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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game

EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,354 EA Staff (retired)
Hello Simmers,

We love feedback, we crave it ... And with that thought in mind we wanted to start a dedicated thread, so you can share specific items you hope to see in game.

Have a specific haircut you love and want to see it in game? A make-up style you use daily and want to replicate in The Sims 4? Missing a skin tone that is just right for you?

Let us know the styles/items you want to see in-game! Pictures are loved and much appreciated.


  • strawberryfieldsstrawberryfields Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love to see a pool slide and pool toys/rafts, outdoor loungechairs, spiral staircase, pool table, and also a colorwheel for items (like in Sims 3). Loved being able to make everything matching colors in my rooms!!
  • LadyKynLadyKyn Posts: 3,145 Member
    edited February 2018
    @EA_Mage Thank you for making this thread.

    Definitely want to see more lipsticks that can also compliment lighter and darker skintones. Especially matte lipsticks to glossy ones like these as well as softer eyeshadows. Always struggled with using EA makeup before with a lot of tones, but now with warmer and darker tones we definitely need some complimenting ones.



    Also would like to see more hairstyles for men. Styled messy ones to fades.

    ALSO, I'd like to see body hair for men. I won't post any as it's pretty self explanatory. XD Chest hair, arm hair, leg hair to being light to heavy.

    More underwear and lingerie options are lacking. Would like to see briefs for men.

    Some boy shorts perhaps for females along with another set of bra and panties as well as some lingerie and night gowns.
  • poltergeistpoltergeist Posts: 1,411 Member
    edited February 2018
    various pictures of cas things i want:
    hair colors: ash brown / this pinkish orange / white / strawberry blonde
    hair styles: (some are similar, just wanted to offer multiple references)
    female clothes:
    ^^^wide fish nets
    i don't watch this show but i like this girl's wardrobe:
    fur (can be faux :# ) :
    heart shaped glasses:
    this word is censored... so uh.. necklaces:
    male clothes, i couldn't find a lot. i basically just want coats/jackets/suits:
    a couple of my posts from threads asking similar questions:
    **some things may repeat/be outdated (like bug fixes)
    -modest female clothing, i.e long sleeved blouses (that aren't missing the entire back or have low necklines or random transparent parts), cardigans, and longer skirts.
    -more male clothing/hair.
    -longer female hair.
    -option to save outfits in cas.


    -more instruments. (upright piano, saxophone, ukulele, banjo, drums, bass, another organ.. a kazoo)
    -fancy arches in the 2-3 story height. edit: i mean wallsize lol..
    -more frames for photos/artwork your sims create.
    -a music box.
    -house phones.
    -porch swings (they don't even have to move).


    -bug fixes. (townie names, festival clothes, musical chairs, obsessions with certain objects, school time lag.)
    -a rural world.
    -a woodland world.
    --basically just any world that doesn't have a dang city backdrop.
    -ballet/tap/jazz dancing. dancing profession. theaters.
    -slowdancing, honeymoons, hotels, functioning beaches.
    -option to give s/o chocolate, flowers, etc. ? or holiday/birthday gift giving.
    -witches, werewolves, plumbots.
    -option to turn off phones permanently.
    -social bunny.
    -playground equipment for parks like these (for tots and kids):
    -more instruments
    -embroidery hoops as wall decor, i've made some of these irl and i've seen cc of them and they look cute
    -porch swings and hammocks (don't have to be functioning, they can just be seats)
    -cemetery decor
    -house phones
    -hanging plants
    -i know this only matters to people who take screenshots, but i want ceiling paints/tiles, i'm tired of the plain white ceiling
    -a small telescope
    -a handheld gaming system
    -a functioning whiteboard where sims can leave messages to each other, like the parenthood one, but without the parenting chart thingy on it
    -a music box
    -dolls for kids (like cabbage patch kids or ag dolls, huge dolls)
    -blankets and small teddy bears that tots can carry around/get attached to
    -casino games
    -a refrigerator that's decorated (like with magnets and whatnot)
    -garden ponds like these as objects since we don't have terrain tools
    -more garden decor in general
    -quilts as wall decor
    a pack for dance like ballet, tap, jazz, etc.
    your sim could become a professional dancer or they could just learn as a hobby.
    it could include dance classes too, like the yoga classes from spa day.
    it could also include a theater lot type.

    eta; i'd also like lighter skintones that aren't orange/yellow.
    eta 2; this thread is full of potential male clothing/hair ideas.
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  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,013 Member
    I would like to see a Hard House music station one day. The electronic music stations in Sims games have never been too bad but there is a lot of creativity in Hard House and it would be awesome if we had that in The Sims.

    In other words, more variety of music would we cool! :smiley:
  • SantjieSantjie Posts: 6 New Member
    I would love the plant sims back again please and I loved playing Sims university in sims 3 as well as Sims on holiday to Eqypt ect. More holiday places and not just the camping ground would be great.
  • krenee77krenee77 Posts: 41 Member
    > @EA_Mage said:
    > Hello Simmers,
    > We love feedback, we crave it ... And with that thought in mind we wanted to start a dedicated thread, so you can share specific items you hope to see in game.
    > Have a specific haircut you love and want to see it in game? A make-up style you use daily and want to replicate in The Sims 4? Missing a skin tone that is just right for you?
    > Let us know the styles/items you want to see in-game! Pictures are loved and much appreciated.

    More architectural/build mode options. I miss the spiral stairs and the ability to build platform stairs. Oh, and more lots/neighborhoods (even if they would be available to purchase for a REASONABLE price!)
  • Sonata13SingerSonata13Singer Posts: 182 Member
    More wavy and curly hairstyles
    Origin ID: Sonata13Singer

    I also create music and art (search up Sona13Singer on google... but I haven't been uploading a lot recently)
  • SimMickSimMick Posts: 3 New Member
    I'd say that the style of The Sims 4 could not be changed, indeed the graphic design (which is clear and beautiful) about the sim people, animals and objects/accessories will stay as they are; a "too much realistic which turns out to be very unrealistic" style as it happens with lots of CC is not what will make it all prettier. So, I will not focus on the style, which I like, but on additional features:
    -I'd like to change the height of the sims, like I have two young adults and I want to make one taller than the other one.
    -I want to have more choices for beards and curly hairs (men).
    -Please reintroduce body hair.
    -It would be amazing to have the spiral staircases, I'm really waiting for those.
    -I'd like to have a few more spaces for traits.
    -I'd like to choose personally the colours as in TS3.
    -The fire alarm is useless without firefighters, and it would be nice to reintroduce the burglar and the police, even the ambulance for the sicknesses and births.
  • fewlinesfewlines Posts: 1,488 Member
    edited February 2018
    (i don't own all content, so some of this might already exist. do let me know. but anyway. also pasting from older posts of mine, so this will be a mess.)

    -space for more traits. and more of them, actually. more specific/personalised ones. for example, "film enthusiast", "tea lover", "coffee lover", "perfect pitch", "contemplative", "spiritual", "sceptical", "insomniac", "compassionate", "empathetic", "loveable", "cowardly", "destructive", "forgetful", "naive", "wishful".
    these could all influence their actions and interactions/way they react to information or with objects, etc. even more than the ones we have now, some of which aren't really noticeable in-game.

    -i would like to see things that pointed towards a disability or a chronic illness. i can imagine this would be difficult to implement in-game, so... even if i could, for example, place crutches/white canes by the door, or a heating pad/hearing aid by the bed, it would be a start. (stuff like casts, patches and bandages could be added in CAS, though.)

    -interactions that make more sense. for example, rejected romantic interactions should not be followed with the positive reaction (see: snuggle.)

    -asking another Sim with high enough skills to repair something, or to cook a meal.

    -"get to know" should stop appearing after all traits are discovered.

    -fears, phobias.

    -reading, daydreaming, listening to music, and counting sheep in bed. talking on the phone while holding a drink.

    -reading and discussing books together. (can something like this be done with clubs?)

    -curling up in bed when sad. different to "cry it out", as they are under the covers when they do that.

    -this might be difficult, but: crying on another Sim's shoulder/in their arms.

    -being able to touch foreheads with another Sim. like a tender/romantic interaction.

    -brushing their lips together, different to the kiss we have now.

    -sitting cross-legged. (can they even sit on the floor/grass/wherever?)

    -slow dancing, and actually dancing with other Sims in a way that makes sense. usually they don't even look at each other, it's just the same as dancing on their own.

    -walking while holding hands, and holding hands across a table.

    -when Sims go on dates, stop others from interrupting a romantic conversation and creating an awkward mood for everyone involved...

    -humming along to a song when they listen to the radio. (they can't do this now, can they?)

    -more moods/moodlets. since we have "energised", it would be interesting to see "lazy" or "apathetic". and i have a terrible memory so there might be similar ones already, but... i'd like to have "overwhelmed", "sarcastic", "afraid", "proud" as a personality-related moodlet, "comforted", "confused" as related to feelings, "missing someone", "unsafe", "insecure", "self-conscious", "heartbroken", "hurt", and "distrustful".
    have moods last longer, or be more difficult to change. some Sims *could* have more mood swings, though. but i think moods shift way too quickly now, changed by the smallest of influences.

    -there could be "relieved" after "embarrassed". "amused" before "playful" kicks in.

    -Sims who are Good could feel "sympathetic" after witnessing something embarrassing happening to somebody else, for example.

    -a Romantic Sim could maybe get a "melancholic" or "yearning" moodlet. i think there is something similar already but IMHO doesn't make much sense for it to boost the "tense" mood. it could be the "sad" mood instead, and happen after he/she notices married/engaged Sims or displays of affection.

    -"bring Sim here" when clicking on their portrait should have them appear in anything but night clothes. doesn't make sense to have the player change them before/let them go into a venue in pj pants... haha. related to this, when they wake up they could simply change out of their night clothes, like NPCs do.

    -more musical instruments. for example, saxophone, bass, and drums. more radio stations. related interactions that could work with existent animations, for example: "ask Sim to play song".

    -sheet music.

    -more skin details/blemishes/imperfections. scars, burn marks, pockmarks, the like.

    -injuries/wounds, in general, even if it's mild things like scraped knees or elbows, or cut/bruised lips, or black eyes after they get into fights (or for clumsy Sims).

    -more illnesses, maybe a few base game ones. so mild stuff that could make Sims feel like sleeping for twice as long, having no appetite, etc.

    -more body shapes. adjust heights. set handedness in CAS. have the dark skintones improved! more walking styles. (also, more animations for clumsy Sims!) being able to choose from "he" or "she", since we can now edit the gender-related aspects of our Sims.

    -body hair for both genders. more curly hairstyles. headbands/hair-bows/turbans/hijabs. decorated braids.

    -longer/looser tops and hoodies. looser jeans. flowing skirts and tops (like viscose) with different patterns. scarves, shawls and neckerchiefs.

    -more big, long earrings. and, in general, the option to wear them on one ear only.

    -a kettle! ;)

    -laptops (were these added?) and Sims being able to browse the web, or research things, together.

    -gift-giving, maybe a way to keep the flower Sims can receive as a romantic interaction too.

    -something like "call to meal", but for tea and coffee. being able to mix more than one drink at the same time.


    -winking. maybe the option to make one individual eye smaller/larger.

    -sewing machines.

    -bunk beds.

    -floor fans, and small heaters.

    -the option to have the game "pause" after each loading screen.

    -the "jogging" action to be fixed, so that the Sim will stop when directed to.

    finallly, here are some fashion/accessories photos. also, here.
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  • DellerraDellerra Posts: 2 New Member
    I would like to see some more free contents like more hair styals for both the male and kids in the game. along with some better clothing options maybe more realistic looking hair and eyes as well cuz having those lines around my eyes on my charter doesn't look all that not sure if you have just regular looking eyes in the game or not cuz i know in the sims 3 i didnt have lines under my eyes. the only way i can think to get better eyes is if i downloads mods and stuff but i dont really like to do that stuff do to cause issues in the game. i think u guys may bring back the sims store that you had for the sims 3 it was alot easier to download items and packs items that other people had or that you guys brought out like the whole dragonvalley or the baby learning tools that taught the kids how to walk on there own and gain there talking skills and that baby rocker motable thing. or like sunlit island ect.
  • pinkpenguinpinkpenguin Posts: 1 New Member
    I'd like to be able to adjust sims heights. As a fairly short person, I feel that it's just as much of a physical attribute as body type, hair, ect.
    I also really miss all of the supernaturals that came in the other series. Whether its a whole pack like supernatural or just surprise supernaturals attached to other packs I think it adds a lot to the game play.
  • franadkinsfranadkins Posts: 10 New Member
    I'd like to see more variety and fashion sense in the outfits you design for girls. Right now many of the outfits are unisex or dress styles from the 1950s. Very few of the outfits reflect the tastes and sensibilities of today's 8 to 13 year old girls. I could post pictures, but all you really need to do is visit the Target website or selected pages on Pinterest. Many of my Sims families include daughters, and their closets need an update!
  • BooV7227BooV7227 Posts: 282 Member
    edited February 2018
    1) More than anything, I would love to see you add in a cheat code to adjust sim height in game!
    For example, something like: cas.simheight [simfirstname_lastname] [number between -10...0...+10]

    Where -10 is say 6 inches shorter for kids, and 12 inches shorter for adults? Zero is normal, and +10 is 6-10 inches taller depending on age.
    As a cheat code that you have to type in, it would be understood by the players as something to use in moderation, like bb.moveobjects on, and other cheats that can cause odd effects. It would make it clear that it's our choice to adjust the height, and that animations would be stranger the stronger the difference in height between sims.

    If you won't add in a height slider via CAS, would you PLEASE consider the option of a cheat code as second place?

    2) Kids' hair and clothing are extremely lacking. Could we please see a bunch of adult-sized clothing converted for the kids and toddlers (of both sexes! Boys seriously get the shortest end of the shortest stick here. Come on now.)

    3) I would like to see all teen through elder aged hairs converted to fit children and toddlers; and in reverse see children and toddler hairs converted for use on teens through elders as well.

    (And I second the motion to add the unnatural hair colors to the child and toddler categories. Without that, two unnaturally colored sims cannot have children inherit their hair colors, breaking family genetics!)

    4) I'd also like to see body hair added, if not also for the ladies then definitely for our guys! Poor things are bald from the chin down, it's unnerving. (Please also add them in the unnatural colors.)

    5) Salt & Pepper hair for every (adult) hair color! Why was this only for black and brown? Why do my redheads go from youthful to silver with no in-between?

    6) Baby Skins:
    - Currently, baby skins fall into three skintone brackets (light, medium, dark) and the original extra blue and green (do they have the new red tone too?). They don't have the full range of natural colors to which toddlers and older have access.
    - We need babies that come in every skin color, not just color brackets, and eyes and eyebrows that show which eye/hair colors they have inherited!
    - The option to add something like overlays to the baby-objects would help, then we could add hair and outfits per baby (not per gender).
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  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 32,110 Member
    edited February 2018
    I want more ball gowns (and party outfits) which have sleeves as least.. It's just annoying there's only one gown which came in a FREE pack has sleeves. All the other 'ball gown" outfits are sleeveless.

    Could we allow kids/toddlers to have unnatural hair colours if one of their parents has an unnatural hair colour?

    Could freckles be inherited down please?

    Could we have actual Chinese/Korean/Japanese outfits and not the half-bacon attempts from City Living? The only good cultural items you did do was Indian Sarais. The Sims 3 Chinese wear from WA was better of in appropriate Chinese outfit

    L shaped stairs. I can't make an accurate house for my simself without L-shaped stairs

    above ground pools aboveground.jpg
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  • MoonlitShadowXoxoMoonlitShadowXoxo Posts: 57 Member
    I would love it if we could stop having the vampires break in. I know you can lock the doors but them lurking outside makes me super nervous.
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