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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • My1994My1994 Posts: 2 New Member
    1) (This is the MOST IMPORTANT one!) I'd really love if you could bring back the option for the player to choose the color/pattern for ALL things (build mode and sim creation. It was awesome back in Sims 3, and I really miss having the limitless options, it was an amazing addition and added so much depth to the game. It made it feel more real, when you could choose everything about your furniture, your sim's coloring, pattern on clothes etc and the options were literally endless.

    2) The clothing, i'm sorry but really? half of the clothes I'd never be caught dead in in real life, so why would I want them for my sim? Especially the longer gowns are pathetic, please make some more modern options there please.
    3) What @BooV7227 posted about farm animals, this would be soooo cool! Especially how she explains that you could actually use the products they produce: eggs, milk, meat etc. I really miss the horses option from the earlier sims games, but her suggestion to add all kinds of other farm animals as well is simply ingenious! As well as horse: sheep, pigs, chickens, cows, goats -> this would really add to the game as it would be ecological. Another thing regarding food and animal products: why can't I buy groceries anymore? Food can't just magically appear in the fridge, and some food options require items that don't appear miraculously, but that you have to grow (which isn't really plausible in all living situations).
    4) The traits, oh lord the traits. You do realise that people are more diverse than the options you have provided, which is probably why a lot of people try to create trait bundle mods, which would at least contain the traits from previous sims games.
    5) We need more hairstyles, especially for toddlers and males.
  • My1994My1994 Posts: 2 New Member
    I forgot a couple things in my last comment:
    5) Split levels: ability to adjust floor levels within a house so that there are different heights within a room (I know you can have two different levels, but what if I want more than that?? I've been waiting for this update since sims 3 as that one didn't have it either). Also would be cool if it was possible upstairs as well as downstairs. Would also be a cool thing for pools, so you could have a shallow end for kids.
    6) The ability to adjust sim's heights!!! We aren't all the same generic 1.7meters!!! And kids especially are NEVER the same heights as others.
    7) Family size: this used to be different in sims 3, pets would count as a different category = you could still have 8 human family members, which was awesome if you wanted to have e.g. grandparents live with your family, or 2 families living on one lot.

    I think that's everything...
  • IssssIssss Posts: 2 New Member
    There should be more dramatic disasters like flooding that goes through your whole house or a fire that spread more quickly and more range to damage more of your household or kill more sims. Maybe broken arm or legs that have to stay in casts for a while would be cool to cause your sims would then be limited to doing certain things.
  • EliasVersaceEliasVersace Posts: 110 Member
    edited July 24
    Please add more lore to Realm of Magic!

    I’ve thought of some simple changes that could really spice up the gameplay from this Game Pack and make it more immersive, without needing much extra development time. They are very easy to implement in my opinion.

    1. Magical recruiter NPC
    A programmed Sim that will stop by your house when you move into a lot in some neighborhoods (specific locales like Sulani and more are excluded). This mysterious Sim is recruiting potentially talented spellcasters because the Magic Realm is losing its power (it is falling apart as described in the lore that is already in the pack). A speech message on the right comes up that explains this and suggest that the player can travel to the Magic Realm any time they want - they just have to know where to look… After this message the NPC leaves a ‘Temporary Glimmerstone’ in the inventory of your Sim. After this, the Sim leaves and it is completely optional for the player to use the stone that works as a one-time travel ticket to the Magic Realm if you click on it. This can be done without being intrusive imo because it's non-obligatory.

    The NPC can be either Morgyn Ember or a randomly spawned Sim in a programmed outfit (from the RoM CAS). They can have the red tag 'Mystery Recruiter'.

    2. No Magic outside Glimmerbrook and the Realm

    If a Sim uses magic outside of Glimmerbrook and the Magic Realm, an elderly NPC in an old business suit will appear (with the ‘Transportalate’ animation), give your Sim a fine and take their Glimmerstone if they have one. The sim also won’t be able to practice magic for a few hours. This consequence should also be mentioned in a speech-line that the Sage says when a Sim becomes a Spellcaster (‘You are now a Spellcaster. But Beware, there are certain responsibilities. Don't use magic outside realm or, bla bla’ etc).

    3. Children should be able to practice magic

    Children can now train their spellcasting (same animation as adults). However, their progress is much slower and there is no spell book for children. They can learn a total of three spells. One that makes frogs appear around them, one that makes gnomes appear on the lot and one that makes adults flirty/fall in love. They can also select a pet as their familiar. They can’t travel to the Magic Realm by themselves, but an adult can take them. If a child sees one of the sages, they will have a toned-down version of the fan-reaction from Get Famous.
  • YoutubeLove29YoutubeLove29 Posts: 2 New Member
    IDOL LIFE EXPANSION PACK - you can become a ceo/producer/manager of a company for musicians/actors or you can sign with a company as one of the three. you can hold concerts, meet and greets, have albums, a company building. also the ability to create a band and play music together but also the ability to produce music. or, you can be the ceo of the company and arrange activities for your artists such as holding a concert, a press interview, a photo shoot, a commercial or acting in a tv show/movie etc. you should be able to pick a genre of music for your band/group/solo artist/duet and perhaps create an option for collaborations. whilst performing, scouters from companies may offer you an audition. this can happen whilst singing karaoke, busking, playing an instrument in public, dancing, performing for tips or selling your own music but also having a band that is not signed with a company yet. if you send your sim alone to work, there should be issues that arise where you can choose between two options such as: a member of your band/company has obtained an injury and can no longer play their instrument, do you A) make them mime or B) cancel the concert. There should be an interface where you can see the progress of your company, the finance you have obtained, trends within the industry and your reputation. there should also be an interface that shows your reputation as an artist, how big your fan base is and also have issues arise such as rumours and scandals. however, singers/dancers could also be given the opportunity to act and vice versa. if you’re in a band, there should be a choice whether you’re a band who plays instruments or if you’re a group that dances whilst singing (such as a kpop idol group). if you’re a solo artist or duet, you can either just be a singer or play an instrument or both. create animations for singing and playing instruments or singing and dancing. there should be premade groups and companies but NPCs shouldn’t be able to become artists/CEOs without the player’s command. As for the world, i think modern architecture with maybe an area which is less modernised for aspiring musicians. There should be preparations when artists are preparing to release music or when actors get cast in an upcoming show. such as commercials, appearances on tv, radio, etc called the promotional period and you should be able to track the progress as well as the public’s reaction. you should also be able to track artist’s popularity as they grow. for example, when they first debut they will be unknown/rookies but, as their fan base grows, they will become national/international/global. if you’re spotted in public, there will be paparazzi and if you’re interacting with another sim in public it could possibly become a scandal and to go outside, there should be an option to wear a disguise which is customisable. also please put more instruments in the game, such as a bass guitar and drums. new traits could be generous, cautious, impulsive, scandalous.
  • smurfy77smurfy77 Posts: 1,015 Member
    Vampires able to act like Vampires (breaking in, turning sims, sims ask to be turned, Vampires able to get plasma in different methods available, and if they are especially the tutorial Vampire Sim it is probably a great idea he already has his lore as he still loads without most often). Sims being able to become a Spellcaster even if they are not played, it was taken away before instead of toning down for those that did not want them to be, they should be able to become other things too if they want to. At least Open Neighborhoods if not Open Worlds, when I get a leaf pile that is half on my lot and half off (you can tell when in build mode because it straddles the Grid line) I cannot do anything with it because it is counted as technically not being on my lot and then I am stuck with green gas coming from it making my sim sick every time she has to go near it (it was near her mailbox). Babies that are not treated as objects and stuck in Family Inventory when you move, but can be picked up, walked around with (or carried rather), taken for a ride in a stroller like in Sims 3 and the babies and toddlers can be taken to any place you would go to like they could in 3.

    For those that do not want any Occult sims in their games create a toggle so they can turn it off in GamePlay in the Menu, so that those of us that buy the pack for what comes in it (especially the main feature) actually get to play with what we bought as its meant to be played. Story Progression for sims that are not in the active household. They have relationships, good and bad (good example is Johnny Zest, he is disowned by the Landgraabs but does not even know them in the game, that is just weird because even tho he is their son/brother he could try to have a relationship that is romantic with them because it is not known in the game that he is their kid/ Malcolm's brother), the ability to have enemies and react as such, not still carry on friendly chat with them as if nothing has happened. In Sims 3 if a sim had an enemy they would get a dagger symbol if near an enemy, and sometimes try to fight them. It would just be nice if they reacted as if they did not like them and they actually remember why they dont. That the non active households can get married and have babies, advance in careers or get fired (whichever happens on their own) or even gain fame to get famous if they wanted to.

    I would really love having the ability to have attractions back, at least having a sim that knows more of what they want, if they do not like a sim in a romantic way it would be nice to know, pushing them towards one you want for them is not going to work out if they never really liked them but you thought they did. Have the ability to become girlfriend/boyfriend on their own, break up, divorce, any type of relationship change on their own. Yes there are mods that help with some of those, but having it in the game seems better and then those that can't or dont want to use mods could have it too. Other parties that are missing: Pool parties, Christmas Parties, Wedding and Baby Showers, all types of other parties that could happen, and the married couple gets gifts this way instead of rewards and having to fulfill an agenda while trying to also make a party fun for sims. It would be nice if the parties were just a party, could still have a time limit if you wanted to (yes I know you can uncheck goaled event but I am not sure how this turns out for others but it still fails as a party for me when I do this and gives my sim a book about Charisma for Dummies.....). Having more items and possibilities for weddings as well, like locations and bridesmaids and groomsmen (best man and maid of honor).

    Butlers that do not have to be reminded of what tasks you tell them to do (with the door especially or other things) and actually show up in the home when loading screen whether you went to a diff place or logged out and back in. These butlers should come with skills at least for the things they can be asked to do. If there is food in the fridge already prepared then Butlers, nannies or other sims should auto go to grab something from that instead of creating meals (they grab quick ones and leave glasses/plates everywhere). The ability to run a resort, become a tycoon and have millionaires, have some sims that are already in the game being some of this, this would be a great add for the Landgraab family especially since they even own apartment buildings and are so well known. Would be great to have more places to vacation, and the ability to own a home there, perhaps at least one really cool lot that was fancy and maybe one not as much if you wanted to choose from. Would be really great to be able to take your sims to the hospital if they are sick, even if its not where you can see them inside, instead of always buying medicine to try to cure it, that way there could be different outcomes depending on what doctor they get there. There are many doctors that show up having the evil trait, that could impact many sims fortune as to being healed or getting worse and having to be admitted.

    I know there are different buildings for the different aspects from Spa Day, but it would be great if they were all tied into one place, and it could be either where your sim runs it as a business and hires the different positions, or a rabbit hole for your sim to visit. There could be more places like this that are not specifically retail, but could be used as a business owned if you wanted to. Really wish you could have parties on a holiday (speaking of parties above), like on New Years Eve, it is not the same to throw a party any day other than on that day for that holiday. I also wish that there were more options to do on holidays, like there are for club activities. You could actually have more of those club activities chosen to be holiday activities (just use as one complete list and choose which you want them for, so that you can have more creativity in creating holidays like you do with clubs, which clubs are great btw).

    Sorry this list is so long, I know there are other things that would be cool too, but the ability to add patterns/colors to all of your clothes, accessories and shoes would be great to have back. I miss that feature, it helps distinguish your personality of your sim in even the way they dress by changing it up, then all of the outfits do not have to look the same, they can be the same thing but not look like it is. There are many great features in Sims 4 already, just really would be great to combine some older game features that worked well and were popular and mesh them with what you have.
  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 29 Member
    I know that I have said this a lot but, I like to see teens have the ability, on their phone say, "Drop Out" I know, I know, that's not OK but, that's who I am, teens should have more options.....
    Hayden Damian, geography buff, aviation buff, likes video games......
  • opalnoctemopalnoctem Posts: 16 Member
    I definitely have some ideas to post later, but right now I just have to get off my chest that I'd dying to have a sim with human skin and alien eyes. It's making me nuts that I can't get that and from what I can tell people say it's not possible. Some people say it is, but most say it's not.
  • archisimmerarchisimmer Posts: 1 New Member
    I would really like to see an update to some of the social interactions in the branch of the Politica career where you become a Politician. It’s pretty frustrating that you can’t be a politician with integrity, as all of the interactions with that branch of the career have to do with empty promises, asking for money, etc. I know there’s a branch for charity organizing, but you should be able to become a politician who has integrity and wants to do good. It really reinforces the idea that all politicians are schemey and untrustworthy. It would also be cool to have some daily tasks such as “write bill for [insert cause]”, “vote on legislation,” “take calls from constituents,” “write thank you notes to constituents,” etc.
  • enby_envyenby_envy Posts: 10 New Member
    I want more depth to everything. Spellcasters, mermaids, vampires, etc. On the note with vampires, I wish you can offer your blood to a vampire. I also want more vampire home invasions. I want robbers as well. With mermaids--i want to have a backstory on why they say "no" when asked if they are a mermaid, even when my sims are in the ocean and it is clear that they are mermaids.

    There is a big problem in my game where I would build a house but then later on I want a basement so I put one in---the problem being that the land where the basement is risen and ruins the aesthetic. I have to build the basement first in order to have an even land.
  • enby_envyenby_envy Posts: 10 New Member
    I want a medieval theme. Where you can become royalty, or workers of the royals. Overthrow or rebuild kingdoms. etc.
  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 29 Member
    Hi again, I just had a thought, how about bring back the tombstone from the Sims 2, and Sim Modder too, that would be crazy!! Also, the trash can from the Sims 2, I like the Sims franchise to have some recognition from past series, like Sims 2..
    Hayden Damian, geography buff, aviation buff, likes video games......
  • BlkBarbiegalBlkBarbiegal Posts: 7,277 Member
    -giving aliens upgrades. Brain power to read through books and homework 4x faster. More fashions and furnishings for them.

    -steampunk build/buy and CAS

    -victorian build/buy and CAS

    -dystopia world

    -Option to choose what gender you prefer sims to date/ marry

    -Faeries... Powers starting at age toddler or even a hint if something in baby stage

    -free the babies. Adding new CAS and furniture for them.

    - Asian inspired clothing and furniture

    -African inspired clothing and furniture
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  • enby_envyenby_envy Posts: 10 New Member
    I just got the vintage glamour pack and I really want a live-in maid along with the butler. I want cars as well--with both modern and old, and motorcycles. I want a trait with vampires--it would include:

    VAMPIRE PHOBIA: Severe fear of Vampires

    General Interactions: growing garlic/putting up garlic decor to E A S E the fear, being wary of new sims, Patrol Area for Vampires

    Social Interactions:
    --Mean: Look for vampire signs, Accuse of being a vampire, put up a cross(to make them back away)
    --Friendly: Try to overcome fear~~this can be an aspiration to get over the fear of vampires as well :smile:

    --Tense: if a known vamp is around, patrolling the area and finding a vampire
    --Confident: patrolling the area and finding nothing, having a well-protected house
    --Uncomfortable: seeing a vampire drinking blood(no matter the source/permission)
    --Happy: Having no interactions with vampires for a while
    --Angry: being mocked for fear

    VAMPIRE MANIA: Severe love of Vampires

    General Interactions: Offer wrist/neck, destroying garlic decor/plants, actively seek for vampires, having a relationship go down (--) when learning a sim is a vampire phobia, being able to make plasma packs, pretend to be a vampire, having a greener thumb for plasma fruit trees

    Social Interactions:
    --Mean: mock fear of vampires
    --Friendly: offer neck/wrist, fantasize about being a vampire

    --Tense: not being around a vampire for a while, being around a vampire phobia sim
    --Confident: offering neck/wrist and the vampire accepts, debating about the morals of vampiric lifestyles--and winning
    --Happy: drinking plasma(but since they are not a vampire--they still get sick), destroying garlic, making a plasma pack, harvesting/planting/taking care of plasma fruit trees
    --Angry: debating about the morals of vampiric lifestyle--and losing

    This is all I can think of for now... I think--KNOW-- that this would add more depth to the vampire pack. I know I said this in a past post B U T, I really want "yucky blood" for vampires, so they get uncomfortable with the yucky blood. Expanding on that, a sim can eat/drink something that affects the taste of their blood--either yummy/yucky.
  • UndeadNinjabitUndeadNinjabit Posts: 181 Member
    Arcades and Fun Centers Stuff Pack/Game Pack is a pack that can allow players to add more games in Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs, Parks, and Resaurants

    This also inclues Fun Center Lot or Arcade Lot. There is also the return of or an add on Franchise Kits that you can add on to Fun Center Lots, Nightclub Lots, Pub Lots, Arcade Lots and Family Resaurants Lots

    There will be the return of functional arcade games in this pack only at the Fun Center Lot or Arcade Lot, Like favorties such as,

    Arcade Machines

    Captain Spacer and The Attack on Sixim (Remake of Sim Mars) - Direct simkind's first mission to the blue planet! Launch rockets and deploy robot probes! Deploy teams to search for alien resources! Establish and run a network of specialized colonies to create a self-sufficient civilization! Provide your colony with food, shelter, and power! Fast, furious, adrenaline-pumping action!

    The Gnomes of Strangerville - Gnomes are into investigation into the disappearance of their owner and find that she was kidnapped by the Plant Mother, It's up to them to save the day and rescue their owner.

    Seal Team: Barky's Revenge, Rehydrated Splash - If you loved Seal Team and All of it's sequels, get ready! Barky and his friends have had enough! Defend your ice floe as you outwit killer whales, white sharks and polar bears! Plus, this time, seals have humans on the run! Minutes of manic madness playing one will lead to pinniped madness! New secret PENGUIN level! 5% of all profits go to the Green Gaian Seal Preservation Fund.

    A-maz-ing Matey!: New Age Maze - Poor Michael Matey was abandoned as a baby with a terrible curse — the inability to grow up! But with your help, he can navigate the Maze of the Ages and develop into a man. Be careful, though — a motorcycle gang called Life Riders are on his tail and determined to thwart his, and your, efforts.

    Pump Up Sims Dancing Stage - Just a Sims 4 version to the Dance Dance Revolution. This is pioneering series of the rhythm and dance arcade game. Go on the "dance platform" or stage and hit colored arrows laid out in a cross with you and competitor feet to musical and visual cues.

    Freezer Bunny Adventure: Rebooted Fun - Never has the Freezer Bunny released a more exciting product! Join Freezer Bunny in an epic adventure to collect as many coins as possible. Will you help the adorable Freezer Bunny out?

    Longhorns and Laser Beams: Invasion Re-amp - When Sam "Straight-Teeth" Jordan's cattle herd is kidnapped for alien experiments, he embarks on an epic quest to rescue his livelihood and bring frontier justice to the green fiends.

    Beat Fishing - Are you tired of force to find fishing games, Well not anymore! You could now all beat fishing all the time and I’m keepin‘ it reel to make your girlfriend interested.

    Blicblock: Arcade Version - Do you want to play a arcade version without the Motion Game Mat don't look to favor for Sims to enjoy the game.

    Genie's Curse: Arcade Version - Do you want to play a throwback of World Adventures well now with never before seen levels and more game play your sim will play.

    Starship Simulation: Part 2 - Do you want to blast the ememies who turn Starship's friends into frogs, well enjoy this game.

    Road Rival Alpha Supreme (Arcade Version) - Fight and battle with Other Sims in this two player game.

    Darwin vs. Monkeys Riding on T-Rexes: New Revenge - This newer version of all Darwin's sequels is an all out brawl between monkeys riding T-Rexes and more sharks with jet packs. Which faction will you choose? You decide the ultimate victor!

    Carnival Arcade Games

    Smack-A-Gnome! - You stand, mallet at the ready, muscles tightly coiled and ready to spring, waiting for the telltale snap that precedes the appearance of another disgusting monster. One after another they snap up, again and again, terrible little faces mocking you! There is only one recourse. Crush them! CRUSH THEM ALL!! Fun for all ages.

    Sim Space: Air Hockey - A game where two sim players play against each other on a low-friction table. Air hockey requires an air-hockey table, two player-held strikers, and a puck.

    The Clawer - Is there any feeling as satisfying as seeing that metal claw rise up from the pile with a shiny new price gripped firmly in its talons? Watching as it deposits your winnings into the incredible victory chute? We sure wouldn't know, because it drops our stupid toy at the last second EVERY TIME. We're sure you'll have much better luck, though! (Hint: Winning a game gives a random price, such as a stuffed toy or money bag. Vampires can cheat at the game, which they're will enter the machine in their bat form. Also fairies can do the same thing to cheat.)

    Plumbob Skee-Ball - This game is played by rolling a ball up an inclined lane and over a "ball-hop" hump that jumps the ball into bullseye rings. The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible by having the ball fall into holes in the rings which have progressively increasing point values.

    Plumbob Planet Laser Tag - A recreational shooting sport where participants use infrared-emitting light guns to tag designated targets. Infrared-sensitive signaling devices are commonly worn by each player to register hits and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played. Have Battle Royale matches, Capture the flag or Domination matches for your sims will enjoy. You can make your own lazer tag maze with Indoor equipment by build mode and than buy mode. In indoor play, a visible light combined with theatrical fog typically provide the visual effect of firing.

    Pinball Machines - A pinball machine that both children to adults could play. Up to two Sims can play at a time. Occasionally, the pinball machine will break, and must be repaired in order to use it again. There are any themed related versions of Pinball like Sweet Tooth Survivor Shark Themed to "See Me, Feel Me" Rock Opera Themed.

    Virtual Reality

    VR Arcade Simulation - It chould be build a kit for Sim to Enter the Virtual Reality Head Set for less cheaper solutions. But if the owner get a little rich they might get Huge Version of the Virtual Reality Gaming Mat that is Virtual Reality Machine Room and Along Special effects that a Your Sim or Multiplayer Sims could walk into and play, It uses holograms to create a Reality similar to Gaming Mat is not our own but sometimes it might feel too real to some Sims who play the game. An A Door Entrance That is similar bouncer, In order for your sims to enter the VR world you need to pay 50 simoleons by a staff who is guarding the room with a VR Playing Gamermaster Host, Also you can ask the host to show you on how to play VR Games. Virtual Reality Arcade can include up to 1 Sim to 5 Sims for multiplayer purpose. You can also upgrade your Gaming Mat to Add Simscade Online Store to get the VR Arcade Games. There are a list of VR games your sims can play.

    Beat Fishing: In VR - This is two player only for your two sims into keepin‘ it reel to make your second sim interested in the games fishing mechanics.

    Road Rival Alpha Supreme: In VR - This is a single player only for your sim as your sim fights and battle with Other Sims in this virtal reality game.

    Freezer Bunny Adventure: In VR - This is a single player only for your sim, Your Sim will be able help the adorable Freezer Bunny out thought an amazing adventure and obstacle levels.

    Spooky House On Sim Street: In VR - Your sim or multiplayer sims are ghost hunters trying to use various machines to trap or ward off several ghosts and defeat Poltergeist as the last boss level to captured and defeat.

    Party Frenzy Forever: In VR - Your sim can play with multiplayer sims as like a Virtual Reality Board Game with Some Mini-Games that you will unlock levels with.

    Incredible Sports: In VR - This is a single player only for your sim to their favorite sports themed, like soccer or basketball

    Captain Spacer and The Attack on Sixim: In VR - Your Sim and Multiplayer sims can now direct simkind's first mission to the blue planet!

    Longhorns and Laser Beams: In VR - Your sim and multiplayer sims can now help and Rescue Sam "Straight-Teeth" Jordan's cattle herd to bring frontier justice to the green fiends.

    Simsville's Mini-Golfing: In VR - This is a single player only for your sim to play mini golf to increase the chances more points as you will be hitting your golf ball to a putt.

    Pimp Viking: In VR - Your sim can now help Pimp Viking to save the Fish Princess who was taken to the land of barren fruit in this Virtual Reality Remake along with multiplayer sims

    Night of the Shambling Shades (Re-Booted): In VR - After three nights of zombie-slaying mayhem, Matt Ragewire may have found the key to victory. But to use it, Your Sim will have to join him along with multiplayer sims and help his way through an undead wasteland.

    Exploding Tank Man: In VR - Everyone's favorite TV show is now available as an VR Arcade Game You and the "Exploding Tank Man" will blast and drop explosives from your super tank, protecting the old west from failing into the hands of creatures from the outer world.

    Sometime this VR Room will need to be sweeping, mopping, dusting all the dirt, puddles and grind. But there's legendary ghost sim in Virtual Reality Machine Room that abducts sims if the VR Room has not been clean for any days.

    Coin-operated Rides or Kiddie Rides

    A Kiddie ride for child sims and toddlers that are Coin-operated like

    Miniature Ferris wheel rides

    Miniature Carousel rides

    Teeter totter rides

    Video-game hybrid rides

    Tokens, Tickets and the Prize Center

    Redemption games reward winners with tickets that can be redeemed for prizes such as toys or novelty items. The prizes are usually displayed behind a counter or in a glass showcase, and an arcade employee gives the items to players after counting their tickets.

    Franchising Kits

    Building there is also an opinion of Acrade Adult Themed Restaurants, Kid Friendly Restaurant, Teen Themed Restaurants that are an additions of the Sims 4: Dine Out Game Pack. You can choose what Restaurant or Fun Center Chain Franchising Kits such as

    Loco The Llama's Showbiz Pizza Time Theatre - This restaurant has entertained guests through a large selection of arcade games, coin-operated rides, and animatronic stage shows as a way to provide a complete package of food and entertainment. But it has a odd history about the creation of the animatronic band of Loco The Llama and LightningBombers that there made for the Pizza Place for Kid entertainment. Somehow it use to be a Robotics Laboratory by the Military of Strangerville before it was closed the site was taken over by a company called Loco Entertainment LLC

    7-Teen Arcade Place - An Arcade Hideout For Teens Only, Some teenagers go there as a get away from there Parents at night, The Odd reason for this hideout is that the arcade place for teens is open for 24 hours a day.

    B's Bowlarama and Arcade - Adult and Teens, Is also a rival to 7-Teen Arcade Place. It contains a bowling ally, arcade games and a bar

    Simulation Nighthouse - An Arcade and Bar chain for young adults or older adults only in this Nightclub or Restaurant only.

    Cuckoo's Entertainment - A Fun Center for all ages and also a second rival to Loco The Llama's Showbiz Pizza Time Theatre and Rival to Simulation Nighthouse. Every ounce in a while more customers come and go but the bad thing about Cuckoo's Entertainment that it is owned by the Landgraab Family.

    Munster Groovies - The third rival to Loco The Llama's Showbiz Pizza Time Theatre and Rival 7-Teen Arcade Place, An Arcade Family Fun Restaurant Hideout for the occult sims for all ages but human sims might get tense or uncomfortable because not just being surround by occult sims but an bio-engineered animatronic band called Spooky Bunnie and Ghoul Groovies 5 with unknown origin. The only way to find about is tired to find hidden clues. There is one hidden clue that the owner of Munster Groovie LLC is owned by Dalv Straud, the son of Count Vladislaus Straud.

    Angry Bear Pizza Jamboree - It used to be world greatest rival to Loco The Llama's Showbiz Pizza Time Theatre only because the they though same rumor story about Military of Strangerville conducting illegal animal testing for a way to cure the possessed sims or just make a more animal test but it was closed down due to illegal experiments and the Jamboree Inc. taken over the site. It's has the same thing a large selection of arcade games, coin-operated rides but full of bears performing, working as staff and chefs, and also entertaining kids on a dairy bases, Sometimes the Owners and CEO of Loco Entertainment LLC will try to rescue the bears or fight with the owner of Jamboree Inc. until they realize that this is a Scooby-Doo rip-off, why, because these bears are the clones of a male sim known as Nervous Subject in a bear costume and the original sim is already a ghost. Pascal Curious is the owner of Jamboree Inc. who has Nervous Subject's will who gave his clones a better life to begin with.

    Burger Clown - A fast food restaurant should also make a comeback selling burgers and with an small arcade games and one pinball but there was mascot of the Burger Clown was never fully recovered after incident (Hint: Tragic Clown). You can get the Burger Clown sign on buy mode.

    The Arcades and Family Restaurant or Fun Centers opens from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM or 10:00 AM to 4:00 AM and its happy hour is at 7:00 PM

    Penny Arcades

    There is also one only Penny Arcades for the Child Sims to Elder Sims of Mrs. Penny's Antique Arcades Franchising Kits

    Bagatelles, a game with elements of billiards and non-electrical pinball

    Early forms of non-electrical pinball machines

    Fortune-telling machinery

    Slot machines

    Coin-operated Amberolas

    WooHoo Peep Show Machines (in the original, Non-Woohoo, usage of the term), which allowed the viewer to see various objects and pictures


    Love Tester Machines.

    Coin Operated Shooter Games
  • UndeadNinjabitUndeadNinjabit Posts: 181 Member
    Do you hate Frosty Dreams Ice Cream Truck in the Sims 3 from Stalking In Your Own Home or Even Fallow You When Your At A Commuinty Lot, Well Not Anymore In the Sims 4.

    Now you can build your own ice cream stand without it fallowing you

    You could build or own a ice cream stand just like you build with retail stores and restaurants with owner ship. You will have choose five fast food items and sides, Then you can add any infinite dessert you like on there make Sundaes, Ice Cream Bars, Gelatos, Floats, Banana Splits, Sherbets, Milkshakes, Soft Ice Creams, Frozen Custards, Frozen Yogurts and including Popsicles.

    You can also choose a Ice Cream Franchises of your choice like Frosty Dream's Gelatos and Sherbets, Freezer Bunny Ice Creams, Grimmy Ghoul's Ice Screams, Sunnydale's Soft Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurts, Dragon's Frost Bite Frozen Custards and Pete's Popsicles.

    The Ice Cream Stand have their own commercial Ice cream maker called Frost-Bite Pro Ice Cream Machine and there is also a version if you choose for the Grimmy Ghoul's Ice Screams Franchise Call The Goulish Ice Screams Machine. There is the soft serve ice cream machine, any types of ice cream dipping cabinets and a Ice Fridge that your customers can buy Pints or a Half Gallon.

    The small versions of the Ice Stand lots can be found in buy mode called Ice Cream Stalls that can put in other commmunity lots like you the objects that can use on Food stands

    Your sims can choose a favor in the Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets, On Menu Board or Menu Display, With Interacting with Staff or Casher, And Maybe Grabing A Pint or Half Gallon To Buy It

    You also need to restock the ice cream when the store closes at 10 or 9 o'clock pm before it can reopen again on 11 o'clock am. There is also a Fizzer Juice Soda Fountain as well if used by staff or by customers.

    (Also the SimDoughnut Mod and CC on the Freezer Bunny Franchises are also be compatible if he ever updates his mods)

    There is also be the return of Ice Cream Bars and Freezer Bunny Popsicle.
  • adamclark83adamclark83 Posts: 570 Member
    What I would like to see for lovers is the infamous "lovers hold"; a person has their arms around their lover's neck while the other has theirs around their waist.

  • SillySimKimSillySimKim Posts: 3 New Member
    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I would just love to have cabinets that matched each of the counters already in the game(each and every one)! I hate having kitchens without cabinets, but do often otherwise all of my kitchens would look the same. I love making kitchens with full cabinets, but I'm getting tired of the same few.
  • adamclark83adamclark83 Posts: 570 Member
    How about kitchen cabinets lining up with side-wall edges?

  • enby_envyenby_envy Posts: 10 New Member
    I have a HUGE problem with the roommates in my game.

    Below listed are all of the things I have (All high quality):

    -Bedroom(5 for roommates, 1 for me)
    -bed, glamour mirror, 2 dressers, hamper, decor
    -Bathroom(5 for roommates, 1 for me)
    -toilet, shower, sink, highest quality tub
    -Living Room(2)
    -On floors 1 and 2 with good TVs and seats
    -lots of counter space, highest quality of all appliances, including the espresso machines
    -4 sets of dryer-washer set, 1 clothesline-washtub on the outside balcony
    -Outside along with beach towels and a stereo
    -punching bag, treadmill, workout machine, and radio
    -decent size pool with radios, keg stands, chess boards, and other table activities, along with the arcade game
    -Bee Boxes, garden plots, grill with picnic table
    -2 bookshelves, and 6 decent computers
    -Dining Room
    -round table with 6 chairs

    The house is not fully decorated so it would allow for roommates to bring in their own items, but the study and the pool are well decorated. I have a maid who does their job well. I also have several bonsai trees. My lot is called: Roomy Mates by enby-envy if anybody wants to check it out.

    Everything was well until suddenly there was a huge problem when three out of the current roommates complained about how it is not a livable place--even though it is over the top. My sister said it might be because it is always dirty--but my house is very clean, the only thing that could cause the dirty problem is a few plates sitting around--but they are still fresh(not stinking up the place).

    I wish if there is a problem, they will say what exactly it is so it can be fixed. But I don't have any problems to fix, so I don't know why they are complaining. >:(
  • sazzieJsazzieJ Posts: 140 Member
    not sure if this has been mentioned yet but if my sims could stop compulsively knitting to the point they will disobey me and stop the commands ive given them, like bathing and eating, to knit that would be amazing!
  • Cassieb95Cassieb95 Posts: 146 Member
    I want to see more supernatural elements in the game. We love realism, but we also need to see the supernatural elements that also characterized the previous games.
    I also crave to see medieval or historical related content added to the game.

    The addition of new towns would be nice as well.

    Sims' memories.

    The ability for my sims to order food besides only pizza. :D

    More romantic interactions.

  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 656 Member
    @Cassieb95 wrote: »
    The ability for my sims to order food besides only pizza. :D

    I agree that other culture inspired take-outs would be nice, depending on whatever packs folks have installed.
    Although sometimes nothing beats a nice juicy pizza! Pizza Delivery is the pinnacle of Scrumptious Laziness.
  • Renato10Renato10 Posts: 278 Member
    The ability to start a new game at the world maps instead of CAS
  • LehunLehun Posts: 5 New Member
    Add unplayable relatives, especially on ancestors, within the Sims' family tree.
    Expand or collapse the Sims' family tree capacity to number of generations, similar to family tree on
    Add fan chart and landscape chart on the Sims' genealogy.
    Add adoptive relationship.

    Eating experimental food is still lagging as of Nifty Knitting update.
    "Servo" is not listed as one of the trait requirements in managing the club. (Get Together)
    Servos are still wishing for Youthful Vigor.
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