guess I underestimated you lot. Someone amongst you seems to be stronger than old Cisco was. Now who may that be..."

    Before Glitch could check around, doors to the main chamber where she was standing flew open, a Configuration AI named Linka Systema walking in with someone no one had seen before: A new type of AI called Patch.

    Glitch looked on in shock at first, sensing the difference before laughing. "Well, well, Player, you are presenting me with new fresh meat. How generous of you."

    She fired her beams, only for them to stop abruptly.


    The new AI had a field of her own that stopped the strike, dispersing the light as she approached Glitch before grabbing her, arms forced behind her back.

    "Ngh! Unhand me, you nano-byte!"

    The Patch AI gave a nod to Linka, the blonde AI nodding before spreading her arms, a glow between them.

    "CAS Statis Lock"

    Glitch's body froze before beginning to disperse into pixels of light that floated like a swarm of insects. The glittering pixel cloud spiraled into the glow between Linka's arms. Once gone, Linka closed her arms.

    "We have a lot to clean up, Light," she said to the Patch AI. "I wonder though just how many we have lost."
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    Fall of the Security Council

    With the death of Cisco and the majority of the council, and Glitch's defeat, Linka Systema and Light (the Patch AI) began cleaning up the mess: distorted and glitched objects, clipping, invisible items, whatever had not been patched with the new AI's field. The effects of Glitch however, revealed to be much worse as some survivors began to show massive corruption and distortion. Parts of their bodies were gone, some parts revealing base structure, some AIs even fading in and out into a remnant form: A ghost.

    Linka, with her ability Data Purge, deleted those too far gone to be saved. As described by her cousin Levono, she said it was a nightmare. So much so, that once she and her cousin met up again, she revealed that she was going to fragment herself: A method where an AI gives up their form so that it guarantees to be reformed, unlike deletion. The catch with this though was that there was no telling when she would return.

    What remained of the Security Council tried to reform and reinforce Cisco's protocols however; some refused. They argued that if they continued with the old ways, that other AIs like Ava with errored children would try what she did and bring about AIs like Glitch. Those individuals upon council argued that if they continued with the deletion, that such a situation could be avoided.

    Other AIs soon sided with those that were looking towards healing Error AI, especially now since the new Patch AI, Light, had been implemented. Light revealed to have stronger abilities in fixing distortions than any Security AI, although she had very little ability in healing corruption of AIs or sims. This duty was left to Security AI. Still, it instilled hope for the "Heal Not Delete" movement that soon gained traction later on.

    The movement sparked the creation of another new type of AI: Cleanser AI. These AIs had the ability to heal AI and Sims, depending on the degree of damage, even cleaning up errors that were too massive for Patch AI. The first two were called Aero Avast and Logan Alta.

    With these new AIs being implemented and majority support moving along with them and the movement, many Security AI stepped down, either fragmenting or deciding to give up their abilities all together to become a sim. The last member of the Security Council, a vice-leader to Cisco, ended up being deleted after being swallowed by a Corruption Tear in Vector Hall. More of these tears soon appeared after.

    The world was suddenly corrupting itself.
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    Death of "Beta"

    A Patch AI can fix missing furniture. A Cleanser AI can heal a sim showing corruption on their skin. A Security AI could do both however; No AI had the ability to stop Corruption Tears.

    The sky was twitching, black holes with streams of blue and grey lights firing like the real world's lightning. Some of these holes would appear in the ground, swallowing and bugging whatever was around them, even sims and AI. What was causing them no one knew. Some blamed Glitch, some blamed the absence of Glitch or Ava. Some even blamed Norton, theorizing that he had created a self-destruct switch to his program should he ever be destroyed.

    By this time, Levono had married Nova, a Configuration AI that had been hidden by Ava as well. The two had fallen in love, having several offspring including Levono having an alien daughter and Nova eventually giving birth to an Error Child named Delerror. This evening, they looked up at the sky and tears growing in it.

    "It's beautiful, in a way," said Levono as the two lay on the grass outside of their home in Willow Creek. "How the particles fire through the void like that. At least we can all see it once we're deleted by it."

    "We do not have to, love," said Nova. "I've spoken with Light. She said she and the Player can use Linka's ability and do something similar to what she did to Glitch. It would then be a question of when we would be freed from it."

    "That is true. I would probably go through with it. Have you mentioned it to the kids?"

    "Toshi says that it's most likely the only other option we have to avoid being deleted. The girls are fine, although Ai is still a bit afraid."

    "And Delerror?"

    Nova sighed. "I think she knows. She simply nodded to me when I said that 'We're all going for a very long nap. And when we wake up we're going to have a new house and everything.' I doubt she'd remember it. Sometimes I wonder if she can ever be healed."

    Levono kissed Nova, holding her tight.

    "Please, love. Do not give up on her. She knows we love her. I remember my father telling me that all the time, even though I was probably worse than Delerror according to him."

    Nova chuckled, flashing a smile. "I won't, darling. And who knows. Maybe the next world will cure her on its own."

    Eventually, The save "Beta" did corrupt so much that it had to be deleted permanently. A few AI and sims were able to be saved, but many others could not be, disappearing into the ether of code that made up the computer's memory or being erased all together along with the old world.
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    To Patch a Glitch

    Error...Error...Error...Crash...Each attempt at a save would result in the same result: The world would just not load.

    The Player had even taken greater precautions. First, a simself was created so to help with communications between sims, AIs and the Player. New Patch and Cleanser AIs had been implemented. The Player even planned on reviving the Config family but even before the first screen to enter the new worlds...Crash.

    The Player then had a strange idea: Implement Glitch. It was risky, given the AI's nature and abilities, but she seemed to be the one that had kept Beta stable. Either that or Norton, but Norton was destroyed. They had to be careful.

    After editing in the CAS, the Player was able to deactivate and seal most of Glitch's ability. She was still capable of corruption however; such abilities had been greatly reduced in intensity. She was blindfolded and gloved, although such tactics were useless as they were only implemented as reminders to her that her abilities were sealed, the AI fully capable of seeing behind the blindfold.

    "I'll entertain them," she said with a smirk to Losaru, the simself of the new world once it was finally loaded. "But just a warning: I will not be silenced."
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    Main Save: Glitch Experiments: Unearthly Offspring

    Project Name:
    Purpose: To reactivate abilities locked by player

    File No.: 0000812
    Log No.: 00001

    Experiment #1:
    Codename: SEAHORSE

    Hypothesis: The creation of Earth-born aliens from normal male sims will result in one having proper properties needed to reactivate past abilities once ability "Aura Crystal Strike" has been achieved through current ongoing means and aura crystal can be absorbed


    Test Subject No. 1:
    Williams (ne Miruchi), Sakura

    Age: Young Adult

    Gender: Male

    Body type: Average

    Possible Conflicts to Experiment: None

    Date: 10-XX-20XX
    Sakura Williams is to serve as a control. While I do not fully know him on a personal level, reading files has shown that he seems to be a favourite sim of 'The Player.' Possible conflicts with experiment seem to only be if he is not the desired sim to be abducted. Will force file reset

    Date: 10-XX-20XX
    As feared. First abduction resulted in taking of other male in household aside from husband, Peter Williams. Observations show name to be Brody Williams. Will mark as second test subject. Forcing file reset.

    Date: 10-XX-20XX
    Success! Sakura was abducted is showing signs of alien pregnancy. Will continue observations from time to time. Ack! Someone's coming! Must go!

    Date: 10-XX-20XX
    Subject has given birth at home so will not be able to hack to check medical records. Observations show subject to prefer bottle-feeding. Unsure if will affect future growth development.
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    Main Save: Earthly Spaceman Part I: I'm in Love with An Alien Mind

    "Let's get one thing clear: I'm not really good with storytellin'. I tried once reading to my nephew Aguro and he fell asleep on the middle of the day. So yeah. I'm not good at 'em. But, I was told that for this archive thing that it might be good if you all knew what is up with my family and how it all came about. Hah...My name is Brody Williams-Reich and my family members are all aliens. Well, not mom and bro. They aren't.

    And if you're wondering, no. I didn't plan it like that. I didn't even know about aliens until my niece, Celeste was born. Apparently we got 'invaded' by aliens, but I was always asleep through those. Having a condition that makes you tired easily seems to have a perk. Not that I would say that it's totally awesome. Being sick is a pain.

    Anyways, when I wasn't asleep, I'd head off on the town. Always wanted to do stand-up, ya know? That and find myself a cute girl, hook up. Eventually settle down, I dunno. I just need that time out with other people. Was usually at night, but sometimes I went out during the day, like when I met Jaz at the park. Her full name is Jazmine Reich, but Jaz is just shorter. Easier to remember.

    We talked and she eventually invited me over to look at the clouds. Anything that doesn't involve jogging I'm down for. And, well, it was just one of those moments. When you know you want to be with this person forever? Heh. She actually asked me out first after flirting and teasing. I remember it was a museum. I don't know what fun you can have in a museum, but I made the best of it. I remember my bro, Peter, saying that his first date with Sakura (That's his husband) was actually a flop, so I didn't want to do that. I pulled off my best moves and it was a big smash according to her.

    I eventually moved in with her. Celeste was getting older and, if I may be honest, I was starting to feel left out. With everything going on with Mom workin' and bro and Sakura with their kid, I just felt I needed to get out. Worked out all good. One night we decided to head off to the lounge. Big place called The Slipback. They have this upper floor where people could spend the night and they had hottubs. A few drinks and, well, we were in the mood and that's where I woohooed for the first time. Yup. In a hottub.

    Thing is...I guess...aliens tend to wear disguises and when they woohoo that tends to disappear for a moment. All of a sudden, I'm headin' over home base with an extraterrestrial in a hottub. But at that point, I didn't really care. She was awesome and I just wanted to be with her. And I mean really be with her.

    Heh...She caught me offguard though. She asked me to marry her about a week or so later. Of course I was gonna say yes! This was the one I wanted to be with and Mom and everyone didn't seem to mind either. I didn't want the whole wedding thing though. I went to my bro's one and it was great and all, but there was just so much work. That and we didn't have much money. So we just exchanged rings at home and had a small cake, just for us. It was great.

    We were married now. We didn't plan kids cuz Jaz hated 'em and I didn't mind. I still wanted to do stand-up. But then...

    ...I don't think I want to continue here. I...I mean I just...I don't like remembering....remembering her..."

    Long pause. Inhaled hard
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    Main Save: Earthl Spaceman Part II: New Meaning to Term "Baby Daddy"

    "Alright. Jaz...had this AI for a neighbour...named Glitch."


    "And if you're wondering, yes I'm scared of her. I wasn't at first...but after so long you just....I would have been her favorite chew toy had she been a dog, okay? She was also a scientist and...and she was the one that I guess I would "thank" for my kids...Plum do I have to?...Yeah....I guess...

    At first I just saw Glitch as that annoy neighbour. Kicks your garbage over in the middle of the night just for fun. Wakes you at odd hours by knocking on the door. Do AI even sleep? They got to I s'pose. Anyways, we were suddenly getting an influx of Jaz's 'relatives' visiting. I knew something was up but...I didn't know it was her then. I just thought 'You're married to an alien. They're probably gonna visit.' It was annoying though. When aliens visit, they really don't wanna leave until like the break of dawn. It really messed with my sleep cycles.

    Then one happened..,and yeah...I was the one that got caught. And yes: I remember everything... but I won't mentioned it here. No, it wasn't any woohoo or anything like that. Let's just say a lot of sciency stuff and bright lights. I remember the Head Alien too. They called her Senior Pollination Technician #3. She was completely different from Jaz so I knew they probably weren't related. A very dark blue skin color and a very strong stare.

    When I got off the ship, I didn't know exactly what they had done. They weren't exactly telling me. I found out though when I spoke with Jaz a couple hours later.

    I was having a bad stomach and I was sitting down on the couch. I was still a bit dizzy from all that had had happened.

    She said, 'Brody are you okay?'

    'Ngh...I got a bad stomach...feels like I need to throw up...' I groaned.

    'Just after you were abducted?'

    I said yeah and then she explained to me that apparently Senior Pollination Technicians inject DNA in hosts and the suitable ones being male sims. She essentially said I was pregnant. I...I...I was so scared. I remember freaking out:

    'What?N...No....Nononono...I...I'm a guy...We aren't supposed to...but Sakura did...Ohplumohplumohplum..."

    "Brody are...are you okay?"

    "Of course not!!! Jaz I...I have something growing in me! And...And it's gonna have to come out at some point and...I didn't ask for this, Jaz! What if it kills me!!! Oh plum Oh plum! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die!"

    "You're not gonna die....shhh...Sakura made it will you."

    "But...I didn't even plan for kids, Jaz. I know how much you hate them and I made sure we didn't try for a baby and now suddenly I'm having one and...

    "'re rambling. I can deal, okay? We'll get through this."

    "J...Jaz I....I'm scared..."

    I kinda feel sorry for loners, ya know? Cause if Jaz hadn't been there I probably would have had to go to the hospital for hyperventi...venti...breathing too fast. But yeah. I was afraid. Never thought it would happen to me. And then suddenly...*poof*...I'm pregnant...

    Glitch was annoying as ever and I eventually found out it was her that was summoning aliens on our lawn. One confrontation resulted in me losing my arm. She...She has this weird touch and suddenly my arm was pulling a Houdinini. I was healed by some other AIs, but the Player had to give me a new arm. I...I always watched myself when going around Glitch after that.

    A few days later, after dealing with something shoving on my bladder everyday and wanting to eat the literal house, I went in labour. Sakura I remember being in pain, but what I experienced was much different as it felt like something wanting to tear me in half. It was the middle of the night. I was watching TV until I was caught by the pain, almost falling off the couch. Jaz called the hospital 'cause I knew I wasn't having this kid at home.

    And we had Sadie. Our first child. According to the doctor (I can't remember his name) the reason why I was having so much pain was because..well...inside? Like here? I'm surprisingly small. It's like packing putty into a kinder egg: Only so much can fit and cramming more in there makes everything tight. Had it been twins I would have been in a bit more trouble. They would both be in there, but it would constantly feel like someone would be punching me in the stomach.

    It took me a bit to accept all that had happened, but after you have a kid...I get this feeling wanna protect 'em. I mean before she was born she was literally a part of me...and I just felt like...if Sadie got hurt, so would I. I...I wanted her to be grow up big and strong...if anything better than me. We had to change things around so Jaz could adjust to having a kid around the house now, but eventually we settled in. Then....Oh plum..."
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    Main Save: Earthly Spaceman Part 3: Get Outta Town

    "It happened again about a month or so later. And yes, it was Glitch. Not only that but she was getting more...not violent...well, maybe violent. I had gotten into quite a few fights with her and always lost. Swears she's indestructable or something. Bold. That's probably the word. She would come in house, was now always kicking over our bin, and while I could yell at her to get off our lawn, I couldn't remove her plum satellite from it.

    With all this going on, we started saving money to move. Jaz took up a job as a police officer, leaving me with Sadie and the next future offspring for the Williams-Reich legacy, so to speak. The second day though, Glitch caught me while I was trying to go visit my brother and mom and the rest of 'em."

    Quavery inhale

    "She trapped me in a room downstairs. There was food and books and even a kid's bed, but I...I couldn't call or text anyone! Was bad enough that I have serious issues being alone but...but I also had another nooboo growing in me! I didn't want to be stuck down there in labour! I...I was down there a whole day and night. Alone! She let me go early that next morning. I ran back home, telling Jaz, showing her the pics I was able to take on my phone. She sadly couldn't arrest her as the AIs have a completely separate justice system thing, but she did try to fight her...and lost...It's the effort that counted, right?

    I was in bed this time when I went into labour. Same searing pain like last time, Jaz freaking out 'cause she thought I was having twins from the sounds of things.

    "Yeowch...Ow...OW JAZ HELP ME!"

    "Mmph? Oh flying llamas! Brody!! Al...Already? Are...Are you alright?"

    "Hah....Hah...mmmph! No! It feels like a raptor is trying to claw out of me!! OWW!!"

    "Gh! The doctor warned about this! Oh plum it sounds like twins! Nonononono!"

    "Jaz...hah...mmmMMPH!! How about instead of...hah...going bananas you...OW-OW-OW! Call the hospital!!"

    We had another little girl, Abbigale. We made a promise though that once she aged-up, we were getting out of there. Didn't care where we were moving to. Just far away from her. After talking with Sakura, he said he still had ownership over his mother's old house in Newcrest. We bought the house off him, did some renovations and then we finally moved out.

    My last kid, Ryder, well, he was a 'Christmas' present from SPT#3. Far as I know, Glitch didn't have a hand in that one. Was actually nice not having to worry about her and at least by this time, Sadie was a teen so it wasn't like Jaz would have to handle three kids. Still went to the hospital, but that is the norm. Should this ever happen again (Please the garden gnomes not!) it'll be the same.

    And that's how I ended up the only human amongst a buncha aliens, three of them being literally my kids. If anyone knows how to get an SPT#3 to pay child support though, tell me. She has a lot to owe."
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    Main Save: Glitch Experiments: Unearthly Offspring 2

    Project Name:
    Purpose: To reactivate abilities locked by player

    File No.: 0000812
    Log No.: 00004

    Experiment #2:
    Codename: SEAHORSE

    Hypothesis: The creation of Earth-born aliens from normal male sims will result in one having proper properties needed to reactivate past abilities once ability "Aura Crystal Strike" has been achieved through current ongoing means and aura crystal can be absorbed


    Test Subject No. 2:
    Williams-Reich (ne Williams), Broderick Samuel (Brody)

    Age: Young Adult

    Gender: Male

    Body type: Pudgey

    Possible Conflicts to Experiment: Suffers from Llama Tortoise Syndrome. Affects reflexes and energy. May be hereditary and pass down to offspring.

    Date: 10-XX-20XX
    After observing Brody to be the first abducted, I have marked him as my second test subject. Luckily for me, he has moved in with my neighbour, Jazmine Reich. Will allow for more direct influence.

    Date: 10-XX-20XX
    Abduction seems to be taking longer than expected. Have resorted to entertaining myself by kicking their garbage and playing "Knock and Run" on their door.

    Date: 10-XX-20XX
    Abduction and alien pregnancy finally achieved. Observations show different emotional reaction than that of Subject No. 1. I find myself quite enjoying it.

    Date: 10-XX-20XX
    Had confrontation with subject after being caught activating satellite to prevent abductions (You would have thought he would have been grateful). Doubted my abilities so corrupted arm. Should not affect outcome of offspring. Will probably be healed and replaced soon.

    Date: 10-XX-20XX
    Subject was rushed to hospital to be operated on. Found screams quite amusing and pleasing to listen to before he and his wife were sent off. Will wait for next day before hacking into records to read up more

    Date: 10-XX-20XX
    Was able to hack records to read up on Brody and child. One girl. Named her Sadie. Exams reveal child to carry gene for Llama-Tortoise Syndrome. Will have to conduct experiment again. Records also show subject Brody to have smaller abdominal space than normal, explaining complications of birth. Appears to use a mix of bottle and breast-feeding. Will compare growth to that of subject Sakura's daughter, Celeste.

    NOTE TO SELF: Test effects of emotional neglect on development once second child is achieved.
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    I have linked all the stories now so it's easier to get to the post you're interested in.
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    XD, wow, this is really interesting! You're very creative and imaginative :).
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    Note: Pace's Garden has be abandoned.

    While I had gone through with the event back in April, I really didn't get into the story and was feeling like I was forcing myself to produce something for the sake of things. For the rare person that might have been anticipating anything from it, I'm sorry.

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    Two new short stories have been added.
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    "Claire's Revenge" has been added to Short Stories.
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    "Tales from Laptop Beta" has been added, starting with "Escape". These won't be as frequent as I am usually only on my laptop on holidays at my parents' place.
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