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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • geekgirl101geekgirl101 Posts: 397 Member
    edited August 2020
    Working elevators please. It is angering me that there are elevators in the game but they're limited to 1 per lot and unusable??? Honestly what was the point in adding these if they can't be used.

    Edit: I found out there was a way to add extra elevators to a house and use them but guess what? EA broke it. Apparently fixing an elevator to not make it useable was more important than fixing issues such as sims randomly stopping what they're doing and teleporting around the lot or sims not finishing eating the same plate after 5 hours. :-/ You know, real bugs, the ones that actually do need fixing.
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  • Sim_ArchitectsSim_Architects Posts: 302 Member
    edited August 2020
    - 3D lashes

    -More shoes! , we barely get new shoes, the shoe selection is boring and tired (i own all DLC)

    -More necklaces (again, options are few)

    - Better *earrings* (again, not many good options)

    - More natural looking makeup

    -More clothing for children

    - More hobbies. Knitting was a step in the right direction, still need more.
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  • Sim_ArchitectsSim_Architects Posts: 302 Member
    edited August 2020
    Update the skin and eyes from base game!
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  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 45 Member
    I'm still gonna say it, please bring back the rest of the buff cheats, people need those cheats to make the game more interesting. How about make a new improved buff cheats that have not 50% but 100%. I sometimes miss using sims.add_buff Buff_Pregnancy_Trimester or either the other buff cheats. If they brought it back improved, It would be very appreciated....
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  • Sim_ArchitectsSim_Architects Posts: 302 Member
    More and BETTER makeup!!! Some of the MAC stuff was decent, but we really need less loud, bold color and more au naturale looking makeup.
  • BariSaxyBariSaxy Posts: 4,571 Member
    A playable woodwind or brass instrument. It has been twenty years of the franchise and every single other family of instruments has been represented. All of the saxophone signs and paintings in the base-game are quite a taunt after all of this. =(


    A Time Travel pack - Ancient Greece seems to be the most exciting prospect IMO. (but if you do this and add playable instruments, you can't just add the lyre, you must also add the aulos!)
  • Sim_ArchitectsSim_Architects Posts: 302 Member
    Better poses for the gallery. Better/customized thumbnails for gallery builds.
  • SthenastiaSthenastia Posts: 356 Member
    More kitchen styles and color swatches:




    Induction hob:



    Much more sofas:



    I love this guy creations - Buy Mode




    Lamps like this:




    Beds like below one:


    Big bookcases:



    More objects for bathroom:




    This shallow will be also great to have:


    And for us - European players you can add this :D

  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 2,837 Member
    Sthenastia wrote: »

    Much more sofas:


    Lamps like this:


    I love the lamp and the sofa. Would be nice if they gave us modular sofas, like we had in TS2.
  • Sim_ArchitectsSim_Architects Posts: 302 Member
    We dont get new kitchen counters often. After 6 years we still only have maybe 3 sets of cabinets from EP's . Overall, we really like more kitchen, bathroom counter options. You guys really should include more.
  • enby_envyenby_envy Posts: 13 New Member
    I suggest having skateboards in the sims. It could be like the mage's book--but obviously more in theme with skateboarding--where you can learn different styles of tricks. And it would obviously have special interactions, etc.

    I also want round stairs and not just blocky stairs. I wish we could also put small objects like plants onto the balcony of larger stairs.
  • Sim_ArchitectsSim_Architects Posts: 302 Member
    Oh yeah and this is VERY important. The selection of hairstyles to choose from is so discouraging. I own every pack and there still just arent very many nice hairstyles. I stick to a select few :'(
  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 722 Member
    Oh yeah and this is VERY important. The selection of hairstyles to choose from is so discouraging. I own every pack and there still just arent very many nice hairstyles. I stick to a select few :'(

    I would love more hairs too but also!! I think they need to go back and fix some of the older hairs as well. They sit funny on Sims heads often, making their heads look huge or oddly shaped. I don't use the ones like that.
  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,648 Member
    edited August 2020
    Dear EA/SimGurus,

    in The Sims 4 I'd like to see
    - a farming EP,
    - a burglar NPC and burglar alarm as b/b object,
    - more activities for toddlers and kids (e.g. play tag, play peekaboo, carousel, rope skipping, after school activites: glee club, astronomy club, ballet, soccer, programming, etc.),
    - things that make the "teen" stage unique (e.g. prom, learning to drive, private school (with bonus when applying for university), acne with moodlet, more phases),
    - things that make the "elder" stage unique (e.g. play bingo, sewing, pottery, use cane, more options for crinkles, special interactions with grandchildren: e.g. tell story about the past).
    TeamFARMING! Please EA, we need a FARMING expansion for TS4!

    List of my TS4 games:
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    GPs: OR, SD, DO, V, P, JA, RoM
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    Kits: /
  • BahlBahl Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like my genius, handy sim be able to construct a solar powered wifi tower for the off grid plot in Sulani, is this even possible? probably tall and maybe need repair frequently? so not too obtrusive.
  • procianprocian Posts: 143 Member
    The option to select a sims sexuality in cas would be etc etc....a bit 18+ i know but i think that would be cool.
  • MaddyH1997MaddyH1997 Posts: 1 New Member
    Just an idea... but I think an expansion pack that has to do with farm life would be cool. With animals, farm lots and other different stuff. I would love that!
  • Jenasidal_ReignJenasidal_Reign Posts: 1 New Member
    I don't have a lot of detail for my suggestion, although I honestly loved all of ones before mine. I simply it would be funny if you could add in a pack of stuff for the covid-19 we've all been going through. Perhaps not the sickness, but the unique masks and getups everyone has been using. Its almost become a norm now and It would be cool if Sims did some sort of patronage to it.
  • dyl_andwhatdyl_andwhat Posts: 322 Member
  • Sim_ArchitectsSim_Architects Posts: 302 Member
    edited August 2020
    I *need* MORE facial hair for men!!!! :|
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  • GracieO312GracieO312 Posts: 871 Member
    edited August 2020
    More high waisted items in CAS - skirts, trousers/pants, shorts etc.
    More tops that tuck in (jumpers/knits esp.)

    Large scale CAS update (UI) - BB and Live have had huge updates over the last 6 years so please focus on overhauling CAS. I feel like it hasn't really been touched in 6 years!! I'd love to see a colour wheel for hair/skintones/eyes and also layerable clothing. I think CAS needs a 'stair update' equivalent - something to revolutionize this mode.

    I'd also like to see the ability to not only unlock the career outfits but all the special outfits too e.g. the Get to Work illness overlays, Spa Day facial masks, Base Game burned/singed and dirty overlays via a cheat similar to the one introduce in Nifty Knitting SP.
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  • Sim_ArchitectsSim_Architects Posts: 302 Member
    Toddlers barely have hairstyles to choose from. Yes, I could use cc. But i shouldnt have to for a decent selection.
  • thistle0tattoothistle0tattoo Posts: 10 New Member
    More different music instruments, I also miss the drums. Music instruments from different countries like Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Egypt, greece for example.
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 6,901 Member
    the top prioraty for me would be to see in the sims4 retro content from the 1950,1960,1970,1980,1990,2000 to now including retro furniture appliances and hair style including the most important for me since the laundry day sp a top load washer with matching dryer

    1 retro dishwashers 80Tl2Vc.jpgLeLSUR7.jpg

    2 topload washers with matching dryer (retro models*) 05JafND.png4inRBRJ.png4Qb13CP.jpg7Me6k8L.jpgcj3oCAT.jpgf1WwZC3.jpg50K0ijB.jpgBIadVfj.jpgegJBeyg.jpgbgJSTUn.jpgWdwiEtv.jpg i know i might be repeating myself but as a player i find the sims4 lacks in term of retro style furniture and appliances
    If you went the sims5 to remain offline feel free to sign this petition please note that it is also to keep the gallery

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  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 1,150 Member
    We dont get new kitchen counters often. After 6 years we still only have maybe 3 sets of cabinets from EP's . Overall, we really like more kitchen, bathroom counter options. You guys really should include more.

    That's because they are literally a super pain to make. Because of the way they did them, where you can click the little cog icon and choose your counter shape, instead of having each individual piece be it's own object.

    The counters all use the same texture and uv map, and that is really difficult to squeeze all of the different textures for the sides, back, front, doors/drawers of all 10 pieces onto one 1024x1024 image, because the counters are essentially made up of 10 different mesh objects, and some counters also have a medium LOD (Level of Details) too, then they all have shadow meshes.

    So in actuality one counter for the High LOD (including all of the LODs, and the Shadow meshes) is about 20 different meshes.

    Then all of them have to have textures that are made to seamlessly fit each of those meshes so it flows perfect when you use the different pieces of the counter.

    The same thing goes for island counters, it's the same process .... 20 different meshes for one counter island item.

    The cabinets don't use quite as many meshes because with the counter tops you have the mesh with the backsplash option for when it's against the wall, and then you have mesh without the backsplash for when it's away from the wall .... cabinets don't have that extra identical mesh

    So yeah, while I would absolutely LOVE to see more kitchens, especially modern ones, I understand why they don't very often.

    I personally would rather have all the pieces be separate items because I like to visually see them in my catalog rather than having to drag them out to see what they are.

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