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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game



  • BeetrootBaronBeetrootBaron Posts: 2 New Member
    I just want you to make the game stable before firing out more extortionate dlc packs! My Sims keep canceling tasks. Standing still for minutes at a time. The game lags non stop. You've put this stupid star wars dlc out and there's still base game and previous dlc bugs to be fixed.
    I won't be spending any more cash on your packs until I can actually play the base game and packs I already have without feeling like putting my foot through my TV. Get your priorities straight for once EA!
  • AlexisMeade199AlexisMeade199 Posts: 5 New Member
    non binary sims.
  • Kaylen34Kaylen34 Posts: 73 Member
    Firefighter and airforce careers also I would still love poly relationships and of course bigger beds.
  • Isa_MenezesIsa_Menezes Posts: 94 Member
    I wish we could have teens like in TS3, because, in TS4, it's really hard to say who is a young adult and who is a teen... :/
    I also wish we could have more romantic interactions... Couples walking hand in hand, slow dance, etc...
    We need hotels, our Sims to be able to turn their own houses into inns, an asian world, a snow destination (really scandinavian style) with snowboarding, skiing, a brazilian beach and surfing, an african world, an arabian destination, an italian world with loooots of different kind of pizza and other italian food, sports, bands with singers, drumers, recording studios and gigs on big stages, cars (like in TS2), story progression, an amusement park full of different activities (gameplay; like in TS1), free babies, horses, spiral stairs, strollers, open schools, with classes and prom, picnic with Sims sitting on the ground, tree houses, supermarkets, more gym equipments, walking stick for elders, architect career like in TS3, trampolines, round walls and pools, waterslides, playable elevators, ice cream and snack carts, boarding school for children and teens, full police gameplay (with police car) and burglars, bunkbeds, billiard tables, hail and fog (weather),...
  • LeCastelLeCastel Posts: 17 Member
    A living, breathing neighborhood. Story progression.
  • KristeenaT2010KristeenaT2010 Posts: 1 New Member
    Trash compactors.... what happened to those?? I LOVED those in my Sims 3 because you could easily throw them under a counter without adding one more items to take up walking space. I'm actually surprised y'all did not release that with the Tiny Living pack.... Tiny Living means to live as compact as possible and every time I try to make a tiny living kitchen, there's the pesky trash can that takes up one more block of space...
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 3,948 Member
    LeCastel wrote: »
    A living, breathing neighborhood. Story progression.

    But according to the devs feedback indicated everyone turned story progression off...
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  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 393 Member
    edited September 18
    > @EA_Mage said:
    > Hello Simmers,
    > We love feedback, we crave it ... And with that thought in mind we wanted to start a dedicated thread, so you can share specific items you hope to see in game.
    > Have a specific haircut you love and want to see it in game? A make-up style you use daily and want to replicate in The Sims 4? Missing a skin tone that is just right for you?
    > Let us know the styles/items you want to see in-game! Pictures are loved and much appreciated.

    I would like to see Eco Living trash in all worlds. Not talking about destination worlds. And better skintones for POC.

    I for sure do NOT want to see that in all of my worlds, it's bad enough that the green smog infiltrates into all the worlds and I have to use a mod to get rid of it. It's just way too intrusive in my opinion. It would be better if there was a toggle that you could decide if you wanted to have the EL effects in all worlds or just the world that came with that pack.

  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 393 Member
    Pool tables
    Actual Diving Boards
    Kids games that are NOT electronic (tag, hide and seek, hopscotch, etc .... I can assure you that kids these days STILL play those games, I see it everyday in my neighborhood!)
    Cuddling in bed
    Slow dancing
    More Group Activities (and not just with 2 people)
    3-tile archways
    In-Ground Hot Tubs
    Normal doors and windows that aren't oversized and chunky
    More Wallpapers & Floors
    Better Long Hairstyles
    Clothes that actually match, the swatch colors are hideous, blacks are actually gray in some
  • LeCastelLeCastel Posts: 17 Member
    [quote="Beardedgeek;c-17665344"][quote="LeCastel;c-17665295"]A living, breathing neighborhood. Story progression.[/quote]

    But according to the devs feedback indicated everyone turned story progression off...

    Ouch. Now that's something I don't understand!
  • smurfy77smurfy77 Posts: 1,184 Member
    edited September 18
    Bug fixes please! And when a patch makes things worse use more resources to fix them, because when you add more content it will only make it harder or worse. I would rather wait longer for better quality packs, and have them tested with more than just that pack and basegame, bc if thats only way you are testing then how will we ever be able to use all the packs to play with, as they should be able to be.

    I want a new patch not to make it take 6 hours to do a repair that i always do after any patch or new content, that normally takes me 10 minutes. I cant tell you how hard it is to even start my game after doing that last night, just bc I wanted to make and upload things to gallery but cant access it offline, otherwise I would still not have had it.

    Have a toggle option for those who want items from a pack but not even what tge main feature is, example: Vampires. If folks want to buy it but not have vampires allow tgem to toggle off, I want Vampires but I want them to act like one and be able to take care of themselves even if not being played, or turn others. Have a toggle for those that convinced you to tone down ( or almost eliminate) calls from other Sims whether inviting to events or otherwise bc I loved that part, and miss it happening as I like my Sim being included or knowing a vampire wanted her to stay around forever. Add to toggle option, vampire break INS, I want those and more of them. I want townies to be able to ask to be Spellcasterrs, or vampire or whatever they want to be, they should be able to.

    Anything added to the game is nice, bc its still nice to have options and you never know what you may find you enjoy more than you thought you would. But if bygs aren't addressed and fixed then what does it matter what you add? Even in the letter from yall, she never addressed those issues, and I don't care if they sorta commented before, being aware but still saying they don't know when is not acceptable. If they don't have enough to work on them, then hire the modders, if it were not for them more games tgan already are would be unplayable. They have nowhere near the ability of budget pr resources EA has and yet they manage to fix all kinds of things.

    I know I have all packs bought when came out except Star Wars, and I was mainly hesitant , not bc I don't like Star Wars bc I do, tho mainly older ones, but I jyst did not like it totally being like the Star Wars game itself and now found out its after the attraction, which doesn't make me feel better. Using something as inspiration is fine but copying it exactly and no different is just being lazy, all the things you could have added to it to make other Sims think more about it and keep the fans thst already were are too many to list.

    I almost got it tho bc I looked forward to trying to use an idea someone brought up about Vlad being on dark side. But you still have not adjusted where hunger and thirst should both be fixed whether using old reward traits or on this new world. I get that bc you put it all to itself you get empty bag when there, but at least adjust a way for the only Sim there is that hunger doesn't fix, at least allow their thirst yo be too. If you had, i would have tried that, but after spending 6 hours for a repair after the new patch, im glad i didnt go ahead and get it.

    Fix your game, please, I would love nothing more than to enjoy it again
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 177 Member
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    I made edits because noticed my older post. Hopefully this builds off of things I mentioned and adds to it. I tried to remove the stuff that were repeats of things I already mentioned. I made duplicate images as spoilers but kept them because of their relevance to new details.

    I bought the Sims 4 because it's got one unique element that is not common in other games, playable merfolk. Right now, Island Living still feels incomplete. I've mentioned this in a thread, and I've read similar ideas in most threads involving merfolk.

    Island Living needs underwater lots to feel complete. It would be even better if some of those underwater lots were set up to function as livable homes. I think toddlers and up should have a merform and get abilities as a teen. This would equip merfolk families to live underwater. Toddlers swimming could be a lot like how the movement skill develops walking. The game did originally have a possibility for a merform. The developers must have completed an update to remove this image, but it's actually annoying that they did that instead of trying to add a merform. It would just be a smaller version of the tails for teens and up, and I'm sure the animation would be very similar to the grown up's

    Merfolk style furniture would be great. Spellcasters and Vampires have bassinettes, why not merfolk?

    Also, the game struggles with a particular lot in Mua Pel'am when it is set up as a beach. Sims enter one way, but they have to swim across water to leave. This effectively triggers a glitch when parents try to carry toddlers into the ocean to leave the lot. I have screenshots.

    The game also spawns toddlers from other household to beach lots which can be strange when they do this without a parent around. I don't think they should remove this. I think they should tweak the programming to build off of it.

    [img][/img]50355183166_08f5e8f4b4_k.jpg8ef45460-f7c0-11ea-9e99-06185eb08d42 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50355338642_cfcdcaf00c_k.jpg649ad940-f7c1-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Merfolk can watch TV in merform. Why not have a merfolk style waterproof set of electronics? Even if it isn't for merfolk, this technology exists in real life. Things like Underwater Cameras exist in the game as a feature, so I know that the developers know that waterproof technology used in the ocean exists. And, if the lot doesn't have something like a waterproof tv underwater, it still works fine mounted on a wall if there is a space for it. Underwater caves with pockets of dry air also exist in nature.

    Merfolk can use headphones and audio sources close to the water to listen to music without leaving. Again, underwater technology to play music underwater exists. I work in a store that actually sells speakers you place at the bottom of your pool, underwater, that plays music.

    [img][/img]50358354932_e1b7783f5d_b.jpg5773f9b288e4a778008b4e39 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Sims can talk to and view fish in a tank while still in the water. You can use fish tanks to simulate the underwater vibe, but it would be nice if they could interact with schools of fish underwater that are free swimming.

    There are elements of my lot design that I enjoy. I fought with the building tools to do it, but I wove the rooms around pools, and there's and affect with the bubbles from the adjacent pools that gives the underwater feel. Still, my sim is not underwater, and he has to change into his human form in areas. I'm still proud of what I created. I don't think the game has an easy time figuring out the environment score. I get mild poorly decorated moodlet that is overridden by the moodlet from being in the water.

    [img][/img]50315119756_f8769a23c9_k.jpg58a7c800-f0e1-11ea-a2c3-0609d188dc84 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    There are invisible segments of floor in this build. I do wonder if it is a factor for the moodlets.

    I wish I could click my mersims and toggle their appearance. They can eat food and interact with electronics while sitting on the ledge. The toggle could affect whether or not the sim will completely leave the the water and change forms. I think Vampires have something like this with their dark forms. Anyways, the toggle might tell the game how they should interact and whether or not they should leave the water. If the form is toggled, it might affect their ability to walk on land. The only reason they would need to switch back is to use the bathroom if we don't want them going in the water.

    Right now, trying to get them to do this by equipping their form with cheats will result in them slipping through the ground.

    If their form is toggled on land, they would sit or lay on the ground similar to how they would on a towel at the beach. They wouldn't have legs to stand on so the only thing that would change with their form is their ability to be standing upright. This is just a little weird, but it wouldn't be as weird underwater.
    Playing around with cheats, I have gotten some funny screenshots, but depending on whether or not a motion is above or below water, it can look more or less quirky.

    Cannon Ball (Curling into a ball like this could be used for an interesting pose or part of an underwater movement)

    [img][/img]50297121041_2e24c9f367_k.jpg321afd60-ebe1-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50297278462_68abafc993_k.jpg8d160160-ebe1-11ea-9b3b-024578d80d6a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Swan Dive (A diving motion underwater wouldn't look that bad)

    [img][/img]50297278787_a6bd8ec522_k.jpg8285b0b0-ebe1-11ea-9fe9-029c91a3edee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Merfolk are why I've gotten the Sims 4 and support the game by buying the new packs. I want to see more games utilize merfolk more. There is so much untapped potential with merfolk in Island Living, and a lot of the base elements to build off of are there. I think there are some things that should be updated because it should have come with the Island Living pack. We should have had underwater lots to customize like the original lots. At the very least, there should have been the possibility for merfolk residential lots and dive lots. This would accommodate different play styles at the minimum.

    I would be willing to buy a pack that includes underwater and water items. As mentioned above, we have everything from speakers to other items that can and are used in people's pools todays. A stuff pack or game pack with a water central theme and a way to add to a merperson's home would be something I might buy. They could include new tail designs and outfits while they are at it. It won't be like the Backyard Pack with the Water Slide. It would add items like swimsuits, merfolk decor, merfolk furniture, and other merfolk themed items. I central item might include a special pool speaker or items associated with the ocean and pools that might have a unique affect. Whatever the pack is, it should add to the pool, diving, scuba diving, free diving, and swimming experience. It should include something that shouldn't have already been included with the Island Living Expansion Pack. I admit that the Island Living has a lot to do, but there are finer details missing.

    Island Living need underwater lots to be complete. These lots should have enough items to make them functional for sims.

    The Beach Cave needed to have a destination.

    I wish there was a key to unlock the chest in the wrecked ship.

    The elemental only have a boon for three out of the four elements. Sulani's Breeze (Wind), Sulani's Warmth (Fire), and Sulani's Roots (Earth). Where's water? Also, the only have an Earth and Fire ability. They would feel more complete with a Wind and Water ability. Granted, the merfolk abilities combined with elemental abilities creates a more complete set of elemental abilities.

    Island Living needed more to stand on its own. Right now, I get more out of the game because I supplement what's missing. I will not even consider buying Sims 5 until this gets fixed. I'd be too worried about the new game having the same problems. These days, the little details are so important. They succeeded in making the islands beautiful, but they didn't complete all the potential gameplay elements. Even after all this time, Island Living still feels incomplete.
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  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 177 Member
    I have all the packs except Star Wars. I just can't afford to get it. I know working with basements and pools are hard. I made a massive home that is 90% basement pools. The engine isn't great, and honestly, a lot of stuff isn't perfect. But, when I play the game, I see the potential from incomplete fragments.

    My Build with pools literally on the other side of the walls of a basement. I learned that you can move rooms and attach them that way. I play on the PS4 console.
  • Isa_MenezesIsa_Menezes Posts: 94 Member
    It would be great to see a world with nobility (not a medieval world; a contemporary world); so we could make our Sims to be a king, a queen, a duch, etc. I saw a mod about it and I found it interesting. Maybe a crazy ideia, but, who knows? :)
  • AlexisMeade199AlexisMeade199 Posts: 5 New Member
    a selection tool in the build/buy catalogue that allows us to choose the length of curtains would be brilliant ! i feel like the curtains are very limited as it is, and sometimes the ones that are the perfect style i need for a build are the wrong length ! but adding a tool similar to the wall height tool that would just adjust the length of the curtains would be fantastic !

    also more floor lamps please (especially just Normal ones- not too fancy, not too unique, but also not too old-looking, just Regular floor lamps) bc i feel like the options are severely lacking in comparison to desk lamps and wall lights

    and i’ve said it before but i’ll say it again because i’ll never stop fighting for it- non binary sims and pronoun preference settings in CAS
  • Jspo06Jspo06 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello! I would love to see Vehicles expansion pack at some point! Mainly cars (classic cars, regular cars, trucks, fancy sports cars etc) but also motorcycles and maybe planes or helicopters? And then of course garages, landing pads etc to go with the build portion! Maybe a car fanatic’s decorations?
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